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Volume 1.
Number 279
Fra.no. M. Fa.u.1
Daily Rebel, rer year $12 00
" Six Months 7 00
" " . Three Months 4 00
" Ow Month 1 50
The Federal Oath in Memphis.
From a late copy of the Memphis Bulletin
we clip the following General Orders from
the Federal authorities at Memphis, in rela
tion to the administering of the yankee
Headquarters 16th Army Corps, )
Memphis, Tenn.. 26th May, 1863. j
General Orders, No. 65.
I. All persons residing within the city of
Memphis, not in the service of the United
States, are hereby required to enroll and
register their names with the Provost Mar
tial, Lieut. Col. M. Smith, within twenty
days from the date of this order.
II. Such registry must show the character
of the allegiance of each person registered
under one of these heads:
1. Loyal citizens of the United States.
2. Subjects of foreign friendly Powers.
3. Enemies of the United States.
III. Each person who shall enroll him or
herself as a loyal citizen, shall take and sub
scribe to the following oath:
United States of America, 1
State of Tennessee. j
Provost Marshal's Office for the ..of. .day of
1 do solemnly swear, in the presence of
Almighty God, that I will bear true allegi
ance to the United States of America, and
will obey and maintain the Constitution and
laws of the same, and will defend and sup
port the said United States of America
against the enemies foreign and domestic,
and especially against the rebellious league
known as the Confederate States of Amer
ica. So help me God.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this..
day of.. 1863.
Provost Marshal.
Residence.. AgeHeight Hair.. Eyes."
Said oath will be in duplicate; one copy
being delivered to the party taking the same,
the other filed in the ofhee of the Provost
IV. Subjects of foreign friendly Towers
will be required to take the oath of neutral
ity, and will file evidence with the 1'rovost
Marshal that they are not and have not been
citizens of the United States or the so-called
Confederate States.
V. In cases where the Provost Marshal
shall have reasonable doubts of the good
faith of any person who shall offer to take
the oath of allegiance, such person may be
required to give bonds for the faithful keep
ing of the terms of said oath.
VI. Every person not in the service of
the United States, or the citizen of some
foreign friendly Power, and over the age of
eighteen years, who shall neglect or refuse
to take the oath of allegiance herein pre
scribed, shall be deemed to have elected to
register themselves as enemies to the United
States, and be subject to such disabilities
and penalties as belong to such condition.
VI I. Registered enemies, as described in
Section 6 of this Order, shall not be permit
ted to vote at any election or exercise any
other franchise or privilege, or to appear as
plaintiffs or as attorneys before any Court
or to hold any office of trust, profit or emol
ument, or to conduct any business or pro
fession within said city.
VIII. An entire year of occupation of
this city by the United States, has given
abundant opportunity for all persons to
make their deliberate election of the sover
eignty to which they owe their allegiance.
The so-called Confederate Congress, by acts
passed at an early period of the rebellion,
ordered peremptorily from the limits of the
revolted States those true citizens who ad
here to the country of their fathers. The
same sentence will be pronounced aftect
one year's patient waiting upon all who,
while denying their allegiance to the United
States, yet have found protection beneath
the flag. These persons will be sent where
their affections are.
IX. Giving aid and comfort to the public
enemy i9 punishable with death, and the
leniency with which such persons have been
treated must cease. Any person who shall
hereafter offer insult by word or act to the
United states, or who shall express sympa
thy with the enemy; or satisfaction at any
imagined or real success of the Confederate
arms, will be arrested at once and severely
X. All real estate of registered enemies
will be liable to seizure by the United States
and all conveyances of the same after the
day of the date of this order are hereby de
clared fraudulent as against the United
States, and void. The question as to their
personal property will be determined in
each case according to the necessities of
XI. The Union citizens of Memphis arc
invited to set a prompt example in register
ing themselves at once, and giving aid and
information to the officers charged with the
execution of this order.
XII. The Commanding General reserves
to himself the right of determining those
few and rare cases in which, from motives
of humanity, or from some kindly or char
itable act to our wounded, sick or prisoners,
exceptions will be made to the above pen
alties. XIII. Commanders of Divisions will at
once define the lines of their several Mili
tary Posts in Tennessee and Mississippi,
within which, when defined, after twenty
day's notice, the same rules herein laid down
shall be enforced.
XIV. After the expiration of the time
limited in this order, no person will be per
mitted to come within the lines of the Mili
tary Posts of this corps (except as a pris
oner,) unless provided with the oath of al
legiance. XV. All officers and soldiers of the United
States forces, and all loyal citizens are
charged with the active enforcement of this
l!y order of Maj. Gen. S. A. Hurlbut
Ass't Adj't Gen.
HAIL STORM A heavy hail storm
passed over the southern portion of this
county on Tuesday evening last. On some
farms nothing in the shape of growing corn,
wheat or oats were left standing. VVe un
derstand that it was knee deep on Mr. C. R.
Jones' farm at 10 o'clock on Wednesday.
Jonesboro' Express.
Invasion of the "Celestial Empire."
From late Northern journal, the Appeal
appends Lincoln's proclamation calling for
help, and other items of the invasion cam
paign: .
Whereas, the armed insurrectionary com
binations now existing in several of the
States are threatening to make inroads into
the States of Maryland, Western Virginia,
Pennsylvania and Ohio, requiring immedi
ately an additional military force for the
service of the United States.
Now, therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln,
President of the United States of America,
and Commander-in-Chief of the Army and
Navy thereof, and of the militia of the sev
eral States when called into active service,
do hereby call into the service of the United
States one hundred thousand militia from
the States following namely:
From the State of Maryland, 10,000.
From the State of Pennsylvania, 50,000.
From the State of Ohio, 30,000.
From the Slate of West Virginia, 10,000.
To be mustered into the service of the
United States forthwith, and to serve for
the period of six months, from the date of
such muster into the said service unless
sooner discharged. To be mustered in as
infantry, artillery and cavalry, in the pro
portions which will be made known through
the War Department, which Department
will also designate the several places of ren
dezvous. These militia to be organized ac
cording to the rules and regulations of the
volunteer service, and such orders as may
hereafter be issued. The States aforesaid
will be respectively credited under the en
rollment act militia service rendered under
this proclamation.
In testimony whereof I have herewith here
unto set my hand, and caused the seal of
the United States to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington, this the
fifteenth day of June, in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty
three, and of the independence of the Uni
ted States the eighty seventh.
By the President:
Wm. 11. Seward, Secretary of State.
Under the call of the President and sev
eral Governors, a huge force of volunteers
was being raised. Gov. Seymour of New
York, had offered twenty regiments. Twelve
regiments, chiefly from Brooklyn and New
York city, were under marching orders on
the 17th. Among them were the famous
"Seventh," the 6uth, (Corcoran's old regi
ment,) and the 71st. Secretary Stanton has
telegraphed that their services would not be
required for more than thirty days. Several
of the regiments recently mustered out have
offered their services. Fifteen hundred New
Jersey men had volunteered, including the
22d regiment, recently discharged from the
army of the Potomac.
In Philadelphia, a motley army was raised
companies of negroes, navy yard employ
ees, laborers for the gas works, custom
house clerks, home guards, &c.
Gov. Curtin, of Pennsylvania, addressed
the people of llarrisburg, "advising them to
rise and hurl back the tide of invasion that
is to pollute our soil," and was greeted with
overwhelming applause.
Most of the stores in the city are closed,
the markets deserted and private residences
abandoned. Those who can are leaving, and
already many have taken advantage of pub
lic and private conveyance to leave the city.
The large hotels look as if stricken with a
plague, the regular boarders having vam
osed. The Jones house, the finest hotel, was
offered by the proprietor for sale. He was
willing to accept the moderate sum of $16,
000, but could find no purchasers even at
that price. The hotel and furniture cost
nearly one hundred thousand dollars, yet no
one appears willing to take the risk upon
such apparently advantageous terms.
A large force of assistants in the various
offices of the capitol are busily employed
packing up the archives, reports, State li
brary, and other valuable papers, together
with the portraits of the different govern
ors, which have already been forwarded.
A correspondent says, the people have
shown the rebel leaders that when it comes
to a Northern invasion Democrats and Re
publicans occupy one and the same plat
form, and know no difference of opinion.
Many politicians think the rebel raid into
Pennsylvania may do good, by arousing the
masses of the people; who will at once
crush out by their mighty power all vestiges
of copperheadism in the North. It is as
sumed that present misfortunes in failures
to enlist and by desertion have been entirely
brought about by opponents of the Admin
istration at the North.
'Hooker's Federal army of the Potomac is
preparing to intercept the return of the reb
els. The march from Falmouth to the pres
ent position of the army was a severe one.
Many of the soldiers fainted from the ef
fects of the heat, and mules and horses gave
out. In the third corps alone about twenty
uf the men died by the way from sun stroke.
A cavalry force was left behind to take
care of and bring in those who were ex
hausted. The creeks and rivulets, and even
the springs on the road were nearly dry, and
afforded no relief.
We compile the latest intelligence of
Lee's operations:
Five hundred of Furncll's cavaly had been
flanked by the rebels at Greencastle, Pa.,
and but twenty escaped.
Intelligence has been received from Gen.
Tyler, that the rebel forces which had in
vested Harper's Ferry made an attack upon
that place, attempting to surprise Gen. Ty
ler. The latter, after resisting the attack,
retired across the river with his force, to
Maryland I lights, and immediately com
menced shelling the enemy, which was kept
up with such vigor that they were com
pelled vcrv speedily to evacuate the place,
and Gen. Tyler again crossed over and re
occupied his former station.
The train went out to Harper's Ferry to
day, and travel is consequently resumed to
this place.
At Williamsport the rebels took food and
horses, tore up the railroad track, and did
some damage to the canal, having attempted
to destroy the aqueduct, but to what extent
is unknown.
A gentleman direct from Chambcrsburg
report that the rebels set fire to the ware
house of Oaks & Dinn. The fire was after
ward subdued by the citizens.
The rebels have left Chambcrsburg, hav
ing burned the bridge there. The telegraph
operator is now there, and communication
has been re-established.
The Late Military Execution at Franklin.
Proceedings of the Court Martial in the case
of the two Confed irate officers, Orton
Williams and Peter, hung as spies at
Franklin Orders from the Federal Head
quarters directing the execution Copies
of the testaments found on their persons,
From the Cincinnati Gazette.
Murfreesboro, June 13. have the satisfaction of
presenting below the official 'record of the Court Mar
tial proceedings in the case if the Franklin spies. As
the case is one of the most important of the kind in
the annals of warfare. I d-iubt not these documents
will be read with peculiar interest.
Y. S.
Headquarters Post, Fianklin, Tenn.,
June 9, 1863.
Before a court of commission assembled by virtue
of the following order:
Headquarters ?ost, Franklin, Tenn.,
3 o'clock T. M., 1863.
A court of commission is hereby called in pursuance
of order from Maior General Rosecrans to try Colonel
Williams and Lieutenant Peter, of the Rebel forces,
on charge of being spies, the court to sit immediately
at headquarters of post.
Thomas J. Jordan, Pennsylvania cavalry, President.
Lieutenant Colonel Van Flu, 78th Illinois vol. infan
try; Lieutenant Colonel Heblitzr, 5th Kentucky cav
alry; Captain Crawford, 8Mh Indiana vol. infantry;
Lieutenant Wharton, U. S. Topographical Engineers,
Judge Advocate. By order of
Signed J. P. BAIRD,
Ct lonel commanding Post.
The court and Judge Advocate having been duly
sworn, according to military law, the prisoners were
arraigned upon the followin charges:
Charges and specifications against Col. Lawrence
Auton, alias Williams, ana Lieut. Walter G. Peter,
officers in Rebel forces.
Charges Being spies.
Specifications In this, s lid Col. Lawrence Auton,
alias Williams,, and Lieut. Walter G. Peter,' officers
in the service of the so-ca led Confederate States of
America, did, on the 8th day of June, 1863, come
inside of the lines of the an.iy of the United States at
Franklin. Tenn., wearing the uniforms of Federal
officers with a pass purporting to be signed by Major
General Kosecrans, commanding the Department ot
the Cumberland, and represented to Col. J. D. Baird,
commanding post at Franklin, that they were in the
service of the United State ; all this for the purpose
of getting information of tue strength of the United
Mates iorces and conveying, it to the enemies ot the
United States, men in arm against the United States
Signed E. C. DAVIS,
Captain companyG, 85th Ind.
Some evidence having been heard in support of
charges and specifications, f evidence omitted, the
prisoners said to the court that they cane within the
lines of the United States army at Franklin, Tenn.,
about dark of ths 8th day of June, 1863, wearing the
uniforms that they had on (their persons, which was
that of Federal officers: that they went to the head
quarters of Col. J. P. Baird, commanding forces at
1-ranklin, and represented to him that they were Col.
Auton. Insnector. iust sent from Washington Citv to
overlook the inspection of .tie several Departments of
the West, and Maior llunlap. his assistant, and ex
hibited to him an order from Adj't General Townsend
assigning him to that duy ; nn order from Major
General Rosecrans countersigned by Brig. Gen. Gar
field, Chief of Staff, asking him to inspect his out
posts; and a pass through .nil lines from Gen. Rose
crans. That he had told Col. Baird he missed the
road from Murfreesboro KJ this point, got too near
Eaglesville, ran into Rebel pickets, had his Orderlies
shot, lost a coat containing his money ; that he want
ed some money and a pass to Nashville, Tenn. That
when arrested by Col. Wat!. ins, 6th Kentucky cavalry,
after examination, they admitted that they were in
the Rebel armv. and that, his (the Colonel's) true
name was Col. Orion Will'.ims, and that he had been
in the 2nd regiment of cr. -ali v of the U. S. armv.
once on Gen. Scott's staff 'ih Nfexico, and was now a
CoU-nel tn tue Ke'jU linrrand L:aut. retcr w-os h;s
Adjutant. That he came into our lines knowing his
fate if taken, but asking mercy for his adjutant.
The Court having maturely considered the case, af
ter hearing all the evidence, together with the state
ments of the prisoners, do find them, to-wit:
Col. Lawrence Urton, alias Williams, and L,ieut.
Walter G. I'etcr, officers of the Confederate army,
"guilty," of the charge of being spies found within the
lines of the United States army, at Franklin, Tenn
essee, on the 8th dav of Tune, 1863. J
bignedj 'lllUMASj .1. JUK1JAIN,
Colonel 9th Penn. Cavalry,
Pres. of the Court of Com.
HENRY WHARTON, Lieut. U. S. Tp. Eng.,
Judge Advocate.
Headquarters Post, Franklin, Tenn.,
June 9th, 1863.
Major General Rosecrans, Commanding Department
of the Cumberland, having issued the following order
by telegraph from Murfreesboro, Tennessee:
June 9th, 1863.
The General Commanding directs that the two spies,
if found guilty, be hung at once, thus placing it be
yound a possibility of Forrest profiting by the infor
niation they have obtained.
Major and A. D. C.
The finding of the Court is approved, and by virtue
of the above order of Major-General Rosecrans, the
prisoners will be executed immediately by hanging by
the neck until they are dead.
Capt. Alexander, 7th Kentucky Cavalry, Provost
Marshal, Franklin, Tennessee, will execute this sen
tence as soon as possible. J. P. HAIR I),
Colonel Commanding Post.
Headquarters I'ost, Franklin, Tenn.,
June 9th, '63, 9o'clock A. M.
Capt. Alexander, 7th Kentucky cavalry, Trovost
Marshal, Franklin, Tenn., by virtue of the above pro
ceedings and order, carried the sentence into execu
tion by hanging said prisoners by the neck until they
were dead. J. P. BAIRD,
Colonel Commanding Post.
A true copy,
II. WHARTON, Lieutenant Engineers.
War Department, Adjutant General's Office,
Washington, May 22, 1863.
"Extract" Special Order No. 140.
IV. Colonel Lawrence W. Auton, Cavalry United
States Army, and Acting Inspector General, is hereby
relieved from duty along the "Line of the Potomac.
He will immediately proceed to the West, and min
utely inspect the "Department of the Ohio," in ac
cordance with Special Inspector's Instructions "Nos.
140, 162 and 185, furnished him from this office, and
that of the "Paymaster General."
V. Major George Dunlap, Assistant Quartermaster,
is hereby relieved from duty in this city. He will re
port immediately to Col. Auton for duty.
By order of the Secretary of War.
Col. Lawrence W. Auton, U. S. A. Special Inspect
or General.
A true copy.
H. C. WHARTON, Lieut. Engineers.
Headquarters Department Cumberland,
Murfreesboro, Tenn., May 30, 1863.
Colonel : The Major General commanding desires
me to say to you that he desires, if you can spare the
time at present, that you will inspect his outposts be
fore making up your, report to the War Department
at Washington City.
All commanding officers of outposts will aid you in
this matter to the best of their ability.
The General desires me to give his respects to you.
I Remain, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Brig. Gen. of Vols., Chief ol Staff and A. A. G.
Headquarters U. S. Forces,
Nashville, Tcun., June 5, 1863.
All officers in command of troops belonging to these
forces will give every assit lance in their power to Col.
L. W. Auton, Special Inspector General under direct
orders from the Secretary of War.
By command of General Morgan.
A True copy.
H. C. WHARTON, Lieut. Tp. Engineers.
Associated Press Dispatches
Arrest of a Federal Spy at Grenada.
JACKSON, June 26 A staff officer who left Vicks-
burg on Monday last, reports the garrison as being
closely besieged. The enemy keep up constant fire,
which is severer than formerly, as they have the range
of the town. An entire block of buildings, on Wash
ington street was destroyed by incendiaries last week.
Every means to discover them has been taken but so
far without success. The sappers and miners on both
sides are hard at work, and are so close together that
they can hear the sound of each other's picks. The
report that two ladies had been killed by the bom
bardment is untrue. No citizens have been injured.
A special dispatch to the Missippian dated Gre
nada, June 25, says: "Major McGibson of the hed
eral army, was arrested in disguise at this place yes
terday, reported to the Provost Marshal last
week as ing left Memphis on business which, if
successful, he was promised ten thousand dollars re
A number of goods en route for Memphis have been
seized here by the Provost Marshal.
Trains are running again to Panolo.
Murfreesboro Tenn.
Oct. 28th, 1862 ly.
And Dealer in
Market St. 3rd door North Market Housed
Refer to business men of Chattanooga.
mar 1 aug 31
THERE are now confined in the jail ol Hamilton
fVnniv. TtMiiii'stieiv two neuro men. lohn and
Ben, who say they belong to John Levitt, of Augusta,
lia. lo in is verv (lark : and Ken is ot a liglit copper
color. The owner is notified to come forward, prove
property, pay charges and take them away.
nov29stf Jailor Hamilton County.
NTOTICE From and after the 20th June instant
Confederate Treasury Notes issued prior to the
first of December 1862, will not be received on depos
ites or in payment of debts to these banks.
The law of Congress regulating the funding of
Treasury Notes, renders this course necessary, as it
provides that after the first of August next these
notes cannot be funded. '
J NO. A. FISHER, Cash. Bank of Tennessee.
W. D. FULLTON, Cash. Bank of Chattanooga.
Attorney at Law, Claim Agent and Notary
CLAIMS of every description against the Confede
rate Government settled with accuracy and dis
patch. Attends all the Confederate States courts held
in the city of Richmond,
Address Box 1160.
SHERIFF'S SALE OF LAND. In obedience to an
order of sale, issued from the Law Court of
Chattanooga, June term 1863, I will olfer for sale at
the Court House in Chattanooga to the highest bidder
for cash, on Tuesday 14th July 1863, the north half of
lot No. 34, on Walnut street, levied on as the prop
erty of John H. Taylor, to satisfy ah order of sale and
cost in favor of Vaughn & Son.
junel6aw4w M. B. COULTER, Sheriff.
gTATE OF TENNESSEE, Hamilton County.
J. A. Brownlow, vs. Robert W. Rogan.
Attachment, In the Circuit Court at Harrison.
It appearing to the court that the defendant Robert
W. Rogan is a non resident of this State, so that the
ordinary process of the court cannot be served upon
him. It is therefore ordered by the court, that pub
lication for four weeks be made in the Chattanooga
Rebel a newspaper published in the city of Chatta
nooga, notifying the said defendant to appear at the
next term of the circuit court, to be held at the court
house in Harrison, on the third Monday of November,
1863, and plead answer or demur to the plaintiff's
action or judgment by default will be entered and the
cause set for hearing cxparte.
Witness W. L. Rogers Clerk of said court at office
in Harrison, 3d Monday of May, 1863,
ju 131 in.
The senior partner has associated Mr. P. H. Dillard
at the old stand of Staples tit Anderson, and solicits
consignments of Sugar, Molasses, Cotton, Merchan
dise and Produce Generally. To sell produce at high
est market rates attend in person to weights and de
livery, and send account sales and checks at once is
the old established rule of this House. It has an
swered an extended patronage which 30 years' experi
ence with this market, and our present increased fa
cilities, prepares us to meet with our usual prompt
ness. Liberal advances on any amount of produce in band.
Always on hand a heavy stock of Manufactured and
Smoking TOBACCO, warranted as represented and
as low us can be had in Virginia.
away from the subscribers living in Catoosa
county, lia., near Ringgold, on Saturday night last,
two negro men, Miles and Solomon.
Description MILES is black, about 5 feet 10 inch
es high, weighs about 165 pounds, has extraordinary
hue white teeth, and when he laughs or smiles they
are a vcrv prominent feature, and has a sufurwhat
downcast look. His age is 23 years -wore off hlnek
SOLOMON is a deep copper color, even 6 feet
high, weighs 196 pounds, nnrl is an extra likely, boy,
21 years old, tins a very tine lorehcau anil intricstiug
countenance. Wore off white osniiburg pants ami
shirt, ami brown jeans cost. He is supposed to be
making his way towards Murfreesboro, his old home.
The two would doubtless travel together. The ahovo
reward will be paid fur the apprehension and delivery
of the two boys, or $100 for either of thrm.
Jul7 2weow A. B. THORNTON.
Law Court of Chattanooga, June Term, 1863.
Whereas Jessee B. Allison, Collector of the public
taxes for the City of Chattanooga, in the county of
Hamilton, has reported to court the following tracts
of land town lots or parts of town lots as having been
assessed for taxes for the years I860, 1861 and 1862,
that the taxes thereon are due and remain unpaid,
and that the respective owners of the same have no
goods or chattels within the corporate limits of the
City of Chattanooga on which he can destrain for
said taxes, to wit:
Alexander Thosm 1 lot on Vine st. in the city of
Chattanooga valued at 250 dols. taxes 1861, 1 00;
1862, 1 50; clerks fee 150, print's fee 150, collect
or's fee 1 00, total 6 50
Bowie J S and L and Hyatt McBurney & Co, one
half warehouse on Front st, valued 500 dols. taxes
1861, 2 00, clerk's fee 1 50, printer's fee 1 50, collect
or's fee 1 00, total 6 00
Cox McCormick 1 lot Gilmer st, valued at 150 dols.
taxes 186 60c, 1862 90c, clerk's fee 1 50, print's fee
I 50, collector's fee ! SG, total 5 50
Cohen & Barnet's heirs so. half 23 High St. valued
at 8110 dols, taxes 1861 3 20, 1862, 4 80, clerk's fee
1 50, printer's fee 1 50, collector's fee 1 00, total
12 00
Evans J J 1 lot Mill st, valued at 250 dols, taxes
1861 1 00; 1862 1 50, clerk's fee 1 00, printer's fee,
1 50, collector's fee 1 00, total 6 50
Edgarton Lycurgus, no. half of s w quar, No. 20
Market st, valued at 1500 dols. taxes 1861 5 01), 1862
9 00, clerk's fee 1 50, printer's fee 1 50 collector's
fee 1 00, total 19 00
Fibber Mac, no half 42 Chestnut st, valued at 80C
dols, 1 poll 200, taxes 1861 5 20, 1862 6 80, clerk's
fee 1 50, printer's fee 1 50, collector's fee 1 00, total
16 00
1'isher Mac, 1 lot Whiteside st, James addition,
valued at 300 dols, taxes 1862 180, clerk's fee 1 50,
printer's fee, 1 50, collector's fee 1 00, total 5 80
Fisher Mac, 1 lot east side Long st, James addition,
valued at 150 dols, taxes 1861 60c, 1862 90c, clerk's
fee 1 50, printer's fee 1 50, collector's fee 1 00, total
5 50
Fisher Mac, 1 lot west side Long st, James addi
tion, valued at 150 dols, taxes 1861, 60c, 1862 90c,
Clerk's fee 1 50, printer's foe 1 50, collector's fee
1 00, total 5 50
Goins O C, 1 lot Mill st, valued at 450 dols, taxes
1862, 2 70, 1 poll 200, clerk's fee 1 50, printer's fee
1 50, collector's fee 1 00, total 8 70
Grcenway W F M, 1 lot South Spring st, valued at
250 dols, taxes 1862 1 50, 1 poll 200, clerk's fee 1 50,
printer's fee 1 50, collector's fee 1 00, total 7 50
Hannah .Mrs, w 60 It ot north hall 15 1 opular st,
valued at 100 dols. taxes 1862 60c, clerk's Ice 1 50,
printer's fess 1 50, collector's fee 1 00, total 4 60
Hunt John U, n 11 Whiteside st, James addi n, val.
at 100 dols, taxes 1802 60c, clerk's tee 1 50, printer's
lee 1 50, collector's fee 1 00, total 4 0
Hyatt iMclSurney & Lo. so hi ot no hi 25 .Market
st, val at 4U00 dols, taxes 1862 24 00, ck's fee 1 50,
print's fee 1 50, col's fee 1 00, total 29 00
James J J, adm r, 2 lots Centre & Sprin sts, valued
at 1 30 dols, taxes 1861 54c, ck's fee 1 50, print's
1 50, col's fee 1 00, total 4 54
James J J, adm'r, 22 Burch st, valued at 65 dols,
taxes 1861 2oc, ck's fee, print's fee 1 50, col's fee
1 00, total 4 26
Jaquet Anthony, 1 lot Gilmore st, valued at 130
dols, taxes 1861 60c, clerk's fee 1 50, print's fee 1 50,
col's fee 1 00, total 4 60
Lewis P E, 1 lot Clift st, valued at 250 dols, taxes
1861, 1 00, 1862 1 50, elk's fee 1 50, print's fee 1 50,
col's fee 1 00, total 6 50
Lewis Arnistead, no 2 so Ga Avenue, val at 400
dols, taxes 1861 1 60, 1862 2 40, elk's fee 1 50, print's
fee 1 50, col's fee 1 U0, total 8 00
Martin Joel, heirs, no 19 Market st, val at 1000
dols, taxes 18o0 15 00, 1861 4 0U, 1862 6 00, elk's fee
1 50, print's fee 1 50, col's fee 1 00, total 29 00
Maniii Joel, heir, 30 Poplar st, valued at 400 dols,
taxes I860 o 00, '1801 "I" 60, 1862 2 40, ' Clei k's fee
1 50, print's fee 1 50, col's fee 1 00, total 14 00
Martin Joel, heirs, 50 Chestnut st, val at 1000 dols,
taxes 1860 15 00, 1861 4 00, 1862 6 00, elk's fee 1 50,
print's fee 1 50, col's fee 1 00 total 29 00
W. G. Molleston, 15 Early st, valued at 400 dols,
taxes 1862 2 35, elk's fee 1 00, print's fee 1 00, col's
fee 1 00, total 5 35.
Northrup C M, so hf 20 Popular st, val at 1000
dols, taxes 18ol 4 00, 1862 1 80, elk's fee 1 50, print's
fee 1 50, col's fee 1 U0, total 9 80
Owens W L, 1 lot Lafayette road, valued at 300
dols, taxes 1861 3 20, 1 poll 200, 1862 3 80 elk's fee,
1 50, print's fee 1 50, col's fee 1 00, total 13 00
OUy Rev J M, 1 lot Early st, val al 600 dols,
taxes 1862 3 60, elk's fee 1 50, print's fee 1 50, col's
fee 1 00, total 7 60
Pattison Benj., no hf 33 Chestnut st, val. at 400
dols, taxes 1862 2 40, clerk's fee 1 50, print's fee
1 50, col's fee 1 00, total 6 40
Pregman E L, 1 lot Pine st, valued at 300 dols,
taxes 1862 1 80, elk's fee 1 50, print's fee 1 50, col's
fee 1 00, total 5 80
Robertson, Hudson & Pullcam, 1, 2 & J Sidney st,
valued at 800 dols, taxes 1861 3 20, 1862 4 80, elk's
fee 1 50, print's fee 1 50, col's fee 1 00, total 12 00
Rockhold Francis, 7 Fulton st, valued at 1 50 dols,
taxes 1862 90c, elk's fee 1 50, print's fee 150, col's fo
1 00, total 4 90
Roach John, 1 lot Lafayette road, valued at 250
dols, taxes 1862 1 50, 1 poll 200, elk's fee 1 50, print's
fee 1 50, col's fee 1 00, total 7 50
Tyner J S, 3 Sidney st, James addition, valued at
200 dols, taxes 1862 1 20, elk's fee 1 50, print's fee
1 50, col's fee 1 00, total 5 20
Van Dyke T N, no hf 30 Market st, val. at 600
dols, taxes 1862 3 60, elk's fee 1 50, print's fee 1 50,
col's fee 1 00, total 7 60
Van Dyke T N, 15 Walnut st, valued at 400 dols,
taxes 1862 2 40, elk's fee 1 50, print's fee 1 50, col's
fee 1 00, total 6 40
Williams Wm, 1 lot Fulton st, valued at 200 dols,
taxes 1861 80c, 1862 1 20, elk's fee 1 50, print's fee
1 50, col's fee 1 00, total 6 00
Wharton A L & wife, so hf. 45 Market st, valued
at 400 dols, taxes 1861 1 60, 1862 2 40. clerk's fee
I Sll, print's fee I 50, ro' W 1 (HI, total 8'0
It is therefore considered by the Court that judg
ment be and it is hereby entered against the aforesaid
tracts of land, ami town lots or part of lots in the
name of the Mayo' and Aldermen of the Citv of Chat
tanooga, Tenn., for the sums annexed to each, being
the amount of taxes, costs and charges, due severally
thereon, for the years 1860, 1861 and 1862; And it is
ordered by the Court, that said several tracts of land,
and lots and parts of lots, or so much thereof as shall
be sufficient of each of them to satisfy the taxes, costs
and charges annexed to them severally, be sold as the
law directs. And do you make due returns of this
writ at our next Law Court, when sitting at the Court
House in (. hattanooga, on the first Monday in De
cember next, as the law directs. Witness W. L. Rog
ers, l.lcrk ol our said Court, at office in ( hattanooga,
the fust Monday of June, 1863.
W. I.. KiMiLKS, Clerk.
I. Jessee B. Allison. Collector of the Taxes for the
Citv of Chattanooga, bv virtue of the foreuoinir order
of Sale, will proceed to sell before the Court House
door, in the city of Chattanooga, on Monday the 3d
day of August next, the foregoing town lots, or parts
of lots, or so much thereof as will be sufficient to pay
the taxes and charges severally due thereon.
junc 10: 40d City Tax Collector.
Sarah B. Duis vs. Henry Duis.
In Chancery at Chattanooga.
It appearing that the defendant Henry Duis is a
non resident of the State of Tennessee, so that the
process of the court cannot be served on him, it is
therefor ordered that publication be made weekly for
four weeks in the Chattanooga Rebel, a newspaper
published in the 'city of Chattanooga, requiring said
defendant to appear at a chancery court to be held
at the court bourse in Chattanooga, on the fourth
Monday of July next, and answer complainant's bill
filed against him for a divorce, or judgment by con
fession will be entered, and the cause set for hearing
ju23w4w WM. I. STANDEFER, Cl'k & M.
yillRTY DOLLARS REWARD -Runaway from
me in laricrsvinc, Via., on Wednesday last a
mulatto slave, about 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, is a
very likely negro in every respect, has been cripled in
one ancle, had with him when he left a light colored
coat and a )ankcc over coat, hud on brown or black
punts. I will give the above reward to any person
that will take ami lodge him in jail, ami write me at
Cartersville, (in., Ho is no doubt making his way to
Kentucky, where he was raised.
jul8-6t C. S. GARRIGUS.
gALTI SALT I 100 sacks just received and for
saic. wnoiesaic or retail, i doors norm oi spen
cer House.
julft 5t M. T. SWICK & Co.

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