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Dr, Merton S. Rice of Metropolitan Methodist Church
of Detroit, Will Be the Chief Speaker.
THE first monthly meeting and dinner of the brotherhood of the
First Baptist church for the year wlfl be held at the church Tues
day evening. Oct. 22.
The principal adch-ess will be made by Dr. Merton S. Rice, pastor of
the Metropolitan Methcdlst church. Detroit, Mich.
Dr. Rice is widely known as a minister, lecturer and religious worker.
He is a graduate of Baker university of Kansas and of the University
of Michigan.
In addition to holding pastorates in Kansas lowa and Minnesota,
Dr. Rice was special renres , 'T>tat , ve of the International Y. M. C. A.
among soldiers during the World
war and is the author of several
A special musical program, a din
ner served by the ladies of the
church and other attractions will be
on the program. The meeting is
pen to the public. Rrrrrvations
hould be made not later than Oct.
Miss Ella Rudy, who has spent
over twenty years in South China,
will be the principal speaker at the
Rally day services on Sunday at the
Christian and Missionary Alliance
church. Park avenue at Tenth street.
There will be two great programs,
one in the morning at 10:30 and
one in the evening at 7:30, at which
Miss Rudy will speak, dressed in
Chinese costume.
Miss Rudy is one of the greatest
speakers in the missionary world, !
and at the morning service, will tell I
interesting incidents in Sunday I
school life in China, and in the eve
ning will give thrlling accounts of
incidents that are peculiar to mis
sionary life in China.
Special programs consisting of
songs, recitations, musical numbers,
short addresses will be given, and
everything has been done to make
this the greatest Rally day In the
history of the church.
Sunday is the annual home com
ing day of the North Park Chris
tian church with its all-day services.
Following the Sunday school, the
morning worship includes commu- j
niop, lovely music and sermon by 1
Dr. Frederick W. Burnham, presi- j
dent of the United Christian Mis- j
sionery Society.
At noon, dinner will be spread in
the social rooms of the church. The
afternoon fellowship service has Dr. j
A, C. Garnett of Australia as 1
The evening praise service will be ;
replctejvith special music, old fa- |
miliar hymns, and sermon by the 1
minister, the Rev. J. A. Long, on !
“Home." Harvey Wright, hand saw. I
broom stick and other improvised j
musical instrument artist, with his j
group of old-time melodies, will
feature this service.
The Rev. Floyd Van Keuren, rec
tor of Christ Episcopal church,
Monument circle, has been granted
a six months* leave of absence to
clear up a thrombosis of the retinal
vein of one eye, contracted a year
ago from a former sinus and tons;!
Infection. The wardens and vestry
of Christ church, of which Charles
E. Judson is senior warden, have i
made the following announcement: !
The wardens and. vestry of Christ
church regret to announce that Mr. Van
Keuren has at last yielded to the re- :
peated demands of his physicians that
he take a prolonged rest. We have :
added our urglngs to theirs and he has
reluctantly accepted six months’ leave
of absence, beginning Oct. 15. He has
been assured on the highest authority that
to continue at his post at this time will
result in a permanent Impairment of his
eyesight, but that complete rest can re
store him to perfect health. It was char
acteristic of the man that he thought of
our needs before his own; for months he
has been endangering his eye. and before
asking for leave, had already started
find a substitute.
The wardens and vestry ask the' parish
to Join them in constant prayer to the
Oreat Physician that our loved rector be
restored to health and vigor. In order that
he may long continue and advance his
work so splendidly begun.
Gracp church. New’ York city, has
given a leave of absence to the Rev.
JOhn Brett LangstafT, assistant min
ister there, to take the work of the
Rev. Mr. Van Keuren during his
The Rev. Mr. LangstafT Is a man
of wide experience, with degrees
from Columbia, Harvard ahd Ox
ford universities, and is the author
of several books. He served in the
army overseas during the World war.
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Van
Keuren expect to leave early Mon
day morning to spend the winter
quietly in a little town In southern
Colorado, where Mr. Van Keuren
will be under the doctor’s Instruc
The Rev. Mr. LangstafT will ar
rive in town from New’ York on
Sunday, and will begin his duties
on Monday.
St. Roch's hall. 3600 South Meri
dian street, is taking on a gala ap
pearance this week under the skill
ful decoratings hands of Harold
Becker and his committee possess
ing talent in this line. The rose
bazaar, to be held in the hall on
Oct. 13, 14 and 15. will be opened
with a chicken dinner on Sunday
under the direction of Mrs. Henry
On Sunday afternoon and evening
and Tuesday afternoon the follow
ing ladies will entertain with cards:
Mrs. Louis Webber. Mrs. Joe Sud
ding, Mrs. William Thuer, Mrs.
Fred Heidelberger. Mrs. Amanda
Neihaus, Mrs. George Egenolf, Mrs.
Cyrille Catteler, and Mrs. Joe
Schmoll. The bazaar offers special
Ir*ME Mutton
Abdominal Supports and
Shoulder Btkm
entertainment every afternoon and
evening all three days and a dinner
will also be served by the ladies on
Tuesday from 5 to 7. The enter
tainment is under the direction of
Dr. Emil Kernel, president men’s
society; Mrs. Helen Costello, presi
dent ladies’ society; Joe Schmidt,
president Young Peoples* Club.
The following committees have
been appointed:
Publicity—Albert Stocker, Mrs.
Thomas Memmer, Bernard Eck.
Blankets—Mrs. Albert Stocker.
Hams—Merle Egan.
Groceries —Michael Voltz.
Miscellaneous—Louis Neidenthal.
Special—Mrs. Andy Fromholt.
Art and Aprons—Emily Volts and
Sylvia Webber.
Candy and Refreshments Joe
Schmidt and Bernard Eck.
Tables—Mrs. Ray Reeser, Mrs.
Harold Becker and Mrs. August
Duannes and the Misses Margaret
Braun, Lauretta Eck, Mary Thuer,
Lucille Costello and Marry Louise
Music will be rendered In a special
rose program under the direction of
Miss Emily Volts, Ellen Webber and
Audry Steffen. Miss Erma Ferry
and Thelma Kernel and Romilda
Voltz will be in charge of the chil
dren’s parties at Sacred Heart hall
on Monday afternoon, St. Roch’s
hall Tuesday morning. On the fol
lowing Sunday, Oct. 20, the Young
People’s Club will entertain with
cards in the afternoon and evening
. —Photo by Basi
Story Hour at Vacation School, Roberts Park Church
Combat an Evil Heredity .
Whatever you may think you know of your heredity that is bad
or menacing you should at once balance it by choosing an environ
ment calculated to bring out the strength and virtues which will
offset your possible hereditary dangers.
Remember behind you standeth God, within the shadow,
that great upward surging Life Prlnc’ple which has never
permanently been defeated.
That triumphant Life Principle is in you. Back of all your ancestors.
Don’t give up the fight. The God within you will help you in every battle
for righteousness and strengthen you in every forward step.
• ,
Go to Church Every Sunday
This advertisement has been made possible by public spirited citizens who wish to make Indianapolis a better city in which to live^
and the beautiful bridal chest which
I has been prepared by Miss Marie
| Ferry will be awarded.
As the feature of its second pro
gram in a series of popular Sunday
evening meetings to be held during
the fall and winter, the Sutherland
Presbyterian church will present on
next Sunday evening, at 7, L. O.
Brown, who is known throughout
the middle west as a lecturer and
chalk talk artist.
In addition to writing three books
I on platform entertainment, namely
! “Rapid Hand Drawing,” “Paper
Tearing” and “Chalk Talks,’’ Brown
has composed and published a num
ber of gospel songs which are widely
Brown is superintendent of the
Hillcrest Community Center at
Clinton, Ind., which is a social wel
fare institution conducted by the
Presbyterian synod of Indiana.
In Clinton, Brown works among
foreign speaking people, having fif
teen. different nationalities in the
Hillcrest Community Center Sunday
In addition to Brown, the Sunday
evening program will include a vio
lin recital by Jack Dooley, who is
well known as a double-stop violin
ist, and community singing led by
the Sutherland male choir, under
the direction of Mrs. Lora L. Lackey.
The Rev. F. A. Pfleiderer, pastor
of the church, announces that the
feature of the popular meeting on
Sunday, Oct. 20, will be an artist
recital by Mrs. Arthur Mutter, con
cert violinist, following which the
topic, “The Weakness of Protestant
ism" will be discussed by the pastor.
Paul Morrison, tenor, of Marion,
Ind., and Herbert Morrison, organ
ist of Crawfordsville, Ind., will ap
pear in recital on Sunday evening,
Oct. 27, at which time the Rev. Mr.
Pfleiderer will discuss the book,
"They Still Fall in Love.”
“Are Sin, Disease and Death
Real?” is the subject of the lesson
sermon in all Churches of Christ,
Scientist, on Sunday, Oct. 13.
Among the citations which com
prise the lesson-sermon is the
following from the Bible: “Breth-
ren, I count not myself to have
apprehended; but this one thing I
do. forgetting those things which
are behind, and reaching forth unto
those things which are before, I
press toward the mark for the
prize of the high calling of God in
Christ Jesus. Let us therefore, as
many as be'perfect, be thus minded;
i and if in anything ye be otherwise
! minded, God shall reveal even this
unto you” (Phil. 3:13-15).
The lesson-sermon also includes
the following passages from the
Christian Science textbook, “Science
vid Health, with Key to the Scrip
tures,” by Mary Baker Eddy:
“There is neither place nor oppor
tunity in Science for error of any
sort. Every day makes its de
mands upon us for higher proofs
rather than professions of Chris
tian power. These proofs consist
solely in the destruction of sin,
sickness, and death by the power
of Spirit, as Jesus destroyed them”
(p. 222).
Woman’s day will be observed
Sunday morning at the University
Heights United Brethren church.
The mroning address will be given
by Dr. Samuel G. Zeigler, foreign
missionary secretary of Dayton, O.
The evening sermon will be given by
the pastor, the Rev. George L. Stine,
one the subject, “The Good Shep
herd and the Lost Sheep.”
The Rev. L. B. Moseley, pastor of
the Emerson Avenue Baptist church,
announces that his Sunday morn
ing sermon subject will be: “Walk
In Him.” His evening subject will
be, “I Choose You.” The pageant,
“The Challenge of the Cross,” will
also be given in the evening by the
young people. Mrs. Walker Baylor
has arranged an interesting pro
gram for both services.
The Rev. Edmond Kerlln will
preach at the First Evangelical
church at 10:40 a. m. on "The Burn
ing Heart.” At 7:45, his subject will
be, “Divine Love Waiting Upon Hu
man Reluctance,” illustrated by
copies of Holman Hunt’s great pic
ture, “The Light of the World.” Or
gan recital begins at 7 30.
At the Capitol Avenue Methodist
Episcopal church. Thirtieth street
and Capitol avenue, the Rev. Joseph
G. Moore wilf preach at 10:45 a. m.
on "The Son of God.” This will be
the second in a series of sermons on
the Trinity. In the evening at 7:30,
the sermon subject will be “The
Sins of Life’s Noon Time.” A spe
cial message for people in middle
“Hell-bent or Heaven-bound"
will be the sermon subject of the
Rev. Fred A. Line at Central Uni
versalist church at the 11 o’clock
morning service. There will be spe
cial music by the church quartet.
The Sunday school convenes at 9:45.
At the Speedway Boulevard
Methodist Episcopal church, the
Sunday school will observe the regu
lar fall rally program at the morn
ing service.
The subject at the evening serv-c
ices will be "Nicodemus Visits
The Plainfield men’s quartet will
sing at the evening service.
“Looking Toward will be
the Sunday evening theme of Homer
Dale, pastor of the Hillside Chris
tian church. At the morning hour
his subject will be “Constancy in
Christian Character."
“Home-Coming Rally” will be ob
served at the Second Evangelical
church at 9:30 and 7 p. m. The
Rev. L. M. Scheidier of Cambridge
City will speak at the forenoon serv
The young people of the church
will render a Rally day program at
7 o’clock. The Rev. J. H. Rilling will
assist at both of the services.'
In the Broadway Evangelical
church, the Rev. L. E. Smith will
preach in the morning from the sub
ject, “The ‘Good Cheer’ of the
Christ.” In the evening the service
will be under the auspices of the
Men’s Bible class. Dr. Eller of the
Y. M. C. A. will deliver the address.
The men's quartet will sing.
Rally day will be observed at the
Victory Memorial Methodist Pro
testant church next Sunday. Spe
cial program has been arranged for
the morning service at 10:45 a. m.
Evening service at 7:30 p. m. when
the pastor, the Rev. William Lee
Spratt will preach.
The Rev. Floyd Van Keuren, rec
tor of Christ Episcopal church, ]
Monument circle, will have the usual
quiet celebration of the holy com
munion at 8 o'clock. At 10:45 there
will be the church-hour kinder
garten; also, morning prayer will
be held at this hour, and the rector
will preach. The,boy choir will sing,
directed by Cheston L. Heath. Paul
Leslie Raymond, basso, will be the
soloist. There will be no evening
The First Congregational church
will have a home-coming service
with dinner at the church. The
minister, the Rev. William I. Caugh
r*n, will speak at 11 o'clock on “The
Church in a Changing Order.”
J. J. Davis, leader of the Men’s
Bible class of Central Avenue
Methodist church will take for his
subject Sunday morning, “The Royal
Dr. Edward Haines Kistler will
speak in the Fairview Presbyterian
church tomorrow at 10 45 on "Your
Labeled Specimens.” Mrs. F. T.
Edenharter has chosen two beauti
ful numbers for the new quartet,
Borch's "Exalted Be Thy Name,”
and Chadwick’s “God, to Whom We
Look Up Blindly.”
The Rev. E. P. Jewett of the Madi
son Avenue Methodist Episcopal
church will preach Sunday morning
on “An Experience Worth While.”
The Epworth League will hold a spe
cil service at 7 o’clock. District offi
cers will be present.
“What Christianity Has Given the
World,” and “Jesus, the Light of the
World,” are the announced Sunday
themes of the Rev. Ambrose Aeger
ter of the Beville Avenue Evangeli
cal church.
At the Brightwood Methodist
Episcopal church, the morning serv
ice will be given over to the Sunday
school rally, starting at 9:30 a. m.
At night, the Rev. Victor B. Hargitt
will speak on “The Supreme Motive.”
O. Bause, teacher of the Young
Men's class of the Seventh Chris
tian church, will speak on “The
Other Guy.”
“A Gospel of Anticipation” and
“Unpreparedness,” will be the Sun
day themes of the Rev. J. Graham
Sibson of the Fifty-first Street
Methodist Episcopal church.
At the Ben Davis Methodist Epis
copal church, the Rev. A. L. Bran
denburg will speak in the morning
on “The Unpossessed Areas.” At
night, “The Rediscovery of Christ."
Sunday morning at the Carrollton
Avenue Reformed church, holy com
munion will be observed. The Rev.
E. G. Homrighaussen will speak on
"The Living Bread."
The Rev. A. V. Noble of the Com
munity Christian church will speak
Sunday on “The Common Denom
inator" in the morning and at night
on “We Would See." The Clayton
Sanders Evangelistic party will have
charge of the services each night
next week. The North Side Choral
Club will sing Tuesday night.
At the Second Reformed church,
Rally day will be observed in the
Sunday school. The Rev. George
P. Kehl will speak on “The Com
mon People Heard Jesus Gladly.”
“The Certainty of Victory” and
“Forgetfulness" will be the Sunday
themes of the Rev. M. H. Reynolds
of the Hall Place Methodist Episco
pal church.
The Rev. Robert F. Laycock of the
Union Methodist Episcopal church
will speak Sunday on "Into All the
World" and “Our Stewardship and
“Representatives of Christ" and
“Essential Elements in the Ministry
of Jesus” are the announced themes
of the Rev. William Talbott Jones
of the Edwin Ray Methodist Episco
pal church.
At the Centenary Christian
church, the Rev. Clarence E. Warner
will speak in the morning on “Tfye
Messenger of Salvation.” At night,
“Seven Steps of Spiritual Develop
At the First Moravian church
Sunday. Professor A. C. Garnett of
Butler university will speak at both
services. The Rev. F. P. Stocker is
attending a church meeting in the
At the Second Moravian Episcopal
church, Roy Bosserman will speak at
both services. “To Know God” and
“Your Mission In Life” will be the
Text of sermon by the Rev. George
S. Southworth in the Church of the
Advent Sunday morning, “We Would
See Jesus.” Holy communion cele
bration at 7:30 a. m. Church school,
9:30 a. m. Morning prayer and ser
mon, 11 a. m.
Holy communion will be celebrat-
_OCT. 12, 1929
ed at Prentice Presbyterian church
Sunday morning at 9:45.
"Christ's Way of Life” wtll be the
subject of Dr. Grafton's sermon at
the Northwood Christian chinch
Sunday morning. The musical pro
gram will be under the direction of
Mrs. Sweeney.
At the Riverside Park Methodist
Episcopal church In the morning
worship service of Rally day the
Rev. Robert M. Selle will preach on.
“The Stewardship of Truth.” At
7:45 p. m.. In the evening worship
service, Dr. Henry L. Davis will
preach on “The Call of Christ to
His Church."
At the Emmanuel Baptist church
the Rev. J. Drover Forward, pastor,
will have as his morning theme,
“God's Flower Garden.” The them©
of the evening hour will be "Blas
pheming God’s Son."
Dr. Charles H. Lyttle, professor of
church history In Meadville Theo
logical school, will preach Sunday
morning at All Souls Unitarian
church on “Mussolini’s Alliance
With the Vatican, a Menace to
Liberal Religion.”
The order of service at 11 a. m.
Sunday will be as follows:
“Allegro con brio" Tour*
“Prayer from Rienxl" Wagner
Hymn 336
Second Service
Responsive Reading—l3th Selection
Words of Aspiration
Hymn 392
Notices and Offering
Pastorale'' f. jj 5l t
Address—" Mussolini's Alliance with the
Vatican, a Menace to Liberal Religion'’
Hymn 350
, . .. Postlude
Offertolre Ambrose Thomaa
Justice Makes Applicant for U. S.
Navigation “Dress Up.”
Bu United Prrsa
FITCHBURG, Mass., Oct. 12.
You can’t become an American citi
zen without wearing a necktie—at
least not at the naturalization ses
sion over which Chief Justice Wal
ter Perley Hall presides. When
Evangelos J. Ghenes appeared in
quest of citizenship papers the Judge
noted that he had no cravat. The
candidate was obliged to go out and
procure a tie before being passed.

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