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Seven Colleges in Indiana
Give Instruction.
Seven Indiana colleges offer cour
es in maternity and infancy, accord
ing to Ilr. Ada E. Schweitzer, direc
tor of State board of health's di
vision of infant and child hygiene.
So many requests were received
for attendance of high school girls
In mothers’ class demonstrations it
seemed wise to present the lessons
to college women, Dr. Schweitzer
said. Colleges accepting the work
are Danville Normal, Muncie Nor
mal, Indiana University, Butler Col
lege, Valparaiso University, Marlon
Normal and Terre Haute Normal.
The combined enrollment was 1,485.
Nearly 600 women attended the lec
tures at Indiana University, It was
Business Men Plan Scholarship for
Economic Major,
Eight new members have been
elected by the Butler Ulversity Com
merce Club. The next meeting will
be May 8.
Business men sponsoring the club
plan to award a silver cup and
scholarship to the student, majoring
in the department of business ad
ministration and economics, who
ranks highest in scholarship.
New members:
James Davis, Turpin Davis, Robert
U. Wolfe, Kent Beecher, Edward
Harris, Louis Miller, Richard
Hoberg and Harold Barnes.
George Henderson, president,
made the following appointments:
Membership chairman, Richard
Hoberg; assistants, Edward Harris
and Kent Beecher; social committee
chairman, Louis Miller; publicity
director, Kent Dorman.
Grand Jury to Investigate Alleged
Scandal at Evansville.
Bm Times Bvecial
EVANSVILLE. Ind„ April 23.
County grand jury next week will
investigate charges that a number
of Evansville attorneys have tam
pered with Circut Court juries. Pour
recommendations for investigation
have been made.
Wonder Values!
Footwear for the entire family at these bargain prices—
j who ever heard tell of buying new shoes like these for so
| 99c—n- 4 *—!•>
Os good wearing quality M • m<
>s for dressup or school. I "&<% JL©MIMS‘BJnIO©S
-SH. Q Qc
"'V *
109-111 S. Illinois •> 324 E. Washington. —. 346-48-50 W. Washington
i • ■ 1 ■ ...■■•..■. •■ ", , ■ . .
•■* • ! V ' I ' IV - - •• <•"••■'• ■ ■'••••'■ •■' - • ••. ■ J • ••• .'••••-■•■■■■• - ..•• .
1 Puzzle a Day
£ RUB Dlq
1 lolfllillalbl
The new manager of the book
store at the corner of Ave. A and
First St. laid in a large stock of
books. The store had formerly sold
only fiction, but he felt certain that
other types of books could be sold
as well. So he bought 100 cheap
books on statistics. They were cov
ered with the temporary cover shown
above. Notice the square containing
36 letters on it. These letters form
a sentence found in the book. Di
rections for discovering it are as fol
lows: 1. Start at one square and
travel in a continuous line, cross
ing every square once. 2. The name
of a famous ball player is concealed
in the squares.
What is the complete sentence?
laMj puz/Ie nnswefc
There are 27 roomsUn the Way
side Hotel, where visiting
Yellowstone National Park occa
sionally stay. At the time the
room clerk reported to the manager
that there were 23 guests in the
hotel. If four more had registered
there would have been 27 guests, one
for every room in the hotel. If five
guests had left, there would have
been 18 guests or’nine rooms more
than the number of guests regis
tered and that equals half a vacant
room for every guest.
Indianapolis Engineering Society
Members Express Preferences.
Russell T. Mac Fall, candidate for
the Republican nomination for
judge of Superior Court Five, re
ceived unanimous indorsement of
the Indianapolis Engineering Society
at a meeting Thursday.
Other Republicans indorsed by the
organization were. Harry O.
Chamberlain, Circuit Court; Jamorf
M. Leathers, Superior' Court One:
Linn D. Hay, Room Two; Maurice
Tennant, Room Three; Byron K.
Elliott, Room Four; Mahlon E.
Bash, Probate Court; James A. Col
lins, Criminal Court, and Frank J.
Lahr, Juvenile court.
Lieber Condemns Pollution
in Speech.
ttu I'nltcd Press
TERRE HAUTE, lnd., April 23.
Many of Indiana's public streams
are “sewage sick’’ because the pub
lic is neglectful and not sufficiently
interested to prevent their pollution
by wastes frdm factories, sewers and
sweepings from city streets. Conser
vatlon Director Richard Lieber told
the Terre Haute Chapter of the
Izaak Walton League Thursday
Stream pollution is the most glar
ing offense committed against our
Indiana waters, but it is not the
only one, Liebe- - declared. Another
crime is the deforestation of the
State and the ruthless, senseless and
unscientific change of many water
courses, he said.
“We have offended against nature
and now we have to take the con*
Engagement Rings
A lovely assortment of
beautiful blue-white dia
inond engagement rings.
Set In all the latest style
mountings of 18-kt. white
gold. Buy your ring from
a bouse of established
reputation. Consult us
regarding our credit sys
j| tern.
Open a Charge Account
Established 1884.
151 Novth Illinois Street.
sequence. Our formerly lovely
creeks and rivers smell Like sewer
outlets, and the drinking water in
our cities tastes like medicine.”
Abandonment of the Kibler Truck
ing Company's freight route between
Indianapolis and Terre Haute is
asked in a petition on file with the
public service commission today.
George W. McClintock has asked per
mission to purchase the Kibler com
pany's truck certificates for routes
from Indianapolis to Bloomington
and Bedford.
You’ll find White’s Cafe
teria “On the Circle” rest
ful and suitable for busi
ness dinner engagements.
XffeSauTt Iffth Ibhusl
Famous Gillette Safety Razor
Blades! Each blade wrapped in
wax paper.
Package of 2
Sves X Ke
* 50c Phillips Milk of
Magnesia, 39c
Housecleaning Aids x
Let us help you with your Spring cleaning. Look over the list, check off what
you need and come to us when ready. It will save you time, energy and money-
SI.OO Cleveland Cleaner,
10-Lb. Pail, 84c
60c Liquid Veneer .. ...39e
30c Sanl Flush, priced 224*
50c Metalgl&ss Polish, lb
Glotex Cleaner, for upholstery,
354*: dozen $3.75
12c Bon Ami; cake ~..10e
30c Creolln (Pearson’s) *......244*
60c P. D. Q. Powder ....290
Peterman’s Roach P0wder....244*
26c Rat Mum . . , iff/*
28c Rat Rid, Hook's price ....21e
25c Red Devil Roach Powder..2l<*
Powdered Pumice, lfl 0z5...,204*
Turpentine, IB ozs ............ 25<>
Denatured Alcohol, pint .-254*
Muriatic Acid, 16 ou 25g
, Genuine American
Pint Thermos
Lunch Kit, $1.98
How good a steaming cup of choc
olate will tasto to the kiddy who
brings his lunch to school. And
there's plenty of room In the kit for
a couple of sandwiches and a huge
piece of cake.
Make sore yonre Is
stamped “Theomoe”—
the mark of a genuine
American Thermo* bot
tle. Priced #I.OB
Given Away!
35c Tube Colgate’s
Shaving Cream
With Every Bottle of
Mamazei Lilac Vegetal
A toilet water ideal for bath,
toilet or afte-r shaving. Satur
day only # V
50c Ingrams Cleansing Cream, 39c
Dependable Remedies Cut Priced
Shop at HOOtCS—Be Sure of a Worth-While Saving
Conveniently located downtown drug stores that are clean, neat, courteously clerked
end are adequately stocked with merchandise for your selection.
□ 60c Hlnklo Caspars n A
Comp., 100s Ct'sC
□ 26a Carter Liver in.
Pllla „•.
□ 26c Phenolax i n
Wafers 1 DC
□ 60c Nature's Remedy
Tablets DDC
□ 25c Ex Lax, the a q
chocolate laxative ... IDC
□ 25c Feenamlnt Laxa- 1 q
tire Chewing Gum ... 11/C
Listerine .
$1 Size, J3
The uses of Lis- |
ferine are mani- ISE|I
fold. T.istorlne iTiErJ[
halts food fer
mentation when Br*K|
used as a mouth
wash or gargle. It takes
away all unpleasant odor of
the breath, leaving the
mouth sweet and clean.
Your Medicine
Chest Should Never
Be Without
SOc Size 25c Size
39c 19c
Watermen. Schaeffer l ifetime, Con
klin, Moore, Dnofold. New Im
proved Erereharp Pencils.
Pens and Pencils Repaired
Clay pool Drag Store.
Complete stock. Instruction book
given with esch Hohner.
149 B. Washington St.
Reantlfn! Choker* at the Lowest
Price* In the City.
487 Occidental Hli'r.
'-7/? 0,
Dependable Drug Stores
Heavy Household Rubber
Gloves, Pair, 49c
F'els Naptha Soap 64*
Climax Wall Paper Cleaner,
3 cans for 254*
80c Formaldehyde Candles 39c
BOc Simoniz Cleaner 48c
fine Simoniz Polish 4SC
BOc O'Cedsr Polish . 39c
Paraffin Oil, plain, gallon... 65C
76c Butcher’s Old English Floor
Wax 84d
I-ava Scan, bar,
large sue lOC ,
Coallne Soap. 94*! 3 bar* . ..25c
Wool Soap. 9Ci 3 bars 25c
Fab Soap Flake*. 3 for 354 t
20 Mule Team Borax, pound,
17c: '<"• 504*
30c Cleveland Cleaner, 3 for.,. 254*
CV Use Chamois
Skin for
Have you ever tried washing win
dows and mirrors with a chamol*
akin? It is quick and easy way
and sure to leave your glasses shin
ing. Merely wipe off the window
with the wet chamois and the glass
dries and polishes Instantly.
Double Duty Chamois Skin, 69c
Pieced chamois that are similar In
bulk to a one-piece 91.80 chamois.
Securely sewed with silk thread,
they make the best kind of chamois:
ideal for wiping windows, polishing
silverware, to wash the car—a real
household utility.
Other Chamois skins priced
from 49p to $2.25.
$1 Boncilla Beanity Box, 89e
Containing a dollar size tube of Beauty Clay, a
generous trial size of Cold and Vanishing Cream,
trial package of Face Powder. All for 89f*
Boncilla Toiletries, known the world over, are highly recommended
by the very popular dancer, Gilda Gray. Bring out the hidden beauty
by using these famous toiletries. They’re priced low at Hook’s
SI.OO Boncilla Beau- Iloncllla Treasure 75c Boncilla Face
' tlfler 74c Chest contains $2.45 Powder
35c Boncilla Cold or worth of Boncilla "
Vanishing toiletries, 75c Boncill.l Ixunon
Cream 29c priced 91*00 Cream 59^
Strengthening Tonics
□ SI.OO Ayer's Sarsa- QQ
parilla Tonic 0“C
□ $1.25 Hobson's Cel- QQ
er.v and iron Tonic .. DOC
□ Penslar’s Sarsapa cr
rilla Comp., $1 and.. OOC
□ I’enslar's Dynamic 7g
Tonic, *1.50 and I DC
□ SI.OO Gude’s Tepto- 00
mttngen. at Hook’s... OOC
□ _ 89c
□ $1.25 Lyko Tonic, mo
Hook's price DOC
□ SI.OO Nnxated 7 j
Iron 74C
□ SI.OO Tanlac Tonic, on
cut priced ODC
For Sore Throat
□ 35c Tbnsiline Throat oq
Remedy £DC
□ 60c Forma mint an
Tablets . *IDC
□ Chlorate Potash x p
Tablets I DC
Foot Remedies
□ SI.OO Fairyfoot n a
Bunion Treatment ... o**C
□ Tread Easy Foot jp
Powder ... ZDC
□ 35c Scholl's Zino- on
Pads ..• ZDC
□ J wT“’..'".'. b ' 29c
□ 25c Johnson's Foot 1A _
Soar. j 1”C
□ 25c Blue-Jay Corn 1 Q
Plasters 1/ C
5 stone Diamond Wedding rings 18
kb solid white gold. t9Q 7C
Kav will trust you <54,71. J D
137 Went Washington 'St.
Men’s Overalls,
Onr new prove** for cleaning In,
■ wentev* restore* them to th*lr
original brightness and softnesa.
Guaranteed Not to
Shrink or Stretch
Golf Stocking* by the Bam*
Process. 95c per pair.
The Best-Grand
fe--"-MAin 0774===*
ENOZ kills moths and larvae, but will
not injure the moat delicate of fabrics.
A spray and a pint of liquid .... 51.19
ENOZ, the pint. 74£; quart 91.10
Redex Mothproof Storage Bags, 4 for.. 48^
Whtte Tar Bags (mothproof), range in
pidce from -69<* to $1.64
A cedar moistened blotter makes trunk,
Oil of Cedar Wood,
Moth Balia and Flakes,
lb., 174?; 3 for —...m—-50c
50c Black Flag Insect Powder 304 4
Peterman's Discovery, liquid, 134*'.
2 for 254*
BOc Peterman's Discovery 39C
Death Dust kills bugs 12£ and 244*
SI.OO I-ysol for ..., -74*
S3c Stearns Rat and Roach Paste 294*
75c Johnson’s Liquid Polish, 59c
Colgate's Mechanics Soap Paste ...... 154*
10c Skat Hand Cleaner, 8 for. .254*
26c Gold Medal Metal Polish ...........19^
3 Cans for
50c Prophylactic Tooth Brush, 34c
Cod Liver Oil
□ SI.OO Hook's Cod 7 a
Liver Oil. pint / *4C
□ SI.OO I,lily's Cod I.lver n 4
Oil (American) D*C
□ $1.25 Lilly's Coco no
• Emulsion, pint DOC
□ sl.ot) Wampole's Cod 71
Liver Oil 74C
□ 60c McCoy's Cod an
Liver tablets * DC
□ $1.25 Squibb's Cod no
Liver Oil, pint DOC
□ Coco-Cod, th% chocolate
flavored cod liver no.
oil ~.._ DSC
□ Creomulsion, qq
at Hook's DOC
Cold Ointments
□ :r ;J,“' , . v .T 49c
□ 60c Musterole, at an
Hook's 49C
□ ' , n„r. r .'; pp "....._49c
Rinex Relieves
Head Colds
This internal rem-
Sed.v neutralixes and
counteracts cold symp
_ toms within 24 hours.
Comes In convenient
capsule and tablet
fiSSaSaIH f " nn -
Get Rinex at
IHi Any Hookas
Dee jewelry cO
18 N 111. It,—Clwypo*! Hetai Bldg • Jaw airy on ®
Come irv and talk /
Paint with us/
m , ~ _ , -
132 West Washington St.
$1.50 Thrift
Alarm Clock, 98c
Each Thrift Alarm has
rousing bell that will awaken
the sleepiest of mortals. “ J
Plain white face with easily TP
read dial, top bell. A sturdy 'KFxmkifflr
24-hour timekeeper.
5c Colonita Cigars, 2 for 5c
Box of 100s, $2.25
Dong filled. Sumatra wrapped, imported
cigar. Fresh and in prime condition.
Genuine 6c cigar. An exceptional value at
this price.
10c Colonita Cigars, 5c
Box of 50s, $2.50
2 for 25c Colonita Cigars,
Hook’s Price, 2 for 15c
Box of 50s, $3.75
$2.50 Bakelite Socket Pipe, 99c
Attractive pipes that boast genuine
bakelite stem and base, a genuine French
briar bowl. Choose the plain briar or
Seminole bowl, the plain or cloudy bake
lite. $2.50 value, 994*.
15c Chesterfield Cigarettes, 13c;
2 for 25c; Carton, $1.20
The same price prevails on all 15c
brands of cigarettes.
10c Poet Size, 3 for 25c
Box of 50s, $3.85
2 for 25c Waldo Size, llej
5 forsoc; Box of 50s, $4.90
15c Aristocrat Size, 2 for 25c;
Box of 50s, $5.90
r 5c Cigars,
6 for 25c
Box of 50s, $1.98
William Penns, George Childs, Garcia
Superior, Garcia Babies, Tish-i-mingo, H.
& H. Handmade, Hunter, John Ruskin, etc.
8c Cigars, 5 for 30c; Box of 50s,
Denby, Clnco, San Felice, Rose of Cuba,
Bankable, Vincellos, Decision. White Owls,
Bobbies, etc.
10c Cigars, 3 for 25c; Box of 50s,
J,a Palina. Da Venga, Gonzales and
Sanchez, Dutch Master, El Producto, La
Fend rich, etc.
Hook’s Rapid Turnover
Insures Fresh Stocks
Hook's Candles are always
w/ tasty and fresh —just as the
fjr"2sE2sCr B /' maker Intended them to bo and
H i 1 priced surprisingly low.
Opera Cream Fudge
Creamy, home-made fudge in vanilla and chocolate
flavors; fresh and delicious, lb„ 39<.
Chocolate Caramel
Nougat Roll
A nougat roll, rich in butter or caramel flavor. A
pound of these will make a delectable treat.
Spiced Jelly 1-Pound Box
Strings Allegretti
in assorted flavors. Chocolates
Priced, lb Hand rolled chocolates,
, . .in assorted flavors of
Milk Chocolate milk chocolate or blt-
Coated Jumbo tersweet. Priced s©e
p a . nll i. jar satin finished
reinuis hard and filled
Saturday only, 1b...29*1 candles
Chocolate Cherry Cordials,
Pound Box, 39c
Delicious red ripe cherrtes in a veritable pool
of liquid sweet cordial and creamy fondant, are
V covered with tasty chocolate, smooth and rich. /
MEEDS '•„ 41326

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