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General Advance in Tire
Prices Is Opinion
of Leaders.
Btr Prt .
DETROIT, Oct. 18.—Automotive
manfacturing for the year Is con
tinuing to decrease It was Indicated
last week, but with most manufac
turing and sales records for the year
already broken, there was little ap
prehension In the Industry over les
sened production.
However, despite reported tight
money, crop shortages and unfavor
able weather there was a picking up
in retail sales noted the past week,
comoared to the week before.
From the Chrysler Corporation
there came this week a most en
couraging report of the outlook for
the industry.
“It should be borne in mind,” W.
P. Chrysler said, “That more pas
senger cars were produced in the
first nine months of this year than
in the full twelve months of 1928
This tremendous rate of accelera
tion could not reasonably be ex
pected to continue indefinitely. It
is not surprising the third quarter
just past saw some recession in pro
duction and shipments, nor is it
to be expected the fourth quarter
will seen any resumption of opera
tions at record breaking rates.”
A general advance in tire prices
is in prospect seems likely with an
nouncement that three leading con
cerns have increased prices from 5
to 22 per cent. Firestone is the
only major Akron rubber concern
not announcing an increase. All
smaller companies are expected to
follow the lead of the three con- j
“Hudson-Essex lines, fourth in the !
automobile industry from the stand- 1
point of sales volume, has advanced !
19.2 per cent this year, compared ,
with last, judging from the stand- 1
point of registrations for the first I
eight months,” Automobile Topics
magazine will state on Saturday, j
“This combination had registered
210.218 new cars compared to 176,- 1
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directing the play a feature of the
twenty-fifth annual home
coming, Oct. 18 and 19.
357 in the corresponding months
last year. The Hudson Motor Car
Company is estimated by automo
bile topics to have accounted for
about 12.6 per cent of all six-cylin
der cars registered in the eight
Ninety-Day Term Imposed in
Marion ‘Hit and Run’ Case.
Ifjl 7 inirx Hvrciol
MARION, Ind , Oct. 18.—George
Swathwood, 19, hit and run driver
was fined SSO and costs, sentenced
to ninety days on the penal farm
and his driving license revoked for
six months when convicted in city
court on charges of reckless driving.
Swathwood was arrested after his
car struck John Gordon, causing a
fracture of both legs.
“No person who pleads guilty oi
who is convicted of reckless driving,
need expect leniency in this court,”
said Mayor James H. McConnell,
as he passed sentence.
Indiana University Teacher
Urges Study of Results.
B” rnce Sm ite
NEW YORK, Oct. 18 —Nobody re
ally overworks as far as mind and
body go, but we live at such a high
emotional tension that we become
both sj| j|.BsJf
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tired and jaded and require violent
stimulation to keep us going. Also,
this high emotional tension is the
cause of a number of diseases, Dr.
Charles P. Emerson of the Indiana
university school of medicine said
at the meeting Thursday of the New
York Academy of Medicine.
“Under certain conditions a strong
emotion can inflict a physical injury
just as truly as can a knife,” Dr.
Emerson said. “The injurious ef
fect of a long maintained depressing
emotion never has been appreciated.
We endure well the effects of strong
emotions, if only their duration is
brief or their qualities varied.
“That the depressing, contractile,
paralyzing emotions called fear, ap
prehension, worry, etc., weigh heav
ily in the balance against a patient
during the course of an infection
has long been suspected but since
these phenomena can not be
weighed, measured nor rendered ob
jective, we can not at this point
consider them seriously. The effect
of these emotions on the glucose
tolerance of a previously well-stand
ardized case of diabetes mellitus can,
on the other hand, be measured
in terms of grams of sugar in the
urine, in milligrams of glucose in
the blood stream, and of units of
insulin necessary to restore the
sugar-free condition.”
Dr. Emerson urged physicians to
consider more the emotional,
psychological aspects of disease than
has been done in the past.
Surgery Held Not to Be Cause of
Mental Disorders.
Bf/ Science Service x
NEW YORK. Oct. 18.—Mental
and emotional disorders may follow
surgical operations, but the opera
tions themselves rarely cause the
upsets. Dr. Robert B. McGraw of
Columbia university explained to
physicians gathered for the gradu- j
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When Nature Warns
of too Much Acid
milk of JJL
MAGNESIA in favor of just one form'
°1 magnesia. For over
fift y years, they have
“IP* prescribed Phillips Milk
wd\^ i( of Ma e nesia - Jt is an
nine ups i jap tipi f almost , tas . teless milk *
■*■ ** iiitliwm' v J *' white liquid; magnesia
AUTHORITIES have j\ in perfect suspension .
J\ warned us so often MA \ \ iJm It is in the form pro
that nowadays almost all V J ( nounced most effective by
people know the dangers ■ \VI ' /. the U. S. Dispensatory,
of a diet too rich in acid- \. / J ust a spoonful in a
producing foods. Dietary glass of water and every
♦ experts say the ideal menu uTa trace of over-acidity soon
would consist of about fc disappears. In five min
three-fourths fruits and AV 1 utes you are smiling,
vegetables the alkaline happy again. Its action
producers —to one-fourth of those which is thorough, yet nothing could be more
produce acids; the meats, sweets, cereals. soothing to an ailing stomach.
But knowing this, how many can avoid an sect anti . add haJ a]so gentl< . lax .
occasional touch of over-aad.ty? „ tive p / opcnies . It deam a „ d swectfn ,
Os course, when pain and sourness about the entire digestive tract without any of the
two hours after eating, heartburn, head- disturbance common to strong cathartics. It
aches, gas or nausea, warn of too much has many important uses in any household,
acid, we can diet our way out of the trouble. Complete directions, worth your reading,
But that takes time. And there’s no use come with every package,
suffering when Nature has provided such . , en , .
a quick, harmless means of relief. Milk of , AIld ™S stores have the 25c an . d 50cbo **
Magnesia. Doctors the world over are united e '; j be g enuine > prescriptions! produ ,
with 50 years experience behind it, is al-
ate fortnight of the New York
Academy of Medicine.
The cause of mental disturbances
after operations may be found in
the mental and emotional make-up
of the patient. The operation gen-
SU 'gx. S
OCT. 18. 1929
erally Is only a provoking Incident.
The same disturbance might have
been caused by any other happen
ing that would have strained too
greatly the patients' ability to adapt

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