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Sit Mj
TtllahuMe, Fla. April 33* 1893.
yi 4 • u2ftc.
rjr*Regular me -j• Bof Jackson Lodge
l are held on .- -i.at and third Mondays
IB MCh aofitb Its .’Clock P. M. J
in eacu w M MoINTOSH? Secretary.
Meets on the ‘id and 4th Mon days in each month,
at" o’clock P. M. W. M. Mciwtosh, Bil, Secretary.
I. O. O. JP.
•a fT Regular meetUes of Leon Lodge
No"s, i*' ! heldeTerv Tuetday Evening, at their
Lodee Room a 8 .’clock. All Brothers In good
.•Udine are invited to attend.
W A. J. FIBH, N. Q.
W. H. ChaNCBT, R. S.
gpr Regular meetings of Aucilla
Esc amp < arc neld the first and third
Tkursdw Ere of each month, at their
codee Room, at 8 o’clocr. 4!) Patriarchs In
rrv.d standing are invited to attend.
gr, h. Chancky. Scribe.
Doctors? Pshaw ! Take Beecham’s
The St. James hotel has been bright
ened by a thorough repainting.
Hon. Nat R. Walker has returned
from Washington.
Hon. R. W. Davis was among the
visitors to Tallahassee this week.
Dewberries are getting ripe in the Tal
lahassee country.
Miss Leila Roberts has returned from
a pleasant visit to friends in Ttomnsville.
Mr. Ferrell, the Carrabelle mail car
rier. fell in an open sewer Saturday night
and broke his leg.
The board of governor* of the board
of trade met Tuesday afternoon. They
will meet again next Tuesday.
Crowds of citizens have been watching
the work of excavation for Tallahassee’s
public building this week.
Toe little folks are making rapid pro
gress in their lehearsals for the May Day
Mrs. John Hernandez and baby of
Grten Cove Springs are visiting friends
in Tallahassee.
Mrs. George A. Davis has moved to
Chattahoochee, where her husband is
engaged in the railroad service.
The canning factory company will soon
be ready to put in the plant and begin
active operations.
lion. W. D. Bloxham has accepted an
invitation to deliver the memorial hd
dress at Lake City Tuesday.
The truck gardeners of Leon county
are all prayieg for more rain. This has
thus far been a remarkably dry April.
The May Day festivities to be inau
gurated by the Tallahassee Improvement
Association are going to be a grand suc
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable, per
fectly harmless, effective, but do not
cause pa nor gripe. Be sure to get
Candidates for county offices should
not be bashful. up. plauk down
your $5 and have your announcement ap
pear in the Floridian.
Leon Lodge No. 5, Independent Order
Odd Fellows, is pieparing a programme
for the celebration of the 73d anniversary
of the order. Hon. A. J. Russell will de
liver the address.
Lent is over and now the summer
round of gaiety will begin. There was a
delightful dance at the Leon hotel Tues
day evening.
Ihe Lome of Mr. Mangum, a truck
gudeuer, who lives on Judge Gwynn’s
P ace, near \ ilia Mitchell, was destroyod
by tire Saturday.
Mrs. J. p. Tal iafetro and two daugh
ters of Jacksonville are guests ol Mrs
Robert Howard Gamble at her beautiful
home on Clintou itreet.
Mr. Elbert I. Baldwin is making mauy
noticeable improvements up <u his beau
tiful property in Long Grove addition.
It is his intention to build a handsome
heme there.
The organization of tbo board of trade
has already wakened new life in Tallahas
see and caused the business men to talk
more encouragiugly of aiding in the es
tablishment of new industries.
T he insurance adjusters were here this
week to make their rex>ortou the damage
to Mrs. Dan,on's residence caused by the
fire Monday. They called Messrs. Gil
more A Davis to their assistance.
The South Florida Fertilizer company,
capital stock SIO,OOO, with offices at
Jacksonville and Orlando, lias filed arti
cles of incorporation with the secretary
of state. The incorp >rators are the five
Little brothers.
For nearly halt a century Ayer’s
Cherry Pectoral lias been the most p >p
ular cough remedy iu the world. The
constantly increasing demand for this
remedy proves it to be the very best
specific for colds, coughs and ali diseases
of the throat and lungs.
The efficiency of the Tallahassee water
works was clearly demonstrated at the
fire Monday. Had it not been for the
supply of water there would not
now be a single stick of Mrs. 8. C. Da
mon’s once beautiful home standing.
Bishop Weed will be here to-morrow
(Sunday, Apiil 34) and wi 1 preash in St.
Johns church, morning and evening. At
the evening service, 8 p.m„, he will ad
minister the rite Of confirmation. Seats
will be for all who will attend.
. =
when yon buy your spring medicine
you should get the best, and that is
Hood’s Sarsaparilla. It thoroughly puri
fies the blood.
Attention is called to the advertisement
of the Merchants’ Week association of
Savannah. May Week will attract hun
dreds of Floridians to the Forest City.
Low excursion rates will be given.
Mr. I. H. Hilliard of Palatka is here in
the interest of the Old Germania Life
Insurance company. He is introducing
their new bond feature and has issued
several to Tallahasseeans.
The Floridian acknowledges the re
ceipt of five dollars from Mrs. O. 8. Por
ter of Lake Worth, Fla., for the starving
Russians, which has been turned over to
Governor Fleming to be forwarded to
the national committee at Washington.
Prof. E. Warren Clark’s illustrated lec
tures at Munro’s opera house Monday
and Tuesday evenings were well attended,
and the large audience was delighted
with the beautiful pictures and Prof
Clark’s graphic descriptions.
After suffering horribly for years from
scrofula in its worst form, a young son of
Mr. li. L. King, 70G Franklin street,
Richmond, Va,, was recently cured by
the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. No other
medicine can approach this preparation
as a cleanser of the blood.
The State Industrial and Normal Col
lege for colored students on the lofty hill
south of Tallahassee, with its excellent,
experiment farm annex, is a hive of
industry, and the students are being
taught scientific farming as well as tool
craft and book learning.
The Buckler Granite and Marble com
pany of Jacksonville have built a hand
some monument to be erected in the Tal
lahassee cemetery to the memory of lion.
David S. Walker. Mr. Buckler is now
here superintending its erection. It is
thirteen fret and six inches in height and
is made of the very best marble.
Hon. James P. Taliaferro of Jackson
ville, chairman of the state democratic
executive committee, was among the
prominent visitors to Tallahassee this
week. He received hearty congratula
tions from the citizens of Tallahassee
upon his victory over the ‘’ring’’ iu the
Duval county democratic convention.
The moss business is being revived ia
Leon county and considerable money is
being paid out weekly. There are two
moss works now iu operation, one con
ducted by Mr. C. J. M. Shine and the
other by Maj. A. L. Woodward. This
industry is profitable and gives employ
ment to a large number of negro boys
who are not strong enough to engage in
farm labor. It also puts money iu circu
lation and will tend to brighten the dull
Jefferson county has selected the fol
lowing delegates to the democratic state
convention: S. Pasco, W. B. Lamar, S.
J. Turnbull, R. C. Parkhill, Wallace S.
Jones, W. C. Thomas, E. B. Bailey, D.
B. Bird, W. J. Smith, J. V. W. Cobb, J.
W. Wethington, A. D. Walker, John Fin
layson, J. D. Smith, T. J. Scurry. M. F.
Henry, George E. Dennis, J. M. Lamar,
S. A. Page, J. W. Bishop, Wm. Beazley,
Oscar A. Sloan, Sid S. Matthews and M.
F. Douglass.
Prof. E. Warren Clark and Capt. W. I.
Vason have entered into a copartnership
and established an extensive dairy and
creamery at Shidzuoba. They have some
of the finest milch cows in the south aod
will have a dairy second to none in Flor
ida. They will put in improved sepa
rators and possibly a cheese-making out
fit The fertile lands at Shidzuoka on
Lake Jackson, eight miles north of Ta 1 -
lahassee, will at once lie planted in green
forage stuff. This is another industry
which will aid materially in the develop
ment of Leon oouoty.
Judge Mitchv 11 was invited to address
the democrats of Ocala, but declined,
saying it was hardly the proper thing for
him to be delivering democratic speeches
while a circuit j .dge. He continued as
follows: “However, lam a democrat. I
have r ever occupie 1 any equivocal posi
tion in regard to my politi* s. I beli ve
that the principles of th democraiic
party are ri;.ht, and so believing I could
4>e nothing but a democrat. My name
has been mentioned in connection with
the democratic nomination for governor
of this state, and should I be nominated
and elected it would be my aim to serve
the people honestly and faithfully. But
diould the state convention, when it as
sembles, think that I am not the man for
the posit on and nominates someone else,
you will find me ever among the foremost
supporting the nominee. Contingencies
may ari*e in this state which will require
the united efforts of the democracy to
overcome, and for this reason we should
go into ihe fight united, and no man
should be allowed to stand in the way of
reconciling the conflicting elements of our
party; uo man should through his selfish
ambition jeopardize the suocess of the
party in the campaign now about to open.
The supremacy of the democratic party
in this state is absolutely necessary, and
to that end we should all unite and
Board of Trade Workers.
The committee on membership of the
Tallahassee board of trade consists of
Messrs. H. V. R. Schrader, T. B. Byrd anf
W. Q. Powell. See them next
Tueeday, hare your name enrolled and pay
your 50 cents.
AttwttM, CeetUa*.
Monday next being the lest meeting of
the years coarse, s full attendance is re
quired in order to settle up all badness
matters and prepare a report for the pnblio
as required by By Laws of society. All
members in arrears, will please take notice
unless they wish their name to appear on
the delinquent list. By order of committee.
Attention, Veterans.
All confederate veterans are invited to
meet at the court house at 4 o’clocx Sunday
afternoon and join with Camp Lamar,
United Confederate Veterans, in their
march to the cemetery to aid in the
Memorial day exercises.
TAe Grave* of Confederate Dead to be
Decorated To-morrow.
The Ladies Memorial association of
Leon county has arranged a program for
the celebration of Decoration Day, and
have decided upon Sunday, April 24, as
the day instead of Tuesday, April 26. The
program is as follows:
Memorial services to be held at the city
cemetery at 5 o’clock Bund&y afternoon.
Opening prayer—Rev. 8. C. Caldwell.
Address—Governor Francis P. Fleming.
Benediction—Rev. William Poage.
Committee on decorating monument —
Mesdames Walker, Denham, Archer,
Dougin,-;, Coles, Uopkius, Henderson, Mc-
Intosh, Carpenter, Ames, and Saxon.
Committee on decorating cemetery —
Mesdames Long, Fleming, Bloxham,
Perkin.--, Winthrop, Johnston, Gwynn,
Ball, Bowen, Walker, Brokaw and Miss
Fannie Perkins.
Committee ou music—Misses. Cameron
and Hartt, Mesdames Randolph, Shine,
Myers, .Hopkins, Wilson, Gilmore, Megin
niss, Davis, and Messrs. B. A. Meginniss,
M. F. Papy, George Perkins, Arthur
Spiller, Harry Hartt, C. ;H. Berg, Arvah
Hopkins and Henry Bernreuter.
Committee on designs—Misses. Annie
Ames, Mattie Houstoun, Minnie Choate,
Ella Nash, Lelia Nash, Sadie Williams,
Eva Cameron, Reinette Long, Mamie
Lewis, Maud Myers, Teresa Meginniss,
Jessie Meginniss, Margaret Randalph and
Jeannie Brevard.
Camp Lamar, United Confederate*Veter
ans, are requested to march in a body.
The children will meet at the Methodist
church and form into procession.
In event of rain Sunday afternoon the
Memorial services will be postponed until
The Work of Excavation Begun by
the Contractor.
Mr. Dennis Kennedy of Charleston, S.
C., to whom has been awarded the con
tract for general excavation and tempor
ary drainage on Tallahassee’s United
States courthouse and postoffioe building,
has a force of hands at work and is push
ing his part of the contract.
The excavation is to be made to the
lines and down to the level shown on the
map accompanying specifications, said
level being ten inches below the finished
basement floor line, and the sides to bat
ten severity degrees.
The earth is to be removed from the
premises, except so much as may be re
quired for back filling and grading.
Shallow trenches are to be formed in
the bottom of the excavation, properly
graded to the catoh basin.
The catch basin to be constructed for
temporary drainage is six feet square,
outside measurement, and three feet
deep, near the northwestern corner of the
The walls of this basin are to be eight
inches thick, built of hard burned brick,
laid in cement mortar, one -third cement
and two-thirds dean, sharp sand. The
floor and wall footings are to be eight
inches thick, constructed of concrete,
five parts hard broken stone, two parts
sharp, course sand and one part cement,
thoroughly mixed together, laid in place
and thoroughly tamped. The floor and
inside of the brick walls are to be plas
tered half inch thick with cement mortar.
Iu this catch basin is to be placed a No.
1 Kemp automatic cellar drainer, with a
one-inch water supply pipe from the city
water maiu on Adams street, and a two
inch wrought iron discharge pipe to the
street gut'er. All joints arc to be made
water tight*
After completing his part of the work
the contractor must remove all debris
from the premises and leave them clean
and in perfect order.
The other work of construction is to be
lot later in separate contracts
A Correction.
Tallahassee, April 16.
To tbe Editor of tbe Flokidiam :
In your published report of the pro
ceedings of the late state convention I
am made to appear in a discreditable role
in the altercation therein mentioned. You
are in error. I made no attempt to strike
anyone, as I have abundant proof to show.
There were two blows struck: the cow
ardly one dealt me and the cruel one
dealt the ohure h which coutributd the
oheap “toughs” on that occasion, and
whit h got left in the oontest for suprem
acy. Hinc laohrymae.
W. G. McCall.
Civil Appointments.
Governor Fleming has made the follow
ing appointments:
Coriolanua Hopkins of Jacksonville to
be supervisor of registration for Duval
J. W. Hyer of Pensaoola to be notary
public for the state at large.
E. H. Oloott of Pensaoola to be auo
ti neer for Esoambia county.
• -• • • •; .
At 8u Johns Episoopal Church at 9
o’clock Monday morning, April 18, Miss
Maria B. Randolph was joined in holy
bonds of wedlock to John Chipman, Rev.
W. H. Carter officiating.
Mr. Chipman has extensive phosphate
interests, his headquarters being at
Ocala. He is a son of Mrs. Hazzard,who
has a pretty home on the crest of one of
the lofty hills east of and in sight of Tal
Miss Yidie, as she is affectionately
called by her host of friends, is a daugh
ter of Dr. and Sirs. James H. Randolph.
The church was crowded by admiring
friends and the ceremonies were impres
sive. Prof. P. A. von Weller had charge
of the music.
Mr. and Mrs. Chipman have gone on a
wedding tour.
The Presbyterian church was the scene
of one of the most beautiful wedding
ceremonies ever witnessed in this charm
ing Floral City last Wednesday at 1
o’clock. The contracting parties were
Miss Ida Gray Perkins, one of the fairest
of Tallahassee’s fair daughters, and Mr.
W. M. Mclntosh, Jr., a highly esteemed
and popular young citizen. As if in sym
pathy with all interested in this happy
occasion the skies were blue as mid
summer, and the sun, shining beauti
fully, peeped in the lattice windows of
the old church which has stood so long
and so grand in this city that it is dear to
one and all of its citizens, and is held as
one of the most precious of its land
marks. There deft fingers, guided by
loving hearts, had transformed the sacred
edifice into a bower of beauty—flowers
everywhere; vines of rich, deep green
festooned the walls and pillars, while the
reading desk was completely transformed
into a bank of roses, on each side of
which rose lofty pyramids of red lilies
and pomegranates. Immediately over it
were the letters “P. and M.,” one foot in
height and formed entirely of choice red
roses, producing an effect on the white
ground which was entrancingly beautiful.
In fact the decorations were almost
bejond description, so numerous were
the flowers and unique the designs.
As the clock struck the hour of 1 the
bridal party entered the portals of the
church. Mrs. C. J. M. Shine presided at
the organ, and to the sweet strams of the
wedding march Miss Maud Myers and
Mr. Arthur Spiller entered, walking up
tbe left aisle, followed by Miss Teresa
Meginniss with Mr. Eugene Perkins.
Precediog the bride came the tiny maid
of honor, Bertie Meginniss, bearing
baskets of lovely flowers in each hand,
and then came the lovely bride, leaning
on the arm of her paternal grandfather,
Thos. J. Perkins, a man whose integrity,
earnestness of purpose and purity of
heart enable him to enjoy in full the con
fidence and a flection of every member of
this community, where he has long lived
an honorable, happy life. Never did this
excellent gentleman show to greater ad
vantage than when walking beside his
eldest born granddaughter and immedi
ately opposite his eldest grandson, Geo.
Betton Perkins, who accompanied ihe
groom up the right aisle, and meeting at
the aliar transferred to him the blushing
bride. The marriage service wa=> impres
sively conducted by Rev. Mr Caldwell,
exquisite strains of soft music accom
panying the rich tones of the pastor’s
voice. The bride was attired in a gray
traveling suit and carried in her ha* and a
bouquet of whi’e geraniums and moss
rose bads. The little maid of honor wa s
also gowned in pearl gray, wi th cream
trimmiogs, an i literally borne do*'n with
flowers. Misses Myers and Meginniss
wore costumes of cream and lavender
India silks and carried also bouquets of
white geraniums and moss rosebuds. Tbe
groom and gentlemen o' the bridal party
w ere in regulation full tires-, w th tan
gloves an J boutonierres of white moss
Immediately alter tbe ceremony the
bridal party, accompanied by hosts of
friend-;, were driven to the depot, wnere,
amid showers of rice and many n fervent
“G*d speed’’ they took the eas* bound
train for Niagara Falls, Boston and me
of the principal northern cities
May the sun of their happiness never
grow dim.
Fire was discovered on the roof of the
kitchen of Mrs. S. C. Damon’s boarding
house about 1 o’clock Monday afternoon;
the alarm was sou tided and the fircd<-
pertinent responded, and ht m-e time it
was thought the fire uas under
with no further damage thau the loss of
the kitchen roof, but ihe flames had
licked their way through the cornice into
the main building and soon tiie<ntire
roof was a solid sheet of flame. But the
fire laddies did gallant service, as evi
denced by the side walls and complete
lower story now standing. The property
was insured through J. T. Bernard &
Son’s agency -$3,000 on the house and
SI,OOO on the furniture—the insurance on
the house t t ing divided equally with the
Phoenix and the Greenwich companies
and the insurance on the furnituie l*eing
in the Home Insurance company. Dr.
John L. Crawford, whose house was nt
one time thought to be in danger, lost
considerable in breakage of furniture,
upon which there wa** no insurance. , .
b - i.
That is what the ladies exclaim when
they see those artistically figured
dress fabrics for spring at Jacob R.
Cohen s fashion emporium.
UmonoaAnLT xxvgbxxbb to bib xotbbr.]
Tbe wee, modest, crimeon-tipp’d flower,
That Scotia'e Bum* eo sweetly eng,
Ne’er Bloomed see fresh “among the stoare”
As she, thy little living flower
That pretties to thee an day “lang.”
She’s like some lovely fairy sprite,
Dancing among the ninny beams:
Or tripping by tbe soft moonlight
Wrapp’d in drapery snowy-white
Beside old England’e rippling streams.
She’s white as calls lily cap.
That holds the pearly summer dew,
On which the fairies love to snp,
If English tales hat tell as true,
And I believe, say, do not yon?
Her eyes are bluer than the skies
Of oar November’s brightest day;
On her white brow the brown hair lies
In little rings as if ’twere wise
And wished in sach sweet place to stay.
And when sleep comes on “downy” wings
To close those lids so sweetly fair,
Yon'd think of all the earthly things,
The rarest tb t each season brings,
She was the fairest and most rare.
Her tiny fingers, rosy tipp’d
Are in themselves a dainty sight.
With palms like sea shells rosy lipp’d
As if Aurora had jaat dipp’d
Or sprinkled them with morning’s light.
Her early words are all so sweet,
And said with sach a native air
01 womanhood, yon’d think her feet,
Those tiny things so white and fleet,
Had really reached that stage so fair.
If I could only call thee mine,
And graft thee on this withered stem,
I’d never let my jewel “tine,”
Bright in my heart thou’et ever Shine,
Thou bonnie little Southern gem.
M. S. D.
Tallahassee, April 20,18w2.
Ladies will find at Jacob R. Cohen’s
fashion emporium everything usually
kept by first-class dry goods and notion
dealers. No old goods. All new and
fresh. Mr. Cohen’s prices are as low as
you can buy at retail in any of the North
ern cities.
The ladies of Tallahassee and vicinity
are cordially invited to call and inspect
Jaeob R. Cohen’s elegant stock of spring
and summer goods. Call early and select
your Easter dresses.
Female Weakness Positive Cure.
To The Editor: Please inlorm your
readers that I have a positive remedy for
the thousand and one ills which arise from
deranged female organs. I shall be glad to
send two bottles of my remedy free to
to any ladv if they will send their Express
and P. O. address. Yours respectfully.
Dr. A. C. MARCHISI, Utica, N. Y.
Mr. Jacob R. Cohen has returned from
the Eastern markets and is now offering
to the ladies of Taliahassee and vicinity
all the latest styles in spring and summer
dress goods, trimmings, novelties, etc , at
astonishingly low prices. See his stock
before buying.
Tbe Standard machine takes the lead
MAY 9 to 13.
One Cent Kate on ail Railroads.
Good for Week.
Bicycle Tournament. MiUt ry Parade.
Fire Department Display
Trades Display. Bicycle Fantastics.
. Fireworks Display
Parachute L ap into the Ocean.
Review fU S Warships in the Harbor.
Wort. c miug 1.000 miles to see.
Everybody welcome. Everything free
For information addnvß Secretary, Merchants"
Week Association, Savannah. Ga.
Of Ecaexaa by One Set Cntlcura,
after using many medicines
Without Belief.
Although I have very little faith in patent miiß.
eines, I bought one half doaen bottles Sarsapaiihs
and one half doaen bottles Sarsaparilla for ec
zema or prurigo. Nothing gave me relief; and hav-
Ing served a number of years In the Regular Army
which eotitles me to the Soldiers’ Home at Wash
ingtou, I went there, and there I came across your
valuable Ctmcuiu Sunun. I bought a bos of
Cuticura, a cake of Cuticura Soap, and a bottle
of Cuticura Resolvent, and after taking them
and following the directions to the letter, I feei
and look as well aa a new-born baby by a healthy
mother. Ido not exaggerate it one bit when 1 say
they have been worth to me their weight in gold.
No. 022 Penna. Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C.
Boils all over Body
My son was afflicted with akin disease, itching.
Md breaking out In large boils all over his bodf!
We tried everything else, but all of no effect.
After using two bottles of the Cuticura Resol
vent, and one box of the Cuticura, be was com
pletely restored to health again. It la a good
medicine, which I would recommend to everv one
aiinilarly afflicted. WILLIAM BMALTZ,
North River Mills, W. Va.
Cuticura Resolvent
The new Blood and Skin portlier, and greatest of
humor remedies, cleanses the blood of all impurities
andpolsonous elements, and thus removes the cause,
while Concuiu, the great akin cure, and Coticura
exquisite skin beauttfler. dear the skin
and scalp, and restore the hair. Thus the Coti-
Cura Rskdxss cure every spedea of Itching,
burning, scaly, pimply, and blotchy akin, scalp, and
blood diseases, when the best physicians tell.
Bold everywhere. Price, Cuticura, 50e.: Soap,
c.; Resolvent, giu. Prepared by the U
Drug aid Ckrjucal Corporation, Boston.
Send for “ How to Care Skin Kf-irstes“ M
pages, 80 illustrations, and 100 testimonials.
Scalp purified and beautified
DUPI Qby CotiooraSoap. Abeohttalypare.
five, moat prompt and
biliounew, indigestion and ioactiveSiS
M. Lively.
An elegant assortment of Nainsook ijffl
Swiss embroideries, at Miss Stepheoao#
China silka, for dress and miinnervpmi
poses, a select assortment, at Mias £wm
Notions and fancy goods, at
Miss Stephknsor*!. ||
' 1 1 - ■ - .
The promptness and certainty of Krofl
cures have made Chamberlain’s OoaiSl
Remedy famous. It is intended especSSl
for coughs, colds, croup and wbooptMti
cough, and is the most effectual
known for cure of these diseases. 50 emti
bottles for sale by M. Lively, druggist
The Skill ao4 Anowle4ge -1
Essential to tbe production of the
perfect and popular laxative remedy*
known, have enabled the California Ftej}
Syrup Cos. to achieve a great snceeaa in If
the reputation of its remedy, Syrup of
Figs, as it is conceded to be the univexwdjl
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trimming, etc., from Jacob R. Cohen.lf
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Georgia State Grange Ammoniated
solved Bone Tobacco Grower. Fresh
or sale by W. W. McGrotTli

Jacob R. Cohen keeps only first-claii|g9
goods. Shoddy fabrics find no place o*l9
his shelves. 'When you buy from Cohet||9
you get the best goods at the loweri;i|
Call at John Burkhardt’s
next door to the postoffice and see the J
fine line of spring and summer goodeJl
which he will make up for you in tbebiteeila
styles at reasonable prices and on •bmiz|j
" '* 1 1 -
When the ladies of Tallahassee want ||
dresses and trimmings of the very latnrtjg
and most approved style they always go|f
Jacob R. Cohen’s fashion parlors.
Executor’s Notice. M
All persons who have any demanhm
against the estate of William P. Slusser, latgm
of Leon County, deceased, are called upon 'to
sent them without delay.
Credito s, legatees and person: entitled to totttU
bution are notified that their claims and demaafkifl
will be barred at the expiration of two yearn
provided by law, uni 8s exhibited within
period. Ge Lews* -'IM
Executor of the last will and testament of Wflimi
P. Slu ser. deceased.
Tallahass-b. Fla., April 1,1892.—8 w -
Notice of Commissioiiea^
1> ant to an ore er made, IB a matter of the eoitMM
or Christopher Grey late of Leon County dnrrearif'l
on the 30th. of March ] 892, by the Hon. R.
County Judge of Leon County. I will seß ttNwl
lie sale in front ot the court house door. In LedSg
County, Florida, at 12 m. on the second day of MaSel
1892. to the h ghest bidder for cash. The folio wtaw|aj|
described real estate, to wit- Two hundred (fwl
acres off the north end of the north half of gSU
tion 16. township one (1) south, range
(3) west. More particular y described as beginala3|
at north east comer of said section asdrsMß
west along north sect cm line So chains to' ttmUi
corner of said section, thence south 25 dtokMUM
Thence east 60 chain*. Theno no-tb 26 chains
place of beginning or so much of above deaerliiw[
lands as may be necessary to . pay the lafdjjH
□ess of said est* te. together with the cost Of AhH
proceeding. K. Alex ftniil
April 2, 1892.
! iyilnem,SwMlmg rfM^iSnSj
ftootminen, Cold ChiUs, FHuhbmmfZM
Shortnem of Broath, fYrf h nnarli
BfoteJuta on the Skin. Disturbed StfeiD
and all nenom and trembling mnm>]
tiont are relieved by using these fW*\
Covered with a Tasteletr and Soluble CoatiW j
Of all dragßists. Priv* BS cent* a box. \] I
New York Depot. {* Canal St \ j

Supreme & Circuit Courts!
Neatly Printed in Book Form, f
Chamberlain's Eye ftni
A bertain core foe Chronic flam gyaa,
Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head. Old .
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipple*
and Piles. It is oooling and 11
Hundreds of oases have been oared by
It after all other treatment btfl failflAii
It la put up in 25 and 50oei)t boxa#sf
Executor s Notice.
Notice is hereby given THAY Atml
penone having unpaid claim* awflkaLJh-- '
eatate of the late Calvin W. Beadier sS
Tioga county,-New York, rfiflTMri
cording to law or tbe cot lection thereof
ever barred by operation of Uw. •• 1 "
Executor of estate nf Calrto w BndkvflSfiSdßH-
Spencer, Tioga connty, New York,

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