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The Chattanooga Daily Rebel. (Chattanooga, Tenn.) 1862-1864, November 16, 1862, Image 2

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l I1.
OEce on Marlet Street, nearly oppoaite the PcM Office.
SUN DAT ifORNING.ybv; 16, 1&C2.
The campaign in Middle Tcnuessee becomes
- more and more interesting every day., Oa all
hands a succession of rapid military move
ment 3 bespcalc' a characteristic rongh-and-
tumble fight fori the valley; of the Cumberland,
or.i Duck rivers Our authorities begin to
open their eyea to the necessity of holding that
rich basin'. which rolls through a roion not
' .ec'tond to the jbluc grass, counties jof Ken
tuekr, and extends from the hills of Warren,
CofTee and Grundy to the flats of the Harpeth
ar.d Tennessee. It is truly a land flowing with
wine, milk and honey, and illustrates the con
ceit of Douglas Jerrold, as "io laugh a harvest
- -
it has but to le tickled with a hoe."
, The main, body of our army occupies the
hielancholly little xlopot station . of Tullahoina.
It forms the junction of 'tho Chattanooga' and
x McMinnville Railroads, about; thirty-eight
tailva South ecst from Murfreesboro. At the
latter point General Breckinridge lias a divi
sion, well posted and fortified.
Forrest and Morgan operate, around Nash
ville. ..They make LaTvergtiei a place of i ren-
dczvous, whence they saily. forth like' Ma
lion's men of old, sat the jecp of day, dealing-death
and destruction 1o ,the out posts,
.1. foraging parties and subsistence trains. of
- the. enemy, j These .excursions are' general-
- ly attended: by artillery, of which both the
' brigades of Morgan and Forrest Lave abun-
; dance. Composed of dashing veterans,! and
lead by . chieftains who have- never been
5surpass(d fir skill and daring, the' cavalry'
t : i ... , . .-.'.
-;bratieh of tho annv; of the West mar chal-
' - " l J- "I
ler.gc comparison.- with any - armT-of the.eeY-
i of tl
ft votijig bajontj j there, ara against oa, two
tO, OB 4 The; rule wh ch we adopll embraces
a paitjOf very simple proposition and re
ijuirjeij' little Elaboration- If thJrl" are po
tnatfy;jis fortti thousand freeholder in: Ken'
(Lucky j.who are truly Southern in t letr feel
frig. tjt isjouj Jiity j!o relievej their suffer
ings afc'tl emancipate iheru frpm ,oq odious
jvery hazard. On the, other
nand, f there are not forty oundmen jin
the wjjole! Sute the ji ate rest pf the Soulh
Lhsolutelyl require the possessibti o a region
nf couitry separated from' us nlyby an air
line, andihiafkin!? bv nature our extreme
porjh 'central boundary'- ' ' ' .
Tha question haa'ceased tope one of pas-
tionatli dpclatnatipn. Vfe haveihau a ideal
too mlcli icf that sort of thin already. Ken-
par joint
wouU Lc
such an
As vet th operati
lie oieumg cam
paij-'U aro merely in ciurs-of prtpAratiois, so to
ayl We are organising a torca to meet; tlu-
I ' r'
advance- ef Roserrin." ?V.ools of tiistruc fi
i i - - - - i i
tiou have len organize.! ; new- recruits erv
jt,uckyis-jMwnof nccosity to ..Teunesseej
the1' liranchea.of, a mutual interest !are!a3
M. ' II - It I- -nil- i , - I i
closelt -lntertroren as those of the extensive
that extend along i
b$rdej Ijtoj tcparate the two
to i.eair a.sUBir Chang and Eng.
coiildequal tliej jCOnfusion -"wii'cK'
unatjuraj fe'paratiop would iavitably, cre
ate. '.A ilavepYdingjpopuidtiou here ; thrc
of the complaint, puhotiUo fri tears, and BT GRAPE-VINE A!TD OTHERWISE.;
iui me lerers, ine worrna ana me
frets " of mankind. It is in fortunately
not in the nature of pur ruodej of Goverq
rnent, or within theilimited powers of our
constitution to adopt the plan T Lis Celes
tial eminenae of Clioa; and, as a general
rule, the people oftfcje, South .'are not con
verts to the homeopatjiic systea. ' There: ii,
therefore left a nolle opportunity for the
philosophers of our revolution to present
tha world, and especially our 'little llock-
'3.1 II- 1 . ' . ' t
aueu woria, a remedy against the ravages of
the croakers , for , if we are not used np fcy
extortion end speculation, we shall urely
he damned! by green I corsles and eraet-
' 'WWW.' w ,
rs i i
t& We find iit iha .Baltimore; American,
n noted in tl; o Lycthburg Republican, the fol
lowing paragraph
Rev. Reuben Fofl, Rev.S. D. Baldwin, Her.
YV. U. r. fcwaun, titicl Rev. . Uf Wharton
CaxTTAtoooi turdy BrolBf. a T. If.
Thx GaAFivis t! The luxuriant and prod tw
tive gTapevine, has not ilicminei the colnmns
of the morning Reb-el for days past. The clus
ters of juicr items which, pendent, glittered
from its many Iranche. a week ago, have nrt
for that k-rgth of time regaled the eyesight of
its (impatient aJrairers. The abser.ee of the
atrial Drift, t
- - . ; ATTENTION -lit KY. REQ'T Cavatt.y
.-, Not. liia. 152.. t 1 fsr
or I ol urrea ir j TnTcwt V.arht.
fcT fcrfcc ,-r. r in U : t-U,f. wLrr -m-
,ccoisr:ui:L..-t bare Un raje i-r i,',dx'
lUntJ.er of its being," on a tour of ins-action, ! ,Vea '
into the middle counties of Tennessee, in qnest
II. A l rron r .iricti.r j.r -l.iS.tei '.V.az pr- - . :UIILE C0SC?IPrS.
itfa iirin-.r ill.. Ict tai.( tir tfii-j-jirur".! A .' e" Wrra i f t -I t it j J ja
rfi' Txnn:irn fr.-n iLe UcxiUnt ei" lie nl , c ;n 1 !'" Al l ill'i V li:h int. Tb
' III. Z'r:z-m !m If. 1 i ' Kf tLll'.. "1 . ' . -'!.,..-. -V I r
imioa wi I be rouirtJ u k-fp on the : 'OHS J. t.OTtT.
re ouirt J lo keep
oer pecfl in Art. I. ar.i return t:m
of a budget of-atartlirs Intelligence" will ac-I.ViW., ,vL . !. !
IrftncUcra tt ErrcKir? CZetra
f .. . x . . .
hiii4wcl..i ri i i rw
toui.iior ii.c noil-appearauce CI Its iruiltul rr.er.n-. !Jr I cr.ur,. w,.i ,ir 1 qtor, j h i. t! f :. tr of rr.. . r - ..'i m t. V -tV.-'
go;p. For 43 weary hours I haveU'en atrug-' r.Mw'li"1'4 " U U plty-scf Tt'1"'"'-;' l.-.
tr- 'fit . i V ' e - 1 r '- I l:ft.' te fri-d. If re. Meets tK
g eg among Tolung. bales and buiTctin; man) ly r.er r C- ca. LVtn. ern-.tr.-!?-? rt.! :?.-:ri.-t ar e-r-... be f. nj ur LiU U
fcINyagamsUseaofKick and furlocghed sol-1 dicj Ca p VFJ,Lv i '--'fr 1:,.'r J r !...
dirrs; in order t. teach the readers of the : - - jb-sl ,'-!t.u- -
Grapevine w-Mh an airmfnl of e .7, an I m 1 r.vr, r,,-. V AI'i! I T7?, mi 1 nni:a ,a lW;r 1c'
raoretl dispatches, 01 vijal importanco to the T i tnrej at nm.t Srri -ear naa Ci ) by ' w r,H l," C1"' " Tt' O.art!
Republic. At, length -the crisis which were 1 '"WC ' nrUf'A bna. ;
io nave arriven have arove. In other words rn?T
w v
What Lave AM'
j W frota
r i . -. i .
i i.a! reiurcea io Lattanoojra.
vet 1ht a'.l
tm rvfsi .a le' e
oi t . l'.th jt.. ha rttirr. tr e-'arrr-j; m - iiv.t i. ..i i. i..
tvith ij nothing jbut jan ! imaginary! divi$ioaI
first arrested tl.oo x reverend gentlemen, j in-
i 1 iilT Tf I n i - I ' uea inern in tiie.grcssee: ana meanest mau-
T1C: l?f imported aliens, w.one than crj cast theminfo a cmn'mon penitentiary and
hosejwh'l now live along the Ohio shore :i finallv- seit them ! off from their homes to 'a
. i : , I i I I - 1 . I
KitrJheru jdungconj has rclvnfe I arvl began to
talto burst out of a bed of dui;r!
Chase, Ohio, at the request of Go Johnaotf. . f 1 j raa I by r...!3ai.ef aa-i ka tl iaaust!cra ti .Wr.; aa r ...ta.. t aid f.U. ai f
of Tennessee, fronl which State trie reverend hat three Federal soldiers, Kntuckias !' r"'rVrap-J ; 1 1 P" '- 1 k C--der b u.u jo-.ttr .uirt w ih-v-ht. :t iet a
g.ntleuienhaih , . ; j , . ha i,.s become diaSUteJ with ALriaW. ce- j lHTkui. T. a., cW,
It is quite ya-ely.that Andrew Johnn. wholgro iiroclatuation. and their own lotif conSse-' i ' 1 dt; w.u r.J r!n:.- f-.t t-.r.: t,t. tl am
NTly till furies of i'andora's boxtwould &-ty the angel of J3ercy ! Qniie likely ih v me
nothing tb it. I The nigger stealinthe You I,:i1,t as wcI look for a for.atain of crys one
if .HI.. !' ! it 1 'a- .' i talto burst out of a bed of iIui.t! i I -mat
flict oif Ical clans '. and nei
thd! Derfontl conflict. ani"The con
I ; i . : . I
iribeirhoods,; : the
!. ,! . ! . .. I 7, 'I.I i i
meulin ou tlie ono sue, tue Btcra reeni
luehljjjonlhe jtitier, would beget'a fystem jfar
mote ildesperatej than, any which ever existed
upon I th4:C0nSnes !of IJohemie, and would
keen lott the 'fJovernmenU at ttichmond
i 1 L J- ' t t . . .. 1 , i i j
and H'asninton in eon?tant hot water.i It
ruayie that. we! .shall not sing another sqn
for tlte Old 'Kentuejty 'Home ; but it ise--
tain i .hnl- t'c 'shall j deliver 'peveral j O"
wholifeonlb and, substantial lrcturcs out of
.lis of our ciinnoul and the! throats df
the nkoit
our nfltjj..
: i
A idrerul spirit
bet tea-' pdrUof ;ihe U
I IMlf
w u a.
listed 8!isatc!ic uVocnrctl. atvl a clean CcldT I
' r t n
;fays rontenello, is
attle for happiue?
. n . r
is : eif niLllv ' ni necessary ! couinanioii ,"to the
popj!e who 'are engaged iu a Mruggla for
natilial jife. j When Jctm e ltpcquet ;Fet
(Jb has crusade,.! ho; asked 'simply " for
fpentl f'-r a free fil
! ';'--
li is rati:Vi!rr t
., : i :
Hi J.I ! e-';.i t'.t . u-at iv-ti
learn fro:. (VI. ("ulo.
kiii.w th?l the line o
U to La kt open. ;Ve
t!uf horeaflfr a rcg Jar
agent will atUhd fvthp os!a.l arratisoment p;llt!h.
this lpj arti:',iit, and that the perTjile of ii(bil
' Twi'iiessce aiu i.ot t i Lc, wlmliy iieglecteil l
it'-- r i : i
that uttKerable Lnim'i;:g, tho r.:st 'Master f Itti
- ;
ral abRichmr.iid
Tor Ji!x, nav :L 'arly ten hng utitTTs77thesi
kept in the dark. . They
- - -
havo heard notliing bill
, pttopie have been
.i'-Jliave seii, r."t'uiiigT
opei an
: with
re co
J his iood, broad sword
: UliCC
i I i.
i aluisj ;al tht; heroes ot wh
i.lj fcniPKi ' T'hf. min 'u-hV
blue isk- .hrougli greca
j lo pee ipunny prisms
i i
?.), too,
"itcJ-TLe Washington correrpoifdent of j the
World speaking Gen Dnrnside, saj s " He is
a poet as well is eoldu-r. Ho has wrlen
pome very sweet ieca. after the u.jnner of ti e
old Scotch style, being the author t-f the addi
tional verse to " Coming thro' the live." 5mall
praise for a General. He may make Ternes.
but be can't make vicoi i' - and we lather
fafcy thongh he may be IJurn eyed, lie' is
hardly Burn s-hleaed ! : i .
Tliat detestable mercer of a'ander and
FijAill wit. ki:own sf the " Daily Pirty 0:licll
pays that the Yankees have it nil . tliirj of n
way r.ow and we fball see who"a wl-.o! I This
sonuds aboat as senseless as the ode of the
owl -to-whuo! to-whoo! to-wh.vj! j
tgL. Uosecrans is certainly advancing. He
is bringing along ivilh him quite a little fsiKy
shop for the convenience of the jaditf!. Tl:e
prii.cile thaw cape, wc learn
large and varied assortment
me:U in Nashville, (quietly vamoused" that; -iiUUTIUW STORE.
"rais he" a:;d came to Mui fre !horo. and gave , !
thrn,K,Iv8 up to the Confederate; authorities; J "A' I IX IXI. fw.r ar.jV!y
wei-e paroled, and have returned hmcr.ting and j ATfVTlilfs tii.vttiipy wAtwli1
repenting to their mother Stata. ' This grape-1 cc,,- w4:a n. t:Se,. !
ot tli era an old Kentucky editor a man cf :
many parts' but ; more reifutly 'of foreign;
parts. They were nil. evidently men of in'.l-!
hgeiiee.but tlie intelligence they brought from ! J jIJ
Na-hiIIe wai Ciciledlr me igTe. ! i is v T"
Trrr . 1 I ....... I - T .. .! 1 f- . f i
UKi.ii;.i,:u:i5iinuc n 11 ier.-j tr.vlt-
hfS!ifl l.t. A. J'llrnprB -..T Tr, V TV . .. r-. I
- - - - - - , - M'i m w a a.a, .
were captured at Uodlet tviile. when'
MlXookV corps passed thrcrgh that place.
and Were taken to , Nafahvitle. si' prim s.cra of I
rrjs rfj:t kh h f.! -rt H t il a!r
r:. Ttej t- !:iti :n t exiaai.;.:T
fi r V ? t .,' .l-r r ,f T". , a -T J tha
"i'-'J f.i' ;m.:ii!'t t- arrrat.r rerKrt herwn t
C: . :. t i;t u c :t- r 1 a'-..r, il bu-MrJ le 4ea
tw.ii. 1 i Co:-t d-rt- r. -.trt -ri ct i-tri l.ra aja
; ? ( i'i;-u?alii4i, ti4 :! :- k rr w4 a 4,MUe
r ;i. T. (.'uiirrta t.1 l: tPUr I'oLm irt c L.-reJ
t W .la l. e tr.- r :t 'i., e f J 1; e trI'.wkL
X.A: TAL'GKX. .' ite,r .. :.:.-.. J.Nt). L IMi'KINS. I.O.C..
lc" U. l-t,:. Si : 1. 1: Kj.ru: -.rr rrra.
AVK ONT VOR SALE I.rk-. rno-h tle a
Trie, 173. " j
M. li. PA HII AM.
liqo S'CKS FX-or:
MvaTxeiovs individual iu Murfrecsboru. hut-i ' ' J
Vn h.kd this easy goirg grapevine in' that yO Bl"HE,-s TIT.NIVS
fatH-:: u. b. PAUUAli'.-;
:ace tl:c otl.tr cay, an 1 cndeaTtTea ! to v) si i.ai..
convince him that the policy of the "Yikks"! DAY. at
towards our Southern friends in Nashville and 1
vicinity, would le harbh and crncl in the ex- j K O li
rnovosT Mar.-:!ALx orncc. i
, t LlU.ar ga. irff L 2-. lSul.
j I. V.'V irr. a.: J 1 !:'.l er cr3er tSe Tt-ie Gasrl
'iik t- ! h"t -r .!n::r. d f i e- lrta laiiea M !m
i-t-'eeT. ..t w '; t Lf m v.a r. S ce.srtT.
' It a-J-rJ CU A !. W . PrvF .
j I. if -it. Jt T"rurt MmktL
: V0LU5frIisI !
TiriN fr f.'.:!.-r.rri to raie ri mn-Arr UtaU
j I) r: e W r i ''.ra'e t-tste a refiaaett f
jI-'ir.;rT f.r t' wr. t'.l " pta-n Varinjj coxaat'tea
. o-f ku'u x 1 -n !. jre 11.-31 n.u-ter-l i-1 IM arrTtr fcy
J r'Vt;j t.e at V.'ii. t'V.er. w teVrtaiela f m art
t'-rrj. Tt- a . T- r j.iicj.t . ai.lel irv -ed ale !j.
! -ci TAZ. .W.si;wit.
m history 'j
looks intojt
oggles ;is j4'
tr;t:e. lie Lad seen two of Morgan's men.' . t . . i .
wim had conversed with a la ly in Sanmcr, j 'Fcr Sale by an "ChScer in the Amy.
who stated teat sh heard Gen. K
mark '"That we came iutj Tcunessce
doavoiing bvniiid! measures to win
rebel citizen to their allegiance to
is to di?p!ayj a Lrhrucnt. Failing in thin we come now wl:h t , 1 l? -. .. J- J CHAVrXEYS,
, n-itli . i. ,. (or to Mtj. J . I.. Il.'j k.c Law c.Ti.-e. lla.a n.) :
of vuP.s hatia ni-e CH-lsicp.d ta Ucvantafe their aout.tryt.ndi .tt ti.
Orr.rc or A'.irraT Q.aarcaa irti. i
llua5i-i.a. '.en.. b(fl. i'.b. lt-tJ.
j T)V cru'r of Va.xc:ir.a:r :r?n I tiaea beea .a
- j J t lrate4 -;!a entire r.i.t:4 .f eo.'.ettir.jc tb t'.i-a
cf tle lvrea k !'ei f.r lUe i"ffr, f-ir tas:i.c. aii U-e
p-rrLa-e 4 jr'ij.tl t oir..'j.:ur:aj. TaaieritaT-
JUi'CaU re- I I v r.-. vdi ituE;i ori i..facn Lr.re, t in? Irk'lier oa haaj and w.u.;: c L.ire w" iia w"
I f- . - l - - ' - - - - - - . 1 " . - ; - V. . V" .... .1. . -. 4J-7 IfUJ
once, n-I t.c fr-ia Ui be-:ns: cf tLe war. Wo!J J;t il iSci. mhii.i'.f iti l ri.M- ir -e ii
ba-:k her ' s:iT,":' Ace.Tyesr. ! ait 4t:z f. All U-V.trr tell t r5revx;at
t;.e (jov- ; ai.il draa Cue", r ia Lj:.'v. ! : v.;, a.Om.
I -
starve thim i into tnl jiiision." So far frtm
:siKi.;a j5icy l.avi:
T a vn rnn e? a t -t-
' . . ' J ; THl Tft t r Or LAND Iv.ae oa tie ra-
A. t.ra
i r -i l vr. . . .. . .
i. m ,i i i kT on Kir ai rrxuK .i; i i ta ' i ' . i ir t.t. i x .. t- i . u a . . .
" ' 'I f IPIJI KM CI.' IvCt;!! i ill i n 11 iA4i ', rl ti JlUi 'trTT C PT t E 13 J.lCO.3 CJUB- f ' 1
,n .jc.1 the day rf the ai rival .rfnr trortps ; j,.,,' CotVcr:j'c.l M i:!, M-verrd persunH dhactlv.' V lhe lr. H?iti j4Ce; l J
t..r iur-ov.ii pan, c i.c oi,.inxa.icu ..i , ,,, );,.. t..f.. u , ( e
tVaTrKji trrta'a Drr'T, )
0-.ratnf a. Oct. Sltt. IStt. J
Ce.-:;a aceo-. t.u t.f R. r.irVi. Oral. ao4 0r-
! temaJter. w.Il Le ;a:4 at te tCire .f
Vj 2 Vanern:ter.
thure vas' ptr.sshopper
iantlv, in a mladow.em
He jbuut hini a ne
one fuul liaRUo of 'falaohood. 'The whoJe I 'af .1 j
country has been fiooded ; with Yankee fabri
ratiftrH iif tlio riifikt ilmiirrl oualitv ! TIip
( ; - i - . I ' 1 j palmare
. in the 1 South., jnrcly, now that we have a
If i'l' Ul iUi.;M.,f i,n. nf ITanfm-Uv trrlv re- .i: r i t . t .t - i i -. 'el he lu ' ' a !ar-e fran tm !! Ji a - r.cted s.ra; vet- h!e t CMif IM
jof hie andjtha of l.-i peop.c (ot K.nlu, . x tt i.it re .-!er..I Olivers toward h. ti.habitau of Ti(reUll ijr.e ..4 llr Jifu';., ,a:J i H'".' rai. ti Ja
1 ! ' A -,....;,r..;,,l. t CJ.rt:j r.f'Uy ' ! ' I I. . . . ' ' '1 JjuJ liBf;.r :-? f-r a slock t,ria. 1 2 In OBe tan.!re.aM a at -a aa enocub j.,.n ttt ta twraa a
! who lived XT i------- , , . I .. I A iilmjr WjS in ciicu.atU'n o:; tue curs .the 'a :nu ct acver-:ai::ajr water. j tew c-:paar. it wu Ue tsa z-d. hy atw com-
f i iii i : -Jii.Y if tti .Instruct ion unJ urMiinahr I- ! . ' . ! . !...., ' ..' lor Tmn .-.t.'t t . ii,.i it).i'Ur .1 r . wsrtln-.i;; iu rwa iHi-tr. 1 t.i o in- rtuite ar.J
the.'Loukij : i V rv !.. j I joth.r ay, t-y he c,:iect: t:.at l.umsMea o xn j 7 ; " J AliLs li. I.KluiiT ',3'-' f f-r a fiw
I i . 1 11 is t.ie a.-i, m h.i.r : j li.,,:i1.'tii..:t u.Ivai is to seir-s Hichrncfid. Past! " t...i-4w ' a..t r f-.nher ir.f.irit;..a ai.f':v at ocrcaxn.ame sb
sV 1 tribe .. . j ,L:..i- . ni li 1 s . ' . .J . . . . -hi' " : i SUh .f ll.e S jai ..ie at.d CbattaHra ie
d Jwl ieh Th vt'-ii u.r. ,.:. (rc-.c.:ceahu:uiteaci,t:e u xcc. i- s,e, n Valuable Tract of Land For Sals-' ' f. f J-uuk:3,,
! I . i - : i. iit. that hole. r.til alter the ext.rces.o-.- wr iVIsll u.P.tr..,.! i..,.n,; -...! . (irt.. (on,a.uc.cr to.i.
rffpiare' 1 I " " . ' . k ' , ' : lUf V't.,w j ii j,,V , ,- ,, , - t la IVu I. w. Arfft ;1 Otu. Dtiwa.
vas we are. . . . . ... i ,i j -;Klkt raiv'lo r.Uih- !: 1 .r .'a J-a cor .:'oi. J.- r-tiJt..1M-.,,.v-. .
f! an enormous clover frit
i, .
lircw in the; davs o-f thc-lairicsM
. - Fl - f i M
if ;:Hi
ittian novv., tie rawcann-ai arjre iamny oi u. ,,'!,J,i,,,KvP
' ; ' . i ' ' . i . : . 11 .... L
r.y to Jioj) over this same-meaaow . ;
s lore) to a much greater size - . - . x. . . j, , i, . k,;ri
. i ; ?, ; J tunng in the North, is raid , to ,1 c a I.vohvco.
tie rawca rup-arrge iamny oi i
-- I'reo' accesj wje alijOtdd 'disseminate a ray ojf ii rnJcvi"
Kgh and tr:!lh. ij 'm a d'if which --the Con-iitsjtitjr
federate . SJates o't)" to a vietiraizJ." but I'Htrj't (
true and loyal people j I
Parties just fn:n be!-w report that tho' aV
- V ' i i- : ' ; - - i
lirionists grow mora iaipudent,and that the
operation tf Morgan and Forresf "are coa-
dorted upon, a ystem of gi eater prudence:
Gov. llarri :wns in.! Tullahoma. flis hea-S- M$kcd
quarters, however, lare ati'I . in llurfreetiboro
It cannot be said; that our prospects for gettii
11 1 ." .-t -
i into Xaahville-are flattering; ibut we laink tae
'-' ' I t I - j T
1 chances for keeping the enenjy at bay incrt aao
has only
cait lii, Utile k
ratfc, c
T uli sueli ati army lien Bragg
giTe them a little more grape and liold 1
own. "' r!
'The relation of Kentucky to the Confe
eratu States nu ioiue
T . ; 1
n Kclttf so
narturii ,fyr the haven; of defunct
fill -I'- : il
id - was. beginiiing; toi .strell with
ial diiruitr and rrosrerilv. wheq an
drrvise citne lhat w,'iy,'Svho wore a
mijn'f pciiiacles. The grasshopper
thenl with a curio&it'y, which in
n'l.itf:l i I) in S'.c e': my f.:J."
vct la ruiiN o-UaJ In.-.' between trow
. I T . -. . - a.- f .
History records veraJ distiv.gu;U-el 'ehd lhc eapitcd at lst
j I llt.vKx; :.LtNCf the Governor and Uff 3 a t ; Jll,utV?. "ul 'Jl' V: ':cl ,,?n '
(: J r Me. l.ar::, autue. Ac. I wi.i t-e r.ejtj-u t I - ' j
(left MuriroefchuruT tin' the 12th, but had not i Oji.U der.te u :iey iu jHivniet.t. IVrl.;rM.rfpii."i. I Au.C21ICl?
irtratcr'a Sals of Laad
at nf the deryi.se.
V would ; vou l;ke
i II! 1 i J
Thq gl-Ushopper ivas;
! r '
:iHon a
View oi
1 1
wron h".s aatura
Uc sHs?ck he
liiev ltrod'tfceii
pjlared !i
i . i
to try
delighted ;
Hy on his little jharp nose ;
i eye? through "them ; ;and
n.i'-'-hhrirint' stlrtcr for a
.... , ,
LiK" domain1. ' ;3rcrvthing
bright blue Av, the ;gol-
the i.urre'ot tbd clover
removals, un JacKsoti remoHd inc ;p)- '.:. n f.rTr.lM.m,,
iia.oiiij owilK!, v ;l Kovcmei.t is in cr-i.templaticn
-. . ' n i ill i
the I'evii retnovctl i om waer. iui ;n
grcatett diidccaticn cf modern fi'mesis t
ar-rnm tK T1..T la,l i to n;;f tr 1 . b.-vl i-V-t. Km.. !int IY Nkrft lie f'.Jrl uf OrJ inrT of tie Cflste c4
atcoiina. , i i.ej .iiau Ib. ,.,e:u.t. V.At.te.lt K'JiJ.:. j 13 LW.MU-ut C.-j:i. lit'cr nawtia
li, however. T-Sai-' :naFll-l.u I h-.cVc t b ..: -r. f r caVi. in rnict ot t e tXoit H o.
Liticohi has removed McCklhin.
fi, r i-r- il-.t -i'i.i-n,l.r.r .T .irn' irlif c'.ilf ' PTVV'J ... 1 t V w- -e-.-i. , i .
. t i ' ' ......... - . v, . . . ..... . . . u , - - - . - t...k.....i . i . . . j fs.e
ii. ,.!:... .. -L-r-- .1..:'.. 't,.J tv.iM Pjrtivk.jii ai
; line lrum Tutlahatna with eick transits'"! for j
the h6fitala. 1 the language cf the classics :
h! -omJIlp t ie Uh-Stal of the r vrr. . The
Mini that he ki-pt the go
until I thryj printed 'j their reflection
Yheq'he removed
lit1 . IL ,.jt t
rotlu not remove mc ..ci.i
The1 whole eJrth! and air
one! great expau.se ot grccu.
lieiran'evcn ti feci decidedly rcen. jThe
Hi-salt Wai! hilf ruip. ; He Uccame inuwjair
C...v r.r.-n of. Gc'orriai atill iTvckes ' l: el u:"'iua'J- '
. fr..'. th t.r,v. V 1 1 'p fc aiming. uctransU ghri-t, f'c
t at I'vU tiuiv linn m - - - " T 'i ' : I
confis that whilst we'are rot pi cpared to -en. : J My rr.itND "Iior
dorse the prudt-i.ee of 'all 1.1s measures, that !e.l 'this grapevine to
There is about bin jol:cy, as a sovereign gov- v tierces of bacon for
enior, a s.tern. unyielding consUtiitioiuI wake- : my d jwnward trip.
fiiltn-KR. worthy of a lmira,i"n and re-ecf, fi.jtn car 1 etweeti two tierces of las baqaol!
: ' iwave 1 him a saa adieu and Uft hiin ci
Thursday night tha takjhle fiin j
1 in i'.-e t ja ot TrL'.jitt u-inr.j tbe Irril atn:a uf a!.
j t .e tfirt t f U:i !j.' J cn Luiit t rrk . eeiea K.a
.Vie Tn-fcti. c-t ;t':r. - ..r:j 2,f or ZJS'i arrea
r-f ' iSnr t VH . f tv. rii'e t ..,V:e ljnJ. bj.I kVairt fc km
L9.i tf ' e-c.r -1 tl a '. ' v. a::i I'je Kiiare Ei-.anLaia iaad. toaa
1 r i i . r . . . . . ... - . . . . . . ... . , . r
i - p i. j -. Ha uj i:v-c.a Lrl raa peaca
'I -V 1 iLJ- t ;a:il a; ilu;... - ijur, Ltgra caUiaa,
ilAGi: E.AG3 ! HAGS! , I AttnnM;'i-.o-J;'.ittU:,'iMi i i Wtt
at MnrfreePloro uer it z- - 1 -ltA' ::,-v ui V e tli ItitM nj tU ; hA.I .ri t .e .a -r.v in .s,-;. ..er.toa
take charge of several , Me ' i-' .T-ts.-.n Irinj ti rr.u ia te tfi't Th vsjer:-it3 i.vw a-'.i JiiU -eiav-ut dt-
his familv consumption on u.V. e" '4 .V ,p.-- . i 1 o.LNt HAJ V
t ii.e ii .iui.1 t:U Lnor I .e.a is-rile n A 1 w ' -144
Sl-.r-dirg erect on a rial-' 'f 'j'" -J c :!,f il.' r-.; i W; J ti,a i iLsu.:r.ua ie bt.i. .
; cii.i?-3. vol iata
cit.v gusrd t)fcKnoxvillo !i.ade a dcRcent uj on
one of the Karo batiks which followed thejar
my t thr.t place. The rrwident-of the jln
btitutiou went to the Ouard House.; tn nhort
in "t.r.iri KKioiiar' parlance, ha mat now be on-
t.idred in "hock."
. . . at.. l . a a
ruis-;6. next J-K.r :... ii. I. VJr,,r',-, r a; tic Mre "' tacraa. j
J. ra tbj cj
la CTaitare at CkalUaeaa.
tdT Mr. Sykcs laft Orattanooga for Mid
dle Tennessee on Thursday last.
, ii r! . t cToak.Uu l seeing all about; hinf through the Yoj,UJV
h thti reonle cl thoil ; if j, .n . r s! ii. . r.. r.
trt- The horse railroad recenily built
Washirgton, ar.d! chieSy ownel hy Phila;-'
ot f-obcr thought -with thri rcople ol Liio
bouth. Thinking men, indeed,-have p r
ceived for a loh time that a change v as
tcaliug over that eweet dream, which, in 1 he
-.outset, peopled Jour fancy with .so bij nv
. happy illusions 1 of tUj f' Old Kentuqky
- : T . a ; j i ..'t 1 ,
Ilnmn " All min nnw nei? a lamentable laek .'if J ras
of somethiDg j -which popular claipor badur
supposed id cxiit ; a jlart.er aad bloodier 'ijthaiii
to the history of the i notes
i : "idark and Lloody grouad jV and a tnultitbde
Vf blunders, military and oliticil, have!
limbre illusion of green, he destroyed! the
fcacsj t'fi'his oti. mind and;: that of
r ! '.it. J -i. ; :i -i - -- - ii! . I -
tended every campaign across that fatal
border, from the occupation ot olumtus
fourteen 'months ago, to c ' recent optra
tiona of " the Army of the -West.") No
an deny these 'things, i! The bitter ftui'of
Fishing Crack ;and at Ferryviljer ntu
-, ' i i i I. . j ' .L
t . I 1 : t
moral of this! little, table ot. .Hans
hn Auderacu j is seen every p.
ijjjpcrs and green goggles ! at every
Bhd on; every - .han .we nieei
la llllt Vii.nw' their ilirre inJ funeral
cjr worse still, a-tride of that despica-
Ji ' : - a a e-
ble aii-i hroiea down uobbyot cvn omen.
They liave ill the fury of the indent syhil,
iiVHut hef inspiration "lull ot fiounJ and
furV'.lMgnirviBC nothing.;' Id wa.i th'd icus
toii' of ati'diipeTOf of China, ti impale those
ton el.-, oj:
iTenry-against the harmony
1. 1 n . . . . .t. i ;t: f I.
:r.,Mh e.... Boiios Grcc .,MfP'Tiirs...T:ri..i:r
h-loa kiuu;i3 aioiow y v"-
enough of themaclvcs wtthouiti ad-
U ' I i'' ' 1 i 11 !'l L :
theia live, imagiuary uy nearsj pecu
ers, through; green frog
i i -l . i -' i
iu$ feiW! subjects, wisely
diricr to
.tilt n-ltt. tt.' snJir'la iro V.ara been drlnkOcS are
! - ingL. And Jbe worse part of if'Xs that thev
will give ua.iio other than this: Eame WDful
Cyrcecup. j t ' ' f. '):. ' J
An able journalist ot "Mobile, whoj 'cnl(
into' Kentucky with Gen.,Bragg, give the
game up for gaod and all. : jVhiUfc wre dissen,i
. from hisconclttBionsl we are not prepared to
deny the pfcinisesha 1J8 Jown, to-jwit ; that
and happiness
judging that
;onWAvi grass hoppers
jeijri4that;:in tho words
Yon inav now gofroin Gforgclow
1 - H .1... ' J.l .UYL B 1
I '! iiann. . Jv MI .-VlfltC
- I I,, r W, urn Sr ; K Ut:ini'f. O. t. 1'.. j X a;.,eariac tbit taa fe!eaea.at Jba Jea k a
- J ill M,.(H., , : ! 1 i'u-:t'.iril f tte t-'.mi t f Teurtaee. mn that taa
' -i -j - i ) ' 2l7GRL'S WAMID. j ,froce ' S Cm it c.r S arriedeak.. tt la
A IH 1 1 vtd IaisuMAX. An Irish f-nesti was , Y - "- j. V V.V i ' w u ?' C ' f ' Caitur... UaaJ a . a. r
atandiig at the earner of a aquara ibout; thaf0.. ir,,.M fc:tin; ,,..,.r.t hi.'rt'Vi' a P!.:i.hed . Ia- e.!j f cu:uav-;a. iqe.i.af a.14 '
hour ol aiauer; when one of his eountrymen, at T,t..,v .i. i.i. 1 iraVut en :-iTir.'t)t i Cefeaiet u ipcar at umttrj unt t a
! observing tha worthy father in pti-plexity thus : oc-l-u- y. v.. .)iiUAS a Co jb:J Cuu k;. ia tt. tj of Ctatia8a.ra.
j addretsad h aa , I I. ) : d ,,41 "Irr n0T,rL At-iJ Cc'a'circ ' b.H ata.ad i. t..l c.Irt ceaVc.at. .1
! "Oh! Father OT.aary, how it your river- !.',rTl'l "ni b- l . 1 I ia5rmert t cotcMtva ...1 W eateied ar eana at "
... 1 I I t 1 CTT OfTITTTr TTT a I
laaca; ! ; owiainuii. vaii.i;.
' lor feeanat ex
ffM. bXAaLTftR.
t . k k V.
j j ."JlightT pr.t out, rat," was tha rsplr. j ! i:Tjri rK ov-r f ..-te-s. ,raof a;.;. .nt I w-
I . -l'uoutl mhoa put out year riverarxa ? " iVT ''Vh' ! ADillliTSTSATOIl'S SALE.
f ,ni "Ah! youdjntnndeiatand it: that J-iMoK.. ...r 1 ''' --- r.j -1 j Ufi;il(!lT of K,fR.r. prTlX.. j
alel-'it; I am invited to dine at one of tna htisesi Nce.l2I:i , U ,;itti,et'T u'.do'itt n.(bt Ulirai th
'eSi.'111 tfca "lUarajand I 1 - - r..rttn ll. . 'r.- re.-.l-nr of lUT.d :U-ikn, J--:"d.i!t .'iwr,
aU already prove l a grfat success m i :a "l';.-' gouet, t,B ,
1, r. l b . - ,t !v :ari I never IrtAcn at tha nombar, anJ mw i:a
jti ui the Nil,-;
1 . - r - . - ' '
vy.xarii ior live; ceu.fi, -'' ; "i)h, is tt.ai ai.T wa tna ery.'jnat row ta . j LOS $25 UEWARD
five miles. Tha number of cars nr enp-ye 1 any. yo-r rivirenca. 1 i mhh i.iat. lorj.ui. ' fS tbt. -.t , f tl..
The '-Herald
0.1'. Mitchell
a.e.a o'clock.';
t -
, "era . : 6 la.T.liia ered.-t. ali ti.e I. re rtek of athtca
I t ui.J ..Mr-hed cor.sit in: cf atott Z3 aead f
, l.r.t-a a:i J ts. l.'J i.eai ca.t. and a lot
!! i U J-. u:ri v r.tti! fcc'r iiy i J b.
rrc ra. i ' :.i.j-.S luj-i I . J t't t vi tl
;.:fortT. j I . i r 7 , ' .ay.rgaaar new tL.gooa-aaturean . 1: . h V k I V . a A a r .
! ' .-j ---. : man rouni tha a-iuare, gUuciug at tae ti;.-a- .--V crn?..: m. t.u tu ..: r a.l Ut t-aia ! z--,
! : I , ; . ., ' i ana an l hai he discovered a ra that teu- i-ia f..uir-IbaJ PvU .l ts i.;,. Anjra.f-r.' lUaC SxAli: OF 1 Ja r,S.hr.t (
It is stated th-t the di2.cu.t:e jcIwc-mi tlte ; . . , .i.unf;erei t ti e dcr ; ' ' ' u" ttak:..:.-y mfli r.ad . li.sur Corwr.
c..i a...--Pin. c,-. . c.c..'. 1 M.'-'u 'w o uA'-ir ' ' rA;::-;;,:'---...., . t' .:r:r.!r.S?
acts in New Orleana. are l.-euig aniicabiy, a x- i : Aa tuighi l.a expected; agatn anl again he . I b-p Ui.i r : r .trJt : t . ...,. .-.iei ct ;r::., a.-a'c t:.e e-t.-.r 1 e-tr viisti us
announces the death of Gei;.
aA-J G. B. ltichardacn. The
j wai ie'iils-JJi At J'-LgtU an at gry Iimi!
: -o. t ct'.iai tn tatuer U i.eiry. r.a is
former died at Daaufert. S. C of yellow fever.
oa tha 21st, tilt., and Gen. JticUrdsca died
of wounds leceivtdia. tha bat:la'of Antia'taw.
Tha Dubuque Herald, of the 23d, has returns
from' forty -sovecoantics in lew! 011 thecals
elections. In'fortt-two of thafn tha Democrats
gaia j amount ieg in tha aggregate to about 10,
COO stes aiaca las1 year. ,
It' was rumored ' in ; Baltimore that ex-fc;
ernor Hicks moiM be" appointed Military bov
cook, is in a rage. and says the dit:ntr will i e
... . . - r 1 . 1 - r
spoilt; all is waiting lar t:ncrvLrjri. ,
Taddy lcajtd from tha dror as if the 'steps
had been on re, rushed cp to th astonished
prirst, 1 ' . i
t'AU is riht, your rivaranca ; yon diae at
43 and mighty good dinner yoa'l gat." ;
'Oii 1'at. tljeblaisirga of a hungry man ba
npt.ii you. ! .
1 " Long lifa pnd happinesa to yonr riven
I have got i Tour rualady, I only wiah 1
tn!lM'-4, r. 4 . T tTt 1 l IJ I. J 1. in - ii f hi, 1 ' 1 1..-.- n- T 1 . ,-t k J 1 r .t - ? rl .f ami & tf. .
I iv'.t. ICili IV Tt -cs. 'i;. it ii'' 'L'f ;.! l-e!'-" 1 TfJ.
l'1-r'tl W. I-. !!!. 4- .
here, but ha wa to d ne here to-day, an 1 !;.e . an! I.:: 1 :u . :: -.
jaur cure
ri vertr c .
STOLF.X ri'.;a l ie Uu u it! Jonu. ..' Ca- I ri' tb ranT.; ft te
Iook . cno-ilt-.. ;.. 01 Jt liat., s i vJ I:l'Kr.KT. cr DJtV-
kote fee jeai .. 1. fjr ffcileeu t.anct h.-b. ir i:Ji a 1 fne. Mil bet tiat
a .n f;gi
Gen. Jim Lane'a negro brigade was whipped
tn 1'ie 10th. a corcpanv of Missouri militia.
while attempting to cross the Kansas into Mia ; black
1 wv-
- emor iiic.b ; v.. " w $orri. j
-' ernor of Maryland, and . would locate his jof- j Southarm Recorder at . tea that Col.
Of Scripture, ifice at Ualtiraere. : i . . . 1 J I oniaa Jordan c iai aio co ant y ua
J . ' 1 1 i "I'iiJ ?l .i . J i . i 1 . : . - : , w.w-w w-- ..
Sufficient mtotne;uyi w v'.' .,.....Lf'n;v, u;-. ;r,
, i i J 1 - " ' . 'I ' f 1 1 hft 4CCOUU15 V vaaa wa v- "
The Mo'Wu?r
but ) N 8fSQT'.a e1Qti ! i -tr
remcdy'agaacstbme tteTiw anareen gopgiei.
ll taKt. a cerr VT aaaej .
DUEl L ocria? to CL.y. C.
a.-aron ears fl:.f tuns.. ura.VI .ti th r.ck ni '..Vetr. "jlew-..-f. at (he lt tu.aiiar.
aer ix in-li l-n. eaa-t la flauT.-.. Iha aMveir, ia C:;in-x.ea. to aa.t C'.l. b reta.r
fearard wiil te rl i d.-.i.vrjr -t tte L r, aU tna fra f, 1 Tmnniet. 1 .a pay a i.bera rearj .
ran. amow:.i :t,r the tt.: . i t -' f..r any :afro.at.fta la vrgi'l V. t wbereatouta tf
I SA-wi-L. JONLS. ..,;, k.v.ur !:r L!. t. i li 3 c it tl t oL'.f ol thi
'. ( N".Ii"lT ' ; ! f: .-r.uia: j " ia rL-tt-aaoj.-a. : r
..r. .T, I i i 13-:w A. J. OOtiDMa.
ltti Li'
XD M.I "a JaU u Cla'.!a r. Kaaaia
S tH. Ter.aeee, on li e cf (K-'er,
M.ui.M MAX. wbj ara b.a tan.e U JACK. sal tiat t
bebelorrata Joia PrIe. .' ShuU, Wt:U eoamty.
Tecti. lT ufcx. Ji Tera e.d. S Uft I tc i
L:i-,. ;.n.sHii.
c.ti Jalr.
! A Xtl r-it iu Jail :a Cbatuoof a. Uaca Hoo coirtr.!
4: Ie ne ce,!. rn t;.e S3 dv .f October, jv5?J-ij
I NA. IT DISC (l J(.MI,1S rJe
n ft m. J"B. rf Mi-rrphia, lerir' i-a-4 tx j
i rtt -I incl L'.fr a. 2i eaea n. :.
J. It. SJ'AIr.Jatr.
a '
t 1
fiwlt agi
e to each Jeeuliar bhasa
Sir Bern. Broiie, an emiacnt surgeon
on the 21st of October, j ;
ate government at SI per bushel, and cau ae
tkera 70,00 taora at tue same rata
A7 twK,ra. a d-r rreei lnrtllir.r Tnint ao trark
fer a treat fsr-r l.y iiaz t V toe adirea,cxi. .
f MJ- Tbcsiaa, Po-t Q rtrmaver. or any Ik Qxar- ' a v.inrt n C-k." iacr.-
Commodo e Garrett I. fendergaat 4ied n.tj t ra: "'rZZZ 'a4 .Ai1:!!! tL
rhi'Jadelphiu oil the-7th. ' U bov-C; Cau A J, wter"s Cav? Bx "i o-?"i tf .' lUXin. f.
V Ix.r'kEt Msrirtaia. f reday eracK-f. laa-.
between CjI. Cocke a reev-eae. aad tb TEt. '
rtr.a'i r!i watch asa eln. TU eei;iKiM, .
e4 ia o.
rrraa Uf

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