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The Chattanooga Daily Rebel. [volume] (Chattanooga, Tenn.) 1862-1864, April 22, 1864, Image 1

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3223 3 E229 SS2I22Simm
.'Li iQ-Liyji
U .. U UU U I
JAfrv II.
gsggyrT J -
:.A.vw5:r5ferHE confederate states
iit Airrnomtr.
Acta ao rtsseLrri VAsssn at th pntrRTn
uujt of Tt riMT coraas, 1801.
Ko Ml
Am At to or,aiils ibe Treasery Note. Korean.
Th Connem rf tk (Ysfcderat fttatea si .roerlcs
d iiul, Test mother b-rrsu shall be organised in
fa Tresviry Depart" t. to be knows na tb Tu
nry Koto Boreen, which shall bar ekargaof lbs t
graving . rttialirg an pieysriagcf Trnwry rote &i.d
hdS id cl everjtMsg IbMUI thereto.
Rr.l A enttf ef the Ra-van sh II bt ippi t
d ky tk rrMilest.br and with the alvue and con
teat f tfin ante, with the same slty a the ot'-cr
t-sef kare In the sala depart c at. b-.so duty
H shall be ia trv:de the mate'ita'a aere-tsary for cvsry
Isste ef B"t e-r b"ai?s rue ti eus the said cotes acd
Vent's to Ike eigrw d. p-latel aid pre psm! tut Ia n :.
and to autterintead and hsve ia rharve all tho c erks
e at ployed la aid a' tot (he said barcau, uudir ths
direction aad eaa"rolcf ta f-ecTefary of the Treasury
c-te 3. The rVrrsta-y f the Tinry mny appoint
fthicf clitrk ef the i4 bsrea'i. te tesid at Colombia
dating such fTsn as the ef graving ad priatlptr may
he c"tdai:ted there, aad aaotaer easel clerk at Hi-h-uioei:
alio, te Kiwec tera ad aa trney c)erkmlr
aad feneale.a resy be ncceary te codact tre baiJ
ne4 ol tre btireo. Ibo tbW e'erk at CYluml.ia vhall
riKtiYi a aalary of twenty 6v haadred dolr per
aaaum, payable firter!y:ao(tttQ other cteika and
the anepst bsera ariitll rereirw te era ta!ariea are
troT'dad by law let ths eleria of the lama xA at
hlchmend. . .
Pec. 4. The Pectetaryel tleTffafjry aball catib
li.b refralationa lor the ROTeremeat acd nanageroeet
the aald boreau :ad (or wearing aucb aafcitujrdu
naiBkt ftanterfeit notta, bonda or cjuoaa aa be n.y
een expedient.
Appreied, Fikwary 3.1861.
No. 31.
An Act to prtblb:t tr ia'portatloa tf luxnriea, or o'
art'esnet necfiasrlea or ofcomMon on?.
lheCoDriMf the Torfe derJo ttntea of Arrwr'.ca
do ennct. To-t Im.ib and alter tVe fir,t day cf March
axt it aball not b liwtnl to import Into the Cocltd
eiate Sta' aay braady. wine,or other cp iitt , or any
other art rle BfeciUcd inacljedoe AoranfcCt entitle.!
'An act to provide; reooe irvm commoditie imj-ott-eU
irtoi forwig couctrlca." ap;.roed May 21, 1341. or
ai mt Am wum or mercbondW-. enumerated In
etbedole B of aaid act, except tbo follow iog artU
ni.H vinaa t,t a. Id and Hirer, or imitation icereoi
Intended for BaircimH of ifCccta lathe military aMl
Btral ecrylce. ...
H'c. 'i. And it ab All not be laful to import tbc
following articles enumerated In schedule 0 of a.id
jet: f!ier. ate tad portef, mnff aad tippets, and all
tlr rcannfactareit of for, or tf which tur shall bo a
-coD-ronent part. except cspa and bat; raric. car
xrtlccs. hearth ruiB.bcHides. and cthir in.rtior,8 of
reuog . or aay a cr !-.
.rtofanlr(a; c aer anu wner snyragra bo c ,a-
la.uirjg tilci'b 1: c ctl a ata rurwu ciotk; cction i
la:s. rottcu Icfcrrtinca. cctttn ttimruii ns. or laces
thread ard other materia.!: coral, roanntactaiid; do
m:io candles and all other similar atticlrs ued in p
rowtbnlcs; fuir.it ore, cabinet t.nd household; g'is-.
:e! jTed.iU.'.ced or parted; IndU jnaltlrg of a)i scit-:
jit ffd Biarq:atln;es I J t, rvd Imitatirns fli ie I;
iwilry, or iitaticrs tlieteof; ru.inufactorca and e.r
ticks rf raa'-b'.e, mciblc pavicg trra.alala or blick.
andsllotbci rujrb'e; rant'ing China or other II r
inalting nnikniats nade of flags, Jute or frnsv; paper
bangmft, apcr for walls and p:r tor si-recnicr tiie
iKW'ds; iiavirj.' nu I ro finp dies and brli hs; and r of
lag aUtcii n d lire bricks; thrca 1 lacings cad iuMUt
lns; velvets r.f all klids.
ALd it sheil not be lawful to imnrt th fol
towing nrtiees. enKSBCrated In schedule ). tf said ot:
A' Ht.a, Tbil et nod other goits'bair, or m hiir, nr.
rsntiufocttirr ', bantnos, cccoa nuts. plintu:iis nii'l o:
aatgc; ci.trtt tfc lrs in-d.H gs:r.s sn I ci!lrrti'n
a aniiqnitu': dlamonc's. mosics, gems, p.ar: ra
bs. hh& other tirt-ci'iits si tie- ari l ln.iiut tnn ihtre
i f, wl in (fold or silver r other raetil-, engruviais.
l. ur.d i i vtl lur istirs n xl r .rd ; paii.tinM ui.d
utationiiy: Clsnd u-n;iii fsctnred t- .vu o mn1 ci
pus; r tbe tollowingortic'esBnnmera'cd In wlml'i ic
k'.i diarrtodii, uir.ej. nrsaics, I ttrls, jrerrs. ruld.H
acd otbt-r .rttlvkS stoma and iir.l n'U us thrcit,wl-. n '
not set. ...
htc. i. None of the mnnt.fji:ti;i'iior recta', Cm tr.t.
as t-itl cr housfch-ild or p jrsotinl ornaments. eMail Ik
admitted; an ) in order to conlH imiiort atior s to a !
Ikies ot tectfsity sncf i t turcf n oe.tlic Sccr'-'r.r'v i
I tto Titosuty stall presriibe tho lanxiiniim lort-ij::. '
piices at wbicfi acd m itli i which import tlot s .(.
ftneds Btiit:i'.ttiM'd wl oily trial tly f ct.tton. tlax
v.ttl. cr of silk sod designed fur wsarlnr at pare!, si d j
u t bcrr in piobibtled. n nj be made, srd l.e.td whi ?
trrin ttitif ns intrect wish mi it n.Kce: it vie i
T i.st articles lereii allowtd to lo inn orttd fhull i t
I iiupieiirfd I y tl e UoveuiTtnt tr t's amenta ait.i
ll.ey bav teat" fd the Confcdeiato Ktaten i;jv;d i
fiirttcr. tl.at notliisg heiein oh'ained sbull be ce.n
Ltrocd to pr)'.iblt auy Uaportvion fj.' tho uc or ac
rtiti.t ot the ( tDfidarato Ktates.cr either of tl.cmi
Pnr ded farther. That this set sbull not apply to nuy
aiticli a Kbl' h baie been or slull be shipie t wilhetit
tiowlrdi o of tbe passage nf this art, biore the first
tfnv i f lliiuli next, but which .shall ai rive in a CYn
. derate port after that day.
Fee. 6. lbst wl er.tvcr any aitir.Io or arlios.trt
in portatlon ol I :bU ptobibitcd I y this act. tl.iH
slur tl e flitt Jjy ol Marcb next, te iioported into the
Ci n'er't iiite htmei, omtrary to tho true Intent ard
treat It g o! this ait. or iLal', slier i-.d ilistdnyot
Mnithtitxt be put on boer I sny si p or vs.-el.boat.
r:iit or carriage, with the itlention t Impor !ug tht
rfctnd Jt.to tl c Cot f:!i c ste tafs. ull sncli tlkl i.
well aa all tter at ticks on .sd tto ianr il.imi
Trrscl, Ixat. t sit or canbfe Icttcugto tie. ism
r f snob prohibited artic! s, sha'l b f irftiied, nn-l the
' t th-ereof sUa I mt reoier, fotftit aud psy dcuVde
iio vaLiO of tu:b ut tirks.
Fee. 6. If any aril-Io or :rtljs. Ibe irrportali u of
wl.lcb is p'oaibitcd by this rnl.fcbai:, ucvctti.-tta, he
it board any ship or verse-1, In at. rt.lt i r rsrr age, ar
risiug aftrrtaid f txt dy t f Msrcb next in the o ito
i rr.te rAtste end s5,a!l Ihi omittad in the m.nif ift, re
I ott er eutry of tiae n:si-tcr, or tbe .ets:-n bavirg t e
charce or comrxsiid of tutb fbip or vessel, boat rft
cr csrriane, or hjll be omitted n the rntty of tie
guiJj o vned by tie owner, or consigned Io the con -elf.uee
tf uith attiolcs. or ball po imported orlcudd.
.r a' tempted to te impcttrd cr landed, without a .tr
rult tbeeiitne penbies, fjnra and fjrfeitore sLall I c
incnried. and mar be recovered as In the case of tla
V.Ar err isiiic n o.-onilSKions, laudiug, loiuortgtl- n, r'
attempt to Isnit cr impoit. In relation to articles 1 aVc
duiHStotbtle -oration in o lLo CturidrrUe ,
w" T Frerv collector naval oib e- krirr- -or ot 1
ctbMllc? 7b?SSiVBanSl h! ve'l.k po'rs'nl
rotber;,, to ie ccodi. wna and tn. tcbin. i u bn
sorted c't tTari f. lb- Intent tai iwaninr of this act.
tokerp tteri-ine in custody uot 1 it shnil h -ve been
. ........ .
usctitslned wlclt-er tl.e tame hr.ve been forleited or,
iiot.and no enter ary sLI;i or vecl, dwelU-.g boare
Btie..lui!diig oi ther p'a te for tho pnrpms of
irs i-S.ni: for i nd arlx'ng any each guodi, vf.r-aik.
in : ' : ii e'fnj.ct to doty ; and it any peroii or.
j c im ;i t hf l! -eii -ii I rr buy any groda watts or mer- j
.ai l.t In v iji i tl e m Io bn lisbl) to so:znre by i
this ttt, i ! p- mi or prr-e m shall en tonvii-tli n J
ttertcf (i t'e it i rd Lsy a turn tttblj the am .-out or
value if It r Celtics mi meich.diso aa con;cJ I
d t rcu- ' i.J ' 1
w , .... . .,
Frc. K. Tlel-I..;rr. additional nstri or atT.rmat Ion
la I be ttkiu l a te n.rpernihavn.geharKe. r '
eommiiul ti auy .i l, ir vsnel sirivi g a atiy mh ol
ttet tnlevcia S'.-.ti uft-r sa d fits' d. y l Marct j
ritxt xj "I fun eriatar (or sltun) ll st tl eio are
,u '"" v " ""s .uc..w. Ul. .-u.ru j
1 1 . Cll U e ocki n in nn.ii ;ii.i i.rt'lio 01 m.' ie 1 1 n
Koi't's. wues tr inerrhirido-e.tbe irrttx ttstii-n if hit hi
Into tlr l.'i nfidtia'.o m'i n is n 1 u.it d I y Uw; and I
1 du ft r h-r Sfter (or afar w; hiii atv no, to H e I
liestel ni'i kti wiejge.r.au u i.tt
f on lo'td r.;rt the!
tbe rcis-M anvRcdt
oi ta lon of w..-h tnro
drncniii i.tiuii and tb iisojj t
waxej rr mrrcLanol e. tbe lai.
tbe Cor.ft rte Hates ts b bited I y lav : l-1 I do
lurtberjuvieor (i-r cfllrm) tbat if i its'il luit-a!-- r d.-cr-crcr
kcos of any i-cc'i goods, wrsur meichcudi-e
tn b aid ot' tbe said vel. or which alia. 1 have tx-i r
ipnpoitcd IB the same. I will irom dla'cly, and with
oo. delay, rrske ;ce ret oil thertcf to tbe txiiloctor of
the pott tf this t'Utalct."
Fir. 9. Alter rild fi at Uay or narrn next, in pot
tia. ionilgnots or areata, at
the time o entering '
" l'ntir.iil,r' KL'.lf
b.ll tsks tho fol-!
. ,..:-. I .k 1.1 . ... kmt... . brrn I '
lowing auaiMt-u! win, . - ...
that tLiw aie rot. to the bst tf my knowlet'ro aTad
llt f. amongst tl e si.l gi d. wates or nrc.andi e
tuworti J cr ctusij;r.d as aftrei-id, any son,!
krts ir metct andUe. tt.e ttnMita:ion of wbl h
Into tbe Out federate Ftt?s is prohibited by
taw atd I di luitber strear (fr sfli m) that il
j iil beiesfter dlsce.-eet ar.y tosh good.-i, wsrei
tr u-r rctaod'ie asong tbe s atu jrcds, warts and mer
cbaud aa to Impoittd or ccrvlgned aa afore? aid, I will
imwedsitely and w.tbout delay trepcrttbe aatn to lbs
collector of this district"
k.. i n. All irxnalUca aJ forftUarnes arising nr.
dcr tbia act, may be sued for acd rt core red, aaul aball i
All thlnja fcr radical purptee. cao.pLor nnneu. w carrUpe, or ot'.er vobiclo for ttiu
pirklca. motoara, VWCT. P'"1'""-, pv,raMon -r coiiveyanct; as orort-wid, nny of the n,1i
ciPaamon.and a l tber p:ces aoap. caatiJe, U lud i r i:earo,eirt, nt,-n a pr r.n.t he f,T,i;L y . btaioed
and all .tber toilet roapn; togar of ali kind.; ayrup vi rMM Rom , Rh.t a ,,.' Cx)nieAcx,e sut. ,pcoUllJ
v M iira Ilpm . knurl piai a . uiflc.fl. rre"tHi , ...
1 ft rib o'e iland acciinted for, in th ntatnTpre-
ncnVd by tbfr act entitled "An act to rega'at the
coik-etiott 't itbe dalle ira leiaorta and toaa.re;" and
tifih i ;r,Uiet ad trfeltnr, wltlitf(5 or tcmltted,
n nue iaanstf m.e voder the like condition, reg.il.
t on ard ntrtv iiont j are urescrlbrd. author iaed
a4 dirc'ed by the act entitled 'As net t provide fT
mitigating cr ratnii:mg tke foniinre. penaJtfra and
dUtbil.lie kcctuluK m cerUia caaci thereto tijea
tii ned.
r.ec. 11. THat tl.U act. thill exp're r.B the day of the
f& Bca io a or a:reny or peace will lae untied sum
Approved Ftb f , 1844.
A Blil to impfflo rpffaln-tfone noon the For!gi Cota-
nr.f rce rf the ConfediVata Etate, to provide for the
pnb.ic dtimce.
Vfhe ese tte Confederate Bfatfs are engaged in a
a-ar opombe, Roccej. f,il tne f wiirU depend the
iit jgnty or tbctr cclal jum, tie Mm ot tueir c:v
lliiiticn. tho .Bicnr'tv or rife it I pr.urtT withU
their liBiita a:wiU aa tkeir exiaUnce os a.vtreign aud
IrdejcndeiitgtulcB : And wherena the condition t f
the cr xtot .ifnuftr.d.i tlit tbey should rail into renl
lllou wba.evt,rtbs rta mrcea of rten and m.uey ttey
tare fnr tb aupport tf tlirlr "anse,o fai'blully arl
tit. Is'er thauie: Therefoie at a pact of the eyn
teni e' the lutho DofoBfo
the Ccrprcn of tb Confederal SUtcs of America
do er.sct, Thit the cxporUlion ol cotton, tobfccoi,
millitary an l nnvl Dton-a, ai5rt m lasae and' rloe
frvin the Cor.federato State, an i from all plncca la
the ccnfiiti o of teirtroo)j, tg problbiteu, except
wr l r nac't nif rculitlona' ai at'l l3 scado by
ih Frejid!t of the Cou e derate Statea.
r-ee. 2 Tiktif aay person, or penona, shall pt
p'tre cr I ift't. n board any ahiri, fctoamlxiat, or vca
el. or any 'that '4ter emit or Into amy wagon, Ckrt,
carriage, cr r-ther vehicle Ur c nvryasce or traoapor
Uti u teTcnd the Cjn(i;Jc-rLte BtUca, or iatoan ior
tioii of the nil 8tatra occopled by the enemy, any
of tho arf.clef mention ;d In ths first section of tliiit
act. or Khali co!l ct tbe earn for the ptrpce of b 1"K
oovjeJ or taapo ted tontirary o the pr hbKi'n
afo o-aid. wltt the Con!edera e Statea, or bsyend
iL;;n thesilJ artizlca, and tha ablp. baat, cr other
water cra!t, wjtron. a-rl,ro or t ther Vehlo a, wi'h
thi? t laves '.d (ioinaalH that m.iy bs employed or col
lected fcTtbe f urpm of a ilinu th.-icia, nli-ill be for
fefe I. nn I all rW.-on, their aidtra and bbttton. na
c.i'nfictinn of bfing iutire-ited or c-Dcerr.ed in the
entsrprire, aball te n.emfl tr bo frnilty of a bigh
in.tdrrneatipr. n ! .i;iithnb:e by fu.:b fine or iracnn
onuiett, ,r both;, oa ttio crurt may i.ii.o-e.
Sec. 3. Him itasaii no; lawiui t? tot on bmrd
t:.e articles t!iuj to he lak n, and the ship. boat. en
ol. wtter crnlt, Wigi:i cajfi-c. cirt. or other ve
h'Vlo, on wbijh , the t'.i.Tje U to bs transported, and
! nrtti: loi d blmU be irru thai tlifl caiLe klia'l be ton
veyel ar.d trainpntej to tha pi te of dea'iaatlon,
under sucb e ditions and ropn'atIMi.i, an 1 for Mich
i.lijots ns ' a l'bo prescMlcd by the PrJsiient u ider
thn li' Jt sc ti in of ihli tct.
Kr. I lot: t'.e colleitors rial th d-.s':iostl
, t,e Cot.f. derate St. t, s. and such other offices a, m
, . b tb. i!tv!d ct cf the CMUA. r.tii
n fchin. lut'Vi'krI. ir other wafir irr-vtt ir inn.i
i,r!t-'s, lull have p: wer at tl authcrity to tak Into
vjjTtiieir coftidy Any cif the article beforo menti.w.t-d
lt.A-A i I n Jlil 1 it liV it . t h 11 t ' arm iTrf.iJ..! l.
j rx; rf 'i-jn, r lun in vessel, car's, or waom.ir
I any o',Vr carr.neo or vehicle wbat.t ever, i r in a y
; trair ' r, opp reli t!y t n their wity towtrds the ter;;ti
i ri' a tf fjTCiu nations, or towards the tcrriio-y of the
Ooi.lcdorAte biatc i-i Ibo tctuuation of the United
! l'at-s, or ths wtclf.ity thcicof, or "towards a pin; r
whence s i- h ar'.lc.U-s me iniendtd t.j bo eTcored. a"J
I tit to j -ra-it thw sr.m': to be rcn.cv d until boaJ sh ill
g v D.K'lt'i iitiifjctory s ire' e. that m vi mtion
! of th s .tt, nod tho adulation uod f tben.me is :n
; tendod.
f'cc :. Th t tlie p-iv.ers grantol by this a t to Vzc
' r.-ve-it-.e or other ofS-.crs of tbe C mfed-ra'e A:ues tin.
d' r tV;.:ct, t- fcllow or teiise exj.or'ati. n rf tho irti
t 'es I efi rnuitiiiin I, or 'or t'io n- z ire cr dtci:t:on ol
1 finy l the Slid sr:i "'os. khi I bs c.iercike 1 in c:n(.r
I rrity witii siirh vris'r.u t xas us t'io l'r--id'nf n;uy ivc
j thr..t'fih 'J'.e iK-i'titiiier.ts i f War "".nd of tho TV-usury,
; w'rcii iU' ir i t'..;iis iay Impcme cond.r.iois to ibo drs"i
r-.tl---n and -n;c r fie sime. mid the Ir.T. ttmectoi t! e
proi:- :U ut t' e tume. or a port on tbeioof. In miit'n y
"r i.iticr mi.i-11-s tor tlirs ti.i;c h r vice, which iaslruc
tiomt-Uv b i llicr sliiilT be bound to uury; '-nj :f any
. -iciion gr.' tiit b!I bn tr-1 ght aa!n any such T.'i.,cr
r nir-iM rrUiHr B t, heor rhey msy :a-l !',.'
K n- r.il x:v nrtd upon pr't t o' a iom:ili.tti. e wirfc the
urt.v t-vr- s i.f t -it- ti( i,,r it t! e rectt'a'ii.ns aod itiHtnic
, 'iiihn r.l t'K-1'ityiJrnt, be or thry bhill be ftb olre-l
in r.ii ifMpn:sTi-iry nercior; an.i sny pcrioi sg
uri' v d ly.iivf Xbv nctscf a-y of ih ctl -era or
i'g'Ts tf.'n wnl, may fil ; h's petition lnf.no t'io di?
1 1- .-1 cou.t f tte dniiiot ia whicb su,.h tfiiccr or :(;rn'
-evile ;il oft'r d.i ; tictici tu liini and (o tt.e (I;ti. t
d'wn ".", tf si l crcrt m y prncccJ niim iri'y ti
.u:.r aru d-.i-n:dne th rt-up n as lnw and ins'ice m v
r i iie, an 1 . j i.'rmont .f lh;iail cr.uit. itid tha
: re.is-jt.s tlieielor, shall b bled arunn? th rec-.-rd 1 1 1
.be c mt. sod ia t n--r t.y relesee shall bo gra-.ite.l. tho
.iu2i(C may i rape se t w !a c(i:dl.ion- as to giving bond
1 snd security as may.ia bis opinion, lie nece sstry ti
' tvenn" this ct Iro n violation, and Irt csie of refusal,
1 may iin.-wiF-c donlilo or treble- i-o.:ts r.p"n the petitioner,
I if . ir. uaistf nf warrjnt : Pn-vid' d. That nut'-ia in
tb's a-'tt ha i b. c nktrued to prohibit the Conleduia'c
Stte.. or a-.y of Vn in, from exportini? any of ths ar-
tides 1-eieir. i cuinora'fid on their own account.
S c ( 't lut exc nivs j-irisdlolin is conferred ii?
!on the dirttrict couit ol tuo Cjnfcl.Tate bta'cs of a I
. -suits ti acl.ecs tlit may &ri order th: a-1 in b--ha'l
il tho Confederate S-a'es, !.nlS. i:.-s and r.gjnt. f..r
ti c te..Tery 'f all lines, p-nn'tKs, and forlciiirss.ini
p n c 1 '.n ther-asio l' Inaictnier.t. ii.t iiruati'inor S'-tiun
' cr irding to tire prtctice of the court, aad tbo ulst. i
, i.ulion ol tbe pv' alt it" ar.d fines h-.U te uiiJo. u-idt-t
snd a c id i a ;o the hws now iu f jrce t-r riilitim
:,t t !i? -e veni.e IC et,U a'l laws of tSe mi'iiistioii and
v init'i.: c- of pi ualt:- ut-d f .nciturcs, fbull bo ap
' plitd in ini lir c.s- s.
Htc. 7. 'i':at. it sh II b liwful for lite Pre s'clttit or
.tilth tliciri z I e ray dtignabs, to employ ary cor
I ticn f ti.e miliary tr rnv-il f-rce of the ConfedcracK
t ir f the mili'i, t j pri vMit the (ihgsl dpsrinre cf
! iny sbi. v el r o"b-r water rraft, I. r detaining, ta-
xidr possti-sior. t-r, ami Keepi-g m c toiy tbo sni
r anv vegoo, cart cr o'ber vt-:;.'.e beittfore racn
ti tied, tl.ti? 'j atrs atd dtiwpr, ard their products
- foivsid, anil to aapprtss un J dinperva any a't njb'y
of pi i-ons wbv i:-ay it-s st t'ie errcutlau of tbi act.
;r o;po-" Hio H fil mer.t, by the '.flictrs, tf the duties
tuoMd by the suae. .
hie. 8 Ti.ltynaU 'ball expire on Ibe day of the
ratifies, pii -t a treaty ol j eate wiib tbe United States.
AprcvcJ lVbra.ry , JSC4.
jo 41
J(. t .fB,.Iltjn of th,nkl t0 uin CdUm, Licutcn
nr.t Dowling, and f'O men nttlcr their commarl
. '-J J UfjlZ TVS'
' -fn noilSl- an i tP "
Iuul L,tu eta. ?,: 'TA.i)"1,n?' anJ, tb fc.l,v !iC
.lion rn-iicsrir me hit w uuirai cuuer ineir it im
m.ni, I'T nu ll oaring, gsuaut inn sdcccs.-iui uci'nc-.
ot bjb n l's, Texas, against tho attack ra ide b
- bo cccmy, c-c tbo eighth of r rptc nibcr last, with a
;!ect tf llvj fi'un'iosta and twcnt7-two steam t.-ans-ports,
rarryitig a land f rce of nftcon tbousaud men.
rtcs'-.'TCd '.rrist this dcleuca. rcs iltipg, ondr the
l'r-iVid-T.ce o! (kd.ia tba defeat tf tbo enemy, the
capture if two gut-b i-Ats, with moie than three bun.
dred pris nci.i including the CTntnsn.lcr ol thv fl;ct ;
"'h? lm, K? J?Vl - cl-Vion OI 1,11
transport, and preventing ibe invasion of Texss, con
tl'e er-pp-iag i a inna Miai.ine ai'pcraioa ortlie
st Itote. in tivi opinion ot tv nrrti, f,no or tte Ttost
t r,MifcLt and ton I : aca'evs r.cuts ia tbe history of tbe
ar oni c t-. tsthe ItN CurJs to tbo crntituie
t- jiMra'i'n cf tt ci t- .ontry.
.id . That thi Vu.idout be r-cp str J t. m.
.j, 4,e t.,tf,c ,ij.,r s , utlooa to .tptisu Odlax,
i.ituuii,ut rowl cg.std tos me-a uiJer tu-ir cm
I'OWl Eg,
i mand.
ApprcvjJ, Fibrnary 9, 1S4.
No- -JO.
. , . ... ...
Joint. ri."SA.rtiffr of th.-.jiks to Ni.t.(
. The Coni.rci a of t .e Cut. d. r,
C'a'olina Troot
St ttiti li iTiir
ler.riwid tbr i,;ii tbe pa -lie p'.es4,or tha re-eiili:ineia
for the war. ol.t'.'j ?ortn i;aroima i-nse in r!e Ar
my rf Notthwra Virjiaii serving undirr Gencril K b
.-it t. J ilinsi-; the-e'o:e.
lies. Ivcd , bij tbe Cdtigrtes of tba ConlederattJ S'ates
f America, Toat the -.atriotlsnt ar.d iplrit of the
North Carobn&traops, evinced by thV.r prompt aod
rolantary elevation of themselves afresh to the servi-.te
of tbe country, are beyond ail praise, and Icixrve tbe
llfciv-.n.r j cralilude e l the c: u.trs
i,,.m.,iiv tti.
ri i
No. 30.
Joint Resolution of thanks to the Troops from
HUte ' f Lotlstaaa la the army of Tennessee.
Resolved, by the Congress of tla-s Ooniederate States
of Atccrict. ibst tbo ibants of Cor.cresa are tea
dered to tl fa tat troops ttooi the BtaM of Ioals-
lan in toe atuny oi lercessro wo nave, witn signal
uninitul'y. voHn'.eered their services for the war.
Kicriow 3. Rtsalve-d, That tbo lofty and ilf-sacTl-ficiog
spirit e.thiMte-l by tbia noble act detrrves, and
wi I receive, the cooumeudation arc gratitude of er
try true p.trtoc
BecuonS. Beolvtlt Tbai tho thaxiKJ of Cocgresj
art cqaal'y dne, and are tenclard, to tbe pktr!ictf0 ki
e.:r-sa'.rlifclnz troops who, all ta coremtnoenHMtt Irf
the war, placed their services at the" disposal of tbwlf
oontry aith-Kit cnlition or liraH a to time, .
Approved Fb 6. 161. , .
smith &u.i it hows Ho.'tTiikit maqaZT!itj
THE flMt number af tbrta. W, ioaktwii wQI btt tasted!
u tbe 35th of Aoiil. Ilfsrv nanber will cabs.
pi ls 00 pases of readiof mat er aad , will contain In a I
A f m tiMinAHl.fi S
The orioikai. AVTICI.M frtBi.tbe peas o onr beet wrt
teis the siLicrsn aLTicj.BiP leprodoctiora from the
latest Engbsk Mart aines M!-reivd. Th I'mnrletora
belle v.ag tuat seleotiona fnn those Old favotitca of
tbe Ku(lisb oerUiical Prtsi -aaw ah at oO from thei
geaerat rcadr by tbe bl. rl-ade which, betare tbe
w ar, were generally eircalate4 thronthut th Boats,
can not be o'berwise than vreloixed by lb) reader,
have thT-.uaht It propur, dorlr.g thi edition eca oi ibe
blockade, to lie p' tate, in a limited degree, thla ec-Ist-tic
fe!ore in tbe sligasi-.e. By tneaas of the ar
rangements that tbey bavo mvl, they hope to bo en
sbleJ io reft Ht. li ti e psges of "Smith A narrow's
Monthly Mi?HEine," rhs rn ut lutercstiDg feature qt
tbe latest Kegl-ali leriodicsls.
The Ma.xiae w.II embrace, in IU s xp9,
The Propri-'tors would calJ partlcalar' attention to
the "Army anr Navt" d amtment of the Magazine.
Intelligence will bj riven rnan'b'y. under this head, of
the latest IVo xtio.ns. (ih- special gailtatjv and
otherwise.) Chakojs, Ac , in tha UeRnlar arid .Volun
teer Mi.t ary ana ftavaLScrvice cf the Coaftdsrats
Thi' iniormation will be om-:ial. aad will be obtain
ed from tns Heco-ds of the OOioe of ths AdJuUnt and
IaspecVir-Ueaeral. '
Allan. cetln the Migaitne not credited to eJthsr
VrloilicaU. wdl be Ostotsau
Th? Conteut cf lh-5 FiaT Ni-xbs-i -f -Amitb A Elt-
row's Mo-.ihly Magaxiae' wi!l bs as I'iIIowa:
An Or.finrg Addtes-i: Th Ccneicr: W-vat
Trn'h; A Peep Throngh th Illixkade: Tb fji-rs-1
ire m vMcttes; At'cut t at Iiisxatmrr-rs. (AlfodTen-
I'jsiti, ejornhill Msgazln;) p.ea far Mour.ments;
Mrs Arcbb, ' Oirnhi I Marix'ne;) Tae teainf
or Thacae ay; Msr o Ae'dinft'e's Nee-xln-e. fThs
Spectator;) Cuiloiej of ishlju iahta Mater of
fie s. (i.onnon Society Magazine:)' UJIcIjI Armv
end Xavy Iote41;gci.ce.
will br; as fjllow?:
For slnrle nnmbsr : : : : i : $ 5.00
Kabscriptivin for t'nrco ni'nths : : : .r03
" i x mon-.ts : : : : 10.00
" ' twelve tn n ht : : : 2.J0.)
Atents and b joisoilcra fn.-nlabid a', the n wi! rat
efdife uit-
All l td rs should ho addrs'-:r1 to
P.b.ishers and Pioorietor-.
tihton-l. Vt-
II i a not-si Casp iNSTKrcriojt, )
Pccatur, Ca., April Sth, l lCl.
(loreral Oidr. No. T.J
i in t.ixt c.ce to ( id. ts acd instra; t;oi c fr rn tht
B-'o tt of tii'Cintion mil t'omi't e.f Cm.erin'M f,c
ll.ie S.s.t. the f jPowIoc nil"! of reidi srt-ui sr en.
tb'i-.'.i-d for the Svi Cetg. D.n.ri -t In thii commaaJ.
mr ins :,i.t uoii iit, Aneaita. Ua.
' " tJLii A b " Atv'.oi!s,t;t.
" " Xth " t'.:v:ra. (U
' " 10th raitirvi;i-. Cj.
II. All men in te-e DUtricN l.itw.ni lbs rf
! and Hand 4 ad 50 vears. li,i,le tn Kuroi n-t.t
tm.l-r the rtceiit act f Co;-i-cbs Hn b-nt y '.rl'rr,;
io ii iwiKi ai i;ic as ovc n -.n-td piac.-i, tn tu .ij-.rt
d.lV Of this Wl lit :.
III. .b.t.:- Kprol'ir-g crs will ellotr th.-nj re
:iorl ng ft? the rc'.-li .vous, t-i nrrunir.; ititT Or mr.anies
as v 'i-imterrs. a:l :;ct ier own ofti ers. taki-i'i tri -li-iito
muster loiis of each toaipaay. ono 1 1 bj u rtin
id by tbe tilioer o-jinndina-i;ie toinp-.ny, and two
to he forwari'-d io ib'-i-e t !(,u irt-rs. l,h ar ard
c unty of ra-h n:t-r I, t r f tho ogin'-. itl m, will t;?
di tln.t'r stated nid r th be.id o; ivm;ki u:nn oat
of the r 'll-i thui turtv.ir :td
IV. l:ii'iU:tiona will bi made by lh- Dislrlct Fi
ro'lin? ttli -er. upm I'.nt g i .rteinin;. rsandCnmmK-
f iries fur Mmti r ft'dl. T-nl:. Hntm rn . r-mklnz
uti-n!il a jil 5,ca otht-r nttir't s are sbsulutt-ly neJ-e-saty
Jor ibe t-rut.izi.tiijn, ml bl te:.cj aad comiott
ot ttio ni-n
V. Iitr.ct Knre.l irg OfTi -trs wi'l f;lve imm'dlate
pi:b'ir.itirni t.t this e.ider in the d fr-rrnt e-onnties rr
their diitnc'H. 6i J those o-' Ciem hi are stati incd
at pi ices 'I ieii.1 tvo-is- l.erci-i es' b isli.-d, are
charged wiih t!i d i'y of pcronally sipervi -iu and
direct. n.-r ih org tnizitioa of the-"s b rces.
Fy otd.r of M.-jnr Joitv F. As-p-skws. .A (1 Cojj.
aprltJ - 1 A'j'.
Ilr.mi.'l'AI TEK3 OP Coscription,
Mac n, Ca , April 71, lStfl. f
Cental Orders, N.. 2i. '
I BOfd rof t ie Sap jrin'eailstit of C-its.T'p-Ion,
C-.nimatidatits cl of Ca'tipno' lntrur tion., will order
all ma between tlie ages ef 17 aad 1H a-d 4" and .10
yean ti rendezTo jM at lt-e Ear.i'.l.ng I!-sd.-u irtera of
'he Cor.n ss?oual Pi-tnct in which tbey ns'ds on tbe
'tltb day ot April, tbey will then nndtr t! o sipervif
i n of tb I):strict Kiro'lintj OfCct-rs t.roceed to orrat:
z5 into Compat iea as Vclu-jtccra with th privilege of
elect tig thetr own effi-.-cis.
By order of Major O. J. HnnIS,
Com. of Con. lor Ua.
(Sign-d) P. Iionfy. Licit, .t A. Adj"..
II. I f it h r ot priKticali'e in one o. more of yocr
dirttricts to n iidiz . o-.is tbe men at the F.nrolling Il-.ni-i,-.iit;rs.
jou will i-dlcc'. them a: roj.c other p.jh.t in
the Di trict nl if that is n,l; p-act ablc-olleit them
at tte placo in jour opit.ion b.-i Utud lr tho pur
pose. OffiVa! copy. .T.")If.V F. ANDRKW8.
aprlt.-lw. Maj ): AAA tien'I. Coai dg.
KOil S.lbK.
3 f Bu's Lampblack. Ap;ly to
At the Ink Kact ry,
ftb27 If. Kingslrest Rsad, Charleston.
von ssi.tc.
FIVE Bbls Ivory black. A pply to
Printing Ink Factory,
fcb27 -ff. King street Iioad, t harlcs'-on
TfllS cnrivallod Rlacting has boea thoroughly test
d and approve 1. For sale by
B-ile Agent in this City,
Corner King and John streets,
Printing Ink Fa:tory.
fcb27 tf. King tteet Ho-ad, Cbark-ntat
TO TIIK l!nst'.
TIT-' Profs Is respectfully Informed that their can at
all times be furnished with UO'JD PHLNTINC LNh
at m derot'i rates.
The quality of this INK will s;cak Tr 1'self by re
ferring t i the "Mercury" and "Courier" or tbia city
oeitncrol vrblch teler: ncea are made.
All orJers munt bo scconpaalAd by a decrip'tlon o'
Presses used. J. LlWKKNCK LEWIS.
Charleston Printing Ink Wotks,
f.-b27 tf. Kiag utrett PoHd. ChirV-stor..
J a.ILJs'OTICB. Ix?-d injailai. Marietta. March
30 h , 1 -4 . a negro bny atiaeJSAM. who tr he
l,lon to John Tavli r, who is a soldier lathe .r.eiv
f Tcntievee FaiJ t.oy iulaik ct-mp elon flv: l.-et
fjjnrflro i-icbts hib, srd Is fi'g'itei'n or wenty
rr-cso'J. He tayi h wr.i bl.cltaa uin namd
iilasncr, near Talbdeca, A a'j.ma.
J. U. I'. ANPEitSOV,
aprlS Jailor.
TAII.OUS NOTlct.- LJilrd la jail lti Martotta,
Ua., tta tb 15th. by J. Cioa s, a nrro man, aioat
30 vi ars ef sg, c-ippcr c.il-ir, J fiet '. lcles high,
e-al iug himself Jim. He ssvs be llongsto l. i
Hau phreya -awyicr cf Huntsviilo, Aa.. sn.1 that be
wrf s broii'.t away trout fiuaiSTille ta itUnti. by Lf.
John bil!er. H. J. IlUKiT,
ma-O Jailor.
1 oAt.- On or about tha 30ih of Jaoati-y through
a the mistaks f ton baggage master, on tbe Stat
Rsd. b.-ten Calbouo and Atlanta, a b!a- k Trnak
with bra-s a-'rapa, marked en handle Dr. Fanner.
bav ia p'a-ec f my f'-nnk. a lady's trunk, be-loagins;
to a Mrs. Fannie I Ogiotby, of MarkeUa. said track
cental as bf.iJta oltj-tr art ices, a lik:nesa of a Is ay,
a-ve sclio-1 books and many lett-ra the letlers are
aotlress-'d to Mr. W . T. Os.Iesby. Any tnfermatta
ha-.iing With rceov.ryef tbstionk, will ! hb-enUy
rewardH. and tas ldy a trunk returned. My trank u
said to have been pu. tff at tbe depot, at Marietta.
apr!4-4t D. H. FABU2.
'. ABRIL 22. 1864V .
Tke Female Cawallsr,
Orto iacfblsg it roll call csar RoeMlMlto,
attotBS a.laUck weoch gallop into camp, Mated
astride a powerful ii oa gfj borce, aod carry
Irtg bafore har three or foar fite locklrs; En.
fialJ tiflsa Sbo daahednp iutoaor aQidat, aod
tjptricg Uio Kta opoo the greand, zclaioi-
d, "Blcsn U L,aril, date at laatl"
Wbart tha iiaaiiiz of thiV iiqaired Co)
Altlhy , fcUpping lorwara
' (iivo ma aJuai (. maasa, den I (alio tob."
rcf liod tha 'sroEch, let risg: at tho aatotiTsbed
aod' itscenMid Colonoh tba byitaadara tUvrliile
bbetityiRj wtib laogbtor, at hio aatomahod and
lod crona appoarancfi.
Tho Cclorrcl te'zo-fk tlirlc acd waa abont to
l ay it en tba tack f . tha itapodatat weueh,
when sh cried io no altered totna. "forbear
uoiono-; ti io i.oargeani jounsen, your Urder-
"The d '.!" exclaimed the Cole col. dropping
his stick aod breakins: not iotoalasjrfc. 'Wkat
roc avis tbVa, Charicy? Whora have-on baenT
Ifow catno j on in lhi !Fltla,
Cliarley throw one leg orer tbe front of tho
saddle and proposed to explain, while tho
whola regiment gathered around (e har tlie
stery. "If von recollect, Colonel, yoa gave tn
a fivo days' forlocgh yCBterday morning, to go
ilotm to Wblppoorwill Bridge, to tta my friend
Billy Mills Wall, I arrived there yealerday
cvoaing. acd waa having a jolly time last
Dtgiit, when tho tcgroe cam tui-niag ia sod
iiilormcl mo tba a tqoa,dron of Yankee raid
era wero coming up tbo road, both in frc nl
and rear of the bcuto.. I tall yoa boys, I was
frighttnid and thought I was abont .to go tip
for tiluely days this tiusq, certain. "Where
sl.a I I hide? whero th I hide? ' cried I( bosn
cir abont from one corner of the rocm to an
other, nearly beeid toysolf with fear; "hide in
ibe cellar," au-gted U lly Millt--,4nv no,
that won't Jo," cried anotLer, "go op itito the
gariet," which latter suggt-sticu I was abont
to f .llow, w hen Lr.vr, the old black woman,
t. k forcib'o possession cf me aid dragged
me Io the ktUUcn, saying, "I'll fix ve, cokae
'Icng ' 1 fcl!owod ccrcnisIiPKly, aod tho old
wr tnin with no (;eni).h-ind commenced strips
pi ;j t-fl ay clolhes. I had no idea what eke
wasuflcr, but a ruy cano was a desperate cne.
I resolved to sr.btnl the more readily too an I
hf-ard upoa all rJu tho heavy tramp of the
iro'nj'd hoteca aa th?y cloccd ia tijnn rhc
' 5he (fire tffnjy clothes with one or two
B-.iipc? of liar ha-'d, and then cast ovor iuv
lift-il oso of her rwndrsesca io-wit: tho on
I iavo on. She drew over my load this black
cap and tied this handkore;liiof, this done, she
rmeared my face at-.d bands wiihsaot from tha
pole, and by tbe tiina the Yankees entered I
wan colored, aa you sea, a fiftetu huudred dol
lar wonch."
"Wft-I, what atcurrcd after tkat. Chariey?'
tlio Colonel n.qqireil.
"Well, thry ca'no in lila?tcria ar il awearirg
and In-cired ii thcro were any rebels in the
I'.otuc. They wore told Ihcro was nono, bu!
n -twiibplaii lltig they searched overywl.ore,
r.ud liudii g no one, ordered via ptor - blacks to
p-e-l theni a d d good supper, cr they wonld
e k in v.n alive. I toll yon. Colonel, I made tho
pots clatter with a vengeance. Ia a very shott
litoo. Lucy, Iir-ah, l'atey, ar.d myself, (ct lo
fio thoiu "the bcs". tho ce.nulry tff .nl 'd."
Thoao in the bott-c fa ilawnto their meal,
-bt"o T.Ttr fstrt'l I went out avrd finmnioiieil tho
j half 7. n remaining arom d tho house 1
then f toured ibo preDiiKcs a f'tue or trri to
eo that the ioirt was clear, and fniditg it so,
I took th fit:eM horce iit tho kt, gathered np
throo of their riflfs and led tho liorpe gently
off tiil I trot a hundred yards or eo freni tho
hoitbe I then mounted and in ado tracks for
"For this splendid charger, radd'o, bridle,
holote-rs, pistols and guns, I left them in ex
change, my' old l.iekeii down jade and my old
ragged ntiifoini. Now ColoccI, will you still
refuse the kitt?"
"No Charley, rnt bnt you must firet wash
your face. Southern I'uncJi,
GkAKT's AlilY CF Till PcTv MAC TJ. 3 R'cll-
mond Whig in rpeakirg ef Iho ccming cam
paign, cstinrtttes Grant'n army as follow :
Grant's army consisted of five enrp previ
ous to tho pecoesion of two corps from tho
West. The five corps wt-i o consoli dated into
three, and numbered, according io ecauls, de
ertorn and rofugees from Culpeper, Uttween
33,000 and 40 0C0 men, The average slrongih
of the Yankee corps is a little in excess oi our
division say 8,000 effectives bet Heldom an
much as that. The. two crpa from tho Went
did tot number atore than 15.0C0. which would
ii crease Grant's foicc) to 55,000 or at most
CO 000, This may bee welled to 100 000, when
(ho active campaign opcue, br withdrawing
In opa.frnni tho Daltimore and Ohio road, th
defences of'Waahirgfon acd other poiots, and
putting militia in their places. 8igel. is paid
to bo concentrating a heavy force in tbo Val
ley. Potsibly, bat they will go to Grant when
ho makes hi assault. Yankee militia for tho
defecce otrailroadh and important etratcgio
points win prove a uroxen reed in time of tn
&!: but it ia th bent the-Yankees can lean up
on. Thoy look to Grant's huge army to give
ample occapation to every man Lto oan pos
sibly gather to bti sappott.
A Man itacti-ri;o Tom. Danville. Vir
ginia, is becoming quits a manufacturing town
Tho Rgietcr says : .
Aa a part of tha machinery lately introduced
into tbia Iowa, w may mention an spparatne
for knitting, which has just teen pet tap, en
is naw in euccesafiil operatiooi It cot being
open to general inspection, w have cot had
the opportTjnify ef wiUeasiirg the working oi
ihis maobice, btat'wa vjioderstand it is a valea
bio invention far saving labor, as it will torn
ont aoveraJ desen paint of stocJuags par boor.
It is orlhtrg entirely tew io this Uad. Tbe
Yankees bare heretofore worked the machi
nery far the So other a Kcpl, and bo doubt
this is on .rheir roncilnnos brought hither
to hlp along tba neadlsa of oar country, wo
men of tha Sonth. . '
VT may add that wo have bow ia Danville,
eatabliabed sieoe Ut ccmmncmerit. cf the
war, two large wooden tail la, two factories for
making cotton carda, a match factorjr, and a
knitting cstabliebmBt. , Bat titer ia plenty
of water power ysit-Ba-sanployail.,; , ?. -
DiiBwrxcTTtru A contaadnim waa glyen
oat at a aw Orleans theatre : ' ' '
Vhy ia Mr. Lincol a like an " Owl in day
timet' -
" Tb aratrwer to tvbJioi
. -Btoatr be Is A,'bliBkrsK,"
A soldler. wtth bm and Jia ootapanfoD ra
tieoii of vpUikey to kinstlbkooii$berj oat, before
ifc ttensver oowld br giva t , " r --J4. v i
' IJ'saoawBw k to ftA -d old iooLf - j ..
. Iflie aoidUr stta-eni Uaanigbl ia ireas, ia wed
itxHa a Qt9 Freiiciesire cazcitj. - .
i-. . . .... .
t7 ."LT1 r!?r,r:F ?, !rtef w-t. in th iw lj. kv j. s.
- - ss-sa- a- vi i rn jsj aurac.-i ax irCUrilaV.
Okaxoc C. U , J,pril 2'. Tho nt?u,y bare
i ik. , , , , -
oesn bn$j lor several days with reviews and
irapcliona. Tbore is no ti nth in tbe ra'mor
Ibbt the enemy n falltrg tack tu Ceutreville.
All quiet in froat.
Oen. Ktrlijr Smith. Crett A lctorj-.
MoaiLE, April 20 Wcslorn dispatches re
port that a battlo occurred at Mansfield. La..
April en, in which Uob. Danks wt,t defeats
a a a.i . - - I
u the toss of eight tboutand men.
KTirh Omiii,
Kirfry emtfU caplnred thulr-five gous. two
hnnired wagons, two thouaand prisoners
G.n.raU Weiss' iu
Centrals Mcrnton
viicuku sovors T
Gan. Steele is snrrouoded oa tho Little Mia
soar!, waitfng reinforcements.
A Dusk Into Port Ilndson.
Ctrl. Powers, with two hundred men, daubed
into Port Hudson on the 7th irst, and cantor
ed one gnn and eighteen prisoners. Tbe Yan-
keos admit a Icms of ninety. I'owers' lots was
three wounded.
OAlrtal fttport from Krt rillosw.
Tticnvox-D. Anril 20 nn V. ,,fn,.:.i
, , r - -- - . " - w . v o l. t viuvim
ui?p.icn annonncitig tlie capture of Foil Til-
. l .. .
low received at ihft Vr bonarimui ....
five hundred ont of seven hutdred men com .
prising tho garkisou were killed, and all t ffi-
. .
cer. r orrost's loas was twentv trTi killevJ.
Forrest's loas was twenty (2ft) killed,
stxfy (60) wounded. Over a hundred (100)
cittsens wslio bad 0d to the foal from con
scription, ran into Iho river and were drown
ed. ' .
Hrinnval ef th mist Auetltorto Montgomery.
liiniMOKP, April 20 Instructions Lare
been givon to lLo firef acdi'.nr lo rcmovo Lis
bureau to Mtn'gcmety, Ala. All the Clerks
except four ei;nifif.el thoir willingncfs to g'.
Kmirfli'jj Kelnrns
Tlio argregate amount reported to dafo two
. ii,,.. ....
bar.tlrcd end Ihtrly soven millions. Twenty
small depositaries yet to bear front. Tho ouly
, 1 ... J
oiate irotn wnicn comi-lrto retnrrs bavo been
: i r-.- . r
,lu,uu 10 wu.cn mo amount itinu Um ,n ,be rh e of i I'r-s;Jcit of tbe once blc Vv r-
ed w&3 seve-jly-two millions cue hendred rnd -eit;d L'aitcd sitatet ttovsraaiSBt, leads on bis fl-?Tlv-fonr
H-nrn,l A fin ,i,.n. 'owera to Btea'lag. rabblng and murdering, laying
J J ,4U'"-"-
Daltcn, April 20. It is generally bolicvod
that tho enemy ie concentrating his forc3S at
Rinpgo!d ntd Cleveland, nnd that ero long
warm work may bo exptcied, Ilia linea been
bo tig idly guarded recently that little ia kuswn
of his movements. Weather clear and picas
ant. Roads ot:co mcro iu good condition.
EipiimeiilB lately tnado with sf cam vcessIs
prepellod on the twhi-fcrow principle Btiggest
tlo probabi!i:y of auother iecot.6truciiou of
tho HntiHli Navy. Ino Admiralty aomo lime
an ordered a a-tiall vessel to be fitted with
double screws, an J tbia and anotle", bu It for
co i.in?r:al purpoda, have dcm-jkstAtod tho
great pwj-crio1 ity ot the art a-vf-'i.Qut over Any
other at ptesci t kt own. l!y allcrr-ately woik
iug Iho pott and stat board engine, a coiuplet
circle was j crforiuod by th j vessel, on itt) own
pivot, in threo minutes and twenlyi.in aco
o;m1i, whilo tho hchi.siaan waa enalJid, during
tho whole titas, ta l.avj tho nicest pctsiblo
control over her movsioantn. The sudden ro
veisal of the ct crinsi ias immediately followed
by a check and a chat -o of direction, aud va-
none iinimnvre? wt-ro enct9fully gone
through which proved thB wi.h auch a con-
btrrjciicn a vcstcl could La ad vantagooualy us
cu hs a revoivirg i:tery. Mio coti.' J also go
ar.c.vi in a straint m.c at a raurg paco, lor.
with only n email drain of Uvcd tiio in ler fa
vor, sbo made twenty one n.t!ua in fifty nino
I'aoit Ncr.Tit Ai.tB.iM a. Tlie S.tna Ileportor
learc lint Gen.Vt-atch and ' a IT wiih from
20U0 t j 4000 Yat.ko in'at.try, and r r.io artil
lery, pa-sued threii-i 'h Flmcnce on the 4th inst.
to )oin (ten. Ilodire'u division at Athens cr i'ti
Ueki. Thr landed n the Nwi th ' side ol the
Tonncasco livrr at K .t-tport, Hisn. Scvotai
goiili.its and IracsportH wero at Eastport,
bat loft on hearing that rorrcst was at J adti.
The Yankees at Kastport were c flaring lour
to one for gold in greenbacks.
Th guard on tha Tennessee river in South
Florence, tinder Capt. Sloes' command of Rod
dy at cavalry have daily skirmishes on the North
bank with tho. Unionists aud Tories who daily
come into Florence.
Except at Dccatcr thero are no Yankees on
the South side of the river.
A writer in tho Lynchburg Republican gives
tho following results of the operations of !ng
Gen. W. K. Jones' brigade during its last cam
paign of seven ecgagemeots: Tbe fruits of
lb ceo engagement have been 1.707 prisoners,
between 300 and 400 of the enemy killed and
wounded, 152 wjtgoni, seven piece of arlille
ry aad about 2 000 horses and mules. All
this has been donoduriDg an unusually scvore
winder, without tents, without comfortable
clotlaing, almost thoalets, and wilh horses
worn down by constant use aud scarcity cf
A OAaToa'e Jidcmkht. Dan:el Wekefer
aaving been commended for hi eloquence ou
a mcuaorabl occasion, replied : "If anything
I have ever said or writloo deserves tbe
fsblst enconioms of nay fellow cocutrymtn
J have so hesitation in declaring that for (heir
partiality I am indebteJ, solely tneieotea, to
tbe daily and attentive perusal of lb Sacred
Scriptures, tho source of all true poetry and
ekqance aa well aj of all good and all com
BfaU At tc of the German battles a regi
ment bad orders not to grant quarter. An un
happy enemy, wounded and diearmod, begged
bare for bis lif from one of its officers. Touch
ed w ith bis iitnatioo, tho officer replied, "I
Sity yonr misfortune, and ask anything else
nt that, and, upon my honor, I will grant your
request I'
The character of the person who com
taenia yon is to be considered, before yen set
mack upon his praise.
MbT" No ono knows anything of bimee'.f till
be it ' tried. Trial l& tbe touchstone of the
-JftmJBBR 214.
Th VttltaedtTSalt.
From tke berjanlag cf Urns it has been kaewn thi t
wuhoot aa't caca wu d fer'.sh. and atooag tb bor
rib'e pBBisLmsiiu, eatall n certain death, Is that ef
feeding cu prite on aaltlesa fod, ia said to have pre.
vsl ed ta thi n'd wtrld, when tbe people were as bar
biroo as tie Yankees are aew. afaerota aad eorrnn-
t o i are spoken .' ty early eminent wtntsrs as tha das-
. . . . . b . . . 1 . a .
I H iai.M-ni qbi itoj w in-ai f aie CBjrvssr,iB
I no ac.at or tncdera necbetat'eal ewild exnlaia b
L"",r.'?" ,ro,S' L?.T ?n.ka.T.n TDT
i i"o .u mil n n an na wnr ii iiuiBiisir i.s into
jdwesse il raur-ats of soda Is for a Una wltaheld. Up-
lTlu-rUu?TKr' cJ10it
-y breogh tke ak n aad kldaeys tbe Lecesaity of
leoitlxned ecppliea tf It to the healthy body becoaes
special aad lodU.'ensab!e Mnstitaent, and so d a't
cartiltgea of tbe hsdy.no It Will b seen that if tke
oeceasarysBpnly of salt bs take itrtr. tb bibs will
r.o- be able to atst tb ditesUon. nor tb cartilage
ta baild rp the rltwal wast. W throw oat lbs
hlaU for tb beaedt of thk of ear teotl wboar de-
I l"'tA ,rona bnying tbs tsaUsl supply of salt ea ac-
icciibi m ijf nign pricis. Trsvsiiing receouy.we found
thi. tb esse ii several locations, w .o.U .ti
I i.?J?!.,ie ,lhl11 Tl,oai lt lh7 pect
Lb"' h. A" "e r. !
unit duib sifNa a r, Mm. in imnnnt m,r ttn. mmit
wii.cui ii looy win on:sr utosBiort aaa nuunatai
faU Inta disease.
A Ysab's Loreus n rns Wn Rtmm mtm Y.
k so, who baa taken the troabl to coadsas tk da-
tslbi tf Oen. Halkek'a report, ngnies np aa follows:
During the year oar losses wrt:
5 ?-Z3 UM.;
Wounded m ?is
Ard 10 186 mrn reported eadsr tb bead f "our
m fr-ilnr.
Oar csp tores were:
fil BeU ,
f,78 BatU
386 Hot sea. .
... m
. .1.175
I -:-,-
l '.MUV1 .
n.-eira'! a"8 Ii3'i
kSiVTo. JliSS1
r'aPt'. B1 noth!r. In th laagnar Oen.iirBt.
I"krmn ar.d tnnniclonn f vsr e. . aI
' J " w v
From this ft appears that our Iocs dorinr tke rear In
killed, wcooded and mtsslrg, was S3 770 raea.
If the rebels' "killed and wounded," of which we
hsve io accauntli this repoit, bear tbe same propor
tion 'o -'prisoners'' that ocr do, their loss iat.& th
year reus; bare lrn enoratoca, reaching to over 300,
100 men.
Arrttorsi tTts Ctatr Astro. A correspondent of tba
Hiihaoid Whir dratrstbe anaexsd appiopriate cos-
pr Ha between two very noted criminals and ene-
mi's of tae buman race:
J oka A. Morrsl, under the claak cf religion In th
shape t f a reacber ol tb gospel, a'-i hi neighbors'
sheep, their horses, and their negroes. e tnd bis
h"'11 .ki,:ed d robbed tbeas tfthtlr jewelry.
wat.-nee ana neuusv. luey laid a plan to ta:ie nrto
In-mrrett ous aad fire cities tor tbs poipose of rtbb eg
lhf p'c?ll B.a i,beI1akVa l''ML' ,Fior !.befc!
crimes John A Murrel acd many cl his band bvd out
tbrtr dsys U jails atd i-t-niteotisries.
I Abr.hsa Lincola. under tha cloak of Rerublbau-
plans tor negro insntrectians, bornlng towns aad pUn-
ning tbe firing of cities tn the purpose of robbery .and
under, which leaves John A. Murrel and hi elan
ptg-ntes, cam; arod to Abraham and bis followers, ia
high crime aad misdemeanors.
Rev. Dr. Breckinridge, who probably knows
Eeatatky as well as any other man In It, la his recent
s;n ech tt Danville, declared that there had lately been
a schema lor "sn emsute cf tb Kentucky troop, la
comequooc tf Wolford'a arrest, aad a general risiag
ia the State, atreaglbeted by a colemporaasocs lars
slon by a portion cf the rt.be 1 army.'' Ha aaaeveraUd
tht "the proof of auch a conspiracy was overwhel
mingly strong." Its failure be attnbaUd to th pa
ttiot c proclamation of Gov. Bramlett. It I not t
bo supposed that a Eleotickian of th latellisace and
chaa :ter of 1.. Crtcklnridge wonld make such a pos
I'.ire statement without poaitiva assurance of the fct
The Tki e Gr.ir. A lew weeks sgo a boy of
tb in city, acd some 15 years, took his mar,
an 1 without the knowledge of his widowed
ai other, started oil to join Nelson's Rangers.
From a die-tant town in Alabama he writes his
niotl or "the ncare and myself bavo got war in
our heads, atad we will never be satisfied till
we g-t in a fight. I have spent my last dol
lar, but I have a pair of pauts whkh I can sell
fur thirty dollars, and then I aball have aa
much money as I want. Tbe ppl have
treated mo very kindly,' Surely soch a fervent
apir.t of atriotism, such a willingness to do
and "tiller ou tbe part ef mere boys is a stand
ing rtbuke ta many a stalwtrt man whose
highest ambition is. to shirk military doty, and
is a euro gnarantoe that the Yankees will nev
er bo able tx effect our subjugation antil the
prcEcnt aud rising generations are exfermimv
tod. Such boys and such man growing out
of thm cau nevor be conquered. Columbut
7 intfs
I -"HL . . J. . L im
Wctsl'u Ac AfI.niiticRailr.tad.
An.tNTA to Daltom 100 tallca.
OE0. D. PHlL.LIPd.Strr'
rr xisnr mail and rASsxieen.
Uave AtlanU at 4.39 P. tf.
Arrives at Marietta aU5 P. M.
Dalton 12.44 A. at.
nowje tsrenT mail avd rAamawaaa.
Leave Dalton at 6.10 P. tf.
Arrive at Marietta. 11 45 A. at.
Atlanta 1.38 A. kt.
vr ix rasas rauaHr ajtd rasssnsKa.
Lr AUanta 7.J5 A. tf.
Arrivssat Marietta..... 9 00A.M.
- Dalton 4 CO P. tf.
now axraass raxiear amj FA&sxxa ex.
I-ave ralton 7.03 A. If
Arrives at Marietta 1. 10 p. m.
.. Atbtata..... 3-45 P. at
rr una stow accommodation-.
Iare Atlanta 5 00 p. u.
Arrivea at Marietta 3.40 p M
Kiagston 7.MP.M.
rowH aiNosrov accomodatiom.
Iiv Kingston 4 ja A. M.
Arrivea at Msrietta
S.10 A. M.
. 1 . -
ilAUl. .... ........
30 A. tf.
rritioHT tniiuiir tbaik.
I eare Atlanta 7 00 P. af.
Arrive at Msrietta H 35p"af
Dalton..... a M a. M.
nowM ncnrrstlieur TBAiy.
L?ave Ptltos) s.ia p. jr.
Arrive at Marletfi.
1.1 A.M.
.s..2:5V A.M.
Just received and far sal atth Abut Niwj Ditt
Dalton, Ca., th following Kw Bocks.
Wheeler's Cavalry TacUs.
Jean Talgean.
Lady Aadley'a fieoret.
Charles Dicken's Xew Chjlstaus Story, or Mrs.
Llrripper'a Lodgtax;.
Field and Fireside KoveDett.
War la Fnrcpe aad A marie , Iro a th Park Ia-
Th Camp J eatct or Fda for tk Keaa.
Sjog Books.
Aadreaa t ths Atlaata Beglater.
Mnsic,lI113Ury,aadoUiar baoks ordered whan di-
aired. A large Lt of new books rseed la a r.
iays- t. bt. ac-tv.
Army Kws Ageat,
a33 rltia,aa.
. J
" ir
1 r

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