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AUG. 28, 1935
New Deal Measure Enables
Relief Children to At
tend School.
About 4500 Indiana boys and girls.
18 years of age or older, who are
members of families on relief, are
eligible to received financial aid to
attend high school this fall and
winter under the National Youth
Administration program, it was an
nounced today by Edward E. Ed
wards, state NYA director.
The high school aid plan pro
vides for the payment of a maxi
mum of $6 a month to each youth
who otherwise would not be able
to complete a high school course
or to enter school because of the
lack of money for text books, car
fare, lunch and other essentials.
The public school superintendent
In each county, city, township or
school district will select the boys
and girls who are to share in the
benefits of the program. The su
perintendent may, if he desires,
select a committee of local citizens
to assist him. A representative of I
the local relief authorities is to be j
Included on such a committee.
The selections are to be made on
the basis of need, character and
ability to do good work in school.
Only pupils carrying three-fourths j
of a program of courses will be elig- j
ible. In return for receiving finan
cial assistance the pupils selected
will be expected to do some so- |
cially desirable work, such as cler
ical work, library work, etc., or in
the case of individual youths who'
are especially well qualified or for
whom the assignment of work is ;
Impracticable, they will be expected j
to maintain excellence in the full- j
time performance o> their school
“The objective of the high school
nid program,’* said Mr Edwards, "is
to reach as many as possible of the
youths whose educations has been
interrupted by the depressed eco
nomic conditions of the last five
years and return them to school.”
Mr. Edwards has sent a letter to
all city and county school super
intendents in the state suggesting
that they make a preliminary can
vass of the relief families in their
respective communities in order to
determine how many youths there
are in need of such assistance. The
allotment of funds to each school
district will be made before Sept. 1.
Course Offers Training for Relief
Miss Leona E. Massoth, Univer
sity of Chicago graduate, and Mrs.
Ruby Strand Inlow, graduate of
Smith College, were today named as
new members of the faculty of the
Indiana University Training School
for Social Work here.
The course is designed to provide
professional training for more than
1200 positions in the state as pro
bation and parole workers, public
relief administrators, child welfare
and institutional work.
Children's Museum Receives Movie
Projector From Rotary Club.
Mrs. Donald Jameson, president
of the board of trustees of the Chil
dren's Museum, announced today
the gift of a motion picture projec
tion machine by members of the
Indianapolis Rotary Club to the
Gone, but Not Forgotten
Automobiles reported to police as stolen
belong to:
Frank Krame;. 5428 Brookville-rd. Esses
eedan. 112-649, from Washington-st and
Mrs. Leo Hottel. 2650 Napoleon-st,
Buick coupe, from Shelby and Prospect
Stolen automobiles recovered by police
belong to:
N*al Durant. 548 N Sente-av. Euick
•oune. found at 1700 E Washtnston-at.
• \Vavne Eicus. 22S E 13th-st, Butclc
•edan, found at *3l Revera-dr.
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I euthu>ia*m. Well, junt fill up H
Ia gla* vith Kamm * and we. K
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