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National Reorganization to
Be Considered by Hoover
at Week-End Camp.
United Pres* Staff Correspondent
WASHINGTON, Aug. 16.—Plans
for reorganizing the Republican na
tional committee at Its meeting here
early next month are to be can
vassed informally by President Her
bert Hoover this week-end in his
Rapidan fishing camp in the Blue
Ridge mountains.
Representative Franklin Fort of
New Jersey, secretary of the Repub
lican national committee, will be
one of ten guests in the presidential
Fort recently has completed a ser
ies of conferences with party leaders
throughout the east and is prepared
to report to the chief executive on
the prospedcts for the preliminary
organization work which must get
under way this fall in preparation
for next year's congressional cam
Huston to Be Topic
Fort, among others, has brought
the President his first consensus of
party opinion on the President’s
selection of Claudius H. Hu*ton of
Tennessee for the national chair
Although this selection never has
been confirmed by White House offi
cials, party leaders are convinced
that Huston’s selection merely is a
matter of balloting by the national
Two influential Hoover lieutenants
have carried word to the White
House this week that Huston’s elec
tion would be well received by the
party leaders everywhere.
The White House party planned
to leave for the Virginia camp in
mid-afternoon, to be at the moun
tain top lodge for dinner.
Envoy to Be Guest
William P. MacCracken, assist
ant secretary of commerce, who
has just returned from a sixty
day inspection of European avia
tion establishment, and Henry P.
Fletcher. United States ambassa
dor to Italy, also will be the Presi
dent’s guests. Other members of
the party will be Ernest L. Jahncke
assistant secretary of the navy;
Captain Allan Buchanan, the
White House naval aid; James Lo
gan, New York; Mrs. Buchanan i
and Mrs. McCracken; George Ak
erson and Lawrence Richey,
White House secretaries; and Lieu
tenant Commander Joel T. Boone,
the President’s physician.
Mrs. Hoover, who has been in
camp for two weeks with her
younger son Allan, probably will
return with the party Monday
The usual week-end program will |
be interrupted Saturday morning ■■
by a motor trip to Madison, Va., j
ten miles down the mountain,
where Virginians were gathering to i
extend the formal welcome of the |
old dominion and to thank the I
President for having selected the j
state for “the summer White j
Half Million Idle Cotton MUI Work
ers Are Elated.
By United Frees
LONDON. Aug. 16.—A half mil- ■
lion idle cotton mill workers were
slated today at the news which came
from a conference of employers and
operatives late Thursday night that
the mills will resume operations
Monday at the wages in effect be
fore the mills were closed, pending
an arbitration board’s award.
The employers and the workers
agreed to refer the dispute to a
board of arbitration consisting of
two nominees of each side and an
independent chairman who will
have the full powers of an umpire.
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h,, GHRd-10-tlie - Bind
JjSgH j / *4^Jfjf jf £ *Vm Jlu Balloons outwore and
*O, mM a 1 outlasted the best
?:WX fS ’ / W Cr f V /M LJ standard tires of 13
Mtify o, % !, tiffy So A IYm lMdto * mamrtaatur
Ulttwd floor) and"
Buddies broadcast | Open Daily Cntil 9:30 P. >1: Saturday, 10:30 P. M, Sunday ir.H.
Prince of Monaco Weds Heiress
mmm^ MlM mm mm^m--m•—mm^
The ruler of a nation was married the other day in Vienna, but the rest of the world paid scarcely any at
tention to the news. For the bridegroom was Franz von Liechtenstein, 76-year-old prince of the tiny in
dependent country of Monaco. The bride was Frau Elsa von Eroes, 50, daughter of Baron Gutmann, the
coal king of Austria. She is shown upper right, Beiow is a view of Vaduz, the capital and only city. The
towered building at the right mark Monte Carlo, famed gambling resort.
County Council Fight Looms
as Job Is Filled.
Fred T. Gladden took office to
day as new superintendent of
Marion county schools, succeeding
Lee Swails who held the post six
teen years.
Victor after two weeks of bitter
fighting among members of the
township trustees, Gladden entered
his new duties at a salary of $4,800,
a raise of $1,200 over what the
position formerly paid.
But his salary boost requires ap
proval by the county council Sept.
3. Paul Dunn, councilman has
asserted he will move to have the
salary increase thrown out.
Swails held the superintendency
for sixteen years, receiving $2,400
his first twelve years and $3,600
during the last four years of his
Hawaiians often play football in
their bare feet.
“Glasses That Grace the Face”
Examined* 1 If
EstabHshed \wthoat Charge J Reg F Xed
Years Optometrists
Octagon Glasses Now the Vogue
White gold-filled frame, cylinder bridge, flat side comfort cable tem
ples that will not cut the head or ears. (jjo |“rt dr Art
Will not obstruct side vision. Frame only. and
Eye Strain \ Zvlo Shell
Relieved withgsgj& M Frames,
Properly J W $2.50
We Carry a Large Assortment of Artificial Eyes and
Port-o-Phone and Audiphone Hearing Devices
fs Bart Levis, 0O Q Dr. Harold J.ff.
Ground Floor Ground Floor
Roosevelt Bldg. Open Saturdays Till 8:30 P. M. Denison Hotel
Negro Delegation Petitions
Purchase of Ground.
The park board today considered
a request for a Negro playground
at Belmont avenue and White
River parkway.
A delegation of about 100 Negro
residents of the neighborhood ap
peared before the park board
Thursday and requested purchase
of a twenty-eight-acre tract of
ground for a playground. P. M.
Wilson, Bloomington, representing
the owner, offered to sell the prop
erty for $1,500.
“The delegation made a very fa
vorable presentation of the need in
that vicinity,” Michael E. Foley,
park commissioner, said.
Edward B. Raub Jr., park at
torney, was instructed to prepare
argument for the hearing on a re
monstrance against a $40,000 bond
issue for Christian Park shelter
house b°fo’T' state tax board.
Cavalry Regiment Is Presented to
Son of Jugoslavian Rulers.
By United Press
BELGRADE, Jugoslavia, Aug. 16.
—The kingdom of Jugoslavia still is
aglow today with the holiday spirit
after the regal ceremonies Thurs
day of the christening of the young
est prince of the realm, the third
son of King Alexander and Queen
Marie, who is but a few weeks old.
Young Prince Andrew was pre
sented with the Eighth cavalry regi
ment of Jugoslavia as a christen
ing present and the unit will hence
fft”th bear his name.
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1 Large Sire Butcher’s
Visit With Hoover Held Sig
By United Press
WASHINGTON, Aug. 16.—Henry
P. Fletcher of Pennsylvania, United
States ambassador to Rome, who is
soon to relinquish his post, will be
President Hoover’s week-end guest
at the White House summer retreat
in the Blue Ridge this week.
Fletcher is in his home at Green-
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.AUG. 16, 1929

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