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SEPT. 7, 1932
Entered Champion Poland-
China Pen at Fair, Judges
of Exhibits Rule.
Stanley Meal of Manilla entered
the champion pen of Poland-China
swine at the fair, according to the
verdict of the judges Tuesday.
He also took the blue ribbon for
the best pen of three barrows, and
.second prize for hogs under six
Chester Meal, also of Manilla, had
first, second, and third place entries
among swine six months and over.
Swine awards were:
Champion Pen—Stanley Meal. Manilla
Champion Barrow Hubert Duoots Wa
Pen ol Three Barrows Stanlev Meal,
Manilla Willard Kuhn. Shelbyville; Chal
mers and fay A fry, Mlcmgantown; Chai
mers anti Fay Avery; Lowell Hardin,
Mom hi and Over Chester Meal.
Manilla, first, aecond and third, Wlllara
K mis tiheibyvlhe,
Under Hl* Months Hubert. Dubois. Wa
bash. Stanley Meal. Manilla. Willard
Kuhn, Hheioyville, Kermit Sands, Center
Point, Eugene Konst, Wilkinson.
Pen 'ih.ee Barrows Over Six Months
Chester Meal, Manilla Dauien Catron,
Ased Sow Cudahy Bros. Cudahv, Wis.;
•S nenah <v. Grenanl, Wavnetown. e< ono
nn tmrd, Frank Hoob, Tama, la , Cudanv
Rios.. Cudahy Wis.
ok'd ooal Cuaanv Bro* . Cudahv. Wis.;
Mauuce Kouton. Indianapolis; Shenck At
Grenard, Wavnetown.
Senior Yeaning Boar Frank Sobb, Tama
Wavnetown. la shenrk At urenara,'
Wavnetown, Cudahy Bros, Cudahy, Wis.,
Bhenck A Grenara, Waynetown
junior Yearling sow cudahv Bros., Cud
ahv. Vvis , Hchenck Av Gienard, Wavne
'own; Cudahy Bros,, cudahv, Wis.; Maur
itr Kouton, .noianapoils, lourth and nith.
senior Yeaning sow Schenck At Gren
';• Waynetown, Cudahv Bros., Cudahv
Wis second ana third, Hchenck At uren
ard, Wavnetown, Trank Sooh. lama. la.
Junior Boar Pig bchenra c Grenard
Waynetown, first, second and iTilrci; Maui
lce Kouton, Indianapolis, fourth and mtn.
Ho rert Grenard, Waynetown. Lloyd Rou
u°w Indianapolis; Kooert Grenara, Wayne
senior Boar Pi R Schenck At Grenard
Waynetown, first and second; Maurice
Rouion, Indianapolis, Hchenck At Grenard,
waynetown, Maurice Ronton, Indianapolis.
junior How i'ir Cudany Bros., Cuuahv
WS Scnenck <v Grenard, Wavnetown;
Cudahy wrps., Cudahy, Wis.; Maurice
Kouton, Indianapolis; ac Grenara
Senior bow Schenck & Grenard, Wayne
town; cudany Bros., Cudahy, Wis.; Schenck
At crenatn, Waynetown; Cudanv Bros
Cudahy, Wis.; Frank Sobb, Tama. la
nitn and sixth.
Barrow, Under 6 Months W. E. Horton
aim Hons; Arnold Moore. Wolcott; Roger
Viooman, Wanash; Wn.iam h Jacouy,
riankiuii, .1, K. Devore, franklin.
pen of Inree, under 6 Montns Waller
loan, Rensselaer, W, js. Horton and Hons,
Kusnvine; j. it. Devore, Franklin; c. it.
Hn.yner At Sons, Butler; J. R Devore
Cnampion Pen of Barrows - Walter Todd
champion Barrow W. E. Horton At Sons
Pen ib and Under 12) Parker Newson
Barrow 16 auid Under 1G)-Walter Todd
Rensseiaer. Parker Newson, Columbus.
■lunior Champion Boar Cudahy Bros
Cunany, WT.s.
Junior Boar rigs Cudahy Bros., Cudahy,
Wis., first, and second, Scnenck a: Grenara,
W aypeiown. tnira, tourtn ana rltih.
Junior i cariniß Boar Scnenck At Gren
arci, waynetown, c’uaahy Bros., c'uaany,
Wis.; Maurice Houten.
junior How Pirs Futurity Schenck A
Gienard, Maurice Kouion, Hcncnck At
Grenara, Hoberi Grenara. Hcnenck At
Grenara, Maurice Routon, uloyct Rom**.
Junior cnampion Sow Hchenck &
G.enara, Waynemwii.
Barrow, Unaer t> Months Robert Knight,
Knigntsiown; i,ester Nance, Arcaaa; Eu
gene oainner, Rusnvilie; Robert parkison,
Boils,seiaer, Stewart Hunj, Knigntsiown.
t’rouuce oi Dam Cudany Bros., Scnenck
A Grenara, Cudahy Bros,, Scnenck a
Grenara, MHiince Routon, Taioeri
oei ol Hire Cuanhy Bros.; Hchenck A
Grenara, second ana ihiro; ouaany Bros
Maurice Routon, mill and sixth.
oung Hern, ownea anti Bred bv Ex
hibitor Cudahy Bros.; Scnenck a Fcnara;
t-nanny Bros.; Hchenck a Kenara, Maurice
Kouton, fltth ana sixtn.
voting Herd. Ownea by Exhibitor—Cud
ahv Bios.; Hchenck A Renaru; cuaany
Bios.; Hchenck a Renard; Maurice Kouton,
lilm ana sixtn,
Uid Hera, Owned and Bred by Exhibitor
cuaany, Bros., Hchenck a Grenara; Cua
ahy Bros.; Hcnenck a Grenard, Maurice
Old Herd, Owned by Exhibitor Cudahy
Biot.; scnenck a Grenara. cuaahy Bros,
Hche.ck a Grenara, M. Routon.
Lu.cr ox Four Pigs Hcnenck A Grenard.
first ana second; Maurice Bouton, ihiru
and fourth; Kooert cncuaiu; Lioyu Routon
Kooert urenaru.
Grand Cnampion Sow Cudahy Bros,
uranu cnamoiou Boar—ocnen’ek a uren
Senior Boar Cudahv Bros., first and
second; Schenck A Grenara, third ana
loiirui; Maurice Routon.
Senior cnampion How Cudahy Bros
senior Champion Boar- Hchenck A
Barrow, fi and Under 12 -Columbia Stock
Farm, Kansas City, Mo., first ana seconu;
jean iinfr Biowu, Auingtoii, thirafi lourtn
ana filth.
ten three Barrows, 6 Months and Un
der 12- jean Esier Brown, co.umbia Stock
I arm.
Pen Three Barrows, Under 6 Months—
Robert Kmgnt, Knightstown; Lester Nance,
Arcadia Stewart Hunt, Knightstown; Rob
ert Parkison. Rensselaer; pester Nance
Champion Barrow Columoia Stock Farm
Kansas City. Mo.
town" mplon PFn Robprt Knight, Knights-
BARROWS, 6 and Under 12 E B Moore
*. heitdan. rloyri K. Moore, Sheridan
second, third and lourth; E. B Moore
Pen of Three. 6 and Under 12 Flovd
Moore, Sheridan; F. H Moore. Sheridan
Ivan Snow Mattoon. III.; Grant
Mitrheli, Windfall.
Barrows, Under 6 Months Loren Wal
!*‘(\ Sheridan; Larne Wallace, second and
third; Morris Mcore, Sheridan. Harrv Don
Pen of Three Barrows. Under fi Months
Larne Wallace. Sheridan Harold Toon
Art on; , Paul Hobson, Monrovia; Grant
Mt'ls ' ' Wtnafftll: Floyd Bain, Valiev
Champion Barrow—Larne Wallace Sheri
Champion Pen of Barrows Larne Wal
lace Sheridan.
Barrow. Under S Months Bill William
largo. first and second; Will Farms Hills”
borp. third and fourth; Gerald Jackson
Pen Three Barrows. Under 6 Months—
Bill Williams. Largo, first and second'
Will Farms. Hillsboro, third and fourtlr
Gerald Jackson. Cory
Champion Barrow Rav Simon. Portland
Champion Ten Barrows Rav Simons
P*n Three Barrow s. Under 12 Months—
Rav Simons; Will Farms; William Oldham
Barrows, fi and Under 12 Months—Rav
Simon, Portland, first and second Will
Farms, third and fourth; Ray Simon.
Barrows, fi Months and Under 12 Maur
ice Routojv Schenck A Grenard. second
th>rd and fourth: Maurice Routon.
Pen of Three Barrows. 6 and Under 12—
Si-henck A Grenard. Waynetown Maurice
Barrows, Under 6 Months Harold Tal
bert. Wabash, first and second; Schenck A
Oreard. Waynetown, third, fourth and
Pen Three Barrows. Under fi Months—
Harold Talbert. Wabash: Schenck A Gren
ardd. Waynetown: Robert Grenard,
Wavnetown: Maurice Routon; James Ken
worthv. Monrovia.
Champion Barrows Maurice Routon.
Champion Pen —Harold Talbert, Wabash
Pen Three Barrows, Sand Under 12—
J M. Ballard. Marlon; D. F Walker. Mar
lon; Wayne Haase. Martinsville; E. E
Neel. Sanborn.
Barrow, fi and Under 12 J. M Ballard
Marion, first, second and third; Dora
Walker. Marion, fourth and fifth.
Barrow. Under 6 Months Osborne Dow
den Elnori. Earl Johnson. Lafayette; J. M
Ballard, Marion, third and fourth; D. F
W'alker. Marion
Penn Three Barrows. Under fi Months
J M Ballard. Marion: D E Walker Mar
ion: Osborne Dow den. Elnora Ralph
Bishop. Atlanta: Wavne Haase. Martins
Champion Barrew—J. M Ballard, Mar
Grand Champion Barrow- Columbian
Sleek Farm Kansas Cttv, Mo.
Grand Champion. Pen Nine Barrows—
J M. Ballard. Marion.
Re-elect M. E. Home Head
Hit f hilrd I’rttg
LEBANON. Ind.. Sept. 7.—The
Rpv. E. L. Hutchens, Seymour, was
rp-elertfd president of the board of
trustees of the Indiana Methodist
Episcopal church's children's home 1
at the annual business meeting of
the board here.
Eleanor Holm Is Headed for Stardom
/ 1 JKi SSL §
9m (UBIBbL
r ’^'^'' t ' , '- ' wgsLs JjsjSjp
NEA Service Writer
Hollywood, sept. 7.—The
Olympic back-stroke champion
j has become the screen’s newest
comedienne. And she is happy?
You ask her.
Needless to say, the little girl ot
whom we’re speaking is Eleanor
Holm, generally regarded as the
prettiest of the Olympic contest
ants. That’s an opinion in which
the movie moguls seemed to coin
cide, too.
At least, out of 200 6r more
girls who came here to compete,
Eleanor was the only one to grab
off a film contract. And it was
only last winter that she had a
short fling in the Ziegfeld Follies
—which should mean something,
knowing the late impresario’s eye
for beauty.
Having heard several conflict
ing reports on Miss Holm's career
in the Follies, I decided to learn
! the real story from her.
tt a a
"V7 r ES, I was in the Follies for
I four weeks, but I never
! played in New York,” she tola
me. "I was with the show in
Pittsburgh, playing a small part.
Then they took that part away
and wanted me to be just one of
the chorus. So I quit.
“The national swimming cham
pionships were drawing near,
anyway, and I wanted to get in
shape to compete in them and
win a place on the Olympic team.
For the last three years my one
big thought was of the Olympics.
Nothing else seemed to matter.”
That she made the Olympic
team doesn't have to be told. And
her most valued possession to
day is the gold medal she re
ceived for winning first place in
the backstroke for women.
But that’s all over now. Hence
forth the big thing in her life is
going to be acting. She intends
to retain her amateur standing
as a swimmer, but acting will be
given first consideration.
Several studios made offers to
Miss Holm, but it was Warner's-
First, National that got her name
on the dotted line of a seven
year contract.
HOWEVER, despite the fact she
already has started drawing
her salary, it will be some months
before she appears on the screen.
Her first role will be a featured
one and studio executives are go
ing to insure her success in it by
having her thoroughly schooled.
It may require four or even six
months for Eleanor to learn
enough about acting to carry a
leading role. If it does, she'll
spend that much time doing noth
ing but studying.
But wait until she once steps
before those cameras! Unless I
am mistaken, nothing will be able
to hold her Jback.
She has eiiough personality for
three actresses, and seems to have
a sufficiently level head to be able
to keep heir feet on the ground,
regardless q>f the success which
comes to hqfr.
Oh. yes. regarding that ro
mance witWi Dick Degener. another
Olympic swimmer, F’eanor swears
there's notjhing to it. They sim
ply like tef go swimming together,
she’says. !
She adetys tliat she never has had
a regular <tiate with him in her life.
More details on that another time.
State Taxi Board Brands Meridian
Hills Contract as “Realty Scheme.”
Construction of the James Gipe
road in Hills was blocked
today by t'he state board after mem
bers brarjded it "a real estate pro
motion stiheme." The board refused
to approve a $48,000 bond issue for
the proij >ct, which is located in
Washing ion township.
Stat t Photographers Elect
Mrs / ,!ma McClure was elected
to succec de A. J. Caldwell as presi
dent of t he Indiana Photographer’s
Assoriati on at a meeting of the
group in the Columoia Club. Tues
day nig!) t.
Han ;ar Dance to Be Given
First of a series of free hangar
dances will be held Saturday night
from 9 to 12 at municipal airport.
Fliers from the Central Aeronau
tical will do night
stunt a tjnd passenger flying.
N°lted Gas Engineer Dead
ft it In item i‘rr**
FT. WAYNE. Ind.. Sept. 7.—Olaf
N. Gudilin, 83. nationally known gas
engineer! is dead. For thirty years
he was president of Western Gas
Construtjuon Company.
Shertnian March Veteran Dies
Hi I hit dill-, r x*
NOBLEIfcviLLE. Ind.. Sept. 7
Morgan, 87, who was with
General Herman on his march to
the sea duinng the Civil war, died at
his home where.
Eleanor Holm in fetrhing poses
State Canners Are Given
Lesson by Two Sisters
Gosport Girls Take Lion’s
Share of Prizes at
State Fair.
The home of the Stierwalts, near
Gcsport, is sure of a uniformly high
quality of canned vegetables.
Frances and Mina Jane Stierwalt,
sisters, tied for third in the fifth
year vegetable canning display of
the 4-H Club canning exhibit at
the state fair.
In addition, Frances won the
fruit canning and fifth in pickles
and relishes, while Mina Jane won
in the preserves or butter exhibit,
took fourth in the fruit, fourth in
canning of pickles and relishes, and
sixth in preparation of an emer
gency meal from the air-tight Jars.
The awards:
Apples—Dolletta Callahan. Rushville;
Naomi Nau. Columbus; Margaret Raffen
soeraer; Lela Brandly, Kitchel: Dorothy
Trcmblv. Hope: Nellie Greensburg, West
Point; Rosemary Bell, Sheridan.
Blackberries —Dolletta Callahan. Rush
ville; Mabeline E. Harnish. Bluffton. Ruth
Lindamood. Carthage; Rachael Drake,
Fairbanks; Margaret Harlow. Kempton,
Dorothy Stinson, Needham; Tom Smith,
Pe pie Cherries. Pitted—La Donna Barber,
Coalmont; Annah Taggart, Orleans; Ra
chael Drake, Fairbanks; Edna Lemon,
Martinsville; Dorothy Stinson, Needham,
Elizabeth Brown, Shoals. .
Sweet Cherries, Unpitted—Dolletta Cal
lahan. Rushville; Elizabeth Cooper Dub
lin; Edna Guernsey. Wanatah, Kathleen
Yerkes. Camden; Mary E. Goodin. New
Richmond; Rosalina McClanahan. Battle
Ground; Virginia Miller. Coalmont.
Fruit Juice--Rosemary Bell, Sheridan.
Dolletta Callahan, Rushville; Sesanna
Flaningan. Thorntown; Ruth Sensow,
Union Mills; Margaret Stout, Camby;
Georgia Ulmer. North Manchester; Kath
arine Bell, Sheridan. _ , ...
Gooseberries — Helen Smith. Franklin,
Dorothy Stinson. Needham; Cleminteen
Record': Rebecca Wheeler. Westfield; Mary
E Goodin, Nev Richmond: Sara Trembly,
Hope; Anna Worland. Shelbyville.
Peaches—-Georgia Ulmer, North Man
chester; Mabeline E. Harnish. Bluffton;
Mildred H. Harnish. Bluffton: Mary Clark.
Summitville; Naomi E. Nau, Columbus;
Lois Ensminger. Danville; Dorothy Ted
row. Martinsville.
p ears —Dorothy Stinson, Neeham; Eileen
Simmons. Lebanon; Lucile P. Wissing,
Manilla; Irene Werner, Hanna; Elizabeth
Cooper Dublin; Stella Sorrell. Newcastle.
Pineapple—Josephine Wagner. Colum
bus; Evelyn Fav Miller, Greenfield; Helen
Laughln. Falmouth; Carolyn Mathews. La
fayette: Margaret Waltz, Cicero; Ruth
Allen, Terre Haute; Jeanette M. Yates,
Plums—Edna Guernsey, Wanatah, Ma
beline Harnish, Bluffton; Anna Worland,
Shelbyville; Dorothy Stinson, Needham;
Mildred M Harnish, Bluffton; Rosemary
Bell, Sheridan; Vera Ruth McCarty, Pen
dleton. _ ~
Raspberries—Helen J. Davis. Greenfieid;
Stella Sorrell. Newcastle: Geneva Lambert,
Jamestown; Ruth Sensow. Union Mills;
Mildred M Harnish, Bluffton; Mabeline E.
Harnish, Bluffton; Eileen Simmons, Leb
an on.
Rhubarb—Betty Mae Johnson. Anderson;
j Mildred M. Harnish. Bluffton; Mary Mar
! garet Schoonover, Martinsville; Mabeline
E. Harnish. Bluffton. Edna Guernsey.
Wanatah: Geneva Lambert, Jamestown;
Ruth Lindamood, Carthage.
String Beans —Edna Guernsey. Wana
tah: Stella Sorrell. New' Castle; Rosemary
Bell. Sheridan: Katherine Bel, Sheridan;
Dorothy Boyd Thorntown; Josephine Wag
ner. Columbus; Lela Brandly. Kitchel.
Wax Beans —Josephine Wagner. Colum
bus; Rachael Draxe, Fairbanks; Alice Clare
Stubbs. Franklin: Martha Perkins,
Lebanon; Aileen Newson, Columbus; Ruth
Sensow. Union Mills; Edna Lemons.
Martinsville. ,
Beets—Julia Goss. Paragon; Josephine
Wagner, Columbus: Geneva Lambert.
Jamestown: Ruth Sensow, Union Mills;
Helen Miller. Coalmont; Ladyle Trout.
Warren: Martha McClain. Thorntown.
Carrots—Lois Ensminger, Danville;
Jeanette M. Yates. Morocco; Elizabeth
Cooper. Dublin;—Sara Trembly. Hope; Lu
cile P. Wissing Manilla: Ruth Elaine Naw,
Columbus; Dolletta Callahan. Rushville.
Corn, on Cob—Jeanette M. Yates. Mor
occo; Eileen Simmons. Lebanan; Lois Ap
nle. Fortville: Katherine Bell. Sheridan;
Ruth Fox, Columbus: Rosemary Bell.
Sheridan. Off cob, Stella Sorrell, New
castle: Naomi Nau. Columbus; Mary E.
Kidwell. Oaklandon; Helen Hibbard. Frank
fort: Helen Smith. Franklin: Dorothy Stin
son. Needham: Lela Brandly. Kitchel
Greens—Margaret Waltz.' Cicero; Marv
Adkinson. Cicero; Deloras Drake. Fair
banks: Ruth E. Lindamood. Carthage;
Dolletta Callahan, Rushville; Geneva Lam
bert. Jamestown.
Peas—Rosemary Bell, Sheridan: Kath
arine Bell. Sheridan: Dorothv Tremblv.
Hope: Dolletta Callahan. Rushville; He>
Hibbard. Frankfort: W'enona Tennis, Coal
mont: Rosemary Kerkoff. Romnev.
Sauerkraut—Dolletta Callahan. Rush
ville; Alice Clare Stubbs. Franklin; Rachael
Drake. Fairbanks: Lcttie York. Grean
c.islle: Susanna Flaningan. Thorntown;
Evelvn Johnson, Martinsville; Joan Smith,
Succotash- Dolletta Callahan. Rushville:
Katharine Bell. Sheridan: Evelyn John
son. Martinsville: Rosemary Bell. Sheridan.
Dorothv Bovd, Thorntown.
Tomato Juice—Dolletta Callahan. Rush
ville; Lucile P. Wissing. Manilla; Katharine
Bell. Sheridan: Rosemary Bell. Sheridan;
Esther May Johns. Hanna; Alice Clare
Stubbs. Franklin.
Whole—Dolletta Callahan, Rushville;
Ei’een Simmons. Lebanon: Rosemarv Small,
Selma: Mabeline E Harnish. Bluffton:
Rachael Drake, Fairbanks; Wilba Cham
berlain. Coalmont.
Vegetable Soup Mixture—Stella Sorrell,
Me"s an and Wo men’s
127 W. Washington St.
Newcastle: Rosemary Bell. Sheridan: Kath
arine Bell. Sheridan; Florence Ressler,
Tipton: Alice Clare Stubbs. Franklin;
Josephine Wagner, Columbus; Mary Clark,
Fruit—Eleanor Ugenfritz. Lafayette;
Phyllic Howard, Straughn; Mary Cather
ine Long. Eaton: Helen L. Lewis. New
Richmond; Maxine Gardner. Carthage;
Elouisc Cade. Summitville; Virginia Rec
ords, Franklin.
Vegetables—Phyllis Howard. Straughn;
Ada Ruth Glaze. Eaton; Maxine Gardner,
Carthage; Virginia Records, Franklin;
Mary Catherine Long. Eaton; Eleanor
Igenfritz, Lafayette; Helen Lewis, New
Preserves or Butter--Martha Jane Hallo
well, Pendleton; Maxire Gredner, Carth
age; Zona Coaksey, Martinsville: Eleanor
Ugenfritz. Lafayette; Helen Hill, Green
field; Betty Carmony, Manilla.
Fruit —Frances Fryman, Cambridge City;
Elizabeth Sicks. Crawfordsville; Anna
Harter. Union Mills: Lois Drake. Fair
banks; Isabella Jane Knolls, Richmond;
Mary Glaze, Eaton.
Vegetables—Frances Fryman. Cambridge
City; Mary Glaze. Eaton: Elizabeth Sicks.
Crawfordsville: Anna Hafter, Union Mills:
Thelma Schocke. Rushville; Marv Leah
Mote, Spiceland.
Preserves or Butter—lsabella June Knoll.
Richmond; Frances Fryman. Cambridge
City; Mary Glaze, Eaton; Lorelei Lacv.
Carthage; Mable Shearer. Indianapolis;
Anna Harter, Union Mills.
Pickles or Relishes—Lois Drake, Fair
banks; Thelma Schocke, Rushville; Mable
Shearer. Indianapolis; Lorelei Lacy, Carth
age; Mildred Wagner. Columbus.
Fruit—Frances Steinwalt. Gosport; Glen
dola Cottongin, Sharpesville; Gwendolyn
Gross. Huntington; Mina Jane Steirwalt,
Gosport; Ruth Maier. Lafayette: Beulah
Harris, Hope; Charlotte Oliver. Crawfords
Vegetables—Charlotte Oliver. Crawfords
ville; Ruth Maier, Lafayette: itiei Frances
Stierwalt and Mina Jane Stierwalt; Helen
Koons, Mooreland; Gwendolyn Gross
Huntington; Glendola Cottingin, Sharpes
ville; Beulah Harris. Hope.
Meats—Charlotte Oliver. Crawfordsville-
Jeanette Records. Franklin; Glendola Cot
tingin, Sharpesville.
Preserves or Butter—Mina Jane Stier
walt. Gosport; Nadine Anderson. Elizabeth-
Charlotte Oliver. Crawfordsville-
Glendola Cottingin, Sharpesville; Ruth
Maier, Lafayette; Helen Koons. Moore
a .Gwendolyn Gross, Huntington.
Picxles or Relishes—Glendola Cottingin,
Sharpesville: Nadine Anderson, Elizabeth
town; Charlotte Oliver. Craw'fordsville-
Mina Stierwalt, Gosport: Frances Stierwalt
Gosport; Ruth Maier, Lafayette.
Emergency Meal—Glendola Cottingin
Sha r pes vi U; Beulah Harris, Hope; Char-
OHver, Crawfordsville; Helen Koons,
Mooreland, Jeanette Records. Franklin-
Kelllr, J An £ der S son rWalt ’ G ° SP ° rt: Eileanori
Norman Wade, 8, Victor in State
Pushmobile Contest.
Norman Wade, 8, of 1705 Miller
street, today wore the crown of
Indiana state pushmobile champion
as the result of his fast finish
Tuesday night at the state fair
ground, when he nosed out Buddie
Downey, 7, of 3502 West Morris
Moves 3.500-Pound Load at Fair,
Winning Contest.
Pulling 3.500 pounds for twenty
four feet six inches, the Hole Farm
Company’s team of Belgians from
Versailles. 0.. won the horse-pulling
contest at the fair Tuesday.
The team has won horse-pulling
contests all over the middle-west.
It was driven by M. O. Collins.
Takes Poison After Quarrel
Mrs. Thelma Brooks, 27, of 724
East New York street, today is in a
serious condition at city hospital, as
the result of attempting suicide on
Tuesday by swallowing poison.
Neighbors said she and her husband
had been quarreling.
Low Round-Trip
Week-End Fares
Every Friday and Saturday
Good returning until Monday night
SCOO Good in
Coaches Only
$"730 Good in
m Pullman Cars
Bargain Week-End Fares
to ether Doints in the Central States, the
East and Eastern Canada. Goine Friday
noon to midnieht Saturday; returning un
til midnight Mondav. Good in Pullman
Full Darti<-nlars at 11? Monument Circle
phone Riley 314? and Union Station.
4 FOR o
Mrs. Harry W. Hayes Victor
in Cocker Spaniel
Mrs. Harry W. Hayes. 4237 Car
rollton avf'hue. has won highest
honors in the cocker spaniel divi
[ sion of the dog show at the state
| fair. Her entries took three first
! places, and her Harriianne'r. Vaga
bond Lover was declared the best
cocker spaniel.
The dog awards were:
SPANIELS i Cockerl
Limit. Dogs. Any Solid Color but Black
—Harry W. Hayes.
Novice. Females. Black —Harrv D. Kend
rick. 934 Nortn Denny street.
American-bred, Females. Black—Harry
W. Hayes.
Puppy. Females. Any Solid Color but
Black—Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Wells, 3620
Washington boulevard.
Winners. Females. Solid Color—Harrv W.
Hayes; reserve. Harry D. Kendrick; best,
Harry W. Hayes.
Limit. Females, Parti-color—RowcliSe
Best of Winners—Rowcliffe Kennels.
Best Cocker Spaniel—Harry W. Hayes.
Puppy, Dogs. Not Exceeding 13 Inches—
Guy M. Lewis, 1109 Reisner street; Art
J. Meyer. 2301 Jackson street.
Novice, Dogs. Not Exceeding 13 Inches—
G. W. Thompson. R. R. 12.
American-Bred. Dogs, Not Exceeding 13
Inches—Aurie Landers. 1540 Villa awnue
: Claud H. Robbins. 1421 West Twentv-
Third street: G. W. Thompson; Carl Bur
ris 866 Castle street.
Puppy. Females. Not Exceeding 13 Inches
—J. Earl Newgent, Anderson.
Novice. Females. Not Exceeding 13
Inches—J. H. Mills and P. G. Dunlap,
Rtissiaville; G. W. Thompson.
American-Bred, Females, Not Exceeding
13 Inches —Herbert Giant. Ft. Wavne; G
W. Thompson: Claud H. Robbins,
Limit. Females. Not Exceeding 13 Inches
—U. R. Fishel & Son, Hope; L. G. Voor
hees. Ft. Wavne
Winners, Females. Not Exceeding 13
Inches —U. R. Fishel <te. Son; Reserve, L.
G. Voorhees.
Best of Winners. Not Exceeding 13
Inches—Aurie Landers.
Novice. Dogs, Over 13 but Not Exceed
ing 15 Inches—Gerald W. Moosches. Ft.
Wayne; A. B. Helfrlch, 1219 North Key
stone; William J. Baist. 2351 Prospect:
J. H. Mills and P. G.i Dunlap
American-bred. Dogs. Over 13 but Not
Exceeding 15 Inches—Gerald W. Moosches.
E. J. Rodenburg. 2539 North Talbot.
Puppy. Females. Over 13 but Not Exceed
ing 15 Inches—Harry Bechtold. Dayton
Novice, Females. Over 13 but Not Ex
ceeding 15 Inches—J. Earl Newgent
American-bred. Females, Over 13 but
Not Exceeding 15 Inches—Herbert Giant:
Melvin Wilkerson. 1836 Koehne street; G.
W. Thompson.
Winners. Females. Over 13 but Not Ex
ceeding 15 Inches—Herbert Giant; J. Earl
Best of Winners. Over 13 but Not Ex
ceeding 15 Inches—Gerald W. Moosches;
Best Beagle—Aurie Landers.
~,P u£ p yv ,D oßS—H R Richie Jr.. Lebanon;
W. E. Naegeli, 5313 Carrollton; Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Hoover. 36 West Vermont
Novice Dogs—Clarice Hawkins, 2509
East Thirtieth.
Limit Dogs—Thelma Baker, Centerville
Open, Dogs—Mrs. Leona H. Hahn; Thel
ma Baker. Midd’etown.
Novice—Females—Marguerite M. Holt
man, 2311 Vi East Michigan street.
Anjerican-Bred Females—Mrs. Charles
F. Brown. Newburgh.
Open, Females—Rogerschmidt. Kennels;
Mrs. Charles F. Brown.
Best Pinscher (Doberman)—Mrs. Leona
H. Hahy.
Brown Derby on Way by
Air to Crown King Tom
Utmost Speed Ordered to
Make Coronation Rites
Complete Success.
Via Hot-Air-Plane, En Route to
Hatbury, Mass.: “Traveling at
speed of 600 miles an hour. Will
get Tom Quinn's seven and three
quarters BROWN DERBY if wings
hold out.” Jo-Jo, dog-faced pilot,
and judge of derby contest.”
This missive, received today,
.sends hope as high as the heavens
that Jo-Jo will return by Thurs
day night at 8 o’clock with the
proper size derby to crown Tom
Quinn as the city’s most distin
guished citizen in front of the grand
stand at the fairground.
Tom, elected by popular and un
popular vote to the office of King
Tom I, was found to have too large
a head for Indianapolis hatters, so
it was necessary to send Jo-Jo in
his Hot-Air-Plane for a fitting lid.
If he doesn’t get back in time,
then Tom will have to be crowned
with whatever ax, mallet or pile
driver that happens along.
The march of the king to his
coronation will begin at 7 p. m. in
front of the White Furniture Com
pany, 247 West Washington street,
his domicile in daytime.
The parade route is east on
Washington street to Illinois, south
on Illinois to Maryland street, east
on Maryland to Meridian, and
north on Meridian street to Thirty
Mrs. Drear: I don’t mind cooking, but Mrs. Cheer: I don’t lot
washing dishes gets me down. I can myself think about it. Dish
hardly enjoy a meal for thinking about washing is something that
messy plates and greasy pots and pans. has to be done, like paying
bills, and going to the den
• take the easiest •
Oxydol and get it
• Oxydol is the best cure for those Dishpan
Blues, and is as easy on hands as can be. Half
again as much suds as other soaps, it cuts
grease like lightning, whisks away all the dirt,
gets you out of the kitchen in short order.
\ And Oxydol is great in the washtub or washing
\ machine —it doesn't ball up —every particle
jj dissolves instantly into rich foamy suds. That’s
y why it’s so economical. And what a time and
I work saver too! Procter a C.n,bl.
Pmt. 0.
Out-of-Town Guests Get
Cut Rate Airplane Rides
Many Visitors to Fair Go
on Sky Tours at Hoo
sier Port.
Many out-of-town visitors to the
Indiana state fair have been among
the hundreds of persons taking ad
vantage of reduced airplane flight
rates offered Times readers at
Hoosier airport this week.
The special offer will end next
Sunday. After that date, it is an
nounced by Bob Shank and Harold
C. Brooks, Hoosier airport oper
ators. there will be no further re
duced rates.
Remainder of this week, includ
ing Sunday, Times readers who clip
tho coupon printed in The Times
and present it with 73 cents at the
a rport will be taken for a regular
$1.50 passenger flight.
No passenger will be given the re
duced rate without a coupon, but
the same coupon will be accepted
for one or more members of a fam
ily applying for rides at the same
Illinois Woman Adds Blue
Ribbons to Collection.
Mrs. A. C. Thompson of Elmhurst.
111., added four more blue ribbons
to her collection at the horse show r
at the coliseum Tuesday night.
Feature of the Tuesday night
show was Queenie, a trick pony.
Two of the rubber balls which she
kicked scored “bull's-eyes" on coli
seum light bums. The awards:
Combination saddle and harness, Roy
M. Kennedy & Sons, Taylorville. 111., first
and third; Norwood stables. Toledo, 0.,
second and lourth.
Mare or gelding over 15.2, G. A. Nicholas
stables, first and fourth; EtJiel Hawkinson.
Nashville. Tenn., second, and Joan Metz
ger. Indianapolis, third.
Best three horses in harness, owned by
exhibitor. Mrs. A. C. Thompson, first; Reed
Bridgeford stables, second, and My
Hobby stables, third.
Saddle pony, Roy M. Kennedy & Sons,
first; Kathryn Hadley. Indianapolis, sec
ond; Mr. and Mrs. August C. Bohlen. In
dianapolis. third, and Mrs. Edna P. Metz
ger, Indianapolis, fourth.
Pair. 15.2 or over. Mrs. A. C. Thompson,
first: Reed Bridgeford stables, second and
Single, 15.2 or over, Reed Bridgeford
stables, first and fourth; Mrs. A. C.
Thompson, second and third.
Stallion. R. C. Flanery. Kansas. 111., first
and second; My Hobby stables, third, and
S. JK. Lenover, Danville. 111., fourth.
Lady's horse with appointments. Reed
Bridgeford stables, first and third; Mrs.
A. C. Thompson, second, and My Hobby
stables, fourth.
eighth street and thence east on
Thirty-eighth to the fairgrounds.
Be sure to be at the fairground
to see the coronation. Tom will tell
you w'hy he has carbuncles on his
cranium. He wil tell you why he
knows no man’s pajamas.
He will tell you—but let him tell
ycu. You be there! It’s a royal
edict from His Majesty-to-Be King
Tom I of Brown Derbyland.
The place is the grandstand of
the race track.
The time is 8 p. m.
Now paste that in your own lid,
so you won’t forget.
Ed Hart, County Chairman, Names
Heads of Bureau Divisions.
Marion county Republican head
quarters were opened today on the
third floor of the Washington.
Ed Hart, county chairman, an
nounced the appointment of Harry
Yockey as chairman of the speakers’
bureau; John M. Caylor. in charge
of the veterans; Grover C. Mellett,
j in charge of the finance committee,
of which Norman A. Perry is chair
man; Leland S. Morgan to head the
i young men’s department, and Rae
W. Powell chairman of the first
voters group.
Clothing Theft Is Reported
Theft of clothing worth sl6 was
reported today to police by Harry
Berman, proprietor of a clothing
store at 402 West Washington street.
Times Readers’ Week
at Hoosier Airport
Kesslrr Boulevard and Lafayette
Sept. 3 to 11
This coupon and 75 cents is
good for one regular 51.50 pas
senger flight at Hoosier airport.
This coupon will be accepted
for one or more members of the
same family.
Passengers are taken iru groups
of two and four.
Positively not good after date
‘Guess I'll Go Fishing/ Says
Fire Veteran.
Forty-seven years of service in the
city fire department ended Tuesday
when Captain Philip Kile, assigned
to Engine House 13, turned in his
badge to the board of safety.
Kile previously had tendered his
resignation to the board, effective
Sept. 5, after several weeks of at
tempting to forestall his retirement
on pension.
Department records showed Kile
reached retirement age. 70, on June
13. Kile contended he only is 67,
having falsified his age three years
when 18. in order to be eligible for
appointment to the department.
After records had been brought
before the board and testimony
heard, Kile solved the difficulty by
resigning “for the good of the
Asked what his plans wei-e, Kile
replied with a broad grin. “Well, I
just guess I'll go fishing for a spell." j
See Prospects for Increase
in Enrollment.
Twenty-nine Indianapolis free
kindergartens opened today with
prospects for increase in enrollment.
The current term is the fifty-first in
kindergarten work, the fiftieth anni
versary having been celebrated last'
spring with an outdoor pageant in
which 900 children participated.
Children now 5 may enroll and
those becoming 5 during the year !
may be placed on the waiting list.
Locations of the kindergartens:
Brightwoori. 3718 East Twenty-fifth
street; Broad Ripple, 6255 College avenue;
Brookside, 3509 East Sixteenth street;
Christamore, 2402 West Michigan street;
Clifton, 2421 Clifton street; Dry Nursery,
542 Lockerbie street; Eliza A. Blaker,
Riley hospital.
Emerson Heights. 1014 Emerson avenue;
English avenue. 1400 English avenue; Fair
view, 4153 Boulevard Place: Flanner, 806
North West street; Fountain Square, Pal
mer and Barth streets; Fall Creek, 903
East Thirtieth street.
Garfield Park. 2621 Shelby street: George
Merritt, 640 West Michigan street; Haw
thorn. 201 Belle Vieu Place; Holliday, 1716
Union street; Indianapolis avenue, 3115
Indianapolis avenue; Irvington, 10 Johnson
Ketcham, 903 Ketcham street; Minkner.
311 Minkner street; Nathan Morris, 27
West Morris street; Oak Hill. 1963 Caroline
avenue; Oscar McCulloch. 512 West Wash
ington street: Rader. 2449 Rader street;
Riverside. 2626 Harming street; Twenty
eighth street, 977 West Twenty-eighth
street; Wallace, 4808 East Michigan street;
Woodside, 2530 Southeastern avenue.
Suspect Denies He Was Bootlegger
for Legion Convention.
Rocco Pangallo, who recently
completed a six-month federal
liquor sentence, was held to the fed
eral grand jury Tuesday on liquor
charges by Howard S. Young,
United States commissioner. He
denied he helped supply liquor for
the American Legion convention at
Lions Hear Insurance Man
The Lions Club was addressed to
day by Edward Kepner, Indianapo
lis Life Insurance Company repre
sentative, at the Washington.
Maryel Patrick. Cloverdale,
Ranks High in ‘Depres
sion’ Contest.
Marvel Patrick. R R 3, Clover
dale. ranked high in the “depres
sion’’ contest in the girls' 4-H cloth
ing club exhibit.
The awards:
Guest Towel—Katherine Murphv, Shelb.v
ville: Frances Clo;e. Auburn Marvel Pat
rick Cloverdale. Lura Russell. Morocco;
Beulah Davis, Greenwood: Marcille Henrv,
Connersville: June Rigne.v. Terre Haute;
Mabel Von Fargo, Columous Elaine Ben
nett, Albany; Eleanor Rhea. Brlmfleld.
Dresser Scarf Rubv Nering. South Bend;
Betty Gragg. Lucerne Marguerite Mar
tino. Martinsville. Marv Clark, Summit
ville: Rulh Shanks. Orleans. Mautiellen
Chatpell. Fox Hill: Anna Laura Thompson.
Whneland: Mary F Raber. Colfax: Dorothy
Brandt, Morocco; Helen Foster. Blooming
Made Over Household Article or Apron-
Marvel Patrick, Cloverdale. Mildred Sun
son Evansville; Lela May Wilson Bluffton;
Mildred Johnson. Straughn. Jane: Fergu
son, Praireton; Ruth Ann Hinton, Fowler;
Ann Hey. Shelpyville; Anna Laura Thomp
son. Whiteland. Lura Russell. Morocco;
Helen M Goss. Wolcott.
Cotton Costume -Marvel Patrick Clover
dale; Anna Laura Thompson. Whiteland;
Ruth Ann Hinton. Fowler; Martha Jane
Bills, Fortville; Anna Swinglev Eaton
Ad a belle Mingus. Union Citv Lillian Rob
inson, Indianapolis; Joan Dixon. Rich
mond; Marv Glenn Yeager Terre Haute;
Maxine McNew, Kniglvstown.
Sports Cos:ume of Cotton or l inen Ma
terial Virginia Boehler. Mishawaka; Ei!e-n
Bower. Kentland; Marv Imogene MeCT
logh. Columbus; Mary Sanford, Grr-nfie'd;
Katherine Shearer. Indianapolis. Dorothy
McClintock. Auburn: Julia Rhodes. Ply
mouth; Eleanor Glendenning Kempton;
Bessie Applegate, Antwer, O ; Elsie Oid
dings. Franklin.
Best Dress Costume, for Summer of Cot
ton Material- Marv Margaret Schoonover,
Martinsville; Evelyn Ruthford. Paoli: Al
mira Green. Knightstown; Jeanette Yates,
Morocco: Marv Jane Baisinger. Eaton;
Vera Hughes. Elizabethtown; Mildred Jerrv,
Brazil; IjJary Frances Ferguson, Prairieton;
Flo Anna Freeman. W'orthington. Edith
Hass, Noblesville.
Cotton Smock Dorothy Allen, Mt. Ver
non; Lenora Gruenke Michigan City: Mil
dred Irick. Kirklin; Georganna Huber,
Lizton; Rosalia Wellan. Morgantown;
Kathrine Bell. Sheridan; Lucv Van Ness,
Brookville; Alta Raber, BlufTton; Viola
Brier. Indianapolis: Marv Sanford. Green
Suit of Cotton Pajamas Frances Howe,
Waldron; Dorothy McClintock. Auburn;
Edith Gregory, West Lafayette; Maxine
Schoenfeld. Union City: Martorie Harstine.
Oaktown: Hazel May Marshall. Arlington;
Lois Eslinger. Brrmen: Lela Brandlv,
Kitchell: Hazel Dean Hurt, Warren; Mary
Ruth Clift, Greenfield
Identification of 100 Fabricks, Notebook*
—Virginia Records. Franklin; Irene Gilson.
Rushville: Kathleen Painter. Muncie: Imo
gene Taylor, Greenwood; Georgia Halstead,
Battle Ground; Dorothy Wasson. Flat
Rock. Edna Mae Guernsey, Haskell; Mary
H. Schumacher, Rockpori; Mabel Irene
Bunton, New Carlisle; Sue Helm. Warren.
Best Dress or Afternoon Winter Dress
of Silk or Rayon—Jeanette Collier. Trafal
gar; Anna Louise Williams. Carlos; Estella
Fredericks. Wakarusa; Kathrvn Overman,
Carmel; Margaret Kennepoh'l, Lafayette;
Julia Goss. Paragon: Helen Elaine Hasler,
Bluffton; Leanore Myers, Rushville. Vir
ginia Mitchell, Tipton. Juanita E. French,
Best Wool Dress or Afternoon Dress for
Winter—Mary Mctzler, Lakeville: Beatrice
B. Kufman. Columbia City; Lanora Gru
enke. Michigan City: Marv A. White,
Franklin: Wilma Burns, Lafayette; Hen
rietta 'M. Forster, Columbus; Phyllis
Weaver, Oaklandon.
Simple or Informal Party Dress of Cot
ton or Linen -Evelyn Harton. Rushvillp;
Kathleen Painter. Muncie: Ruby Marshall,
Morehill: Genevieve Beard, Columbia Citv;
Rosemary Bell. Sheridan: Nyona Shaffer,
Macy. Nvona Lake: Virginia Greek. Ossian;
Florence Rost, Tefre Haute: Marv E. Mc-
Lallin. Cromwell; Allvne Schowe. Marys
Costume for Girl 1 to 6—Ellen Robinson,
Indianapolis; Kathleen Lorton. Union City;
Alice Mae Baisinger. Eaton; Elizabeth
Hubbell. Liberty; Magdalenne Oldfather,
Bluffton; Evadirie Mbntgomery. Owensvtlle;
Frances Mattern, Plymouth: Lillian Kiel,
Jonesville; Eloise Cade. Suqjmltville; Har
riet Keeves. Elletsville.
Costume for Boy 1 to 6 Ellen Robinson,
Indianapolis: Julia. Goss, Paragon; Martha
Kendall, Kokomo; Eloise Cade, Summit
ville; Melba Falter, CWumbia Citv; <no
sixth or seventh placet: Dorothy Grinstead,
North Vernon; Virginia Oroseclore. Mt.
Comfort: Margaret Wells, Carbon.
School Dress or Ensemb'e of Cotton or
Linen—Alice Hubbell. Liberty: Neva Mae
Cox, Scircleville; Eleanor Ugenfritz. Lafay
ette:-Kathryn Overman. Carmel: Lois Mc-
Cutchan, Inglefield; Lucille Peek, Waldron;
Elizabeth Gregory, Eaton; Phyllis Weaver,
Oaklandon: Mary Schumacher, Rockport;
Dorothy Rhinehart, Hagerstown.
School. Tailored or Semi-Tailored Dress
or Ensemble—Neva Mae Cox. Scircleville;
Anna Louise Williams, Carlos: Thelma
Parkinson. Gaston; Anna Fink. Greenfield;
Virginia Gobble, Lafayette; Lucile Morris,
Greenwood; Estelle Fredericks. Wakaruea;
Virginia Records, Franklin; Mary Reed,
Hagerstown; Lucile Ribordv, Laporte.
Sports Dress, Cotton or Linen—Elizabeth
Hubbell, Liberty; Dorcas Frost, Greenfield;
Martha Jane Repass. New Augusta: Helen
Elaine Hasler. Bluffton: Janice Harlow,
Tipton: Phyllis Sauer, Wyatt: Beatrice V,
Kauffman. Columbia City; Rhea Mangus.
Union City: Elizabeth Dow, Paragon; Rose
mary Breedlove. Plainfield
Sports Dress or Ensemble, Silk or Rayon
Virginia Clark, Summitville: Thelma
Hood, Linden: Jean Justice. Logansport;
Ruth Haywood. Borden: Helen Hoke, Car
lisle; Eleanor Ugenfritz. Lafayette; Gen
evieve Beard. Columbia City; Lois Mr-
Cutchan, Inglefield; Jeanne Hammond,
Bluffton: Louise Frances Goodman. Bed
Sports Dress or Ensemble, Wool Hazel
Mae Marshall. Arlington; Georgia Halstpad.
Battle Ground; Lucile Peek, Waldron; Max
iine Batman, Roachdale; Katherine Bro
kaw, Princeton; Ruth Smith. Brook; Ber
nice Short, Huntingburg; Errrji Lee Hooker,
New Washington: Jean Small. Decker
Best Dress or Afternoon Dress for Sum
mer. Cotton or Linen—Rosemary Breedlove,
Plainfield’, Ethel Powell,. French Lick;
Rachel Taylor. Lvnn: Jeanette Collier,
Trafalgar: Louise Toubv. Kokomo; Bessie
Mae Martin, New Harmony; Mary Dix,
Sullivan: Mary McLallin, Cromwell; Ruth
Smith, Brook; Magdalene Oldfather, Bluff
, ton.

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