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The Chattanooga Daily Rebel. (Chattanooga, Tenn.) 1862-1864, June 25, 1863, Image 2

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Attack on IviioiTlllr Illllu.aI 'I'a- -
lady, formerly a resident of this city, who
jj.t returned from a. visit to Knoxvillo, at
Li rdacft h vii nnimimtnf hsn Carter
ticilars and incident of the late li.-'ht. I:
ears inav jaw pesopitj oi nci4iiiio woic uv
irizsdoftho neighborhood of tlie Raiders.
til thev had aonroached to 'within a very
. . . - - " rt m
lit it sb. t :ai t in ii m itiiv- a uiiiii: .. o a c-a a -
r.Tiotss at Lenoir ts, me wires ima orrii tui mm
. - r
that point. Bat little preparation bad beer
- i . . n
A-0 1 J Ui.l'UT, H ;u I - was mi;i; " "
van kr.on that the Yai-Lccs were, cer
J-.t .1 .T ...... 4 1 m at a irr. nfrnn1l
r tltftuts, vert l.urricd.7 got in read -
a 1. S
. 1 ..ni.iiIlAlirn - ,miirlPH X'a It'll
i the. ximra.li nrvi.MP fir which General
iieknor was wcBcnf. as ue are :inormea. ana
w a
t , ,
e was afterwards ca'.'.td euddetil away t?
- ' . a . t
.niton, and llie nseauii ws aiieospieu in dm
. --'
There were no troop in the pV.ce. except a
r ...1 . at. . a I . .a. .....
.1. I lll'l l. M 1 IT ITIICIIl. W UUIl L1IC SaV A 1 da V. XV U 0
first made, and the lew efficera icu.aini.1;: iti
Will vll J, ' 1 wt i . iuviu-
er wth tLe ci'.izeiiB, na..ncd the DitU.y cl
eight guns which were placed in good poni
tio on the hilln adjicoi't, and aleo sliouhUtrc-i
llittir niIihVIk And imi(i llim wifli vt.ti:
feet in the hcroiu defouu-i.
A j ouiig oflioer, nnai"d Arrastroajr, who was
"topping with Lis f:u:iily near the city, cuue
i, to town ou the mornU'g of tlio 'ttc,Brtl
hearing ot the advaixo of the enemj, retard
ed hou.e, ohanged Ilia o&cere ilxtm for tliat of
a citizen, returned to the cit and went iv
aniotigst llie yankeee, to whom he represeuttexl
himself an a "fricod" and Union wan, and five
them wroug direction how the city might be
approached, and to mislead theia from attack
ing it at its most vnlnorable pciot. . To this
artifice, perhaps, as mnch as to the heroic de
fei.ee of the place, ia Enoxville- ir.dehtcd for
its ealvatioa. .
Oiiring the actio a Mts. TVrzjvint, lady of
Capt. Trecevant of New Orleans, who waa tem
porarily sojourning iu Knoxville, received a
Iainful woqnd in the right ehpnlder, from the
f.agmcnt of a fiholl .fiied by ttio enemy. A
lady, whose two little children were playing
about the garden w"uh,tiia liaiteeflneie charao,
Juristic of their age, ran oat immediately to
bring them into the bonne, when a shell from
the cnemy'e battery exploded in tbe midat of
the innocent group and killed all. three. .Sue
had but just gathered one o." 'hela in her arms
a-.! wf jhtbe act of reach oat li-r hand
to grafip tiio other. Cnpt. McClunjj, who a
k'I'c i, had bo'h legs torn aw- y ,y a shell and
only on j A tho mangled limbs waa aft or war Is
Dufoie reaching tho city, a p'i-tion of DIrd '
men approached i ho ree den.-c of Dr. I'atvey
lUker, an estimable cit-zen of Knox County
hen three of the acoucdreld presemed their
nunkete at his head. Tliliev'oig that thoy Li
tended to kill him, Dr. II , if stii:cti veiy drew
liis revolver and fired into the g.oop, when
th'jy fitrly riddled him wit'i bil!s,.a;id after
wards bayonctted h'm. We are in'ormed that
i he Sends also dragged him av.ut the fl-vr,
w'-ii'i his wife, frantic with fief.WAs cUngios
to h: li'eles corpa and imploring fi'ieirmetcy
Itii slid tht Col.'B'r l apo'oj'z'd f.or ' ii 1b b'.-: .
rid crud'fy. Bill ho ww soTy.eto., and o-.It.--e J
liii nun away. It is t;io.i,!it the rnavder was
instigated by a portion of tho lirown'ow faml.
ly, who accompaincd the expedition, and h
tween whom and Dr. Baker, it. was averred r--i
o'd lamilv feud or r 'itical Krudre fxlpit-J. In
amor g a few of the hnnih'e ii ':i p
Thee are an
d.-n; of the raJJ'. We hear no'iiin x .f 'I'al
w:,eruah )ii!8 of tho ra:!ci ipim ni'nlnr-.i
I irther than what has already b-.e:j niei-i.-ned
hi tlio lirloraj'liic accoiuits. .
(It Kp.Rti.i.AS ix Lawiiknci: CursTYi
Tn-KV A correspondent wti ! t!ic Jl.h
ii.Bt from Liwrenee -couuiy, Kontucj f pay :
Two hundred i c!il soMiers .i-ie N H?id -
n.JVMe yestcri ay. w.v toiyt t:i.) !pot at
ew li ivcn a'l'l iram or ears. 1 :iu t'! o
day trit-re aro over two hundred of tho devMs.
ft HHillc isin Larno conn:y, tir.e n:!t-a of
BaX.The tJalveston Texas News (prbl'shed
at Hot'ston,) of t!ip 2()th May, has 'arnounce
in 'T of Genl I'.enrj' E. McCirloch, General
Thon.a J. Chambers und Lf. John M. Croclc-t
as cardidatcs for tiovernof a'.so Gen. John A
Warton is announce' as a candicVc for Coiit
t-rvet, firm the "d D'Ptrict.
:).- If the Yankee "raiders" get ior--
.fii tf the copies of our paper intended ft r
;r Katcrn subscribers, alill onr repiitalic!!
f.r enterprise suH'-.ts .nothing. As the Hiber
nian who turns ihe Uebcl Ib-c PreF3 wheel
would ray : He de powers, we still fornMi
Io lafeft 'i formashin to our rat:s.".
-y Gen. McClc'L'i 1 .w c ;nph-u j h;s ;
port cf a'l h:s military one. t. ions on the I'o
to'nac. It wii! tnako rjuito an exiei-sive d-tc-nnr-vit.
HI .fiirii;l ni-errt triat it will apnwer,
thro-i;'i ofii i;tl documents. m..iy nnp'easat t
thn:H tli3f have been alleged n.tinst -Am.
IJ- A Yaikee paper says "it has been
bruitt d ubtitu that Lt-njamiu F. Butler will be
M-ini: att-d by the AbuIitiouisTs for Govcraor
of Massachusetts." If it is .as badly "bruited
about" as the nominee, himself, there must be
tipmo' Irnth in it. '
ftay If we are too frU.ment'y cur.el wi.h
Yankee raiders, it is because w;e don't puiiisL
)x9sx enough fcr nj-kiig their in-ctir,ione.
Col. E V. Co!?, Superintendent and Mana
Z&r of the N&Rh ville and Chatlan.50ga lUilfnd,
who has tceii abent at lloiitviiU Sprir:pi
Kant Tennecsee, for a brief respito from tiV:
cia! aervico aud for t .e restcratioii tf h
hcJih.returLcd to lhiicity last rveuiug. Dur
ing his abnetco, the onerous and responsible
Juties of his olTis, hare been ufficieutly su
pervised by Mj.;f Jolin T. Whaling, A'et
Su.'t. of tie Road. Cl. C. confirms tho re
port of tho attack by Gen. Scott upon the
raiders and the capture of two of their fioh!
pitces. Th celebrated Major St. Lcger Grenfe't, o'
British Dfg;on and Confedeiate Guerilla
fame, is stopping at the Spencer Hour.
Col. CharJea ). Taxot), :. the veteran or
the Claikbi:Io VtehR, i3 a, preset s-ijouriiinp
in Cl-attanix gu.
J. 11. Birric:, Es. , 'ha J'yet, anived htie a
few days elice, and is slopping ai ihe Spet cei.
Judge Ciiruthers left tho city a few-da
since for a br.ef vinir io the froi:t, vja Han's-
villo and ShMTyvil!c.
C?-'A facotiotis bntsetaible correspendetit
paya tho Teniws?ee boys, are so badiy drilled
they poaliively do not know how to make an
-about face ' when they get into a fight, and
vovIJa'I if ihey f nt tc hois !
Henry Clay t)eati, the grea t. orator oi
Iowa vha was 'kcd of as a candidaie for
Covei pc, was ne'ized on tbe lTtti ot., a li Vl-h-nJigltcfin,
and 6cnt to Miesoori, to be trie I
by drum head court mart:al.
Ktffe. The Louisville Democrat . ikes the
following prlineal enqu'ry: "Is it not givirg
ad and comfort to the rebellion to put Hooker
orwavd to fight Lee?" Yes! or any ether
tam Hon C L. Va'land'gbaTn took iiit
patture frcm aCoffisderate port Tuesday n
fast, and it is krown that he got safely to .
fie is desl'f.cl for n Brif:sh West T.i4' .
II'. Landaeer, the famot'8 paiotar,
cont'ly waylaid by some English younj . ..
and made to daw a sketch of a dc- (or .
fancy fair. Th at tch aold for SSOO.
ftt? Sevtn wopnded men were bro;'g,.it to
Nashville on Monday, ah, whila on- a scont
on Snnday, the !4llt, were attack .d by a f -y
of guetr.niaa, in ambush, at Silvt r -?pri.'gs.
jKafWe learn by a prtvafo l?tfr ' o .
Spring-nil!, Tern., that Gen. Forreft i . y
recovering frem.the wonod lie rec-intly rcr iv
gd,r.rdw?M be in 1he saddla again in -i .3ie
ry- Cc' Cl tV -T. Paine, whose death in
battle baa been announced, waa a great grand
son ot Robert Tvcat Paine, whose honored
nami appeal among the sig jers of (he Decla
ration of independence. .
' Hold ITrouf'in a p-3.:a' ccrnmonica
tion; 'ifj'geets that we change tho name of
Lioc Vs Don-ain, and caU it "The Ernest
Government ire world ever faw."
The Atlanta Confederacy eays a negro
belonging to Xfr. Clay of Walton county, waa
hung at Monroe on Satmday last, having been
convicted of corpmitting a rape on a litt'e grl
"C?T).- Tho Chioago journals cootain a revined
list of teat ly three coluuns of the killed and
wounded before VicksLnig.
A Qcevtion Axswerkd Iieferriug to the
n9i of tho At'tnta, the Xf.tcri ConleJcra'.e
propotndg the Oijtvry : .
"Ah 'Ve editor of vhe. Heptdiioan is a men
,,er "f of he I'less AF?oc;aiion, we
wjuM r?Kpeci n'lv cwju're . wliy Mich new a
w.s not s'.nt forward yesterday o- 'ast n::j;ht,
a(C'irl'ii-.(r to. vhe rules ant' .egn'al'oKr? " .
We ans-wer ,1 at the rows wis dee)ia'cbcd
p:-mn.plly by V, o'clock of ihe mo o'ng iho dls
rxstcr occiv.-ed, and if it fai'ed. io reaoii our
'nrei!ren ol tho i?tes3 it was ts'iiply because it
e;cotiii.erej mido loo'-sh ft-w.ary obstacle
:'ter leaving ihi city. S'iv Jiepub.
CiuiT" Tlio flubj-lined advertisement from the
Oiio h (Wis.) ilflviow. gives a'litthi light up
i n fli i !a!o of things whic'j y rtaioablv
be expecti d aftsr subjngatioti : . .
"Wanted, Dy a respe-ctahh. colored famllv.
a i rvjm, inieiiieut wni'e girl in serve in tlie
capacity of ho'.ie 6crva;it. Such a gii 1 will be
paid good ware and treated as one. of the
f. mily. Kt-feroncJ as to honeKtv and intelii
irciice re!p;ue(l. AdJrcsa X. Y. 'A, Oikoh
Ef5U The Loi:svllla Democrat of the IS. h
says :
If tho CanfotUrale army goes into Pom tlva
uia, they have a terrible example to Je. .v in
ihcjr cordnct. Th-3 CA-pcdoious fr.-" i
deriit'aiion and vasie that have go.io ilir. ,
hot.m localities iu the Soudi, rnav liud i--
tors now. to e cost of loyat men in tl . Old
Iwys'.ono. e hope the rebels wi" ,ol
..t i .
mw ii.mc uui';i-uhb exaujp:eH. l.e . on t
tiepetid much nfin tier virtue ; that not
... I . . . ...
nta'i'4 tiiiit.ii i -s.ii-i -tuu'.i , Din wo I'l" I'.-V
are smart. 'and it ia tlie part of w;m1. i .
indulge I l such pructicew, even to re-i.-.liiv.c.
De.trictivk Fire A pur Hon" of .he wv. -Bhops
at Mou'it Airy, near Peiersbt- 'n
gin:a, belonicinr to'th Petcrabiirc ,
coinpat.y, were 'lesiroyed by iii o u the oili
uiMai i. .i nc eMunaieu loss ,t-iwe 1 1 . . vc
.1.... ...I . J 3. ' I . 1 1 . I
imiuNuu ui'tj ii-ircu tuctTsat-il o :X
....... jf j ill! i prt-R . mo-
ioei.1, in tacr, t.:ere arebnt two obs.i miiona.
to tho free ruv gatson of tl. ' Mississippi river.
One of thupe is the Confederate armv t
I other is the F! pri rf '
is bnl pariiaMy covered by iinr.ai,ce. A . ' " . i 1 .7 ' ''JS " ?"
nil. i.i !iiii.T miii ... 1 .n-Wsaj bj booth comaierced with. 1
uaaAv a-rtav.- HIU, ntlll BUU1C III.H .M.'i ' . PV llT t a
w.a.Uo Wrf,r.'a- nl..v i, . r L. V ' 3: e trj .,g to arrive at a great gener
several new bcx car. isi Si. '.oin. " 'y. tt'C ' " r"- AiL"ieT
- i.ave i- t.. eiiii.ei.ts. li)
Ci.fip,ndnce ChattAnoo.;aRe'
! t.l'as'"pi :o a'i "ppoal M ot I noticed uo'
! k ..c. ivycL'r paper, 8uhc::in cua'ribu-
. fo'' iiie New I); lo:i', ex'ins, 1 M." J.you
die enc-sc-l 1'tJe poem, 1 tii.; n inay be
u;:;,s.: -j ct" iiLcr;ility to tmr liiuneroiiM
readers, .-l' at tbe Fiiue time merit yotir ap
pi.:ia;i( n. Your mortt rcppcc'.i'u'ly,
L L. L
ll. lllllr. l'otli.Uli.
Aai Inc'v civ , co albo shall je ic- tire."
Cuce ttvrt was ltt!e fonnUIn,
Sailing la J.idUut mnua'aSo
?aiiiij; like a iLrcrtJ cf itilt er tli:uiiii tbe CJjta
ll.'u k and Rreei ;
' .wru: l.i i healLj.FiiI ' Jut,
Ilarijijr ia itt wurtliy dutj,
With lirk'.lag fjel t bore its tiibute t the ! V
lijtpij tb-en. .
The fl jwors it nouti-h-if anJ blcsted It,
HuulitoiES thr-j'jb tbe trtesart!.d it,
3 rJ s:j:t i a' il iida cf -ve and rai !d fort'u
ii? irri;ii.)i.n j't ist. ;
'1 '. wtrurj' N-irf ved niu.-Sit iitij r
L;j"ii i: l a'ik,thi R:t( i riiikr :
-'uranur l-recz ; gjnt'y LU-r,i it.knd U- re k ' frh-
Tb!! it (rlide-1,Y!.-d end tlca-iipf.
EnLii'K -a ia cou-.kj t!io iivrr, c.i'.in tre.tauica la
TU is it m ;t wita cord al we .-j-xc.
lijrurt u.it in iu-;e-i .t)j i-"L;
Clca tcceivd it ort ibeir Ui ju-., en 1 Kor.lb winJi
b-rii tbi-.ii tar awj .
Ibcy pan el above the ?crr moca.iin
''hire m 'mu iti It lei uuU n
Tbcy t !(! tb.r -tarLJm ru; l; Liir'TiIrjf, nnd
j.o it!l a grateuii Uptiui dvn ;
, A bo tbe Ui U niid inuiid mwj lunUut,
." .. i. .1 ileli-epa aad ii:rer fmntti,
Won a i hapN-t of TU ia-.ii -Jro;a, aad d3ckol tho
tu iltt d iriib tbe ir;n.
L'li COKMt'.
Ct'ATTAvcaiA. June C2, lfJ-3.
I lailwtui.lal to C'l.l. Atljt.lc lt "ctia rtl.
Caarp near Jack, on, li.'M.,Jimc la, l.vt-.i. (
On u njoluig cf ibo oUt-eri ot (len. D. W.
AJu' ..-1: Alalia t-i.iioe Lt-d a't Ihe lluHdJar
toi. cf 'L.- o It aaU 2ita LoaiiaiM lejiiiuuU, lr ice
piiKs o! si in j an c.TeAi .a o' rtrtt upn t'.a r-ii-i
a Uzi o: l. aic;uau eiub of tbe lain td
tV'-'a. 'j u.s ana rei.-ueiitii.
LV n.bt.on, i'.A. U. Coberof tbe lfith and 2rtb
i ,u .s e.i ir.'i'Oiir:'., tn calicd to the cha.r, acd
ilrJ.o ioiidcu liu,.fr, o( the l'Jib Loi.i-.!ar a. iv-icut,
rt-i :i tcr e.i .se -r vary
Lfcju u.juvu, a cuiu'xi:t;.e of fv wis apio'tUd to
di tti.Klu .itui eKjre4ire ot th m.uo v. vw tni-it-lolt
; te eupoii !Le '-ili.wing T. were u i oi.;l
ei": toi V. i Wi!i:;-. a ou Li.t Col. it. . lU'
st ; (jI i'n- lUJa Lou.br. t ; Lieut. Oui. J J. II. I adjy,.
O' i-3 lt ktivi 2J h Ltuiiua ; liU Co'. 11a
D ui v -1 'I e u.'u A!h) T.., ad.Cii; :-jij J. l.u guu,
i . ; !i: IxiiiiBuit I'tClailn (it M'Htnl'c .
0 a Oirui.it.te tetirvd, -aa,i u;.;u i-.j-kIioiiuj rr
pori'au tbi-ouju t9rr tb:rin,ni, col. f. n ibaa.
oi t.rc i9:h umiiajt'jt, t:ie i. llr ihfj pre au-1
lin'iu imii, wlibb wire ui.auiu.su n.y a.up-e :
vtif.v rbjre.-ii.iiu.ijD i It!. Auu-tj UihCbirJ
i .'. KT..I Vj t u'or ttie pi bi.t'i'. aamKint.jtr tiiatbti
at WJg CX!u'?d letwen itim ar.d ua, aad to )-piVo
ibe t.tK.i.irv i.i li valuabie sivicea, we, hi e aipau
iont la.j-Jjt, Ucniro. to give I) a nrioces ol tt
bsa tr.tem iu orliicL L$ ia bviu by a ; ibe vr. e,
'KcuKihrii, ?Ual it ii will) U!i'fci,"ll!d rt-C'tst we n:
f oin .;!ci'Hj aad iroin Ui Li'V.co oi or i- oouj
try oi. iriio aai aiwa b:io-e f aa eiUctbl'3 a ge u! s
rjuau aai &j txcoJtot an t Itljer ; ta.it-j ca 1 1 I ir
gct.imi i.b hUw'ii of tti ttsrv.'u ion lore'.t,
i(rt.v.'(i r.jfr ln'it oiiIilt-t pae tii-j r.aino ol tbe
' lVusfii.iu Cot.vui," who, i u-riiiiu; pntccly wcaitu
Huiibe sotniorla ofa ;uxuricuj tao'iie, wit aoioag Ili4
H:vt to leader his swirJ tf tba uiUM we oui.iera
irceJoia Wo eaanot lorut, nor will a jprat-ji rou:i
try l-i-t. I'.c- zsil, tbe al ilibty, il.e iii-.-ltrj lauoi
Hh jnl-.H W. frl. iarfl ba io mm'.-"r i jp
U);ni''jK Ii r',-,,v ' pr.Tailc i a.... ii.ii(ut if
l!Jkt- t:aia-'i,-:-
- :te.u)ivtu, 'iu. t we, tb; oTic.t r of ti.is brigade. Un
der to Col. i t-k artl our .!. i.i ii.aww.t.dr;mc.
iiii uijl'oIl cout.y v.uitl aiwayi ruuitt-a l.i
k.i.f r.i.. e, .. iu u.i wli.to ia cu'oiinJ ut tee bnaJc.;.
we tale ih occasioo i-j Lear. Uiiitriony to Lis iioit:t) ,
zejJ ad latHjr wbicb v tl.-togaisbed tae period vi
Lifl cmuat)d.
He. o r. J, ibut our best i-bts and prayers 'or tit
fjlu: v. . ia:e iiud feucc sit iu lite of our b:otb:r -n
a:u.i fci ow Cj.. licit bard a btr -rcr be may g . We
boj-e tl.tt i-ia di.-iavtrtiteJ sa'.iiacea aud eincijat ner
riea ia tbe i-&ue cf ibe Coufrdeta'i a; ilea- aid t
rece.ve ht.ir p.wpf.r a KuoivleJgoitat ; aud we buj-e,
at lo CW.atii. Oay. j-.via ti greet biro, onr te.low
citizeu, iu bi b''iri.-, o ir loveu Loui-u:ia, reOeeujt-U
aLd citcutbraiu d lrof . Va lit e al'c.
Kf bttitid, ') bat a ' p'' .I taet resolutions t uu
di.rt.-d Co!. ItL'icba.d, jjJ lliat Lie Jaikton i&i: i;ri
piaa, Ii'ooi c i:ei, H tr aid Adviitistr, 'lii
oaae. aud t!i J Cbai.ta Loogi JK-.-Uu dc ;tq its'.cd to puo
i.tb tne m itMi. t
L'puti ciotion, a ccminltt;e of ote officer from each
coitituuiU i.cujpo-icK i'iu briAd'. at pouted I J
the Ct a:r, to wtl upoa Col lUsichatdd and pre cut
him wilb a co; y t f tbv rest. Iu. tons.
v'teiru,K-ij i-e lolloaiii? ,eut:emen Wvre ajipoioted:
Mbjor i. K. Aut.n, of tbe Louioiaua JalUlit;n
Sbai iautU-r ; Captaia 1'ubioca and Capuia Keich
wald.ol t'.c 11th c.iidO:!i Ixiuuua ; Caj-t. Haudl.T,
ia tti.j ?!f.!i I.uiLua ; CupUi i atson,of Ibe Itib
4Lu '-Stii 1 t.'.-i;t ; Ca;ia.n Ttoixpson, ;f tnc U'.'d
.IMju.-l. .-if ti itrj.ib'.u a irry, of Ceti. Adaa: SlutL
L jiu Ujii .u.'.t.o a-t-el1,'.! aojourLtii.
I. tiObt.lt. Ci.J. icu: and .th La.,Ch'n.
L .t n.i.v JJi.tj. a, jla.vr J:i.t La., :-'c.
I'lic sioulirrit ami Noillircii cut rala tiit
It Will be d-iiicak (or lh-; iiiitirc h'siorai of
the A .berica-i war to gvo mticii disiiuciivo
clia aCtur to the descriptions ol io iu neiofh
uatile.4 whtch resetnitle 0 ten othfr in ho ruauv
feilurDS. All the g.-e-1 tMi.-'-MttiM l.avi
been &1'ro in duiut-.oi, Ihe laro i..iinbefh
biought iutb acliuii.-tl.t; dstnale hl.'.;iig. ihe
etioin os Iosm ol b'C,a"d the iegaive tesuUn
of tin. :onn:ct. An adva ice alicnpied. checked,
oiled- Li.u k, '.:;' )iv.ti'!g li.ico reircaniig, and
jai'j tl'c!a.ed to no " tiule," wnl f ji ni the sub-
c.aQCHi oi iiiofct of ihe iia.iaiivtt. But in the
record of theeu great f':ita lali er than ilec'
bive- billl.'H, tbe t-oj.md c.trnngu covered
n -Id ot t revtt-ricKhbt'rg will iiitiiiiiiluiit-
d'etioguifViOtl lor ire C.mfedei acy by shede-am
ot its abest coiinnnili r. Vt o ni:i bavo b. ill
tbuch to learn ot the ttlcct of th t, I ai tleleatr
rr f r.rinv dif tl... V-.. l. I r . . . . .1 i.... ...... I
ageuionl it in.ist be, and, according to p-a-t eu-
pence:, itiiuru utmoru.'zittou ot ,he iroops.
.'s a very j.iobablo rchiilt. '
a - y he death of Gen. Jatksorj the
ffotj'h b.s loot a ;'Vat and coiwrolli'-g lunitl
u-ti .iiji;o bom leadcs of men who can in
1U0O i'nt.-r "jiii li iuiu all aro.md iheni. duch a
conu' .l..r it ii'Hoi;l aud sttetiiti of a t-auae
wt :. .-.11 !s inlliu ain-s. Ti.e t alional
fee bog t l llei-la':,l rocc-rded the victory ol
I'lAu'gjr -is '.Mjrl, j tiroLascd by the death ol
NVh' ii. A a'..a iar :eel:tg pervades tl.-" Sv?:tl-.
for i :e loss of ' Sk:,iew.iH ' Jackson. The
abh f cop'i iii t'crof'ihatloi f:doiacy has f.i'in
w.i-Vt t In coii!tt is t III uiiduiciiinnetl. lite
tx.ui wi" bo exception-ally fori una ij if it find
Au il.tr ii'.iii v ii-i bll (p.ia-i;ioB aui capaeitj
Gen. J i -kriou possessed. It is cu.ly a just
e . .''s uieoory t. adiint tht t'.e cantc
i ibe Soeiti has received a eovcro blow by
Lis dt - t.
i'Le North has n ver yet found
he al
ey iave changed
t o in ai.t! iofi.et pj-auy, br?: o fa..' the range cf
caini-jnit s iiia i.eeu firci'ga a ccsceiidin?
ea i t mcnt The North Laa expeudeuj
mm re aiui'es iu trying ;oar generals, and tiie
lat has failed mere aigaally i-ian either of hi
predeceeors. Laglish paper
I MARRIED On tbe eveoiaf of the 31t of May, a
tbe rtaidenee or Hi a. r. Cooper, near licoioa.aiMB.,
by Rev. Mr. Price. If r. 8. Baaa, of Louisiana, to Mlaa
S&llis YiatiNtA C. Coopks, of Yaxoo county Mil.
Marbikp, nenr Clinvm. La , on tbe evcalog oi tbe
24lb My,by Rnr. W. F. Citm. Rurgeon G. W.
lnocu. of tue C. S. A., and Mm Lizzih Bjitakt, of
CaJdo Farfi;b. It.
Kabhiks, on tbe evening nf tbe 24tb May, near
riii.trn, La., by Chaplain tl.T. Iewiii. Borgeon A. A.
RuwLAKD.tit ibe C. S. A., and Mima Mauoik PaRKUta,
ot kJul Keliciao l'.riab, Ia. -
DIED -At Quitman, Mia.,.Tone 12, 18(H, Fannik,
dauLtrT tlf C apt. W. L. McConnlco, lOtb Tenn. Hag
iincot, C. S. A.
A large atock.of fine Pnatt, Uotlina
bbirtiLP, Hnia.feuoeii, Ac.
A!o: CoJse, Sod, Pepper, Pplce, Toharco and
many oiber rtic'c too i.inrrrosi tt mention. Cail
jnd nc, o;;i-iti PrcUtrisa Church.
. ' rniKi.H a it ibu:s,
' j i2' .2 v Wholesale a-rU IChaiI OjiWrt
r tVfclt LAND Port,HALK. X p)ota-oD cr nUiin
L ia;i Moam-a or KUiWab Kiir Land, CO a:res
a Hh'iu' .'ul i cl. iva Ion , lioflen-d for aa!e. Thin
''aiiu bxt a tine cri-i(f an unimproved witer power
o.i tin; river. tid is Ix.unoed by a fine woaut i!n r.OAe
: r .! k. For bf bl.b and grod weicty, ttiih leal ion
Knrj ihe ot tbe Drpot agp-jt at Klis-
i'oii or Cartersv
L an a '.V aY.
Oil .lie lli'.il iDt.. IIIV tmj ' CillWtl
I ;Llnt i' a Li :ateutiu to tiv und ret U b'a
iiome in Cain .1 .ouuTy, Musi.-t.i().i. "l)i-cHtiu: Be
if a uaia aiDiaiio. a iott u luibes biab, quick apo4ua
aau iutelllgeni diking. Hid on wbea be Us.t mo diet
cap and jacket, la about l!i.eara of age, weighs 145
p.uids. Any out iuformiuK if ot his w'hcrrabcDts
o. ni .odstaeot iu jail, will bo libera' re frardjd.
Audr W. a. PaTE,
tV A , SOth M!s.i. Vol.. Wa'ltrall'a Hi Ir de,
jVit 21 near hholly tide, Tenn.
1?OU."0.-A Trunk was fo-iuJ ia the rear of th
. a pit ah oilit-e h- .i nibht,suppoMod to Lo stolen.
t .t i uegiot-a trefe ryiCK to rslla the trutk at the
t:cvc t waa looud. 'J be owner can have tba Uuuk by
d..l ; cbarrea and dccribtair it Ad c'utct:ti.
ju-ici ju. u. runs.
ly Steamer via Nassau.
Whitehall Street, .Atlanta, fla.,
On Moadayacd Tucidey,.20th & SOth Juno
J. JACOBE, Auctioucer,
15 Oases Pntt,
:i "iiscs l'rruta.4-4 Engllab,
& canes (Irgaudie Mufciina,
2 Cu: ea I'riuled Jaconet,
2 I'aiea Regatta h'.ripca,
3 Catea 4-4 3hcetiug,
2 Caii hbirting.
2 Caarsbapertor Hie Luator Aitat a,
4 L'aaes 1'ietcb Mariao,
4 Cut Debaige,
1 !.'-: tiuvba-us,
1 V . 5Sv;' Mfino SLiiU, .
1 ' Oitioo hbivii,
1 I' tM-Miuu '1'breAd.
1 ad.es l. C Tiaiitikcicbie a,
0;rd Cotton. do
h-i.k lUadxtrcbief,
Caaei Flax Tbro.tl.
SCO 1'ui.s LiweV tiaiUT',
Miic.-t Can' and Kilbo,
0:i ln.zru buetUiid Lirawera,
. a Calca (ivtrtbirta.
Spool Tbrerfd, Floe Ccnba,
l'iua,ttdi.4, llokieri',
Mats( llo' Shoos, Liuco , Ac
2 Biles Broadcloth,
Keatiy Made Cl ttbio,
Viu, U.-audy, Toba.:oo, Ac., aud other article
too nniLt-ruua o mention.
tiooda put no in Caatia, and ia msll lots to suit
Wbolr-aaic itw Itetail trade.
tli:m.s cash.
FaUicuUr iu Catilogae. fju24-4t
. j .
FIFTY r OLLARS REWARH. Haoaway from the
aabtcriUr. iiving ia Dirt Town Valley, ChattotK
pa couoty Ueeigia.ou Monday uionlog the lolh lost.,
my-neitro boy D.tk. haid boy it at ut C feet high
weighs ISO poonda, about 0 year old, somewhat
gray, copper colored, bka rather a own bxik, sad a
quick npolufa. Be carried off a tlact mo-lkum sixed
tnare w.tb Aim. The mare is six years old. Me is
hiipiioaed to nave leil tlie county in company witb ot
oi two wb.te iuen.' 1 a ill pay ihe above reward fr
tlie apptetieusion aiid d. -ry of the boy to tae, or
bi- b-tvwrH, iu jail 80 l!iut 1 get tim apain.
juiiiw JAS. H. tilUFFiril.
STOX fciV A LL J ACKfcOX. Juat publinhc J and ft
n'e. bv N. 8. MOlSsH & Co., AHCHita, Wa.
' ST( A A LL'1 JACKSON. IJy Cuahlks Uai.
lock: bt-iiin i i'uII aud acenrale acuouat of tbe
Uuil,D Lveuta of hi Liie. hit Dying Alui tnta, aLd
.be Obsequies at II cbmond and Ixxiugtca.
This axr cniitains niaay anececle.4 ol Ibe ilHtfrious
oltiicr iLat bkvs cecr be.oie teen obU.i-iUt-0.
Fr stle iy ail Book Store aud New Ak.e IVicp
Sl.OO. Trie irado auj pried at a liberal d:-t-jui)L.'.
a-. Ii older a!drtb3d to u wi.t Ih .n-mptly
fiJlod. K. S. ilOUSK A Co.,
iu'J-:it Augiwita, Ca.
lbu4r.l di!ara will te paid for the a p pre he t.-
i.i ia aud i'iirry to me, or either of my D.-uut.aa at
Mari ta.tS-wgia, of Hearj C. -l'ayne. chred with
ojir.eriai;i.' g Conledcrati- Sftei Trta.-iiry XoIch
wiu ee-ait-d fiom Jail iu Dtcsiur, lit K jib ccnu'y.
(it-cria. 5-aid Payne ia about 'ii years ot a;e,a-ae
cr"i'.' i tb.-. bi'b.r en b:ck, hair jet blaqli aad cu
Iri.t 11,'i.xioij dark, baa a down cat lot. k and eluu
j.i. . M v. rs. JManuai, jimrici vi Vieoria.
.. i bic iciv j t anaou-ica t-s Cia pub ii. taa. i
tiavi-i;i uuMi-.eu iiid ucouhiii.)ur toe Urxt UHrJ.'.i;
NOVEL, of this secunJ Wa. ot Independent:, entl
ti d
Italtla ami Komatirc of Noifan and III Jlenl"
Hy Al-LV PoCHEri'lE?. FOUD. of l.cu'vllle.
Keataviiy. aot'icr tr -ISrace . rounu. ilaiy Uuuiaa,
lijrr.ani.-e of Free Masoury," Ac.tc-'
Coiaplrte in o'ie voIjoi j at $3 50.
Tbe rtadei wid be i.jtiried to enjoy all tbe excltinc
inters! of a first clans nundard romance, and all ibt
infcraBPtion ot a oirieci his ov. Tbe hi&tuiian wil.
.1od H a vjIo tl-le ,eJere;ce Book at preseut, as well at.
ior UTOttt iu come.
Couvi.lt-rms it as a work of art, it happen so. that
thm Uo Iji. ti.e !'lhT OltltilXAL LlIEHAKi
WOliiv of note-, thai tuia war baa produced, and tbb
Cte eiracy itnucd.
Oa account ot tie rcarcilr of materials, wa wer,
compel ed ta raduce 1 1, u cuiticn to a very limitec
nn nn.tr. aau iv ia yerj uucenain, lor ine saute re i son
when we m'pht be able to pab1i-.li a second; hence al
ihorewbo w.rh to secure a copy ot that tiiatorical
Novel, will i30 wei. to call la tiair.
jol 7 1 m Uo-!. AUUojaa-
Post BaADQCABTams, Romv.Gs-,)
j juiw lain, i.toJ. s
TinRTY DOLLARS tTEWARD-rrlvaje J L Fisrri
of Lt. Hay eoapany on de tat bed aerrce from
Cbfat:iiii l'ivi-ion. Folk Corpj, Army Tenoawee.
alalioued at lltiu.e. Ga-, ane 17 -..), 6 iee( t inebcui
bigli.d-.k crniii'eaion, nancy batr.gny eyes.aBi hr-
longs C. K 3Stb rccm.Li lerjD.a Voia.. acri
i-etiidea i ew'nneU county ua. Ihe abovtt lvward
Will we iu ivi uts ai ucuiug aaa OCIIVWT IO BP,
1 1 1 !. . . . L. t . . ..
at in.a poai, cr any ei-tr uii-.uiy peat In tbt Coated
erate Sutaa. d. & WAY,
jul7-iMd lt. Lt. sad Ctrrdj . DttilJ.
Vor Congress.
We are anthortaea to aas3aace the Bon. Jko
P. ti acas. of Maota-Dcnerr count? . as a caadiJate ir
CoonrtM ia tbe bih Congresaioaal District at toe i-
auian; eiectioa. . julS
W Wear antborired to sononnce Col. Joaw i.
3ivotof DeKibeoanty, a a caadidate for C. a
greai from ttae &Ui Coajieaaioaal Duulct, al the en
uinjr slectloa. rictoell
tar We are aatherlsed to aanonnoe Boa. Joan T
aiiiar a a oaodidata for re-t!ectun to Con areas
trou the loth Coogressioaal DisUicl. yell
S. We are aatboiiaed to aaaoonce Boa. Willi im
0. bWAM. ai a eaaaida for ra-skctioa to Coagreaa
trout ibe 2d Coogteaa.oaal District. Jell
m. We arts aalhorised to announce Hon. UnraT
S. Foots, candldaU for re-elctioa to Qonauas
rom ids ota (Aaaaviucj eaf reaatosu AnatncU
tar Wc art aatbortaaJ to aasxmaea OoL J.- D. C.
ATK.aa aa a candidate for re-aleclloa to th Cob grass
of tbe Coafederate Stataa. txm tbe tth rnajriiawinaal
District of TennasaM, at the sdsbAsw electkak b21.
nt Wa ate aatborlsed to aaasaaee Heav TsfowAa
EWKaw. as a caaaxiaas iar rMMecu to tae tjoagraaa
of the Concrate Btatei, from tba 8ta Coogreaaloaal
uiaTrxi cr i ?2nese, suae ensainf eiecuoB. tail.
mrr We are atj'hcr'.Vd to anbouhee Boa. D. If
Co KKijt. ta a candidal for rsaleetiM to Vam Congress
of tbe IVmf-Jor.te Sutes. from tba Ilia Congrr-jal
L'iFxrct or Tcar-etaee, at tno eaaatcf e'eottan. a Jl
AVaT We are authorised to announce lion. A. o. P.
KiciNLso.f as a caadidata for Coagiesa luta tbe? th
Coigre:iioeal Diatrict, at the uauin j electioti. iu27.
i Wa are autb sr'jod to aaaoanee Colcnel O. S
Ni tour, of feiiurcnce conntv. aa an lndsnendent can-.
d;dabi Lit Coiigreas ia tbesevenla cougroakional dra.
trict at tbe tua.'tg election.
JUUIll te.-
Wesrs aotnorlaed aad rnijtl tn in.-mara
T t. . . 1 a r .
didite t rein-eaeatKia aoanUes t Kbea. B ettaoe
I . TW 111 ml . M V. . . rnT mm m W HJta m m-.rt . . M A . A n a H
an j au -xiren ia tae towsr a toko of tae mixt Geaa
ral Aa ewbty ol tbe tUU or Teuneaaae.
janeij-ie" .
Vr tb lrt-ilalattare.
In lernOTiaA to - Bntnurnna avJioltatlnr a t
DC7elf a CandidAta Inr a'airtinn In )va Unm.mr.t t
rfaentatlf es f.-otn tai notorial HUtrtct conpeaed of
ua Kraut.Ni oi aa mrtD, iacac and Kbea. at tbe '
ensuing Antutt eSecrion. -S. E. CAUA'ES.
Vr tba kicnatc.
Wn are anthotrizoA 1..
Sni'-n a candidate for tba 8n.. rroai tba District '
compared or tae tonaties of llamiltoa.IIaiioa. 6e
quatchio, BledaM aad Bradley.
' Jona Terti, l . ..
NeiU UcCaUnea, Admia'r and etban,
C. D. Banana and Ta
IT apnearlna- to the Ceort that th AafaAaaa ttan.
Jimin Uentoa, George WHtbt ad' bis ante Marckaa,
Feru II . DeLf on, and jr. J Leaity and bla wife Jane are
non rer:den?s or tae state or Triinpancp ao tbat ibe
ordinary proeeaa esonot be aaraed on tbem.ft Is thrr
forecrder d tbat poblkation ba raade for rear wvel
in the Cbatuanoja Rebel, a newipapar pabliabad j i
Chat- tnooga . Hamilton eoaaty, Tcnaejete, requirin ;
said eon resident defend eta to be and appear at th
Angent term, 18U3. of tbe ooauty-coort of Giles cona
ty, Teaueaaee, to be bald la the town of Pnlaaki on tbe
UI Monday Ira Augu't ntxt, and fsaadto or actswar or'
demor to the bill, otbe raiaa the aaae will be takes
for confessed and set tur beariag ex prto at to them;
aid bill belli? filed tor the purpose of dividing end
sctilbig the esiate of-Jiariy Benson, deceased.
Jelt-ww ClaekatM.-
A. Cox et ai.
vs. OieiB.
Mhr B. Itacoanr.
In thiaeanve it appeannt; to tha satlstaettoa ot tbe
Court i ruin complainants bill, width la rwern te, 'bat
(jaft-r,n-3( alary K. Jieoord, L; a noa nslilsst of tbe
tte nf Tanaiatco, so tlat the ot dinaiy prooea of
the law cannot be aerved enon her. lt la there .bra
ordered, adjudged and decreed by tbe Ooart. tbat t nb-
icaiNaa ia nun lor lonr aucceaalire waean In toe
"I haltaniKifra Uabrl." rc)atruig ! nnaaai Story
E. losaid to aparatebo Auxtut term lfxi, ot tba
cc- .. Court ot alarsball eonaty Tennessee, and plead
an r, or demur, co complainants blt, or tbe atae
Will Vt Ukea for COaiSaaaJ. and Ut down for Kaawrina-
exparteaa to ber.
A true copy. R. L. ADAMS,
1nnr4-w4w ; CTeiV.
Jobk L. Yarkll, vs. Sanrtti Clajui, sarv..nf
partner or ciatK, McFikb A Co.
In Chancery at llaniaon.
It appearing that tho defendant Bamnel Clark. U a
boo reaident of tbe Stats of Ten sea, ao thai tb nr.
dinary proeeaa of tbe coart cannot ba served op him.
iii ia Miereiuro uruerea . ust publication be matt
weckl? for four weeks, la tbe "Itbl -' a mmamt
publlshad l.n ChatUnsoga, requiring said defendant to
appear at a Chancery Coart to be bald at tb-i c urt
booas ka Uarrlaea. on tho aarnarf irnnt nt in
text, and answer comDlaiaaat's bill, or Judgment are
'""; wui w iukticu aaiiui, rum , ana tae cMOte sat
for bearing, txpuru
mayC-w4t ci. A M.
H. A. Rogers Atlrar., vs.
I tie llt n4 and do-iribn.
urets of
Dec!. S
Pe.i'lon to sell land.
Frederick 4 )yler Sen. Vet
n.iiiiiuii irjui ino mi.iio.i n.tvt in tiiia rinu
that John Oyier, J. 1. U.K-rs and .te Eilsabtih,
ro iniaiu u igti ana wile alary Ain. Ianil Oyier,
Audr.w Oyier, and T. E. Barnes and W'.;n May. sea
non residents ot the Mate, li U iheir. ordered by
tbe Court that piiblica'lon be maJe a to them, lor
lour surceaaiTe wee La in the Cb.faii.ra Kebel.
J"-ww V KN Kcnt.
NO'lU.K. A large numurr o: xiu b'raea bri.ig
required for art iik-ry 9urp"t -. citicnaare in
vliu to oD'er all tutU to tao G.erun.eitl oua tbg
fol owi;g t-j"ias:
Deptttadotl r Quarterroasten ehaiged with tba
rnnuu'e of borvos.are inilracted to tianaler boraea
uiitii lor eclive seyrioe to citixess Is pait payateat. for
Rood aitil ery boitea, tba diaareace ia value ai aaeer
taiueti by two tUniuleiested peraons (re euted, cne by
tlie oftk-fr i.nd tbo other by tbe c itiien) to ba paid to
ibe citizen. '
By authority ot the Secretary of War.
hineJ 4w MaJ. and InnpV GenT TranTv.
Mill.ER ANlTEXtilNEiiu WAXTLD it tiy
der .V: Co'. FlcUiing MHUIn ChatUnooaa,
Tennei. e. Nore nerd aj ply bat tLcse wbo t borough ly
Uudkn-Und Jh i-ieyit. ; unflO-tl
I7iFTY DO fX A lid liirWAhD. liana way T"abou,
t', weeks ago my boy Kdmon, datk complexion
abr.ot 5 feel 6 inches high weighs about 140 lbs. aad
about 41 years old, and stamen a Lille; be will try to
make bis way back to Na-bvl' I will pay the
aocre reward for his apprehension and delivery la
any aa'e jaii ao I can get kirn. ' Address me at High
town. Forsyth Co. Ga.
jonaM-tf J. GELSTBAP.
TAKEitf UP" "
AND committed to jau by th mifltary a-nfTtorHiea
at Cbatunooga, on the 2d cf October. 1W1. aad
more recently committed by an acting Justice of tba
Peece.Jiir the county of Ba mon. Tea a., on tba
19th of Dec., 18GJ, a negro boy a bo aays (lis name at
JACK, tod that ho be'eugs fo 9 obn fllde, of boat a,
White ttounjy, lean. Said boj ia b!ac, 34 yaro
old, 6 ft 1 bich bit h. Tho twaer is rrqBr to
&ine forward, provo proferfy, isy chare and 'a
hiai oat ot jail. j. a HWAIM. .
Post llzAtQL'ABTiuiM, lioxE.Ga
June lOtb, lrU
I mf I t- fmrnm. I .
. v. vu. i.,fiwiTgisiea( lenneaaee von., ago
3a yearn, C feet 2 1 inches high, black whiakers aad
mouaUch. dark compleaicn, btaxk hair, grey cyoa.
Ieerted fnci Lieut. Hay "a company of men on do
Ucbed service from Army of Tenneaoe, aUtkioe 1 al
Rome. Ga.. Juno lt. Iiojs. Tbe atiove reward will
be paid for bis appreheruioa aad delivory to any "mili
tary pi t. uAy .
Jul7;od lstU.Coiaidg.rv latboms.Ga.
AND committed to Jail by tbe military antborlUea
at Cbauantaiga, eathe d of October, leat.and
more recently cumiritted by :s acia-- Jnstfc or Uui
rea ,j f r the eouny of lla-ditoa. Term., oa tba tB
r1TicnlJr' ls". aTO boy, calUcg ba babm
i'A11. v,iT 10 Jones, of lem
pby. 8id boy Is black, Jo jeers old. 6 fast S iav bca
tbigb. ibe owcer Is re ju rated to coaie ion ard
proye property, pay cbargee atad tale him out ot Jai
to i. H. bWAIH.JAEtt.

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