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SEPT. 3, 1931
Bakrd Chicken Bmm S l S
SouthT*'"* i j V | | ? I
Fresh Pumpkin i |
Entire Store Open Till 9P. M. Friday—Free Bus Service Every 15 Minutes from Circle and English Theatres
School Oxfords G° Downstairs for These Bargains!
$2 Worth of Style and Quality Cj Off P P IVT QtA ffi Rolt Top Bread Boxes • 1 No. 8 Calv. Wash Boilers, <ri
~~ ' '~' iTI | ‘ 4 J™ C pi pnalily, W(S C.Mr M
1 3 Good House Brooms j|
Boudoir Slippers If mSbL
Smart, comfortable slippers er. High quality throughout, by adults. Get 1 tr immeH r*>irif*r
with rayon lining, soft Krinkled rubber soles. You’ve tickets as you I u pto 25 pouifds and I jjj>P 1 Casserole and 6 Custards, Baking Set SI.OO |
leather soles, low Cuban paid $2 many a time for shoes enter. g usually sells else- Hi 1 Utility <t*>u ? / W.’iA ro„ fl ti nn 1
heels. Choice of black, blue or no better than these. Sizes Bft § where4abouti.7s, |g| f l P bets > 3 - Jars Wlth Cover s—Complete. SI.OO
green. Sizes3 to 8. to 2. -Sears’First Floor. hsMaiEa , "immim Bum Glass Beverage Sets—Shaker <jjj 8
I D-DUDU. HX J Bird Cage or Stand. Your OI I
*1 "1 1 g &|| I Each pot of this set I ■ ■—■_! -1 | Choice of 4 Colors. Only P 1
Lloilar Dale or Furniture! I #*§t Iji zz^rAZ'&.ti
/SS Come Early to Share in These Values! 2__Ji 'i I I if f $1 I
L N V \ D1 \ f* ri i || 1 Each has rust-resist- '^l|JF^ ? f | 5-Piece Cannister Set, Sc gar, (f*“|
I 13.1© Vji3SS Corner £x3CK II ~ ff\~“ |jjjj| I ingside-handles. JflM 1 I fflH j Flour, Coffee, Tea and Bread. .. v 1
SfeL Mirrors (H ; With 3 Shelves $ ® I I I || I— B
Heavy quality. Chipped edges. fi| Useful and decorative. As * W f Si iti IT • ra 26-Inch
C ° mPlete | . Several colors. g 8 11 | lTOlling Board Hand
i • Xf f - t I | Smoker Lamp M Toilet Soap I ° o_ wc
y yj Velour Foot Stools B| With Shade .] I Size, 1 2 x 48; It is 4 I
j Offered in several colors. Gener- gg Ideal for the den or smokers’ Hi M 3 /.it for * I 1 made with three stur- 1 Jm/T il
OUS size. I table. Choice of red or green. i :| S | “ * Idy legs, well-braceand
- _ _ —n .. fl f? , , - I with a wide spread | IHH
3-Pot Fernerv — Tjm ßadio Ji-a liNj Waldorf | m the back to p re - / v ill I a
Well made of wrought iron. Fin- Lamp fg Tissue 1 three \. MM known W make° nally 8
tfj In ll j 8 \StJI f s^a^ e an d 1| 24 for SI.OO 8 pine top won’t warp. *"—y*" 1 1 ||||f| —Sears’ Basement. |
lUk. H"11L JL/l II jtJijSil Part-Wool Blankets I $2.00 Searchlight I
Smooth sanded. Ready to JS . TI p ? ~ g V 70x80 Each I 0
paint or enamel. Mirror front f Hli I I \ Fine single I_. . ~ L, I
nt If m ll _ T-,. r; a J cnch orchd, as pictured.
ifii T. HL" . tfl Card I’ini shed in black W’alnut Finished End SBBi [raff f I Im (X. and cotton - I focusing beam of I
fan Ffm n TT 1„ )H and gold. Covered Tables. at i .i h ij Plain colors gp I bright light—use I ll
Tb ** with red or green $| Cn, y $1 l i ! *£* M |it efery nfghj wh" 1 %
Q V Round corner style. Red velour, aspic- # g Bridge Lamps with *, orchid. | touring or camping! '
jf or green. tured. jj 10-inch Shade .... pl —Sears’ Second Floor Sateen | Black metal case Im \
TT^ ==== |j|||| \ match S t o fl | With bult> ’ battei T- j
Dollar Sale boys’ Sweaters Leather Brief Cases Pennsylvania Motor Oil
_ . I f ly “ a v/ a 2 Gallon^
Urapenes I *w 1 sr-sns*! am-
■*• | MJyfjffltfWffl Sweaters K 9B| 1‘ : >Wi Reinforced MB aii s. A. E. grades, t R
fliT Cretonne jA 1 siipon cricket cotton ■ afndpn+g ldea f ° r H iPEWMSTOMMI the finest made. T ■
IVanM Pr tll 8 sweaters in fancy B ents> ■ The emblem at left
urA P * * ▼ B WpFw patterns for school “ Fibre Over-Nltf faepc ad 1 is your guarantee.
H - m Regularly $1.39. Strong locks and catches i I I Permit No. 334 !?' eal ® ra seUln *f the
if, vTrfety 0f° P patS! H , ¥ _ . . Two styles-black only. A real value. f I I motor oil are permitted the'use olthfsS
ii Ready to hang. gg kCj’XTro K t ■ -Sears’First Floor. | number and emblem in accordance with re-
U|Y flg l\XiiLlVUru ra fr ■ I quests of the Federal Trade Commission.
M 2 Pairs Dainty ■ , ul} v lif f\J\ 1 a n 1 I While one Carload Lasts
lli Curtains Hei ? are extra B Decks toiigressCards T ..
j| 5-Piece Ruffled Sets I ?°°. J M Regularly 63c. Fine finish. Very at- ®ll M- IngC $1
of hard twist voile. Mpp | Knickers for school wi tractive backs. One day, Friday onlv Lights tT f Mirrors If |
I S f| ■iH T ar - ** Pat ' at this price. ‘ jB SST SSS&
fiH yards long. * B tern and lasting Two School Sets B fight or d dan S er m s tgS" Cy tall ° n upper door hinge. Required
fgfH colors. Sizes 6 to Regularly 89c Each g by law in some states.
c„ „L . B ■ImPB 16 years. SB Waterproof bag, pencil box, tablets, B Cigar e 1 Ford # 1
oash Curtains B 3 K fl etc - Whi,e the y last - 2 f °>- g Lighter. 51 Pistonß $ |
4 Pairs for L 1 T W a QL:*+~ I - B “”' F, "‘XWS ss
Usuall 35c Pair 'I Uwj U OilllLS board. Easy to install. and pins. Usually up to $1.65.
Nicely made of hard twist voile with bands of bright "" Fine for school wpar C?i l i 1 lIT 111 Wash Jt-f 1 Rubber 14
4 I sMm Madeofextraqua ' : oilverpiated ware outfit l| Mat, l|
. $g io n* __ M syr&s:-&ss arws^
Point de Esprit I £B|
Curtams—Pair g Sizes 6 t 0 1 af% ni r <4 25 Feet Lawn Hose
New and unusually attractive. Made of dotted grena- lt §|§3 1 Sti® vL torRS u/ . , ~
dine. Choice of Criss-Cross or Priscilla styles. Fin- n mja mm Sntin 9nnnnc 5 988 With Connection and Nozzle
lshed with deep ruffles. Choice of white, cream or 9 117 1 n • H| 8 11 ‘ J ‘ f
ecru. 2*4 yards long. Great value. J DOyS Wash OUItS ™ H [<TV \|\ Teaspoons g J High grade %-
Window Shades .4 1 yjSSaSasS'&ttSS: IPi \ m "S? I ShISS? *1
fi'vc Kind-2 f„, i „ ,„ . *1 V\ ft He.tM udy Jo.n is3i f"
,)c,#C h 2 BoV^ , PaißlTinQ B 8 I m U T3 f t f te^ n * n . silver I sery i ce - R e_
The lowest price at which these have ever sold. Sizes J gg | j % lk Ti plated Oil nickel. Years I place VOUr old
g One-piece style with drop seat. Fast colored g | } \MI of service for Restaur- I UJB I worn out hose
‘•blind'’ needs—be here Friday. broadcloth. Sizes 6to 12 years. 11 \ WBf i ants, Homes, Lnuiches now. Buy for next year—at this price and
.-Sears’ Second Floor. H -Sears’ First Floor. fl| 1 j and Lodges. save . ‘ __ g , Ba t
I 1., —Sears’ First Floor. a easement.

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