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Volume I.
rciLiiaiio it
Pranc. M.
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tr Tear
hit Month '
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Que Month..
AMIW ....--
1 OP
Cam wkar Libektt,Tknk., 3rd Rsu tTkni. , J
2nd Brig., Morgan's Divis., Marco e, iooj. i
Tliis moruing two. hours before day, Col.
Win. II. Ward received intelligence that a
foraging party would be sent out from Gen.
Crook's division of abolitionist now stationed
fttCartliK- Col. Ward Immediately started
with a hundred men to watch the movement
of thoBe thieve. Talcing position en a hill
about a mile from New Middleton, ho discov
ered the wagon-train and about one hundred
bine-coats coming into the Lebanon and
Trousdale ferry Turnpike, end moving towards
Caney Fork river. 1'ureuit was immediately
given. Near Gordonsville the enemy was
overtaken in a lane, en one side of which was
an open field with a dense hedge of Bourdock
near the road, and on the other a wood lot.
The enemy having discovered us, had stopped
their wgeons and formed a lino of battle behind
this hedge. Col. Ward making a detour into
the wood opposite, dismounted half his men
under Capt. Runsworm, and farmed in front of
.the enemy, Bending a portion under tapt
if in around the waeons into fields to the
lft of the "Yanks," while the remainder uu
dor Lt. Skillman, were sent to get in their rear
on the right. The disposition being made in
much less time than it takes to tell it, the or
der was given to tho dismounted men to"fire;"
and rieht nobly did they do their work. Im
mediately reloading, the order was rung eul
to "charge," and our boys went over logs and
fences and through the hedges, while at the
same time those under Capt. Kates, came
ttmnw;iio down on the enemy's left. At this
juncture the abolitionist commenced the race
every man for himself, but their officers lead-
inc in tho distance. It was an amusing sight
Each Yankee thief running for dear life, and
striping himsolf a he ran; while our boys siDg
ling cut each for himself some particular rogue
Kave chase. As boys chasing rabbits in the
snow, so we run down and caught the raisers
bis rascals. Those who were not picked up
in the field. Lt. Skillman run down in the wood
behind with few exceptions. This was in
three aud a half miles of the abolition camp.
Collecting our trophies together, we found we
had 18 fiue new wagons and gearing; 8G mules
and 81 prisoners with their arras and equip
ments, all new aud of the latest improvements,
which we were told had just been drawn.
Among the prisoners a Captain and two Lieu
teuanta. Five of the prisoners were too bad
ly wounded to bring to camps, but were left
In charge of citizens. None were killed. Not
. one of our men hurt, though one man's knife
wan bursted in his pocket by a ball which was
lodged therein. Learning that other aboli
tionist were advancing, Col, Ward started Im
mediately for camps with spoils and prisoners.
It was well; for in thirty minutes after we
left, a regiment ef Yanks came upon the field.
This though not largo, is one of the most com
plete' and uccvssfnl feata of the war; and
ruuch credit is due to the officers and men for
the cool, determined bravery with which
orders were executed. While the South
boast many able officers, be has none more
Lr.va or cool or daring or. wary tuan uu vm
w u'ard of the 5rd Regiment of Teunewme
i-v.lrv. lie has done as many noble and chiv
!, .WJs as any man of this war, Gallant,
yet modest, bolovod by hie Regiment, he has
the high respect otbis superior oim-eia .nu
the commuuit of his acquaintance, n is ueg
imeut toe, dvserves the highest encomiums. A
more brave and bh set cannot be found. I
4i aot believe there is a coward iu the com
uiaud, or ory who wuld refuse to charge any
odds, if ordered V d so. Unt I sm boi wri
;n. - Milium. An Erf Wjtjum.
. r r Oenaral Starling Trice, it is said, lias
crossed tho- Mississippi to assuise tho cow
matvl of the bow department to which Le ha
t Correspondence of tbe Jaekaon Appeal 1
Federal Hwle Ih KewOrUa.ua.
JaCIo, March 9. 1W3.
80 much anxiety is shown In Ml-tiinlppl for any de-
Ulli, however trival. of Yankee misrule- and Butler's
coaraioMwOileaDi,tbata few desultory remetk
and audoie from aa eye witumi may prove accep
table to your reader.
A Kichmoud editor tin tost the departure of GenT
Butler in afrty ws a disgrac to every eltizen In
New Orleans. Thl sangoiosry man cannot latere
fueled that New Orleana la the Catherine Dolut for
the runaway negroc, from th interior and the gulf
coaMt, ana mat mere were u .wu m r.na.iauu
choicent thievea in and arotind the city, reatrained
only by tbe relentlewi aeverity of a commandfr who
would ullow 00 other baud Ui Rbare the Soil. But
li 'a anamination would hate been tbe aignal for the
endiarv and tbe ulllacer: and 30.000 nf the loveli-
t, trneitt hearted and mont helpleea of (iod'a i rea
.ion would bate been at the mercy of a horde more
barbamui and loaibwmia than tbe Hum and (ioibtt and
ViiiduU of the lower empire.
Gen. B'JtUr wore a oat of mail, whlc'i was clearly
Wcernehle under bU elothes, and extended to bin
li. In hie office two revolm lay coniinuauy on
ie dtk, which he often handled U impreM or Intimi-
to. 1,'ntil after the eutire m.uulatwn bad been out
mid. he never auueared on the ttreeta except in a
..rrljff(. with thia ordeilf KereenU. and sarroundcd
fcvairfHinol horaemea.au armed to the teeth. Ai
lay atretched back on tbe rushioni. hla slancea
r'cre aa cruei.reauew auu nunpioiuui aa -
lie behavior waa lull or ostentation and bravado.
Mlia manner tho wed him to have been bred in a vol-
I gar out ion, and no glitter of authority could im;re
the beholder that he was aught bat a purt-mw and a
A aiik banner wa presented latt November, by the
colored people, to a uegro regiment stationed on the
(Jentllly road lu the rear ot tbe city. Eva y dray
aMialture ear. anon. and other conveyacce, waa em'
I oloved from earlv morninar to carry down crowd ol
li iMlftrit Kthlotilansof both aexesto the camp. Konzw
an hnnnr of John HrOWQ. MaSKS Butler and Uucle
1 Abe, mug npon the air from the throata of thoM who
, melodlouHlT to awell the boatman's choran
Immn ih Miaxliwiruiiiteamerft. In the evenlne, Gen
..Butler with hi numeroua and splendid atatT, rode
lowu to oflidate at the preeutatlen. lie made a lonn
id incendiary apeech, urging the blarka to redeem
i.emnelvea from tha taunta of their raantera that they
lould never aland the amell of powder and tbe gleam
Donet. VmI Htufl'jrd. commanding the regi
ment. reDlied In extraviuant terma: but the only thing
H nu 1 worm ineril on U2 wax, maw vuv urKiu,
1...Mar wa hit dav worth Ave while men. II
dmibtlewi deduced bin coroparwon irom nimen nnu
bU fellow soldier", ana wa tnereiore jusiiiibq iu on
Fvery tine renidence lu New Orleana ia occupied
by Yankee. I De nouae w air. oerKfiu. uu uauuuj
imt. haa been tbe headquarters of Brigadier Oen
-rat Arnold, who. while laboring under a inrleit ot
r. Knrirefa wlnea. bad the city car paamng m iront
m traai at auail'i t ace. that all might know thut
hia highncaa waa ailing. The painting and luraiture
have all beennent awy,and tbe cellar -mptad. La
cot, k's bouse, clone by, la the barracks of tbe 111 h
Maine. Mr. J. r Harriaon a ih now lnnaonea ny
(Uniti and bia family, and bneppard wown s tij uov
Sheuley. A beautiful bouae on rrytania reet, aoove
street, waa taken by some officer, of Ibe
line. who. on being called to tne neia, leu ineir par
moura in DnfMeaxion, and the house la now a common
brothel. George Enatia', Judge Roar's, andscoreol
other nrlvate dwelllaea have undergone the same
nMintion. Butler seised the house of Dr. Campbell
lor his family, appropriated tbe aumptuoua furniture
and nlate. and had a lieuteuant and two privates sent
to Fort Jackson with ball and chain for two yearafor
ateallng two of his Hirer apoonii, maraea wun ur
Campbell' inivnif.
a nnnr Irlnh woman, far advanced in pregnancy
... hi-arit hv one of Butler'a innumerable apiea to gay
that tbe prleM baa tou uer unuer no t irruinsiaine
to take the oath . She waa dragged before the geoer
al, wbo flew into one of hia paroxixmi, heaped npon
btr tbe loulem epuneia, na unecieu an oiucn v
a I - 1 . W a.. . n m n k... J Anil MTuiuV Until
j.ntiHna I tr in a our ruwm, uu uitau un "'i.ii
.I., l.oiimrt thB name ot her reverend advliter. Thl
UV " . . . 1 .Li.. I . 1 u-
hf refused W 00, ana bob waa prouaoij icirancn v
B inkH.
Tha moat distintwlHlied aod characterlstlo act of
ii,a Hvftna'a career (more revolting even than M
vaun. n , . . .J 1 1 11 I
.aiiains th IOmO Ol VMJu. Allirrw Biunrjr vwuunmu v
be buret open ana m com" ararcneu ir goiu auu
ailver ) was tbs affair ot Mr. Phillip. TbU lady in
v.. -iiAnfa ventlrman In Alabama, who wan for
merly M.C. fro n that State, and law-partner of tbe
Hon. Heveray rfounaou. dm w atauuixit vu mi
hAi,.i,nvafiioinlna-when tha funeral of a lieutenant,
killed whilst maranding near Btcm Rouge, passed
along the street. Being observed by h officer to
imlle at aotne remark, abe waa forthwith reported to
the eomman ar-ln chiel. wno naa ner srreaieu ana
hmnsht before him on tbe charge of Indecently re
I .Icing at the Yaukee'a death . He ottered her tbe al
ternaiiveoi m i.v .inn'i 1 -
ited solitary continent st st Ship Inland. 8he refused
the apology and the perjury, aud wat aubaequently
sent down to the inland.
Akut the sane time a roan named Keller, who
Veen an old bookstore, labelled tbekullof a Mex
. . t I J 1 I... M . A M.JImI ft,
caB which bad been Utt In pawn by a medical stu
dent, wit. i tbe word "Chickahomlny," and placed it
in hi show window. For thl gruve oOonHe, be alao
was condemned to nnip isiunu, sno ire general orser
Mibliahed on the aubject atatea tnat ne sDouia be mi
lowed no communication, verbal or otherwise, with
anv per -non tbe Island, except with Mr. Phillip."
Keller, wbo U a man of family, waa induced to be-
it.-, thl waa tbe notorlou Matilda i btiiips, a
...uhw eouiterin. sa well known in New York, Bo
ton and Ban Fraaciaco. as lo New Oileana, begged
this part of the order to be resclnded. Accordingly
another aenwal order was promulgated, abrogating
much ol srNiieral order No. a authorized tbe
kilrr to hold communication with Mrs. Phl-
lirta." Buch wa Ueu. Butler'a a. bterluge atriking at
the eood name ot a virtuou wife atid a good mother
to relieve himself ol the odium attached to bia uu
manlv conduct.
Are there no atone in heaven out wnat serve tor uie
thunder V
Another general order wa published, advising the
negroes tnal wneuevera aia rc)uuru r ucr
master or mltres for having weapon concealed
about their dwelliuga, and the weapon wers found si
reported, the slave auouia o uoerawa uirecuy, ana
tha owner iucaroeraled. The result has been, In in
stances without number, that the alavea fcave thrown
old muskets, aabrea or pistol into obscure corner
with their own nana, givuu iue inioi mauon. oeeo
freed, aud their innocent masters are uow autlerlng on
tbe die y sands of Hhip Inland, with ball and chain
beta laBor, auu aait nmn niumi, miruiminjui
a alsv is received without comment or objection
Tha indlznant remoustrasce of a confederals la cut
short with "hil-nc, air I the oath ef a traitor and a
rebel w not woitli that or a loyal tiiacic.
Will Confederate ' diera beiiev that cn the 20th
f Kebrnary, 1M3, the day on Which tbe last caital
of exchange lett New Orlenns, s company of infantry
wasardered to chsrg with oxea bayonet, on the
ttiouiands of women and ' children wbo thronged to
tea os vfl? Two women were wounded by the gallant
New Eoglanders one of tbena seriously; butma iy
brave girl seised the bsyont with one feeble arm
and learlety stood her ground, while with the other
she wafted ns ber blessing and adieus. This com
mand w gives by a leroclous looking lfratian maj r,
wbo apoke broken English, and tuisieqiicntly sent for
battery of light aril lery to complete the wotk or
deperstioa by trampling the reflect ry ,he-dJem"
under tbe hme'a tiuof. Tbat 2Utb of February was
S glorious day for seceMioa In New Orleans, lien,
ral Banks must have been amated,snd deltghtoA at
the display or "Union sentiment" among ber cltl.
It ibowed bim that alter sending her thousand and
her ten of tbousaud of brsv mes to fight tn our ho
y cause, her women, uudiunU-d by tb power o( the
uuscrupulou nppreinor, and scorning the luxury and
wealth which needed but tha worthies "04th," ti b
throws tt their feet, were still as sevens and as eoa
stsnt In their hour of trial and distress, a when tbe
leld ot Manassas and Bull Bun bore the fresh fuvt
pilnts of the roOcd Yankee.
All tb late relbforomrnts to G4n. Bank are Ifes
alau or Prussian. They at strasrers to tbs Ea
tWJk tongue, aud tbs eoiamand are gives in broad
JWh. The men are generally good tonkins sad ev
idently recrnlt and d.-serU-rs fmra the Mtrmm Da ble.
Netberlsnds, Ptoseia and other German BUles. ibev
ksa ho recruit! with bit of eottoq farm la work
log order In Txs. snd the spntUot Southern home
sUad. How startling Will prove Ibeir real welcome
wba"lbM hlkerd pandoori ana tien nns
ars" aball meet the grim raagera ua tna isxa praj
There la great'dia17ecU' in anions the soldier and
aallor in lollana. A ruuboat lieutenant told the
writer that Hire hundred MaaMchiurtU ld.rra bad
ben atnt to Ner Orleans from hhlp I.land fur mull- -
07 auu ocamiR um oiaas, ana mat one nooova ana;
tbirty resigoatlofia had occurred among the officer ot j
tae kcuiia (Hi own among tuem,) but bad been r-
uea , ana ins pat tie c leaned aa dearrter.
Ibazuin and 17th XasaachuaetU are dUnecta,
and threaten to lay d wn their arm when called in
to toe Beta, ana tb asllors of tne Hartroia, the ren
acc!a and the other gunboat ir srrasted in acore
ror voeireiating tbrougb the streets tbat tbey "won '
fight for the b'sody nager."
If the nerroe nave not utarned mors privilege, or
committed greater outrage In New Orle.ua, It
not for lack of encouragement from tha Yaukee offi
cer. It la due to their conacloc interionty which,
aa la the bent of the Held, forca them to cower
and auail beneath the reoroarhfal and threatening
eye 01 tbe white man. They are atill uuuware of tbeir
prerogatives la lower Iouluna.
An Alabama Flokinck NioitrKio&Ls. The
Culutubia (Term ) orretipondert of the Savan
nah Kepublioan, attached to Vau Putii's cav
alrv. uavs the following coiupliineiit to one'ol
our noble Sontliern ministering angeln, who
haB been hovering around and relieving the
MUtferiiies of our Hick aud wounded soldiers
at Iuka, ike:
"While epeaking of bouthern institutions
and Southern ladies, 1 tuuet claim pardon for
the grossest oversight in having tailed ere this
to chronicle the action of one of our rnosteell
sacriGcittg Southern daughters. This is Miss
Ilattie Kohter.of Horence, Ala. wuen it was
learnod that a bloody struggle, resulting die
tiHlrously to Southern arms, had taken place
at Corinth, and tbat the Confederate army had
been compelled to retire, leaving bleedmiraiid
lacerated thoUHands to the mercies ami care
of the enemy, a pall was thrown over the
country; thousand were parali zed with pule
faced tear. Not one of these was Mibh Haiti
then safely euaconted in her comfortable home
at Florence, and secure from all danger.
Gathering together, in a few hours' time, band
uges, lint, and a few medical supplies ana ar
ticles of comfort lor the Biitiering scarcely
carinir for her own wearing apparel he re
solutely set out for the scene of blood, war
and excruciating suffering. Reaching Iuka,
he found that a hospital for the wounded
Southron had beeti established there, and jro-
curim? hastily a boardinc hojse. she at ouce
nude her appearanco at the hospital, tendered
her services as nurse, spent the long, long
weary hours of the summer days among the
maimed and wounded soldiers, far away from
the care of friends and home, teuding to their
o very want and care, and alleviating tho suf-
r..rimra nnd triii s of the manv. there were
tlmsH nresent who mechanically attended and
waited upon the unfortunate as a part of thoir
duty, but Miss Hattie was not one of these.
She proved hersella ministering angol through
those long, trying days and tiresome night
watcheH, and brought home to the soldiers the
conviction that they had indeed amongst them
a Florence Niirhteiiirale. By her constaul
nreiaeiine. always breathing hope and comfort
manv a rinnr fellow had recollections of the
loved ones at homo brought to his mind, aud
formed a resolve that he would live tor them;
and buoyed up through her gentle influence,
he has gained hope ana streugtu ana nnany
health. For three long months this minister
ing angel absented herself from her home of
comfort and luxuriant eae, and dwek among
strangers, to afford her aid to those poor fcl
Iowa far awav from the scones of their nativi
ty and adoption, lying bleeding and mangled
in th horitiitals of the enemy. Let the land
re echo with the praises of this noble pattern
of Southern woman; let every soldier bless
her who has aided and watched hour after
hour, day after day, week after week, aye,
month after month, by the side of his sutler
no- comrades in arms, aud let thanks aua
blessings in the shape of prayers bo offered up
fr.m the lios of the ntothers. wives, sweet
hearts, and sisters of our dauntless Sou hein
soldiers for their benelactrees and ministering
angel M ies Hattie h oster.
ffcjy A paragtaph appeared ia our last pa-
er stating mat airs, narns, ui oaipwium
anding, has nia-ried the Captain of the Queen
of the West. The report is true, as we have
it from one who knows. Ibis lady was lor
lit tie time a resident of tho pariah Of Point
Coupee her father, II. K. Mohs, being ft large
sucr planter on the Bayou Forrtocbe. Uer
marriage with the Yankee officer was some
what romautic. It eeems tnat wnue uie rea
Bfala were stationed around bet house at Skip
with's landing, a difficulty occurred among
them and hearine the disturbance Airs. ll.
want nnf to see what was the matter. In the
melee, one of the muskets went off and the
hull nasscd throuth the lady's arm, wounding
her severely. As no physician was to be
fniiml in tho neighborhood. Mrs. Harris wa.
Inhon nn board one of tie runboats for treat
ment. There she met Capt. Sullivan, whom
she afterwards married, iter matrimonia
hi, a however, was not 0' long auiatiou
Heaven refused to smile upon such ft union of
rf;riel:nt elmncnts. In the tight wun tin
-Queen," the Captain and husband of Mrs
ll .rria una amoilir tb tirfit killed. UtKl BOW
.i.a io a uirlnw onco more, perhaps to become
.1.. ,;r f another Yankee.--l'vrt Hudson
tilU "in ' " "
Tu Fob Jacxsok Mutihkkbs By the fol
lowimr paraxrapb, from tbe Vicksuurg vt lug
of the 7th. it appears that Justice lias overia
Iron aoiuo of thee traitors : .
Three of the K rt JacKu mutineers were
i.. ...r tcrdav.' I heir names were oer-
liui ,. n .
VV II Krown cotiuanv V. ai nrci
: r n.i!aiana Ileavv Artillery, anu uonuisi
IllVilw W f a
ICean aud Thomas Uraharn.ot company w.arnc
regiment. -IhCHemen m.Diwrii.v.
eon on tho night of the 27ta of April last and
.. nver to the enemy vosseis. eivihb ucui
of course, infoiraatioti as to our strength, con
dition, &o. At the tight of Csyeu des Alle
maiids.some time afterwards, they were taken
prisoners aud brought here to be exchanged
were immediately recognized by the regiment
. l.r uriirinallv betuPged, and lodged
a,,a.Kors rt r m hi liauu a. r ipv
in (ail. Their fate though hard, was neverthe
less just, and we trust it wjll Lave ft saiutsry
elloct througfioui our rmy.
fellow earned Tiar
son ws caught the l-oudon Urtdge. oa w ""7
K. with a piece of pin plank and a quantity l
bee. hX-Idto bs that burn, ft brjdg.
a -a liva f v, - BiM WBB HIT. IW I'i
cure them. It wa uuormec o''-' , i. IJ.Ji
t hi de.i,a, he W'Hild h.ve hn "J "r
,4 his U's. as well as all Ih f-tber Ilia tb flesh
. ii i....i.i i iL.arHv and lodd In
neir vi tin wp vt "f ,
i-ii m. hn.J,l h all mesa be kei.t c!o there I
ja,i. " - "J . ,
of audi fellows,
aoinliUj "OisiniMi iu iu iuun's
-loo. lUg., Ulh.
f assocutcb races puatchw.
Kjchmomd, March 17. The Senate resumed
the consideration of tbe Supreme Court bill.
Mr. Yancey delivered ft lengthy argument to
shew that the Constitution did not grant to
the Supreme Court sppollate Jurisdiction over
Slate Courts or revising power, except id
where the State had levied impost.
At the close' cf his remarks the Senate went
into Executive session. The impressment
bill was referred to a-Comraittte of Conference.
The House was in secret session.
Cbubusto!, March 17. This morning seven
teeu transports mostly schooners, disappear
ed from Hilton Head, supposed to be carrying
uegro troops to Florida.
The .New Yoik Tribune says an iusurrec
tion is) Florida is prepared and wa ting fur
troops to protect the movement. Hauler's
forces occupy Hilton Head Island: Foster
iu force at Uelma Island. Fourteen war
vessels.and seveuty-five transports are at Port
Charleston, March 17. The steamer Ruby
arrived here this morning from Nassau. She
brings news of the sale srrival there of the
steamers Wagoner aud Douglass, which lett
here a week ago.
All quiet to night.
Portrait bf Abraham 1.
Raatll, of the Loudon Tisiea, la his Eoulit killing
booket observations la America, ha lately publish-
ed sketches of the Dictator as follow :
Boon afterward thtrs entered, with a shambling
irregular, almost unsteady gsit, a tall, lank, lean
man, consideiably over an feet In bsight, with stoop
ins shoulders, lung, pendulous arms, terminating in
band extraordinary dimensions, which, however
were far exceeded in propurtiow by hi leet. He was
dtcssrd in an ill fitting, wrinkled suit of black, which
out one in mind ot an undertakers' uniform at a !
ueral; rouud his ueck s rope of black silk was knot
ted in a large bull), with Dying ends projecting be
voud the -collar cf hia coat; bia turned down shirt-
collar disclosed a aiuewy. muscular yellow neck, and
above tbat, nestling in a great muss of black hair
briatliuK and comuact. like a ruff ot mourning pin
rone the itrsnge. quaint face aud bead, coveted wltb
its that n of wild republican hair, 01 Lincoln.
"Tbe iinnression nroduceJ by the also of the ex
tremltie. aud ty his Hipping and wide projee tng
ear may be removed by tbe appearance ot ainunnes
sagacity ana tne awkward nou nomme 01 nia lace
tbe mouth i absolutely crodUlous; the Hp atrag
ling and extending almost from one line of black
beard to tbe other are only kept in order by two deep
turrows from tbe nostrils to the cMn; the nose itself
a prominent oigan atind out from the face, with
an Inquiring, auxiou air, a though It were snuffing
some good thing la the wind; the eyes, dark and
deeulv set. are uenetratine. but full of expression
wblcb almost amounts to tenderness; snd above them
rotects the shavrv brow ruuninc into tb email, bard
froutal apace, tha development of which can scarcely
ba esrimattd accnratelv. owlne to tbe irregular flock
of thick balr carelessly Dnuneu across u.
Tbe Cbarlttton Courier of the ICth coutalns tbe
following !
Fkom Naasit'. The British steamer Flora, with a
valuable general cargo from Nassau, N. V., which
place aha letf. on Wednesday isst, baa arrived ui
M'. . .
The schooner tonieaerjcy soa sioop uosane nta ar
rived from thl port, a so steamer ttuhy and UlratTe,
the latter from Wllwlugton, N. C
Tbe sb-amers Urlttaula, Uer'orrest, irom wun, uer
trnde, Kaisin, from Ureenock. arrived February 3Ktii,
ut tieorglana, from Liverpool, atari h Id.
Tbs ateamer Mooewau J aexson, Diacs, cieareu tor
Havana oa the JStu February, where she goes for re
pair. Tbe steamer Mcbola 1. returned to Nassau
March Stb.
Faosi rat Coast. Fasaeoger by the Savannah
tralu Haturdsy aay it wa reported ou the road thai
the enemy were lauding truops in large oumbers at
Beautort, preparatory, it wa thought, to a forward
niovemeotou Pocotaligo or Havannab. The report
was Dot generally credited,
Wa learn fmn a gentleman who arrived 'hare yes
terday from Florida, that s fight bad taken place st
Jacksonville snd the Vankee driven from the town.
As officer on our side, whose name our infyrmaul
could nut learn, wa killed. No other casualties were
Fana tuk Baa A Monitor iron clad, supposed to
be the Keokuk, passed tb bar Hatarday morning in
tnw of a Warner bound (Southward.
Eleven blockaders, including tb Hew Ironside,
were off lbs bar Haturds) .
IUu'RNINW to tub lUme. -Crowds of sol
diers, lately on fuilotigh, are daily pouring iu
Irom the boiitli, to 611 up the ranks ot our no
ble urmv. which they were permitted to leave
after the battle of Fredericksburg. 1 hey come
hack restored in body aud refreshed in spirits,
and are quite prepared to meet the boastml
enemy and give him another thrashing. Their
merrv cheer ana Ianjrliter, as tney uurry
through our streets froai one depot to the other
betoken happy minds, and unbroken confidence
in the success of our cause. retirsburg tix
Buit.L Foi Peraou need have no lear about ecra
Inr to Kavetteville now. There ba been only on
-a at thia ivnulalv disease. In this nlace or vicinity
-V. I) McNisb, of Nashville aud he recovered aal
left here for (Jeorgla over a week ao.
IFayetteville Observer, 11
Htfo btrfcccunls.
HOTJBF. furnlabed or snfurnlahel. Apply
thl ofifes. "
tal Morning Iteports, for ! at the Bssafc o.tloe.
Dxmjimih Piiracg.Ti. Mast J. Pisaci,
In the Chancery Court at Chattanooga.
Tapppeailngtbat the defendant, Mary Jf. Pieces.
ill anu raalJeat f th MtsU of Tesnssae, SO
that lb process of the eoart cannot he ervd ea ker.
it la tbareiors iiroerea iua iiuwiwm w -
v ror lour week, lu tua Chattanooga Ilebel, s sew
paper published la theclty of Chattanooga, requiring
said defendant to appear at a Chanoery Court to l
held at the crt hmise, is tb city af Chattanooga,
... .v.. r..rtK Mon.tuv of Julv next, and ansaer cum
plaloanfablllflled aaalnrt Wf f'f divorce, 4o., ot
judgment by confession will be entered , snd tb taas
maris aw flkAM.
NE JRO girl Ixtwaeul and lt year old; oa
iik,.i.i earrau nrefttrel: wast bs sound and
bealtby. Ahwa woman abl I. H'rai sssn pri
ce wtU p'd. Address "Mr. P..' 5T Chatia
Booga.Teiis.,' or esquire at the UIHlii, f
Saarlr It : . . " .
Orncs or Comdat or Cosacatrrs,!
lUulviile. March 1. IMiJ. (
Olctra rabiBanBitlav rarrnltlar detachments la
this Utate, si hereby ordered to send la their weekly
returns Ui l hi &. promptly. Any officers railing
tt Dhkesucb rvturea, will W Immediately arrested,
and tbaige will be preferred against Uirst for diw
bedleuc of oidtri.
Hy order U Lt. Col. . V. BLAa K,
Commandant of Conscript.
T. 8. Wkts. Atijt. ' " niaris-liej
Tenneseea paper copy one wetk, and aead bill to
Col. Blake.
e-crsKurssSNTS Orrics. N. C
Chattanooga, March IS, 1P3
MACBINK3TS, Carpenter and Laboreni. Libera
wage will be paid. Apply to
marls ltn u. . COLE, rwip l.
V Wiuchester Bulletin ropy one month, and
end bill to tbi office.
' v 1 ;! ' Kinustwm. T. UarVifisTlWi.
Having been ordered l-y Bus. Cea. regrsm.com
manding 1st Cavalry rtngade. to collect all absen.
leea truut hi command, I hereby order all oflicera and
privatea bekingtug to anyui the regliueut or battaU
ions of tbat command now absent, except os special
duty, to report to me at Kingston. Tenu., on r rse.
f0re Haturday, the SHtu lust., lur amy cooneciru who
tbs brWe. K. W.KUCKElt.
marlVtd t,oi. i.aTairy.
A LL perrons having claim tga at a are aotiOtd
XX to present tnem ai ouce lur payment
maris lw M. KltEtS.
IlxiiHiCABiKM, Vol. and
CoNscsirr Bfutii', 5
a v or Tknnkhs(r.
ra. March 17, 'bS. )
iuty at this post by Gen.
Buhdepartment Cbattauooga
VT AVINd been asaieoed to dutv
rl Pillow, all officers acting ondsr order from th
Vol. and Conserlnt Bureau Army ol Tennessee, In thia
sub-department, are hereby ordered to report to thee
Headaiiarter lmmeaiaieiy in person, or nv i nrr, ivt
lnstmctiona. All detailed men from tbe Army of
Tennessee ia thl aub-depaitment, will report, and
show by wboae authority they have rwea aetaiiea.
By command Col. M. M ACEVNtiY Jr.
Capt.M. R. Bsiwss. Comd'g Bendeivoua.
maris la. Adjt.
HulnrJ.1 nrt flat (nt at II o'clock, on the
W coiner of Railroad and heventh Htreeta, I will
seU at public outcry, oesirauie oonseuoiu aua aucoen
Cooking ntenslls. Bedding, CaipeU,
One Two Horse Wagon, lot new sscks,
One lot Carpenter's Tool. Flower, Hugai, '
ek. .. r.t tk. arltk I'.l.ll
Terms caah on delivery aod sveiytblng to be re-
movea inimeaiawiy suer me Pair,
marls ids J. II. WILLY.
IAKEKoatof mv eating hoae below the Tele
grsph 4Hc a Valiece, red leather, rather yel
low, containing some valnable things; ailver watch,
good clothing, the content are mostly valuable to my
sell; on the band holt t!er wss tied with a string, a
piece ef pasteboard, having on .It R. It. (lllhland,
Chattanooga. Teno.,on tb outside ws several bruised
places, One aod all look out for it, any one d- liver
ing it to me soon, the next bouse below tbe T iegrsph
oQice, will be handsomely rewarded.
marU-4t R. R. GILLILANI).-
Engineer Wanted.
A COMPETENT Engineer can get a good and per
rnanent iltuation, by applying at tb CbtU
uooga Mill and distillery to
marll-31 JAfl. S.RNVDF.ft A Co.
To Shoemakers and Leather Finisher!
ifrvQO()D BHOEMAKERH, and a few Leather
lUl Kreasers, can find employment in tbe t.ov
eminent Shoe Factory at Atlanta, tia under tbe dl
recllon of tbe nudersigned. None but good head
need apply. Those furnishing tbetr own tool Will
have preference.
Soldiers dealt lug to work la this establishment
must procure their ewn detail frodi their command
logoflloer. O. W. CUNNINOHAM,
ebl-lm MaJarAym.
DELINQUENT Tas Payere lor tbs Bute and Coun.
tv faxes ot iHBl.in tbe Chattanooga District
will call and pay th same without delay to John P,
Lone, at tbs UeoordiBg omos, wao m suinorisea to
receipt for tbs same.
Tax Collector, Uamiltoa Co.
Kuoxvllle. March Jd.lHtJ.
Enrolling officer will sot turn over to officers front
th army in recruiting service any conscripts collect
ed at the place of rendesvou when a county I called
out, nor will they turn over to such officer any con
cripu wblcb they my, at any time arrest, but will
send all such men to the t;smp or lastractios, to
distributed inimi th differeut resimeiiU.
Enrolling officers are further directed not to respect
any certificate of employment in tb A lire service
from Captain T. J. Finnie bearing dais subsequent to
the 19th of January. IseJ. All persons employed ta
said service sinoe tb Ith of January, must have reg
alar detail papers from tbl office.
By order ol
marUw . 14. Col. E. D. BLAKE.
Commandsut of Conscripts.
CO dns Pocket Knives,
120 sets Kuive snd Forks,
fiOO Iba Koi-e
100 bush Sweet Potatoes,
100 " I'eaa.
Khiui Rrnahra. CottoB Handkerchiefs. Ensllah Cal
Icocs, Tooth Brushes, Percussion Csp, Bqulrrel Hhot,
Fins. Needles, 3 Country-made piaias, ae. , ror ie sy
Bar3t A.C. VANEM'rt.
riTlE senior partner baa a"olatd Mr, P. H. 1511
X lsrd with htm In hisUKNEUAli UiMMlhHlON
HOUHE, at tbe old stand l Mtaple A Anderson, snd
solicit consignment of fiugar, Molasae, Ottos
MMhanille and Produce a-enerally. To sell r re
duce st highest market rsiea- atUad lb pera to
weights and delivery, and send accoonl sales snd
check st can is th old established rale of this
Hijt It has answered, an extended patn aags
whicfe 10 year' rtperienc with this market, and our
present increased faclliUea, prepare a to sseet with
oar oua. piomptn.
Liberal advance on any amount of Produce Is band.
Always vn band a heavy stock of Manufactured
and (Marking TOBACCO, warranted as represented
aud low a cao b had is Virginia.
KnoxvUle, Tenn. Feb. 13, imi. ( -
HAVINO receivad authority Irota ti ricretayol
War to raise a few comptnle from tbs claasof
person exempt from fonsenptJ on, foe the pwpewssi
enforcing tbs conscript Isw In Teeonaases Uie k ak
will be opened at tbl omos lor tne same si an loyai
persona or this Class, wno ctr to sssuk in enior;:cg
tho laws of their country. Tbeae eompanlr sr sot
U ha considered a rart of the aicv, but wlU receive
tbe s am psy and allowances as soldier i tbs army,
sad will M sntiiiee to m rewara isv ue eppra-
beasioB ot deaerter.
E. V. BLAB.., IA, Uol. U H. A.,
(rL?T-tf CsnuniM'lantU ''saarrlpis.
F II A VP., tot Will alwtys keep OS tund A Wjf
a't uMt ainek of Va. and If. 1 1
rnhaceoes. of all sa;U and rrsui. which 1 tf?r fo
al teretalkrraof soUlets.ala low piire.at baitk's
M atad.pilUthS Preabytariaa Cbocch
Jny.7 Jtn BuiT. -
mil navar ta tii Chsttaixmra pbdrfcl Will t lease
X rail at th lloeorder tiffice wUhout delay, and
reels their taxable fert M- Mat b4 emiaty
lain. .', 1 ".. . v-s .
Buarli-lw ColSMiiljer.
Number 192
IllAVtoraaW,a Farm coi.ts'.ulug IGOaore. ad-
Jolalug tha iaada ot Mark A. Kennedy, situated
t the lliMiary Kklre, four mile i-a-t 4 Cbatu-.
oogaff Ktve ariva of lb land are chaied and reitcej,
ih a amall thiua. a Buirl V 1 fruit trees-.
aelecl apple aadpaaraeiMl twsgowd epringm.
tab! a-lCO V, I. wibLantn
''SOSriTlIiRO KEW.""7"' "
; 100 Bush. Herd gras seed, sow fnu feh. to I
0 Orchard. " - '.
6000 Spanish begara,
Ih gros beat quality, Lucifer Matches, t '
JS Bxe choke t'auily, (is SOib Boxes )
300 Back (iroaad t'eaa lor ), fur cash, by
uarS-lm JOHN L. M. r Ufc-NCH.
For Sals or Rent,
'1 BK largs three Btory Brick Hotel, kaowa aat
X City tiouse; and for aal two dwelling mart
Anademy. fehXI lm) J.J.15UIAN.
' ' ' Confederate States Court.
NOTICK ta hereby given, to all whom It may coo
run that tha lllatrlnA t'ouil nf Ilia Cjoult-ilftiate
States, for tbe Middle IMstri. t of Tennesses, will le
nniden la Winchester, rranana on., commeucing wa
Wedneailav. tha 1st dsv it Anrll next, aud will con
tinue till the business Is disMtd of.
By oider or Wist. II. llrxryssvs, Judge of id
Couit. This tOia day of Maich, IM.3.
mar-hU td Marshal M. Tenn,
I OFFER for aal my farm and resides m, kcat1
miles from Lir syette, the county at of Wal
ker Cv. (la., snd 18, miles from th W.A A. Railroad.
There are three hundred acres, on hundred and forty
cleared, fenced and ready for planting, tbe balans
well timbered. There ia a seat framed dwelling with
six rooms. and out bouses complete. The l ata is a
large framed buildlns with a good running gear at
tached, for driving Tbrasker and Cotton (Jin. Tb
stable are new framed bnlldings, with ow and
sheep sheds complete, and lu gisd repair. Thert ia
s good vegetable gatden, aud a fin orchard of thole
apple, peachea snd peats, with s chutes variety ul
grapes ic. Th place la well watered with spring snd
well, conveniently located. The locattCa Is as hlthy
aa can be found anywhere. Any one wishing further
particulars, will apply Immediately tn
fbl9-lm K. W. RUBRELl
UFsyette, (la.
Fatxttsvii,ls. TsfKisHsa, i.
February lS.IHfiJ '
nfflcera lo the btate of Tennessee.
will at once enroll as conat-riiits, all offli ers in
their respective districts, wbo msy be absent without
leave Irom their commands. 1 he enrolling otneers in
Middle Teuumee, will send descriptive rolls of lb
officers so enrolled to tb Commandant of ('amp of
Instruction, st Fayetteville, Tennessee. Tbs enroll
ing officer !o East Tennessee, will send similar d"
criptiv roll to th commandant of conscripts, a
Knosvllle, Tennessee.
E. D. tlLAKE, Lt.Cul.C.R. A.,
' feb214w Cored t of Cun. tor Tennessee.
Fjut Tennesse paH-rs copy four week.
I HAVE a email lot of Virginia Rait, which I
keep on hand constantly at-'ii rts. per. lb., at Hwlck I
oldatiwid. M. BRADT.
JUST received and lor sal low
40 Kegs Bods.
360 lb. Indigo.
1000 " Green Prints.
8W) " Yellow Faint.
30 " Venetian Red.
Together with a Has assort ment of Dings A Dy
Btn&s. 8. R. KHAMFK.
Whi les!- X Int...; tiruigist,
Whitehall Bt., one door fromMitchali Kt., sign ef
thefOoldea Mortar. AtiauU.Ua.
Irish Fotatoei. Saizar. Coffee.
A. Nf party that will send me by Express a sack of
V sound, and good Irish Potatoes, welghlngh 70
pound, I will send bim by Express tea rounils light
blows bugsr, sad one pound line Rio CoW, in a i
Oanaburg aark.
At Dakiil's OlpStaxs, No." If Wanna au. Br,
fehls-lm Atlanta, Oeorgla.irl
fZEsrv?-- 5-
AND eommltUd to Jail by th military suthnrltle
at Chattanooga, on tbs 3d of Octolxtr, 1st J, and
mors recently committed by sa acting Justice of th
Peace, for tbs county of Ha niiltun, Tenn.. oa the
lih of Deo., IH63, s negro boy a ho aya bis nam at
JACK, snd that he belongs to J aim Pride, pf Hpam,
While oiwnty, Tenn. 8s id boj I black, 14 year
old, 6 feet 1 Inch high. Tb turner la requested to
corns forward, prove property, wy charce and taJis
bin onto! Jail. J. U BWAIM.
decJl Jsiltir,
ll. . nua iies,
AttrHjr t Law, Halm Aajetit mmA Not e .
CLAIMH of every dearrtptloa agawrt th Confer1
rat Uovernmeht settled with acoorscy and d la
patch. AtUols all the Confederals Half coart
held In tbe city of Richmond. Addies Box 1IW.
ON tbe first Monday In April, M,3, I will sell fn
cash, at publie outcry to tb hgbeat bidrfer,
th Court House doer la llarrtsoa, lennessee, the foh
towing tract of land to wit r about two bitndrsd acr,
lying In th first district, of Hamilton County JTeocev.
see, adjofblng the lind James II. Johnston, )aM
Yarnel and other said lend bvloriginj U Nlmroei
Psndegrass, and will b aold to satisfy a jiitlgmeat
sad sta, in favor ef Jam M. HcoU, agal 1st t4
I'enderaaa. J AMU JACK, lep.hhsriS.
frollUw Hamilton Co.
THE Arm of Qulnhy A Rohlnsos.of Memphis, Tsns.
la this day dlnolvtd by mntusl c isot. All
Seraons having claim again H said tna will premut
is sm to W.T. (Juiby,wbo la alone aniborlaed to
pay, and all person who are Indehul to ld firm,
,"ifl maks Immediats payment (a aald Oilhhy.
has been sQtbnrired to settl said firm's bualness.
. WM. T.SUIJIBY, ( .
W. A. RojONHO,-! j Ml rartsers.
JAB.fl. CLACHUil.V.Bpecial prtne
Ktowab, (ia.Jaa.Sl, I.I. (W.UiSm )
Mamllloa County, Tr insolvency nf tK
EstaUet Was. Btou. 6'J, bsvlng ! auggsHtd,
all serwai having claim asalnst said t'.tte. mil
them With tha Clerk of th cmn'v (ort of aald rmn-
ty. properiy aoU.enlli atrd. wlthlq the tim prescrlUd
by faw, or toe Will be iy;r hsrred.
Ubll-4ir , t I'fcTEKKONOKTt,
1 Wat. Henna, lr'i.
$.1. tasr
kti AeenU lr tbs Bale of
fiicw Orlesums fingur and Motaaan. ''
Manelactur4 snd Kmokie T"l
It. ws sivits auentwm W oar ensrkit as
Cbeapeol for Vitiwr Is tb Htata, wKh grfi.l sj
A S 1 ia . a .
Mirn in anippwg ia iair m asvrcuMiu.
AND rnmmltted to Jail by th tallitary f
t CbattsawaA. -n U id of (Kt(j,. ;
mors recently ciw ml tied by as acting Ji.
Pears f tfci avKinty of Hamilton, Teo-4 ,
f HMll, Hear la y, !! '. '
JOHN, stid r-ys as t l.r,rs U Wo. Jr 1
phh. twl;.lshrttloyartij,e;'
tblgh. Tkwwi It rif'4 Jj,,.,,,
rrv-T wrorsrT.y,,ytUWev,i ;f
bet ,1( Inch
i0 eii Mi. ii J
,(.ks;!rr.ut el l
. . hWilil.Jal',

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