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Job Loss
Threat Ban
to Wedding
Many Defer Marriage,
Fearing Taboo on
Working Wives.
Tlmri Special Writer
How many weddings do you sup
pose have been deferred in the last
year because the girl was afraid
that she would lose her position if
she became a bride?
How many marriages are being
kept a secret by young women who
know that they would be dis
charged if word ever reached their
employers’ ears that they belonged
to the wicked category of working
The number must run into thou
sands. And it is hard to see who
is benefiting by the attitude which
prevents these girls from living with
the men they love and continuing to
draw pay checks which they sorely
Must Live oil One Salary
It has been decreed by some large
companies that a married woman
should not take a second salary
check into a house while single
women were without work. They
have announced that her duty to
the state required her to resign and
manage on her husband's salary.
And what is the result of such a
Why, all the girls who are in love
with men whose salaries are too
small to support a family take great
pains to remain in the unmarried
group. Asa choice between semi
starvation with their beloved and
eating regularly without them they
make, understandably, the less ro
mantic choice.
There is little sense in founding
a home for the sole purpose of
watching love disappear through the
window. It is better, they believe,
to wait.
Doesn’t Help Situation
The fact that these girls have
been unable to realize their hopes
for an immediate wedding is not
creating jobs for the unemployed.
It is not helping the economic situ
ation. It is not removing the fact
that two salaries are being paid to
the girl and her young man. It
simply is making their happiness
If these girls were permitted to
go ahead have their weddings
with the full consent of their em
ployers, no one would be a tittle the
poorer, and even the employer, we
believe, would profit by the change.
For a frustrated, unhappy young
woman is not the most efficient of
workers—not nearly as desirable as
a girl who is glowing with happiness
and the knowledge that her first
biscuits turned out well.
Man’s Position Is Worse
The man in the case is now in a
position even more pitiable than the
girl’s, perhaps Through no fault \
of his own his salary has shrunk. |
through pay cuts, to a figure on |
which he is unable to support the
girl he loves.
And it is difficult, for him to be- 1
lieve in himself under these circum
stances. If he can not even make
a home for a girl, he may think,
what good is he, anyhow.
Gnawing worry over the situation
—a sense of hopelessness which
makes him debate whether he is un
fair in letting his fiancee wait for
him—these things are not condu- j
cive to the most alert and enthu- j
siastic achievements.
Let him marry the girl! Let the j
stern decree against young love be:
lifted and let the married women
keep their jobs.
The sum of human happiness can
be swelled so easily by such a
ruling, the sum of human energy
can be increased and the bride's and
bridegroom's delight over the wed
ding will be shared by (a) the land
lord who rents them an apartment,
<b) the furniture house which sells
them their installment-plan quota
of Early American reproductions,
and (c) the citizen whose tax bur
den is lightened every time the city
clerk rings up another wedding
license on the register.
Farewell Tea
Will Be Given
Miss Angrick
Mrs. Eugene Mclntire will enter
tain with a tea at her home, 3441
Broadway, at 5 Sunday afternoon
in honor of Miss Esther Angrick
who will leave soon to take up her
residence in Enid. Okla.
Mrs. Paul R. Oldham, sister of
Miss Angrick, and Miss Helen Wir
ick, will pour at the tea table, which
will be centered with spring flowers
and tall tapers.
Mrs. Lorinda Cottingham Howell
will play several violin numbers
during the tea.
Mrs. Bert Johnson will be hostess
for the meeting of Irvington chap
ter, Epsilon Sigma Omicron. April
11. Mrs. C. L. Withner is the new
Other officers are Mrs. William H.
Colsher. vice-president: Mrs. Claude
U. Watson, secretary, and treasurer,
and Mrs. C. L. Stubbs, sponsor.
Mrs. Oscar L. Black is delegate
and Mrs. E. A. Williams, alternate
to the Indiana federation: Mrs. Wil
liams. delegate to the annual con
vention. and Mrs. Oscar L. Black,
delegate and Mrs T. D. Moffett,
alternate to the Seventh district
New members of the lota Tau Tau
sorority of the Benjamin Harrison
law school will be entertained at a
fornial dinner tonight at the Colum
bia Club They are Misses Mary
Weller. Alberta Smith. Bonnie Mil
ler and Mrs. Lucille Ely.
Instructors of the school also will
be gusts. Entertainment will be
ftunlilnd by Jac Broderick's school
ot dancing and the Hilo Hawaiian
I studio.
A Snappy Spring Outfit
Dropped The coin
fchoulders dot motif,
that end in the surplice
puffed y closing
sleeves are finished by
1 ■' 1
‘Y’ Business Girls to Join
in World-Wide Observance
Business girls of the Indianapo
lis Y. W. C. A. Tuesday night will
celebrate their sixth nation-v ■’
observance with approximately 600
girls throughout the country and
in eight foreign nations, by means
of radio and television.
A banquet will be held at 7 at
the Phyllis Wheatley branch, when
a program will be presented. “See
ing the World as It Is” is the theme
which adopted for this year's event
by the National Council of " !r oung
Business and Professional Women
of the Y. W. C. A.
Short talks will be given by two
well-known women lawyers. Miss
Bess Robbins and Miss Elsie Austin.
Messages from Mrs. Frederic M.
Paist, president of the national
In the Realm of Clubs
Scot B. Clifford will talk on "Des
ert Islands" at the weekly meeting
of the Indianapolis Literary Club.
A talk on "Where the Magazines
and Newspapers Are Leading Us"
will be a feature of the meeting of
the Present Day Club, with Mrs.
Chic Jackson and Mrs. Linn D.
Hay as hostesses.
Election meeting will be held by
the Irvington Coterie Club at the
: home of Mrs'. Marshall D. Lupton,
5070 Pleasant Run parkway. Lunch
: eon committee includes Mrs. E. D.
Donnell. Mrs. Fred D. Stilz. Mrs.
Frederick Crowell, and Mrs. Bloom
field H. Moore.
Mrs. Edward Fivecoats. 846 North
Tacoma avenue, will be hostess for
the meeting of the Chapter P.. P.
E. O. Sisterhood.
Et Cetera Club will meet at 12:30
for luncheon at the Snively inn
tearoom. 1930 North Alabama street.
Mrs. J. J. McDowell and Mrs. George
Lemaux will be hostesses.
Vincent C. L. S. C. will meet at
the Fletcher American bank build
ing at 2 with Mrs. Charles Rails
back and Mrs. J. L. Masters in
charge of the program.
Monday Club will meet at ‘.he D.
A. R. chapter house for a business
meeting at 2. program at 3:30. Dr
Lee Andrews will be the speaker at
a social hour at 4.
Mrs. O. S. Srader. 4954 West Fif
teenth street, will be hostess for the
covered dish luncheon meeting of
the Municipal Gardens Women's
Department Club.
The Review Ciub will meet with
Mrs. Dorothy Goodrich. 4508 Cen
tral avenue. Mrs. Claude C. Jones
Jr. will talk on "Mozart." Mrs.
George W. Klein will discuss “My
Father. Mark Twain." and Mrs.
Roy Bain will talk on "Dorothy
Spencer Club will meet at the
home of Mrs. A. H. Hepburn. 4906
Kenwood avenue, instead of at the
home of Mrs. L. A. Beem. as ar
ranged previously. Mrs. W. A.
Pickens and Mrs. W. F. Leapley will
assist the hostess.
Marion county chapter of the
American War Mothers will hold
their monthly luncheon meeting at
12:30 at the Columbia Club. Reser
vations may be made with Mrs. M.
E. Costin.
Mrs. Douglas H White. 5636 North
Delaware street, will be hostess for
the meeting of the Inter-Aha Club.
Mrs. White will renew "Magnolia
Street" bj? Louis Golding. Mrs. Lil-
—Sketched from Russeks models.
beard of the Y. W. C. A., and from
Miss Gladys Doherty, president of
i the national council of business and
Professional Women, will be read.
Miss Betty Evans and Mrs. Mar
! ian Harrison, co-chairman of the
| arrangements for the affair will pre
| side at the banquet table.
Program features will include
dances by the student club of the
! Macedonian political organization, a
| solo by Miss Mary Alice Free, and a
playlet, “Pills for the World's Ills,”
directed by Miss Mary Elizabeth
! Gratzer.
All business girls in the city may
attend the celebration and reserva
! tions may be made at the central
Y. W. C. A. or at the Phyllis Wheat
ly branch.
lian D. Jones will discuss “Oliver
Wendell Holmes,” by Silas Brent.
Tokalon Club will meet with Mrs.
Jesse A. Roush, 741 East Fifty-third
street. Mrs. Frank Howard will talk
on Reginald DeKoven.
Y. W. C. A. day will be observed
by the Amicitia Club with Mrs.
Ethel Lambert, hostess, assisted by
Mrs. William Perry.
Mrs. Eugene Sims will entertain
members of the Alpha Delta
Latrcian Club at her home, 6508
College avenue.
The Procter Club will meet with
Mrs. Ralph F. Thompson. 4533 Car-
I rollton avenue.
Mrs. M. B. Spellman, 5355 Broad
way will be hostess for the In
dependent Social Club.
Talks on “Uncle Sam Needs a
Wife,” and “The Gods Arrive,” will
be given at the meeting of the Me
ridian Heights Inter-Se Club at the
home of Mrs. F. X. Kern, 5121 Ral-
| ston avenue.
"The Melting Pot" will be the
theme of the meeting of the Irving
ton Tuesday Club, with Mrs. C. M.
Cunningham. 60 Audubon place, as
hostess. Mrs. E. S. Conner will talk
on "From Immigrant to Inventor,”;
and Mrs. J. W. Moore will discuss
"Twenty Years at Hull House,” by-
Jane Addams.
"The Sophisticates" and "What Ls
Funny” will be discussed at the
meeting of the Fortnightly Literary I
Mesdames Homer Britan. William
Kelly, C. L. Hackerd and P. C.
Nicoles will be hostesses for the
Wednesday Afternoon Club.
Mr. and Mrs. Hilton U. Brown
and Mr. and Mrs. George C. Cal
vert will be in charge of the sup
per for the Portfolio Club. Clifton
Wheeler will talk on "Some No
Mrs. H. T. Brown will review the
autobiography of Cecilia Beaus.
"Background With Figures,” at the
meeting of the Thursday Lyceum
Club at the home of Mrs. Irving
P. Blue. 4233 Boulevard place.
Beta Delphian chapter will meet
at the Fletcher-American Bank
building. Mrs. J. E. Barcus and
. Mrs. William Baum will be co
leaders for the precram. Mrs. Lucy
May will review Flight Into Dark
ness:" Mrs. Walter A. Bohme will
review The Weavers;” Mrs. C. H.
Berry will discuss "The Titan;” Mrs.'
Students in
Fun Whirl
Return From Studies to
Join Gavety of
Younger Set.
An influx of college students, home
for spring vacations continues to add
to the gavety of younger set. With
bag and baggage and often guests,
they rush into town for a round of
Miss Mary Elizabeth Pell, daugh
ter of Dr. and Mrs. Glpnn J. Pell,
7335 North Meridian street, will ar
rive Thursday with two guests.
Misses Marie Lane and Marjorie
Beene, both of Shreveport. La. They
are classmates at Stephens college
in Columbia, Mo.
Expected today is Miss Joan Auf
derheide and Miss Jean Brown from
Vassar college. Miss Aufderheide
will visit her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Rudolph C. Aufderheide, 4950 North
Meridian street, while Miss Brown
will be with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond Brown, 3025 North
Meridian street.
Home From Baltimore
Miss Charlotte Twitty, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Twitty,
3319 North Meridian street, arrived
in town Friday from Goucher col
lege in Baltimore. She will spend
two weeks at home.
Coming from Wellesley college
next Saturday will be Miss Mildred
Falendar, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Falendar, 4605 North Meri
dian street, and Miss Ruth Claire
Marks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Benjamin Marks, 4265 North Penn
sylvania street.
Miss Dorothy Young, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Young,
4353 North Pennsylvania street, ar
rived Friday night from Monticello
seminary, and Howard S. Young
Jr., her brother, is home from the
University of Chicago. Miss Lillian
Young returned earlier in the w’eek
from Smith college.
Miss Diddci Visiting
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Diddel of 4114
Carrollton avenue, have with them
their daughter, Miss Jane Diddel, a
student at Wells colloge. Miss Mar
tha Coleman, also a student there, is
visiting at Newark, N, J.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Borinstein,
4137 North Meridian street, are ex
pecting their daughter, Miss Helen
Borinstein, next week-end from
Wellesley college.
Leaguers to
Hear Talk at
Art Institute
Wilbur Peat will give a gallery
talk on “The Indiana Art Exhibi
tion” at the guest meeting of the
Contemporary Art League, to be
held in the main gallery of the John
Herron Art Institute at 8 Thursday
Mrs. L. L. Goodman and Miss
Mina Markle will preside at the tea
table. Mrs. Gordon B. Mess and
Miss Ann Hunt are in charge of the
The musical program will include
selections by pupils of Mrs. William
R. Sieber; Miss Olivia Trapp, dra
matic soprano; Miss Mildred Jarvis,
lyric soprano; and Miss Madelan
Oldberg, pianist.
Miss Riecl Is Host
Miss Alethea Reid w r as hostess for
a kithcen shower given by the
Omege Chi sorority Wednesday
night in honor of Miss Versa New
Miss Agnes Spencer
Miss Agnes Spencer is president
of the Indiana division of the Beta
Sigma Omicron alumnae chapter,
which is in charge of the breakfast
to be held Sunday morning at In
diana university chapter house, as a
part of the annual state meeting at
J. E. Barcus will talk on "On the
Current Knowledge Club will meet
at 2 at the home of Mrs. Howard
A. Galey, 2206 Ashland avenue, with
Mrs. Ira A. Foxworthy as assistant
hostess. Mrs. J. F. Edwards will
lecture on "The Light of the World.”
Mrs. Norman Schneider. 681 Mid
dle drive. Woodruff Place, will be
hostess for the Culture Club. Mrs.
G. R. Miller will give a book review.
Mrs. C. H. Winders and Mrs. W.
B Farmer will be hostesses for the
Irvington Fortnightly Club meeting.
Mrs. Fred H. Rosebrock will be In
charge of the program of the Maga
zine Club, with music furnished by-
Mrs. George T. Earhart. Hostesses
will be Mesdames E. W. Stockdale.
chairman; L. J. Shirley. Paul T.
Rochford, A. E. Shirtle, Albert
Mrs. Fred G. Lorenz will talk on
"Mahatma Gandi. His On Story,”
at the meeting of the Saturday
Afternoon Literary Club with Miss
Mabel West and Miss Kate Wentz
as hostesses.
Flowers Are Crocheted
'i Ls . ■
Sunday Afternoon Musicale
to Be Given at Institute
A Sunday afternoon musical will
be presented at the John Herron
Art Institue by Miss Christine Mi
chel, contralto; Miss Fannie H. Ki
ser, harpist; Hugh McGibeny, vio-
Two to Speak
on Missionary
Rally Program
Miss Lela Taylor of Indianapolis,
and Dr. Samuel Guy Inman of New
York will be speakers at the Wo
men’s Missionary rally to be held
at 2:30 Thursday in the Third
Christian church parlors, Seven
teenth and Broadway streets.
Dr. Inman is executive secreetary
of the committee on co-operation in
Latin American, with headquarters
in New York. He formerly was a
missionary to Mexico for the Chris
tian Woman's Board of Missions,
with headquarters here.
Miss Taylor is second vice-presi
dent of the United Christian Mis
sionary Society and secretary of the
department of foreign missions of
the society. She has been active in
Mexico, Puerto Rico and South
Preparations for the ' annual
cookie day of the Girl Scouts will be
sponsored late in April by Troop
No. 23 at School No. 66 under the
direction of Mrs. William B. Schilt
ges, chaptain.
Mrs. E. S. Pearce and Mrs. George
Snyder are co-chairman. Other
committee chairmen are Mrs. James
Gipe, pasters; Mrs. Maurice Socwell
and Mrs. C. R. Weiss, motor corps;
Mrs. W. B. Westfall. Mrs. Gipe and
Mrs. Thomas Vonnegut, downtown
booths; Mrs. R. C. Elliott, schools;
Mrs. Pearce. Mrs. Snyder and Mrs.
W. H. Trimble, clubs; Mrs. J. W.
Brannan, publicity; Mrs. Joseph
Miner, parade; Mrs. Cecil Calvert,
window displays, and Mrs. J. H. Toy,
police protection.
Mrs. Howard A. Galey, 2206 Ash
land avenue, will be hostess for the
meeting of the Current Knowledge
Club Friday afternoon. Mrs. Ira A.
Foxworthy will assist the hostess.
Mrs. J. F. Edwards will give a
lecture on “Light of the World."
and Mrs. Carrie A. Guio will read
some of her original poems. Musical
program will be presented by Mrs.
William R. Siebert and Mrs. Mildred
Miss Esther Owens will be hastess
for the bridge tea of the Chi Tau
Alpha sorority to be given from 3 to
5 Sunday afternoon. Miss Owens
will pour, assisted by Mrs. Hobarri
The tea table will be arranged
with a centerpiece of sv eet peas and
snapdragons, and lighted with or
chid and green tapers in silver
Baritone Is Guest
Wesley W. Wilcox, baritone, will be
guest soloist Sunday morning at the
Broadway MT E. church.
linist, and Mrs. S. K. Ruick, accom
The program;
Berceuse D’Auvergne’’
"Berceuse Francaise”
Berceuse Marguerite" Julien Tiersot
“La Charmante
Marguerite” Old French Song
Miss Michel
Ballade'’ Hasselmans
"Menuet” Rameau
"Chanson de Guillot Martin” .Marot
Miss Kiser
“Chant Hindoo' Bemberg
Violin obligota
"Habanera” from "Carmen” Bizet
“Psyche" Paladilhe
“Les Cigales” Chabrier
"L'lnvitation au Voyage’’ Duoarc
“Carnival'’ Fourdrain
Miss Michel
“Contemnlation’’ Renie
“La Fi’le Aux Cheveux de Lin’’... Debussy
“Le Follets” Hasselmans
Miss Kiser
“Nuit D'Etoiles” Debussy
With haro
“Ave Maria” Gounod
With harp, violin, and piano
Miss Michel
' V. .
—Photo by Bailey.
Miss Gladys Banes
The engagement of Miss Gladys
Lillian Banes to the Rev. Oren R.
McColgin, son of Mr. and Mrs.
E. W. McColgin of Greenwood, is
announced by her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. C. Banes, 1556 Brook
side avenue.
Miss Banes is an assistant pro
fessor of mathematics at Butler
university and the Rev. Mr. Mc-
Colgin is pastor of the First Chris
tian church in Monticello. The
wedding will take place in June.
Misses Mary Huber, Elsie Lipp
and Naomi McDonald will be honor
guests at the entertainment to be
given by the Alpha chapter of the
Sigma Delta Zeta sorority Wednes
day night at the home of Miss Mar
garet Boyden. 4061 East Thirty
fourth street.
Asssistant hostesses will be Miss
Ruth Slick. Miss Sophia Zinkan and
Mrs. Patrick Lawley. Appointments
will be in keeping with Easter.
Pledge services were held this
week by the Butler university chap
ter of Theta Sigma Phi, honorary
journalistic sorority for women.
The pledges are Misses Marjorie
Carr. Marian Driscoll, Mozelle Ehnes
of South Bend. Frances Wysong, and
Mary Jean Harrison.
City Style Shows Teach
Fashion-Alert Women
What to Wear This Year
The New, the Bizarre, and the Practical Are
Demonstrated; Mannish Blouses
Are All the Rage.
WITH style shows holding sway in various dress shops and dress
departments, Indianapolis women have been given opportunity to
see just what the leading stylists dictate for wear this season.
Tuesday and Wednesday the William H. Block Company entertained
an elaborate style show on its second floor. The crowds attending were
an indication of a “style hungry" feminine public.
Friday night L. S. Avres and Company held a
private showing of Charles Armour creations in the
store auditorium.
At 11 todav the H P. Wasson Company displayed
individual modes, with Butler university girls as
The new. the bizarre, and the practical were in
troduced to an inquisitive and interested audience at
each of these three displays.
a a a
. New Mannish Styles in Blouses
THE Song of the Shirt” is the chantey, with au
thentic Joe Bloom models taking hie lead in
the blouse department of the William H. Block Com
Your laundress will find it hard to know just
which belongs to the “Mr.” and which to the "Mrs.”
in these new mannish styles, for the feminine adaptation is almost iden
tical with those designed for men.
These shirts, meant to be worn with the more mannish suits, are
tailored carefully, with hand-made buttonholes, tailored pockets, and ’lone
Jtrinef 2? VW CU links ‘ Thcy come 111 P lai . austere checks and
stripes, with attached collars, and small bow ties of matching material
Suede jersey blouses, in soft tomato red shades, also are shown while
£L m r femi yine taste will be delighted with the blouse made of triple
sheer, trimmed with rows of real “Val" lace, and the one fashioned of
matlasse organdy, with frilled front, trimmed in a row of crystal buttons.
a a a
Individual Candies Made to Order
INDIVIDUAL candies, made in the form of small cakes, mav be had for
ih 5 ™ IU " Ch T S ’„ taking the place of and candv cups as favors
Irvington Clubs Union Will
Sponsor Art, Crafts Exhibit
Original work by nonprofessiona
artists of Irvington will be dis
played at the second annual art and
crafts exhibition, which will open
Saturday, April 22, at the Masonic
building. 5519 East Washington
street. The exhibit is under the
Judge Carter
Will Address
G. O. P. Club
Judge Solon Carter will address
the Indiana Woman's Republican
club at its meeting at 2 Thursday in
the Columbia club. Miss Adele
Storck will summarize the bills
passed by the general assembly dur
ing its session this winter.
Mrs. Helen Johnson Karns, presi
dent, will introduce the speakers.
Miss Minnie Cowan hostess, will be
assisted by Mesdames Ovid Butler
Jameson, Samuel Lewis Shank, Span
Waymire, Bert Morgan, Frank Cones
J. Burdett Little, Harlan Ratliff,
Charles Miller and Misses Clara Gil
bert, Louise Wisenberg, May Poston,
and Minnie Darling.
A musical progra mwill be given
by a vocal trio, composed of Misses
Harriet Krause, Ruth Wagner and
Frances Wallace. Accompanist will
be Miss Virginia Bachtel. Their
numbers will include “Prayer Per
fect.” by Stenson, "Thanks be To
God,” by Dickson, “Trees,” by Res
bach and “Rain,” by Curren.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Byfield,
3864 North New Jersey street, an
nounce the marriage of their
daughter. Miss Elizabeth Byfield, to
Arthur B. Lowe, son of Mrs. Mary
Lowe of Lawrenceburg.
The marriage took place last week
and the couple will be at home after
May 1 at Hanning Court. Mr. Lowe
attended Purdue university, where
he was a member of the Phi Delta
Theta fraternity.
Home Builders’ class of the Irv
ington Methodist church will give
a benefit jigsaw puzzle party at 8
Friday night in the social hall of
the church.
The committee in charge of the
arrangements includes: Messrs and
Mesdames G. D. Shortridge, chair
men; P. W. Ross, E. J. Rennoe, C.
C. Capel, L. J. Bitters, Jonathan
Lyman, Emerson Vilchust, F. M.
Cox. J. N. Coffey, W. A. Michel and
Thomas Neale Jr.
Full of Bright Ideas
All the bulletins in the list below, prepared by out Washington
Bureau, are full of suggestions for the hostess who is planning any
sort of party or entertainment during the present season—from the
simplest to the most elaborate affair. Here aie the titles:
1. Bridge Parties. 9. st. Patrick’s Day Parties.
2. Children s Parties. 10. Unique Shower Parties.
3. Indoor Games 11. Wedding Anniversary Parties.
4. Parties for Every Occasion. 12. Sandwiches of Ail Kinds.
5. Old-Fashioned Dances. 13. Dainty Delicacies.
6. Party Menus, Prizes and 14. Etiquette for Dinners. Dances
Favors. and Receptions.
7. Tea Cakes and Party Pas- 15. Homemade Nonalcoholic
tries. Drinks.
8. St. Valentine’s Parties.
You can secure a packet containing these sis .oen bulletins by
filling out the coupon below and mailing it to our Washington Bu
reau with the required amount inclosed.
Dept. 0-8 Washington Bureau The Indianapolis Times.
1322 New York Avenue, Washington, D. C *
I want the party packet of fifteen bulletins, and inclose herewith 45
cents in coin, money order or loase, uncanceled Untied States post
age stamps, to cover return postage and Handling costs.
I am a reader of The Indianapolis Times. (Code No.)
31 ARCH 25, 1933
Mrs. Lindsay
TX™ of the Irvin £ton Union
of Clubs and will close April 24
The committee in charge includes
Mis George Gahagan, chairman;
Mesdames Joseph Ostrander, c D
Vawter, Frederick Polle.v, Harold F.
Kealing. E. E. McMullen. Miss Lu
cile Morehouse and Miss Virginia
Circulars of instruction with en
tiy blanks may be obtained at the
Irvington branch library, the John
Heiron Art school, or will be mailed
upon request. All contributors are
to be residents of Irvington, and all
ty P®f of Ejects may be submitted.
The committee of honorary
awards to be made in each depart
ment will be announced at a later
Legion Group
Organized for
Benefit Party
rs. Joseph Speaks has been ap
pointed chairman of a benefit card
party to be given by the auxiliary
to Indianapolis Post No. 4, Ameri-
a ru . Lc^ ion ’ April 3 at Banner-
Whitehill auditorium. Mrs. Clar
ence R. Martin is president.
Other members of the general
committee are Mesdames W. J.
Overmire, A. H. Worsham, Louis
Vochem and Frank Friddle.
Chairwomen of assisting commit
tees will be Mrs. W. R. McGeehan
hospitality; Mrs. H. Nathan Swam’
prizes; Mrs. Stella V. Norland, cards
and tables; Mrs. Ralph Hesler, tele
phone; Mrs. Worsham, tickets, and
Mrs. Paul Barger, tallies and pencils
The party is planned to aid re
lief work being carried on bv the
Dr. \ idya Lindsay will discus’!
Harmony Through Color and Mu
sic” at the musicale, sponsored by
the Cla-al-con Arts clubs at 4:30
Sunday in the auditorium of the
Music will be provided by the con
cert trio of Arthur Jordan Conserv
atory of Music and Steiner’s man
dolin sextet. Mrs. Mary Traub
| Busch will be hostess. Frank F. Gil
berti is president of the club.
Install Club Members
i Mrs. G. H. Smith, 712 North
j Emerson avenue, was hostess for the
meeting of the Alpha chapter of the
Mothers’ and Daughters’ club which
met Thursday.
Mrs. John McGinty and her
daughter, Miss Mary McGinty, were
installed as new members of the
group. Plans were made for out
j fittinfi the club’s adopted child.

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