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I '~T~TStn' Pltll
Wl " store.
inline citizens of >\ il-
of the wa „j j oin, n Dawson. As
OW rb purely even
® ras ;,he war left it nnnnpajrocl.
.-, from l-uml'io origin.
T* son ‘ r from Ir. 1.-m ! " hrn a
fri:De 1 ~f tin* -i* ;im.-Jiij>
Jis tl,e r T. <towart.
*9m* bT :'Xio r:*-*l aonn:-:on.lship,
mp° .Stimuli i u -v ni:un
ani :!<-w pros
21i< i>u m I.v;-;:ii:y. though
Vs alt!* - XJ■: 11 :• 1< si with
Hyc lone y
.’-‘at tin- cl.w -f tlio war
'• w \oi k. Iho
ra' of the > m;h laul
markets ! a ’•' 1 though
i.a-1 suit •! i'lifti rr.ut
H^B^ aS,K j!;I 'wife hariily hotter
FnV-rin-' the huge <:rv goods
prance. Mr. Daw
aroumi for 1 ;<"M friend. A
f s ; r ;- sn i,i 1..-. a hut can wo do
Mr. S: "' v;i; ' r *" Mr -
T 1" ti,U! -' t<J
mt l d j,:nt k;i"'v. I'd just look
if v. a 01-jcotion.”
tin M'inn coun
4. '•!'•. • >t.:;u sl
* i.i • i v. (*n ■
•• to wait
t • 1 .•••:n*‘t Limr. you
—S:e'v.ui ■ > --.o'* mo.
. 1 L'aw-
a t urd time.''
* ‘•••‘tor go
sVv ■ aiouu.i the
r l'i!ii-"ii v;imc
n,:. ..>;> "topji, and ami
7.*a he ra •! up ami throw
i <*M fallow in
Hv~. ,1 ■ a come
• My : ata perfectly
V t. Why didn't you
' .v v. \\ •
ut imy man"
• • ■'' ... i > 11- ,i ar-d
:■.• i.l !.>a -a.i'" .i.-ked
right at the
~.tr..- 1 .: i,, ji„. tail-
I.< - it >t 1 u-s
sV.]. I lawsi
• 'it t< i.'oiiso
rxi <a- io actually dra--t*d
11; 1.0 carriage.
i n>u> C:. ; ,s tried to keep out of
{!*:;.• ■ .-aw Mr. 1 >aws<*n
ti e 1:.:t. r t ■ k a nmlicious
ri'titiiti across him iwry
ami bowing
Finally t:i •*i< rk came one Hay
afx.kvi/.ing, 1.-gged that
n would not carry the store
rudeness ti tli' jiroprietor. Mr.
pa y e him a good humored
and h t him go.— Wash
t Bt Post
lieid wears the finest
(Cliarie.-, Kgbert Crad
novels yield her al>out S:>,OUO a
has tme brown eyes and a
fare with a delicately aquiline
Hodgson Hurnett i.s getting
from sJu.itOO to $25,000
I Caird, who started the “Is
a failure? ’ kusincMS, has l>een
i^^Pl^ ar - r a *i‘ Agnew, of the New
K a - mu, is not in sym
i *‘fhwotiiai; si it: rage.
1 Bu.'.-c,, v. if..- i> a small, in
looking woman with a Boston-
BtT' is th " 'laughter of Mr.
known to fame as •• Oliver
BlsM r- .
•‘o J,, ' s Tnck.-r. the .author
BL r or , Niece" and of
■ Utivict,." i,, l>( . th ..
K * ar '" n ' • ! Hc Maine State
Bti’f h ° ,!K ‘ l :i -‘•••-ie death at the
BNod^ U ‘? Ui ' ’ * ,:is attracted at
lll '’ r the t.r-t p. r.- on from
Bfcfe.• ’ l> " :Ul ; d I"••iitiin at in the
BVox, 1 ' an l'.-.jUitnau, but
,’u- - 1!i 1-thglev, a few
h’oreiji only made her suc-
TU€ r r t> - v of long and
a ’ ,ain ''t -inverse mlluvnces.
wi ;. r f lUM, '* ; *h. and i.- deserihed
BK ~f
lßV> ,l ‘'right, chubby, baby
tllieiius. w ho owns
; a ; ill,an “'“eyards of that
If.Vv.sM 1 :' I,ll '' 1 '" htreat paint-
n °" " n exhibition at
B? 4 *o the I 110 "’ Un,i is Koing to pre
|F®*Ustic Cfltr n - buster owns a
Bw? 4 BfeautifnP an<l :i f< w a creaof
ci, near the Dela-
KSottg?:" l< ‘, <lu "8 w ™>
w J tar devotes herself
B^ f dend Si ’ oaui quietly entertains
°®tcer in u
f U Russian army has
E?‘ thelife of a
I ***darci ag thereby lowering
■ 441 a geiitlwnan.’*
Tuition for Goor^o.
Eaetern Speculator—Who ia that
an the monument?
Citizen (of Mudville, Northern Dakota)
W hy, that s George Washington, the
man who couldn’t tell a lie, vou know.
Eastern Speculator—Ah, I see, and
they put him up there to get some point
ers from real estate agents.—Life.
A Mathematical Expert.
Teacher—lf a man has two hundred
pounds of ice in his wagon and one
fourth of it is lost by molting, how
many pounds do his customers pay for?
Bov (whose father i.s in the business) —
Three thousand pounds.—Life.
Ite Thought It Was s llrotlier.
Said a clergyman: “Iliad been asked
by one of our out-country brethren to
take part in a service at his church. I
w as to preach the sermon, and came pre
pared with one of my most eloquent
ones. Just as 1 was mounting the pulpit
steps, however, the pastor whispered in
my ear: ‘1 thought you ought P> know
that this is a funeral service.’ \on mav
imagine my feelings. They must have
been something like Dr. Depew's when,
at the commencement ext rcis- s of a
western college, lie f utnd him.-elf ex
pected, tin ten minutes' notice, to deliver
the historical address. However, 1 had
a little time to collect, my thoughts. It
was a memorial service, not a funeral,
and I must do the deceased justice. I
started, and talked tny best for a quarter
of jin hour; then I stepped down. As I
did so, tiie brother who had informed
me of the nature of the service iip
proached again. He seemed somewhat
embarrassed, hut. b<* -book mv band
“‘lt was a good sermon, sir,’be said.
‘“Yes.’ 1 replied; for, to tell you the
truth. I thought so invself, considering
the circumstauct s.
‘lt was a good Sff/noti,' he repeated,
hut but'
“ ‘Well?’ I asked.
" ‘But it wasn't, a brother that died; it
iva.s a -i -t. r.’ "--Harper’s Magazine.
A Karl>*rotis Jukd.
Ml ! ; !|ji I ; j I
Barber (anew hand) - Have you got a
nuiK, sir?
MoTurk —I have, sor! ami I want it
shaved dom quick.—Texas Siftings.
A Hard letter Ui Write.
A little 5-year-old girl came home yes
terday from school, which she has only
been attending a few days, and her
mother asked her what she had been
“Writin’ M’s and shake awful,” was
the child’s reply, which meant that a
long course of M’s in a copy U>ok had
tried her nerves.
“Well, how do you make an M?" her
mother asked.
“Oh, you go upa hill, and down a hill,
up a hill, ami down a hill, and stay there.
—Pittsburg Journal.
Autumn in the Cmitry.
Mrs. Simpkins (sentimentally) Oh,
how lovely it is in the country at this
season of the year. Do you not prefer
September and October to all other
months for summer tours?
Mr. Simpkins (enthusiastically.)—Yes,
indeed; we get hoard at half rates now.
New York Weekly.
Partially Posted.
Inquiring Spectator (at the races) —
Which horse was it that won?
Speculative Speculator (gloomily)— I
don't know the name of the horse that
won; but I know the names of most of
the horses that didn’t win.—New York
Quite Different Thing.
Old Gent—Little boy, 1 am sorry to see
you smoking a cigarette.
Little Boy—l ain’t smoking it. I’m
keeping it alight for another feller what’s
gone on an errand. —boston Courier.
The Claii)* in Spelling.
The first class in “spellin' ” was a
fair sample of similar classes of the
old ungraded school, comprising about
forty, nearly all sturdy young men
and blooming damsels, old enough to
vote in town meeting. Occasionally
a bright hoy or girl would he pro
moted to the first class for superior
ability to handle the long, hard words.
Here’s the way the children of that
period were taught to spell and pro
“I-n in, c-o-mcom. incom, p-r-e pre t
incompre, b-e-n hen, incomprehen, s-i
si incomprehensi, b i-1 hil, iucompre
hcnsibil, l, incomprehensibili, t-y ty,
incomprehensibility. —Lswiston Jour
The Duke of Edinburgh Is a good vio
| linißt.
The Duke of Connaught amuses him
self with the flute.
Gen. Boulanger is now the fond grand
father of a little boy.
Professor Newton, in a late paper, esti
mates that 400,000,000 meteors fall to tlit?
earth annually.
Mr. Depew says: “There is a striving
after the American idea of lihrrtv in
France, but the people fail to grasp it."
Burns, of the London strike, i- a total
abstainer and does nut use tobacco. He
lias induced 1,200 men to take the
Benjamin F. Butler has at last given
up wearing a boutonniere, and his
friends tire beginning to believe he is
getting old.
C'aran d’Ache, “the prince of Parisian
caricaturists,” is a man of 27, tall, fair,
of military bearing, and decidedly Eng
lish appearance.
Mr. Labouchere attempts to be the
pioneer in a reform of portentous diffi
culty. He wants to abolish the chimney
pot hat for use in London.
Pierre Lorillanl is projecting a num
ber of new improvements for Tuxedo
Park. Another artificial lake will be
among the changes meditated.
In the great Prussian Held marshal's
own immediate branch of the Moltke
family there have boon eight ministers
of state, four generals and one .admiral,
all in the Danish service.
Senator Sherman had a peculiar expe
rience in Paris last, summer. He was
taken bv a crowd for Jules Ferry, and
had to retire to his hotel to escape the
jeers which followed him.
Capt. Henry, the Edinburgh gun
male r, who invented tin* barrel used in
the Martini-Henry ride, has just resigned
his commix- ion as quartermaster, after
thirty year.-, service with the volunteers.
Disraeli once remarked that flattery
was the secret of his success in life*.
The higher a man climbed, he said, the
thicker it could be laid on, until, if one
could approach ithe throne.it might be
laid on with a trowel.
Tucy (Iwok Ymg, the new Chinese
minister to the United States, is a good
looking iaa:i, about 7*o years of age. He
dress**s ia the tin *st silk raiment and
spends a great deal of money. He is a
constant smoker, and when he is not
pulling a cigarette lie is rolling one.
At the Hotel Bn.-tul, Paris, on his ar
rival, say the French papers, Mr. (ilad
stoiic wore a gay air. Aft* r cautioning
bis wife to step carefully as she left the
carriage, lie added, deprecatingly: “Of
course, though, you can stni jump, and
so could fit I chose. Then, disdaining
to use the elevator, he sprang nimbly up
the stairs.
President Oilman, of the Johns Hop
kins univer.-ity, was born with a silver
spoiin in hi . mouth. Without pusse-.-ing
any remarkable scholarship, ho was ap
pointed president of the University of
California at an age when most men are
glad oi a professorship. When he was a
little over 4U be was made president of
Johns Hopkins university.
The late Dr. Horatius Bonar was re
markable for his intense love of preach
ing. lie came to the pulpit often when
he was hardly able to undertake pulpit
duty, but as soon as he found himself in
| the place where he was wont to speak to
: his people, he seemed to become ani
mated by their presence and to gather
: earnestness from the very attention
i which was always in a remarkable de
■ gree given to him while he spoke.
The emperor of Russia will be obliged
: to give the Prince of Leuchtenberg, who
j recently married the Princess of Monte
i negro, a large fortune ere ho can live at
! his station requires. The family is de
| cidedly poor.
j Prince Bismarck ia suffering from in
; flammation of the veins. This is the out
i come of his refusal to obey his physicians.
! They forbade him to drink wine or beer
jor to smoke cigars. With Montaigne’s
1 contempt for the advice of doctors he
1 continues his usual habits and the result
i has proved disastrous.
The much commended example of Ihft
Princess of Wales in bringing up her
! daughters in severe simplicity proved s
' little too rigid in the case of the present
j Duchess of Fife. Since her marriage she
j has surprised those who considered her
an ungainly girl by blossoming into a
; grace and attractiveness that no one mis
i peeled she possessed while she was under
: th** .tern parental rule.
, Be sure and harvest sweet potatoes be
i fore frosts come if possible.
! mmm—^——^ammmm—
Lumber, Limber.
) On and after March Ist, until further no
i Lice, I will deliver Merchantable lumber, auy
wkere within corporate limits of Tallahassee,
j at
sl4 per Thousand Feet.
March 1-1888 Contractor and Builder.
I 1)U ITI thoroughly healthy. Residence
j only 15 minutes’ walk from busiuesa centre,
j and five minutes’walk from railroad depot;
I most beautiful situation in the Slate. The
house, which is large, well built, and in thor
ough repair, is situated on a hill MOO feet high,
commanding au extensive and charming view
in all directions. Boil excellent. Rear or
chard of about four acres ; yielded last year
oveit>4 barrels second year of bearing.
Large new barn, of 24 stalls, with hay loft
bOxOO. New he* liour-c, w itli other necessary
outbuildings. Cistern Cool well. Pasture
140 acres) fed by a never failing clear stream.
For sale in whole, or in portions, on following
terms: One-eighth in cash ; balance spread
over seven or eight years, with interest, at
present legal rate. Apply to J. fr. LOCK IE,
or J. T. BmtNAKD, Son & Cos.
Feb. ltf, IWO-tt
Leading Breeders of Ame ic<
n l n ol !fV l^ Uck Farm ’ Roht - E Rark, Fron r
Ih'Uon. Ihhb * nutty, Ga. KT. V. ,t (4. R. I{.
• 8 i* fr,,r . n Macon Imported Shetland fW
'on ll -s 1 ’ 1 , r \' rt ' rert ‘ ev (atle of beet butter;
! ‘Mi ha "dsome Je.-ey Unit thy. -.
‘ l t,7’ f '.' 1 > lb-iters and lhmatered Berk
’■biic i ig*- for fttic. Ad *rc-s
M - v Hbt. E. Rabk, Macon, (Ja.
X-3C OGr : .
A " '*— *-' •• * hr,-hr- f. *r -ale. S< nd
I • e ;d gm*. pile* > and iiisto v of Hiis noted
•1 M. S' < >Nk HR AKER A: SON,
1 iv Ramdi, 111.
■ ' . . rv*-\
r ' >.‘*A' ” <;,? -:- N
: | f ' ' 2
KyCf v .*--&! .%
(i Syk&W'-vf v w; : ;v7
Dealer in nil kind- of Marbles and
'"'ibs. Monuments, Headstones, Etc.
Monroe Street, opposite Leon Hotel. j
May 10, lSSvly
Commission Merchants,
Fruits Produce.
No. 161 WEST S, Notin'.
-Tan 15, lli ly
Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer,
EM- - Re.:! R. n-. .da Bt. 4.t-
Summer Tours.
Palace Steamers. Low Rates*
Four Trips per W?ek Between
Petoskey, Saul: <: te ST a ie, and Lako
Huron Way P-.its.
Every Week Day Between
Special Stiiulay Tt |*s during J ' ♦*, Ju! ,A . st a: and S*-pt.
Double P—ilv Line Between
Our Illustrates pam^hl^tt.
Eaten and E-cnr*i Tickets will be turnin'., and
V>" ycir Tick " cr a-id-ess
F.. 3. WHITCOMB, G. n . A.. M -
Oetrolt or.cl Clcva'as ! Steam Cos
April !svi —f !; i.
Or the Liqaor Habit, Positively Cured
It can be given In a cup of coffee or tea, or In ar
tides of food, without the knowledge of the per
son t&king it; it Is absolutely harmless and will
effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether
the patient 1b a moderate drinker or an alcoholic
a complete cure In every instance. 48 page boos
FREE. Address in confidence,
GOLDEN SPECIFIC CO., 185 Race St.. Clncinna
W% ■ | I ■ B and Whiskey Bah.
MW ■ ■ ■ HUB Its cureri at home with
7® H 111 IVI ont Pain. Pock of par
-181 B U 111 ticular* sent TREE.
Atlanta, Os. Office Git% WlULChaii bu
Dec. 4, 1888, 10-1 y
VttUrfi T O au g. a
b* j:t. 25-ly
! --roa.kme i. a.K m
71 I EtliP al: lUc no
K'A r_'' i i fg’jjs l w\> t- %,. jiwsuil i--e ■ "iiiii •ie
j . 1 °i* r
fi'jitfl 'nJj a ; t , r th sintci' pi.e-111*.
hirh rav, n 1 n I>U' .
/ H!^^kt Vs VV*MarhlTienls. n'i m>*v Bti.- !■ *
Jl £ [SffjA t|S y Ben.tir"HWi. n.i>t i.n
liiu'hiiH* llit* vvrt J.
| llklak | nkw'*'' N>> c|.iil rrquiK'U. Plain,
brief inrunion I hone whosriie iu um on- - ran
rure the beet eewinif-niachini* ;n the womb an,l too
flneat lineofworke of hirh art ever ihown lor* ther in America
Tltt'Eds CO.. Box 710, Auxum-u, AJamc.
In 40 Colors that nelthor
it. Wash Out Nor Fade.
Sold by Druggists. Also
Peerlessßronre Paints—6 colors.
Peerless Laundry Bluing.
Peerless Ink Powders —7 colors.
Peerless Sboe& Harness Dressing.
Peerless K -°"’ Dyes—B colors.
March 12, 1889-ly
Office in Nowlin’a New Brick Block, one
west of Express Office.
Parties wanting wood will please leave
order* u lew days before they are. entirely
out, at store. [2O-tf] Y. A. Lkvy.
\\ ~rt Ji of
Pianos ant* Urtfans
Must be Closed Out
by August I.
Ncw.Sle.urly Now.end
Prims Second-barm
and im*!'* ne*7
in oui i* ial." .ry.
f'vi'l b.ild tb'-ui N >r• ir.
t’-fh /•**>. • >;•<> m •*
Write f,rr il iriraii: ML- i
Dry Goods, Motions, Hats,
Loaded to Order!
83® Agents For Leon Cos. Wines Jxj
Taleahahskk, Fla., o*.t. 2, 1 y
CLYDE MisEp coMf
New York, Charleston and Florida Lines.
C ‘ i
•.f " ' !
■ / . : ;
The Magnificent Sti£Kstips cf ttis line aie ciicintcd to sail es Hows':
From Jacksonville, Fla,, for Few York.
Steamer CHEROKEE, calling at Charleston, Thursday, Oct. 3d, at 11 a. m.
“ SEMINOLE. “ “ Sunday, O* t. 6th, at 1:30 p. in.
“ IROQCOI', “ “ Thursday, Oct. lOib, at 5 a. m.
“ YKMAS.'EE, “ “ Sunday, Oct. 13th, at 6:30 a. m.
“ t’HEKOKEE, “ “ Tuesday, 0, t. loth, at 8:30 a. m.
“ SE.MINoLE, “ “ Thursday, Oct. 17th, at 10 a. m.
“ DELvWAKE, “ “ Sunday, Oct. 20th. at 12 Noon.
IRtiQI’OIS, “ “ Tuebday, Oct. 22d, at 1 p. m.
“ YEM AS>FF., “ “ Thiir-day, Oct. 24th, at 4a. m.
“ CHER* KEE, “ “ Sunday, Oct. 27th, at 6a. m.
“ SEMIN’oLE, “ “ Tuesday, Oct 29th, at 7;30 a. ra.
“ DELAWARE, “ “ Thursday, Oct. 31.*t, at 9:30 a. m.
“ IKool oJs “ “ Sunday, Nov. 3d, at 12 Noun.
“ VEMaS>KE, “ “ Tuesday, Nov. stb, at 2p. m.
From Few York, Fier 29 E. Fiver, for Jacksonville, Fla,
Steamer SEMIN*>I.E, calling at Charleston Tuesday, Oct. Ist, at 3 p. m.
“ IKOQUO S, “ “ Friday, Oct. 4tn, at 3 p. m.
“ YEMASSEE, “ “ Monday, Oct. 7tb, at 3p m.
“ CHEROKEE, “ “ Wednesday, Oct. 9tb,at 3p. m.
“ hEMINoLE. “ “ Friday, Oct. 11th, at 3p. m.
“ DELA W.\hE, “ “ Monday, Oi l. 14ih,at3p. m
“ IKOQI’OIS, “ “ Wednesday, Oct. 16th, at 3 j>. m
“ EMASSEE, “ “ . Frid y, Oct 18tli, at 3p. m.
CHER >KEE, “ Monday, Oct 21st, at 3 p. m.
“ SE' INOI.E, “ “ Wednesday, Oct 23d, at 3 p.m.
*• DEI.AWAKE, “ “ Friday, On. 25th. at 3 p. m.
“ IROtji oiS, “ “ Monday. Oct. 28th, at 3 p. m.
“ YEMAsSKE, “ “ Wednesday Oct. 3Clh,at 3p. m.
J. A. LESLIE, Supt., Jacksonville ; T.G.EGER, Traffic Manager, 5 Bowling Green. New
York; JOHN L. HOWARD, T. F. A 'Jacksonville; F. N. IRON MONGER, Jr., T. P. A.,
W.M. P. CLYDE CO., General Agents, 5 Bowling Green, N. Y.; No. 12 So. Wharves,
Kbit uielldtO.
Savanna!. Florida An! Western Ey.
All train* of this road are run by Central
Standard Time. Passenger Trains will leave daily
as follows:
Leave Tallahassee 8.57 am
Leave Monticello 10.55 am 4.45 pro
Arrive Thomasville 12.20 p m 6.20 pro
Leave Thomasville 9.30 a ro
Arrive Albany 12.00 m
Arrive Montgomery 0.15 p m
Artive Birmingham 9.43 p ns
Arrive Nashville 5.05 a ro
Arrive Louisville 11.42 am
Arrive Cincinnati 4.05 p ro
Arrive Evansville 1.13 p m
Arrive St. Louis 7.45 p ro
Leave Tallahassee 8.57 a m
Leave Monticello 10.55 a m 4.45 p ro
Arrive Thomasville 12.20 p m 6.20 pm
Arrive Waycross 4.10 p m 11.30 p m
Arrive Jesup 530 pm 2.40 a m
Arrive Macon 10.30 p m 8.35 aro
Arrive Atlanta 1.50 a m 12.25 p ra
Arrive Chattanooga 7.40 am 6.25 pin
Arrive Nashville. 7.05 p m 5.15 ain
Arrive Cincinnati 6.42 p m 6.40 a ro
Arrive Lousville 7.20 p m 7.00 a m
Leave Tallahassee 8.57 am
Leave Monticello 10.55 am 4.45 pm
Arrive Thomasville 12.20 pm 6.20pr0
Leave Thomasville 425 p m 9.30 a m
Arrive Albany 9.25 p m 12.00 m
Arrive Macon 4.01)am 6.10 pm
Arrive Atlanta 7.00 a m 10.00 p ro
Arrive Chat ten ootra 1.00 pm 4.37 am
Arrive Nashville. 7.05 p m 11.30 a m
Arrive Louisville 7.00 am 7.20 pro
Arrive Cincinnati 040 a m 6.42 pn,
Leave Tallahassee.. 8.57 am
Leave Monticello 10.55 am 4.45 pm
Arrive Thomasville 12.20 p m 6.20 p m
Arrive Waycross 4 10 pin 11.30 p ro
Arrive Savannah 7.45 p m 5.45 aro
Arrive Charleston 1.25 a
Arrive Wilmington 835 a m 8.40 pro
A rrivc Weldon 2.40 p ni 3.40 a ro
Arrive lbchmoud 6.00 p in 9.15a ui
Arrive Wtii-hington 11.00 pro 3.40 p ro
Arrive Baltimore 12.35 a m 5 15 p ro
Arrive Philadelphia 3.50 a ro 7.49 pro
Arri.iA New York 6.50 am 10 35 pm
Monday. Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Jacksonville 9.40 a m
Leave Waycross 11.46 a ro
Arrive Savannah 2.24 pm
Arrivo Wilmington 1.20 a in
Arrive Richmond 8.12 a m
Arrive Washington. 11.55 a m
Arrive Baltimore 1.02 p m
Arrive Philadelphia 3.20 p ro
Arrive New York 6.00 p m
Train leaving Thomasville at 12.50 pm, carries
Bullet Sleeping Car to New York.
Train leaving Wavcross at 4.13 p m. carries
Buffet Sleeping Car to Cincinnati, via E. T. V. &
G. Railway.
Train leaving Thomasville at 9.30 a ro, carries
Buffet Sleeping Car to Cincinnati, via L. A N. R.
Train leaving Waycross at 9.00 p m, via B. & W.
It. R. and Albany at 12.U2, night, carries sleeper
through to Cincinnati.
Train leaving Waycross at 12.10, night, carries
sleeper to Savannah.
Through tickets sold to all points. Baggage
checked through. Also, sleeping-car berths se
It. (i. FLEMING, W.m. P. HARDEE,
Superintendent. General Pass Agent.
T. J. WRIGHT, Agent at Monticello.
Mrs. Waites,
Having taken charge of the home known
as tbfc Whitaker House, is now prepared
to accommodate boarders. 23 tf
Florida, Trunk Lise.
Florida central
a 'i No. Division. 8 4
sOh p 10 05 a Lv Fernandina Ar 306 p 830 *
7X) p 11 45 a Lv Jacksonville Ar 150 p 010 a
630 pll ‘27 aLv Callahan Ar 153 p 640 a
830p1242 pLv Baldwin Ar 12 42 p 800 *
925 p 127 pAr Lawtey Ar 11 58 a 355 •
9M p 142 p Ar Starke Ar 11 28 a 330 a
10 30 p 227 p Ar Waldo Arlo 52 a 260 a
11 20 p 302 p Ar Hawthorne Ar 10 23 a 200 a
110 a429 pAr Ocala Ar 907 pl2ola
350 a 542 pAr Wildwood Ar 800 a 9 20p
510 a 010 pAr Leesburg Ar 735 a 755 p
600 a 640 pAr Tavares Lv 710 a 7 00p
942 a 822 pAr Orlando Lv 645 a 4 08p
’ 31 Tauipa Division. 80~
7 00 p Lv Jacksonville Ar 6 10*
5 00 a Lv Wildwood Ar 8 45 p
5 40 a Ar Panasoffkee Ar 8 00 p
610 a Ar Sumterville Ar 780 p
715 a Ar St. Catherine Ar 6 40p
8 06 a At Lacoochee Ar 6 00p
850 a Ar Dade City Ar 815 p
10 30 a Ar l lant City Lv 4 00 f
~23 13 Cedar Key Dlv. 14 24
7 (to p 11 45 a Lv Jacksonville Ar 150 p 610 a
600 a 240 pLv Waldo Ar 10 35 p 340 p
7 10 a 322 pAr Gainesville Ar 9 4oa 230 p
10 45 a 412 pAr Archer Lv 825a12 15 p
9 1 Western Div. 2 iff
700 p 715 a Lv Jacksonville Ar 345 p 245 a
800 p 800a Ar Baldw in Ar 310 p 146 a
10 40 p 936a Ar Lake City Ar 128 p 1129 a
11 68 p 1027 aAr Live Oak Ar 12 36 p 956 a
140a1128 aAr Madison Ar 11 28 a 815 a
410a1252 pAr Monticello Lv 10 05 a 525 a
610 a 202 p Ar Tallahassee Lv 900 a 320 p
6C0a303 pAr Quincy Lv Bno a 150 p
920 a 400 p Ar River Junct'n Lv 705 a 12 05 a
Trains Nos. 1. 2,7. s, 9. !:i. IS, 14. daily.
Nos. 3.4, 23. 24 3<t, Daily, except Sunday; 81.
daily except Monday.
PeriiHiidliiu and Jacksonville Branch
No. 60 No. 6 No. 5 No 61
845 a 430 p Lv Jacksonville Ar 850 a 6 00p
10 05 a 600 p Ar Feruaiulina Lv 715 a 4 30p
Trains Nos 5 and 6 daily, except Sunday. Noe.
bo and t>l Sunday only.
Daily Sp cial to t onnk< t at Febnimixi for
Boat with Br.rssw i< k. Ca.— Leave Jacksonville
9:05 a.m. Leave Fernandina 11 :(0 a. m. Arrive
Femandina 10:25a.m. Anive Jackscnville 12:26
7:15 a. m., New Orleans Express. Shortest and
quickest line to all Middle and West Florida
points. Pensacola, Mobile and New Orleans. 7:16
a. m. and 7:00 p. m. trains connect through to
Tbouiaeville, Montgomery, Nashville, St. Lonisu
Cincinnati, Chicago, ana ali points North and
West. Arrive at 2 45 p. rn. and 3:45 p. m.
11:45 p. m. Mail and Express, for all poinvt
South. Gainesville, Ocala, Leesburg, Tavares,
Apopka, Orlando, Panaeoffkee (St. Catherine!
Dade City. Plant City, Arrives at 1:50 p. m.
7:00 p. in. Local, connects through for all points
South. Ocala, Gainesville, Leesburg, Tavares,
Orlando, Tarpon Springs, Southerland, St. Peters
burg and Tampa. Arrives at 6:10 a. m.
11:45 a. m. Cumberland honte Express, con
nects at Fernandina with Steamer City of Bruns
wick, daily, for Brunswick, Macon, AtlanUL
Chattanooga, Louisville. Cincinnati, St. Louis and
Chicago. Arrives 1:50 p. ro.
4:80 p. m. Fernandina Mail and Express, daily,
except Sundav. connecting Tuesday and Friday
with Steamer St. Nicholas for Savannah and way
landings. Thursday with Mallory Steamers for
New York. Arrives 8:60 a. m. Sunday train leaves
Jacksonville 8:45 a. m.
This new service gives perfect connections at
Baldwin for all points "North nnd West. Via Calla
han to all points North. East and West. Via Fer
nandiua, connecting with Steamer City of Bruns
wick, for Brunswick, Macon, Atlanta and all
points North and West.
A. O. MacDonkll,
D. E. Maxwkll, G. P. <& T. A.
Gen. Manager.
Traftic Manager.

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