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SEPT. 13,1929
Reduction of Insurance
Rates Declared Boom
to Indianapolis.
Recent reduction in fire insur
ance rates should serve as an in
centive to bring additional factor
ies and business firms to Indian
apolis, Fred W. Connell, safety
board president, declared today.
Insurance companies recently an
nounced reductions of approximately
20 per cent in fire insurance rates,
amounting to a saving of about
81,000,000 annually in Indian*, it
was estimated.
Low fire losses in Indiana made
possible the reduction, it was said.
"We have kept faith with the
underwriters and co-operated to
meet their recommendations for a
better fire department in Indian
apolis,'* Connell said.
The Indianapolis rate is the low
est for any city the same size in the
country, Connell said.
"We also kept the promise of
other administrations in rebuilding
tlie fire drill tower, providing the
proper amount of reserve hose and
purchasing sufficient reserve appa
ratus," Connell pointed out.
He commended the work of the !
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