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MAY S, 1930.
Is Made for
Theta Party
The following reservations have
been made for the final play of the
Kappa Alpha Theta bridge tourna
ment to be held tonight at the Co
lumbia Club:
Messrs, and Mesdames Clifford
Harrod. Halford Johnson, Thomas
Luckett, Ralph Nessler, Russell
Moore, Robert Lee, P. W. Filer, El
lis Jackson.
Mesdames. Otto C. Mahrdt, Evans
Woollen Jr., Floyd R. Mannon,
Wendell Barrett, Margo Downs,
Allen Greer, Raymond Way, Henry
Churchman, James Reynolds, Sam
uel Deal, C. E. Zimm, Thomas Bar
nett. Paul Rochford, Charles Rau,
Joseph Mullane, A. D. Lange, Max
well Bailey, Albert Seaton. Joseph
Malarky, Edward McGaughey, Wal
ter S. Grenough, Carl Eveletgh,
Walter Krull, L. E. Freeman,
Charles Collins, Robert Axtell, Paul
Buchanan, John W. Atherton, Mrs.
George Stuart. Justus Paul, W. M.
Spencer, E. F. Smith, Theodore
Locke, Orville Page, James Murray,
Homer McKinstray.
Musses Cecelia McDermott, Mar
tha Updegraf, Betty Berterman.
Virginia Mowry, Ruth Smith and
Helen Strawmeyer.
Those who will play in the tour
nament section are: Mesdames E
S. Smith, Theodore Locke, L E.
Sieman, Henry L. Dithmer Jr., Wal
ter Stuhldreher, Harold Kealing,
Layman Schell, Carl Queisser, Har
old Mercer, Coburn Scholl, Edwin
O’Neel, Evanson Earp, Walter Shir
ley, William Schumacher, and Misses
Miidred Cook, Edith Robinson, Jua
nita Stamper. Betty McMath, Alice
Ball and Helen De Grief.
Miss Sara Frances Downs is chair
man in charge of arrangements, as
sisted by Mrs. Joseph Mullane, Mrs.
Fred Ahrbecker, Mrs. Harold Mer
cer and Mrs. James Ray.
Gives Bridge Party
Mrs. Julia Phillips, who has just
returned from Carol Gables, Fla.,
was the guest of honor at a bridge
party given today by Mrs. Anna
Conner. 2902 Central avenue. Guests
were Mrs. Malica Collins, Mrs. Wini
fred Farrell, Mrs. Martin Fallon,
Mrs. Sabina McAvin, Mrs. John H.
McCarty, Mrs. Mary Smith and
Miss Winifred Dugan.
Ten Finger Waves if we Shampoo
New Process
Frederic | A
Croquignole ....*) A U
Eugene Waves, $lO
31 E Ohio St. Lincoln 6867
Waves given in the evening by
Fine Shoes
Women who appreciate qual- ft9BßT*<ijjj
ity shoes can purchase two
pairs of these for the price ||Pl||||L
of one pair—when perfect.
Imperfections are so slight
they affect neither the looks
or the wear. Usual retail
price $6 to SB. AAA to C. mLv
$ 3* 95
Sizes 2 1 /s to 9
Stout’s Big Four Shoe Store
352-354 West Washington Street
Skin Left Soft and Smooth
Koremlu Cream acts directly on hair roots —devitalizing
them—gradually weakening the growth of hair until it dis
appears entirely.
Koremlu Cream is gradual in action but safe and fool-proof
in results. Its ingredients are so gentle, they cannot injure
the most delicate skin. When using Koremlu, no other cream
is needed to keep skin soft and smooth.
Apply Koremlu on face, arms or any part of body marred
by superfluous hair. Buy your first jar today. Money re
funded if Koremlu fails after satisfactory trial.
The Wm. H. Block Cos. A *
Ai H. P. Wasson & Cos. Booklet
Patterns '
Pattern Department,
Indianapolis Times,
Indianapolis, Ind.
Enclosed find 15 cents for
which send Pat- C O 1
tern No. O O 1
Size -
City -
| O \ ?jj ‘ j|i
if 63l ll'
It’s anew version that adapts it
self beautifully to printed crepe silk
for the all-day frock.
It’s sleekly flattering with the bow
tied neckline and shirred bodice.
The low-flared skirt fullness is de
cidedly graceful and slimming.
Style No. 631 may be obtained in
sizes 16, 18, 20 years, 36, 38, 40 and
42 inches bust. The medium size
takes but 3% yards of 39-inch mate
Pattern price 15 cents in stamps
or coin (coin is preferred). Wrap
coin carefully.
We suggest that when you send for
this pattern, you inclose 10 cents
additional for a copy of our new
Spring Fashion Magazine.
Girl Can Be
Popular and
Keep Kisses
Starting with the “date” age until
a girl becomes a matron, the most
important question she must ask
herself is, “Shall I or shaii I not
And her decision has a great
bearing on her future life. The ques
tion has been hashed and rehashed
in a thousand different ways.
Girls write in that they are prim
and proper, and as a consequence
spend their evenings .tatting. Other
girls write in that they have been
good sports all their lives (by which
they mean they have been free with
the kisses) and now, at an age when
they should be married and happy,
they are single and utterly miser
The girls say: “If we don’t pet
the boys won’t take us out.” The
boys say: “When we marry, we
want girls who have known how to
Where and Sconomy M§el
4 West Washington Street
Fa iH
I J |. "k '-m gilil
j I I \ \jS ; w\ Special Purchases in Addition
' / \cC ay to Our Regular Stocks
V M-I'ijfr Assures a Choice cf
Hot }\ pH All the Newest
v / v ■ l|j|| Styles
ft!' :: s 118
B. , ; 1* ***Lp. icfa.r'Vv
14 ■ I if
Hii, YA * ?I L->
’miki/Ji.M mJt
ft J la, "Y jMm /
1 wjl lyj*
/ I wfe 1 '
1/ • ssl
t % vc At
, M , MM \ \ $}
' mfmmWK
silk coats m Bi
j BESiIb * ’/ *l*;
All Beautifully Styled / jfi
and of Rare Quality I JBIMBII //f : i
at This Price — / filifi 11 L&. f 4lLjl
f* r*m
The season's newest style ere- J JafiaEffEgM \ ,srm
atiens in a variety of models to / j J ’ ■
suit ever\ need at a price that is /Ml [' | B i
amazingly low for tomorrow's / £§§ j|f j m f
sale. / t$l "•/ B
Here is.a sale of coats that Ijg SP>ar / 1 M
must appeal to those who would W&Bmf M 1 wßk
save without sacnficing style or T £&BragS jS&jf T : I fU
quality. Cape coats in all the J/
smarter effects. Coats with |i L HH
reveres of flat fur. Dressy coats
of wool crepe, broadcloth and V. L
twill. -Sport coats in basket \ l /
weaves tweeds and novelty \ V: ; ; i y. B
weaves, in all the most popular \ 1 J \ : ■
spring colors. For style, smart- l s t J r^iß
ness and price they are in a , | j \ M
class by themselves. / [ i W=|[B
__===: CHARLES , A —■■■hg
say no at the right times. We
don’t want wives who have been
kissed by every ‘drugstore cowboy’
and ‘davenport hound’ in town. We
don’t want second-hand, remnant
And the girls come back with,
“Says you.” As long as you are
just dating and out for a godQ time,
which is until you are about 25 or
30, you want to take to a party the
girls who are good sports. You want
girls who are not averse to a little
kiss, drink and smoke. If we do
these things we’re good party ma
terial, which means we’ll be popular
when we’re young and vigorous.
But it reduces our stock matrimoni
What’s the answer?
In the first place, it is a gener
ally accepted theory among young
girls that boys set the pace. They
do not. Several of the most popu
lar of the younger girls set the style
in behavior, and the rest of the
girls, feeling that it will insure their
own popularity, which is in need of
bolstering up, follow suit.
Naturally the boys will take all
the petting can get. But if
the girls refuse to pet, without put
ting on that “holier th.tn thou”
attitude that ruins man> a good
girl’s chances, the boys v ill accept
the rebuff without giving up the
girl’s friendship.
It amounts to this. If a girl is
clever and good at handling situa
tions, she can be just as good as
her great-grandmother and just as
popular as the freshest flapper that
ever tipped a cocktail. If she isn’t
clever, she’s very apt to have to
resort to heavy petting. So it’s
really a, stigma she puts upon her
self in the eyes of her boy friends.
She’s advertising the fact that she’s
not smart enough to get along with
out petting.
And very often she is choosing
fleeting popularity for a home and
So you girls who are wondering
whether you should or whether you
shouldn’t, better had ask yourself
another question, which is con
cerned with something far more im
portant than making every frater
nity dance. Too often, the most
popular “number” in high school
and college is left holding the bur
lap when it comes time to don the
bridal satin and tulle veil.
Take your choice. Be mildly
popular and have an added chance
of getting a husband when the time
comes. Or hold your own for im
mediate popularity and reduce your
matrimonial stock.
Indiana alumnae of Oxford col
lege, Oxford, 0., will hold their state
luncheon Saturday at the Lincoln.
People Will Always Find It Profitable
to Shop at the People’s On
95c S *O3 1 50c
' ! iJ- f
llf/ffr , Please,
'Jj U /y 0 Phone Orders
People’s offer this cabinet base at this low price Friday only to open new accounts
and to make friends. Every housewife will be proud to own one of these well-built
cabinet bases, finished in green and gray, or gray and green. Serves not only
as a cabinet base, but also as a work or breakfast table. Ideal for apartments
or homes where space is limited. Roomy interior with nickel wire shelf. Also con
venient drawer for silverware. Just as pictured. Stands 29 1 /2 inches high. Top
measures, when open, 38x20 inches; with leaves down, 20x22 inches.
Beautiful,’extra heavy, deep-pile rugs woven with-
out a seam. New spring designs and colors ™ i/==
New attractive designs and colors from which to pi
select. Covers the average floor without a seam.
Per square yard
Cut from full rolls 6 feet wide. Your choice of beau
tiful new patterns and colors. Per square yard
is withinY)ur reach
DID you ever feel so desperate you wanted to :£?w Wm C %Sm
jump out of a window? That’s the wrong end § mm * M '*w*f bsß
fmSfi Si H you desire firm flesh, a glowing it is easier to fight disease and in
fmlP* complexion, energy, vitality and the section; to enjoy your food and to
w blessings of health you must keep sleep soundly. When firm flesh takes
fsWr' Up your blood in good condition. the place of that which was once
fffim*’- 4 m S.S.S. has been a blessing to mil- fia bby, you will feel strong—your
fmm Jm lions of people who have taken ad- nerves will become steady— more
/vantage of its wonderful medicinal happiness and friends will follow.
properties. It gives to Nature what Take S.S.S. daily at mealtime. It
it needs to build you up so that your helps Nature build rich, red-bloo<^
SjpiPl system may throw off the cause. cells. It is made from strictly fresh
With an increase in the red-blood- vegetable drugs and has stood the
gHfl cells, you will be on the right road test for over 100 years. All good
jßy jfßfijßl to Health. This is Nature’s way to drug stores sell S.S.S. in two sizes.
HgJfl msi body power and to clear skin. Nat- Ask for the larger size. It is more
if m U urally, with your strength restored, economical.
Hvl iw Makes You
mtim iCCC Feel Like
liiu.J. J duo. Yourself Again
Plans for the affair were made
Tuesday at a meeting of the Indian
apolis'association held at the home
of Mrs. Leo Shumaker, 3735 Salem
street. Mrs. Harold Trusler was
assistant hostess.
Guests at the meeting were Mrs.
L. M. Rhodes, Mrs. H. C. Dinwiddle,
Mrs. Henry L. Fuller, Mrs. Olethe
Renard, Mrs. Frank Brodt. Mrs. C.
F. Fox. Miss Mary Gold. Miss Ber
nice Wren, Miss Helen Elliott and
Miss Adele Renard.

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