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Conference of Minor Importance in Presi
dent’s Program Which Seeks Recovery
By Efforts at Home.
United Prent Staff Correspondent
WASHINGTON. July 6.—The fate of the world economic conference
is of minor importance in the Roosevelt program because the President is
striking out to win recovery by efforts at home.
He Is unmoved by European tactics. Foreign criticism only tends
to make him more confident of the support of the people of the
United States.
The key to his policy is simple.
He believes that the United States
can get quicker results by action at
home than by waiting for fifty na
tions to reconcile conflicting views.
At home America is in complete
control of its own situation. To
depend upon international agree
ments for results would be depend
ing upon a situation over which the
United States had little control, the
administration believes.
Thinks in Terms of Home
This policy has been made emphat
tically clear in President Roosevelt’s
latest message to the American dele
gation at London. It is a complete
reversal of the Hoover policy.
The previous administration held
that the United States was depend
ent upon world recovery for its own
prosperity. Mainly it attempted to
keep banks, railroads and other in
stitutions afloat by loans until world
conditions righted themselves.
President Roosevelt is thinking in
terms of Kansas wheat fields, south
ern cotton fields, New England tex
tile mills, Pennsylvania coal mines,
the Tennessee river valley.
He believes if farmers can get
good prices, if labor can get living
wages, if industry can get reasonable
prices, the country will prosper.
Foreign trade, regarded by the
Hoover administration as a general
commercial outlet which wyuld spell
prosperity, is seen by President
Roosevelt as a group of special mar
kets for certain commodities such
as cotton, in which there are sur
Mind Is Made Ud
There is little hope here that
other nations will abandon their
economic nationalism which is ex
pressed through high tariffs, embar
goes and import quotas.
Some of the President’s closest
advisers hold that foreign trade is
a result of prosperity, rather than
the other way around. They argue
that once nations get on their feet
internally by balancinb budgets and
raising price 'evels, a certain
atnount of international trade comes
The argument as to whether this
is sound may rage indefinitely, but
President Roosevelt has made up his
mind, and he is proceeding in his
own way.
Measures to Provide Money for Bills,
Pay Rolls Is Puzzle.
Bn ! Press
C \WFORDBVILLE. ind., July
6- r t ;cncy measures for re
ple ns the Montgomery county
treasury were being considered here
today, following announcement that
funds in all but one department
were exhausted.
Employes and officials will be un
paid, and payment of all bills will
be deferred for four months unless
the county council is able to provide
emergency funds, officials an
The 1933 legislature's action in
easing penalties on delinquent taxes,
and levies recently approved by the
county adjustment board, were
blamed for the county’s p’ight.
Collection to Be Shown at Exchange
Club Meeting.
A collection of war posters gath
ered here and abroad will be shown
at the meeting of the Exchange
Club Friday at the Washington by
Phil Lewis, a war veteran.
Before going overseas, Lewis
started collecting war posters. He
requested his family to continue the
collection while he was abroad.
Lewis added to it while in France
and England.
Auto Accident at Nora Fatal to Man
in Kokomo Hospital.
By United Press
KOKOMO. Ind.. July 6.—Roy
Thompson, Kokomo, died in Good
Samaritan hospital Wednesday
night <irf injuries received when his
automobile overturned at Nora, Ind.
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Cut Price Opera Makes Metropolitan Cos. Shiver
NEW YORK. July 6.—The Met
ropolitan Opera Company hasn’t, as
yet, displayed in
public any qualms
about its proleta
rian competition
this summer. But
the chances are
that its hard
pressed directors,
who scarcely know
where -their next
deficit is coming
from, indulge in
apprehensive little
shivers when they
consider the threats
that have popped
''''' j
■■ .-e jj
up on the classical horizon.
For one thing, crowds still are
standing in long lines before the
old Hippodrome theater, where ex
cellent grand opera is being per
formed for 25 to 99 cents admis-1
sion by a cast built around some '
stars of the Chicago Opera Com
For another thing, Mr. George
Blumenthal, who used to be asso
ciated with Oscar Hammerstein, is
about to start a season of Wagne
rian opera—at low prices, in Eng
lish, and with the Met's own or
chestra and several of its stars, in
cluding Frances Aida.
A woman, Leginska, will conduct
at least one performance.
Os course, both of these are
summer ventures, ancf are not yet
menaces to the Metropolitan’s box
office. But it is very likely that
they will be reorganized, with new
talent, to carry on
next fall and win
Also there Is a
chance that Mr.
Blumenthal's orga
nization will move
into the enormous
Music Hall at
Rockefeller Cen
Such a possibil
ity recalls the fact
that the entire
$250,000,000 Rocke
feller Center de-
velopment was begun on the
strength of the Met’s promise, sub-
sequently broken, to move into a
new home there.
And it recalls the grim threat at
tributed to one of the Rockefeller
associates: “If the Metropolitan
won’t move in here with us, we'll
find or organize an opera company
that will.”
The current successes at the Hip
podrome (a theater where practi
cally every other type of entertain
ment has failed* are enough to
convince the canniest promoters
that millions of ordinary people are
eager to pay ordinary prices for
Also it is pretty generally known
by now that Americans like opera
in English, despite the ideas of the
.snooty old Met.
Machine Struck Hard Blow
in Pennsylvania.
Zij/ Scrippt-Uotcard S etrtpaprr Alliance
WASHINGTON. July 6.—Disin
tegration of the Republican ma
chine in Pennsylvania is expected
to follow the two blows struck by the
department of justice against state
G. O. P. leaders.
The indictments against State
Senators James J. Coyne and John
J. McClure have jolted the Repub
lican organization within the state
and may retard the efforts of the
JULY 6, 1933
Republican national committee to
rehabilitate itself natidhally.
Both blows were struck in Penn
sylvania on the eve of the state
wide municipal campaign which will
be the curtain-raiser for next year s
more important state congressional
Prompt Relief
From Itching Eczema
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