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President of
Honor Guest
Mlrs Lena Madesin Phillips, life
honorary president of the national
federal, spoke Thursday night be
fore 300 local and out-of-town mem
bers of the Indianapolis Federation
of Business and Professional Wom
en, at their International night din
ner in the teamroom of the Wom
an's Department Club house.
Flags of many nations, loaned
by the Fletcher American Bank, the
Rumanian and the Italian societies
were on the walls and used other
wise in decoration.
Preceding the program, at the
regular forum hour, Elsa Huebner
spoke on citizenship. She asked
that the women take an active part
in the local government, and ex
press their general opinion by vot
ing at the next election. Miss Mer
cia Hoagland moved that the club
indorse the citizens’ committee
school ticket. This motion was
Explains Organization
Mrs. Ada O. Frost, president, pre
sided. Mrs. Clara M. G. Berns,
chairman of the local international
relations group, introduced Miss
Miss Philips said that this organ
ization W’as the first to try for in
ternational organization without
definite program. She explained
differences in foreign women, and
told of the reception the good-will
tour received with the northern
group. That the Norway Business
Women’s Club will celebrate its
fortieth anniversary this winter,
was a fact that impressed her great
ly. Her interest in Italy was aroused
because of Mussolini, in Czecho-
Slavokia, because of its freedom.
“We are ready for an interna
tional federation,’’ Miss Philips de
clared, and she has called an inter
national meeting in Geneva next
Special guests at the meeting
were Miss Mary .Kennedy, Lafay
ette, past president of the state
federation; Mrs. Marie M. Bowen,
president of the woman’s Rotary
Club; Mrs. Edward Franklin White,
representing the Women’s Demo
cratic Club; Miss Mabel Ward,
Union City, first vice-president of
the state federation; Mrs. Samuel <
Ashby, president of Y. W. C. A., and !
Miss Bianca Lippi, Rome, Italy, a
student at, Indiana university.
Musical Program Given
A musical program of national
airs was given by Miss Jean David
son, violinist, accompanied by Miss
Virginia Davidson. Miss Anita Scott,
soprano, accompanied by Miss
Anita Wandell, sang “Linsana Pa
rola,” from Aida.
A number of members of the
sttae federation who are attending
the state teachers’ convention were
guests at the meeting.
Among them were:
Miss Daaemir Miller, Miss Helen Can
ned. Miss EfTie Johnson, Spencer: Miss
Marjorie Smith. Connersviile; Miss Harriet
Smith. Sullivan: Miss Alsa J. Thomas.
Miss Ethel K. Williams. Marion: Miss
Grace Walters. Lafayette: Miss Martha
Scudder, Mrs. Mary Jackson. Marion; Miss
CHanna Wray. Crawfordsville; Mrs.
Mildred Walker Miss Hazel Butler, Miss
Dora Faith. Miss Naomi Bover, Valparaiso;
Miss Portia Reeves. Muncie: Miss Alma
Shrader. Jeffersonville: Miss Mae Rottman,
Miss Ruby Lamb. Greenfield: Miss Anna
Sherman. Terre Haute: Mrs. Walter Clark.
Lafayette; Mrs. Minnie Salatkln. Miss
Vera Bovd. Greenfield: Miss Maude L.
Laharee. Miss Bessie O'Mara. Miss Mary
Kennedy Lafayette: Miss Ruth Sutton.
Whiting: Miss Mabel Ward. Union Cl'v;
Miss Flo Morgan. Newcastle: Miss Ger
trude Quinlan. Richmond; Miss Edythe
Brown. Miss Marcia Wagoner. South %end:
Miss Jennie Burns. Montlcello: Miss
Amanda Fadlev. Miss Leima Smack. New
castle: Miss Mary Curtis. Miss Esther Clay
ton. Miss Clara Goforth. Clinton: Miss
Martha Bib'.er. Miss Jane L. Fulton Miss
Sarah L Current. Miss Ellen A. Ward.
Miss Nellis Bouse. Mrs. Leran Bell. Port
land: Miss Marv I . Brown. Miss Myrtle
Surher. and Miss Ruth Hachstetler, Spcu
Blanket Hop Nov. 23
Th traditional "Blanket Hop”
will be held at Indiana university
Nov. 23. sponsored by Sigma Delta
Chi, professional journalistic frater
nity. Isham Jones will play the
program of dances. Tiie process
of this annual dance are used to
purchase “I" blankets for Indiana's
zenior “I” men. The dance this year
will be a part of the festivities on
the day of the annual Purdue-In
diana football game, which will be
played at Bloomington this year.
“Don't ask
me why! "
Excuses a man seems never to un
derstand; explanations that are em
.barrassing. Women who have
learned of Midol avoid these un
-1 pleasant experiences!
Midol is not a narcotic, but it
does banish the suffering which too
often attends functional disturb
ances. It acts quite harmlessly, but
effective, on the organs affected.
Safe, but swift; complete comfort
comes in five to seven minutes.
You will get this relief regardless of
how hard a time you've always had.
These wonderful tablets do nothing
to hinder the normal, natural pro
cess. so its only common sense to
use them.
If you would spare yourself all
i suffering at this time, get Midol in a
i trim little case of aluminum for
■ purse or pocket. Fifty cents at any
I drug store. —Advertisement.
V /^beMODE,
Gracious, graceful, this lovely gray satin afternoon gown!
(A Dah-ray design).
I j , TF any nice lady writes anc
asks me again what I thinl
i • \ 1 of smoking I’ll scre-e-e-e-ean
/ \ —’n if you’ve never toeard anj
/ I \ V of my family scream, you’v<
/ \ \ f never heard any tiling thai
/ j \ even nearly approaches it ex
/ I \ i 1 cept what goes off just befor<
/ // \ 1 1 the Zeppelin arrives.
Iff 11 \ \ Anyhotv, what in the heck differ'
I! \ ! \ ence does it make to smokins
II j 1 \ whether I approve of it or not? I
I I y 1 \ you must know, I don’t approve o
/ I fz) \ \ it and I don’t like it and I don’
Is' / / H> \ smoke—but that’s only for myself
/1 / CT \ How can I tell whether that 1
If I / compatible with YOUR ideas o
ft / i ) daintiness and lovely-ladiness?
I j j Ts OOD-golly-gracious, what hav<
\ I v J I started? My initial “swat’
n. ! / I / j has assumed all the proportions o.
7hG I S' an intrigue.
. j ( v What nation-wide feminine sane;
/ / \\s\ / do YOU think we are wall °i :)ing ‘
L J \#, Here are some hints:
\ t N It’s a fad that has been going
j J jV 1 J for several seasons. It’s silly. It
j J vj has no intrinsic beauty. It is based
/ \v upon a diametrically opposite view
1/ ' . point to one that has been held b;
T, A wnmon fvr PPntliriPS
t' iHliv ;/ J'M"- ,||
, X&- * Z i
Mrs. l.ennian iMinnmg
Memhers of the citizens’ school
committee Council of Women is
sponsoring a tea to be given at
2:30 Monday afternoon in the
Riley room at Claypool hotel, in
honor of Mrs. Maud Miller, Jul
ian Wetzel, Samuel E. Garrison,
Merle Sidener and Reussell Will
son. school commission candidates
indorsed by the citizens’ commit
tee. Mrs. Lehman Dunning is
chairman in charge of the affair,
assisted by Mrs. Fred L. Pettijohn.
Miss Caroline Sweeney, 3157
Washington boulevard, wall go to
Chicago Saturday to attend the
Notre Dame-Wisconsin football
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Langsen
kamp and Miss Antoinette Lang
senkamp, 1910 North Pennsylvania
street, also are going to Chicago to
attend the Notre Dame-Wisconsin
game Saturday.
Miss Martha Barry and Miss
Frances Kotteman, students at St.
Marv-of-the-Lake college. South
Bend, will come to Indianapolis to
spend the week-end with their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar F. Barry.
3325 Guilford street, and Mr. and
Mrs. Frank E. Kotteman, Golden
John Troxell and Thurston
Spangler. 321 West Forty-fourth
street, will spend the week-end in
Champaign, 111.
Miss Mary Lloyd. 5725 Washing
j ton boulevard, who is a student at
Ward-Belmont, Nashville, Tenn.. will
1 go to Bloomington to attend the In-
I diana-Colgate game, and the Beta
Theta Pi fraternity dance, Satur
! day night.
Miss Katherine Hook. 1910 North
Pennsylvania street, went to Chi-
I cago by airplane Thursday. She
will return to Indianapolis Monday.
Mrs. George Feeney. Mary Vir
i ginia Feeney, and Albert Feeney,
1321 North Meridian street, will at
tend the Notre Dame-Wisconsin
' game in Chicago Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Van Deender
'of the Lincoln hotel are in New
York, at the Hotel Montclair.
Joseph Norton. John Mulvenhill
and David Kemp. Glenn Martin
! apartments. 940 North Meridian
street, will leave tonight for Chicago
1 to attend the Notre Dame-Wiscon
| sin football game. Mr. Kemp will
\ remain a week in Chicago with his
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney S. Aronson,
4508 North Delaware street, will go
to New York Saturday for a week's
. stay.
Mrs. H. F. Davis. Sullivan. Ind.. is
the house guest of her sister Mrs.
• Clifford E. Marsh, 1512 North Me
ridian street.
TF any nice lady writes and
asks me again what I think
of smoking I’ll scre-e-e-e-eam
—’n if you’ve never tieard any
of my family scream, you’ve
never heard any tiling that
even nearly approaches it ex
cept what goes off just before
the Zeppelin arrives.
Anyhow’, what in the heck differ
ence does it make to smoking
whether I approve of it or not? If
you must know’, I don’t approve of
it and I don’t like it and I don’t
smoke—but that’s only for myself.
How can I tell whether that is
compatible with YOUR ideas of
daintiness and lovely-ladiness?
tt a tt
C-x OOD-golly-gracious, what have
J I started? My initial “swat”
has assumed all the proportions of
an intrigue.
What nation-W’ide feminine fancy
do YOU think we are walloping?
Here are some hints:
It’s a fad that has been going
for several seasons. It’s silly. It
has no intrinsic beauty. It is based
upon a diametrically opposite view
point to one that has been held by
both men and women for centuries.
It can be and often has been harm
ful. It is not especially attractive.
It has no particular reason for hav
ing commenced, and less reason for
continuing. It is something that
ALMOST every woman did.
What was it?
A LOVELY pastel satin evening
gown is worth description to
indicate to you some important fea
tures of the new mode. Its deep
V-shaped decolletage is ornamented
with oval buckles of diamante and
emeralds, and its high waist-line is
marked by a narrow belt trimmed
with the same buckles. The skirt
is pleated all around the hips, giv
ing a full and very long skirt. A
short cape hangs from the back de
colletage and two long panels con
tinue this line to the ground. And
it is most becoming to all tall fig
tt it o'
Ideas for sale! Just a two-cent
stamp to the Dare Department of
The Times brings you new and
different masquerade costume sug
gestions, with complete directions
on how to make several of them.
The charm of individuality in cos
tuming is worth the effort. And
the leaflet tells you just how to go
about it!
tt a tt
SH-h-h-h, a dress I am having
made in heavenly gray satin
for one of my lectures! Even so,
you can make one if you wish —just
as long as you BLOUSE the back of
the blouse a lot, and not the front,
and as long as you swathe the hips,
oh, very lightly. Not to mention
letting the dress dip, so, long in the
back, and the odd decolletage and
the collar, which ends as you can
see, at the back.
tt a tt
For the Christmas Box
BOXES, boxes, boxes! And now
I can hear you how’l like La
Chic Secretaire did. because you
know by this time that this is one
of our pet eccentricities and you
know that our idea of heaven is to
find all our favorite saints and
authors sitting there waiting for
us, each in a lovely little perfumed
and labelled box.
But boxes DO make such a useful
and novel and delightful gift. Where
does dad keep his handkerchiefs?
Exactly—mostly no place! And you
just KNOW he would like a very
beautiful box, to place On top of his
dresser, in which to keep them.
You can line this with silk and
sachet yourself—any one of those
nice clean odors that a man likes,
| such as orris-root or lavender.
And mother or sister would love
a hanky-box, too, or a glove-box,
! or a stocking-box, or all three.
a tt tt
Au Revoir!
Members of the B Natural Music
Club met with Miss Maxine Hook
and Miss Mae Hook. 2120 North
Harding street from 4 to 6 this
afternoon. A musical program was
given by the following members:
Miss Marguerite Pike. Miss Evelyn
Morgan, Miss Betty Noggell. Miss
Rosvline Cook. Miss Mary Catherine
Miller. Miss Doris Catherine Deal.
Miss Louise Manning. Miss Mildred
Eglen. Miss Bernadine Atkins. Miss
Lillian Miller, Miss Betty Craft. Miss
Ixris Steele. Miss Marjorie Hook.
Miss Maxine Hook. Miss Norma
Frances Laufer. Miss Audrey Heigh
chew, Miss Marguerite Ehrhardt,
Miss Palma Quire. Miss Virginia
Sielaff and Miss Dorothy DeLong.
Sisterhood to Meet
Mrs. James Kas Matthews. 4226
Rookwood avenue, will be hostess
for a meeting of Chapter Q, P. E. O.
Sisterhood, at her home at 2 Sat
urday afternoon.
Dog Petting
Sickening to
Child Lover
I heard cooing voices from the
park bench in front of me. A man
and a woman were bending ador
ingly over what, judging from their
rapturous exclamations, could be
nothing less sweet than a baby. The
gorgeous fall foliage made a splen
did setting for such a picture of
family love. It was a heavenly day.
Imagine my consternation, there
fore, when presently they got up to
go and the man swung playfully
over his head a little long-haired
dog. “Oo tweet ’ittle sing,” he
chanted, and mama reached over
to rub down a misplaced hair and
to squeal as they walked off.
The day was utterly ruined.
Nothing less than a good round oath
could have relieved my feelings and
I wanted to shy a brick at the
husky male who seemed so delighted
to be carrying the dog around. Let
me add, in justice to the men, that
this is the first time I ever saw such
an asinine exhibition from their sex.
Only Puppies Are Good
As well confess at once. The only
little dogs I can tolerate are pup
pies. Give me a dog that has some
size and dignity and is too tough
to demand a silken cushion to
sleep on. Dogs ought to be mas
sive and noble and not be earned
around by human beings, nor led
on a string.
Heaven deliver me from these
midget creatures that started out
to be dogs and degenerated into
house cats. They are neither cute
nor dignified. The poor things are
just victims, I suppose, victims of
mortals who have lived a steam
heated existence so long that even
their judgment on dogs is gone.
And the energy that they expend
upon such house pets! They are
all agitated if the darlings are
hoarse, and take great pains with
their tummies, and when, after the
short life’s span is over, they weep
as for a mortal.
Babies are Best
Consider now what all that
energy would produce if put upon a
baby. Even a mongrel baby al
ways will give bigger and better re
turns for your love and your money
than the highest pedigreed dog.
You don’t have to worry about a
baby’s papers. The wee-est insig
nificant thing will be just as sweet,
come next Christmas, as any prin
cess of the royal blood.
Aviation Stunts
and Games Are
Party Features
Mrs. Seth Wells entertained with
a novel rush party Thursday night
at the home of her mother, Mrs.
William N. Eckstein, 1312 Prospect
street. Members of Alpha chapter,
Delta Phi ideta sorority, were guests.
The affair was an airplane party
and all games and stunts on the
program wer<* in keeping with avia
tion. A spread preceded the party.
Tables were lighted with yellow
tapers. Miniature airplanes were
given as favors.
Guests were Miss Edna Staub,
Miss Fay Danta, Miss Ruth Em
hardt, Miss Marguerite White, Miss
Vivian McDaniel. Miss Ophelia Otto
and Miss Orleana Lofton.
The committee in charge of ar
rangements was composed of Mrs.
Houston T. Cory, Miss Helen. Cha
ney and Miss Lucile Grepp.
Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Fraterrnal
Order of Eagles, No. 211, will give
a card party in their temple, 43
West Vermont street, Saturday
night at 8:30. This is a special
party for the benefit of the furnish
ings of the new ladies’ parlor. Mrs.
D. R. Sturgeon is chairman.
A card party will be sponsored at
8:30 Saturday night at 143 East
Ohio street by members of ladies’
auxiliary to Convention City post,
No. 1,045 Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Mrs. Froman Ewing is in charge.
Artemas Club will give a card
party for members and guests
Tuesday afternoon, at 2 at the
Brookside park community house.
Mrs. John Engelke, chairman, will
be assisted by Mrs. Charles Mc-
Bride, Mrs. Charles Judy and Mrs.
W. G. Praed.
Members of the Merrie-Eight
Bridge Club were entertained with
a luncheon meeting Thursday after
noon at the home of Mrs. Herbert
Lawson. 833 Temple avenue. Next
meeting will be held Oct. 21 at the
home of Mrs„ O. C. Osborn, 610
Beville avenue.
Young People’s Club of St. Roch’s
church will entertain with a card
party Sunday afternoon and night.
A chili and plate supper will be
served from 5 to 7 o’clock. Free
transportation will be furnished
from the South Meridian street car
line. Closing of the fall bazar will
feature the party.
Mrs. H. H. Coburn. 3349 Park ave
nue. and her daughter, Mrs. Harold
McDonald, left Thursday for New
York. Mrs. McDonald will sail
Wednesday. Oct. 23, on the S. S.
Aquitania far England. From there,
she will go through the Mediter
ranean to Persia, where she will
join her husband.
Rush, Party Arranged
Miss Roslyn Hockman and Miss
Florence Smith are on the commit
tee in charge of the rush party to be
given at 5:30 Sunday by members
of the Junior Kodima Club, at the
Subway. Twenty-eighth and Merid
ian streets. Miss Lena Penish is
sponsor of the group.
Waverite Permanent
Complete, Including Finger Wave
Nestle Circuline, $5.00
Robertson Beauty Shoppe"
Formerlv of Shelbyfille
2157 N. Illinois St. -fALbot 5003
Handbags in
High Favor
Copyright. 1929. bv Style Sources
NEW YORK, Oct. 18.— Keeping
step with the procession, the goal
of which is elegance, has of course
stimulated bag designs. They are
highly original at the moment and
not only oddly shaped but cleverly
designed insofar as trimmings and
fabric contrasts are concerned.
There is renewed interest in fab
ric and embroidered handbags. The
return to favor of embroideries,
particularly finely wrought petit
point and Beauvais, may be traced
to the development of the formal
These bags frequently have hand
some jew’eled frames and are an
admirable accessory for the cos
tume of rich fabrics and semi-for
mal aspect.
Hand in hand with bags of this
type are those of antique oriental
brocades, metal lame, moire and
velvet. While many of the antique
brocades were offered last winter at
a moderate price, they have lost
none of their fashion importance
and are presented in new styles
with marcasite, jeweled -or en
ameled clasps.
Their mellow colorings provide a
rich yet neutral accessory for the
frock, and the very luxury of their
composition is repeated in the fab
rics which make the formal after
noon or evening gowns—metal
lames, moire, velvets, laces, nets and
Even the leather bag has taken
to embroidered decoration. Pliable
suede in black, brown and bright
colors is particularly well adapted
for this purpose, and several of the
leading New York style creators are
sponsoring them.
Announcement is made of the
marriage of Miss Helen Graham,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cassius
M. Graham, 502 East Twentieth
street, to Ralph Tilton, Miami, Fla.,
which took place at 9 Thursday
morning at Roberts Park Methodist
Episcopal church. The Rev. Mr.
Edwin W. Dunlavy read the service.
Mr. and Mrs. Tilton have gone to
Miami where they will make their
-- #
H erold-Hay worth
Announcement is made of the en
gagement and approaching marriage
of Miss Levada Herold, 1309 Finley
avenue, to Cecil E. Hayworth. The
wedding will take place at 7 Satur
day night, Oct. 26, at the home of
the bride’s aunt, Mrs. C. H. Sar
gent, 2616 North Arlington avenue.
Miss 110 Gaalema, sister of the bride,
will be her maid of honor and
Wayne Jackson will be best man.
20 West
Saturday's Birthday Special!
All New . . . Styles for Women
JwMlji and Misses
Actual $35 and $39.50 Coats
IlillS . U In the preparation of this extraordinary Birthday coat
MjllSll sale for Saturday, our buyer selected only fashions that
iffilj ;• || \ are acknowledged successes .. . such as the low placed
ijjfgL I 111 1111 l / flare ... the princess line .. . and the intricately
|§n Jjfl! .| ll seamed straight line .. . tailored in the best manner
SNJ ' : 1 HU* ... and abundantly trimmed with smart furs.
\ % “ Rumble Seat Coats' > j**
“Chinchilla Coats )y Tg
ll “Sports Coats” m
Regularly MUCH MO/?£_ Ri
- & * t * - -
I gar, /
'Wmk-’&r i *~
A number of Indianapolis folk are spending autumn vacations at
French Lick. Among those who have been there during the past week
are Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Denham, 2335 North Pennsylvania street.
Highland Club
Arranges for
Season’s Close
Elaborate plans are being made by
a committee of sixty members for
the final party of the season at the
Highland Golf and Country Club,
under direction of Mr. and Mrs.
Homer C. Lathrop.
The closing event will be a dinner
dance Saturday, Oct. 26. Members
are to be entertained with novelties
in music and decorations.
Chairman of committees in charge
of arrangements are: Music, Mr.
and Mrs. Lyman Whittaker; deco
rations, Mr. and Mrs. Hal T. Ben
ham; refreshments, Mr. and Mrs. H.
C. Shroeder; lighting, Mr. and Mrs.
A. R. C. Kipp, and hospitalities, Mr.
and Mrs. John C. Considine.
Weds in East
Marriage of Miss Virginia
Springer, 5730 East Washington
street, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. Springer, Palmerton, Pa., son
of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Springer,
3911 Broadway, took place Thurs
day in Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs.
Springer will be at home in Palmer
ton, Pa.
Mrs. Ora Simmons entertained
members of the O. N. T. Club
Thursday night at her home, 1401
Lawrence avenue, University
Heights, with a hamburger fry.
A musical program followed the
supper. Guests included Miss Mil
dred Colliver, Miss Dorothy Brat
ton, Miss Cecelia Quinn, Miss Mary
Miller, Miss Ethel Reinken, Miss
Francis Buckley, Miss Vonda Bark
er, Miss Norma Miller, Miss Martha
Moran, Miss Hazel Hundley, Miss
Catherine Boyle, Mrs. Flora Gehle,
Mrs. Ora Simmonds, Mrs. Ethel
Heck, Mrs. Catherine Gilby, Mrs.
Dorothy Delano, Mrs. Pearl Hull,
Mrs. Annette Floyd, Mrs. Nellie
Elmore and Mrs. Hallie Marsh.
Give Home-Coming Party
Members of Alpha Delta Theta
sorority of Butler university will
have their annual home-coming
luncheon at 1 o’clock Saturday at
the chapter house, 725 Berkeley
road. Alumnae members will be
honor guests. Miss Ercil Askren,
president of the chapter, will be
toastmistress. Pledges will give a
stunt. Reservations may be made
at the chapter house with Miss
OCT. IS, 1929
Is Held
Guests of honor at the President’s
day celebration of the Indianapolis
Matinee Musicale. held from 3 to 5
this afternoon at the John Herron
Art institute, with Mrs. Robert I.
Blakeman. president, were past pres
idents and life members.
Those include Miss Adelaide Car
men. Miss Florence Howell, Mrs.
William C. Lynn, Mrs. A. M. Rob
ertson, Mrs. J. S. Jerickes. Mrs.
Henry Schurmann, Mrs Charles
Pfafflin, Mrs. Lafayette Page, Mrs.
Hugh McGibeny, Mrs. Frederick M.
Ayres, Mrs. Isaac Born, Mrs. John N.
Carey, Mrs. William H. Coleman,
Mrs. James Cunning, Mrs. J. I.
Holcomb, Mrs. J. S. Holliday, Mrs.
Hugh McK. Landon, Mrs. Bert Mc-
Bride, Mrs. Henry J. McCoy, Mrs.
Hugh J. McGowan and Mrs. Frances
T. Sayles.
Among those who attended the
affair were Mrs. John Lilly, who*,
recently returned from Boston, for
residence in Indianapolis: Mrs.
George Jamerson, wife of General
Jamerson. Ft. Benjamin Harrison;
Mrs. Ralph K. Polk, and Mrs. Earl
M. Ogle.
Mrs. Paul Fishier, Miss Helen Har
rison, Miss Margaret Harrison. Mica
Frances Hamilton, Miss Alberta
Lieber, active members of the musi
cale; Mrs. C. H. Larsh, Miss
Georgianna Rockwell, Miss Ruth
Gant, Miss Lucile Stewart, and Miss
Dante Conner, members of the stu
dent section, were ushers and assist
ants at tea time.
Meridian Hills
Club Arranges
Treasure Hunt
Invitations have been issued by>
the Meridian Hills Country Club for
an “endurance flight” treasure hunt,
to be given tonight, followed by a
buffet supper.
The “takeoff” will be from the
clubhouse at 7:30. Members have
been instructed to “bring maps of
Marion county, pencils, flashlights,
watches, goggles, automobiles, ac
curate speedometers, and a good
sense of direction.”
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Beckett
and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence V.
Sheridan are in charge. Reserva
tions should be made at the club
house in advance.
Annual dinner and membership
meeting of the club will be held
Monday at the clubhouse. Dinner
will be served at 6:30 and the meet
ing will be held at 8. The Halloween
dance, which was to have been given
Nov. 1, will be held Nov. 2.
20 West,
- Street

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