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The Chattanooga Daily Rebel. (Chattanooga, Tenn.) 1862-1864, October 18, 1862, Image 2

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vi '. !
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V -
OAke on Market Street, nearly opposite the Post h
i - i
" "- TK KEWS FRO?I "liliXTl'C'K Y.'
ine news I rem Kentucky in regard, tot a
battle or a. series of battles between ..t ie
i . , ... i i
forces of Gens. Bragg and liuell,. is of a
hichlv interesting character. The mo ts
, are very much confused an J somewhat
. tradictory. i ' The Northern papers c
cdn- '
upon the authority , of dispatches recdiv
from Louisville on the 10th, that General
Braggij army has been defeated by BuelS's
forecs,! whilst oar information by couriers
: who have arrived at Knoxvillc, is that bejh
j Hardee captured, on Monday, 1,500 prison
ere, on Tuesday 4,000 more, and that Mir
shall and Morgan captured oJ00 prisindrs
ok the same day, (Tuesday.) It is alsdstit-
ed that we captured forty pieces of artillejy
s Col. Palmer, in a v letter from Cumberlahd
Gap, dated the;14th, states on the authority
of a Captain of the ': 8th Tennessee, n tl at
' Withers"uliyision captured 9,000 prisinirs
on Thursday, and Kirbv Smith 500 on! FVi
"day, : among whom was Gen. Tom. Cnttqo
den. iTh'e enemy's aeconnt differs miten
ally from ours, and we lawait withfgreilt la
terest iurtncr particulars.; we think the
" news has been exaggerated on both aidi-i,
but we are confident that Gen. Brasr ainrd
; a decided victory.'' The "fact that gold r-je
from 12;" to l:JO on the reception of t ie
Dews in New Tork," satisfies us that t ie
Northern accounts of the fight cannot be re
lied on. 1 V
SlI ijKIt.V VAXKKKS. , ,
. j.ne occupauon or Jiiauieana west lei?
nessec. by the Lincoln troops ha devetorpd
certain traits of character in some meu tl
it f
we were not willing to believe eiistod
the South
tin. hiist our troops held p - (one ;hijii.i;-N.is!.
the country they were trading a ;dfMT!Rc dl-chitrgej
g with, them, buying articles oi i.p.;Vt! linil-lilp a jaw
ion of the
cfssity for the army, t In some instamjes
thpy became Government agents rnnd wdre 8
active in getting supplies, taking care, d m
10 proviue wen ior incuiscives 111 the
uieanwhUe. V After the Yankees got h fe
they com mcncfl buying fir themV beo u-
111 jsp'jcularors in cottou and dealt douttli't-s
in other articles.' Thcv were readv to LAe
money .out of either party. ! Whenever the
Southern side is trinmphant they are wjih
me ouin, wiieu it is unUer a cloud th(iy are
with the cnci.'iy. TJicir onlv object iceih
to be tf) make gain for themselves, relgard
loss o any pnneiple oi attachment eit-lkerto
.1, -V-.. !..., ' oi..l !! f - I . i
c-ioi kin-Mi- ir ovuiuerii ; iiovcruuu'lii.
in-u.iy-.iney.wiii. ntiy wneac ana noun ana :
All if III 011 1.' P.avapi.Iiioi, i'mul . J. :
.:u .. .u : k:.!J.
,nn.-jr niu sen cuuun iu uic triiriiiy III uireci j
violation of our laws. vAVhen we re-otfeufv !
-. . t .
want aain to become contractors or a
for ou,rr Government and make all the uion
l - i" ? . . 1 llT'll .1' !
out uu iney can. j iu iney te periniiteii
to do so : .Let us know what officer of thd
Govrrnment ieuinlbys khcm"iwhen thelc nre!i
i. I " - - - .
ti true ?iien in the country cdualJv
competent, who! hare never' compromised
invir piiui-ipie?, .am w no nave ucen reaayjcjr.
to sacrihce all Tor the sake ot the houth
AVe want true, men. who can be relied
adversity-as well as prosperity to fill
1 . 1
11 po-
,-. Kotions of responsibility in our Governinent.
'Summer patriots' will not do in such a
contest as we are now waging, and to reward
men who are ready to be on either sije, ah
coram" to circumstances, is to offer a nr.
niium to disloyalty!; The class of nifn we
have spoken of are not peculiar to Teuufs-
j uey can oe louna in all the South-
em States. Aheiiever a man considers In
dividual gain above principle, he wi
nny country if you.w'ili payihira enou.
zn for
bo doiDg. Let all t
such men be watched
everywhere. i
j - the w noc op Jiissotni.
w i - - , - I - ! - - 1
' -rVe find in, oneof our exchanges A com
uiunicatiou from a Mksourian," an e&tract
frbmr which we layj: before our readefa thi
morning.- ."Ve sympathise deeplywitli
tl V
l j
oppressed people. of that noblr Stat4
State in the whole Confederacy has felt more
the tyranny Jof tlieLLiucoln Cover iment
i i j 1 1 : t j .
iiiau missuuii, auu ni- aic a-t'urcu UV UlOSe
wuo are lunmaieiyj aerjuainteu witn tl e;sen
timents olTthe people, that there is nc tatc,
whose uzens arj mora truly devoted tjuthe
cauf the South) than hers. The wrongs
OI iMlSSOUn call fori VPnwm no nm ni
heads of her cruel and murderous foes.
AVhy the Confederate Government dies not
organise a strong and powerful army 4cst of
tne Mississippi ior the relief of Mi
we cannot imagine; If
in their, hands aodi ammunition gircnfthanijf
the DCODie WCSt Ofi that c rer ..!.! J: '
away the invadcraJ j "Wc -hope
-not far distant when 'the gall
Missouri, under the lead of th
. " - i j - , i- . I i . iti' vie otiiT nonce iakh :
beoeral.feterling'Frice, or sprue otherj equal-'hies' of any of tbiisejioul crimes.
Iv as comnptpnt. will Ki ln.in f-.L t."J! Millions iof do!lat would no
, .- r--r-- V" -""fa lVrnrva-rtf ,..rt li IW.Ii;nn.u. .-vnrl barns,
J- loveJj.na-product ro country the rile jhordca
that jhavq bo Til r been tyrannizing over that!
peer l c
j . ,, jj
tO.Colil Lllod-j
JTliri 'tiiilrdrTa id!ndi-i
exl arhl fu'H3i&! as tliev ! are. are Lut a. s.imnl,.;
of what ad niitestrainea t:iol are claur lohir.:
anUj in ju$licc';to Jlo j silent suuerers 111 that :
State!: who- are ruled with a tyranny las re
fcirthiKs, flavace atiil bloodthirsty ! as that of
J ItoaeHPienre; permit! 111c to present facts as' tn
Misainri with the! 3ieie that the relation u!
oi)e rif her Avrot.B; inny call for a Hiwodv and
terribly rittflVfioti! ujon ; those wbo urp con
verting ii&r f.iirttt Oelds iutu a gyry Ace! lam.
; lkru6tofroni !iie Slat U war and uenced
roun - wjjrt: pavonets; Missouri has io,t rc
?eivcil sit jthe L-andtJ of.the Confeh rat Gov-
(.'riimdnt tljat ipe'lierous Kid which her; eondi-
el Crimes' the inost atrocious have been
committed there in! flici nae aiid by thej sanc
tion of. the Fetitra! (.Jo-vcrriinentj our own peo
ple niifl our gbveniirnent have stretched forth
no hand Xji sai'e' uiini inetl ami defens less citi
zens jfronr inlnhuai
butcjiei v and outrdt'e.--
yieton- 01 ;it iK-rts arms :n ir 'iiua.t
wluiie. cists Missouri the blood of u ri.vl
ui nopi ikic, iMim i:vuj 1 iuc mumi 01 6'i:e
of lioj! nipst hofiorahlt; ' atiil 'honorel citizens.
v Viileij cii-.ij SP.oc-pK.ses m thi field 'are liaile'd I
here jwitlij joy, n hc h c f Southern Viiian-j
ii'iUi4ti,-t'sov are'vet lieai d interror of that
Vimiit tiveU ud icunan.Uv-r' spirit of ' licensed
mnrdijr and.J robberv'tliat j stalks through the'i:
anI it iiodar.;.j jrhc' herald that proclaims j
tAX julirifrs from a
road. Is tmt the precnrs-"'rr'tfi
.1 . i tl 1. ' t II
jf hitli whd telis 0
aiid nskilnint ar;sou
uaijiaroty as.s;uihiniiiioii.-i
ana rolibfrr Uj ir elk-rat?
4t honie; leithfr
itrft in4r f-f-t 14 ti':iit,l J
reverance; for th'e owe ; ami reject for tho nth-!!
er are lose n tlie tjtimoiiiac fwrv of mic-iuiou.
jnsaifi. reaceutilrt ami jquitt citizens ho,
thongdi Bineereh- svnipathiziii with us in oiir
atrugdle andhemmd l in by an enemy, have
eni.eAVoroft to live in svccurdai.ee with the ex
ss'ietg; uuiifary ti ruinv. ! ar hunted like iraiue
miliiarv ti r'a
and;s(ot Jiiwn ik, wilil. beasts. The: most
mseciiTe I'llaee ff retreat iid'-th.it 'which the
fedcrjil sohlicry are :wcrn and pretend t
protect tiaeir lLiujfi. Jn -the bosoui of I their
ianiil;;;f. on their , f;j-iriKp at t!i?ir d ii'v avoca-i()ns.iaiiy-yh;ci'i'!.in
every ir hero, tiiat Federal
verigi-!iiuc- can fiid-theru, i Mi-.sodri'.s sojs are
butclifrad jby lhe.4-f r.fvmnissioned biian.l.
Ther houses ar(- birpl. jlieir live stock kill
ed or jlrivjin awfiyi nt crops de-strove j. and
tl to Lr ! ilu iiih j e iiisutteil! a'ld, driven .shcltprless
from Jbeir ilwnneis.f I TiiSH 4 no f.uscv ske h.ns
tiie;(a,c(te w ill au'ii
'II ! f t I
:ly itestify. I wijl give
; lloiU. V , II. 1 10
11, forincrlv of Kont'iekv,
lro:ik that ' .State it o:.e
'''nt M' :tl0 ol.j j Co:
iuiULlumd hv a tan-i
ires, iv high-toi bd t'iiri-
iji J atrjot, was ihhuiii ',i!y
1 f Federal Holde rs ini h i
No rrijoe- cou.Myhc laul to
Hi? a l lived ia " a e
i4 ii. tihhors. aii 1 co:)dnc;-
o, diiig citi.-ii toward t:ie
jtiojyi'ktin't ut. hail'tr
(!!ie- p ith of tl:e c;i
jSlfllUOUSVttl'l iOt
t, l'.r:f,t;.u:. V et he
f Was! s!iot iAvti it
id id
v lor i.o cansii s ive
tliat; ilire.l lo
tnatj (lie iirei ao j
wf(j'er- a'fy:g
f-.tr vvilli t!i 1:1 ir.iil l. l.-i
itn t!-iei lM.to l .n'" his fi i'-nd-.
l'rjce in! ll:dMay vvtr'-
Bo'M ioU.l;i ly a.Vtuk
rlht jm tj.b pni-:ij
r baml of these hell hunitd.
i 't"i.Ir. h:.sl -'h f iu'It;
":;.;ed an-t inif-lored jtiiem
in jl jw liile hi.H vv-ifo
t() BiiJC th life of
tripiu) itinjdor 5mt
.CI H1) l'1-l,
Am 1 I. this
evtfi- :j pair-utir.r cil.-mn-
sfaiiffii oriii.il le",onb-i. Jfrjco'wa.- i luv..j : I.-t
lV iid Uiiiwav had ht.tlj talan thi; juuh d ;d-
fgi;til'.'e t ' the Uanil.'ci '-irji istv, ami - e i:m-
di-r b ayy bon is. I '!, i- was u pivfen. e tli vt
tUy I ad fiii-fe.itfd tjieif lives or th"ir tl -i U.
Tiiey wT: Him;dy I'triltf I vlier tii-y v Jre
fotmd iii t e n :sj .,f th?j'r .rcUUv'ei.
aulK fri
...!l u: ..1 . I i 1 . ' f - . t ,.
1 1 "
Owen, ot j .MrioH county, was sat 1 pa i I-(iliper'saira::!lt-jii
an 1 snrrcnil .i-1
t iis'n 'i :.f nrr ofUai lie b re a co:n-
(i j.lT
from' 1 1 liO afo l?r.te d verr.::ie:.t. Ar-
Oil 11 i, l;i H I
- a . - '
re!inM"-..he was periiitted
e, jo:ly that t!te hirl.j- l ar
!o !riice mllit lie tipped
virnleiit. poison. : Ciiairfi,:
hi.- f.iriiilv tiiuvc loo
n V
to hip res : Jen
rowjitiat-vVas :b;u
1.11 ! -.1 .1 .
ren ts I the clianicter of the h"e:ds kv hohad him ill p"f-oni-
jieB.?i!in tojiepo any cOnt'uLeocr in iheiij ho:i
. H 'r Yetjliis: wife was assure-1 of his enrfrc
itteiSjljv i Mi tid.l! th;.t l. won! I return :irVni.
,giv. i -.mII' tl.l.L
l-i-tl t-an iv ter
of a i:i'.e from wlureithev
i! TVm- tl
the trjeos tol l (. I.
e.!r K. ', the comm-an let ' f
MWi n j:"- lii'.Ht pJelMle to
It Iwas iii-ivui:
1 h'f ,a.icd fi-:r t;inconlv
1 l 1 - j - v. - ---1
llllllllll'h Bl'fC LT
rraiv.nj linn, lie was; toon
fa if-i"if a in;e
t i.ul:?; i Oiie oi
A l.r.l. .! .. r.l
pf solilii rs and pii-rced vv-,;
i .. .7 . . .. ....'
I11U llv.llO'i.- li l.h
' . I - ' '
111 ueariii
toe iiewn to ( i. O. s wif
,tos-s-I )i i:i:mJie I a'rc;rTtride toher.-tv(
Uht like tiiat.
Uiroifii "jiim. lie was a
.1 1 av, .
ifHlcial ifJir. who ua 1 aiti-reii'k'red
wJu-ly itttsk:it 'It trderal .bandits. ' 1 I
Y . fllcLtillotili a Lirave. ihiva.ric and u.i
tii 1 lir was hni.tfd cjiy aad t:jht until f :i::T.i
liien lj.utct:(-i cl .mtaoiit warning aud with-f
nlcrcTL- : 1 - :f ' I -
li.'lMbfi t Kai'iirt. Jadce'of the LifiW tt
fiaUfeicn Uwllo ha-l deft Lis hnme i'.i Ju -
ape iilie llyy h i.i:-l iwfil in poa.-f! vvl.!
hia fdmilt-'m filimf
vniii"V.' vv alf.i I u k v 1 i;
T ithose b"ut",t hi oat a, lie ha yX, ; Won;
vftnmftted iwith! this tehi lliini -he bdd h-it Ids
It.J'.l If a
ousii f 1 oiiit lit-raua tlics civi
court cm
. . 11 1 :i .1 1 .
not. lie ne,..i he was en ii-a vvn in-
to livcviuidt
I iiL'tho 'K'.l-.i..iii Z,...ti-i. . i.nm.'. I Vir
- - - - - " w v ' v ii'invi a
in jiit, after night aiuKay laftrr day the arnid
taintona ot Jaut ulnt'arched hi.s rvsimiicea
las. ii'ciMises. '- rv hour was t hira one-
1 tfrriri i AtibMUtli lie wa4 found in the vard,
t!Cr his ipfidem-e; No .i'tier was hi" 'font-. -
hhin aollej-.f hails vvhilfvd past Jiim. ; lie:,
, run tn ;-l d-.othcr! voilov w fired. oih
uliri t iin iti the !c. lie then oihei viii
6 jptirrender," but s t i LI thy; balls- fle-.v fround
iiioj4ji: fell down; and, hol '.ii. nj 'b's bands-
itfTifjed rt-rain, to shrt r r.ik'r but they dd md
Ti I -,iei:n.j seeing no iT.ect
Ijelije, him iiilt vleuth. ba,agaiir ttjivd V run-
. ' . i ...... 1 a ii . . 1 : - . i
tbidiasain wa wonded-4-aaitteiu'ieayf'cvl ' i
it the tire j onlr . ihf t anie i m re I
r 1
mc.of an affcctiouatc and terror dri.-ken fanif
' It- : - ix
Mr. Ih-ti lshaW1. of Lewia conntT. a renecta-
ljilcj Atuli uikotlendin man. was taken from 1,1$ i
bed'it hiitlurJit and Kjuiidt-rt-d.-f-l nitj'tit .add j
.j.'.v . ii.ui;f.;f 1 i.vi--.: ... i !
pjiwV 10 1111.- .iio-.i.'i i.ii ii iitvt vut iiii.u aii. 1
bit bid, An i what baa boon doii wibi
f thHi'lAwdcss, varabwid tritlers with' htmiaik
iifo.lllave-l.tliefi l-cen called to accost bj
' th mp in.tfiterR for these Uifeds of dai kuei-s :
I Nic'i thf innrdiTi'i of Mr. Ftidd u as ai rai-riL
1 .... .. . .... r-
'I,! wlfh a irreat fiourhdi of truinoeLs. before it
! mkV militarwotirt. While the trial was nrd L
ijr8n h? wa vUiting in- tho city, lubiinic j
I III! t'iir-jrooniRwaimeiMi- auoui a i.e pir-.t.o.t.
not cancel tb
j bhtrtied feneea" thrown down or bnrM. and
ileaMly, till tl.tf fatal ihot jwaafired. by ;Maj r y autb-n-izcJ the aim ui iy -Iv'cKjee.la
cdld-bloodrd Villain Whom .Milssoip j 7.i-'! Ire.o-iiry N't-tr. Tia-j i-;-j
ri hailj vvaniiod ,iiitj i'.tt',) aad be feil-ox'.4tis.ted:. a fit 'tint J.y of Jansrj
sciituito j-ecodie; a con sei i All tiiis in th pies- restieitue li. l.itr n re-niiii
- ' i H lij lie Ult l.ic ii.aiiiii..-.i ......... ....... ......
the tun a ta t... t, I 1 1vft f.r; iM'lnnan T.artH. . Tint - rof with pn
a.QL SODS - ot i vVI; M ""p ."f"---., " "" . T r ., . ' a-v-isl in so d.tin
vi i , , i l)V 1 10 COnrX til t'.Ulcr -uium niuvinf, : i ii a . ptKK will l i:rt
at noble nhr;fr.. i. J- .ui. i-.i,,.ik.!.,.;. 1 . , -.
'UTI4I illliU-'- . j
crops destroyed; live stock, killed and jefttoj
rot upon t!e trrouru, or urivcii oil many- por-;
tion f the Slate resent o:4 wi'o scene id
desolation ' A II ()i.cb ttiitn'i. Mlnlirl ,i
ara entitrw.Mi..i fr witnix. t..l L-til.n.it r. ;. r..,. 1-
and trcnil.lin . wlul j not a 1 inl is raised in
her detenta. I ii.umed and pielpless. a- pro-
to. the Lincoln coi airmails.
t!i-j Coufe Serase 1
Soverniiierit 6efins to have f.n - ottt-n thatlMiss-
iat the ir K on the - ittirrst !
w'u i Atom, 44iii uku inv vij Lilt: Mtrrm !
l"ji"'i ti 1 o rjj.ui1;'!! Mill null u.iL-
bled blood. . ! !
How loT! rs h;s6fato of tl
s fo cent in co!'
U'l... ..., i: ..!... : f. .1 i
rfJlM'f M(V lifl 11il 11: 1 1 1 . 1 l.riln-r in t- firl,!:!
- i-t-"" .-. .-r.. ....wi.i. 11.'.
aid to those who await them
" . j 1 - .. r ...n i"j ii.
witn out.-ttpetch
ed arms and hlecdiir henrt
How Utrz l--
fore the hearts of a trampled
iie-iple t-hall be
permitted to leap itli jrladni-s and the jnot!
lnoII: - -
er shall rejoice in the safetv lof tier snc
r V'l
If it Ire akcJ "Whv do no
the pti 1c rife J i
iuv-KrauUr lUe -
1 , 1 ;
ave taken from;..
in their strength and expel ti
answer will lie,"AL: VjjJr.
n every weapon cjrffri si
v c rr 1 1 ! i 1 . 1 w
warfare; we laveKe;t .nnr
weapon to oir t s"
r.f"tl. i s m iii lu-I-i: w have
nothing left witli f-tl
AvhichkTstriko." A StiiN.
nndh?ss n it.
r-oiirres of wealth.- wit";! crips sufiicient to;
feci the mimes of the -vor.U
brave.' gen roi;s and tfU- : l
Soiithuni iiubi endcin. t . ii4
with a jieoplc ! J
tl-v II. rt ..1.11,. . I I
ir t 1 1 1 v; i.ii'i.'.- 1 1
left to .-tru.'v;
a-aint the irrcedv ani'm-.
drcls. whos Hpe is ligiite ie.
fr-neeicps j-eoplr in proportion
1 I..-.J-1--I 7 - ,,,
1 noon a tii-i m
. 1 1
is it is Imade
relax. 111 other parti of ihq
' . . t A .. -.1. .
tier ivrons app-.ai io uie
uvilric hiv.n of
Hie utn ior switt an i terr!
e re'riur.'iori.
l(i I (loo I 01 lw-r nurilert'il s
n5. the toara ot
Ier laulitt-r tii-ad' wiilo ta
land orphan by
the i iviineis 01 me i.Iikmiv
lepat:7.eil ptiteii
nrd i 1llkl.li l.tf fnp l-.k,Ir.t.i:..rtl.r.u.fe..1....1.
........... .. ......vi f- -
ane and an expulsion d t!i infamotii Cha-
mnnda th it prr-sidvs iir 'awful! ditutv oji ,t r
1 . .. ,
. !i ! j " " I j ,
Uaiilatli.t.tna ( 01 Jual Krlniloui .f skiulio.
!!. . i ' i . I - J 1
tino ioimwin; jioiice onier
lias ueen isik.i
by Ooneral r.ixton. Fid-ral nlilita 'v gotern
of S-:;la fV.r.diiia
;. 1
' I. bl the hope f;f corrtvrlin
and dplnr:ih't vjl, t!io. Ijiif.
arauti';ik!sc-e'l :!'-" - J
' a
Wi.le-spre.l 1 j
wiiig regulations (
1 at. j Any iiro claimiiig to)
have or cliar-?.!
vrit'i having mora than 01 10 ,if i-J ic-pi:rd itoif,.,,',, wil4t ,.ua,trr s..-vor is i.Iav ttnet-uU: '
coiihuq bim-eif to, an 1 n. l
oyv to whu:n-Lie haa iu.-en luir
no B!i;-!i m h i iai;e ii s evt-r' 1
will si.'!cv.-t that one of hi '.so-.
!.. i:pj.rt. l!;ut
'nil i marrio I. It
a r-nMir iii'.;, r.o
ailed wivv-K wh'
if any : he hav ;
duly 1 a: I yuuc 1
pel. take iiCF t -1
is th-viii :!n-r nf hirt children.
and, :i!!rr a 'marriage hltv
wv siiin iii.:n.-t--i- ! ine siiof
Iiioii di as iiiis t.wn tmiif I.y-ft
i wif,-. f j ,
cd-tird penplf
VTfdlovk Will a'-i-
2d.! Ib-i it ifter.', aur .f- th-
wishing to; !- unife l in li-.'y
p!r to Ih'vJ tfrl Fa-i:rh. oh 1;
armvj .- utiier niiiiiwlr. who
! lin I "m ted il.!t s ;
-li .
l.tkliA i-i.-tia-'
tf r oi m ri i.ii-" a' t ln::n.i twepiriifs
i'.ii, a :
:'a'. I-:
:n do. In.-!
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- ; .-"j OBITUARY
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