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Volume 1.
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Th of lkbafc.
The following is an extract from tho letter
of ihe New York Tribute's special correal on
dent, describing tLe attempt of a pc:-iion o
Gen. Grant's army to etcrra thj works in tbf
rear of Vicbsburg :
To the outh f the fort,iniinef!ia'eJy ii.
front, the rifle pita make a bend this way.sr j
as to sweep wnn an eutuauirg ? bkmhi'-ij.-party.
- Wberi yon look at yoi.Jer steep hit-,
at t'.at cot Jon ot breastworks, contrived with
consummate ingenuity and labor, the hear
sinks within yon. To the left. wih its blood
red bars just visible above the rifle pits, now
Happing defiantly in the bietze, now drm pine,
to the flagstaff and almost lost Iroiu vie-, t
the ensign, of treason. Beyoad the weaicrn
hills, pointing peacefully heavenward,, in
trance contrast with these warlike -.repara-tions,
are the spires of Vickahurg. All along
the lines above aid heluw ia null as the lull
before the tempest.
At length, tired of waitirg, .- seek tht
friendly shadows of ljeii' Catr's Irnt just be
low, and await the progress of events. Bat,
bark I A faint cheer rises mm iho air. They
are charging ! Lawler's brigade is advancing !
There is a general rush to the summit of lite
hill, regardless of sharpshooters and shells
There they go with trailed muskets, halt
crouching, with swift but s ealthy. tread
streaming toward tbe fortress. r'or a moment
laot a shot is 6 red. They ai e screened irum
the raking fire of the enemy jj the side or the
raviue. But jost aj tbey emerge imo the open
pace before the fort, the rifle piis and bastion
to the left, tbe works in front, and the sharp
hooters from tbe right, all oeu upon ihern
-with a deadly storm ot bullets. Lately so de
serted, the redonbuj i are aM alive with heads
and muskets and jets of scooke. The air is
crazy with tbe scarp rattle of musketry and
the crash of cannon.
For a moment, tbe advancing column stag
gers under this tertible ordal. Then a few
brave fellows rnsh forward, right op to 'he
breastworks; hesitate a moirtttt on the edge ol
tbe moat, leap in and disappear, emerge on
tbe other side, ind awugglo with great difii
cnltj up the steep aides ol the parapet. Soaie
of them reach tbe top aud stainl for a moment
the target of a thousand bollels on that proud
but awfol summit, gaze down at something
within then spring forward and disappear. It
it victory ? Is the sirongbotd won T Of do
they enter there as those who cross the Bridge
f 8hrha. never to return ? Now ohr (
I oiks to be" met by sboi.t from withinjn-t 1
.v ,1. : - v.. , . ' !
NFZ ID lus cum, wi icvi UM.kWll u into ine
trenches. Met cited God!
Bow bard it is to see brave rneu, fiblirg in
a sacred carte, Tall i-ke caide, w i.h no si' port
do rescue, by tbe Land of a foe tbey cannot
reach I They cHug de.peraely to the sMc o
the breastworks; who are living, dead, no one.
know. Some borrow with band and foot i.nd
bayonet into the embankment. Soiun ai e ciark
and moiionless. Aloug the ' hither tide of the
ravine, and partially screened from musketry,
our soldiers aie couching and lying, and re
turning the fire from the rifle pits us best they
can. An officer can be sett- by the aiJofa
field glass moving backward and forward
among the men, with drawti sword, vairJy at
'tempting to get then up th fort to tbe sup
port of their comrade. Hero and ther they
rnsh forward across the exposed surface, one
or two at a titue. But the danger is loo ap
palling to be faced even by the brave fellow
that stormed tha works at Black River.
. At lasts regimental flag and the stars and
stripes are advr -ced and plauted ntoTi ihe
' edge of the pai pet The dear old flag burns
far in the va , like a beacon of dtstreta. We
endeavored to cheer, but a heart sickness
comes over ns and stops the utterance. What
we want now are strong reinforcements on
that one point. A divUioa of men thrown
forward upon the corner of yonder b.;io:i
might insure as Vicksburg. .Alter & few mo
ment which seem an age. Landruin's briadt,
or a portion of it comes forward to a position
equidistant from the redoubt with Uiat occu
pied by the nan portion of La wh.-r" brigade,
and can be got no further.
While Laudruni is niovinr uri it is rlain
that the enemy ia massing bid force H"iu.t iik.
- . - -
Men can be seen rnsh. og along li,.mf the rifle (
,.iti tnlr.ril tt.oJ mill, n n 1 u l .1
pits toward tbe" main works, both above ami
below. It is evident that an aitack ip-uh be
made elsewhere by way of diverHion. Ac
cordipgly Gen. BficClerrand ordern Hen on and
Hurbridgeto pot forward an I engage the ene
my at once on the right. The constant inquiry
is now what news From the inin? What new
from Sherman and ilcPbersbn? Kvery O.der
ly and horseman ol any deHi ripp'on ia cate
chiaed. Hut the iff'.'ormat ion is indefinite mid
unsatisfactory. MeTlieiaon'rt corp was c'os
to the enemy's work. Our tlag a4 planted on
tne rebel parapets at various p'acei. Hirt no
fortB were takeu. I'll morn came to that ellecT.
but proved to be without foundation. It was
evident that the attack was everywhere being
made, not with heavy columns. 'but with for
lorn hopes. The ti'e ot" the enemy m too
concentrated and murderous the ditches too
deep and tbe moles loo hi,.'i to be overcome.
Thus the day wore a'oii; a day of gallart j
fiirhtiisir airaipst hatMtlesaiiatnrl ..lMt&..!.
" .L. .
Is (iK.v. Lee I.irt Ha.okDl-Uen. Leo ran.t
be left-banded, or ha. learned the pne.-st V
-1 . . . . '
rnie 01 leui'-ir no ma ieu wneu he mirai.H to
et in a heavy blow. In the victories around
'- -
Richmond, he threw bis left on the Hank of tlie
enemy, lie did the same againat Pope, wind
ing up with the second M.anassas. He let m
his lett npon Harper's rry. He threw hia
left upou llockt-r at Chancellorsviile. He has
Dow Hung his leit upuii Milroy, and extiiiguinb
ed biiu. His strategy, thus far like the stal
wart tread of his soldiers, ha been "left,"
-left '"Richmond Sentinel.
The Paris correspondent of tlie London
Timee states that five persona wero lately ar
raigned at the bar of tbe Police Court of Pai is,
for having circulated false uews with respect
to the position oi the French troops in Mexico.
Co:rMK0(Ieuc nl tiie Sew Yrk Ti.n"?.
How CSrnut Uiotc hC ?lrn SlauItl. nl
2ttrr h Wrst-rt:l 111 Woiinilul.
We p.sk oar readers to twrotni'y rnw the
followipg letter of a corresf oiident of ttiu New
York Times, wtittcn from (Jnut's IIoatb-.nr-
ters tf-fore Vicksburg, iti 'whio'. '.; writer
cccMy aiyernpts to jn:ify li rant for ni-rt iloss
ly sacritf )g tbe lives of h's men, knowing be-
: l.ti'-TPw hat the result worl l ba, on'v in
Nor'h. 'The lives d f..rt tlif.jsa' .l t:i'.-i t.t
ffied tip a.'! a sa; d'.co iimd i the al.a-- f tr ) i
rneisni. Tlisni;in was a filianout ju' i
ca! cino:ne ir.re the waratid sc ti.r t' b
ti e sums ) .' cii s ill :
. iV;i'o n uv b'.; di-Tr- . tl Ut lim!
latiH-bec it' cj iit.v.. V. iiii ei o,;t.d !:m
a.tiuttt t i ws.' ks ai ici..i."i'g. "i.-teail ' n.
once pio-efcd',g ujiou t;n t.iir pl,i!i ' l.ty.o-j;
tiUR to r.iie nlacn Mi tii-i. I ; av Imi .i.l-
doubt tli il .Wm Ufa' t knew very we'1 Ii?;(h p
aiatl.t-g t lie tirt'h-ji't thai .ho pla.-i wax fii
prt-gntD to cd'.A'H'i Hive le.i'.ir a -proaciiec;
lnt Jet pu-i..: i p n on, in a ni04sur
cotnj elkd h'ltu lo tnuWc the .ina.l. in ue j.if
cihe kinn ot-r iliat tit il ci. Had tie placed I'
rii'V lie!iro thepa v.;il;s ii-..l ci.mit eiaul w
loui a1 invert rcriT, a i(;ek v oo'd vl' havii
elapsed betoteLa'.l the people aui iwo t'didr
oi tlie p e o tt-e North wouid have t.-'e"i
grow hi';; at ins nwa'i'An-abe duly, at' i.avt
own wtM assured tat the rebel toit-e tie-'oii
ni'ii m halt starved atd Ieei!e i i iiiii'itr
ll.at tuo Works weie ot tio s-tenlh, iho gnnt- i
t'l.d iti gr'tioci wio f oora''Xii.aoci 1 1 i.io-i
ier t,('i-t a aj.ai.n"' ail who i ad pt-is's e.-i ,
uigc I i rtdioval otrcui-hc he dnl not at once
laid his o.cis i . ii.iu A iho town and sccimc
rfii unit n".'.!-! v
ii.o .dace, would i-roew tbe.r c'a nor he- vc v
' . . !
PiStauttl y found ho bad deic
lo.it. a! .-iveenneiU of .ct ijog V cl' :.org
was weak in ho I. u.-t', ot mo, it won'd te
. noacioLoi ru t!ie rca- (i.'it wms tl'U'd,
t ot eioa. to die p.wUion away w'..b h:u!
Uri.nl took in'o O'r'y possible course Icit him
'o forest U tts senseless c'a'uor. He moved
at Olid upon die enemy's wrrks aid wan .e
pulsed; tul as, lioifl somo Uisiindtria.ii'ing.
cn'y a pcinoii of h'S loiccs bad paci'cipared
in h tuacK, he kuiw ;hi country would not
bo sal'ided, and ..one tried it u'a-n. This
ti ne a col-irn twelvto nii'es in leng M, and
nu-uboft-'g thousands ty the score, was pre
cpttuted a,aiot tne tiib. al.ar defnc?s in
irool ot them. As was expecied. it met w- ii
a bloooy and overwhelming repti-ee, ani tie
the c..:-i -y, al.er hearing ihs, and learning
that pi ihe e.iport.nciila we IomC Iroiu .h-(-e :o
ti ve ibotmni ii.u'i, .without, in a -i ; o ii
aiance, havi'., .ili the ii-,.neit iuiii'"ii
umju iha imImi iikn, win ' i 1 vetv io a,,ow
ilie toiiiuf'Uvr -n l-iu tt itilr.ee icKtliit'g ;
in h's o u way. (tar lieivy loeii, a'.er iwn
ui-iccoti t'l aile.o.i.s 'o t arry me it-bel work
by hloi in, wnl convi'ici- peoj.'e thai, if Vicl
br,; .8 ery weak in o.it, i. dce not have
ll.- iidefe-i:t mi ihe r(:a'; and, n'rtheriiiore, that
ihe rKO'sl garridoti is litnthur weak, de-norjt z
ed nor sifved, and that .iiagi-e, i'r-al o
be:g Cuarkers,". are vtrttao'o Tair- s and
Uoitiiob'ads, al once coaxnand-ng in ix V.i.k i
and nuu.eiot8 as lo qaaUnty, and vh.i-hal
any luoioint ure ub!e to tiii tho air witli a ki.iu
peat ot oea.h into whiclrbo sloiui i.g par-
can enter an. I live. From this time onartii
the peoule will be willing to wait with gieaicr
tlian usua.1 paiitt.ee il.o alow process ut reduc
ing ibis place.-
Tbe wounded, tr manv of them, and thf
killed oi" Ust "J burnJuy, were not 'brought ol; j
the feld lilt Ihe ulnrrnoon ot iho sticctedurg
Moncfsy. ll i8 scarcely iiccejtpary 16 add Tha".
when our parties went over the ticid the pro
portion ef Hie living to the dead was teiribly
aura-l. In th s hot climate lew men will In--under
a h ;oi cliiug sou, without iood, water and
medical nueiidancc. and survive a wound three
daye. lor tiiis reason vc-iy few of iln-ne hiiimi
were a'-iva ; txit lx-w, it anj-, wilt recover
'Wiiy lory wero nut tu ought awpy souncr i
c: nuot tel. ATtc-r the ti.al aft-tan il the relet
l-ot ou'y i owed our men to come upou tho
ground and carry ott the wounded, but llioy
assisted ns by lenoerii.g .., person many ...
.,uer u.e t.c.,.1 .1.. uu. ever, iney re
InKetl toIiow any one to come Upon the tveld
urgcoi H, who bpproached with white f!i-t.
in their l.andu, wire tn td upon, until liiiiilly.
the att'eiupt had to l.e abandoned. The rebels
I . lil. V " ' mew-. .-'.1.1. I -I I U t C UVIW
cannot l,e blamed tor this, nor hriua upon the
. .... I
Unrgeons who appioached with white lUgs,
1 or this reason .that during these time cur
lines did not cease their belligerent npeia'.iotis,
but kept up constantly a fire troni the ha.ie.-ien
aud 8iiarpttioo!(-ra.
Finally, it was determined to ahk for tlie
privilege of caring for our men, which, ruder
the tapid opetatton of red tn j o, a as aree I
iipou tt.r l.e Hpaco of lour ami a hlf lit.ur
coiiimenc ng at 4 oc.'ocs on the aiu-i ..., r, , !
Montlay. and our nun and the rein -.a c tmi j
lt.Kct.ier niii.g.i-d frt-eli -J, tiu l, odii i !
during the J me aid cn.itt . joviaHy und
II n lilt ,il.... I
x.n.i-i ..v.t .uicr. a .jit-y wrt. c. tn-1
painot-H in artiiti, p.etead t, ' rieacilv i- I
and they showed a tormidaVo avJra.c a, to
,i.:.i,..r.r., t.-. r.-riueii 10 oi-, iii rc,tc! li, f'ar !
valion aru .e.i,.raii.at ion, iuito uh little al
b.-C'cit as our own troops.
Ihe rel e's are lmUlatigable in. their elTirts
"y-e.; r.very mornuiz
r-eviain ntjeereci..oii.fa new.woik, the repair-
I "it '" iV ' ' "T f 'T"
" ' , , ' J ";'" they
1 aKt'tMNiii' our turccH m; . v r,? ilV ....
:.i. . " -
IIIHlll ll'l M 11 IU 1 II IL' .III.
if m e a HiniMitli
G4 ami the other a ntia 3J .ou:rd,-r. ) fscr
Iroiu all appearancas, they ae ' I.UMv'dc
jgirg w.iii n as we are wnhoat ; the morning
oa. in 1 e t.ti ny.u or.r side 14 uaiially ail
swered with a defiance by Komq night giown
battery oj theirt; and. in rboTt. w". (r we
move, thw counter-move we n.ii.e, 5.nd thew
caunter luinr; and if we succeed iu blowing
up or ca.ryirg their fni Im, of wurka,
shall prcb.ably tiud anothfr imiuediaiely in itc
The onbrthirg which tlireater.s to iut. rfri
Wftli tbe captuie ot the place is a movdi.eiit
upou our rear. TLat foite are being oi cen
trated witli a view to'sueh au operation, i-i a
well kuow Q fact, bnt to bow great an extent
not yet fully understood
were ad wooJeu, Hfid a lhonwrtt oitier !-1 . . , . ' ,lr.. . ,!-.. ........ i .
...... . , , irtc.t.ed to ccrtati. n"ts. An a: .ck h- ll.l r 1,1 ; s..ny ..in. (jl..-.t la.nutft.v, a i. oj.-uu
otihe k i:d t'scsat tn.cr Hi.u.Ur , ca-i-.s-.Anci.. mv,lf,. , f, ,, ,..: ...;. . j(l, u.y.a . c i o a hc. ml uawi j:,t;t
teinu.ed io put a .jo.'ot.iH o: .i al ve-y ha WT- ',:h''! 1 l'a ;k,,'vd Ui.SWfee.
b .....iot. Hs koew U.at'tl.v same ceo,.:; nack.Mg h.n. v e in'.. bo u,.to.rtit.a: t.ar n i.e. v,u ;.,r d ry hefu.e Ja.-J:..,
" .I. i :',". -.:..-,.! .... .,'. ver. in w;m.3 friouly thn.; of wh.c-t no -:..: Jr".. ' r e,1-.' r',,'",, as ."'V " ' '
I in .- ilt "' of Hi-nciniiV Army.
l ao e-.v -!; t! j-akl lia a U-x:-' f.-trvr Irm
M"rfrceeboro, o t the campaign ia TeiiMus.'ee.
an I tho Hiovcui'j-'itA ati.l itpurut" na of tin
ri:ii';a t'.u rn, from vsiicla wo tuiko sti'ia i-iier-e3t:.n;;
or.tra jis :
ij i-pring seaon il'fs oat an l vs a-' s'i'l
. f.,.-i ir. i ." t
9? 1 '
d it
OT. I t'lin I1J, I nil 1 II'.II II. ' Mlbllt 111
tvlieii V,iAi:T l':iv nr. ;!.., i, .aition tf nrtnulfi
would h.ve ua-ii ttt hit... I. was ..rocla.m-
'I'ri':-; l";( oil ' i,
" ilir-a out .hi
(")i:iv n;r
1 .
a d Vt ai:' Hii.l
tifit ;u a .!
'.id l-wL
r-i vj :. Ii.v;ly to
rei. i;t'.
Tli-.i a.t: Mi ll cC'.t V
-:.; t i
u C-t. !:.'. ?ra;
r sn!. rjiio :v 1.1
t.tiW wi'jj si';o arc
t. 0
teso; t : i r tr.iv . ,. ir.ii.ii.rv.
K'pt r.. !il:l . I.w Jl;i3v'":. a.iOl ) Ol Jia.i
II. f H.I I III.' k II M ; l;U - tl
:t it v. ti
v VIl U'f - ilr.
... !m n.;.i.r it... i,..ii 4.1
r. tunc.
tie i it-1 a! L: a'lMa!! dec!t,!vs hini to be
imo .v .ii u n -i iu iiiv i' ".'ti "i
frt.ls'ii ' t'tp
';; IS Ml U-A If Hit X't ! I.TCC
ilu! f-tr.t'r :n ! 'e a:ul e.s:.r!:--i I: jnt i.t" o:.
'li; rvi!ri,nl v.. ii fir.
Tim irt.t'i 't., 1 1 t. .tit ':f.i ctiv;.y oi U.a:;5;''i
p::rl s :l to hide h: iv'al dtKiua: His p-
aritii acl-'vi'y ssiia-'' am to his rtI olj-.'c:
Viirf luuviiip .li i v J.-iw o: I;tm. i v; ". s i,'i
.f 'i i ji in -iy l'(-tri w ii .idta wi. try .'ia t:,"j,s
It xvij i . i- i j' a Iv. ;..', v. ) tuH-i.l I i'.ii.i I.i::
(J..jwt. ii'iil '. ocwft-.i'u '.1:1.'; vh: t?! " eg.
with !., ;'oi:r as i.. 1 avai.,:t-t, 1 i.ik-
cyVc.cd i't-In'jti Mru: ,; crif, w ! a
batil.) t'.e!J m il k( on i.t lines t iiro ol I i
could Iiear.ily boant w.ia tib ex'raordin
j;inat ea t"iiec f hil'.od a-.ul w ov.nded. -Hence
I iecotiuu?.d that ltn. Ilosccratii ho
a'towed to contact) his luivierly diitutivi'v
. - .
--. V 7"-' v-v......v
rii.l-ii nrvrltl.t f I ni!int ti n I un I i.t a
aoy iiiril er rkmtlj
Bacl:tT !a-i pi-abablo bee.- sri to K.mt
Ten'iessee; atd v. nuy bo that rome troops
have goiiii with h:n. T.io report which ws
made a month aii-"j h is been repealed by the
rebel papers and h.Atc-d ponittvtly. . Kii;l
paperj which came hand Jiist evenitig say
that JJec1iini tj;o l as pasf.e.t 'lire" At
lanta goiii to reinioice Jo.niHt.ni, and that
Batiks trad crossci die AlisKinstpt at Kayot
c'a - a.
The im-TeHict! j r-va:U und in gcnerullj
cretlifcd that lhu 'g t as b'll few .rien at S.tei
byvilie. Ueti. Mitriilati i4 reported to have
stated in the council of war, held lait night,
that his scouts aud hj.ie tepcrtod tho lebei
lorco to btj not over 2y,00U. TLis is les.n titan
is generally acc'eJiied to Ifragg ; but tt is
certain t!ial tns foico ltai been materially d-ci-aaed.
,.Jlis known th.it M .t'.tw.i ru-1 U.-etl;
i:iiTidg. haw ' j tv Viifk or-. 'Jin ro nay
be otinrtH who I avo ymn, i"'. .-. ra t. iruned
Bragg would be in-i Iii. Iy to get rid of soon
est, as he. has t.o great adfi'iutiou'or 1 vo for
eu'ur the K'-n.tickiait or litiu-Ns.ciiii. If he
I. as s-.-iit any u'her than tlieni it ia not impm
b.ible ti:at it i-i Cheat ham. Witli--rs aid 0 c
btime a: favr. rites l 1ir.'g. It fi riot prol
able '.hat uiy other - !iv'.ni:iis t!ii nreckeii
rtdge'e aud A'.cCown's Uavo goi.e We thill
probab'y find at Shclbyvdle tho divibiona nl
vViibtrr, ttiealham, and Cieburue, and tho de
tachetl brigades id John II Jai knou and J
I'atton ALlcra.;.u. . Tho cavalry torceof iiraKiE
.H iiihi. i.ai y decreased als by tlo withdraw!'
ol a. li iniB Ql orref.tr) oi'tp-i, and the occu
pation ot the RtWi'it .on-ot .Morgan on the up
per Cuii.ber:ubd by Jacobs, and of toddy liy
Col. Do!f at Tu-temuiia. W.j i ray lind .";,
tUK) or -KMJUU n en t . fight in t-n r wo.Ilh at
l;lby vdlo or 1 uila'.iouia tnot ycobabiy the
la r.-r.
Tiure is a prpssuo tipu Uit,er:rati8 rota
Washington, and he has bucn ordered lo move
He yesterday 81-m out th iuvitatious whicii
ruru'.'.td in ttsc oui;cd. lie had called it to
gether to inhr hi ii'iiera'.i ot hi-, inte-.liotjS
:o a Ivanco a.ic nlorm 'iittn of hia plaiis.
What tii'iMi arc i w w d.Kjiiihiiicn to fcaru.
Uurjng the co::au.t ... !!ie Milject vi coi-Vt)
ftuco of raJont was o nt up, am) the ii.it. i
rnaliou waa gaiheit i I om Gtn. Meifn' le'.ter
! iliat tne xpei tetici l Hooket h .tl Min-wii tat
M l,l.l,lLrf.t unit .!.. .t.'r....... .rat. ......
j yuWtda) collll u c.m'llvrUb, vJnl t the
, r.)ttll)oll , lriOVC1 ,: fiUu
j : . .
Com. Jt-'ouMCKT v t. " Dash i'pcuking of
t'.ie two Confederate "spies" recant ly executed
by ordt.r of Kosecra-in, and army correspond
cut says :
(Jiton was a very handsome man. A pet.
Tcct blonde, ch-ar L-lu-feyes. tl.rid c-'..iphs ion
pieasin expretisioii ot tact, coniusd.'jding per
sou, grace tut adi.'reM, and a:cir-.plish(-d mau
nerr, he was emu-ci.t y calcutatfj fo n?-i.'ij an
ltiiprthrt.on anion: f.r inri rn. ivh repi'.laliou
ln'the at my w.11 lin: . f a h.vr hr.iit'i.-d. reck-
It-f M Rtil-lit r ol turlni f. Hi wn ?i ! 1 -. 1 jli '
,er was i.ttlo so.'id.Jv aborit Irtn. or bel nl.
H-s drcs wan fauU.evH'an l hinsiabli? Arabo
N.. man in Uk-aerviro si'rnr..;l lii.i an a
i hi, sttni-i. I oncu m'uihteJ tiio snlendid b'ac't !
I. ' I
ciiarg-T upon wi.ich !.o wrs caotured, att ! a
tt,..n..i. r.,i,.r . .. ,n.,t.:..n
poweis. ..una ow:; in .1 ;.'-'.t! o-ub-rrAr,stRO!.t as!
ihe in. Lie iiniimU, civrn .0 fl.lir Riidd -Iv
reared npotj !iit !i ii ii'-b-s anti wait 35 ?d prac---iully
down the sieec. 'i'bi tr Ihng teat are is
a s.jrt of key to Hte character of t te matei;
dating, alniwy, and perV -tiy athletic and man
iy. l'oor te'io' what w.- he ab-i-i' ?
lie did not 10 by an'horitV. What thc-n?
If it Wits Iiih mtt t ii Tj lo make hit way to
Europe, lie alleged iiMinteif, h took u rt:rafire
route. Why go by Kmnkh-. .' t y engage
III tl.rtt J aiiarttrntrt bumtieNM ? ; ku, e had
no gol.l uh tiiu to :uke tb j .n. nt v on'y
tew. l.iindrcii Cotfelraie I.him Strange,
strange, very strange. I c -nlW l. v i canno
un'avcl it.
There aro -'HiC hints of a in ure har l'y
pioper lobe diseiie-snd. They may b d'eca-s-ed.
They miy c inn out iu t'nie. I is Kofti
eient to say thai thy relate t.i ti e h.aft. In
deed, fr.ini much ii-a.l'ii ar.d .i i-ervafion. I
atui.-oitio In tliiM opini 11; that wherever j on:
friend is In g'eat trxsnLie. you mr safely e;
luire "Who jM tho woman?" There Ires the
po i.t I will make no raidx npon the gentler
s;'x. buc the facr, as stated, is true.
I may be enabled herr alter to tl row some
light ou thi dr-k subjt-c1
. ii i ... t . - .i .. . t i. . . ' i- . .i . .
I fVnn Hie llichiov: Wiii?.
j tJ .r nl Kwrtl.
r.ur'" in vn ivjr. w.-.-1 a c wivht or rirf's ry
airy, l act a, ny .1
r '-cva.le V -rnun. ca-hr.1 t
curicj. J'.nj0.i it 5fa;-r h k jrU, ai:u hi di-mi .
b t;i 1 1 ki0 ...k ; j. ' i i' c-i.il-y. Ai Uni j
-ut n i itii-:ii i i i!il diit. Tit h'H, ,.n, I
i a rt intMi ti ,.!-! ii "i, I'll !; ;' aii' ct frx j
y n ir, n wr v.ji.t r.i'. .-i'li m, rii n?a tii"u. Thu
j '.ii'l'.-uMn w.it ic-iu.i.y ed. Ihtivj Mulled out j
! i.iio Kuriiijii'. on ' n .nvsu i, r .! In: him uoa -iiej. i
1 t-w Uu.eflce!a. h no d til t,i fril ' o' the at net
j i"?ry K"'aH:"u,id b!jl-
e in v it lio,i--,;.i,t;-
lo.c (Z iii.y iiu b :a.-op ';
- i'f(; mi c ttrr.
::i . lh.r 'Tiv ii Md."1' 1'iaii I
Mi'ry. J"; -y t il. . j i in; : ; l r ,
ti It; 4 otiv n- I
J M-:i::? n;n
iii fin :y i" jdj. t.it iia-.c v.m rwc.:.
! i Ji.,i lieXk ll t l liMil, UM r--Jii-'lu. I vril
io.i:,.il.-i' a tiijr il s ol lit-jr1 d ii i,i a
. a;-
i'H -.ii
.-i. r '!-; ui'i e ir .M.-t.it -.a- w-j t ... .,, i K.ve.i f
n'Oue v. 1 a.-Ne' ,.m,m-. V:i -i i:-s i nr.". ;,i ;n i'
Ukiiilinn. r.i u .i4 In n:.i ij , ,i !i.. u .. '
Uj! HiC p: v., ' vi i
i r. J i ml I.iiM whi a ! i l ,- :
li i i In. .hoi! in ncfivt r.. I' if, i.i. ?fiit ,.(
: '-" rty, wiioin t.i .it i.i c:-; Ii'.i c:;ti.'i
, .f, , . . t
s ((I'm c.id hi nits it:iry, ii;-e im aa
rtt.i.iri.i hi hi) mutt a u if-iM m.'ti i n . :i u en: .
r. ut n'l.au.jt,. Wit. a cutii'o aa.i O.f. 11.',
. i-MV . I .lit tiui -ii. iint s v i-v-t-i. u;in-v;;. 11
alone, Jk-.-n, it u- miv.,.o n.;. taking n ta.i
:i ii.
J.t tne o.iici ar'ii:n.i ti'a'aoa : a? .p. n-i
Dat Al i;i-4..- Kv.:i, -y.-i.r ) .S-tt, I -1 t- I N'. -
.rf--..l- .'. - .ijiri'i: vit- .1 I. I i. A. M f'lHM'. il
w.n . ! y vu.i : ,:r.; hi. :c.T . i t- ti t'S
f-i.i'.e . .in nitrrt'ijii n iv.nit ,1 1 u;tn.i
:kh.- ii-'AUa
tia n I,
I'l.l'.J ' I i l.lriitMiii. . u t l lid! m tl.. W
w..- uu. roo i.. ..ti; i'i, .t l.:::.. i. ne vi!'. i'it
vM!'. 1 -it-. ,..
.ver me o.. ia -t; ; u . t a .-n c isitt .i; in.i. mi..
l-r t. 'il li.lit vin.e i.i j;: ij li. ti tiet.I, mc.lC.t iMeiMi,
iiul rfii'i,i ;.itstwor v'.'i.- .1 liii ti:'.; iii fjiia.! n' tde
a-., in ie-i me V.r !;;... ..urn.' a ehot.-e ol : i o
itinoula. i.s it lurtuo lj-.eu:t-ujit. UciHial. l-e
miuH -iu i.'S f.'u .1 ji-n: e iu ai ii oy iiiacitl In n ia tlie
vnoi luvg'eat iu.w.J luoremeui iiuw : ei;
cti.cd, aud wa :u m u ki. ;u iil.-t uu.baKi kj'j-!cu-iK'iioi
Nativ ity lu-tija-u tu hi u tin? j?W n nU.-ut-m
wiitc jei e.. tiomr ict re Ki.-w t iae c itia.'m-e nf
h. wji luc ft.e t t '. i- ).-. iiiicj- Kiievi. Ke I
Km.5 ntu J . u, 4. , -v t . . flaunt, all ot Mrliuai
uktc kceu hvvo.e y tv .itu.u-ii lt.tre tinea uj lou Vjt
ut ci'4 ,11 iiu.r. ue i;c o .'jut s.b)at brx.114
.on ell it. 'l'tnir ai.!ieVtV'X(Mi4 il W 1 ichoiM- iire
j.rut.tire (u-i tuey aih car.y u cu ia ltuucra'i Ja- k
..u' K jy. hut. It-t it uol be lu B'u lou l.it t tit--Vt.
hltiiui. uatr me. I i.eiv wua hu. a ti tho -a or '
tit in Lent '.-.I t t-tj a own wucd -ot. irixy trutn
.l'(er M e l..-.jf iue (ii . o .1:1 t.i.,n
lUe vi.t iru 1 j.i Wiactitf rr anj uerryvl le have!
iMta 1 1 prt .or t.e li v.i l.iuoo,' tlie Hrit-e t.'etii-.ai '
tut:fjtoui.ujiaiiiiin. we n.y cuuUl.-c vuai um uv
cu.iit.u u: exk'ut oJ one- jiat ul tUPH iialttV. fe tal
Jii?.l. im t A a l-fn-loii y ait.liliMl. '1'tir -f ,..ii. 1
Ucr in lue t;ll will, wj ln-.,, tvs noj JHleJ by lulki
n.t:ai:ii-ii;-. li 1 k 111.1 i-jjr, m ar;iitoi,t.l leg, ii.Jcre.t
iwiiue 111 iiilti. ag-j, eve ai Is (-.tLf-rat Kaclln arttvl la
laetuyOl I'n l-.le u.i. urnl lul tic oijjjt of tUc
lunratU uioV(Uicj. ut i.e;' moiy i tu out.lu the
Tht- Alr.H'.ou nil 1. m ti ily . llt- t'tit my.
The following Iili.rrhvs bet n tucei ii by
t'jo Wur -p... iretit. ..iu.. j-a'o. uiici. l-a the
world tiny know tli3 iufairy of the artocd dc-111-ias
who are low invadltg oar iai d. I;
t.:i(ts td'aost im-.' jssible lo couccivo Ilia:
oe.ngs tn human lo.ui could have been i.it iit!
so brutal and bo fiendish, as to treat with iu
dignity ti'i emaciated and djiug lady, ami
then' deliberately f.ie ths bou 3 aod lonsign
her to tne ilanies! Vet, hero is official prool
of the fact, ollijially given to tins world:
' JnckHoi'i. Miss , Msv 2.", IS53. f
Cot. Jl. .ST. Eirell, A. A. Gnrat:
Colonel I desire, respectfully, through the
proper channel, to br'n; liefore the Secretary
of War llto'particulars of a gross iudecency.
and an nuer d-sregard of tne c'j is ot nutnati-
ity, pcrpeiialfd by the fores ot 2wjor (ten
U. S. Cirant whi.lst iu poHses.sion of the city-of
I am the A. A. Uenersi ot aiai. ien. -s
Division, and was absent lioni thin cMy and
on duty with '5i coin-nand. l.etwoen ':iklurg
and lite H'g IS'ack riw. when iho 1'iiiteii
Stares forces became pypsenscd of the ci.y ol
Jaclcunu. My lamily, coi Rtitg of my wi.'e
and two little h'!dnn, were (bi'oicded at the
Cottfedera'.e House a bo t-l kept for public
euvi tArmneit by K'ci'ardO. FM wards.
My w te was iieiploss. be''g conHned lo lur
bed in tbe Iae.t rtars of pnhnonaiy oiit.t'mp
.io'i given over by phys'i-'aiis in beyond the
fa'.-li of ni'Hiical k 1 i . Tlio other fain:'.c-
and transient bcar.lfrs at tho hotel, toge.ltcr
with i-s pi" iprietor, left as tiii cietiiy's forces
canie iu am) took posson'rion, ami my own lam
ily wero th sole oeeuonuts left ol thone ho
ot riiit IipIh getl tlui.-.
AIt;r viola ing th: 1 riva-y of .ny bed c'.iani
her. scai clri'g mv b ijrgasco and pap.trs. aud
tre.vitig wuli con' r-mpt .'.io entreaties t, u v
.lying wife, hi m vi b.doii'in to the Cui-ed !
tales f -rcvK deliberately app'icl di- tt
:he biiihlii-g i.i s-.-er.il plat r, 'm Li-';
apa tu -nts i'niiie.,'.itf..e onea It um.; iirme !
a'ely al'ove llu.t in wun h ihe wan Iv!: ' help
lty :'jc m-' at 'ivc cxVi-lioti only my n-r-
U!i! Hiai'iVi'J i:i '."'Mii'L' til . crVK-fh '.vt..
:'.' s. and my w:.'e was lififi! o-i! ..1" ;i
- . .
ji.-g whi! it-aas beirg b irnt t t'ne
g 1 in d, :i-i1 11 tli-s U'ltier al.'iie wae sue atii
; h r ntin iir rd mv faia 'v t-'aved iro-n .;m-
n'!i!i:.."i-s (i! n builal enemy. I dec. nee it
tiy .in y. a an oihcer in tlie pr-rvii;. t.i .no
C.hi'i -it-racj. to lay this (-tatemeiit be ft -re tt.e
proper ueiai'.uiciit. Very rcspec-.icby.
M.ijor and A. A. Ueneri 1.'
rsfsoxERs Tl-c Adurnisfration has leer
ni.uh autioved by a U'ee, more e. nest tlian
ji'diuious, in regard l riiia'iai.'oii. Twoyeate
Having elap-eil aii.ro !iis Kyuiem ot adviFMtg
was put in prat-.iee on 1 no rts,J a having foi
lowed, it Would be impioper now to diacon
tiuue it. Tho Ao'iirniairaiicu has no especial
love far prisoner; tliey aie not amious to see
ilicm ren ; th y tlo no. tare even to incur the
cost ot titur.pirtutioh. Pi '"soners se nt here
must of lod'se bo diKp.iscd of iu accordance
with the T(;nla i-u.H o! thecal tel. fVihcnvrc
taken i" bat le .it .bi .o bi ond v ill be jiO(-(-r
ycirdft r. 1'iiM.iiiH .aiijh'. in the act I
.ieh. r n:r. p. iv.i e pi ;,...ny a-i-i .a-tii-uiarly
brutia, be Mi'noy, niay be iii. it ot ah
t c;r captoie thirk fit.' If they i.r vi-r reach
(ichmo.irl, c.ip. Tii.-f.er of t-ie I.tbby piiaou
ir i 1 ot tie r tTtinded. If thej disappear en
tirely, tho Government win not iustitote
eearch for them. Jiicniitond TVJtig.
.. ,u ' t '"i u-.i-'t wt i iv i.ui i v iiire in n ..iii
Assorintetl Prcs DispHchss.
1 J"Jt;!
ircr.fxrox, la.
u-.j.i:..:::-ji i t!i" (.tio!i;i-A .
lvvolk kvacuatkd.
Lctr frcni Gei. Iec t? Coa. Stewart.
I f.M J l ! -M V ! V StT 1 1 f I
I :!: V'H::-..uur. UVd-ifsiUy, r..!ii t'.it ' . u-n
; 7
!-( t ' -uS"-. ! hi :.u:t -n ;te ct ::r till .!.. TU
r it-icrnl ln.e.l four hoar. Hj eirapi td.-j.i-j'i
1 1- ir li'iei .I.i -1114 t:." noli 1. Ho k i ti thry ' re-iiiU-d
t!a 'i.'ary 1o.h. V .1.1 1,n J t!:nr-t .-a I b-w-i
m .u.doit fur i-Je. H-ijii tii a-u't rnt ait
v:Kf,-"oa i f finj- ptr-Cf !i. Th 1 r i ol ta 1- ny
ai eoninSi-t". Th 1n: -Pi'-u! ivtcM. rj.'i flats
LOthing iml'ier of SiJinli' ti lit.
0-T"J,tt'i "S. Ileatry CtL; a thi
no. o'.-i 1 mar t'..titjn. La., j?-3 1 1 bit conil ct
litneeu .yen'a a 1 J a p iriioi o Biuki'unny.
11 ihi.i.st j, Jiiia '.:). We lera t'nJ theri r
ei(iit.re'n,.'n of the v.iony oa iwr c uit hi. vi.u
Poi.'y iu ! san ik't I.UnJ.t. Th- ie t.,t m it. j
f ir tupp-nt? t-?it aiy Yiukrc t.-.m.M bci.lt;. l'j.tr"
rvii f rt.i6?cats b:.v 'irn ron..vfJ I'iui t'iU J;irt
tn-Tit. Is trny bi tl:ct -i.iue ( Kp.ts r'a mn biv
lcn sect fioin Xuith Card in ti rriafjrco ISiak.
ntciisoKP. Jnae S3 Sixteen baadrsd priajner.
iac 'tulinfr 2'W (.flicr, arrived here t-dy tiotn Wlni
-bter. Notbiig by the CeoU-al traia n ji ta thii P. M.
F icrt40Kt, Jiia C3. TclfVinUU rnm-nantcatiua
tJ KaoxrJ!o by it Vet . ' re-et'.'ab'Nhej.
It lrejnri!j hatfi-Tiik cracmlrJ ai 1 birr.t
jt.y tbe yaasrei fraertl iy.
Atni ore tbmnard lecrta wcrtik-i at Via.
heater ; al a ituirlxr of tttiia w were kftlla;
the yaakees.
X h-tter from Ie ts Btiia-t. cini;iLmeQ'.lng tio
latter .T tbe Hkil'al rooremeat of troo? at the Kt
tic or Urin-ly Station, -ny the remit: .f tho at-tin
ral' .forth our rratffol thank t Almiifhty Got us I
I bhot crhb'a alike to,tlic ofliee m amt mn
(1ik(, Jutif H.-A courir from Kilrti rcu.ir.
t'tlly,)imc p'.uretl. reir;Chat m. S,uJy. f. 11.
fo.K"' t.'aii 02 watttti if Cou.Tii4i.iy st-jiM
Cti mu. ."0 Yar. !. and 3? aroe. Ki.e ne-crura
im; nne 1 nJ:c? pr.xiarr mt'vc-J bcro thi P. V. frarn
'"it ton. ' .
A priva&s letter Irura Nev Orleia reM. la terribl
oitsUlity aaioag Iba Ptd.-raU ibre. AJtaepoWlc
Aui aiaoy of iky private, h .mm are oavorted iut
JiCKxi.ir.Juie 21 Sp:iI arirats loitirt, m;ied
hoiii Vifkobtirg or ths 17th stale '.hi', tir u'.oii.t l-l-ins
of (O'lfl-lt nee . xtn in tbf'r ab l tyti redt any
a? r i-jlt, and trnt -jarit'.irf nn. in-KiUng Wedne
dKj'ti2;h . ia 12.7, Aunic tht Viiied ae Col. 0r
rett and C Jl'tiin tk-u'.J, ot thr iK-th Albtjama. The
thot from trant'a batttriea ucvr iajurfd any otw.
Many r, ov.-r th city ail j.'ur- iutu the rirer.
Even the Udte ci:ni out " " haie at n'ir'it to
wPicm Hie becibardiat-ut, ahtt-h is rire uted at
b 'injr perfc-ctly jrtai'i.
All c incur in til K't:nti.t tiat tie carrinog In.
baiutilully mpplnfJ with iroviilaan, a&d InU rtoj
are it 11 baud. Heavy Iii i ij ww heard in that direc
kit at ten o'tlnck 1 (at .iKit, aid .i 1 cjutionet thi
FOT ! I.O.M ! -f)n ;r 1 U ml tf.e 1Mb but., my
J tn re let tin C'lmp n' t n- 3M T.-nK- II -rnet.
(itrowa i Br-ii;d.-. Strar.' l.ri-tun. II trdi-e'a
-.'ii.pt um,' Wurtrai-e, Te:in-f Hi bat bfn h.'ard
'it nr.ly u-. e iiie. ti wt t!i-i at or war Wsrtra ,
ini h.wi d.HiMieiu oiea tn up liy ine odler or
toMicr. Horipil-m: ail b irie I'lMt'k. fall mxten
haida bis'i, 4 r Tt )er o!d, wtl f irmed, tioe cr-rii-e,
aatl 'iimi t'ns wliae . c nl Jrr d a flat troiw,
vhhjI t tMII, v aboard if mi.vt-y.
1 vii tbent . :lf, at the tnoo h left, and ana yet
Hick, to.-illiieJ to my tir.1. A.ttr iut-irm ('ion cuncera
nir bit wherabout will b .11 t ttutitirully rerciveJ,
an I a lib-ral reward Td to any oaf nm-utmir im. or
rctutnina Inni to hit ltriue t. .( tl.lri-t M j. Mc-
(inr. .t'ZJ Tenn't-ei Uriinjut. Mt ue tn U'hnriit-d
t. 1 t-.-iv-and r-t---.t I ir thi h 'rt-, l i rnjr ilniiii-r,
jcJ iy aty uu! li tx 'net!nr -iriiry m', I inr.
ju2J Tt f.t. Cut. 32.1 T-vi. lWt.
!i.iV !.t '.r mi:iid rln f iVih'w-
i.v .1. t' "":. M..rt.n.
lr- I I a ...
Ni-tit tu-n : iiner-t" tiria?
a.vi-b'' 1 1 ii- t r (iltj) mie
X lI'LUK, J4 d Jillll.V l.-t.
is' l.iS ifr-t ror
'v t- 'ita'tt t.y )
n a.i.e
A. Piiimt. MvitiiV't 1 n
I for (f.Ti ) lr.i . ,-..i'i!v t ,v,-n!yi,( .!...a.,
l"t.?! l::.-rrrt ir-.,-n u' . a cric.t tht-r.-on rn ..r'y
I I :i n..; (Jr tWn ,.- 'frr.,n Vnxl.'V. rllt'o ll
1 :i.- '-r (; ) Kiv-v tl ia:il Jii-irir l. imii.
i-j,nin, .iiVit-..' ir m ta.e, will
'!.if "y .." i! h. l'it.i ,. r.
ueji. of (iJj
tin .baft .in J im i. McVmoM.i'f farri'l ciua'y,
Vi iwi. 'nr ii.l O) n.tyi:ir.e !ni-i.r.?J do! mn.
.it-V ! A'. IV. llttii.ry. ail .y J,'.t.i coJ -J tu
'i'-: ..i l -lm.'t m ( ., i St b-it ir. It. tiii .V l.,
.Nea-iu,eiM, a:.,I d u rettea.U r lv;I, aaj daa
l.t'i Mv .f INr.-h
O . ut'f rrawn h,- W. V, . J) i(y, .r (1) f jrty
.-M ti ! tif . ,.a nt.it to ii.e. aj.l tit'vd NAtvh lt
l.f l:ie iivir iii.Ti xi J.-al! a.J u t-i be li it
Im-i i. tr.t.k l '.iy me. an. I a sm.v wy jr-.;ert , aud
'' it mt ure -rtun - it - J n t tufal t-r ' theij. a-j 1
the payer are n i:i -u u .t l j.ay .he a if prrn iited.
T. t". KAXKS,
JU21-2 Cu;njur.y ll,32d Tvao. i;-R.
jOTirF. l-'.-.tTi ami ir ;iie 2';h Jai intatit
i.v Om riltiji Tnii.i .ViUisoed f ri'M tube
cit oi" HecemtM- Im.2. i; mm i leceived oa deuok
:e or in p.. u um r r n 1,1, thrt. bihk.
II aw o: I'onirr ti.-, tinj; the '"ending or
Iietunry Mih-m iut1-ra I. ')ure Lere saiy, aa it
u oiiUct Hint nur .be ol Aueut next Ibeae
aott-a ran-'ol he i-.tp lei.
J- A. KiriKtt. Ch. Rank or Tenaartee.
W. t). t-ULi-'iOX.Ca.h. Bauaof CbnUancra.
J 03 tin
OIIKItlrKSS.Al.ri.K h Xt. a U-dne- t-. an
' t.tilero: ile. S4Ro,1 it.ei li.e I i,'-41 (, t jra
tao . juaj iett.1 ih-jS. i vi:t 4uSv itm Me.i.aibe
. ...ii II ..in- in t h.-i'iifnb tiie tSvsMMi iii.tfa i.r
. :h. .in Tinwir lh July. l-nl,.l:e nunb ball ut. lot
No. 34. au Walnut utTctt, levied upun as tbe pioseny
of John It layi. t, to Mtly mtt order ol aaJe and
coat io favor el Vaughn A Son.
juntr. lawtw II. B. COULTEB, Sheriff.

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