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The Chattanooga Daily Rebel. (Chattanooga, Tenn.) 1862-1864, November 15, 1862, Image 2

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TLe little Napoleon is dead. -AVe shall see
i -. j '
and Lear no more of the little NapcleanJ ' We
. ! - . .- .- - 1 j :
may now say the 7 little Napoleon I. .
TLe startling intelligence which appeared in
our telegraphic colutaus on yesterday morning
1 ;' j 1 " , .1 j I
fell like a clap of thunder upon tao Yankees.
It certainly; arriazes us iri Pixie. plcClellknJlpthers' wlio'wduld, rind the man
removal! t could not he possibles." -And, yet
it is possibly, and more than possible, for it Is
a; fact. But yesterday the word Of C;var
might have
stood against jthe world. Niw j
lie he low ifoTCreeley and Sumner and Genj
mules. ;If he Lad to pay five
on Tcry; male sod! horse that
Ollke on Marlset Street, nfr!yPP8itelbe Post OfSce. . tie h3d U)T sale ;he would still realize,! alter
paying us taxes, on each horse and mule
fro in i one handreii and forty-live t one
a ! ' ' 1 11 i . T. ' i
unarea ana nineij-nve aonars. 11 may dc
I aitl that ifthial system - Were adopted the
Dwners would put the amount or their. taxa-
Smith to spit upon. j ; J j
The events of revolution are trange. Only
a week ago the New" York Iler-a'J lollly un-
:N . . iiousccrt that the little-Napokon was once
more in tbe saddle, I.icbard was hnnseif agaT n.
It proved however," a brief delusion,; The
elections fettled his fcash. The radicalcoUlJ
1 ; 1 1
not'stand MiCioM.ia and a defeat" too;! So ife
ing ciuble Id beat the democrat they choppi
eff the head jof their idol out of spite.
; This piec of ha.ty tenier is, likely to p'ny
almighty, einash ( with, the Totomaq arrriy
"When coiJ httl their lioso to sjwtp r thdir
face, no gcod cornea j oTit.' BurnaiJ-s, ;t
new Napolerh, 'tefi very fine man perhaps; L
- I - . J ,1
he willtiMd J'irili a hard roa-ito travel. i J
Our !ily f. art arc that this business
i.wt fti-i'vv It in prcWy sure to raise a wlil
v.iLd,a'nd if J.he financier thoulj come tloj
heavily the -fiovernment (the Gorilla, may
-V: . j : - . ' . !. ! I
,Ve coroicikd ' w refctcre tne June Topple'
In.ar.T event thi. ueran2M tlio ir?nt
campaign coiisiderabjy.fV Tho march to llici
ir.cTul liaB ci-ituiii'.v ittitived a check whUh
will cct-t -unich time aiid ibor to overcou u
ri:rii.1-H lis' an oMjliiij I'-mocrat.; E
Vinco the war lnn I i) has uid ont body aid
foulto tho Gorilla.' He an 1 l.inculn tiave l i' r
roiiBtaiitlv chcel-l'V-Jowl. lie id thfcitforu id
clvar an cx ui:ent as any ntjpul.lican. i
YV.kv. the iH'iuoci ats begin i- clamor, I.incoi
'.will t-xyi "J give yoii a Deucraf. If I; UJ.e
aw ay McC:.l!a!ibehold " Biiriit-idcH," Uat t:
trick vi'l i. t do. Thoii;;h i.'siJ-'d Mas"
;- - - !
Itniutiat lit is inA c'J.6il(Ttd a party repj
Ct'entat:e."-ai.d h-i:ce 1 ji t v leaders arc -found
to cry u'it " tfi lu'.fy hi:u." - , .
- V'eJv'-'t.sh Vi.ii-s all y of jthin the prcttkkt
. little KcrlmiiTfi; cf the'rseasotk! .
Motj on each! i rtlklel Thfa doe3j not follow,
jjecause the (! jVeBtnent would ppt be hound
tq bil jthe arjt teles jfrotn any particular man,
anc( jjr he ilk not; cheose o sell 'at a fair
price! the j Government could buy from
Others who'WculJ. find th( nnn wonlr still
jbe conipcleil jto'pay his tax, whether h'iisold
to the CoTcmment or not. Men ara apt to
ask thel hi"h-ttspnces they can fret, wb!ether
th.iy avctaibs to payj or not.: j The
ern tuent couli da then as it does now, buy
j ., i I ill . . i . "
frbm thosa wta would sell on
I I j :. I - : i i 1 . i I . . I
pterins; and he fact j that a mjan ! hd the
taix.es t pay v ou)d,make him anxious to sell,
krijl j therefore be' would be' willirjg to sLll on
'fairf ttTiiia. ; . If: : jie $hl not; s orael iothcr
pcrsosi would ubderjcll hira. f The leryinjr
cOXKUJflCATXD. j . "
To hit .Excellency, Josrra EL Erowm, Gortr-
Tfrfef. Georgia : j j;
As eaclman in-tha Confederate States is in
terested, t5 the extent of his property, and Die
lives of Lis wife, children and LirBlf, in the
present contest,!! respectfully claim the right
of addressing you, j for your recent conduct
may to no email extent influence the result of
this, to us, vital struggle. ; ; j j;
I Your peaitionlong persisted in-i-is that of
uncompromising ! opposition to thci policy of
conscription. Last Spring you 'interposed ob
jections to its enforcement in your.Mate, and
you came out of the struggle with ccrtincate
of exemption fc rjyour militia oTicers aiid cer
tificates of conscription for y.iur militia."
your second demand your claims ars greak
ter. jYou now ask for the officers al.J the
militia volunteers 33 aiid 45 tan years. j!
Ths issue ydu tender is fctated in your lt-
obstructisns, consistent with ths maintenance
of ths government f the State, in the way of
ter to the Presii
The question,
have Ueoriria's
of: an income tax woul4 have a lendetycy to
dccre;iie instead bfj increasin g prices.! Now,
c ,f the Government! ha. the rihi to require
.u ;! my dim :rl.Ixr;0o leave Ins family vithout any
ineaiis vi j p-up :vt n,naii ne . may ugnr.. me
battle'i'oft. tlie country,-has it Brt 'tho same
pht,1 anjl u.ik not jin duty bound to require
ln4 to jiaj taifi? on every pork hog, upon
tvbrybu4hel (if icorn auds.wheat, upon every
Iiorsebr; mujo I inay liave to sell I so thit the
jG4YCrnmetit':icay corfy on the war, an
Uien, is not whether yJ;i aha31
quota of troPs. for tli are
freely offered lendertd. in a-icance bit it is
whether you bhill accept them' when tfi idc-red
us volunteers, Organized as the Cot.ei tution
JlliK JO-SES, Csj-taia.
LL ihb ttwrf u lb zrs of IS art') 43 in V.-.U lth
.1.- .r. j.-i. . t ;.. JAill
luo t.Bieueraie uoTenuneui.iu ii j'irpaiua . w Aii MtooruJ by I.rr? 19 nttcuil;
for our defence." Now sir. by your theory, omrny- a mr drrots of wn::.utt
bow could puthc peril or "emergency, j ccornmodUoBS Lt ba me f.-ri! i('jrj'
authorize vou! to submit to what you terra ajCOIrcrt -'ome iorwtri onndk!!! Ik not -.rT-r
greater violation of constitutional liberty than
any ever committed, prior to the. secession of
Georgia, by the old government? IIow could
yeur republican simplicity be made to bow to
such! a "pompous pretension to imperial pew
ert' Why submit them ts the inauguration
of; so dangerous a precedent, aud so fe"" a
blow, and now refuse to follow it? ' If a pro-
i . i
test answered your purpose then, is it not suf
ficient now? Is the "public peril' lessened?
In your estimation, it must he greater, for you
notify j-our people of tlie approach of ' large
fleets and amues." Since you submitted iu
the spring, 000,000 troops Lave been raised
by the enemy, she has proclaimed freedom to
the (.lave. Di th
peril, and justify
t)L-trirl will niMt i il V !: ti" i
tee in Chtunor on SATl'KUA V lila int. Ib.t
who hre crtifi-ai of exeinplKia wilt l L timja
torTiewL Thig cU njut w o't-re i. i
uoij-3t i jh j. i.ownr.
! Enrolling cr.vrr. Ilia u;-i., Hiaul oi r.
I. TLe ror.ff.lera'e u:bt .. I mia j frlri Ik- tj m: . e tt t:.e '! ?f.
fi.ierli'.tl.t of tU('i.::-u:'l',4W itTui.wt Uf , f.lc- !! M fh'.; Yei
Juizv cr ct.aim.an t ll. rcti.tr l ;ut !
coimtr vill irmnri jtrlT iT i-'i.-.t a n-.l-:
Cip cf IxsiructiDn at f.zzxrV2c,
kltlt f Trcur.
To Xcrc::.rS f r.rer f r
r j
J. TS f-.l'rfwij tt'nrti f-vn t. tiw f iwi br
Ctsptm. n i avirmdlr x Vv ? t. iUit.no
V.rzu.ilt- st to rr r t - - t'f'rrlo. cL:b-d t r 1M
CL J .
,EiU(.U fruat oa Art to fu-tr- fT,iU tr-tU Puo
l.C Wtrure
" I w ef t-o irTirM of V rer.trr. 3 ti
1"''':" r. c.- 'T l Kej.it jrio iw,-.ce J"r tmTajit
f-Jtir. tt ti.e I4I..H i;:r c-r.nsll f IL tutnif
J j now ;: aJ.-' C t-;.r fc-il: 1 ; rt1..rr.
i ."-r 1 . 1 ! I i -t u .,M! I ' e -. r
- - l W . M I V
Arr.n.rj urn-t. I . a: tlie Piij-4.t l-r atd l. i
I '
mj ci- ! :rc tlr rs if
3 r a; iLr i : i! caa
et-t:t rerMn ia tach c.t.1 UMrkt .n ..:J cn.t.t , t! or : m -'?or. 1 ; ui 1.;. mtc
D.ake an tun:'.r.ie:it .f a ! j f rsj-is ia tirir i:-ttt ' tr c:.:.a"rr -ri :r j."
distrit t w?i'i are Ml.i ct t i t! j nT of j i . " j
t. Of press spioei A-lll 1i.!i. I er t:l.rj t-.-t i S. 2. C it ..f:irf..tf,!. T;i .t tv. ...
, , , ,. to further .rr,J tr t..- H-ti.c dtin.ce. m J i a- r..s: ti at! tivn otrpret.u. J w th.-u .1 .ror
ese things k-SSCtl t.lO public roUmj ft.rer wi: vi-ee I i-tsireaiaUtv to m t:.e :- u-.,. ' t i a- ; "..!itr.'t.'ri ;a rjive.iil'i
you iu active resistance to i toirt'Ltr''r w''r Inf.'A3 lrV" ' ' 'JT " ''
the only law that could have saved us? With. ' tbme u the snfxr.t.ter J.t.. f C:n.iii t -.-t i . jti.e te-j'-t:.oV:tr."tr. tir, ; -.ie i-rr:t4 o
out the Conapript Act. it as probable your : ,T.,ui I8 hwKv u ,;Lf a , r t..Lcr,;.t. a,: . Y. .: . ,,. ,. rS ; li.'J ' tV k lTf
dcHtlatuation against 'pompous pretensions of ! u!"i'ieTs to tUt!. TD3 reid-its u: ;c tie j . j P.r ;.,-t.: .r. ac". :ae iu."ui it;.
ajaiiijea b .thedC .pjdicrs may be
jrtfii.1 Xie nan of property!
sup no
illiiiu to beitaxcJ
o tfi4rafn th
rc Iu
i i
E Wa
ujip'Ml th
'U2Ca5'Cirfl;tnstnnces, iH iti
.pert'lj aii'J j'fliiluld . bciiiade t pay
1 3 .wen
1 . ' MJ 1
1 .
kUqvpniuient duriniri the
0 tl
Ire tii
jih',l s ih jJutjf yH
n i ; t a e p :
-i L i
in proifocti
' 'Sxiit- Abra;is w
- , . : I I
(.niiri-Jifi t iiiiiit the
i.. il . . .
' !
jic. i w,u rc
i forte 1
... -
In ouj- foriocr articles ws have endeav
ored to "thow that taxation is the -only adb-;at,.
;uate i'c'uieiy for a -depreciated ; currcnCV, ( j,eJi.l.:;.'Ur
:md that jt ls'emincotly wise and ju&t.1 The
juetiou next picients ; itself should th;is
jtax ie levied jiipoii the corpus of the ?h-
erty of the country, without regard W i,ts, -:
l..,..!- J.o1,, .turln.r tli-v:ir. CV Vh Id ! . .
.l"r- "c 7 ' - - J distinct
lfcue icvicu upu . "v r.- r jat ten (
'property or, in other wprds, utcn income 7 j f06L
,!The objection to levying tax.es dpon propei:
itself, iustead of its proceed, U that there;
lis much property thatii :now yielding no in,'1
coaie at allj and therefore it would be unjuLt
I to inakQhe owners of thi' property iyja
thplw tax. A hiaa. for instance, on-, tLe i'LHicu.-ii;
iJsi.-ippi; river may have one hundred p'-e
thousand dollars worth, of land, but as ill jfu'
ir. tmotocs have been taken from bim tv :.r 1 1 f
. !. . , , , , , . I i sort eitl
ar home, which for! wahtj of his personal
tf.ntirtn will nottvicld more than enough to
i support hi$ family, whilst his nei-hbor, w
irairieiti i:
ono t h
1 id
y my
jlid, not j'ii';
hiU r bad nf W
Ickiever he
f ; I'll' ' 1 iiri,!'
lOt,r. V. rri vc-1 ; !
ltr.iiH"J. i !n-l It:
iiiu ti' aA'irntj
f i i.i ' . I.
i fluent, :i;
caiiut?4 .with h:-
iritis t
young tlilitary o'Y.
oa at jt'ent":
1,1- ' ! ' ' t
thii artiiV u
whiifc iihertfe
urrency -tti.
srtrnil fct;f
h a. ljumMrauJ t;hat Bishop Mi
' l!illerial nuwur wou , have l.eon lost tit thu i if .; i . . .1 . . !.: . 1 -v ' - " - -
wiUi you. insist on reifctntr vol i:,teerB'! ii, ', !' -.. - .. . L i .m " l. " ".'.' T V: i . . . . ..
jri,ror;. , r.,,-. . ! v-, , Wyriti, ana vour cxceiicucv wou kl now be re- '"'v' i '-' ji -- ..-. ....!, .c. . i. it iu:::.--r.a-v j. :ii:t::fistaij
to your armies aa cotiscri' ts.: I j Mntl,'b;red wir.li those who siilTvred death by kiwant j.arate :MftUm, t...-ti.-r itb .J;: i- .M tj T t v , ,s ka,
Aga.in your Me,sago iT the C th Lstvto Z ton to Yanke. law. j 1:::- -T 17 '.I i 1,1 V;: : ! 1 , f r--iV VT
i rr v
who is un-
any amount necessary
Ifaniilies of sjhliersj wlio
itnstances, i-t iinworthy to
1 tutry, sayd the Vicks-
!y nIitarv : t-.': 'luandcr of
f'rc'i dav or tMo aii from
t j onj lfic ciiil) ti ain t!ii j Uren, their noinca anJ tLeir al:aia. It
Mrniiaiid of the 27th! M is-! population able t bvar arms ere to be
se articles !by ayiitjr, as
veruuicut hm' the riirht
I:. I . I r
td to u:-e the pocuhiary
v.-iical, re0!ir c3 ; v$ the
trii; this war.
the Legislature of Georgia, you say : ;
Tne question is not whether Georgia shx'l
furnish litr juet quota of men and ineius lor
the common defence. This f,!io has liioi o than
done to the present time, and this she hs ever
rea-3r to !g, so I..iig as she lias a man of a dol
lar at I her command. But it is. hhall "SHe be
permitted to furnibh trocjs as voiuntii is, or
ganized in aceorJanre w ith I her reserved
rights,; or bha.II her volunteers tie rejecw-.'-l aud
her citizens be dragged to tL field lis vom-
scripts; in violation of their rights and her
sovereignty? ;; I ; - j I
i i r I
Vouj-'freely offer," you "tender, in a.lj a-,co,
for the. 'common defence" as vulaiutceru, mere
than Georgia's ju.t quota of trooje, and y u
will ever be re a jy to' do so, tu the !atdollar.
ami the last man. This is atriotic. Vou;
give every iiati aa a voluhtreV for .ie de
fence cf all-the States, to 1 e cued wl-r.ever
the Tresideia thinks proper: and yoi maiv
this bo!emn pledge to show that you ajo n-i.-dy
"to lose all iii the common defense.' i .
This pledge makes you a glorious platriot;
one who ruses abve the Belfisdn.e&s thatwi.uM
hunt fr localities bounded by Iftati li
Cut Sic. in your! message th re occurs
s a r i.. nt. litt TtfeT
ra: i r,vi -;e J sr r. 1 1 np: - M J 1. ni
.ttmiiyiiiu frou th( uV . it r t:rn-!. in i iv tti -J r He n ti r
:?r ar.l tt - rrnitlto . -.T. . r. c; '.n-.:i!..-:..lit...i'lpK:iiik
.ttti? J. c:.Ler kt't ir.l tht tte r- t-: i : W-.r. if 1 j. .l i l - M: ie aan-e.
uot forgf t, tiir, that r.r CotihtitUliOM will ; i : a! make a i t a".', tli.-.e ji- r.- ;r. th-.r
bd worthless if we are subiti-atcd. . This war : P'- --o u.r to t .rr.ee. rtt M:..t..iiT r,'. TLit tira mt U
. I, ,.f ,rj , : , . a r-et ..m te.r 1 -r re?et.ta. trim r. ci ki,-,: ' riv'i:,K- lUin.ct.;,iJi
&:ior inc. .11 we can i;gux i-eal iy CuL.scrip. BiinM t:eit c;T.nii!ii.!..i nrtuta le mcic t tr : aim 1. ...
l-f ntt,..,;r;i... tr.. . . ,k .ic;,U!,M..iimi n i:rv,
pur anna, every obnoxious man 111 theie . " wf'ni To.-iii
PrLtf-a u-onl.1 iu, lil- l.f 5..'tl. f .V- m, ith t:i!'-t v
1 ar.kee Jaw, or hold it st the lankee swill. ! AJ iMTt f..iM'f:r: ta CI rp tit rc;": w t 0 . , 1 1 f.,.:. h f 1 u iw m hJ m;n-J aU
There is but one means of escape. Our ; tree lhe aWe rei.z,,. .here t'wiii u ej Tic": i. W a iVj.nun o. t i,
policy is tJ imitate your examples of last ' 13,0 "rT" cJ t-rnkti traL!-j -rur.ca to tie.i rt 'iri:.!;tii:ji io,r.j h ta, 4i.in inri
ipring.and it.Krpose na active resistance to ; ' BTclO.aC.hKcMr le 7.7 tr.:!",3 ' "
supcosed constitutional infractions when they' '-'"-- - C. w tlllli:ul;xr. Ac;. Ctn. i '
grow out of "great public peril." If we can. j ' lEStmcticrs t9 Enrollic 02eer. i ,t,,'5 :liT n aU 7rr aaa-
u-t observe the Constitution and ruccessfullv ' j . . Oct. It. !:. ' tie !'. s --. .f -. ac? t . 1 hi t Lrritoa
dciend ourselses. let i:h tial tl. .i.f.-T.A i ..... . " . ': ' h Wr:'.''1- -u e t'.-Sf".' T-.t 1 u i-.!rr to'c trt..tMK ia
F.te 1 araiuouiit ob;ec.t now i j ,?. Uetter ' -'t- etet ..' -re ..rlrv.I. If reitiU tht'n .... ...... ...
"r l"-ll" .io.t.vt .'-'e- a (o:;r)..rJ. 1 ircr; : 1 l i ! t r:en lrt"nti'i' ...... i
Sttugglii for freedom without a Cci.Mittitiwr tJ5. r i:-'"r.-.ti..n aui ecu U stated esier lte; i-v t. 7 JeCW-r.. 1 if.e r'V,;, ..
tuiit ti:at the .'oiititiltiou shoukl emerge w i:h-i ('o:.srr-;.v k-U:i it tti-ir i'ciire couct et J-J 1 1 f f - mi -f iiJrtnWiuWirt-
,...u . ' Mt:: call, a f tr Iv n.o. 1 a 1 t ti e s r. "-.r 1 t t ; a : ia :l t at
1 trt:! rll. ii f t i v n.e.
pi. is not 'erScntial that wej-heuM outstup taJ t-e I r:r";.sr ? ..r.:ce:. an J iUt wilt ti.t :i
our enemy iu Uythir.g. Hccaue Lis ousels ; ZttZu
are I Ocomit.g etistractcl. i ia reason for cur : 1 "r J ' tr rf r, .lm t arrr-t u'b run.
i-itirg t.s internal dissensftx 1 r. ur char-e of j . :liiuCt rfi:,,C)!,,t eirr , tt.t;. TUt n..Kr
taii p. fa 7pinius pretenion of i-;.i eril i...wer 1 i ' i'1'3 x-' sl-"'5 .i.-ui-.;-s t r .j t;.e-y. ;
:urs!one ufiC' 'iuestiorable tast-, and it poiiwjs sli at..-.-'y f.-t to tre. a:, 1 ir ; ;U u i-iri i-J. i
; ' j i t t 1 ti'. -i
e.-i:ne t " -tri f t:- f.r-v
r-.!;-. riit:Mr 1-1; !
f I '- c - r- .t ti.
I tn .Vf.i; 1!! ('.(! r
Vi . -ad v-
e e: t. litara
- f lrjrt'sa. at t.
a3 lat.r t
as. J 1M- u - a'r ii'H'tit:' 1.1 t y U w; a.V a-
13 cr i - tLe ..; '.' i-rr r: ea't,.tS
r : a ii :,; ,J !suti.i ai t ' 1U
n-n r?,j!.o la ji ' -! tr:iil u ?.er a: d ..rcki
i'-:" -t f'-t-:tti -t: tei-s-i.:o i r-rrit iaa as
I . 1 I. ' I t ... ... T . . . r 1 1 r ..." 1 .... ' . .. Ti. .. 1 . :i ,r. 1 , ir, . u ,n I n. ir.. - . w
so' anxious, tineasv aiid l1 M-'rtur.ats paragraph wmdi sorrtetixes '"T ai:,"i ,tar'1 l-' 4 " ; Jut iri .ft e'.-J ;rh tLe-V.-e, n"-- e-t. 1 Vta.e -' -a. J I rZn
iilectiona tli -A h- sit i,n ! play luvoc with 'consistencv. It reads !as fob ectv K cannon, and the groa- s of onr woim-Ied . ra.r. .1 1 wat ! te '.tirt it J la a. ale t !fi , r-" .'-.'- -; : a.. t.t tet-4 r ---, c:
It-e-r'ar.Iiic ofctatar. Tlie ios: I : m. hlr, u..u. .u.s K,rn: ie past. - - -;- ; !t-MU ...,t e,i:r.ua . a.V.,';.-
-e Irtn M alii He kJid ' Purinj the approaching winter, the eneniv ! ,f MlCrc the Llttf-rncbs of disappoiutmnt in ;.:.:..: f4 pr-Vr t-i r.r-t rr r?.'.rt -r-i. t : :it- -;. J--z a t..-tt t-eaw-.a.
I . iaijr"'. ii-i.--t-oweV :.(. iar. . -.v i i. ...,. A., iy,! Jii: .lULit.li. -uU
t .,i il ;JhJ.,c ilki,, ' . ' '"" "","l'l'u" . iMoan una ccase-t 10 lia!-ver mar I e I ' c.w:f..r.ii-.a. sue ti-e nut r.W Le nM3ri"" a aea aaac i jb taca.
iui in ,h ma v CllS- ver-r;lu a I irrt mrf inn nf ni- t ,i. ,.l., i .... r..,l u- t .1, . w j iipaiwttT tew et.'l ' J t. i , .
siedi"' die wtli.t liolne at 'our pefple and carry olTour k!avM 'or ind uc ' -Vt'!''r l,:0,,v )f ''.vgone a-ts t-i. courage' tie; B,r, ,fC,;, M,r,rd t , rtn.;; aer.t ia ; : i.-t; a;."ri
! i.i I ' M tl. -,.... ,..l...w..; 1 i'i. t t ' cntniv to hot .i for sue e- s. anl lhu t.r..!n!i - their J.i. L lic'i'Kl '". k.l'.C. : irs.t.! n viui .ai ut t m .
r.MS.p.a.tss. f i'i Wa?l: r -y--,.m,C:rsr,:-: , - 1 ; - let. 1 4 ; J Z. iSBj.t.t Kt.r::Bf vetr. tre hrUrr e-f V.r. a,fcy
I I t- : ; -.a 1 -w v 1 . 4 0J -IIHV.il ta UJJil CI .. - v. ... wa., ' - ' - , a-v v - V" T- i- a Ir. nra.W
: U. i : i M
tiio poitioti ot oar militia,' who remain in the i lesn before C.oll, and a sat ion f snrrow-etrick-,' 'iinrrKT vlt
S:.nte, should be encouraged to volunteer andjfcn Vcmeu and! children! WaiT. ; PB Kr "A-
l.irr.i rii..iriviilfL: 11. t.. .''1. ....... . j .. . ' 1 i 1
.ml should be kept within the limits
iMato to strike for their wives and the
.Jralgs's arniyi Th to'o
thtr'Cst wia.ies of our
iii this new
It4 chrxuiicte,' s
LMaj.j Gen" yili
fi and nieritoi!
ivs the ilo-
ipigui, one
iOus if our
. j i
won great
ot 1 Hudson
is a fnuu
.! tlievVoiii: Confedei acv
t is fo notly struggling.
and who
died at I
y; ni;ht., This
I ,.
th , ruhior
Uvliicl has
pr.Cij baoinee of Church or frtate.
ast a I hack-
it.- nnT,i. ha mir nut tirt nliln to make nnv-11 .
- j ... i , . r 1, . 1 '1 1 ' i ' .
ihinsi on h a plantation : lor again; a soldijcrf i-aTf )Ve Uarn that on Tuesday
id the. army may have .left some properly J 3rivcriP en.n.s, tii.eci a recijri som.er rot
-'1 v J-v:-i. 1ft.,' Art hi. r.rwA,l inq plu kuisspuri 111 a uispute wine 1 origmateu
fare. This
waU foloweiL-on; Wednesdav ieTeninri bv a
nBti0n pr th,; regiment maJiing an lnaiscrimt
has no Vor property, stays at home atd yL attick nioti every haekman that appeared
eives hisTarm hii pcrfionallcare will make'in the street. Several drivers were shot'' at
0 . i i . ? ; -i. L . M; f 1 . - 1 ' r L '
thrai or fduXtimw as much. ; ow, wouJd i
it be jiist andight to requir the ruanjwho
makes only enouVV to support his family
.Ao pav as uVuch asjthe man whose income is
three or;four times a
t; Ciship .McI'.vUine, of 'the
u about to roBilrn to Ku-
governmejir. jnission, the
!i Commercial says : arc! author-
tatb! tliat. there is no foundation for
Jvaine does
e this sea-
em plate returning to Eun
Th. n
! Vt.rk IKrtll t:i the Kirdira
If fi'l . ur -ur1 R )'jU mi.We an important, military : ai
.k U' ..1. . 'J
uul driven from tneir vi-incies, ueiore tne irav
was arrested) but only ojie was injured
ifCTju l latter from! Paris orJaiolOct. l!7th to
Ituilte j States paper says : v
but how j would
d sell ha3 hogs to
twenty to thirty
nm lrom seven
teen to twenty-seven dollars on each hor,
after patinc his taxes, o in wheat and
a '
orn, he coU realize, after his taxes wef e
paid, from one dollar to nc dollarj anda
half on his wheat, and from ninety cents
one dollar on his corn. The same in regard
i fJIf Cameron, minister tct RusfiaJ arrived
Uiai lie Wllljitoi iriuiu tv lineoia.
TltiUi illesi not seera! to be a favorite with
the Lim(ieIivsTiplurriat8. "Cassius
and Caaicrori hardly 'staid.' long
vest. . . ' I I i I ; -. ! " .:.
Clay soon left
enough to in-
X&l ,Thq drafted militia of rennsylvania are
In a plojiiiai
claim tl
:ie rig
eleci dleir'iw
t to-"' 1 organise separately aad
h officers. ! Gov.. , Curtin. patron
ised ttsir 1 fclaiin. and went to Vishington te
iress ij
" ! . i j
I i
t'altercatjon'with Abraham.
eat 't: Again, the
monev dealer or! epcculMor, who has bint jihere rotn Stl j Petersburg a few ;dys sukce on
J . j, --iTT't w. M !; hi s wliyi to the United States. t i understood
little visible property, but who is never- d .t ,1 VjL. t return to Russia." i I
thele?s making two or three hundred per
cent, per lannhm, ought to be required jto'
pay his just proportion of jhe taxes of the
'country. The truth is, tli at, as ourGovern
ftient has to buy nearly everything that jit
needs from the. people athme, and but very
little from foreigners, our people can afford
to pay back to the Government nearlyjdl
that the Government has to, pay out.' Tor
illustration, take a farmer 1 whojias . horses,
mules, corn, whcaVaqd 'pork to sell to t it
Government.. Suppose he has to pay
twcuty:five cents on every jbushel of who: t,
threa dollars on every. pork hog, and fifteen
onts on ieverv bushel of corn. These would
be eaid to be heavy taxes ;
it work ?j The farmer eou
the Government at from
dollars each, thus leaving ;
hi Gratiot street political prison in
. i i I .'-. . ,L I
StiJ-Opja.-tiok fire on the I1 : insta.nt. lt was
Snrjnrtseid to have been communicated by some
if the' prisi ners. iThe names werd extingTiish
id without doing much damage.!
JK.tiOijcprah's Irish Lcgieu left the i1y of
yew Tork por Jt ortreBS iionroe on tne aay al
ter he'!e1edti'en;
ly Conscription to leave :the State
greatcit orisis of the w:tr. to protect n:rc f;c
vorcd points, and our own cni are t He) left!
an easy prey to the enemy, ai.d our hemes to
be plundered by hie marauding bands withor.t
resistance, I will not be privy to the deed.
You are the representatives of the people, and
must make the decision. 1 therefore eoniuie
you to stand by the rights and ths honor of!
the State, ai.J provide for the protection cf!
the pre-pci ly; the liberties, and the live of her
lt;o; h. . ! ! '
j i . : " : ! ; .
i ou protest that if the Legislature ars wil
ling to Jet Co:iscrlptiou take ai'.l the arnis-bear-
mgmotl vut uf the itate. von 'will not be? rri-
fi-rettd t movemept in Noilii Carolina.
u the
r::ovo"T l'ahshai.s cFrict;
5-r-vM CrJeia. t j
, if t. Ct:i-cr.:t i--.iU. I at ;ieM, Anu h
Ii. fv:'. ea'uvte act v.' C-aftts iLt tSZommr
;cN?ati ...a a:e exta-il i.-.a e.i..a.L: Hr
. J.....rtr;lc ir.t a-.J tt; ' tr aktnra;
c::V a: 3. !-,..! c rit. t.,-.iij it .'j ira:a
Mtb ttrtistratnls.
for airjOj !r ; .
! I. liri-:;r. n 1 cul' I tart-er roe:' t!)C 1 ".;.- Lsar J i a-a .. ib:l. -.i ia i.ttrin: t.ti .ct a.?, .
I f ei 1 1 I lt k-t Jtraad t'- - Ir :a la t'H tie ' twrirj : n-r cr : '". --.a.-r;era atri t : aa
! UKl4. Li.t m:! Htm wi:!i t.l (1st rent. jailcJlT .i : i-intr i .l ieote. and U,tl
V.r ciur c: CliAS. W. rKl'KN.i j r.j!icrt to iitt M:l k .ini i.n.ul j, ij., tciTii-
t.;.- I.'ta'.. A r...-t Mii il iti.'.i tl.".". ,
i , III. Ttf.".: f are c t ti v .: t-
H ...f.a c . i rt tct ia a.
:rm correlaa:nj wita tLe ti-ne.
. Ml T :
Ef.ING la. . t autb"r.i tj ra ar.a unr istotle ; tej 1 Mare ia. Wut It tbe '' - - f.
eervireol llie Cont' i-ra'.e taV- a rrieat ct , mh i an ars . red 3-.: t:':ti :s,t Ccc'. --"-" -IT
tiAl bee thea muered let-, Xbe aert. e -S . t:y 3rtjr;:eJ btutuT,' i.tu tfm jZt.lt
. cberj. Tetia. Tha. lejueeat w ar.t J vm.'Vi'T.',,,,,, tt-t'-t-.-tT a rei.ai a.i ,k
, t "
. . .
vytoO,edek - Youa tlLt the p.,, i jE OXFj FOR SALK Urge eouSU to ieep a
men of the Flat U- kept "within the limit's of 1 HATTALIOS 0P MEN PLV. Pike. $75. 1
iKTruiiiTia, 1 I
, !u!tius. Vieo.. st t. i'j. iC2. (
t 1)1 orcer : v-aii raii-'.r cer; I l ata teen .a-
, J.J tni'tei wj i er.!-rec.'Mr I of rc lecU-sf
. em: v'osa ia vL j a: j aj Ki a tax aa.4
iu iu at
the .State," t' strike for their wives ic. If
fc'ir, you haij a$kcd your bitternt enemy to
strike you the neycrc6t 'blow, he would hal e
done no more than iuaert this paragraph in
your message. It drops the high strain of tie
"last man" for "common defence," and car'aeat
ly recommends the policy of keeping within
the State lorhoni protection, the very j!.it
man' who was a moment before '-freely o.fJr
ed,' and "tendered in advance" for "comkon
defence." It shews that yoa ar yourself
earnestly endeavoring to so employ tour forces
as that the President shall not have'thera ven
as volunteers. ; Vour proposition sf "teoder
in advance," made to ths "Preside! t is decla
mation ! Your recommendation to the LOp-ie-Iature,
embodies your, real policy. - It it
simply this: Georgia must withhold her re
erve strength from the common ie fe ce an
! . J trute wj-a eat -re r-.tr-i of ct .lecUes tt Lai is Ti....; . . t - j.. ...
r i v.-- i r . .v . . ' .. , .v . . ----- f . - - utai-
t. u urc.M n-a , i i.,c jt. .ji ac.ijj.Mj ,jr tL.ttci.r-t a.; tt CutUili J.'e aetT.ee ia a.
a i ,.. j akall r-
JJ. B. PAUniit.
I . ..al - ...- r-T- . . a
"5 e.urra ia...: u..-a wt(W it.. 13 r- :t t w..9 !L ;.il,'f t-V, c.BiU'(il
ao:r a.s w th prcrer r.fTfi . f. Tie riry tJt . a c? vt .r.-:: ;.'.; it d ;; Ue a.U- r. ke
be aL.J. ar.J U i the dsiy cf a:i i-atr-.ot.c ;ttt,r tj U t e v. a. j. ; tn u ..a-tc-v,,, j Cu ,na-.
.t in a-, J j IJ. A.: lea: -r Le.J at ui ;ei-.LAt,:r t a Mif, S cr A.r ;X SJ1..ft a. j...
j . - ... t r . m. .. . . .... . w , ii rf,a !:t l:i.j t; liT hi
jqq SACKS n.OU3; j
Qt"HtTTXlTtE I !', 1
Cbir'.auur -f a. Oct. Jf-t. Ire!, i $
CcrtL'ed ae.iui.:a t.f R. r.bk. Ccwt. aai Q-r- exj-t
rtnaater. fee la:d al lae ee of I ' r..cJ.
3. F. JOSE!."-.
Maj. A (,s.arurma4Vr.
1 Urtnaaler
but 1 -3m
in if
he r ay 1-e tf r.- !-J a:..i et.r-.lr J : a-,.1 He t-e-aa r.
ffciu-it :ri .i'i'V'f '7' i- a:itr.ed tj la
" j-:raaaai't .! tt-e v.-j y i; t i a, i s aaai. a
eu.:.M'j tj I rat'- rti::: u -t-r t..r a.J'.'arM.a at u.
of LL Uiitcn.sr-i, a-i.. o i.arritd aii ea-
TQ DAY. at ilnotli-Ii)
employ it mnder her Governor,
State, for her own protection. Tha
stripped of its flimsy veil, beware
that history doee not number yon among tL-e
who stabbed a bleedin ' canntrr
your powors of intellect, anrjj-our k
Tor Sale by an 0cer ia th Amy.
I WO HORSES, one a tborouli-bred ii !eoco faorse,
i lare. atjrhah a"d cpirite.1 La been in the er
ire fr-.m the ocainiiioc of liie war. Would aa:t a
uToflirer. AR."yearf. i
lite others yount 'tallica, years eld. Cta'Ii,
anfi draws tlneljr ia toi-ry. i
. j i Al-UIV lO I . i.vniarjLit,
octt--tr. j j j
- -4-. . .
XI. Ciiimti.
1?. Peraoaa c'.aiifcitf mc f : ku Iiaaa a a rr
it Jr lli.i att. al.i U I rr,;i J t tta aarv; .ij ajt.
rffU ti er are ia '.: w i. . . .
T AM aatborxel t i :rex-e ot e-.-anand t twe t lrt aLeJ liiiii certcate af'aaaa
f .l LnuJreJ men. i-cr'r. i:ii nr I" "!r He axi-r!-a.
1 cavairr ertice.are diw c.-reu per:.at. trae 15. v
M. B. PABHAVl"5- l jortinitr to ?:cnteer. ily n.iz.hy tucjjtr
t mi liuciirr J. ikd aa a.-'-a a ejr.u'j yr.ia txe t-
- . tew cx mparir. :t wi.I be crcaa ir.l. tie ! caw ron
be eaa-pt. but exewe.ur, kowaiar
say 're e-lt :Jatat, t-e ii.avr beceaaar? m iaa
t ;r-'.Ja.
?V S.peiL:Vr. -r - 1-.3 ei isi-rra Ui wool aaj tetlaa
. ' Uitor .- enra'-i ij t:t.:i ;-.r.ii,- ami e.oia a avar
w ro- ;ll;llJli' '" :jr '; ' wr .-.erjl a aay
14 It, M i:Pti
t" 1 'ill. Illl' v r s .u vw . u w
I! i.miI Mil 'rrr t'reek in I.iti'-o'.n riioi- u
: tv j Tenneor. kaowu a the Ir. Sm.ia k'.ace.
..nil ct,iIltn- 4IJ ACl:-", alut :oa acres of
hi-li ltlfarJ,
Known e;i4 r-
gy of character, you cannot estimate the Kcod
and treasure that your meesajc ancj letter! will j ptJ-
T!re dwt-UiB b'u- it a larje frame buiUinf. i
Tb ere it a Ut-e Il.-ai.-rre aad Hone Sn! oa liu
cost usj : You may give your pen he .widebt
range, Und you will fail to convey evert ti e
faintest idea, of the joyous thrill,' that jo :r
messaje will send-along the lines of the I eil
isU hordes who come ito enslave us. That .;e
Goverper of Georgia has, in an illnatnreJ aipi
ner, made $uch an issue with the President
will bejeaough to ktojt their songs in Loneriof
John Btown the martyr, and elicit their ip
plausejfor Joseph E. Brewn the Governor
Grant Sir, that yoa seek not that applauie,
till you must receive it, for you employed the
means that have prod uced it. i j i
In yeur letter, already rcfered to, yon say
in substance : "en account of the emergencies
of the COUntrv" VOU "intc-rrviseil nn rt; t-n.
Tv-liesiLect i Buchanan has i Jei thjio-un-! to the enrolment of persons" between
try art elaborate aed carefully prejared jpaper rd 33. In tins yon merely' anticipate the
in defaasa of his administratioa ajriintj the : inquiry. Why submit to an: enrolment of vonr
charge! ef weakness and imbecility SstcJlved Ueople coverinz seventeen Tears, and cropone
!n Mi lata atimriBtr letter, ef Geuetil bcOtt, re-' . . . , . r '
."Tul . ".vi..lwtK. r0r,dHCtofMr!Buch.! r.l;n to one eraoracing only t-n
i j'i 1 land i finely aui'ed f- r a atock (arm, and has
a jrinir of tieeer-lai'.irz water.
Pur term aiiijr to tbe sabcriber at FaTetuteiHe,
Tetin. j JlU B. UIU'JHT,
a-e4-4w i Area.
South, origtaa
in th late stitigiBg letler, ef Geaetal Bccjtt, re-; 5
..:tLi. '.:.K.. 1. thm. rm-dnct bf Mr Bnch- lcMTe
Ll anan!l Iurii:gi that part of ais adkniuistritien j"- In JOur message you state that-great
I i inSwhjjh the?toruble between till Nor aae. publio peril' and "extreme cmergeney" made
you think it !best "to threw the least poseiUe
S ; ValuaWi Tract of Land For Sale-
I:WISH to ae!l my tratt ot land near the town
'of Stevenson ia Jackn Coontjr, Alabama, i t-aid
tract contaii a about 540 acre. 2o ol wtiuh are Oar
- ' j . . . . .... . ( . J
........Vi-. n-n TLiao.n rt5Uf.,r''" ' v u-oera Lt led tlaio
Z J. '....1 t . a.-.. . 4 i ' ' C 'ffruui.
t'rr f.ir-i'i'r i-fnrTra!!.n at r 'T at :irfiT ir
Cmi'ir.'l'j Vii-n 'i int l'Li:Un.t7l .i-rw.t !'-
War. J.Kfiai:ra, j Eaf 'ss t-c:a T.l report wetV.: u Lieat. CeL
PaM .. Cuthch, rr i'j T t. L- t; aa . i K n . .. ..
I In r t. I. tT. Atfrt illi r't bo. ll.-irMja ! Al.eur.
rh.ti.n Vnr. 1? .! i ;taeecf
tiMie'iii ... bt- n:aJe cpoa I ati ( mm 4
:r-j i"--i:) ia i..au. li,t,:u-:e r.' ad
" - 1-1 '' k te vt IS ail Ji .:! b fvf.
l w.t-a li. a re. K-.. a tbe i,e a-ae
'tt -.-.'. J -a I j br ar-, t lie AJ. -ltt.ti era
,t7'! l. ,.a.
A ri " i.i b era -e t-j le awVIirf Yte-a.asd
raw'itj t. .v! a: I k,r.ki w L t. i .
aa ... wj. j
I XP int in Ja:l ia Cb'.U2.ca. Ilaaj ZH-a ta
S E'3KU M AN . wb t h a iitt ia J Af'K.. an,i ti ;t
V.. Il.inr. In 1'!-1 I't; ;i- r.l .-r W'k'T ,f -i -
Trail. na;d Ujr laViawa.Si at old. a feet .1 i-h .""f1'' -c - ij U
h h. J.H.fc-.VAIV. l 1 '' -rMl''ih! art tftVxttai,
t5 Ja'.or- '" x 'fr'u fw et-7...:.L.,ti Krar-
. , t- 1 i:.'l )! C-".. r ie : a " !-''...-a"' A a-
, i. "x ;t j .i t . iu . m ... jt ia ..!.. -t I i a
.tj.l Ir .iii:.;'.ri 1; !iw. It a"--a ita u.i. ae
;i.:iV.iii.l i- ir:tt J Vi jn-af ui: ,.-;a t kr
i..i'. : j u.e f u.e pr -u ,. nej.
: r r ; --',rr.n x.rt air jr.a im :Lm
' J'. - Ji ; t': : r 1. .1 k' t j,
;w!ni..c.-l ;..r; tj K n.j. t. r . a;, J a j a :a -
LOST. t j :.tj I) lit .r;rn , J' - i i '!"'J ,V list ur-
'"l A KEN op by the ib-r.Ver a j.-ct ti rr aei,
X I l.';f itJbi::,,;lili:i b.l tul 2. ll( i
er taa f rl tbe aa'.sat tf p:oe;t? f'rrt.i e ar .i
in raatrea. J.tVt SVi'lIH.
tl-l'.'t 4 l Sou'.a tf taa.lir:;.,,-
X Lank.-Mt Moat.taiB. S.adav CTeLanrl 13n. Sort..? I-. Jat" u .i-iirn....i(r4 t i, ij ,
betaeea jj locae a le-'-Ceare ara t ruit.
t. a J ! r. .
tr ii'
: ei . : j I Jr i
one ama'l r '.. watch m-.d r 1 j r T'tinm'i tr
jxiiiie Nhi?rtia Ccae." ia in-cr.d in uh 1 ,...r
the in.-.ie. A a-.iul :e rewarj b? fifri f.r'ta
i.it.rt.r.i;i.'V. .n!.i'.).i.- , aarv.-M
(ici:i f hash i. k. rK ;;r. 1 'r "" J !r - r is t.t
t i.i . t i: ,s, iu, ftrmtft J. la
"... -.ar. 1 :. J.r..a xuaLa a
- 1. : a . t a
ed and in ctshieation land rich. I.noa between Crew j HUSAWAY ' 4 ;tr. aa'u-'.ii .-.r. a .Jr..f ur., (.,vtj i iie
and Benfre'a Creek a. Wood trick dweilinu . brie. -r7OM t:i u"u'i.:r. a f -w Jj a . . r.er V: c (-a-'f''- r-'-..:.. . c-un a.iaai
and all nerevarro.it boa,. Tlx: k.Uhen, te?ro abi-i-t Tecte-n teatae'l. r.:i-.r c' w k . : x- e-"J )" -- t , .t :.tT ,r,
bou.aes. Urn. s.ab!et. Ac. 1 will take nesroee o r : :.nr j w..b ex:n.rr;:v tu A irii rt.-'i ':''- J- lJ ' J -: I 'Ji..w-
f nr. i-.irrjte rorii: in r lTrar'nt. r or iriner par'Ku- .u i i . ..... .. . . .
Ur. apply to a.!f r T. LorJ r". -IV S r.tg cJuttaf-a. f ...!arata'i--i t'.t ! ...Jit, ,A,t " r';--a I be r:..(J. tbe ef.r.;.
Dear tbe rreaiUes. " AjLTLR kcashd. h a recorrrr. fnu;-lw 1 J.JflX C. Ji:CH. : 1 --' --a L n t :, a t-:.r.; : . :
oll-lm ii:-lr m.i., .;,;Li, w ;,, ,. , . .y,
i 1 -Kvnv.n T,TC9T?rtv ' 'r.rLrrJ."n V. r'-:"t
ti: c V : niTrTr TV-. " a.!...
aripca, oiuua.xa, vMfcn6 . vrnr.O MffiU wn-l Wi"aa.a W('' ,',,r..
r.KCAIIIUfK, Mil ol x:a ODfUM..:: ior tfat t. t". i.iau. ot Genera! Oal- t
a.t... t v.frii'i. li nA. . f ... I .
. w m- a
Crt39-iai 1 i-r... ncaiii,
(Ve.t aide Market it., Chattanooga.)
iaS. i"fcer" I'ltnk a tl A.en. tiracr'a arr.'T. ' lr r r;"!
waj. i.rt in tbe rear cf tLe arrr.r icaj- Sparta. Tanita i'i betuatej
.s-..jtr.flnu iu a jrau-e er.r r "rti.e-n -r ti:i i,: r r Ur t1.! -3-. .v.
Wi' .. I.ea'd fr ra te wa roa j i r. t - t T u' e. i tc i-'. 1 a- r t:. 'ti c
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