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intt$ of llit Stale Convention :
Ut Diet;
2d1 Dint
.ct J. B. Hkiskell, of Hawkins,
let Wh. 0. Swim, of Knox,
ict A. 8. C3LV, of Franklin,
ict Jou P. Siinuuy.of Jckson.
iicWI. 8. Footk, of Dsvidsen.
lot K. A . Kikulk, of Rutherford.
Jtd DK.
4th P!.
Ct'a Pint:
till Of
th Dint,
blh L'w!
ict Jamm McCi'LLOM.of Giles,
.ct Titos, Meneks, of Robertson,
ict J.D. 0. ADKiNd.of Henry,
.ct Jojim V. Wright, of McNalry,
'ct D. M. Ccrkih, of Shelby.
Uth Dh
ft ,;e i : anther sed to anaouuee P. 0. Snvsn
.hniM'.o, Ulliamsnn count, as a candidate lor
i ungress in 'ie 6th Congressional District, ttt the en
si A mru". election. fjylG-te
VVcs "amthorijelto announce the Hon. Jho
I . Uorsi!, o. Montgomery county, as a candidate for
U' nuri In ie 8th Congressional District at the en
mi. fiHi-.. IJul6
"Ve il authorized to announce Cot. Jon II.
i.vicwol T K iH county, as a candid ite for Coa-f.-r-iij
from " s 3th Congressional Uixtrict, at the en
i ting electa. .. 'juucll)
" We a a authorial to announce II n. A.O. P
V wi'.oijiux r a candidate for Congrem iinm the 7 tb
iV'iiWiiou.' ' Diatiict.aUhe ensuing eL-cti-ni. ro27.
fVJs ;. : safhii'ij(l to announce Colonel G. II
Ntv.,pf t juience ccuoty, as an indepeudoiit cnn
ri.itn t-rt nfti'f in the seventh congressional d.
t"ict rl the i tuning election,
Kor the lrgUtntui e.
InrcypJi't to tinmerons solicitiitl ins, I aiinoaiice
l.iy- r'f eor iidntf lor election to the House of Rep
r nrf i.tnf ires rom the Klototlal District composed of
the countii IVanKurer., Bledsoe and I'hin, at the
rasalug Anr.it olcction. 8. E. CARNE3
4. We-e authmiaed and roquts:ei to announce
Lieut. Jis. . Wii.tte, of Kh"a county, as a can
1!hU to i present the comities of Rhea, Rleds;e
mill Van fa- uu in the lower house of the next Gene
ra! As-smb ot the Btate of Te!ine.i-;eo.
I (.'in;- Z'ru Tcnnkskkx Rfoiviknt.on Ocjtost,
Mnili v,-.Kro l'iko, Bedford Co., June 22, '63. J
Ljjitob Chattanoooa Rebel !
In obsdieuoa to n call made upon me by the Coffee
county roarers of this icgimeiit, (21th Tennessee,)
at m.ie.h.p recently held, and also to many solicita
tion by cit. enn ot auid coauty at variom times, you
. e hereby euthoried to announoe my name aa a can
'ltdata to rfire.ser.t tho people of Coffee county in the
lower brav -h of the next Legislature of TenncsHce.
Junc23-te FUaMCIS H. RAGSDALE. .
For the Semite.
Wa aro arthorizod to auuounce tho Hon. 6iu. A
V.Airn a i i.d !id;tte for t!m Ssnate from the District
cjT.poasd o: the counties of Hamilton, Marion, Be
f,i!Uuiiic, i;l 'usja and liradley.
' To 1 .irinni uml Q,uart.crinastert
Office Uouf Qcahtkkmastkr,
hnoxviJie, June 27th. 1863
TTtflE lollovinji circular issued by L!eut. Col. Larkln
jl. Duiiia, Asassiani vuflrieimaitcr ueneral In
ch':;e, is r; mblished in this Department lor the bou
t;.it Hod ci'SLiVance of all coucered.
Major and Chief Quartermaster.
Kichaiond. Va., Vita June, U6'i. J
'i. j.i tolloliig is the system adopted for tho colleo
lien i,f tho t :x in kind :
Ai niHcei of the Quartermaster General'i Depart
wvu; -o a.ined to the special charge ot tho sulij -ct.
X controlling Quarternmster, with tun rank of Major,
!i asainod J each Stato, and a Post Qut;rnjat,er,
with the ua ! of Captsin, to each CooKressiouul Dia
U'iot, wh.;i it in practicable t) collect tne tontii.'
hN-h CoRreaaional District will be aubdlvidedfjiy
t i't- I'uit Quartermaster in charge of it into sections,
La the convenient del.very by the tux payer, of his
quota of produce and agents will be appointel by that
oilicer to lake charge of the e'epotsto be established
iu each section. '
liftore these depots can bo established, or the as
sessments required under the law be made, the cropa
of small i'"i(i;luiy and the clip of wool for the pres
. entyear will have been secured. .
'Jl'o relieve farmers from the risk and inconvenience
of storing tho Government portiou, as wll a to ob
tain immediate aupplies for the one of the army, the
Department authorize and request farmer residing
near posts where Quartermaster are now atatLwed ti
deliver the Goverment's.teDtb, or any part of it, to that
Under the law, farmers are required to ddllvsr their
teuth ut doixiti not more than eight mile frim thi
place ol production. f they will deliver under tin
vcqut'st, the Government will pay for the transporta
tion in excess of eight wile. Tne Quartermaster re
d iving produce under this rule will give receipts to
tho produc r a evidence that so inucii of bis lux is
piiid. .ntl a the Post QuarterrnsNter of the Con
Kreionul Ui itrict is responsible tor the tentn, alter
the assemor has established aud made it kuowu to
hlin, the Q i,trlernisier to whom the produce la deliv
ered will ulso receipt lor it to the Post Q MrtoraTAfcter
of the I'isl ict, who will endorse a copy of the lecnipt
upon the aH.essor' estimate before transferring it to
the ageuia at the receiving Uupot.
Ais't Qunrterma.iter Genl in charge.
Norn 1'i.vther iiiloinmti('i upon tnlstubjacican be
hud hy refer nee to the provlsiou of the Act, entitled
"An Ac fo ,ny taxes for the common deieune, and
tuny on t.lir Goverumontof the Confederate Btates,"
bppioved A ril 24th, lSOli; aud particularly to aec
ii'jn.i 11, 1' .md la thereof.
Oiipt. V, Tappe A. Quartermactpr Chftttinoojja,
l'i iiir.horii 'd to receive from citizens of Hamilton
o-iuily, 'tn' 'ax "in kind" alluded to iu tlie clicnlar.
jv7-lt. Mai. .V duel Q. M.
C f A.", 'IfiW AUD Strayed from tho subscriber on
iilU t evening ol the 28 June, at Tullulionia,
i durk bay are, five or six years oli, with black legs
main and v:, about IS bunds high, with two sore
t.poi.1, one . e:ieh e'uio of tt:e back bono, caused by the
duddlc. T! u ahove reward nud no questions asked
will be pui ' ou her delivery to trie at Headquarter
i.ilu Tenne we Regiment, or to Cant. Pedeu, Provost
i'prxiidi; j.: Chattanooga.
Jlllnl M!' lith Tenn. Regt.
NOnct'. From aud after tho 20th June Instant
Conl'.dornie Treasnrj ffotr issued prior to the
tlmt of De' umhor li2, will not he received ou depos
I'm or iu J yuient of debts to these banks.
'J'he law of Congress regulating the funding ol
Treasury A'utf i, renders this coure necessary, a it
provides tu a alter the first of August next these
nites cannot be funded.
J NO. A. FISHKIt, Cash. Hank of Tennessee.
W. D. ULLTON.Cash. kUuk of Chattanooga,
NOTICE To tne vnti rs of Hamilton county Ten
tii'Ksee. Iwlllopeu ana bold an Kloctln In
the several districts of said county, on Thurmir.y Hie
3'hdayof August, ImM, for the purposo otelrctiega
Governor, member to the Confederate ConirreM, Hiid
mem tier to tb Legislature Of Tennessee.
M H. tOLLTf.lt,
Jy 2Hd Hberitt of H. Co.
M:trkot St Sildoor Nc-rth Market House,
lie li:r tii hnsluna men ui t ittanooga.
riUliLN lip 7Nir(XIMiTtFDntotheJairil'iiaiq
1 tlton county, Tennessee, two negrs nwn, Johu
Hi 'io say they belong to John Levitt, ofAo
ix, Join I very dan, and Hen, Is of a tight
culm r i 'ilnr. Th owner la notified to come forward,
ptniu ivrnpc-rty, )my charges and tak thiTn away.
kpr1ftf Jatlnr HamiHm Co
1 1 1 AN I'l.D. A good negro bay to Mok lor a tmal
nii-ii, libcial wsnes paid. Apply at Oilcans
Light H"r-,I.VJen. Folk' Lsecrt.
jylWl FRANK FI'rER"?.
Ocnnal WllllHin UaiUclate of MUUippl.
The news of the great nuccees of the Confed
erate Army at Gettysburg, is ullojed with the
painful tidiugt of the fall of many a gallant
soldier, but of naae who had more aignally
evinced in all of the struggles through which
he had passed, that patriotic devotion fo the
cause, which bo distinctively characterizes the
spirit of cur soldiers iu this Uevolutiou.
Gen. Barksdale was, we believe, born in
Rutherford cout.ty, iu this State. In early
nnnhood he emigrated n Mississippi, and
enroled upon bis career as a public journalist.
Lie was a strong and vigorous writer, and drew
to himself that altenfioii which a bold iude
pendent journalist will always attract, when
as in his case he was moved by uo other con
viction than that of "the right." He was bIho
a forcible and pointed public speaker, and was
prominent in all of the party discussions for
which that State watt so noted, maintaining the
dogmas of tbo Democratic school of which he
was a votary. During ihe Mexican war he
served as a Captain. In 1 fi53, Gen. B jrkadale
wan elected to Congret-a from Mississippi by
the Slato at Large.' Lie vas three times re
elected from tho Cniutnbun District.- During
his eight yenrs service in that body, no man
maintained a more vigilant opposition lo the
constant and noci mnUting aggii.ndiz3ioen!j of
the Northern power than ho dii nor was theie
any member more cxict in the ('ifthargo of his
representative duties, end moii watchful of
the public interests than him. Though he sel
dom appeared in debate, when he did, he
brought to tho discussion nil the warmth and
earnestness of his nature, the information of
his well stored mind, and tho terseness and
rigor which characterized his f.poech. He was
dibcovered to posaoas ra.-o talents as a presid
ing officer during the stormy tines attendant
upon a near approach to a final adjournment of
Congress, and upon such occasions, during the
last few years of his service was frequently
called to preside over tho House. In the cele.
brated personal rencounter in tho House known
as the Koitt and Grow difficulty, which occurr
ed in January 1838, the mendacious insolence
of tho Black Republican members provoked
Gen. Barksdalo into an active porsonal partici
pation iu the scouo which onsaed, which caus
ed him ever afterwards to be a conspicuous
object of Black Republican hate, as he was tho
indifferent recipient of the contumely and rid
icule which tho anonymous scribblers of the
Black Republican IVobs poured out upon him.
An ardent and consistent advocate of separa
tion ho was prominent iu bringing about the
withdrawal of Mississippi from tho Federal
I'nion, and upon tho happening of that event,
he formally vacated his seat in tho Federal
Congress. Appointed Ikigadicr Geueral in
the Army of Mississippi he devoted his ener
gies to a rapid organization and equipment of
the State forces to resist its invasion by the
Federal forces. Virginia promising a quicker
aud more active field for the ardent nature of
this soldier ho resigned that higher gtade, aid
accepted tho Colonelcy of the 13th Mississippi
Regiment. He led these gallant troops iu the
first battle of Mauastias, at Seven Tines,
through all tho battles before Richmond, se
cond Manassas, Antietam, Sharpsburg, und all
the sanguinary conflicts of Lee's last Summer's
campaigu." Promoted to tho rack of Brigadier
Geueral in tho C. S. Army, at some poriod du
ring these trying times, he was filly acknowl
edged to possess military abilities, which he
had on every occasion shown. Of his conduct
at Fredericksburg iu the great battle of De
cember last aud tho later and bloodier ono of
Clianccllorsville, there is no need to speak.
Barkadalo's Brigade- is prominoutly historic in
those two carnivuls of doBporatoIy won and
important sucookhi h to tho Confederate anus.
There the post of honor was the slation of that
apparently doomed brigade, and its heroic
leader. Whero necessity disponed of tho few
est of the most valiant ol' tho troops to do the
greater proportion of important lighting was
assigned Barksdale'a brigade. History will
record how well tlu-y discharged tho perilous
but noble duty.
In tho last fight tuado by tho great army to
rhich ho belonged hol'oli p.oroed with bullets
al the head of his gallant bund, with his face
to the foe. He foil lulnvinisteiu.g to tho pee
pie of rciiiisylvanta a tas:o of invasion. Not
the low uicuu invasion which ilhiHirutcs tho
march of the Black KftpublieaL columns upou
Southern territory, but iuvuBior such as uu ar
my of Southern Chevaliers mark their transfer
of hostilities from their owtt soil to that of tho
enemy, torriblo onough iu itself,' but which re
stricted by all tho rules of civilized war ia dis
tinguished by no petty action or pillage, "
wur upon women and iiou-'Coinbat.m.B.uo mur
ders, in a word, uone of tho black aud damn
ing attributes of tho Abolifiou iuvasiou of the
South. "Well does tho North (loscribo him, as
they gloat over his death, as that "otico proud
and haughty rebel." Ha was proud and haugh
ty. II had pride which taught him to despise
them. Ho would uot recogniz them as his ill
associates, lie bad studied their character
and he know them to be a nation of unscrupu
lous scoundrels. His association with thuin
was restrained, and only so far as bis official
intercourse compelled it would his proud na
ture justify any connection with them. .When
under other circu'iiBtances thoy would ap
proach him, his holiest manner repidsod them,
and thareforo they deemed hint haughty.
When his Slate sccedod ho felt that ho was
"free from daily contact with things ho ioath-
. . .. .. .. .
eel," und hiseword leapt from it scabbard, to'
meet Iho men whom his past experimrco had
.! a
sinco beeu cbaracteriiM vj all that lombina-
lorcod li mi to tiesptno, and wiioso course n'is:(y
tiuu of iownos and villainy which his past ex
perience of ilicin bad led him to expocf.
'But ho baa goue. No more will hi flKbip?
sword g'eani iu the lead ol Lis devoted and
brave told i-r. No morn wi.I his b'eediug
country call upon him to interpose between
her and the mad purpose of her fieud'sh assiiil
ai.ls. The baiiLe of h'u brigade, the stand
ard ofdesperaie and determined men, who will
until the last of them expiree, confront the
Northern legions, will still wavo at each re
currence of the dread er.counter, but their c Id
leader is gene, his voice once so ofU-u heard
iu encouragement aud command ia now hush
ed, ho is lost to them, lost to his wife and his
b;yH, who live jot to avengo their country's
wrn:g e.id thoir iathsr's death, lost tj his
fiicnds and to his country but not lo hi9 God;
for cera;n!y Providerce in its iofitiilo goodii'.'.
will ve'tih grcaMy aqaiiiHt the shortcomings of
mail, that virtue of patrioiism. tint devotion to
country, that unelndli Rticntieo of life for the
right, th;it ho beautifully decorated th career
of Willi im Uarcsiialk.
Wo have never doubted, si Lee the commence
ment of hostilities, that the South would achieve
her independence. Our Ixdiof is founded on
ihejustico of her cause and the gal'antry of
her eons. Whip them, und they will t ot stay
whipped. Oveiruu their country, and :lny
will ret ike it. To coupler und permanently
hold tho Confederate S'atfs of America, is a
pcrf rrnanco that the world will never witness.
Grant aud hi-? nrmylm;c taken Vicksbnrg,
und what of if? Ikiikri ami his army the
lelegraph infu: mt us have taken Port Hudson,
:u liu w idiich niarcr uie they to the tree navi
gaiioii of tho MIPsiKHipni river? That desid
e.iatiou will no' bu learned but lh;oi'gh o treaty
of peace. WhMj the wr Jas's, not a vessel
cm float on its Lota in in saletv. Tiiis indis'
putuble (act will sot n be fout.d oni by the
poeplo of tho West. Then they will i ealiza tbo
sad iriuh tlmt they have given fifty thousand
live for uu ole hunt which cau not t appro
prialed to any valuablo purpose.
The Yankees have held New Oilcans for
more than a year, and what is the number of
cotton bales that they have pnrchanod and sto
len ? Not enough to clothe Banks' avmy.
A few months ego Banks reported to his
Government that nearly tho vhole S.ate o!
Louisiana waa iu his possession. Now what is
tho state of the case ? At the latest dales from
lhat region, Magruder and Taj lor had either
captured or driven into New Orleans every
Federal soldier from Berwick's Bay to the
Mississippi river. Subjugation indeed I It is
our well-matured opinion that the Government
of the United Slates could not conquer a peace
iu the State west of the Mississippi alone all
the other Southern Stales standing aloof
within tho next five years. Tho Confederates
might bo driven across tho Rio Grande, we
admit, but they would return und renew the
Granted, for the sake of argument, that tho
Federals will take Richmond, Wilmington,
Charleston, Savannah and Mobile will that
oud the war? Not a bit of it Every mau in
this Confederacy, from President Davis to tho
humblest so1dicr in tho ranks, understands thb
character of ihe contest in which wo are cu-.
gaged. He kuows that subjugation is dishonor
aud utter ruin. Ho feels that he und his com
panions can avert so great a calamity, and by
the favor of God, ho is resolved lo do it. Ho
does not expect to bo violoi ics on every bat
tle held, but as to tho final triumph id' our brius,
ho has not tho shadow of a iluu'ot. II- po;
hrkscs a religious 'jilh that his beloved South,
soon or lite, will break thoyoko of her yaukee
oppressors will emerge from the htlliidi oon
fiict that I'i'S boen forced upon her, a free and
independent nation.
To overpower and hold in subjection ten
millions of such people, is one of those obaurd-
itics that even yankecs will discover in tlu
sequel. The th'ng cant bo dono.
CouNTEitrKiT. Wo wero bhown yostorda
counterfeit one dollar Confeduruto bill, whir.h
is calculated to deceive all but tho best judges,
l'ho bill is dated June 2d, H',G2. u'tJ has tho
signature of "S. M. Hunter for Register, It
F. Ball forTroiiHiirc r." The signatures are t iu
graved, which i about tlio only dill'oronco be
tween this counlerloit and the genuine. The
pupcr on which tho connterlei t is executed is
somewhat finer and mom transparent than tlmt
used for tho genuine, lo a. I other respects I lie
counterfeit in a fac simil of the genuine.
fl'ir The Cincinnati t'oniuie.ciul Buys a siw
picious "curs," with plenty of money, is in
Montreal, buying up Hteamcrr bulioved to lw
for tho Coiifodoralo nuvy. Ho u-s already sj
cured three lino propellers.
tiiflt is icportod that an astooiii'nug aiau
tity of ab!j-bodiod young tnuu arc in the
towns of Georgii to recruit.-
Their health!
tcj Attention is directed to the
nient. of I,t. Col. Bowles in this
ud vcrlise
inoruing's itiV Siunder's late incursion into Mast T.-n-uesseo
was lilu the embroidery of a ladyVi
cloak. It was chiefly arrayed ou iho border.
Lock out for Stranokrk. Two siiau'o
men, pretty sb-ongly marked with Yaul.eo us-
pcclH und dialect, and apparently with iii.th ng
to do, m ado their appearanlo in I'ois city a lew
days fttro. They noon fell into the hands ot
our inihnt Enrolling Officers, but protortcd I
that ti p V werii reftveeu fr,,m Mnr.-ltn.il r.-rlili.!
rates of which they held in tlioir i.oNet;sioii.
Thorn bning ground of suspicion they weru! 'r trol'' H'" ,l w?u" lB0,,'V0 ," V 'f i "'
taken before ti.e civil aulhontict, where, after armies; and now that t,.o rebo.- iu l:y "
lieiiiL' liaid i.rc-m.,.1. ihev i,r.'SKl:,i thev w.(r!''a l!"7 jilv" s"",v '"r" t;" "
genuine Yankee. They wtro sent (o tho bar -
.i i . ' i ... , i
r&c"iB b'u,kr l'""H0 "d subst-qneuily forward -
? tot ''f1 '''.an''f!r ttt Chailestoii. They
aru -
are doubtlesH npieM, uud will swin ut uu eariy
Wo did i.ol learn their names.
Special to the Mobiio Advertiser.
Jchuktoii's AdJira toJiU Troojig.
Jackson, July 10. Gen. Johnston this morn.
tog issued to the troops the following battle
order, which was read along the hue amid
Joifouing shouts from tho soldiers :
jS "Headquarters, ou the Field, July 9, lStiX
"Fellow SclJiers : An iu6olont foo. flm-hed
with hope by his recent success at Yicksbu.-v.
conirouis you, inrca!enics' ilio jioople, wht h'.
homes and liberty .yoa are here to protect, vitb
plunder ami conquest. Ti ir s may cu-,
now be heard at tuturval.-t, r.i they udvarcr.
" i Ins enemy it is at O! ce tin r.iM i'jn a:n'
tho duty cf you bravo men !o c'.nMti :id ex
peHiom the soil of Mirxii-ippi. Ti: Cu.
manding Geucial jouli'ieni!y lilies (.a yen to
siiRta'n tin1- pledge which he :; ak-s in :v! va'a-o.
a-nl he will ))!) wi;h v:)' in (he ;;ooi - m k,
oven tinto li e end.
"Tho v'ce of 'etrairlii1''' ho b'-.-n vmi tc
slum, and to 1'riwn o-. !i'i:- cdt. be, t will be
checked by evci the in m Kii.aniary rt-iutvii.-.t
"The telegraph Iras ul aiv jamouiK cl a elo..
rious victory over the foe, 'on by your nol le
comrades ot sh- Vitgiiva army on Federal soil ;
may ho n it. wit o redoubled' huo . count on
you, while defending your own tircpids and
IioujoIkjI.I gniUi, toonnil.ife tho proud cxiiinple
of our bioiiieis in ihe E h: '.'
"The c-(iiiii:ry eipecls.iti ;;.!, the cieai i i
his cfitH destiny, that evc:y man will do his
Con. Johnston orders all pil'a-eis to be i-'ut :
tho guard will shoot Uih'u wlieie'er found.
Vliv Yitiilttc Ueti i llve Sy-teii at ."Jii.t lltr.
In the official repo. t of ;!ie Federal Adju'aut
General Clark, to the Provost Marshal General,
of transactions iu the Department of tho Chief
of Police of the Department of tho Civ.iibsrla tid
wo hud lie following claufc relating lo tho
detective f.yf.teui :
Int. Through than geiicv ol'eccrct de!ectiv?r.,
spucially B'.dculod for tho m-rvicj rcquirtd, a
largo number of rpies at.'d unnirsr-ers have
been urrestoti and brought to juslico wnnin
this ihqiatlmunt, und iniui maUou htuintd nud
frai.Muirtcd, I'.viJing to tho wrest of many
others out of the dtpartnicnt.
4'.l'. A perfect sjslchi of detfe'ion, reaching
to the ciot-cis ol tea iota and tiisccvcring cat,h
sicrct wjinpathy and action of U o pfvaict nc
iiiies ut iha Goverumeiit within our line, und
gnardir.g ogainst the'r treasouabla pc!a-i's;
Dili, iho tmployioeut ot H.tillutl ii'ioitn-j and
ttpies, lo cperato within and about tin linos ol
toe cnetny.a'id luvuish iuto!i)..;eiico lor the in
loi'ination t'f tho ccmrn unlini; (iencrih The)".!'
men have been curorully letectnd, umlw.iii
rave jiidgmoiif, lo.- th-jir pvculiar tluiii1:;: nno-l
of Iheni ate 'thoroughly lo-onainle l with ihe
country and tho inhabitants where they op.
et'itle, and pobsss tiu qualiiie! ol laoi, dmcre
iion, tiLMl-podsef-3!oii and nervo to a lng:i
Gih. A completo record of iho chut actor,
habits, circuniHtancou and political rympatliies
of nearly evoiy adult or tho tiection of tho
country through aud in which the Army of tho
Cumberland has operated.
7th. Knowledge ami investigation ct Eecrct
poliiical eocictioB, North and S mill, having for
their object, opposition to the Administration.
and tho prosecution of tho war.
Impoiluiit from Jli 1 IIil- J'i i ik li Army
C ciiilt's the ( n;llwl.
By the way of Suu Francisco w.' h tve tho
followin;; inttdligcnco from tho Ci'y of Mexico
up to J tin o :
Preflieont Juarez and Cabinet had concluded
to evacuate the City of Moxioo, believing that,
the moKt effectual resistance to the French m -my
could be made outside kf tho wall. On the
IHsfof May tho Government moved to San Lu
i do Potoso, takin-r nil tho niovoibl.i Jim anu.i
and munitioim ot war oloi.g. They also took
with them, two millions ol dollars itoin iho
Treasury. Tho forco that garrisoned tho Chy
of Mexico, said to number twenty thousand
men, waa witdrawn to tbo Cuoruavaca plaza,
and to intorinodiato points around tlio city, ior
th purpose of carrying on guerilla warfai e.
On tho 1st of June a mooting sv.-o: hold in lin
city, at which tho principal lcudi.ru of the
church party wcro prt.-t out. Tin y Kent. p. com
nnsiiioner to Gou. l'oicy to olier thvir all giauco
to the Emperor loiiis Napoloon. On tins fnii,
tho French division under (Jen, Bazzino occu
pied the principal onitaiiro to the city, and '!
i'cirod tlio chinch party prolec ion gaii!t tlio
exoilod population. J'ho whole French antiy
'.van expejiod to ocsupy the cipital on l'i ) 8oi
of Jiino. Threo iiesp;ipc;-o hud hi en estab
lished favoring tho policy of the French. One
of thene papers states that tho occupation of
the City ot Mexico Hitvtlori wi'h almoin n coi
taiiity that, il is neccettary lo extirpate by the
root ihe DtmtK'raiic cdomeut, and no longer
need there bo oven a dream ot popular sove
reignty. General Forty bad isiiii-jd an onlu
conlit.cating thy prnpurly of all jiarlics v. ha
have bcuii or are inarms uainst lim French
An arrival from Havana Lriug-t Vera luz
advices up to Juno JG, sound tiayi latar l'i-itj
Iho above.
'J'iio French army cocupioi tl.o Cily of Mex
ico on tin; iid uliinio, and Gen. Fumy to !; pos
session on the 10. h. .iiiuiz had rtitivoi
Sau Lii'Mtfe PotoMo.r.nd a Fioiicii Divi
)0 liii'l
been sotit against lhat. pi. ice, Forty v. as re
coivod widi great ou'.Iiiim.i-oii . A Fronon Mar
quis who was wounded at Puo'ola, goes to Paris
with tho keys of tho City of Mexico Tnir
tcon hundred piisonors, im s ly Mer.icuu iilli"
ccf i, uroubtuil to bo Hciitio Fianoe.
H;A. The Yankou Eut T.meisjj rj.icgaJe
abodliouisls, Sitiudcrs, who cou.imindod t'l1.1
raiding party which attacked tho tow., oi
Ivnoxv!'lo, went back to Cinciona'i to '.i.oe
hiinh'i,tMil'led in tho newspapers. The result
of Saunders' conference with the yaukee editor
waa tho following bach of absurd fabrications:
Wo had tho pleasure on Wedin-s lay, of an
interview with Coloiul S.iundws, v. h com
m:unl(.-d ihola'o raid into EiHt Tenm "isoe, ro !
into the suburbs ol Iviioxv;!le, bunted Ibogrea'
bridga at Sirawborrv PI '"', avd iw.i othot,
important bridges. Tho Colonel naj s the pi o
pin of East TV nocss i'faio the nt'Mit loyal iu tho
Union. Old men, .and women and cluldien ran
from their houses vlicn they tsaw tho blm"
jackoln und cbuered them with hn'eMTib;d.!i'
enlhiiiiiaHin At ti-ucs, wh:;ie tln r.i ntiiuuinl
stoi'iied leniir eiioncli lor tho pooph lo cnl.'ei'l,
Colonel says
HieCiug SCOIieS.
b' was loinnuK'ti oi conji
The Cuion people weio at
P''- paaiislai t fall end this npr.Pg to put in a
1 ('1U!" i"t'J thl5 'lrain- l'i'""""-'''1 ' W,I".,""
' ..ml chit, i-en in in hibnrfu in tho Mid', think'
, . . . -,. , .. - . . ,
were rai.unu: suoiiiies lor i i;;o.i o,.
. 'lll!rH- ,itnJ ,l(,w ,n0"rn over
; I'mw our arui-1 an not u.uro to i n
I'ioiii (.t tn iitl l.n't Aim;.
A wour. VI oftVor f Witpht br'gade. who arrlJ
n Uu . mi nj cn Vl.t:t.'y, g e bith'y inten(iii
pa: titulars of ,h. In tt n ef Gtitysbuig. He left
'".elljvlnr i t I n , ( k on Saturday morning. Fr'ra
his atatencnt tie gather the fuller ing particular:
In tl:e libta of V(uniday nuj Thnraday we whipp
t.l t!.e 1 1 , ;iv bi llv. tin l-'riiljv ll.o riirM caln
I Oil id, If 1,
i i ii; do. e ii y our centre, woica wis
; ni:K-f i i f I.
el h tu-1 ami two irvwiotis ol
i -m . Neither the rii'ht tu r left
f'C'll "111 A. P. til., M.
Wll W,l i,
iiui -k fiv n
t4 tr vtv-
iitJi.'"i e drove ihj eiemy
t the be.cii s. which he had f'"-itlej.
1 i Sv mt.f we broka ttnnc'i to
I l
i e i.J'.o rei'tive the ons-tof
i iv( i: r-l tie -ii t- the hiik-ht.
. i i'i r ii iii ei ii,; i ! ne ueighu, and
'.. r.'-',,it-ii iu our repu so.
i.i v i .i iing were it lore 1 t-i
- i i"i mi j t the rear. It u
'iv i ii l-ek Iro n want of pro
- ; i i::;.-iiy t amtiun-tii a, f ir
' ordsAiice .;it of whii h not
' i oi mill ta'i.eu. S.'nii) ol
i fur. !.:!.; i l ii Mil-j-rs cav
''"' ' I. Th'we l onr men
' ..ai e aM walk w.-r .tit
'' I" vi who were seveiely
i - thn bi t lo ll.-IJ.
" i' . : '.cy. Tuur." Uy an J 1'iliay.
:' I't.o-Mi piis-mers, wi w-.-rs
tii i :-ir, hihI who, our ialnnnint
Vi , i:sn iely. Durlug ti.e a.-i
I ti c i"i;oi.i-is, and siiout u.inij
;e 1 - niii.i.'i: nir l sr Ij.Oiiil in all.
v e
ii r
Ml p
VI- I -!iS.
il't : e v
:'i . i til1
lii.-.u n
"i '
i !i i w i
oB jl.
in na.it
1m i
Ci ill' M
. r-'!;'j'"
; I .
; U-i
" .( I
'.!:r..,4i. A-. i i
tree v,- in--,lii..-i
lll.-t -lbe
bat:!.- w
III t .t i ij..;. i
.nri wi tied-- i
ihe-rt u,
ti.e m.t tuiious ltu !.s taken plai o
'ii.li;i In.hn i,( iL-j enemy ia killed
i:i: t i x; i( j i.nis. In i he charge upon
vi! ti.i'in IK-. j im!, their iojs, whili
ilynij b: I' -i cur :i-)i
bi .e:i.iL. -i; f:Vi .1 m y -i---'
.v ti hi!'i a r i u u i;u
. in! li .'t- i r '; c::; it.: fj-i
, "vim ei.oniMiis. Wright
, tine oi the rBj'::.e:ils aliU h
eo.i tK'l, lieutenant colonel,
csmeeui iu churgetif ii n-r'
ond i nun :i.i o. Him i-ir.i;iii:( h'IL-i
s bn iug beeu either
il r 'i II. V.ii II.', i I
-ur m,i-.).inu2yj tu.tt ear ur.ny felt back with the
greaiei-t fi LV'-ts'-on ii'i-l (ird-' to ue his expression,
t-p!end:iiiv." Tbe.u nas n ) d. inoiaiizstiou. None
of the ; iih". r.i hir e a:iy id n that General Lee intends
to re-en.-. Hi. i oltmi.u-., nor has that Inteiitioj been
s vt'ii hii eil ut, by Uu- t.-HKvrs commanding corps, it
wan eeiK i.iHy t-,i;.l li.jij .C!v- uadersiood that tae fit 1 )
in;; tii'.e': m.-. i mii.,ci1 by tna ililliculty in oliUiuiug
jir Ti.'i' ia tii, -in .ii so I.ing a line of cotnmuuicatlnn
ift!';ii ii'-im tJeitjvbtuv; t i Wiliiamsport. and noons
m ihu in my i elti vd t:. it it w is intended to evacuate
H:.i;'Ih;m. The L-.'ti f.uc in good ipirits, aud ready
I it ua 'Hi v li-ij: v. i .t Hi i no i.iy,
'I'Ui: P. t u ii-., -, lj n ..ii,- iui.rioant erosied, wan very
hl;!ii. Jt ir mo: ir v i ht.ite that, ilie oflicer from whom
the abov i.-f r e, t'o.i as olita'ned was a very intellK
i.eul, i thiI iud d- iireruti! poison, and one not likely tu i'
i'-Vij: ;-. r.itu nay !...!. whicli ha migblhavo learued.
, nnp,,,, .WMMiMMiiaM
G'Jo'i; ;:.'.liV?5! GOOD NEWS!!
a v 'cisv: it hi v x k v s uKi'ur
ii f
T. iI . ACTO N .
A lot of ilia 1 1 .--1 Int. i '.'4'.in hooks uow ill Ilia Cau
'eli i'iny jtist pebrsho I.
" ii aiJ t tuid R'imaic.8 of M-irgali Bud hi men "
r il.'.'; ie Lea Ml.viriihlo-i.''
"ths K'o;i Kis'er' (A Xovclelle.)
"New Nume' ( V Novel )
'S'jiucille'H of Travel."
"f.pjt r.Aoc.'t.'.tions.''
'l-'oii',!i mid por thoutas," (A Poem )
Al-'O aa arsoitmeut of t-tiiudard school books, lor
nil thtee duori a'wvo the Provost Marihtls offioe, at
C.n.Colhuv',aoMHUn.l. U'ltl
V On tbu i -'tient from Tulliihoma a gold Watch,
dctactiCi lever, II iweted ease, tJuitod Ktates flag oa
tlie cas grHspe't by an emtlgn white laep, wnttn
a.riH tlio lace In tu J icttei-s, railroad time keeper,"
md a ciu'pu-'s key Nii-pHi)cd to it iiy a red allk rib.
lion. The .'ibov le-' inl will lie paid if tho watch it
let either ut litis 1 lii . , 1 1 u 'turned to Gen. Cheatham,
jylti lit
Qt.fi I'KWAl.Dfitrajed or ttolen ou the r
tiJO1.;' t:e.tt liem 'i'nlliiliouia, ft "light lay Msie,
:iij.e.it jo-uie'tii uiid a half b inds hlh, paces, i'rotj uud
ra:!ts. ono v lute bind loot , iml cut aqiinre, nboutalx
yoai.itl.;. f will (iivn ihe tthove reward tor her ou
d-d V' ty i i in' a. lit. Uea'l l'o.k.i heaUijiiarter.
jyiii-!' ('nil. V.. W. RAWLIJ.
jnvo i;u.i)i:i;i) dollars iuWard.-Ksom)J
1. 1: . mi a viiftl S iiiins (rem Tullahonia, on ilia
Chiiit-jimof K itl Pn.id.oii the night of the :ioth ull.,
u light bay llo:;i, 6 joins eld, saiiewhat undor 16
h t.-iili liij?o, no wutle unotit bim except Hots caiiKod
tr.on -i.'u c, i n.; i f wl.i' b, ia iiclilud Ins right wealth
er, hmI ie:r. !y ;ot larjie as the palm of a man' hand,
iimI i'i.'.'.'t't'y H' re, iijita lout a lade pigeon toed, eula
ne.i.' itit :i i.iy w.ih tmli loie foot, lupus and trots well,
r.o.'ii-i, but not IV.i f , h is a roinurkubly small and b--ni-liiut
le.iid. t.'a'ii tiiiluiiil mi-lie, tliougb not heavy, lie
n a I.'I.iihIo.i b ;t!'o "C e.i i;ti!(ei'ii!)le nylo, and besuty.
ile was pioMO'y f'lt.ea ii by a soldier, as the army
was im.ivliii,; i.ytli inilit. 1 will pny the ahovs r
iv mi it l:e ii.' i.ctvii to mo at the reslduace of Murk
iv uu Jy, iv',, I. .vo talk's from Chutienooga, on the
i.roi, a i'. liouad ,or 1 iw.'I pay a sult ible raward to
iO'.y i,;e- j-;iv,iuj me m h Inloimotioii as would lead to
li''i 1 1 o v..j v. I cnii b, addressed tlireiigh ttm Clint
l.ii''"i;i p-.st tilllce. J. W. iiOWLRH.
ft. C-al. Morgan' Cuv.
A COi'K W.r.'Tbl.- To go with (leu'l Fori est '
l t'ltVutty. 'J'he iiljdeaa wages will bo paid for a
go d ii' ;;ro, or wntto intil.) cook, t) cook for it Miiall
nieiM, "j'p'y 1 1 Cfii't. J. W, t'loek'-r, near Prtsliy
leriull cinoi'Ii, C; r'.l. .';', m ,. Iji Ji; fa i
1! k iiij-i it'n Vni, ,V '(.a.'tiei'iNii IIokkau A. T.
Chun it.ooiia. Teuii.. Julv 1,1. IHH.'l. C
i-i i,iuifiuii:,ii i
l: ::, 'i : . , t 1 1 ,.'i, . '
v.). --.
Dili' i ti of thia r.uiein, who have been compelled by
recoil i v :,t i n. it-bm thmr field el'0(irruti(ins, will
n j oil I in i tb t ;ii,t.ii,:tioiis, at thn expiMtion of lea
iluyi lioiii tins tun", i;t ii:ie e.K ijiiHrM is at Marietta,
G.i. To-) li'.-uU'i mrfusof Hie Hure.a'i will bs ehtiih-
lihi.'ij ,n r.ii.ii 1,'iini u-, mo it ui taity can Pa tiaiislotBj
1 1 ..in tho i .t.tiioi-oi .Voitn Alabama.
l'-y "i Jt r oi i;(i. Gi;a. Pillow,
l.'lui'l of llaieail,
Jj 'ti 1 J. o. C. binioii, A, A. (J.
I O.-ir.-Dti the ov,-f)iii'.j of the 13th lust., near
Ji Ciiiekiiiiiuiia, Dcp.il, a i.'.irpet lls, eoutaining
tiiity'd etn fling. 'i,.. Under win bu lib': rally- rcivaiO
)u, i,e-itl. in center ma s veiy great lavor Upon tlie
oai,er,tiy havoig tho s-iuioai tins tfhVo, or ut (ien'l
hiili.oi.'s l.e otq'li.t.iirt Clin k'umima Depot,
jyti; I','
t J ANTi:i)--'f'.ililie a No. 1 Uk. Apply to Limit.
VV U.u. M. IhiVl.N -in, A. D. ".. at hctdipiarter
hilg. G'. n. Pai t"ii, A m.'ers n'a brigade, ltiiiigepri
Ala. IJyDiltH'J '
"111AM ALPIM-J a'Mi;;i;;4r.-.U Sommeitowii
U on l.i ii.oiit Mount jIii, luting now opi ii uu'
dt i I lie 1 ii t'V!"-t l'." I C. J i(ksoii,by rarly appllea
bet bi.iei' ' i.-'-; U.V orfl'w-fn ni'irn pupl a ctta 0I.
ton I in iiieitiot tiitwj in,. nth schhioii, roiirneu
in , ire i 't i t'f July. lylMlJ
T rU.t 'A ,!.:-. ".".OPKitTV FOR KALK.NBARMA.
V i.-ic- - line iil.n-es, eniitiiiulug iespfctlvrl
,, .i i i.J .V ) e.n, the tw. Iir nerwilh good bnlkl
1 " i,i.O n"'-"i:H, oiih.iiiiH, piiiih-ns and a young
' '.' ""' '"'"' f" ': s.-ptat.)lf or
t io i v, i'U i t winlinit the trops ol eoin,bral,
i, i ., p.r .. .. ( cx in ui ol ).mis and lour of' Jnsb )
uu! in. .-..(i,-. t-it ol eiKiici' gurdi'fi vriftablei
l'.i .,t."' i;., ,, ,i,fi c.M.Caldoll,Ai!uutn,or
Si. Lei I , . I Me; ii I'r.f h li,U i.
'MKi: .' til' ai: I ou.fi.it'ej to J,.i m Llviug.itin
X , to., i .unity, eiiii,,0ti His Ut i f July, J.;3
a i.'i: "I :.,!! I.,- buiun.s fin Jr. B,J t.
Ioiizs lo fi-.ntj otv lain. o. li'.tii, comity, Ky.
Mii'l le y i-.i ,. w was i!n-d lo Klia, t.urr, in ai R.og.
: ' ', '" ' ' " "i": loiou ten ilin m,
" u ',iU ;"' i;"h h ;li...a ef txl.,i , tUnt 3i
,(,iso:.'!. iri'l wo s shout pimnils. Ibeowner
j.if r.'H'.a to .,,,. Ii'ivii.,,1, ,,,, ,, rty, pny
t'l.ox" iio.U..I,,i .,,,i . t(, Jir o.,
I , ., . ' J.C. li. 1M(,AS,
' '' ' Jitlcr,

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