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Just 16 Rare Rug Values!
—Arrived Too Late for Our “Marshall
Field” Rug Sale—-Offered for E. 0. M.!
“Field’s” Wool Rugs
$9-90 $1290
6x9-foot and 7.6x9-foot 9x12-foot and Bxlo-foot
size wool rugs in soft size wool rugs with good
toned colors. Colonial wool tops. Rare bargains
patterns and colors. at this low price.
4.6 x 6.6-Ft. WOOL RUGS
In colors that match the other £ m qa
size rugs. Sturdy wool weave ¥ A.Vv
with layflex back.
—Downstairs at Ayres.
Infants', Tots' and
Children's Wear
2 f ° r 35c
Infants' Shirts, Single or Infants’ Bands, well rein-
Double Breasted. forced.
Infants’ Binders. Children’s summer weight
Child’s Knit Vests, 8-16. Self-Help Union Suits, 2*12.
Children’s Hose, white. Tots' and Girls’ Rayon
Child's Knit Shorts, 8-16. Bloomers.
Children’s Cotton Slips .... 25c
Original price was 59c. Just 75. Slightly counter soiled. Sizes
8 to 16 years.
Clearance! Children’s Wear . 39c Ea.
Including novelty print wash frocks. Boys’ broadcloth wash suits.
Infants’ and tots’ sweaters. Sateen-bound blankets. Infants’ and
Toddlers’ Hand-Made dresses.
Boys’ Tweed Coats SI.OO
Have a matching hat. Well tailored. In smart mixtures. Sizes
2to 6 years. While they last.
Boys’ Jersey Suits 98c
Washable spring weight jersey suits with novelty trim. In wanted
colors. Sizes 3 to 6. Original price was $1.69.
Infants’ Layette Needs . . 2 for 15c
Double knit diapers. Rubber pants. Rubber Bassinette sheets
and stuffed soft toys. Greatly reduced for E. O. M.
Clearance! Pongee Pajamas . . 69c
Tots’ and Girls’ pongee pajamas and coolie coats. Novelty floral
trim. Sizes 6 to 16 years.
Girls’ Spring Coats $2.98
Original prices from $3.98 to $5.98. Novelty tweeds In solid and
fancy mixtures. Sizes 7 to 14 years.
Boys’ Wash Suits .... 2 for SI.OO
Clearance of 125 suits. Bib overalls style or belted wash slacks
with fast color tops. Sizes up to 7.
Children’s Anklets .... 2 for 25c
Irregulars. Plains, plaids. From a well-known childrens manu
facturer. % hose, 15c pair.
Children’s Shoes Reduced • SI.OO Pr.
Reduced from our own stocks for clearance. Sizes 8 1 /a to 2. Pat
ent leather, brown and black colors in group.
■ ' '
Women’s Knee Length Hose 25c Pr.
Women’s all-silk knee-length hose with elastic band at top. -
Classed as seconds. Broken sizes and colors.
E. O. M. Values for Men!
28 Men’s Suits $7.00
Broken sizes and patterns. But every suit a grand bargain. Some
have extra trousers for $2.00 extra. For year-round wear.
18 “Prepster” Suits $3.39
Sizes 15 to 20. Broken lots and sizes. For year-around wear.
Some have extra trousers for SI.OO extra.
26 Men’s Corduroy Jackets . . $2.59
Zipper front style. Warmly lined. Broken sizes.
Men’s Fast-Color Shirts • . 2 for $1
“Burt” brand in plain white, plain colors and fancy patterns.
Full cut and well made. Sizes 14 to 17. Some are neckband
Men’s Belnord Shirts 88c
Also CYanbrook's. Whites, plain colors and plenty of fancy
patterns. Soiled and mussed. Sizes 14 to 17.
Men’s Real Silk Hose ... 4 Pr. $1
Irregulars of heather tone, mercerized lisle. Plain and clocked
patterns. Sizes 10 1 * ano 11 Grays, browns, blues.
Men’s Fancy Hose . . . . 5 ?r. 95c
Linen toe and linen heel construction. A fine assortment of
patterns and colors. Some are seconds. Sizes 10 to 12.
Men’s Denim Overalls ... 2 for $1
Just 44 pairs in a clearance. High-back style, full cut for serv
ice. Broken sizes.
Rayon Shirts and Shorts . . 4 for $1
Clearance of rayon shirts and shorts. Shirts in sizes 34 to 46.
Shorts in sizes 30 to 44. Irregulars.
Men’s Slipon Sweaters .... SI.OO
z<>per front, mohair effect, slipover sweaters in browns greys
ar.j navy. Sizes 36 to 42 in the group.
Boys’ Better Shirks 39c
School and dress shirts reduced for clearance. Pioneer and
Everett brand. Soiled and mussed from display. All sizes.
112 Pairs Men’s Shoes .... $2.00
Broken sizes and styles of higher priced models. Suedes, grains
and calfskins. Blacks, browns and gray colors.
Clearance Boys’ Wear . . . 2 Jor 50c
Odds and ends of boys’ summer wash shorts and wash suits. Soiled
and mussed from display. Broken sizes and colors.
Two Special E . O. M. Sales!
New Spring Hats
98c Each
A beautiful selection of new Easter hat styles
in rayon taffetas, crepes, straw cloths. Styles
in brims, Gibson Girl’s, Bretons and Homburgs.
Tsavy, brown, black, gray, green, maize colors.
Headsizes for women and misses, 22 and 23.
200 Better Hats, Reduced
Felts and straws In black, brown and _
navy and a few pastel colors. Every Sa
hat has sold for much higher prices. I • a# jr
Choice of many styles. If
—Downstairs at Ayres.
' t
- n * J rs .
Tomorrow Only! One of the Most
Exciting E. O. M. Sales in Months!
March is a month you'll long remember tor* Values! First our tremendous Sale of Marshall Field Rugs . . . Then
our Utility Sports Coat Sale . . . our Billy Taub surplus Stock Sale of Men's Suits . . . AND NOW TOMOR
ROW a bang-up March E. O. M. Sale. Scan this page with Eagle-Eyes! Check and double check carefully . . .
don t pass up one single bet . . . for you'll find unexpected values in every department. Many, our regular month
end clearance of Ayres quality merchandise! Others, brand new special purchases for E. O. M. only! Please no
mail orders. C. O. D.'s or layaways! Doors oaen promptly at 9:30!
‘ "
E. O. M. Bargains for Girls E.O.M. Values for Women!
Girls’ Washable Taffta Frocks • $2.59 Blouses and Sweaters • . . 88c Ea.
The original price has been $2.98. Tailored or dressy styles in Original prices, SI.OO. Cotton blouses in broken sizes. Sweaters
smart street shades. Sizes 7 to 14 years. in new string styles, all-wools and hand-fashioned knits
Girls’ Dresses 69c Cotton Wash Frocks 79c
Original price, $1.15. Organdies and Fruit-of-the-Loom prints. All Original prices $1.09 and $1.59. Broken assortments of sizes and
fast colors. Broken size range. . colors. Many “Fruit-of-the-Loom” styles.
Girl’ Spring Skirts ..... $1.59 Fashionette Uniforms .... 79c
Original price $1.98. Light weight, all-wool crepe in grey, tan, Original price $1.29. Broken assortments of sizes and colors,
copen blue and green. Sizes 10 to 16. Blue, green, black and white in group.
Girls’ Dresses ....... 98c 83 Dresses Reduced ...... 79c
Original price $1.98 to $2.98. Cotton and silks in the group. Brok- 41 long sleeve wash frocks, originally priced from $1.09 to $2.00.
en sizes and styles. Remarkable values. 42 dark coverall dresses, original price $1.19.
Clearance! Girls’ Jackets . . . $1.98 Women’s Spring Suits .... $249
Wool plaid jackets for sports or school. Broken sizes and colors. Original price, $3.00. In tweed mixtures. 2-piece styles in sizes
Original price, $2.98. 14 to 20.
Clearance! Girls’ Sweaters. . . 69c Frille Boucle Blouses .... $1.49
Original prices from SI.OO to $1.59. Dark and high shades. Brok- Original price, $1.98. Just 55 in the group. Sizes 34 to 40. Rust,
en sizes and slightly counter soiled. green, aqua, white and maize.
■ ic- - -■■■ ■ ■-
Sale "Janalene" Foundation Garments
(Sh-h! They're Really Made by KABO)
A bang-up E. O. M. value! “Janalene,” a famous manufacturer of Janlene frocks, offered us his I f V#l ■
discontinued styles of Janalene Foundations, made by KABO. We purchased this stock including 12 I f dßf&tk. of
different styles and 12 different models at half his regular selling price. Tomorrow we pass this saving ™ f w m
along to you in this special E. O. M. Sale. Check the list below carefully by style, model and size f Jg KegUlar
number . . . you’ll be sure to find what you need. * Price
Style No. Type |24|25j26|27|28 29130j31|32|84 35 36|37 38[39 40141|42|44|46 48150|521i°J. 1 * 1 i in c n e al C £ r s f c ° e ut
238 14-in. Girdle | | | | |1 1 11 1 6110 6| 2 5| | | | ] | |j $5.98 $2.98
238 x 16-in. Girdle [ | | j |l] |3.| j 2 j 4 6| 4 3| . | | | ’ | |, '[| 5.98 2.98
247 14-in. Girdle 1 41 812114| fT 21 11 | 1111 I Ml 2.98 1.50
249 14-in. Girdle |6js| 516 | 1 11| | 1 ~ | fMI I"V II 4.98 TSo"
240 14-in7"Corsette (Mil I 114 421 33 2|ljlf | jj |j 7.50 3.75
240 x 16-in, Corsette ||| j j j |ls 1)4 1 1 4131 11 | jj j| 7.50 3.75
242 x 16-in. Corsette Mill I II | || I 153|4 |1 |j 6.98 3.50
245 ~~ 13-in. Corsette Mill I 114 2\ 2 || | 141317) 21| 5.98 2W
245 x 15-in. Corsette Mill I 114 2| 3 | |4|3| |3|4j2ii 6.98 IW
246 14-in. Skirt Corsette j Mil I II 3 I 2 1| j | |3| | 113 H ~.50 4.25
246 x 16-in. Skirt Corsette Mill I I I 21 2 2||l|7|l|3|3|2|j 9.50 ’ "4.75"
For E. O . M. Only! For E. O. M. Only!
Sale! New Easter Sale! 50 New Spring
f Dresses #
cq SlJltS /f
2, for $/ -50 _
■ (1 dress $3.98) M M
Just eleven more days until Easter r^r\.EJ
... tomorrow s the time to buy your Just eleven days before Easter we '
new Easter Dress at a savings! offer just 50 brand new man-tai- / -V
Jacket styles, tunic styles, navy lored 2-piece suits in blues, grays / '
Hues, black, brown, prints and pas- an l b L? W K S ' t f Uored ’ single / |
, , . ... .. _.. , or double breasted styles, some have / I
tel colors. Wearable, flattering sports backs . Tweeds, flannels and / -i 1
styles that will cause a lot of ex- , mixtures. Sizes 14 to 20. / |
citment in the Easter parade. Sizes / i. ‘
ii to i9-i4 to 20-38 to 52. Dress and Sports M * t
Coats, original price I I
\TT7 l or Navys $10.75, E. O. M.
\ / / For street Jackets \ l /
\ / / For Club 2-Pc. Frocks pMCC . • • • ss*9B \ l f /
J \ / / For Bridge Prints Charming . n „-__ . \ \ / /
JV/ ( For Dining High Shades DreSS and SpOrtS j\l I
\vl V'V —Downstairs at Ayres. CoatS . * • sß*99 E/C/j
\J“ —Downstairs at Ayres.
* _________
Close-Out Sale of
“Brownbuilt” Shoes
We Bought the Remaining Stock
of Women’s Brownbuilt Shoes from
the Young Shoe Store at Ander
son—Who Retire from Business!
$1.59 $1.99 $^.69
Pr. ■ Pr. JFm Pr.
Immense savings! We purchased 800 pairs at a frac
tion of their true worth . . . and now this savings is
passed along to you. Pumps, straps, ties, oxfords in
black, wh‘te, blue, gray and brown colors. Sizes 3 1 * to 10
and widths AAA to D. Most of these shoes are new . . .
they’ve been received in stock since January the Ist.
Come early for the best selection!
—Downstairs at Ayres.
Women’s Rayon Undies • • 3 Cor $1
Plain rayon shorties, panties, stepins or bloomers. Fitted crotch.
Lace trimmed at hems. Sizes 34 to 40. Tearose.
250 Pair Women's Hose
First quality service weight, full-fashioned. Ir
regulars of sheer chiffons, full-fashioned. IJ
Broken sizes and colors. M r r .
E.O.M. Undie Bargains!
Discontinued “Caress” Gowns • $1.39
Pure silk crepe nighties with V or square necks. Lace or tailored
styles. Discontinuel styles. Sizes 16-17.
Two-Piece “Caress” Pajamas • $2.79
Discontinued styles of beautiful silk crepe pajamas with V or
round neck. Lace trimmed. Sizes 15 to 17.
“Caress” Silk or Satin Gowns . $1.98
Discontinued styles now greatly reduced for E. O. M.. Lace or tai
lored silk or satins in pastel shades. Sizes 16 and 17.
Women’s Rayon Pajamas • • . 50c
Also gowns with V or square necks, lace or tailored. Pajamas,
two-piece styles. Seconds. Sizes 16 and 17.
Women’s Rayon Undies . . . 15c Ea.
Plain or novelty weaves. Panties, stepins, bloomers or vests.
Elastic at waist. Regular sizes 27 to 29.
Women’s Union Suits 39c
Light weight cotton knit union suits with built-up shoulders.
Closed crotch. Sizes 36 to 44. Seconds.
Porto Rican Gowns .... 3 for $1
Hand-embroidered Porto Rican gowns with V necklines. In white
only. Sizes 16 and 17.
Women’s Muslin Slips • • . 3 for $1
Straight bodice tops with narrow hems. In white color only.
Sizes 36 to 52 In the group.
Women’s Pongee Pajamas • . . 89c
One-piece silk pongee pajamas with' gay oriental trims. Tie at
waist. Sizes, small, medium and large.
Women’s Batiste Nighties . . • 50c
Printed batiste with V or square necks. Hand appliqued or ruffle
trim. Sizes 16 and 17.
Rayon Taffeta Slips 50c
California V or straight lace tops and hems. Sizes 34 to 44.
Tearose or white only.
Cotton Crepe Pajamas .... 69c
Two-piece styles with tailored finish, plain fronts. Trousers have
elastic back. Sizes 16-17.
E.O.M. Values for ihe Home!
“Nevatere” Sheets ..... 79c Ea.
Choice of 3 sizes, 81x99, 72x99 and 63x99. Pure white bleached
sheets. Torn size before hemming.
Silk Pongee 15c Yd.
12 momme silk pr.igee in natural tan color. Limited quantity.
Hope Muslin 10 Yds. for $1
Fine thread count. For quilts, towels, slips. Limited quantity.
Specially priced for E. O. M.
“Cloth of Gold” Muslin . 8 Yds. for $1
No. 60 Cloth of Gold. Has a pure white finish. Limited quantity
so get your supply early tomorrow.
Odd Drapes Reduced to . . i/ 2 Price
For clearance. Just 25 pairs of 24 and 50-inch damask drapes.
Broken quantity and color assortment.
Soiled, Damaged Curtains . Vi Price
Mostly one-of-a-kind styles. Lace, priscilla, tailored, bathroom
and cottage sets.
500 Yards of Fishnet .... 5c Yd.
Reduced for clearance. In cream color only. Hurry down early
if you want your share of this marvelous bargain.
Wash Goods 10c Yd.
Greatly reduced for clearance. Youll find shirtings, prints and
a good assortment of sheers.
Plaid Lunch Cloths 39c
Sizes 48x48 inches. Lovely colors in attractive ginghams. Blue,
green, brown and gold colors.
Lace Scarfs 44c Ea.
Also vanity sets. Many lovely designs and patterns from which
to choose. Limited quantity.
Bates Spreads sl*9B
Sizes 90x108. Slightly irregular. Whites, green, rose and orchid.
Limited quantity.
Towel Combination . SI.OO Complete
Set consists of 4 plaid towels, 20x40 Inches and 4 wash clothj
to match. Several smart colors.
Unbleached Muslin 7c Yd.
36-inch unbleached muslin. Good weight and quality. For dish
towels, quilt linings and etc.
Towel Ends 10c Ea.
“Cannon” reversible towel ends of fine turkish toweling. For
face towels and wash cloths.
Our Entire Stock of
S I OO Handbags
Specially Reduced for E. 0. M.!
AU OQ - All
Styles! t Colors!
A big one-day sale of new spring handbags. Simulated
leathers in novelty grains, calf or patent. Envelopes, un
derams, top handle and zipper styles. Red, navy, gray,
green, black, brown and British tan colors.
400 Triangle Scarfs • . • 25c
New Spring Neckwear • • 50c
—Downstairs at Ayres.
MARCH 30, 1936

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