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Mrs. Oraady
That the Tallahassee Public Building
looks real handsome on paper, but the cit
kens would much rather see it in reality.
That the number of pupils in attendance
at Tallahas. ee schools is increasing every
That every mechanic in Tallahassee
should contribute his mile toward erecting
the mechanics’ club house.
That all should take an interest in secur
ing the bell drive around Tallahassee.
That the New Leon will be complete
and open in time to spread a sumptuous
Christmas dinner.
That work is rapidly progressing ou 'he
Saxon bank.
That everybody should lend a helping
hand to make the new settlers’ picnic—No
vember 21st —a splendid success.
That the procession of progress is march
ing bravely ou, and if some folks don’t
oatcli on pretty quick they will be left in
the quietude of ante boom times.
That everybody should semi flowers to
Odd Fellow’s Hall early next Friday morn- j
That it takes from thirty to fifty beeves
per week to supply the Tallahassee mar
That over twenty thousand mullet were
sold iu Tallahassee last week.
That all should remember that next Fri
day is Odd Fellows’ Memorial Day.
That another local Building and Loan
Association could easily be organized in
That Lady Audley’s Secret will be given
to the public at the Tallahassee Opera
House Thursday night.
That the demand in Tallahassee for neat
littlecottages is far in excess of the supply. I
That the attraction has returned and a
prominent young gentleman from Jackson
ville will now resume his regular visits to
That salesmen who part their hair in the
middle are not so numerous in Tallahassee
as they use to be.
That cotton is opening faster than it can
be picked out these bright, sunshiny days.
That the merchants all say the prospects
for an immense fall and winter trade in
Tallahassee were never brighter than now.
Pervading the country is due in great
measure to the large amount of spurious
Whiskey that is being sold. Imposed
upon by irresponsible dealers who doctor
and color up spirits to represent Whiskey,
consumers are retaliating by voting to
wipe out the entire business. To aid in
checking tiiis sentiment by supplying con
sumers with a pure Whiskey 1 atn now
Blacing8 lacing my celebrated “I. W. Harper
I'Ll) Nee-on County, Ivy., Whiskey”
direct to them (torn distillery warehouse
This wlmkey is made from selected rye
and corn and barley malt at my pistillerv
in Nelson Countv. Iv\\, and represents tin
Light st type ot distillation.
Asa stimulant i r tonic it is prescribed
by the leading physiaeins.
Asa beverage it will recommend i'sei’
to the most exacting connoisseur. Respect
fully, l. \\\ H4Kii:ic.
Julius Ball A Bko., S de Agents,
Tallahassee, Fla.
— -
Operatic ttnuctionx.
The Savannah News says of the Eih
<fc Bricken Operatic Novelty Company:
The Ealy A Brieketi operatic roveliv com
pany clo-ed tlmir engagement at tic* Sav
annah Theatre last night "to a crowded
Louse. The matinee yesterday alt* moon
was tin- largest of the season, the streets in
front ot tlu theatre were jammed half an
jiour before the doors opened. Ladies and
children sought the gaiery, as well as tlu
lower floors — my place to get to stand, am:
in the noli to get inside nvmy narrow ly es
caped serious injuries. The company i
tlio best of its kind that has eve*-played in
Savannalr, and its engagerm nt Inis been r.
vety sccc. ss'ul one, ai d we bespeak lor
this clever c*mpt.y crowded bouses.
State ok Ohio. City ok Toledo, i
Lucas C< unty, S. S. \
Frank J. Cheney makes oa li tb t he
is itic, sent >r paroicr of the (Tin of F. -I
Cheney A Cos doing Im-iness in the Cry
of Toledo, County and S’hw* aloiestid,
and that said firm will pay the sum ol ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS tor end. tmo
every case ot Catarrh tliat can not be
cured bv the u i e of II all’s Cat a rrii Cure.
Bworn to belore me and subscribed in
m presence, this 6th day of December, A.
i). ’BO.
j er.A e. >■ Notary Public.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internally
anil ars directly upon the blood and mucus
surfaces ot the system. Send lor ic-ti
timnials, tree. F. J. CHENEY A CO.,
Toledo, ().
CgrSolil by Druggists, 75c. Oct. 1-1 in
'l'o Hailroinl Officiul*.
We are prepared lofurni-h I lie Rules and j
Regulations of the Railroad Commission,
as contained in llieir late Circular, No. 23.
Send in your orders al once. Price |2 50
per 100 copies.
The Longest Word in the Dictionary
is iocampdent to communicate the inex
pressible satisfaction and incomprehensible
cdnsequenses resultim? from a judicious
administration of Dr. Pierce’ Favorite Pre
scription, a preparation designed especially
for the spec tv relief and permanent.cure of
all Female Weaknesses, Nervmisness, and
diseases peeuliar t<> the female sex. The
only remedy lor woman’s peculiar ills, sold
ly druggists, under a positive guarantee, to
satisfaction. See gu irantee on wrap
per oi bottle. Tnis guarantee lias been
faithfully ctrried o*.t for many 3 r ears by
lire proprietors.
Matron—“l supposn you find your
husband as selfish as most men.” Bride—
“X-', indeed. 1 often ln-anl that n man
gobbled up all tim ni>:.; tilings ou the ta
bl", but I must sty that inv husband leaves
nearly all the pies I ma’sc for me to eat
—Parents should be careful that their
I children do not contract colds daring the
tall or early winter months. Such colds
1 weakens the lungs and air passages, mak
ing the child much more likely to contract
other colds during the winter. It is this
j succession of colds that causes catarrh and
bronchitis or paves the way for consump
lion. Should a cold be contracted, lose
no time but cure it as quicklyas possi
ble. A fifty cent bottle of Chamberlain’s
Cough Remedy will cure any cold in a
few days and leave the respiratory
Organs strong and healthy. Sept. 24 tf
Somerville Journal: The man who
keep* an exact cash account of his daily
expenses generally earns an expert book
keeper’s salary in trying to remember
where the money ment.
—At the Harnett House, Savannah, Ga.,
you get all the comforts of the high priced
hotels, and save from $1 to $2 per day.
Try it and and be convinced. —Boston
Home Journal. Aug 13 ly
—Colonel Jeft Lane, President of the
Georgia Southern and Florida, will be bati
quetted by Lake City admirers.
—The most delicate constitution can
I safely use Dr. J. H. McLean's Tar Wine
Lung Balm ; it is a sure remedy for coughs,
loss of voice, and all throat and lung dis
eases. For sale by M.Lively. Aug 6 3in
Norristown Herald : The Watch Trust
is said to be breaking up. It is time. A
great many other trusts, by the way, need
—There are many accidents and diaseses
which affect stock and cause serious incon
venience and loss to the farmer in his work,
j which may be quickly remedied by the
use of Dr. J. H. McLean’s Volcanic Oil
Liuimeut. For sale by H. V. R. Schrader.
Troy Press : There is a great movement
on the part of the Anarchists —when the
barkeeper offers to treat to beer.
—A hale old man, Mr. Jas. Wilson of
Allens Springs, 111., who is over sixty
years ot age, says: “I have in my time
tried a great many medicines, some of ex
cellent quality ; but never before did I find
any that would so completely do all that
is claimed for it as Chamberlain’s Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is
truly a wonderful medicine.” Sept. 24-tf
“ Her great fault is her devotion to large
theatre lmls.”
’* Well, can’t you overlook that ?
‘‘No. It I could I wouldn’t mind it. —
Pittsburg Leader.
—Mr. E. P. Love joy, a large dealer in
general merchandise at Wabuska, Ne
vada, says: “I have tried St. Patrick’*
Pills and can truthfully say they are the
best I have ever taken or known used.”
Asa plea-ant physic or lor di-orders of
the liver they will always give perfect
-atislaction. Sept. 24-tl
Evt ry day is an ever, day blessing,
Poverty'- cottage and crust thn* we share ;
Weak is the back mi winch t> .rdc.n- are i>rcsit!g.
Hut stout is the heart that is strengthened by
Sometime or other the pathway grow- brighter,
lust when we mournad there \v:i none to be
friend ;
Hope in the heart make- tlie burden seem lighter.
And somehow or other we get to th>- end.
—Boston Traveler.
The dank and d(caving vegetation ot
regions Il'*vvly eli*!i!iM "! tillllM i, ( :smi
to the lays ot the sun, is -ur<* to i.n-i ! ma
lutia. I) .T. !1. MeLem- Ci.i 1- ici 1 ti-vei
cure, by mifi an-' gentle .-.•• p.p \v; I 1 1. -
Callv cute, fit) Cetlls a boiUe. FOl s.l/0
by W. A. if iw is. A gt; H o
First Livery Statiic II ;st* Peg i-us, ai
the hour of t'.vciv 1 * to-nignt i shall bang
mvs I by my ii-ilter. S*c >n 1 i/i'io—O ,
Bile-epbalus ! Wny? Fir t lloi-e—Be
cause 1 dill s.) slow that every y I iUg 111-11 l
who has a eu 1 lles trne* w i:i wan's to hire
in--.—Tradi* M uk R cor !.
Fltsii -teds of ad descriptions
Ely L.vit-.gs'on, llendet sou Ac., lor y.h
--|! M. LivcU’s. it
I. Is - (and y It poitcr: J ll st v. i* go tn
;*; < — w<- let re. ilia’ the C S. A F. u.-.m
net with 1 se-rii u- dmc-'u;*- at Saw ii nn
idVer bridge, ihve 'on*, led Oils piung*-e
through the btidgeene hay ibis week, il
ioiihed with iron, however, as we w hei
st and, of coilr-e, the -am** < -an be It I:o vet eh,
t-.it ui cousihi rabio expense.
Il is not i-xPav igini to :s-ty that :be
Ciy ie St' imsii'.p Ij tie is t n- * **-1 line <>s
-leaiuers that, ha- ever run lietweeii New
Yotk timl Cliarlesion. The* vessel- are
rirst class irt every re-p *■ •t, and It tv * lic<*n
proved safe iu many desperate buffets
from the waves. Travellers to and from
j the N >rth cun not do better than ihc-
I 'his line. —Aiken, (S. C.) Recorder.
Take one of Dr. J. 11. McLeans Little
Liver and Kinney Pillets at night before
you go to lied and you will be mrpiised
j how buoyant arid vigorous von will leel the
next day. Only 25 cults a vial. For sale
' by M. Lively. AugG 3m
Tue Eit-' is Like Region stys that ihe
hm f ling oi the new Alabama, Florida
and Atlantic Railroad is now a certainty.
The charter requires that work on this
road shall begin at Ocala, and start Irom
there in both directions
Orlando Reporter: “A Story Without
Words’" is the title of a prettv i 1111 <* work
which is to be issued by the J. T. A K. W.
Railway sysh m. Ii is a book ol iltustra
lions showing the experience of lire invalid ■
touri-ts from the time lie firs* conceives the
idea of a trip to Florida, until his return it i
healthy and happy man. Incidents of the j
journey ate shown by illustrations of Flor
ida scenery, prominent hotels, buildings,
etc. It nlmo! reads like a romance to look
at the pictun s.
It is teported that flu; Florida Southern
will enlarge the Arcidia depot in lime to
store the coming orange and vegetable
crop. The freights received at the Arca
dia depot are four times as much as last
—The “ Lite of the flesh is the blood
j Ibcieot pure blood means, healthy luiic
! tional activity and this bears with it tii<‘
certainly ol quick rr toration from s'lckm ss
or ncciifent. Dr. J. II McLean’s Strength
i ning Cordial ami Rlood Purifier gives
pure licit blooil, ami vitalizes and strengih
jen the whole body. SI.OO per bottle.
) For sale by M. Lively. AugC 3m.
Transportation Clatter.
Governor Gordon has signed the char
ter of the Atlanta and Lithonia railroad.
It iB announced that the Alabama Mid
land railroad, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama,
to Bainbridge, Ga., will be running from
Montgomery to Bainbridge within sixty
Macon is complair.g because the rail
roads delay handling her aotton.
The old officers of the Georgia Mid
land railroad havo been elected for an
other year.
The schooners F. A. Gorhau, with a ear
go of railroad iron for Palatka, and Jesse
W. Starr, w ith coal for the Citizens’ Gt-
Liglit Company, arrived at Jacksonville
The Peace Rivet Short Line has ordered
new steel rails to be laid on a portion o’
the road.
The work of extending the railroad
wharf at Fernandina is expected to com
tnenee in a few days. The extension will
bee 300 feet, making the wharf 700 feet in
The railroad employees of Fernandins
have organized themselves into a fire com
The South Carolina Railroad is to be
sold to satify a mortgage in favor of Fred
erick W. Bound.
It is not often that a railroad can be con
structed as the builders at first intended,
but the Georgia Southern and Florida
seems to be an exception to that rule.
This is a season of railroad ifevelopmmt
in Mexico, cpiitea number ot railroads fitt
ing at this time in couorse of construction
In connection with the Pan American
Congress, soon to tie held in Washington,
the members of which are now on a jutirn
ey through the United States, the question
is being discussed whether commercial In
tercourse with the peoples of Central and
South America can not best be stimulate l '
and fieilitated by means of international
railroads, running from points In the Uni
ted States, through Mexico, down the isth
mils into Central and South Angelica.
It is not generally known that the South
Carolina railroad Iron* Charleston to Au
gusta, wa* the first steam railroad in tic
South and probably the first in tic* U ilte 1
States. The rails were n * laid on embank
ment, grading or earth, but upon piling
liiveu in the ground to ;; depth of sever:: 1
Financial operations in Connection with
large railroad sy-:**ms are becoming enor
mous. It is stated that the Northern Pa
cific will soon execute a mortgage to cover
m issue of $150.090 009 in bonds; an 1
that the Atchison, Top ki A Santa Ft* wiii
issue .-i blanket mortgage to < ver an isme
of $200.000 000 in bonds.
The whistle of the is now
m aid <>n the uore-. of Lake Worw'i, tie
Jupiter and Lake Worth Railway, a rail
road aainc eight miles long, having re
cently b>‘-n completed by the Jacksonville,
Tampa and K' V West >yt** n, from Jupi
er, on led! i ; r \.*r, t<> Lake Worth.
—lf you are suffering from weak or in
flamed eye-, or granulated elelh's. y-U
etn be quickly cured by using Dr. J. II
McLean's Sn-rigTi,ening Lye IShlv-- 25
eents a box. For sale by H. V. R. Selin
der. Augft 3m
'I here has recently been a marked in
| erease in tin* price * f railroad iron. Sice
tad-, which bit' a few months ago ww
-* i‘ii• L r a' i:i il l $2- per ton in '>■>• v York
i wi'if 1 s! week p cited o £2O in N’.av York*
. SrO in Philadelphia, U* 1 * lNthd/irg, and
j sh3 in Ciiictgo.
Coughs and colds com- ininviu <i, hot
j von cm quickly get rt t <> i> wpq u
lew ii < „ Dr. J. H. McLean’s I’m \\ i:,
j Lung Bo:.*. F**r --h* by W. A R.a V.
j i
ii -i. _e:n*ra!’.v 1:i;o v n t . i*. ', e <.
ot :t t. luring old tails with new fi. so low.
i 1
|W h ■•* in New Yo:k new r iil- were quou and
; at sd'.t pur ton 1-t week, old rails were
|(j i'Mi*d a' .$2-1 oni $24 50 per two. Reads
m.iking tlie exchange, however, are at the
j expense o! taking up tin* old rails, paying
| me out ward In ight on them end then oi
i paying the freight trom the laills on Ihe
| new rails and the cost of potting them
! down.
j —The quality of the blond depends much
I upon good or Imd digestion and assimila
j lion ; to make the blood rich in life and
strength giving constituent*, use Dr. J. 11.
McL'*an’s Strengthening Cordial and Blood
Purifier, it will nourish the properties of
the blood from which the tlennuts o vi
lily are drawn. $1 00’ per boiih*. For
i sale by 11. V. R. Schrader. AugG-itoi
! The total mileage of railroads in opera
tion in the United Stales, as given in Poor's
| manual, was, at the end ot 1888, 156,501
( miles. From the Railway Age we l<*tirn
i that the construction of new road for the
| first nine months of Ihe present year, was
{3.312 miles. These figures make a, to
j tal of 159.863 miles, representing the nutn
| tier of miles of radroad in operation in
I the United Stales, at the close ot Septcm
i her, 1889.
—Sick headache, and a sensation of op
pression and dullness in the In-id, are very
commonly produced by indigestion: mor
hid despondency, irritability and over sen
sitiveness ol the nerves may, in a major
ity of eases, be traced *.o 'lie same cause.
Dr. .1. 11. McLeans Liver and Kidney Balm
and Billets will positively cure. For sale
by W. A. Rawls. Aug6-3rn
From present indications, the time is no
far distant when the proportion of narrow
gmge roads in mileage as compared with
those of standard gauge of tour feet eighl
inches, will be greatlv reduce 1 from what
it was a few years ago, and ev* n Irotr. what
it is now.
The act pate iby the lat L islaturo,
regulating the practice of medicine, can
I he secured in pamphlet form at the Fi.< -
human office, a 1 5 cents pet copy ; 50 cents
i per dozen.
Gadadea Gleaalait.
From th Quincy Tlerald.
|£i-s Mary J. Dixon, aged seventeen years
h and eleven days, beloved daughter of Mr.
J h Dixon, died at the home of her uu
c e, Mr. Angus Nicholson, on the 2d insf.
Mrs. M. L. Floyd is tn Tallahassee viait
ing her mother, Mr®. Wm. Mclntosh.
The Quiucy Stae Bank is very popular
with our business men and is doing a great
deal of business.
Mr. W. K. Mclntosh has housed eight
hundred and fifty bushels of corn from a
two hor c e crop, this year.
Mr. Biedelman has commenced J. T.
Howard’s now residence on Jefferson street,
and will push the work to completion us
rapidly as possible.
More hoy has been brought in for sale this
year than ever before, and most of it i- of
good quality. <). ir farmers are beginning
to learn that there is os much money in
grass as in any other crop, and it i- more
easily handled.
Fenton & Ibown have received anew
press and arc now busy baling and packing
tobacco for shipment. They seem to have
ad they cun do, and from the amount of
tobacco being received at their warehouse,
'hey will soon he obliged to largely increase
their force.
YOi; C.tx FIND
Ter-qnarter, eleven-quarter and twelve
quarter All-wool Blankets, from $3 50 to
$8 Oft per pair, at Cohen’s.
Protest and Vlenrlnt?.
Mr. James Calhoun, G. F. A. of the J.
T. A K. W. Ry. System, haring protest! and j
against the orange and vegetable rates
adopted by the R ulroad Commissioners for
die ensuing season, said rat?* being the
-nmc as were in force last winter, the Com
missioned have set next Tuesday, the 22d,
for a hearing in the premises, at their office,
n Tallahassee.
The attention of all parties interested is
directed to notice elsewhere.
Skins on Fire
Agonizing, Itrliing, burning and
trireding Fczeran In lt worl Mtage*.
A raw wore from head to feet. Hair
gone. Doctor*, and lio|>ltafh fall.
Trt-d everything, f'nred by lite full
cura Kennedies for fUi.
Cured by Cuticura
I am urc(l r>f a !o;itii-f>-n eriip.-ri-e. .xzewn in
wor-t stage. 1 Tried ditb-rent doctor 1 * ami !**i n
Miroiigh tlii* lio-pit.ii. hm all to no piirp<>,*. The
*ti-ca-c <-overt 1 ft my wide body lr**t:i die f >i> of ruv
lu.cl r• • Ihe ■*.>!(-* uf my f> t. My hair alt i-:t!in
Ut, 1- .c.-iiiv :iu- a <• raw -nr* Al?-r try
ii !* cvi r> Mllllg I f.'-ar.' f y >nr • ft if !; \ ItKNK
IUK*. and afti r :i-ijg fhr* *• bottle- of 1 i ri rx., kr
f**I.VKNT. ’* :l*i < Try t ka aw.t !. ctotka So.'.-i* 1 :',u<i
mv.-e*f cure; at the c-.: o! *t. .; *-• I w-.nlil i,..r
be'without ft"* < rsuriiA K*?hi.i>:ks in n.v h* -e.
i- 1 find tti ,11l lin fol in n.any ca-e-, ai, . !. *h>l..
it.ey arc tile- only rk.n and M <t L'li and i:e--
Ir-.t.V '!I i.K!!V/X
VV url-!'ro ( N. V.
Burningand Itching
I \\ a- -i<;v the fa.; 1 of ] * :t !i a hunt iv and
di b.jii;.- —i* I'Hil tlmt ia :i.rei- *.vr* k- Iw a- Oivc'oi
w iOi a ra-ti. id <;• ■-.! t not -'.<• ; tiight- *r work
da. * >om*d'>' ior- t: i.neht Umight b -:t rta-atu
ei . ar:d wild l.‘u-y lui i vv: r -on .'.nytiiuiv
die 1 it before I rccefwd o lit*!,. fro.B an> ■ /
liei, nr i" r.' any rm ki.'inv thuf Ii nuld t h<-i<i
.f ci.t’l f tried uiiir ii rn r sla ItKMruir* Af tj
r art <- We, k ' .-< I war* !!•* to WoTK, wet KrJ>-
gettisg f“-tter unti! I am row entirely I
t<:( oi on rid thum to nit eulfcriK.' w:t it ,-kiti d**> Hrt*r.
C. !•:. (>SM HA
1 afti*viilc, V ..
3 have u *>’. the CrTtcriu Rkweii’S* mic
• -Jly for it)baby. w!j . w i- afhicte l with ecr.e
•na. *i.d had -in ii aitcrw it i in_- tiiat in* got no nat
iav (i.-iiigii?. '’"i l itimig i- goto . a.l .nv Wl*>
ii iiri-u, and ir- now a sa-ael.y rov-che*-)ii*i b>v.
Haioit, Kan.
Cutic jra Resolvent
'fin i,".w IJ’.o'nl i'itr.firr and pure-t aad best of
1 tumor ' are-. ♦iO rua'ly. and t cTn.t :a. the gen*
'l;in !• uri ami id ri l f'iA Sun*, nri e:*uuii-*te skin
oeatitifu-r. tt-*;lertia.ly, art .ntiy rc.iw. ami .-j*< • a
nd: v ami ji rmai.-viv > 'he rrm-f a_- iiij/.mg. it< h
ing, buri *nv. Wwtuig Muiy. < ru-tud and pitu[u>
'!•-. i-v- at and tv.ia a-mi : - Mi:, m al;i. i.tel >u<) •<:.
1 it*i --<•!' t.n)-, froal pi’U’.ke— (•> -cro‘gi.l.
*o:C. :v.-:yivtier* hV-> •-: Ci'ii' Tia, *> cent-
Soai*. gi i.-ni-; 1 .■-•.nsE.**r. I*r. oxrvd hy It.
Cutter Dnco < ukhu ai. OonroKArttiN. H.*c i .
l tor *• tt'.w *o ''nre skin hoci-- *."M
oagM*. M* ;;! .-trillion., and b tcsunioidal-A.
DJfr§- b:>w reu. r ajgu, i*tmiotti and
I ||q. . ■ a ned to ii rt ! r n\ s>\r.
awl [CiUiS. t*:i.-k a' lie. weak kuiue. -.
’’Jjm Bp5Z r..- .ai i 1 isMi. ,n t etn- • on- ret;- ■
ed .• ie rniiiut.* bv ttu* full
'TfN a uih An t i-S’a 11 i^-Lu^t.-r.
W'.*y Down t (Ste fiuwaiinee
ttlia cr.
From Brai: lorn, Florida, situated u:-.ai
the ?• Uii in’, c Su wannee iavi r. Messrs. Rou_-e
A Tlu ii. a- wi.tr, under dote of August
I it: li, i‘-K>: “lb, a-e 'orward u- arn>tinr
of .Johns >ii’s Chill amt Fever Tonic.
II , \ sld >u• every bottle last gro> upon
%<:•)i ■o u t guarantee, uad not one bu-ilie
n Jitter from (Jrarhiteritle, S. CJu(<d
A nff/ixt Jy74,1880.
At the age ol 50, with twenty-five years
ol active practice, L Am a carelul observer
ami cautious in indorsing proprietary
medicines, but I r~m conctentioiudy en
dorse your Johnson's Chill and Fewer Tonic
as one of the !•:-* combination remedies
lor Chill and Fever I Lave ever seen toed.
It corrects the vitiated secretions ot the
liver, relieves cowtivenes*, ami promotes the
absorption and. assimilation ot food, thus
fulfilling al! tin* indications claimed tor h.
Yours truly,
T. P. I'li)\vai)s, M. IX
Tire claim, made for this medicine is a
tnodesione. \Vi‘ main Ini Ur that it is 100
times belle? Ilian quinine,, and 100 yeats
itt advance of the proteasion in the reat
menl of all levers, iron* the most malig
nant types of Bilious Hemorrhagic Fe
ver to the simplest form of “Chill and Fe
ver.” For sale by W. A. Rawls.
A. B. Girardeau, Sole Proprietor.
sep 10, if Savannah, Ga.
B. C.LBWISftSONS, Bankers,
State, City, County and Miscellaneous
v\'e have every facility ior4ransaoting a Gen
eral Banking Business, and solicit the
accounts and correspondence ot
banks, bunkers merchants and
Collections Receive Prompt Attention,
Brokaw House
And prepared to furnish Table Board and
Lodging for both
Transient and Permanent Visitors
with all the comforts of a pleasant home as
sured. Terms reasonable. Address
Mrs. E A. Brokaw.
Monroe Street, Tallahassee Fla.
Oct. 15, 1889 tf Box 200.
Opera House, - October 21st.
Operatic Novelty Comp’y.
Commencing Monday, Oct. 21.
100 PRESENTS 100
Given Away Nightly !'
Admission, 35c. and 50c*
N'o extra charge for reserved seats.
Leon Lumber Company,
Have on hnnil large supply of all k?nds of
luniftt'T and shingles. Orders left at Mr.
levy's promptly filled. R. Cat,
39-tf Manager.
Cfen St. Mary Nurseries!
A LARGE Htock of Fruit Trees adapted to Florida, Georgia and the I
Coast Regions of the South Atlantic* States. The largest Stock of PtJenlilH
ever grown in Florida, comprising many valuable varieties and including
new. large early freestone “ANGEL.” “H-KLSEY” and all other
FLU MS. including the two latest introductions “SAT3UMA BLOOO’v
Pears, Figs. Olives, Apricots, Grape®, (ineludfrig Niagara and Moore’s DisaoeS l l
Simmons. Peeurs. Batsum Ora-Rge, Japan Medlars, Quinees,
New descriptive Catalogue and Price List, free on application. S
Address tf, 1,. TAtfiß ■
Oct. 3i, IHBJ-f>m Glen St. diary, Dakar Ca,
Bay View. Florida, , 1
Offer everything in the line of CHOfCE TROPICAL and SEMf-TRf>PICALFRCITTIdB
GREENHOCSE AM) CONSERVATOR Y PLANTS. - We have .fie largest stock in tk
<-aii snprply the bet plants at the lowest prices.
Wf want the Ti.uc.e- of nom<- new coWomer- on onr lSt thi- fall, and toiret
FHEF3 with every order ro tar amotint of fte. Plants to the vi.w of f-J
_'reeTi hmw plant-. !iarnfty he de-ignated by the purchaser. Send lCc. in stamps for our
Uescriiiuve t'Htalogne, post free to customers R j)
Important to Our Reader]
A v- 1 l^jvr. i•) l\i:,v , i >. ; Ti.::*.:.;*sf ‘'Si'.'," wittaa ■
fa r- 5 p. r ' 7 and a f* r, .* *ul
V/tIiLT is .c Clcs: I.itfrala.’X ert !-t r; . *p\*\ I
To every person who (within 60 days ironl
the date of this paper) will subscribe fol
Subscription price S I .OO a Year, j
:ituj p ;v. : u mivaiirc, the yearly .-übscription price and SI additiOMl I
-lei ! ‘-end tor nt* year, a copy, weekly, ol <u.r paper and al><* lor one yearucoOT
weekly, if 1
TEXAS siFTrcrod
The Mil-v ripftor ]-' ■* c' SI VI l>'oß U < \ i v-.~. i ekpacepapar,!*!
fnsoly iih: gmt-.-tl i y tr. • 1 .-lUit-g err Ist. a.; v-ut .aa- • 1 - < ..ay.. In u* i&M
of orivin-J h :u:or, it i• a< io .-i a 1 ;.i ■■. t*. ’ ia-tnevl
tin* i-oi.ntry. uti l 1; .-* 1 u well Jcv.;. u‘ * 5Y:;;r \v'. . ti e
t.’:U so- im 2v Y‘-'> h i \t-i< a I .n t. i-.** .. •;s <i MFHSB
a:-- . o w- ;! Li: •>. a i.a *. ’ri <] t oc-i'-ar - to r : r ‘ ■ : I'mcr.
Kola i• • • larai t:.. v i . : c.v * ; - '.>.i- I ’*
liiiMPMPLR that TUNAS Sirii>(•'. V ; ’ ; , ,Si jl
mli-ari'•' with at: -*- xt (in i' i N> • . -oil
oflVr the* two papers fin* levs lima \l,.\ p j:-,* rf TL'v.v - >Ji‘i •> s I
No <a • hit our Sul - erihers c..u g ; SUM \tib . • i < . yc-sr* 1
'1 h-.* regular price < f that paj-er is lue.v, ami \. ~i touviuu- to !*<. r. yesr.
pui'li-h. r-. I" ing and. -irons of adding io laeir list of subverib* rs iu tuis cctioa,
a special ami extraordinary reduction to us for a limited period.
The amount for both papers should, be sent uinct to us 1-y P. 0.
Note, or otherwise, and wo shall order the publishers to mail SIFTIMiS fro*
York to you fur one year. 9
Call, or write to this office,, ami you will get a sample copv of SIFTIM& 9
Texas Siftinpi Tub Cos., will puv SIOO Cash to the person
the hugest list ot y early subscribers up hi April 1,189 ft. This offer
io tlio-e* who tiike -übscriptions to Siftings at tin* ngular $4.00 a
-♦ nd same io Texas Siltiags <-ffic*e, bio is also open to all who take subsfn
t> the terms offered above and send cash to this office. _. g fl
Tallahassee* fV
CdPSo rommission allowed anyone on these rates. M
MYTHS ffllBIH 0\
TIASO Ann OKfIAM it one*. It frill not dlurppalnl juU*
nnr r' I',’ nr|rm <*-n r.rr popular airs f
vx 1 iioid (1.0 tu v.vpdrrfUl wvt'll its duo ufUuUuaattuun.iltnieDtio^
! O,IP Ida* ihuKicAttu insurin'lK•'.)*,inioTid*. vi o th’U Li. s t ; • *
!?k K orrfc ' • toper's Guide 1* mm t r Hocvinpluhtd W.t for the it tU’awvs w '*• * •r7w*2gp
• P ,vcr 3* lm >V l 4 u '•w*’ nclfi-Jtp’tAiHitory sheet* uCnnisGC arc tnuM pl.sof i.w a
l. n *V. u it\-fTsjr h:tcmf>iwwc with litr kntf Med tiuuivml* i !iu b't’ ihein- . ‘ > ; lesrtJJSJfl;
fit aright,* HUMLe \v<-rtU.>vr fhv titoktottiioiw. llwiUlta<L w>u r.urv nttiMtiinui ■' •'•> t. ' ••*
Ina mnnth. *2 h-s mid In Ymuu!*oju fLUajtttJ, *■ *• t] 10 ulevJS •’ IVjpuLir ,t• '' \ ,’-t
m'uuui fur a ir.s.^oy. *YI iiUHj WW2.I> ' ~ bjU U
°” ,c, o*R^ < w I
the rntes allowed
Commtßsioners for .J b 7tk* JH
Notice i, hereby
! of October ' nS
the hearing of said prStlJ*’**• sffl
Commission, at rr*i| ah ®?)’ “ tbo£ J
and place all persons o T*' “ njJ
ysteu will be entitled'to
mg before said ; UK
By order of t b e ■
Jxo wSIlj
of said Darnel Z
■■f said estate, will
of Leon Conner. FI ridi TJ Qe
first publication of lh£
in said estate. l,ee 'ori^S
( v IB J
Oct. 75. lH*<g 4 W Adai^J^
I have tiaft Vo!. 7 renrintt
rniAN Office. The work^* ,tW J
ented on good Paper, and -“Si
bound or unlKinnft.
Address the undersigned fc. 9
Denier in Law Books. TalUhaiS®
A Zti

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