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MAY 26, M 36
Summer Scene
at Indianapolis
Athletic Club
Coverings, Fountain,
Ferneries Provide Cool
foflely Editor
'pHE Indianapolis Athletic Club
has taken on a summery ap
pearance. Its lantern room has
had its heavy winter draperies and
dark upholstered chairs removed in
favor of sheer yellow curtains and
crisp looking yellow slip covers over
apple preen chairs.
Water trinkling in a fountain on
the orchestra dais splashes a re
freshing tune. Ferns and blooming
plants grow about the pool, sur
rounded by a stone walk and grass.
Grill work around the walls has
been stored away, and vines and
ivy trails from baskets hanging on
the wall from wrought iron baskets.
Out-of -town race guests lodging
at the rlub have prospects of en
tertaining evenings. The annual
•Speedway Ball is to be on Friday
night. Barney Rapp and his New
Englanders are to play for dancing
from 11 to 2 in the ballroom. Be
fore Mr. Rapp takes the stand, Bill
Schumacher's band is to provide
music for dancing.
After the race, the annual victory
dinner dance is offered for amuse
ment. Dinner is to be served from
6:30 to 10 and dancing from 7 to 1.
For those staying over until
Monday there is to be the annual
drivers’ victory dinner when mem
bers and guests will have an op
portunity to meet the race partici
Most race spectators carry along
their own lunch baskets. Those
who have parking lots and boxes
take thermos jugs of cool drinks
and appetizing lunches, .satisfying
but dainty. The club is arranging
to park such lunch boxes for mem
bers and guests.
a a a
While Mr. and Mrs. George Jo
Mess visited at White Sulphur
Springs, W. Va„ on their vacation
last summer, Mr. Mess set up his
easel and painted the picturesque
Greenbrier Hotel.
The old White Art Colony at the
resort, Is sponsoring a national art
contest for the best original and
glamorous painting in oils or water
colors of the hotel, and Mr. Mess is
one of the artists invited to enter.
The entries are to go on display at
the Old White Art Gallery Monday.
a a a
Possibilities of ties in the junior
and senior classes of the children's
riding tournaments at. R. H. Brown's
Stables have aroused unusual inter
est in the Anal competition tomor
row night.
Only one point, separates Dorothy
Metzger. Letitia Sinclair and Mar
garet Caldwell in the senior group.
Ab Metzger and Marlou Hyatt also
are separated by one point in the
junior division.
Eva Taggart, is assured of first
place in the intermediate classifica
Mrs. M. H. Fuller, Don Bose and
Mrs. John Cavosie are to judge the
entrants. After the prize awarding
the children are to be entertained
at a party.
Today’s Patterns
I xrjt
ec" H xMh
■-8 U Z\~): jJ \ |
8737 © j
THE flare to the skirt, the tricky closing, perky puff sleeves and
contrasting collar mark design No. 8737 as something unusually
desirable for the young lady of the house. Pattern includes panties
Make of printed percale, figured batiste or dotted swiss. Available
in sizes 4 to 10 years, size 6 requiring 2' s yards of 35-inch material
for ctress, T | yard for panties and ’■> yard contrasting. Little sister
will look equally cute in design No. 8612, also a pantie frock. It follows
the lines of mother's dresses with collar very narrow front and back,
flaring out at the sides. Make of gingham, percale, dotted swiss or
batiste. Patterns are sized 1 to 5 years, size 2 requiring 2\ yards of
35-inch material.
TIONS, fill out the coupon below.
selection o' late dress designs, nor. is ready? It’s 15 cents when pur
chased separately. Or. if you want to order it with the pattern above,
send in Just an additional 10 cents with the coupon
214 W. Maryland-st, Indianapolis.
Inclosed is 15 cents in coin for
Pattern No. .. Size
Cit y State
Brides of the Month Establish Homes After Wedding Trips
'' ' m' O ' v
i 'll W Eufl
i*,| i m 1* %w.| if
Ms I B
Wi. I |
v^' x - .4'-' ■■
" >* £ , 4 ,. 1.-.., % / |!SS
‘■vfe .: '•
OtXHEiMf-CAaLON STUDIO .rr.-.'.--
National Social
Work Meeting
Opens in East
Times Special
—Representatives of several Indi
anapolis social organizations are at
tending the National Conference of
Social Work here.
Mrs. Perry Lesh, retiring Junior
League president, and Mrs. Hender
son Wheeler, next year's League
chairman for training of provisional
members, are among delegates.
Others are Mrs. Blythe Francis,
Family Welfare Society general sec
retary; Mr. and Mrs. Austin V. Clif
ford, Mrs. R. J. Covert. Miss Ella B.
Connor, Miss Helen M. Crockett,
Miss Nadia. Deem, Edward Ed
wards and Wayne Coy.
The Mothers’ Club of the Butler
University Alpha Omicron Pi Sorori
ty is to entertain with a, covered
dish luncheon tomorrow’ at the
chapter house, 428 W. 46th-st.
Sorority to Install
Newly elected officers of Chi Tau
Alpha Sorority are to be installed
at the annual dance and dinner
June 6 at the Lincoln. They are
Miss Lilly Deranian, president; Miss
Judy Spitzer, vice president; Mrs.
Marguerite Murphy, secretary, and
Miss Roxie Deranian, treasurer.
\ A J&|e6v : j>,, a. mßip-, -- '•
y * 'fK ■ ; .] J;
W. HUB LEY ' ASH 6 Y E ft. ft 5.
1. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dunne
are living in Columbus, 0., follow
ing their recent marriage here at
the home of Mrs. Dunne’s parents,
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Willcutts. Mrs.
Dunne formerly was Miss Hope
2. Mrs. Marcus S. Cohen was
j married to. Mr. Cohen in a cere
| mony read by her father, Rabbi
Morris M. Feurrlicht, this month at
Rabbi and Mrs. Feuerlicht’s home.
Mrs. Cohen formerly was Miss
i Katherine M. Feuerlicht.
3. Mrs. Glen Ward Lee is at home
here with Dr. Lee following their
wedding trip. Mrs. Lee was Miss
Edith Anne Hoopingarner, daugh
ter of Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Hoopin
garner. before the marriage here
this month.
Economics Club
to Hold Meeting
Mrs. Richard M. Millard is to
speak on ‘lntimate Glimpses of
English Home Life” tomorrow at the
spring guest meeting of the Home
Economics Club at the home of Mrs.
Frank J. Haight, 145 E. Fall Creek
A musical program is to be given
by the Dauner Trio, which includes
Mrs. Frederic Dauner, pianist, and
her two daughters, Miss Louise
Dauner, violinist, and Miss Helen
Dauner, cellist.
Mrs. Haight is to be assisted" by
Mesdames John Barnhill Jr., Walter
Metzler, L. H. Earl, and Miss Char
lotte Wainwright. Social commit
tee members also are to assist.
Mrs. W. J. Marks is honorary club
president, and Mrs. W. B. Denison
is president. Garden flowers are to
be used in decorating the house, and
tea table appointments are to be in
the club colors, green and white.
Mrs. Harold Trotter. 267 Berkley
rd. is to be hostess for the guest
day program of the Wednesday
Afternoon Club tomorrow. Mrs.
Schwab is to review’ ‘Old Maid,”
Pulitzer prire play.
Mrs. Kathryn Bennett is to sing,
accompanied by Mrs. Elsie Pattison,
and Miss Billie Bailey, violinist, is
to be accompanied by Miss Roberta
Make Your Next Permanent a
3-Floor Odd Fellows Bkif,
wl k," j ' -mm t >
KW •W * # h4slk
WsJWJ? 7xm 'J?
WT . \Watm f •' -ff ’fjfj i % .
: ' • ' ' $ Ijß ' 4
■ m 1 1
' liLgi' ■■ ? du |
St. Mary Society
to Close Season
St. Mary-of-the-Woods Club mem
bers are to meet for dinner at Me
ridian Manor Wednesday before
holding their final business meeting
of the season.
Miller Hamilton is to entertain
with a talk, illustrated with motion
Committee chairmen are to make
reports, and the committee for the
card party held Saturday is to sub
mit a financial report. Mrs. M. J.
de Vietien is to preside.
\ N —Sensational Summer Favorites!
IF?.!- " ——- ——■cr* ! fo the coolest, most popular
fe \~\. 1 I, "liilllSiilii.y White Kid Sandals in the city,
\ f i~ j 1 W' Vi °ff® ° Gig Reduction in
gjfcjjL / 1 , 1 i | Pri * f O' ONE WEEK ONLY.
\ -r M~_ -Z Jj Si a They ore made with adjustable
lip-*;-sOl B \ straps to fit comfortably.
Ipy - “jr.T'S’sS* % la 6uy YOUR poir tomorrow
r: “ \ I sizes ore complete/
nlof planning our gigantic midseason event is /A\ \ I
remendous purchases of the very latest styles /jfy y I
tremendous savings .. . prices will be greatly /HI ! I
me week only .. . take advantage of them. IJ lif
o Kinnev's tomorrow for these money-saving m [)'
values . . . Wj
Pageant Feature
of Travel Club’s
Dinner This Year
International Travel Study Club,
Inc., members are to see a patriotic
pageant, “The Melting Pot.” tonight
at their annual dinner at the Clay
It is to be presented by Jules Zin
ter Jr., Misses Nellie Gwin, Joan
Ferguson. Dorothy Wirth. and Mes
dames C. W. Timmerman, Glenn
Cruzon, H. G. Mason. J. C. Anthony,
Morris G. Young, Joseph Sahakian,
Chester Caster and A. M. Feist.
A vacant chair is to be placed at
the speakers’ table in honor of Mrs.
S. R. Artman, club founder, w T ho
died recently. The dinner, which
was to have been held May 7, w'as
postponed because of Mrs. Artman’s
Honor guests are to include Mrs.
H. P. Willw'erth, new president; Mrs.
Frederick G. Balz, Indiana Federa
tion of Clubs president; Mrs. C. J.
Finch, Seventh District Federation
of Clubs president; Mrs. B. B. Mc-
Donald, Indianapolis Council of
Women president, and Mrs. E. May
Hahn, May Wright Sewall, Indiana
Council of Women president.
Spring flowers and ivory candles
are to decorate the tables. Music is
to be by Miss Roberta Bland, harp
ist, and'an orchestra. Mrs. Robert
Caplinger, club president, is to pre
To make a good lawn you must
fight the weeds continually.
Dig out dandelions, burdock, purs
lane, plant by plant. Or squirt
kerosene from a small oil can on
the individual plants. Ammonium
sulphate retards weed growth and
promotes grass growth. Spray with
this, half a pound in a gallon of
water, tw-o or three times a year,
applying a gallon to each hundred
square feet.
Top dressings help in the xveed
fight by making grass plants strong
er so that they crowd out the w’eeds,
especially if the latter have been
thoroughly dug out so that there
are only a few individual weed
plants to contend with.
Extra watering helps greatly, es
pecially in July and August, when
witch or crab grass makes its great
est and quickest growth. Soak your
lawn liberally; one good soaking is
worth a dozen light sprinklings.
—From House Beautiful.
Marriage Ban
for Employed
Brings Attack
Voters League Study
Declares Attitude
America’s attitude toward women
and employment, which the Na
tional League of Women Voters
considers “characteristic of that
philosophy ot government which we
know as P’ascism” is dangerous
enough to present a real problem
to women, the league believes.
Under direction of Mrs. Edith
Valet Cook New Haven, Conn.. Yale
law school graduate, the league has
prepared a special study, which is
*o be brought before Indiana
leagues by Mrs. Paul Ford, Ko
komo. Mrs. Ford is the new gov
ernment and legal status of women
committee chairman of the Indiana
league, appointed at the recent
state convention at Culver. Ind.
The report warns that employed
married women are facing a serious
crisis, threatening the social and
economic position of the women
themselves, the integrity of govern
ment service, and the preservation
of efficient conduct of private busi
Efficiency Is Threatened
“We, in this country, are not
immune, in spite of our democratic
non-Fascist institutions,” the analy
sis says. “In many cities through
out the country, school boards have
adopted a definite policy against
the employment of married women
teachers, and a similar attitude has
been taken by state and municipal
officials in some sections toward
the employment of married women
in any government positions.”
“Such a policy not only is a
grave injustice to the women con
cerned, but a serious threat to the
efficiency of the government service,
because in the conduct of that
huge enterprise the widest possible
latitude of choice is needed to find
the best qualified persons. To
eliminate a large group of the pop
ulation. such as married women,
from the field of choice is a seri
ous blow to sound personnel
Following reviews of the hardships
invoked by the present discrimina
tory section of the Economy Act,
the analysis states. “Society is con
cerned because the Federal gov
ernment gives an example to the
states of a type of discrimination
which serves to break down the
whole merit system principle.”
Blow to Marriage
Opposition to married women in
employment is a step in the di
rection of depriving all women of
their hard-won social and economic
progress, the league believes.
By such discrimination, its an
alysis claims, the Federal govern
ment not only is taking away from
many of its citizens their right to
work, but “is actually helping to
break down the institution of mar
Mrs Cook’s study points out
that married women, work for the
same reasons that married men do.
“The fact that about one-third of
Alpha Pi Sigma. Thurs. Hi Ilf-rest, Country Club. Annual bid dance.
Gamma Beta Chi. Wed. Mrs. Gene Fitzgerald, 2646 Napoleon-st
Past Chiefs Association, Myrtle Temple 7. Thurs. Mrs. Mattie Jen
kins, 1536 Olive-st, hostess. Covered dish luncheon.
Arrius Court 5. Ben Hur Life, Association. 8 tonight. Castle Hall.
Annual memorial services. Junior members, program. Music and
Indianapolis Saengerbund. 1 Wed. 4914 S. Delawarc-st. Business
meeting and card party.
Capital Club. 8:15 tonight and Sun. Plumbers hall, Alabama and
Washington-sts. Bingo.
St. George's Episcopal Church. 8 tonight. Parish hall. Miss Leona
Milburn, chairman. Ice cream social, country store and fish pond.
the Opening of Our Completely Remodeled
Sears vastly improved beauty shop offers to women of Indian
apolis the ultimate in superior equipment and smart surround
ings. Visit us on our opening day.
■ ana
Finger wave
T ■
The Ictest in drying equipment! Only 15 to 25 minutes for drying 1
Vermont & Alabama Sts. Phone LI. 8531
Program Aid
. .: m .-\ ;■>
Wk Bn
Mrs. Harold F. Irby (above' is
assisting in arranging the travel
program to be sponsored by the
nursing service bureau. Central
District. Indiana State Nurses’
Association tomorrow. The pro
gram is open to visitors.
Latrcian Ends
Its Activities
Until Next Fall
Alpha Kappa Latreiaji concluded
its activities until next fall at the
president's day luncheon today at
Hollyhock Hill. The club is to con
tinue its contributions to the Flower
Mission in its program next year.
New officers were honor guests
today. Miss Mary Alice Pierson,
re-elected president, was entertained
with Mrs. Alvin C. Johnson, vice
president; Mrs. Vincent T. Adams,
recording secretary; Mrs. John
Rush, corresponding secretary; Mrs.
Royer Knode Brown, treasurer;
Mrs. L. M. Green, parliamentarian;
Mrs. Frank J. Miller, historian;
Mrs. Charles Wilcox, publicity
chairman, and Miss Evelyn Poston,
delegate to Seventh District Feder
ation of Clubs.
The social committee • including
Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Walton Wheeler
and Mrs. John Dalton arranged the
Members of Lady Aberdeen Artist
Chapter. International Travel-Study
Club, presented stunts at a recent
entertainment given at the home of
Mrs. H. G. Hennessey, Kokomo.
Guests were Mesdames Joseph
Sahakian, Huber Martin, J. F. Reed,
and Misses Bertie Storey, Eric Alex
ander. Erie Crook. Georgetta Dowd,
Georgia Class, Vivien Jordan. Myrtle
Morgan, Grace Swicher and Iva
all gainfully employed women are
married means that these women
are doing satisfactory work,” the re
port says. “Any attempt to oust
them from their occupations would
work a hardship not only on many
families and individuals, and result
in useless economic waste, but would
dislocate completely the business and
industrial world.”
Women’s Clubs
to Hear Talks
on Car Safety
Lectures Before Irvington
Group to Be First
of Series.
Indiana Traffic Safety Forum
speakers are to begin anew pro
gram, in which they are to address
women's clubs, at the meeting of the
Irvington Union of Clubs at 2 to
morrow in St. Mattnews Parish
Three members are io discuss
“Saneness in Safety” before the
group, which is to be the last meet
ing of the year.
Speakers are to be Sergt. Edward
F. Moore, police accident prevention
bureau: Stephen D. Crain. National
Youth Administration’s traffic viola
tion survey office, and Martin M.
Clinton, forum chairman.
Beginning next month, the safety
forum is to provide speakers at
other women’s organizations, in ad
dition each to the weekly broadcast
at, 1 Thursday. The group which is
to speak tomorrow before the Ir
vington group also plans to appeal
to civic organizations for support in
the drive against reckless driving.
Tast Residents to Be Honored
Mr. Crain, who is a delegate to
the Midwest safety conference in
Chicago this month, is to review
methods other safety groups in the
United States have employed in
safety promotion.
Past presidents of the Irvington
Union of Clubs are to be special
guests at the meeting. They are
Mesdames Elijah Jordan. Joseph
Ostrander. Charles A. Harris and
Walter Ward. Each is to give a
short talk.
Two former presidents, Mrs. James
Butler, now’ deceased, and Mrs. Carl
S. Wagner, who lives in Milwaukee,
are to be honored at the meeting,
which is to close the tenth year of
the Union's activity.
Music Program Arranged
Mrs. James Loomis has arranged
a musical program, which is to in
clude music by the Shortridge choir,
under direction of Mrs. Laura Moag,
and an instrumental trio, members
of which are Misses Helene Kramer,
pianist; Frances Loomis, violinist
and Mary Catherine Stair, harpist.
Hostess groups are to be the
Friendship Circle and the Friday
Social Club, under direction of Mrs.
P. T. MacDonald and Mrs. Grant
They are to be assisted by Mes
dames Louis W. Bruck. Fred Stilz,
E. J. Hirschman, James Bray. J.
Willard Bolte and Walter Ward, ex
ecutive board members.
Sigma Phi Rush
Parties Are Set
A series of rush parties were ar
ranged for Alpha chapter. Sigma
Phi, at the Young Woman’s Chris
tian Association last night. The
first is to be a cabaret party Thurs
day at the home of Mrs. Amos Saw
yer. 103 N. Sheridan-av.
The second is to be a progressive
dinner. The first course is to be
served at Mrs. Saw’yer’s home; the
second at the home of Miss Lois
Broecker, 246 S. Emerson-av; the
third at the home of Mrs. Robert
Elrod, 3641 Kenwood-av. The final
course is to be served at the home
of Miss Dorothy Minta, 3025 Guil
A rase tea is to be given June 7
at 1938 Central-av. Committee mem
bers arranging the tea are Mrs. B.
F Darnell, Mrs. Sawyer. Miss
Broecker and Miss Merle Geney.

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