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Evidence in Defense of
Former Secretary to Be
Closed Today.
t nited Prm Staff Correspondent
WASHINGTON, Oct. 18—Former
Interior Secretary Albert B. Fall’s
lawyers planned to close his defense
case In his bribery trial today after
Edward L. Dohpny, the oil king, and
Mrs Dohony gave their versions of
he SIOO,OOO transaction in 1921
v hich preceded Doheny’s lease of
i.-ie Elk Hills reserve.
Doheny, vigorous despite his 74
ears, is under indictment for giv
ng the same alleged bribe, and the
ecision in this case may determine
hether ho will stand trial.
The roy-cheeked, v.hite-haired
lillionaire has contended from the
rst the money was just a “friendly
nan.” He has said he tore in two
’hr demand note which Fall gave
him. so that Fall would not be
bothered in case both he and his
wife died suddenly.
This “loan" was given just to help
Fall save his New Mexico ranch
from a possible water shortage, ac
cording to testimony given at an
earlier oil trial by E. L. Ned
Doheny Jr., only son of the oil man.
Ned Doheny was killed by an in
sane employe a few months ago, and
the defense read his testimony to
the Jury, including a statement that
“my secretary, a man named
Plunket,” accompanied young
Dohenv to Washington when he
brought. Fall the SIOO,OOO. It was
Plunket who slew young Doheny.
Attorneys hoped closing arguments
might be started this afternoon. It
is unlikely they will be completed
hy tomorrow noon. Under District
of Columbia law, the locked-up jury
can not continue through the week
end. as the legal holiday commences
at noon Saturday.
Hearing on the new rate increase
petition of the La Porte Telephone
Company has been changed from
Oct. 22 to Nov. 6, it was an
nounced today by Commissioner
Frank Singleton.
The hearing is to be held at the
La Porte courthouse and is expected
to continue for three days. Single
ton said. The date was changed be
cause commission engineers and ac
countants have not finished check
ing thp properties involved.
Teachers of Indiana
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ment that we invite you to visit
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Friend* of the Thrifty lor 35 Years
Love Me, Love My Dog
Dogs Use ‘Home Remedies’ to
Conserve Their Own Health
I am reminded of a sage and
• humorous remark of the inimitable
Will Rogers, in which he said that
; the next time he was ill he was
; going to send for a veterinarian in
i stead of a doctor. The doctor re-
I sorted only to guesswork, but the
veterinarian had to know.
Os course, there are baffling times
in the dog diagnosis, but the anat
omy of the dog is much less com
plicated than the human one.
i Nature has given them instinctive
home remedies which they use with
out discussing their symptoms and
receiving various suggestions.
If a little grass is needed for di
gestion, they avail themselves of it.
If a meal disagrees, they have such
perfect control of their stomach
muscles that it easily can be
brought up.
Dogs also show their symptoms
until even a layman can diagnose.
When he seems under par and his
nose is both hot and dry, then be
sure he has a complaint, for it is
not mood with him. It may be ear
trouble, sluggish liver, indigestion,
or, the greatest pest of all, worms,
of which there are many varieties.
I did not mention the flea which
we associate with the poor dog, and
which causes endless scratching and
biting. These should be dealt with
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Yorkshire Terrier
This diminutive breed is not as
popular in America as in England.
It is said to be a cross between the
Maltese terrier and the black and
tan. Rather a frail dog. It requires
a great deal of care, both of health
and coat, which is very long and
silken, necessitating constant groom
ing. It is essentially a house dog,
sensitive to climatic changes.
in an important manner, as they
are the primary cause of worms.
It is a fact that the dog, in biting
fleas, swallows many eggs, which
thrive in the intestines and in turn
produce worms. The species of
worms are as numerous as the col
ors in Jacoby’s coat, and each kind
has its own specific.
Portuguese is the official language
of Brazil.
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Leaders Resign as Result
of Wild Parties.
Hii United Press
ALLIANCE. 0., Oct, 18.—Whole
sale resignation of Camp Fire Girl
leaders here today climaxed a series
of charges that older Camp Fire
Girls “made whoopee” at the Wi
nona camp this summer and
created a disturbing influence for
the younger girls.”
The trouble deprived more than
200 Camp Fire Gils in this neigh
borhood of summer recreation.
Mrs. Bulah K. Moore, Camp Fire
executive and camp leader, in
charge of the camp near Winona
this summer, announces she had
sent her resignation to national
headquarters. The Camp Fire Girl
offices here were closed.
The entire executive board re
signed in a body, more than a week
ago. Shortly after the camp was
opened, late in June, complaints
were lodged, charging lack of dis
cipline and lack of organization.
Parents began withdrawing their
girls from the camp.
The camp girls of high sehool and
college age were charged with
“getting out of control.” They had
been engaged as counsellors for the
younger Camp Fire Girls. They
were charged with living in a sep
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arate cabin Instead of each counsel
lor living in a cabin to watch over
the younger girls occupying it. It
. il<Jr en
Children hate to take medicine
as a rule, but every child loves the
taste of Castoria. And this pure
vegetable preparation is just as
good as it tastes; just as bland
and harmless as the recipe reads.
(The wrapper tells you just what
Castoria contains.)
When Baby’s cry warns of colic,
a few drops of Castoria has him
soothed, asleep again in a jiffy.
Nothing is mope valuable in diar
rhea. When coated tongue or bad
breath tell of constipation, invoke
its gentle aid to cleanse and regu
late a child’s bowels. In colds or
children’s diseases, use it to keep
the system from clogging. Your
doctor wall tell you Castoria
was also said they had card parties
“and other revels” until the small
hours of the morning.
| I nlccihol -
(O. ANW.UtwNp*"***''*
p? j lint iff!
Uy Thfrtby rrwiiotlT!< Drt"***
Owprftlnpsl ei
M g-asrSSSB
V ***t*UMO' m ** H
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\ X and ■
\l LoSSOpSleip H
v m
li‘f!| TcS*****"z£~ 8
jjji d£do*m
deserves a place in the family
medicine cabinet until your child
is grown. He knows it is safe for
the tiniest baby; effective for a
boy in his teens. With this special
children’s remedy handy, you need
never risk giving a boy or girl
medicine meant for grown-ups.
Castoria is sold in every drug
store; the genuine always bears
Clias. H. Fletcher’s signature.
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li’ecial' n pler '' %M
I, <-ni
OCT. 18, 1929

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