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Volume I ,
J5 -
Franc. M. Paul.
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Important trow Teinne-Uoi liu. IUI..-
( fira iy sit5ei.
Correspondence of the Bavsuriah Kepnblican.
CoU'MBiA,' Tcun., Feb.25.
Kvenfs. oi'tlio highest importance to Whe
coiitral campaign. ro now transpiring. Wo
have most positivo ami icliall information
that fortv-five transports, couvej isg troops to
Naslivill", have, within tho pant week, pnsfiod
vip tho Cumlorlaiid river. Tho force is Gen
eral Franz Seigel'a ontiro corps, recently
transported by vail from Virginia to Nashville,
fur-lh purVuso of reinfoieing'Gcn. Ronen
trai.z at mire eboro The entire corps lias
now reached 'Nashville, and the larger portion
of it havo been thrown out in tho lino of the
Central Southern Railroad to Franklin, in the
direction of this place, and as before Btated,
midway between tho two bttcr point. Thus
it will-be seen that by a rapid and socret
movement 20,000 reinforcements have been,
skilfully placed at tho disposal of Rosiuiiranz,
. no that ho may hurl his large army ttpon Bragg
iui-1 cnihh hint out? and, if successful in doing
this, crohfl a largo thinking army Ihrongh the
country, via Corinth or Columbus, ilies , upon
the rear of Yicksburg. This movement is one
of tho highest fyiporlanco, on J without it ho
properly uifct, bay result Tnobt disastrously to
i.nr arniH. Tho tiote of wafning ia barely ia
tmtc, f,,r by this day wechy there is every
liSibabilitv that.Soigol will have formed a
junction with Kosocran. aud give him the
balance of power to wield against tho army
under coniiuan 1 of Braxton Hra.?. There are
but two ways to meet this Yankee movement
successfully. '
Tho find in for Bragg to strike Rosoncraiiz
ntonco and before Siegnl caii come to bis aid,
therein depriving him of tho great advantago
ho is bo desirous of obtaining. Without this bo
dono.aud dotio speedily, thoro will in all pro
babilify be a repetition of Shiloh, Biegel ar
rivini? to aid Uosociaiiz S3 IJuoll Nlid to aii!
Grant ; and though an exnonnivo victory ho
achieved to our anus, it will provo incomplete
hf tho reinforcement of the defeated army by
which it will bo able to hold its ground. The
- other means of meeting this overwhelming as-
ault is by reintorcing Uragg Barmy lrora Tip
p-inia. If Hooker can Bparo Soiglo.Lce can dis
'poiiao with LongBtroct, and bis army may be
able to roach Tnllahoma in timo to partk-ipalo
in tho great Htruggle for the Central Southern
iState and the connection of tho East and West
ends of tho Confederacy. Th nupoct at this
. moment is not very favorable, but wo trimt to
Ihe foresight of Juhnson and of Bragg to moot
tho exiironcica of tho Central campaign. In
tho meantime tho greator portion of Van Dorn's
cavalry have crOBsmJ Dock River, amHn a few
(lays the whole body will bo over, etrjkjng 4
Seigel from every direction , It is paibltor
them to uflpodo his roada, 'deWtryi'hi trahw,'
cut off his detachments MM" Woftl '8ttt h:"aiv
novanco find harrasa birh eo Boverely, that las
junction will bo no.,t'tlkig-iftter. It is un
derstood flint wdjv;iftfoim(gel:(vdvppce
and1 that that plao ia .trofanttna iby ' atfio imt
ty odd pCffH f'Srtillpryi" Vfrv.ti;:,ft-,Ti.it 'f6t
ainiiioiii,tKMvbKayc, ,,boon .;d,cti:(ij-eib,;by, iha
heavy fains Oiro.tgU wbioltthd oonmianil wore
unou tho bticnlV,' Ibstlng his utreturth alid val
or, Imt it ncortMarily ialj vraN;h ro-,
jilaco ti9 i'iiii)ii)ie(y-JnaRl"ifrR unjpiifi
tho coiuniMwl i;eiiuy, fh ,aetitifv',;,V,hriu ..tlrso
arrangc'mdlda arCit omplcttdfl.hve littlodanht
that forWrtibMlt'Ki ctne kW pe'i'mveaMW
. and RWliHiit'.'.' '.Ml.l!1
qtiartori.nl .,.ir m ,, t tM,t i mi .).aii.v.'i
On aeciMttit.of SumoJ iW'iw,' for.tiglror-ftfifl
DtiMttnitit: 4nti y th 'tint witliVx: 4& t'oriMlW
M is(viiri a b V Irg'niiai.wpeoiall VM Uio ioriuer
KtatC," HiiVd p.f t hiint ti'.lonlit'tU'ivt. -IrVi' r'
mm jjhhW 'V.ciitjf t'lio 'Mnoi'nVV- leitt-ra1it"'fl,!to'
only B-'coiUl to ho.wit.by lailvi,uea,ifl . (Junril
good non thoiferVeat, yet tliia does not inter-
Icro with his liiiImngiuiitioH. . llad it ot
been tor Ins ooHtnttv 'rMtrtihTn wo would
kavta'aiuetlttbil Mfi.ty baltlrt thr ', '):lk.
. liornvrjio
in cominaud, hod B'U isiJ a, svrreui; and M
it iH)t-h(Mi fr Wis alti-llful i iTianrtgemwiit of Ihe
retro t'ohton
feat a't W'-VMH'4 , Vt'K.i m,mih WW
would haNO Julloii prisijngm n umi wwv..i Hyt
I rtxM
el is ei wtati-hful, careiin ana oaicnuwing
fellow, and imiMt bo closely watched CitihM
from tho CumbfrJantl, rort that tl'Q.onetny
with thA.;I for what fXivp-oBO tlilr U
I cwmvh eirrwt.ur, il l,9 lhe' mi'
..rr.-f.: lain; uuidLidlv tho cnouivs lntentiaB
to throw -this force- upon owr left thnk at f!iel
byville, whero r.onaiiltAUlK'Ii'J'eliovcd to
cumnwiid.' -IP th'U ittnva to h Uhv prperan);
ho innBt-ltoW'tm WA'.tirt't htiY.H'.Ki".!
arrival.of his P9iWPM-j MXPS ?3r-iW
il.V(.on idaviw. and (h wi-) licnglu ot tune
willprocipitaU.XW UWArtlfltl'bVfW-;
nr,t upon lam. As events transpiro I wi rc-
i port thtnw ;v m; ::.: I UT ',j7V.U'
I V,,i u 1 liavo l'Mllied I.elulO lluii Ol
i v., .,i(1,t.,vit ha villi ttr-rended tho Ten-
ncRseo.tirarly us high Horcte, ml liavn.c
I Hquare.
I .
I ,
it "
tomplato throwing an additional bridgo acnWH
tho Cumbr.lanJ flt.Nwhvil! ,It H J;wMf,
"too, that it i bitcilllJ-t 'tit tJ&WWh Wff
fiver at this polol. v itUvoLt(v.r'Bp'Wifl) pmvt
their liorneg. TLcho boats, from their number,
were evidently out upon an important rccon
rioitisanco where a email body of the enemy
would have been unable to have made such a
successful ecout. From" the fact of Van porn
having crosaed the. river a day or two before
their arrival, it is poseiwo that they wwe Boni
there to prevent his passage and ascertain his
whereabouts. Had t hoy arrived a few days
earlier thev would Jiavo caused Jam much
trouble aud annoyartco. It is poasiblc, to,
they were scouting a country through which
it was intended to pasa troops throrgh from
Corinth to Murfreceboro'. Either of theso sup
positions aro aliko plausible, for it is evident
that Buch it number of boats would not, at
this particular timo, be detatcbed from the
Vankeo fleet, and sent as nr miana, mcreiy tor
tho rmrnoae ofravnsing and devabtating. A
considerablo forco was left at Florence and
Tuscumbia by Van Dorn for tho protection ol
tho railroad running to Huntsville aud Decatur,
and to. guard tho cotjon factory a'lorcnce,
and this forco has wince been augmented.
jfj,. !io .corrcBiiondeut of the Montgome
ry Advertiser gives the following account of a
recent engagement in v lrginta :
Tho second battle of Fredericksburg,, al
though attended with littlo bloodshed, waa oilo
of the moBt depperato of the campaign. It was
fought near the old battle ground, and although
aearly the whole army were engaged, I wijl
confine myself in tho part enacted by llodes'
rri"ado. Tho Gglit ticro was opened by small
skirmishing parties, who attacked every un
fortunate individual mat luckless cnancea to
croBH their lines. lu a short tiiue tho skir
mishing incr-cased, and many a "big giin" wa'n
throwil upon las all fours hy well directed
shot of the assailants. ' At length -wkole reg
iments became engaged, wlacli in time ro
.sulted in the overthrow, discorntUuro or capit
ulation of ono of the parties. The two would
then combino their forces aud attack the next
regiment, in tiieir lino of march.
Thus tho 5th, Cth, 12th and 2Cth Alabama
regiiweuts, aftor a desperate struggle, combin
ed their forces and resolved on attacking the
3d Alabama regiment, which being tho most
distant regiment of the brigade, know nothing
of their intentions. By this timo tho engage
ment had become general; olhcers as well as
men participated; tho organization, was com
plete, commanding officers wero mounted, aids
(lying in every direction with orders.' In fact
tho whole had the appcaranco of a real battle.
Ere long the skirmishers appeared on. a hill
before tho camp of the 3J. Here they halted
sent in a flag of truce to Col. Battle, demand
ing an immodialo and unconditional surrender
of his command. This tho Colonel refused to
do, sending at tho samo timo his horse to t'apt.
Wat. I'hclan requesting him to take command
of tho regiment and defend tho camp. Find
ing that tho old 3d would not surrender on
demand, notwithstanding tlio'r overwhelming
forco, tho enemy pushod boldly forward to the
attack. Hero a terrific conflict ensued.
Thrice did tho. gallant Phelan chargo the
enemy's denRO columns, and thrice was ho re
pulsed.. Tho cnomy now advanced en t scha
len on Jndgo Myer, who held las ground man
fully until a well directed snow ball from the
Itand of Bomo one of the enemy's Bharpshoot1
ers took him on the nose, when he retirsd in
good order. The strugglo now bcclk'mo -,d.qfc
pertvto. The ambulance corps raifcht ba,fieo
flying to and fro in tho hottest of thd"gll,'
picking up hats, g'oves and such OtheVaj
as their army droppod on the field. Vhb onpr'
my now massed his columns, and succeeded
in piercing tho centre of tho 3il - Phelan see
ing that tho tidoof fortH&waktiiriiing against
him, resolved to Btalce his allcoh a;flnal tllarg'
Nobly did ho make itl but it wWs'thYl'iBt. '
Thj cnCmy received it ; in rjoso column, re
IWi.wi.thom grpat ptujiawiitiiii.ijia tiohargoi
ellcmy. The casualties wore not fully nscor
tainod wh-ju A lrft Fiiohiyi hnj hisOefJOi'tfe
and one eye WMtt.ftlilBfyouli- QUiBTuubble
rttrnggling .was.oi 4'U'im; Aliejbattlo,0(i4li
ing xrevulMig'.tLriiglait iho -finUri, nrniynt ti
potidetit of tho' Richmond .iVrbig'lwrrtetf .fir
rkt an ert'Oi1 ! t .., ,,lM,T.-.:i;vxJ
IJrcvot .Miyjr ) JJ QvirdlnbMton, Cnpbii
fourth' A rtitlrv1, t;ih'tet!: Ft'Aefl ArmyJoii;
at tho timo ih'.'AViiilhingtoh'. City," 'resigned! 'in
nlifliateiy upon tho neecHHion of Virginia, cam
Krt IRifhiun.ul ' and offia 3k &or vices to the
t'ljnjvcrnori of Yfr)ritiia',;tyr,hbm In''wut:eni
oriot 'urgiinooywiiom -lie WMfl crtin
ef a,,Wtrtt'l1rf:ArKII('rf-'fii
.tlniii.'.flii: '' 'fliii iS-lde'iT'sliov,
rda appointed him Colonel in tho l.'ro-
the 'Vfir
vtmonal Army in llOL'iL'LEiJLB!ilSlatefl(ond
'L'oiwaiiBrtigjid:ti (letiural Hlibr,wh' mAdc
him Chief "of "ArH;iflery!' ''Boon proir:ot'(lxlAt(
Bi igaiMr-'tit'tiftrat, -(.oneral lVmberton "'first
coiinnanded abrigadaalFuiLiJiCdd JuTiralnra,
u). aftor wafftiff fiKittrVlfrfo he
i a 9 -v wvw i v. via lanuviw'1,!! a 1 1,1 It 1 1 J S 1 1
MMgivflier (lohohvl ;r,onihHrtinr. wf !,pfT''tnbted
vM"" iepai niinii ui ouimi i.ainina ana vet
1 1 was wliilo 1 wiiibarlon was in command
t ;tho.,tlnof.Je!B8uvy.hI Ba8 wVT,
cfi .. saved thai U.Ktoi). , AabiLrtunl kiiIiiki
qnutijr,io';thttnjtivir ,iiarbuout ttif Miibisipiij
Lift iiLanbi J.eAiiAifttin; iehral . Fnbe(oii''-iH
..lit iiLanbi J.eAiiAifttin; iehral . Fnbe(on'"Air'
rfed'M Kh,riy flehl bf WiiitRtirf thA lW,"
welrflotpn(hdMCJiailf.t6iiw jitcir.aOo. la
ansrijiinirKtiii tiiiwleiit I,iiit(rio4OeiviirAh
pr-fmooiVwll' rerv6d'hyVt 'ieylt1r.
ii(i uio IUIO...W, w.mmi a. v 1 1 r i ,l,.v' '.W '."-'f Jt V 41 W
1 1 1 u s i jrtw i U'-i,v , 'M iuiuftuea i y u4 mi Uunt; i d..
fendo of V ickwbnr. . .uu:; .i nil i ))'. tr.: M
fits; ;r avti.oVivy.vyjf.nv1 ;t
L cqntloinan d.iect from t u khlMirg tu fr,rra
diet 11iVttHkno".tlttTV.tb rit(,t i"si"rtiii(
last jssui.thAfjin thlYinilc fleePti.tffV''
thiOUii'ti'lUa'i'uTal cut anmnd Vickdhuiv'. Tn'ii
eontlemaii, whi.li'ULIjWi ?41fU'iir'kiwirg
. a a .
iga lartt Fholam; iaitiir i3wnj!(ievJyii)oltd; rfiU
takeri AriM m.i 1 W lsltl7 aMM'M: Re mb
eftpitulatio.i,ot(tHe' ' 3d,1 anf th6mpli:;,bf,'i.Iipl
miBsmfe I'Was inPormed by a "rctiablo crontiotlfir'aLuLiml ani.XrAiKivX'IiiWWHauuWWiaaviii
iiian .".who had nracticod mcdichio at a .Wosi ifiiJnaalilJliffiiudb tJts wauiimoiatrjf)
2...l ...ill y.iimI ,i fau. nll lnta o...! . U.fkol V,U.t toHAUhi4rtiH4lMtyi Mu V1ll'"r4lW,
mi L.Jii 1 ,(...i..n ,.TLTii.l'ulJuiiUXVU,,M?Aiwyi
lil li morne'DU'fr'iiiimatura'bivUlc v'Tlifi..lldWilOSJialrblftK
bA lol'es'ha'utmoiitluirimtti
myHi'ttl Ohlv etn iwai yniun,i na??i vnw
bmt ;Jll vV:c, ;lWl;,h Th! f'l'ccrlA Y'i
Kratiryh.'V,,;i i:"vifd'' ty . t'.nt'iii,i,V
wh.iHO LiMNlr.- ii ol1- coimtry int !'.! it to
The red rial finrrmmtut Tnrnrfl Ore rr Iik
W End in the New Orleans Picayut.of
the 18th, Sinks last order directing the dinpo
sal f the uegroea. It wi.l fce seri ' that they
are to become part owners of the crop they
may assist in rtising, but.it is gently hinted
the " compensation " may be email. No doubt
of it. Yankeo cupidity will rob the negro as
as they ill plunder upon each
other :
' Headquarters Dop't of the Gulf,
Now Oilcans, Feb. 1 C, 1163. .
Tho accompanying order and circulars, re
lating to the immediate- employment of ne-
roes, win suggest a eytem of lakor tuai
has been suggested and adopted for the
present your. Tha provost marishala are au
thorized, and directed to receive and record
the asHfitt f planiers or other persons thereto,
and when audi written consent is civet), offi
cers and soldiers, and especially Ihe chaplains
of the army, and till other persons acting under
the authority of the United States, are request
ed' to assist, as far as practicable, without
violence, in inducing the return of negroes
and their families to the plantations where
.the have been accustomed to labor. , .
Without regular employment, many thou
sands of negroes must periwh during the year.
Moro than sixty thousand "dollars were ap
plied to the support of dependent and desti
tute persons in th mouth of January, ' Ihe
support of many thousands of unemployed
negroes will inreaso the , burden- to such an
extent aMn make it impiacticable to continue
the charity.' The immediate cultivation sf
corn, sugar, cotton and other products is" im
peratively demanded upon cvoiy considera
tion of public interest, and for tliis no other
labor is now available. On tho plantations
they will liavo becurod to them by tltf officers
of tho Government sufficient and wholesome
food, clothing, kind treatment, fcnd a shars of
tho crop they vroauco.
Tho compensation may seem small, but in
view of tho pecuniary advances that must
be made and tne neks mat anenu industry in
a period of war; it isnot inadequate.. Those
who aro no; thus engaged win oo en-pioycu ou
tho pubho works or in the quartermaster s do
hirtnieiit: without pay, except their food and
clothing, medical aUemkaice.Bnd such instruc
tion and caro as may be furnished to them atid
their women and children. In view" of all
these facts, and after moat anxious considera.
l!nn lm fvimmsindmir trener'al bolieves'lt to bo
the, r.est Bvstoni oflahor that an now be
adopted and, Assuming the entire rosponsi
bilitv of the act. ho calls upon tho command
ing generals and a'l officers of the government
to assist in its immediate execution.
' Major Genari! Commanding;
. . t '.'.-'..,;
Fjtoa pit Yazoo Faih. Couriers who ar
r!wi4 of'iYiiiind.i. Suhirdav evoninr? brought
intelligon'cVfcf'fhe'movomeiita of the Fedorals
in YarnrV 'l''iK.,'J'tTliv had snccoedcd in re-
movitlg IKd'to-'ficIiil'dhktrufitionH as far as the
CoUwatblyaVnbtVe'io'tlfteli-'bWats had entered
tViat KtH'atiltt)' Frldnif evciiffijA -It was not
inoW-tohelhw-an addUtoftftt.fB'oh'troops
had arrJiiyd,.al lUbii-JifMo tlioii ehithpot
iria ,viposiithiaja2oulnBlKntA6fure Utadii
Vtbi w! pva rwoj'nn ot ,6 tate, iiitltn oaetay lUkb
i'oirjndvauoeioocMiioivejJ bji-iUlCiflWUlyi-faatt.
RtruW!l,'nna)B j.? tH5Jsi,pn.TOiiff4JrF5ft"
hfili"jinnrnveiLelHo where in &. mora, lcuflutelr
y - , - , -
andj eiicti vo, tfjanner. MhMisappi.lj
mouth of the bayoij leading fnowLake
on.'&tid tntjtiiiyEIUreiJt
lUg rapidly, we nave utmru viu uyj-;:jnuiic.-
wmtba a nr rvrli1ilir. hMh-t6Mw 1 il m dJ Mi4ffM Tit n llfJ&LM
wll not r,e abio.roici.Wft iho i v(-k wAy uu
tliorTtbo. li so, mey aim mo wjmvi-W
Ail T ' 1 k . r " "IT "" 1.' T - 1
janvinc forco may be erobbled up. kl -I'M
opportunity offers jCtii'XiMWilfferribracod,
as thir lW.aM.&aaii
AIIU i.lUHirUro l.W",ir w'uvu,w",w " m..w
efftict of this tnovoment or,
1 I.ai
I '.I IM.U
LyUikees. instead bt awijpiiilkOJiAtiiailillliwtetl
U.U 4 1 UU. ill
nbovo. have onsy Buoceeuoa'H-''gvvmig mcui
wHvos fiH-'trtqv'fi'iA-'vhioh they dftllibf
.?(,, wwunys ago.
-Ho informed mo,tbat,quU,,ni.acitonieiit
. !. - ..
JIlO alKUItlOnipiaunTl illllg 10 pienn.w i,
f;J!!t,i'.,v,aco,) ir,,t0 the v'1;
' W
tr.il naval aorvico. as luiots lor mo 0(.ai ti
. . .. .,,,. . . .. -
o--,,1,!. i.i;, ,rA:ir,.fl sMrtfHAEiHv for
y v , S.U.U.U.. '-'7rr-Ti, v r-
Cliarlpfjfou parn-.niH Sj.is vM-fJ. swtrt f-r.iAc.
AT!e pi)otiForxniIitojiaHy:'icfcaO(-4 tte'W
Hiftlor ant-hWrHiritions whatever, tollint'thb
Vaiikoi'WMh'at tlliiy"t,hlTtch preforrod death to
y riopotu uy... it
I -i .1 f - - l
bwia -latum 'P.V'Vitby M'MiVSi.fM1'ao";wj
M' united" tlirBMvtO,'fi'(ffV(B,iiWlwlpAfia'Mo lJalitfur:iiiiijoraioiiti bar
id ..IUO..CC iJ 1, W.. AWiao wiVMa Sih1 liM.!.l.,Hetiiti Uiui.t(kNM.MTaniHaka4,iliul.J baU ban
Miaripsiiu.la-.WH v..ri ,"""'t;atti.)fe'Wkh!iiriHirh'e'M.I siiollief'pMwirt to .do
i.t..,rtr tn umi i T iij'i.,ii't.v mil.---, rr.iiini iifv'i , I .,.. i. .,....
labitantk tfaa W'.loth male and feinti(lo,10 wn, Lix!td to ,tro With 'tho Ciuoen down
tho pilots wero released by the enemy-.. ,
vn out w-iTi-hSai m ;? it-w.J t ot-iWHWi,
ill! gond f Oil'.'i it.N til 6 'trKCtit RyiPt.r 11 v
!U in til
rffriori"tiiai remain as semi-
i-N in tile1 liiillsbhcCoiabdAiratcs should
j1fiirico down upon IheiifJUAflf g.iTi
ZWiSoi more than fiveutidrivLFoderaldwa
'-'T-.v:' V" r .A. ,.-...
sa in aim nniiiiiir.vi'iaii. .'iMT.in.iv(i"rH
,'lhiing Aljt:l.'(u' Ikidrcd buflalos and a faw
li'Hoeti tliUf a'wiidi'C'avfna.
,y ovornocEtanlr-y;. as bo ucA;i''a..ivi4ia,ii-
'i . . . a. . ... I
h in Fflhv WlS-tr1 UafTal')sJ-,i'l(t"fre!tr.)ue
1,y last OToio'g'tric'' I'ftl.s'lnic'nt of
icjjiicoln baa rnjfua.iJ to Aoocpt liUnley a res
Ifrnatioti 4ritt1,k.irY'r-j,";r-- ck ' t0 New-
wUhihi.umA4ii(tN,Ati:tU'tMie tuo present, --
A ladriwhiam'ftiritroirt Newborn a fzv
;t.!BVJo'.,r-,r)rVJll;tl fifteen TC'iinients at
;ji hio Pimto.sto.fcn the ti"'"t reii4l !e infurtia
lion wo .w ti'f"iv J frwn inaiJe tho enemy's
iif.ei f.vr aevc rid days p&st. 1
IFa lh Jfew Orletat Picruaa I
'- --, I, tt aud Important ,froB& 1I&I.'.
. .Wd translate the followitig from onr files of
Havana papers received per steamer Fio Bio,
which brings dates from that city tf tho 12th
instant, whence , wo havo advices frnoi'Vera
Cruz o the 30th' uit" ' '" .", '.
The Frensa.of the 6thin8t.,saTs : '
. By the official report from the officers in
command of the Mexican forces near Tampieo,
wc learn of an engagement which took place
cn tho bar of that port between tho Mexican
and trench forces, during llio evacuation ol
too place- by tho latter. . . : .. .
. Tho Mexicans, numbering 400 infantry and
cavalry, supported by two pieces ol light artil
lery, (rifled,) made a rcconnousaneo on 4he
Bar of Tampieo, and after exchanging shots
with the enemy, retired in good order. On
tho next day, the ilst, tire sanio forco return
ed, and placing their pieces in position, open
ed a spirited. ro on a war steamer, which,
with several gunboats, was ovonng the em
barkation of their infantry. The Btbanier tried
to run the battery, and In trying to do so she
raiflsod tho channel and run aground.
()a the 22d fhe was still fast on tho bar. and
.deeming her detention practicable, a brisk fire
was opened on ber by tho pieces from chore.
The fleet that was lying outsida came to her
assistance, and tried by a concentrated firo to
dislodge ths Mexicans,, but to no avail j the
vessel was abandoned and sot on Pro. Besides
the loss of a man-of-war, tho French have loft
in the hands of tho Mexicans a schooner load
ed with ammunition, and two barks, ono load
ed with provisions and the other loaded with
coal. Efforts were being made by tho Mexi
can authorities to save from the wreck five
heavy-pieces which composed tho armament
of the Bteamer. .
From the I'ronsa do la Ilabana, of tho Cth,
we tako tho following intorcsttjig intelligence
from Moxico. The Frensa has dates . from
Vera Crui up to tho JlOth ult:
The Castlo of Ban Juan de Ulloa is crowded
with prisoners; among them are a great num
ber of "Spaniards. , Tho Spanish Consul, Mr.
Cortes, has protested against their imprison
ment, and demanded their trial in accordance
with tho . decreo i published , on tho. 5th of
January. ... , , '
.Tli incarceration of citizons without just
causes seems to bo tho order of the day with
tho Frcch.: Don Ciriaco Marren.an indus
trious and honest Spaniard, is one of the vic
tims, to this unjust mode of proceeding.. Sonor
Sota, Spanish V ice Consul, demanded his re
lease, bufhis communication bn the subject
has not beer, answorod. ' 1
The French army began their advance on
Puobla on the loth ult. it is presuti ed ' that
by the 10th of February the attack will com
mence. The advancing force is estimated at
25,000 men. The Mexicans seam very ct.nU
dent of being able to repel the invaders.
: There are 28,000 mon in Fnebla, and the
fortifications are defended by 14,000. "
Vroro the Memphis (Jackson) Appeal. ; - .
The Hallroad Arclilii.t Partial I.Ut of
A gentleman who left tho scene of tie late accident
on iho Southern road at 5 o clock Friday evenhif, and
camn to the city on a hand car, tiring us additional
particulars of the terrible accident on CQuiky river.
)'he cirasmstancos heretofore publUled are In the
inuin correct, as well aa the great ha of Jifo stated.
JJJiepe on board the train were mostly soldioia, on their
jrjdjjto tbeir comrnsindj at- Vlcksbutfr. "Nineteen
jAJiava been recovered, of which the following
utkken on the pot, is furnUhed uk : ; .' . ,
k,vBlM.Slaaghter,()o.(J,3dTenB. .. ,
f ,JZ M. (iamrnel, Co. P, SQtli Mini. ' " ' '
Kr Ma. j -1
npllftrd rJmwii,t:o. T, 41st Teun.- '
W H tT.pidTiliIuirton Iriillcry.
Mttir:yefti.VB iA.-a7m,iaw. .
ai. r Minwocii, (jo. ii, j.(u, mm.
Illl,.. 'n (1 AlltK Tlnn
UJb. KodnneiRlmont unknown. ,.
r 111 ( UMII. up.'ll ,
M.t,WiuCi4i E. MaMWIOil ftJii'int: I ;
""I t t .a 4t
'itlil It. Taylor. rfKliBCn.tanij3wui,
vrr( in -
K-Mlllfar and J. Di- Wilsoa, of Mnnhm coiWy,
"iu.!-) mi qtoil iti-iii Jo.t.hitH 1
fti'lL. Butler and
Unlo Beucbam, Engineer.
neer Una (; a. Jnu
, iay iKopty or Mr..Jriion, and a alur bev
. . 9i r r v..l.-- ilk .. ., L
Jili, w . I'ljiwHtin, (rnvrty.vft!,l4V'Ri(f.ali Rn
r aew Orlim lue uiuh ceiniuman nm been Mr
taftirniantiliad na onportiuilty fi retting, the psmci
K.lAr. lofTvA'a' fi..a).V nihl-W ii...1I i.J li",.,l ill
:nfi o v "H a
CHPt.,Yftli,.)f jlhe.5Jiit MwifflP.I't , wbq,.jrB.a I"
onewi tut! cumina wirni lino tue wier. out fifcft tea.
hJ, abraaini mtIUir!,Windth(Krivu1t Wlirta,lour.t(iJ
fantiiiLi .Lift, ppiiiwja oijiy if.rir!H.,i'i, mwr -ohi,
tl;qbiraf)il WfyifVirilirtii. "Mr. beiv:hilm'4 MMnk'
ie.-tuiJenTtiaHia r'mamiBa.-iaa.j(nimtininij, iii(t.oi
Klltiraysoa, with the others, were buriotf -naiir. the
v, i.j u.-.pn. n, ui.vuiiii. n., aln,t:n J'."a
f;'4vkWlHdii!iHtr;tt!w aniit1dbatleJ.JjJ(l frtrfnds.:
'Cr!fns were prepared, and the Interments conducted
Willi as much r.inpect&s was posaible nnder tbe'nr-
cumUjwi.i',a,r. J V PsMrsLf stiiBljMet.f I, .sf thii4A
cMaril wtra j'la'wt lit iiart-o or a O'lniniitee.. w lion
1 til . J .
Vlid bireainn.nl ths aL'tiiiiiL VlnJ'ls!Bwlo..iWii wamiil
l-.J - L - .".. ' ...I. . ,
. T . ...... ' .. .. . - -
iit idd coi iii-bor ui tin; uruLvu nit iriiin . inn ill lei in iu
traiii eonie toiiia Diniire, as it was unsaie. lie was
told IVAtl.wo,tKpiitRM there ab fhitrtoi ajajptlen
M to Oteconditipn of ihe'sfriuniire. instead of
.1,i i k'W JiTilnii Ti'ii""'tuii:T'
Ti v om 1 1 OK.THB .WKsr.-rOur." inforiiitint.
m i pi
,'na In:
the AtchHlafnya.'iclatee the ollowinii incident:
i .1. i ,uh, 'i
Mrinp of tho places burnt by the Queen,
r.r -' ":.
IL" W'-1 "0e": .lnl command-
irotrtM. oecfc; oi i, Imt. Me proved true
rrncK ior uiro. no asked her: f
..j . , .. w
. ijuaiH,iinTg tou lauir, uroinors or a .
other relatives in this wart" i - v
Tho lady was quite young, wlJow. with
two young boys ol firo aud so von years of age
byhorsiJe. -Mm Answered, in sight ;of the
smouldering ruins of her homci ... ', ,k
"I havo two brothers in the army) and if you
keep cn this war twelve years longer, (puls
ing the heads of her boya.) I shall have fieo
ion. JLjfit you U1 their tath t I, expect
rroUiIrij bolter than murder aud arson iroid
any of your t'fti," . ' ' . .
Tl:o cminandr r.ltpe.l to bia rnn-ror.ni,
whilo the hvly a4 5;-va t-heered tho drpaitute
of the ueeu of the Sv'r&t with ll.a ' Bot:ni
Cm Fiaftr.r .Vakifl OrnVr. i
La test from tho ICor tli .
Sew York'Ju'Jgo cn Arbitrary Arrests.
Sticamcr Fumter Reaches Liverpool.
A 1 iik-tro Kl)(ltt at Hilton llfaU.
. '
Il llOniJIATH).V l XWKKK AU.11Y.
The Who to be Ylgorouily rr cent til.
GOLD JX yjiW, YORK :ia. ,
Richmond, March C. An extra session of tho
United States Senato was called by f.inctiln be
cause tho interest of tho United States requir
ed it. A bill giving Lincoln power to suspend
the writ of Habtas Corpus at pleasure, finally
passej tho House by a vote of 77 to 45.
A row has occui red . between tho federal
soldiers and negroes at Hilton Head, Tho. lat
ter wero driven off to the other end of the Is
land. . Tho -Washington Chronicle says: "We
have sad and funniliating reports of insubordi
nation, and outrages committed, by regiments
from New YorkvNew Jersey "aud Pennsylva
nia, aud, we say it With shame, Itfa.Hkachusctfu.
Groans ero ;givon for. Gen. Hunter at'the
closo of the evening dreBS parade on Sunday.
. The Chronicle contends that there is great
reaction in favor of .a 'vigorous-prosecution
of tho war. . . ;
Gold reported inactive; cloficd fn New York
on the Bocond at 71,1B'. .
' IIicjimokd, March 5. The Enquher has re
ceived tho Waslffngton Chronicle. The Gov-
eminent is a heavy loser by : the destruction of
tho Jacob Bell, as her duties would have
amounted to ono hundred arid seventy five
thousand dollars, v ,: , . '
; Judge Barnard of New York, instructed tlis
Grand Jury t.o find bills agaiiiKt parties- implU
cated in arbitrary arrests, ,. , , ,
Conitnaiider I'orler's dispatches to Iho Sec
retary of tho Navy says: "I regret .to 'inform
you that tho Indianoh has also fallen into the
hands of tho enemy." The Webb and tho
(uc.cii of tho tyest attacked and rammed her
until she smrendoroil.-an of vfhlch I can trace
to non compliance witlmiy infitiuttions. ; v
Tho London Tinies says 'tis clear the block
ade at Charleston was not raised at the timo of
the attack on the fedoral fleet, tLat there was
not even an Intermission of it. The Post takes
a similar view. ". .. ... V
The Liverpool Fost announces Hie arrival
of tho Bumtor in tho Mersey. '.
Special' to !tde Rcdei.."'" ' '
TiLLAiiovA, March 6. Gov.' Harris lias ai
pointed Gen. Joel A'. Eaiilo Treasurer of State,
to fill tho vacancy occasioned ly the death 0'
Col. McGregor. ; .' ' .X, . - r ; r.' t :
,! i.tv. 4. N. Prkliatt-,lriiiriial,
rrUB next fiesion of this Institute will commence
A tm the Flltwr MONDAY of January 1RH3, under
the direction and profesaorwhlp of the ti. Mr. I'.rsd
shaw, who baa bed chargo of. It for the lat 1ft
months..! ',: . . m , - .-. ..
i Tbo Trustees in making this announcement would
most especially appeal to all- cltlsens who' hate
idsiaihtcrs to educate, to send them to this Institution.
M,r. I Bracbdiaw has hud charge of the school for the
lhAtl5 nonth during which time be has rendered
smpU!!' "V iilghtsiiy, unlveisftlsallMfactlontotbe
jruitieau.pairoiis ami pupus. 'innre tieverwss a lt-
10 ior
r-may.JsiiitfTny.-evemriing a laemr ralt.es bears
xo rjf ajvaji llie Tultum to litis bebool Is tb sme
Shut It' was When everything was at low fltrures
n Iliu. uju siw cjiu uiura iw uow ior a miin l,n iwir.
L l . . . '' - .
iociawipoi'jjp-ti iS(Vngnierr .none. Htca use hero
in (JlcVctund I hi atttly Iwality. we hare an Institute
Willi ansrMecUeril'lniuriii ior.aidsdhv a snlli li t.i mm
bliAhi'utjH. to lnstiuct flll who may favor It with
.pieM phfroifag." Utf bli4 sod all put iu.r Milmdr
Td.tiHi wheel aiid'butlilfipstm ti a Hchixd m will he of
liawU ulubla bene lit to us and An honor to oer town..
We ve the buUdlnir sod w? have t Tcacherethe
balaW A toweH npon the people. ee hope Ibey may
aotiljfjHjftirm thulnluty, , - , ., :,
,Tlie TriiMtees are thfciiklnl to the di Irons for the
iatri)ta hostoweu ni'on Air. Bradshaw horeioroia
al).glad to know timt under his a Imlnlstrntlon
p: ins nut. union tins ni it any oi thnenviublit repo
itsuitalnod In thebefUr (Uys of the Hepnb
I'riniary Depurtmeut.H OoperXcstdnn.
16 Hi
Freshman Class
-. ftophomoielfc
.' Junior . . )
HeuhT . , ' -;
Iu Music, Piano, CulUf or )
Thorough lla Cot'i;,,,t.i).,
U 00
16 00
20 0(1
23 I'O
2S 00
rencn and oilier Uoduia
Lsngosi'M,: . . ,
Iiirideutnl Fee
20 00
' aa'-b,
Jn lbs Ornamental Detainment full itovInIoii wll
be mcde, ot the orilarr priffs,
Tb rule of psymeul Is ono half In a.Ifie,tba lest
by the middle of tiietetuj, w
Hoard ris be had In sood font 11m a,, a mi
IfiiiS b"atdlnr hoinws kept pnrio"lT tor young Indies
at reasonable rates, rAnu,n- fr m 1 to im n
month, i t). w. Parks,
' dec,30 , ' lrm7 and TrraKurer.
'..- ' C..BVStAKI,,TMtasS, I"
i , ':' ' ' Fein 'U, Iwwt. (
IMIKrecpiltmjr d,t;f,-jrili HhU Teones-.es rel
X . Imect, -ta s. ) ce;...t fl Kosvi'e, Tennessie, on
the Ijiii do r ( n,vtib ad tb. ir rtic.iults and itU-
switees, aaivh!'j w .'.d. tl.m fitiwsr.l, (inder tb
Ctiai-ir of anfc.T.ccr to Ihe rr-tuierit.
niaiU Iw J. 11. It AN.VAIf.Cspt.
" ' - " '' of.J H r(,itiig hnln.'.i. .
tUL Knciv!!' Ilea vir eonv. adl f l tllil 1.(1 ttllM
oRks, , -
ruperl I'"
; rT I i ap'jf ;
.'I t
fWK ro-.nit i--r j
r T..f s,n-, 1.) . Ul S
( or ..ajters.
-V.M.-5, 1UUV &Co.,
51C0 IOiV7ARD.
RUN AWAY from the premlw of tlie entw.'riber,
Walnut Valley l.s Oflire, FeftnMlii Co..
Tennessee, on the nht of the 3.".iri Jany. t. a he
gro boy named Put, ibont H or 11 je:ini o!vt. a fret
6 or S Incbea high, welKhtt about 121 Hian.ls. J hi
blaex negro, rather abarp faced, long tnix'th, ihHk
lil. I!e aayt he wat rlted In Kentmky, tr a nmo
named Fixhor. But wan bonght by nio about 7 moniln
sine In Hambnnr, RonthCaroliun. lie uj bewat
brought from retrburg,.Ya., to ll imbme. Had on
when be left, brown j a pauu, brown jeans eiwt
and black cloth cap hi cent hadon It, white l ,;e
coat buttons, end the cloth wit ot which lit fiat V"
made bad two colors ia it, a im of It Wing a deikcr
brown than the other. J will pay tM reward rr bl.,
dcllfcry to me, at ra; realdcuce, in Kequatchie Co.
TcnncHNCc; or t.)0 reward lor hi" onnftiirmora in ,nv
Jail, an that I cangr-tblm. .JAMP.H M.STKWAIiT.
Knoxville, Tcun. Feb. 2:l,li;:(.
HA VJXti received authority lro:n iho fc'ecrct'u) ol
ar U raiso a few companies from the clxKsof
itiw)nsexemit from eonncrlmlon, f ir tlis purpose of
enftirciiigtbe cormcrlpt law In Teeniicox-e the Iim.K
will be opened at this oflico for the immes of ail loyal
persons of this clusa, who de-ire to aH.iNt in enforcing
uia laws or ineir country. ITIckh' romp nlr-i mo not
t ka cousiSered part of ft; ar nir. bat will ivceive
the same pay aud allowances us nuljier of the army ,
and will be entitled to the rcwaid for the appro
hension of dreeiters.
K. D, BI.AKK, l.t. Cel. 0. S. A.,
.Commandant of (lomterlpis.
ON the find Monday In April. 13, I will se",: f,.r
tfthh, at public oiitcrv lathe highest biilOer, nt
the Court IIoiikb t'oer In Harrison. lennewe, Ibaful.
lowing tract of laud to wit : abent twihundrrd buck
lyiug in the fM ditrt.rict.of Huniilton eoantv Thin-.
see, adjoining tho lands James I!. Jobnalii, PauW I
l arnelanil vtnera raid land belonging to .Vimiml
FendccraKH. and will bo woM to nuislv a I i.)imh,u,i
and oosti, Jh layor of James 'M. Scott, anaiist mud
remlHgrnss. ' JAMKS J.ACK, I'ep.MieilU.
feM2-4w - Hamilton Co.
I WILL sell at privaM sale, one 30 home power Kir
glno and Holler, with Mnlay Raw, and all iboapmir-
teiittnccs thereto belonging.. Also one .lObieli Ciu-u.
ley Saw, With irom attached toHPthcr with (ii)lretol
Shafting, and Pulleys. Out, Hip Haw, Cutoff Saw,
With gearing, Ac JOSlAIIFlSHK.lt,
re'jio-tl Chattaimofiu Tenii.
- Belma Itepoiter coj.y 2 wcekn, and nend bill to
this office. ' .
, KO 102 MAIN HT I.YNClim KO, TA.
The nnderslK'ied have associated tlieiUHelve togtl!
erandur the style and firm r James 1'. Srnlt ft C,
for the pttrptiHQ ol condue.ilng a enieml AUCTION
and COMMISKION UU8INKSS. Tliey buve willed
that fargs and elegant building, No. lull Alain streel
Lynchburg, Va., lately oeriipicd byJno. T, lb:: in A
Co., and on the ll day of Lecnio6r next, will b
ready to receive ilercbaiullHe of all kinds lor inivn.
and anstlon sales. . They solicit eoioilKtmiout-; of Mjii
ufnetwred and Kinokijg Tolwrco, Sugara, Mol
Colleo, and other (irocerlpH, Hale Cotton mid OWoii
Fabrics of all grades, Woolen Ootids, Hoots, Hhurs and
Leather and all otiitr goods uenally t.feicd for cul.
Thoir flint Auction will taU place at an early day
in Decewlier, of whkli due notice, Willi entulogue'
will be publixhed.
lUeyreMpectiuiiy refer to the men hunt nti:l bust
ucks men t.f Hlclimond, Prtershnrg, Danville aud dtli
er cities ot tho" South, whoso aid and co-rperatloi
will be duly appreciated.
, w j a a'V' I i
" Of the lsteflnn of John T. Davis .t Co.
WM. II. PAltltlSH f
Meml)crs of the fit in of llocock 4 Purrls;
JAW. P. Kr'ftTT i
Alio concern of uncock FarrUh, 9
street, will conllnno at the old stsnd ss tiitoul.
decl7-3m , 1 UOOOCK A PARRISII.
Irish Totatofis, Eairar, ColTeo.
A NV party that will send me by Rapreasa sa k of
IX wiind, and god Irish J'oUtoca, welghlngh TO
)Otmds, I will aeud him by Kxpress ten pounds light
town Hupar, and one round tine Uio Coflee. In a new
Oznaburg sack. . s
At Daniel's Olb Stand, No. 13 Wuitkiui.l fir.,
Atlanta, O.orglj
. ' Important to Enrollinif Officer.
( ' " CnATTANoooi.Fcb. 11, 1H03.
rVIE order of Col. Cluke eommsndant of eoiiscrlpts
J ofticrlng 130 rewsrd for the arn-st of oonsm lp. '
ebtltles enrolling oHlcors to the reward, wli'! tb
mako tho arrest contemplated by the order.
Ijich Knrolllng iiftlcer isreouired to make a d'
crliitlve roll of Iilmsell, and lorwnrd It luaneiliately
to Itlake. Ollirers or ronscrl.t aj?e, ciiu retuiu
the (illl(ie,t.y promptly enrolling and winding lnrwnnl
every conscript within tbeir rcspeetiva dinir, iii.
. .. JOHNL. Iloi'KINH. A.D.C.,
fcb21-4w and Knp t ICmol ingOfili.Ji.
s foat Tennetwee pspers copy fimr ww-ka. v
BY virtue o( an execution brnned fiom lbs Circuit
Colli t of iturni ILrn county, I Will Sell nt the
Court House' in llnrrlton, the first Monday of Man h
next, to the blirbont bidder lor cnh to nuiiufv a fl. ta.
judgment anti cot, the lUnk Of Cliutiiuiooa remv-
ered SKaloat J". V, lliimphrejs, W. II. Alexamlrr rani
John II. Alexander, In ssid (ourt, the following town
lots, levied on to satiHly said Judgement and en-t te
wit; one town lot lu Chutiunoofji, 'J(ini.n.e, (he
pro perlyoj 1. W. IlnmiJ.irva, tiriitn.ir on Vine M
and adjoining' the lands (.f Lark in Hair, Tl on, M.
CslilSsiid VV . II. Ali Kilull r, SlidMl oslln tho l.l'op.
ertyef Jno. L, Hopkins, abm oneofber li t mi Vlmi
Htroet, In -('hsttaniKigii, aifjomliiig th Hair ,jd Hutu
pliifyii, soil pix.lt lloi.tint 1 ro'wri.v, b de l on en
Hie priij.-erty of W. H. Alexander, sn'ii will to sold
mile's J'lrtinnent and rot are prevf .ms'y jwld.
rent-u . a, u. t m.ii,i mi, .
hlierl! 11. C.
AT,!) ronirnlttej to Jill by the ntilidrry Hiilboiiiies
al Cbatlooi:a, en tbs 2d of Oetuher, l.'or;, slid
more rece nt ly coininltCd by nu acting Jut.tlecof ths
I'esefl, Inr the ' W)?y of Ha fnilioa, 'lenn., on Cm
Ifltb ofDaclWi. a nee to boy a-boesra Lis f.uma la
JACKiSlid Hint be bi:!onis t;i Jbbn iMde, of !.:;il,
white couuty. ivno. hold bm Is tilatk, 24 v'ta
tld. Miv t-f inch blcli. Tim twriet la tciim ii J to
come lorward, prove propcii,' y ebaiVes sn.- ink.)
blrt ontol Jail. J. V t WAIM. .
dec2l ....',,' ' Jailor.
JCoT recetf e4 and lor aate Urn', . .
' 1 -'';;'!
40 Ifev.s Hods.
2:.0 lbs. Indira f
IOO0 " (rro I'lillits, .
WiO " Yellow I'alnU.
S000 " VtoellAS iUi, ' '
Tocrllier wlih a flue sMortnieriis of I),, in A pin
Rtuflo. . ., '; '. ; . ' ' - .' H. R.KUA'lKil..
' . a, Whi lecsle . Jlclull Hinsclnt,
WW'Hall one Juor from Litchsll H., s en of
tbUold'n Mwtsr. , , , ; Atisuia,tu.
Krbr.n basts or jiji.h-k,
-i- ... iso rLOiiiuA kcuky',
Apply to H. Cul.i'.lR.
reblO-lm ' - . . .
, eoatjj 'fctd Oats! j " :"
aJ0 tius'i. K. I. K.d 0t. i,jj tvrp if t ,t,
A siusli let ("f f'l-otU cicifi; " ,
" " " t:r'J.if KihiIT,
T '." o, ( 1i,is Aa., wr sr., ry
Ui,A l

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