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Problem of Heredity May Be
Solved Partially by
Dionne Babies.
Thta la lk third of a aariat at tlx
artirla* about multiple births.
/• V Srlmte Rerriem
Scientists. whether they are
physiologists, educators, or physi
cians hare much to learn from the
Dionne quintuplets. The longer
these five children bom at a single
birth survive, the more remarkable
is the opportunity they offer to
'hose who wish to know more about
the human race.
The part that heredity plays In
determining the course of daily
life, from the psychological point of
view as well as the physical, is one
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problem that these little girl* may
help to solve.
Twins—and also quintuplets—may
be of two kinds. What are known
as identical twins have their origin
, in a single egg cell which becomes
separated into two individuals vers*
early in the embryonic development.
These identical twins have exactly
the same heredity from both father
and mother. They look so exactly
alike that even their parents have
difficulty In telling them apart; they
are similar in intelligence, in tastes
and in interests. They are subject
to the same disease so far as these,
or a tendency toward them, are
Any differences observed between
identical twins are known to be the
: result of environment, of their in
dividual experiences, accidents, or
‘ opportunities.
But a great many twins are not
of this identical type. They do not
come from a single egg cell, but are
merely ordinary brothers or sisters
1 that happen to be born at the same
time Often they are not at all like
each other either in appearance or
in character. They may not even be
; of the same sex.
By comparing identical twins and
nonidentical or fraternal twins by
I noticing how the former differ and
[ how the less closely related pairs
resemble each other, scientists can.
arrive at deductions regarding the
part played by heredity and environ
Any careful scientific experiment,
however, needs a ‘control.'’ In order
to be sure that the identical twins
resemble each other in some respect
more than would ordinary brothers
in the same family, it is necessary
- to compare them with other broth
ers. In the case of twins, the
brothers are, however, older or
younger and brought up under
slightly different conditions.
Triplets quadruplets, and quin
tuplets ma; offer the ideal control
the scientist seeks.
The Dionne quintuplets may be
related to each other in a number
of different ways. Two of them may
be identical and the rest fraternal.
There may be two pairs and a single
“odd ’ one. Or they might conceiv
ably be all fraternal, although this
is not at all likPly.
It is not passible to tell as yet just
what the relationship is. One -in
dication of a single-egg origin lies
in the report that only one nourish
ing organ was observed for all five
infants. This evidence is not con- !
elusive because of the fact that in
the confusion of such a complex de
livery a mistake might have been
made and because even when a
multiplicity of such organs exists.
they sometimes gray together so
that they seem t' be only one.
At birth, identical twins may be
just as different in appearance as
are fraternal twins, so that the dif
ference in size and weight of the
Dionne infants is not an indication
that they are not identical. But as
they grow older, these difference be
come less obvious in idential twins,
more obvious in those who are non
After the Dionne babies have
passed through the first years of
their lives, measurements of their
bodies, the color of hair and eyes
and texture of skin, the grouping of
their blood, the scores they can at
tain on mental tests, and their
fingerprints will disclose definitely
whether they are identical or not.
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excise tax collections is attributed
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The excise tax collections on
whisky have increased from $1,082
in July to $1,432, the excise depart
ment announced. In May. collections
amounted to $1,336 daily. They
slumped to $1,095 in June and then
dropped still further to the July
figure. The upward spurt this
month is due to the anti-bootlegging
campaign, Mr. Fry said.
Beer tax collections showed a big
increase the last two weeks of July,
the $94,015.56 contrasting sharply
with $73,286.03 in the first two weeks
of the same month.
Governor Is First Chief State Ex
ecutive to Visit City.
By United Frcss
RISING SUN. Ind.. Aug. 9
Governor Paul V. McNutt became
the first Governor of Indiana to
visit Rising Sun when he took part
in ceremonies dedicating anew $21,-
000 town hall yesterday.
The Govern r joined 3.000 others
in the ceremonies held on the court
house lawn. The new town hall re
places one built more than 100
years ago.
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