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The Indianapolis times. [volume] (Indianapolis [Ind.]) 1922-1965, September 26, 1930, Home Edition, Image 9

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SEPT. 26,1930.
' " -'■'• ''■? M<•'T ■on r.r K I ''nmu F\F.M\r, STARTC'G \ T I „ £2-* a *■% #r ts ***
I nturr 1 -.f.n pm \n<. UH< > AST |f ’ O'CLOCK B It#”* ftyfllil*Pill©® * h|| i?^B
DOMING 9 Whilr jOO Broom? Wii! La*; ft Vo One Con Undersell * 9
granulated I Fine Q “’ li,y The Leader' HHBBH P^BmBwnmmhb^HBBHMMBBRH
I r&NF. sugar I House Brooms I Store price* must be the lowest In In- ".'JPBiBf - -S*
Ar# V V# e” ■ ■ tllanapolls. For 3 3 ears we have led with SHHggpK fig gW B ” —e w JB
. ___ ■ Strongly sewed; ■ lowest prides and we absolutely guarantee !£$ RBf |ggg . , sag 11 *
MSB SpP Lb BdV OHi P . n |„„j‘ no intori JpA ■ that your savings. here are the city * best. pBHpH jSS ’ HUMW HH -■&, !■ NW ■BPUWHk^SiIa
* n . Orlv tH ■ cnioren paiTliea gSS an. Hi □ which means that should another store price SMS f|NK jjM H BSB ._ wS —ip SjuRSKStSK BW _%■
Jg , . BF HI |ft* Is Onlv K '%P-L' Si any item at a Drire lower than our* you can IIH| ®j§ ''■PS 'JBS JH J=
£S9 I.lmit JOJ HanUHT! '-Mil. J®{ *SS ■ buy that item, the same day at the same Wf WgSg SHS Eg ■ 'Wlfalfißi -jjHf
ffijf To Ladies only Limit *fc!3l price at the Leader Store. SEE ,jßm| flB 3n
Saturday and Mondav morning 10 to W SAM KD\l ONLV. UHFLE 2.nn , "' "** S , A 1 T 4 LR ®\ V * ND MONDAI MmJLmm—^Mßb—
-1) a. m onlv we will seH LAST-FRESH ROASTED p 11 to 12 A >*•
V “VAN CAMP’S” L LEADER’S FAVORITE f Wilson's awr _WBL~ ~ HBI 1881 l J§
All Fresh 4 JP | flßjjH
mL stock or^ r> 1 cans 1 -J Emm
BL_ at only jMK,i ONLY # ' _rJL. ~
E“””““ — “““'■“““BF‘ — TArcRDAY^FTraNooN!™MFT^DonN^i 5 Ivory and Grey S CHOICE Tr Ravfltt Undies ! *W*a*la4*>S a
utTING AT l P H starting AT 2P. M. ICottOlt BattS f E* MaM .l wa 1 r*h Routed Salted f 50ciftSc Value. 1 t 01I®IP!®f. B 1
IARETTES IP 2 6 White Naptha 1 •'” F%r A s s E “®“® 1 Spanish Peanuts | Bloomed Steplns, J 25c to 50c Values ||
flu ? y #B 8 oOc to s>l.uu values ■ 3- ‘ . 3 ff MAVIS TALCUM POWDER!
* P ayk mm l LAUNDRY SOAP Ih™ comfo NTr *. ■MS* I PRESERVING Jhp 1 Fresh Candy a V estS 8819 PantlßS | COLGATE'S TOOTHPASTE'
eiloid TB fifluN k M"Vr fOT m y I KETTLES WM f € $ fl I LISTERINE SHAVING CREAM ■■
X*v Hl % fSTIO® JlOuting Flannel if D,^r’ /3 B canuy < It ft Af|C J| ™otfacepowdeei
2 I-ackatre, to a Customer J%jjM First ouaUty. £ BASINS Wi W DEPT. Jl 4B f*., E*S
nev at Our >-w Toha-r-, , SLf ° From fu „ bolts. jH R ...
i; i!!Bg~QMiilrsToicoATg™Bq*M- ladies"
;B - BHBI ® *** —-" Saturday will be a busy day in our Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear department. | m mßpb*
milit 44 n~n mwiil? r^Sr-Hl
Iss r, t£€ jR IJ' I 1
ill* ' MPMte'a'u FGi B J FUMWMIiro' I MSlSS**ia> IbWhA 1
I Rftlo® eLAO® S H, I flrv Taufuj
1 ekaße l L I 111^,fte S !HATS I ANO Pft A# 5 1-M Siftf* 1.
rn wtaafON I W Work Pants W Dress Pants Dress Caps iQ Water Pails Oilcloth W JEWERLY 1 g2’ Dam ' y
i/Sf Former SI to $2 \alues Former §3.00 Values fag? S Heavy galvanized xo-quart buck- Regular 39c Yard Tj|r Former 25c to §I.OO BS flj
lIS ai All sizes. 80 to 44 Dark worsteds W All sizes. 30 to 44 Wool cash- K Woo" flbHcs HE * tß, OB sal * at onl 5 ~ # First quality. In white marble M NECKLACES
I1 77-JL 8 1“A s<kXs jLig HL jII
riS I Soy*'Fait suits I Ladies'SMAßT NEW FALL |l|A
i 51tS I ""““““f v 2“' I STRAPS—PUMPS—TIES IHwOlfinl I Bloa, ’ I
I Stc a° A Iltffti Fh®£2<B r** Anc IK THRIFTY BUYERS SHOP HERE! Our tables will be loaded tomorrow with a grand m ~ ® ! ©® Fine SilK HOS© I BOyS Heavy BL ~IM
ApIbmSS wAJr W display of Fall Novelties in patents, suedes, velvets, kids and satin slippers. All sires. Arch m3 Former 69c Values RIBBED HOSE
I 79c Va,ues! ~*l \ Ilf J\ Rayons included 6 Ir- i C Look here! First ft| 8 ftM** rp
9 Ia large assortment, all j£e ®- I EfflEwM S£l <A\ Q regulars. Lisle heel quality. All sixes. Go Jft I 1
1 I Boy.’ Wool I MB “ I PURE S 'sHjk r HOSE - RAYON HOSE I 1
I X "e* * ,>< ' ai gSSBM & A f Ail *izes. French and A large assortment I n i „ rk,n * On i
I *** C’° c * 3b 4F B Pprmer >1.50 \ alues I E fancy heel*. All new of new patterns. Tr- lm 9 ° d; 1 * t
I *J* *' mill ■ All sire*. Bto 16. Go w \ \ I/ vdflD S fall shade*, slight sub- *so regulars. All sizes. At tjPI B
■ *** on * al<> at ooly •■• l K S&fiQjlßfflSjalbS j standards. Lisle heel PAIR I
I®°^ S UJS® B 1 Blue Overalls \®® / . / 1 P dmmhose I |
I 1419® 1 rA?"™ J ErpiirTlv” | 1
I "'■ silverware | ->'
HERE' KNIVES—FORKS AAA to EEE I I Cuban Heel I H W** fiUAßߥ¥tf fm B AlvH 8
1 re ?, U c L s A chSol I TABLESPOONS | * SHOPFIWQ BAfea S J* *Ch^%
t^e 11 A rAR IHa Oxfords Men s Pfess I straps & I ******* I
■ V**cvar* 5 ■ r AnO ACr Ml# —a only- AH giro*. Hack and tan. Go on 4n tis sto s, , 0 on V Pf f %- gUEM i Q
: SOcg 49C *i-*7 • 97-

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