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OCT. IS, 1029
Home Life ,
Books Our
Best Friends
One of the peculiar and puzzling
problems facing every young man
and woman contemplating matri
mony is the thought of diverse
types. Although the somewhat an
cient version of the attraction of
opposities still is believed by many,
sometimes it is not a good, hard
rule to adhere to and in others it is.
A young woman has penned a lit
tle missive somewhat along those
lines. It follows:
Dear Miss Lee—Would vou advise to!-
lowing the old about the attrac
tion of opposites? I am a vounjr woman.
23 *r.,nloved In a downtown office, and
for the oast month hav<> b—n zotnz with
a vounz man two vears mv senior, a.so
emoloved in the cltv. He is excellent
company, a ftne fellow, and is making
enough monev to support a wife and prob
ably would make a good husband.
But. there is where the advantages halt.
We are of opposite tvpes and perhaps It
•would be a rnia ’en should wo marry. I
am what perhaps can be termed the
modern tvpe of girl. I am well educated,
and. In mv own estimation, have a bit
.more than the average intelligence of the
modern girl.
The young man I am going with is
more of the ofd fashioned type and be
lieves an evening at home, minus shoes,
by the way. is the greatest heritage left
to man bu his forefathers. His idea of a
*ood time is a good book and keeping
•wav Dom crowds.
I believe in parties, dancing and all the
things that generally are associated with
a good time. I'm not wild, but like to
have some fun. Mv bov friend isn’t an
angel however. He smokes, swears aulte
fluently at times, and is not adverse to
taking a few drinks, occasionally. There’s
two types. What would you do?
It’s a hard problem for ’anybody
to solve, “Miss Puzzled,” and It
merely is one of the things modern
women have to face at sometime cr
Life isn’t one party after another
and women must come to the
realization that the best friends of
both man and woman is books and
friends who know enough to have
but about one “night out” a week.
Your friend. “Miss Puzzled,” per
‘haps has matured a bit before his
time and he is all the better for
that. You don’t have to be afraid
of his smoking, his swearing and his
few drinks. And, anyway, that
peculiar idea of man to take his
shoes off at home, was practiced by
our fathers and their fathers before
them. It’s just man’s nature.
“Miss Puzzled” would be much
better off if she married her boy
friend than one of her own type.
For, in a few years, more or less, she
will have her husband’s ideas and
will be all the better woman for it.
Miss Edna Dean and Miss Evelyn
Dean entertained with a kitchen
shower at their home, 1501 Herschel
avenue, Wednesday night in honor
of Miss Dorcas Sips, whose marriage
to Roy A. Loy will take place soon.
Decorations and appointments
were carried out in pink and white.
The shower gifts were arranged
under a pink and white umbrella.
Guests with the bride-elect included
Mrs. Gertrude Krieger, Mrs. Mary
Sanford, Mrs. Lester Harding. Mrs.
Howard Poole, Miss Frances Kunkle,
Miss Dorothy Kunkle, Miss Isabel
Appleby, Miss Betty Yates, Miss
Ideyln Yates and Miss Ruth
111 a\ ft Men's All-Wool Suits Cft SSBBF™^^SSSSS
lj 1 /fk 1 m Tailored from the choicest of fab- Hk Ifi §1 ® ' 9/SB
|I 19 }// V H Tics. Here yon will find every pop- Mg jfif lY 6
r ular style and shade for faU wear. ’
MB Make your selection now! *
$ 45 S. ILLINOIS pf i
and Ke- f\ 9m W m&y the place of cash at
paired Rite’s. Every gar-
■ BeEclu I Between Washington and Maryland Streets c
Pattern Department,
Indianapolis Times,
Indianapolis Lnd
Enclosed find 15 cents. lot
wnlcb send Pat- fi A 7 A
tern No. O
Size *•••
Name ••••••
6474. Flowered taffeta is here
pictured. One could use printed chif
fon, voile or batiste. The waist is
fitted and shaped in points at the
joining of the full skirt portions.
The puffed sleeve is a girlish model
and the round neck is most becom
ing. Soft fullness is shirred in rows
at the shoulders.
The pattern for this pleasing
model is cut in four sies: 6,8, 10
and 12 years. To make the dress for a
10-year size will require 2% yards of
39-inch material. To finish w’ith
bias binding at neck, sleeve and
waist edges will require two yards
Hi inches wide.
Pattern mailed to any address on
receipt of 15 cents in silver or
Send 12 cents in silver or stamps
for our up-to-date fall and winter
1929 bock of fashions.
Miss Phillips to Talk
Miss Lena Madesin Phillips, ex
president of the National Federation
of Business and Professional Wom
en’s Clubs, and now international
relations chairman of the organiza
tion, will address Indiana university
women students Monday. It will be
the annual fall mass meeting.
Give Mask Dance
Masquerade dance and card party
for the benefit of the Mozart Sun
shine Club will be given Saturday
night, Oct. 26, at the hall, Prospect
and South East streets.
Shower to
Honor City
Miss Mary Halstead, whose mar
riage to Charles Van Buskirk will
take place Oct. 23, will be enter
tained tonight with a bridge party
3nd miscellaneous shower given by
Miss Marion Whetstine at her home,
4233 College avenue.
The gifts will be presented to Miss
Halstead by little Caroline Jane
Singleton, who will be dressed as
Appointments will be carried out
in the bride’s colors, pink and blue.
Pink roses, tied with blue tulle,
will be used in the rooms, and
serving tables will be lighted by pink
tapers tied with bows of the blue
Guests, with Miss Halstead, will
be Mrs. Fred Keithley. Miss Mary
Erwin, Miss Mary Armstrong, Miss
Mary Elizabeth Corder, Miss Helen
McCoy, Miss Mildred Arnholter,
Miss Mary K. Falvey, Miss Pauline
Plummer, Miss Lillian King, Miss
Dorothy Lawson, Miss Shirley Nel
son, Miss Hilda Schmidt, Miss Ruby
Stout, Miss Mary Harris, Miss
Martha May Stanton, Miss Alma
Sorority to Meet
Members of Sigma Phi Gamma
sorority will meet at 8:15 Friday
night at the Hotel Lincoln.
/ Bliley work while you sheep*
No Harm in Pure Cascara
Whenever a coated tongue, bad
breath, disordered stomach or
general “run-down” feeling tell
you Nature needs a little help in
promoting normal elimination you
can take a Cascaret without any
fear of unpleasant after effects.
Cascarets are a pure vegetable
product, made from Cascara
Sagrada, a substance which
unquestionable authorities say
actually strengthens the bozvel
That’s why you can take these
pleasant-tasting tablets as often
as you please—and give them
freely to children or old folks.
They are not habit-forming, like
so many laxatives; they make it
unnecessary to use violent purga-
'4 * i
V- ■
>"' .. .. ' v
i' ' /
.. :y ; .. f
c j.. . .y
---■\ ' -.i- ‘ *
(Platt Photo)
Mrs). John R. Commons Jr.
Marriage of Miss Bernice Kirch,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. F.
Kirch, 5855 University avenue, to
John R. Commons Jr., son of Mr.
and Mrs. John Commons, 812 East
Twenty-first street, took place Oct.
2. Mr. and Mrs. Commons are at
home at 562 North La Salle street.
tives f iat upset the system and
soon call for more.
Cascarets are sweetened with
pure cane sugar and flavored with
licorice; you simply eat them like
candy. Then sleep right on while
they are preparing your intestinal
tract for a thorough cleansing in
the morning. Cascarets never
cause discomfort or that nauseous
feeling usually associated with
The next time you have that
bilious, headachy, dejected feeling
that comes from a disordered
stomach—or for any reason you
suspect liver and bowels are not
functioning just right—take a
candy Cascaret.
Lucille Tyner
Is Honored by
Bridge at Home
Mrs. Henry Powell entertained
with a bridge party at her home,
4534 Washington boulevard, Thurs
day night in honor of Miss Lucille
Tyner, whose marriage to Eugene
Whitehill will take place Saturday
Decorations and appointments
were carried out in pink and green.
At serving time the tables were
lighted with pink tapers tied with
tulle in shade of pink and rose.
Guests with Miss Tyner were:
Mrs. H. O. Powell, Newcastle; Mrs.
Morris Wadley, Mrs. Dana Pollings,
Mrs. James Cooper, Mrs. Francis
Feeney, Mrs. Mary Watkins , Miss
Marjorie Swain of Shelbyville, Miss
Kathryn Buxton, Miss Helen Oakes
and Miss Rosemary Clune.
Better Service at Victor lm
% Shop Early Saturday! By taking advantage of the Saturday morning and early afternoon shopping hours m HB
\ ft, you give our employes a shorter working day, which fn turn, reflects in the COURTEOUS, EFFICIENT, IN- M
ffijBHMA % DIVIDUAL SERVICE which value-wise Victor patrons so fully appreciate. We are sure you will like Victor $ J|
Saturdays from S A. M. to 6 P. 84.
I ihe C S“af e i e .“ ler Wit of j|\ s£ls*\ll
lC" >vj SPECIAL' — Tomorrow, Saturday Only! Mi
Ik 1U “ Simmons” Bed if
I I = POWN! 1 SOc A WEEK! ||
■ Ce<l*irChe*ts
■ l s-Piece
ti *v, l ife Home of Guaranteed Furniture is conveniently located on Washlnston ‘ (
4P 0 . st - Jut IV4 blocks west of Illinois St., directly opposite the Statehouse W j V ‘Cto f J
Pfft| mm m
- Washington St
Miss Catherine McCollum enter
tained members of the Alpha chap
ter, Delta Phi Tau sorority, with a
bridge party Wednesday night at
the Old Oaken Bucket, Pleasant
View. Miss Clare Mae Pollard pre
sented a dance.
Members and guests who at
tended were Mrs. Arch H. Langlais
Jr., Mrs. George Douglas. Mrs. Wal
ter Dviner, Mrs. William Phillips,
Miss Ruth Webb, Miss Martha
Byram. Miss Jane Whitsell, Miss
Marcelle Nickels, Miss Gladys Nick
els, Miss Helen Dehner, Miss Mar
tha Fansler and Miss Mary Bur
Sorority to Meet
Sigma Phi Gamma sorority will
meet Friday at 8:15 in the Traver
tine room of the Lincoln hotel.
Honor New Board
Retiring members of the executive
board of the Seventh District Fed
eration of Clubs will entertain with
an informal reception in honor of
new executive board members of
the district at 3 Friday afternoon at
the Woman's Department Club
home, 1702 North Meridian street.
None More Beautiful
, M The pride of every
woman is to have a be- A P"|a
J / coming hair-dress. We X w U
91 kAow how to bring It to W
A her, with one of our M
f famous permanents. 4ffSBlP
Why pay more?
Frencn j Artistic Permanent Wave System
waves vJ • <jo7 Odd Fellow Bldg. Lincoln 0874
Plan Luncheon M eeting
Members of Indtanapoll* Alpha
Phi Alumnae Association will enter
tain with a luncheon at noon Satur
day in honor of members of the
sorority who are attending the state
Teachers’ convention. Reservations
may be made with Mrs. R. H. North
way, Hu. 5294.

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