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FEB. 15, 1933
Battleship Maine Disaster
Anniversary Finds Plans
Brewing for Uprising.
B u Rcripp*-J{oirard Xnmpnpcr Alliance
WASHINGTON. Fob. 15.—Today,
the thirty-fifth anniversary of the
blowing up of the battleship Maine,
finds Washington once again watch
ing the situation in Cuba with
Cuban revolutionists are known to
be planning another coup against
the dictator-president-general, Ger
ardo Machado, and there is reason
to believe it will be timed to fit in
with the induction into office of
President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in
the hope of forcing intervention
shortly afterward.
This does not necessarily mean
armed intervention. On the con
trary, what Cuban leaders exiled in
this country desire, it is learned
authoritatively, is diplomatic inter
Withdrawal of recognition from
the Machado regime, leaders assert,
and the refusal of further financial
aid from this country, would bring
the collapse of the dictator in
short order.
Relies on Modern Army
WheWier it was so intended or
not, it is alleged, the policy of the
United States in Cuba has been, in
effect, to throw the protecting
folds of the stars and stripes about
Machado, and make the population
believe aim to be a protege of
Uncle Si m.
Simultaneously, Cubans charge.
American interests have financed
him so he could pay his army and
the police force, which has been
transformed into a national militia.
The exact nature of the coming
revolt in Cuba has military experts
here guessing.
An old-fashioned revolution, they
declare, would be sheer folly. The
Cuban army numbers 12,500 well
trained, splendidly equipped men.
They have airplanes, machine guns,
gas projectiles, rapid-fire field guns
and a complete array of modern war
Revolt Tactics Are Changed
A handful of regulars, thus
equipped, could hold off an army of
rebels armed with machetes.
The whole art of revolution
making has changed radically, even
since the World war. No revolution
can succeed nowadays unless at
least a sizeable portion of the reg
ular military forces can be won
over, either openly or secretly.
Former President Menocal, be
lieved to be the leader of the latest
move to oust Machado, likewise was
chief of the 1931 revolt. It was
stopped in its tracks within twenty
four hours, and completely stamped
out in less than a fortnight.
General Menocal, now in Miami,
makes no bones of his plans. Mach
ado, he says, knows what is coming,
but is powerless to prevent it.
Exiled Cuban colonies in Florida,
Washington, New York. Mexico and
scattered throughout the West
Indies are waiting for “the day.” 1
Kiddie Revue to Be Given
at Leisure Hour Meeting
Program to Be Presented at
Brookside Park House
Brooksidr park community house.
.1. T. V. Hill community house.
Frospcct-Sherman Drive Club.
Rhodius park community house.
Crispin* Attmks high school.
Olympic Club.
Christian park communitv house.
Ft. Wayne and Walnut Club.
Fletcher Place community center.
Municipal Gardens community house.
Michigan and Noble Club, School
at 710 Fast Vermont street.
Oak Hill Club, School 38, at 2030 Win
ter avenue.
Nebraska Cropsey Club, School Ti, at
1251 South Illinois street.
School J 6, at 110* West Market street.
School 26. at 1301 Fast Sixteenth
School 34. at Kelly and Boyd streets.
School 67. at 3615 West Walnut street.
Program at the Brookside park
community house will be presented
tonight by the North Side Kiddie
Revue, under the Direction of Mrs.
Raymond Alberts, assisted by Mrs.
Ed Snyder. The program will in
clude readings, songs, sketches, play
lets and dances.
Members of the revue are Mar
guerite and Irenee Pollard. Gilbert.
Buddy and Rosemary Alberts, Dar
rel Jean Wallace. Jack Kent. Dolly.
Ruth and Mildred Synder, Mary
Rosalind Bolser, Doris and Louise
Bicknell. Evelyn Moorehouse. Wil
mer Slagle, Virginia Barnes and Rex
A safety program, which is pre
sented by Sergeant Timothy Mc-
Mahon, will be given at the J. T. V.
Hill community house tonight.
The program includes presenta
tions by the South Sea Melody
Boys; the Buchanan Sisters, danc
ers; Catherine Muench, singer, ac
companied by Catherine Otto:
Betty Marie Starr, singer and
dancer, accompanied by Catherine
Otto; Vera Nicholi, reader; Harry
Garner, who plays a guitar and
harmonica; Tommy Moriarity. ac
cordion played, and a boys' quartet.
Pictures from the state conserva
tion department will be shown to
night at the Prespect-Sherman
drive club. Other numbers on the
program will be Jimmy Commons,
comedian: Hoosier Fiddlers Three,
composed of Thomas B. WickofL
Irvin Noblitt and Raleigh Greene:
the Harmony Twins. Melvin and
Elvin Shuppert. and the Sering
trio, Mary Alice and Charles Ser
ing and Kenneth Manners.
Rhodius Park community house
will have a three-act comedy to
night. presented by the Southport
M. F. church. Roy Allred, Carlos
Jones, James C, Sor.well tod Harry
Sanders, the Odd-Sized Four, will
sing, and Jack Leroy, bltck-face
comedian, will be on the progiatn.
Young men are looking for warm
cozy rooms. Is yours listed in The
Times? If not, then cal! RI. 5551.
Two cents a word is the rate.
A prominent member of the
Nazi party, headed by Chancellor
Adolf Hitler, is Prince August Wil
helm of Germany, a son of the
former Kaiser. Shown here in
the uniform of the Nazis, the
prince may, under the new gov
ernment, have an impor*:nt post.
His name also often has been
linked with monarchist rumors in
event the Kaiser should desert his
retreat in Holland and return to
Objection Made to Sharing
in Fund by Outsiders.
Music festival planned for this I
spring by the Indianapolis Federa- ■
tion of Community Civic Clubs, for !
the announced purpose of raising
funds for public and parochial |
schools milk funds, has been can
celled for the time being.
E. O. Snethen, federation presi
dent, said action was taken because
of withdrawal of public school of
ficials from the plan.
School officials said their objec
tions to the project were based on
arrangements made by the federa
tion committee for the festival
financial matters to be handled un
der contract by outsiders, who would
share in net proceeds.
William A. Hacker, public schools
social service director, asked that
persons and groups who had planned
to contribute to the public schools
fund to provide milk and cracker
lunches for undernourished children,
through the festival, make their
contributions directly to the schools.
Woman Hurt By Street Car
Head lacerations were incurred !
Tuesday night by Miss Frances !
Sharf, 24, of 850 College avenue, i
w'hen she was struck by a street car i
at Massachusetts and College ave- !
Negroes Enter With Can of Alcohol
as Police Probe Man's Demise.
Following the death of Robert
Ryan, 50. last Sunday, two Negroes
were under arrest today for investi
gation. Ryan was found dead in
a chair in a house at 2754 Martin
dale avenue.
Those held are John Collier, oc
cupant of the house, and James
Davis, who entered the house with
a can of alcohol while police were
Liquor alleged to have been found
in Collier’s house will be examined
by Dr. E. R. Wilson, deputy coroner.
A cold ordinarily goes through 3
stages: The Dry Stage, the first 24
hours; the Watery Secretion Stage,
from 1 to 3 days, and the Mucous
Secretion Stage. It is twice as easy
stopped in the first Stage. In fact,
when a cold gets beyond the first
stage it may become serious.
As your doctor will tell you, there
is nothing better you can take for a
cold than Grove's Laxative Bromo
Quinine. It does the four things
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Kills the cold germs and fever in
the system. Relieves the headache
and grippy feeling. Tones the en
tire system and fortifies against
further attack.
That is the relief you want and
anything less is courting danger.
Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine
contains nothing harmful. May be
safely taken by young and old and
whether you stay indoors or go out.
There is absolutely no penalty at
tached to its use. For more than 40
years it has been the standard cold
and grippe tablet of the world,
the formula keeping pace with Mod
ern Medicine. Grove's Laxative
Bromo Quinine now comes in two
sizes—3oc and 50c. Get yourself a
package today and be on the side
of safety. Resent a substitute.
NOTE: During Epidemics a tab
let or two of Grove's Laxative
Bromo Quinine every morning and
night will do much to keep your sys
tem immune.—Advertisement.
You Must Pee! the Skin l e V"f o"o v -
Medical authorities asree. that in se
vere cases of Athlete's Foot,” it is im
perative to peel the infected skin to
nsure desired results Par-Ex. the re
cently discovered treatment, peels the
hickened skin and destroys in two
mmutrs the disease germs lurking and
nultiplvine thereunder It never fails
and is positively guaranteed. At ail
I j
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