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The daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1848-1851, March 16, 1850, Morning, Image 1

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Stock and Real Estate Broker, No.
. Iii l amp, 1 d oor from Common «t., N. Orleans. <11 lj
ML. MeJILTON, Fancy and Staple Dry (brad*
. Deahr, 71 C'inuim<rti»et. &H ly
ftPliy, Auctioneer and Commission
March ant, Jfp . 2U Okf Lmoe. d& l Jy
S" FpiiT01\i, Wholesale and fid ail G rue er, No. |
.. N«w Levee snd No.^4 Tuhoupitoiila* st. <10
J#«* ». Kl.l.iorr OO., Commission Merchants,
92 Gravier Ht wet. • n U ly
SJ WOLFF, Importer of (Vine, Brandy, (Jin, rte. , a nu
' ?» (t<f rul < './//I
VIT C. ItW.MOMI, Family Qroe, er , 7 1 &UU
» t . rtmt. . »ps*4
l?JORI)Oi< I* I iL MM Hit, Adjuster of Ancrage*. St»
^ J-W VW »treet. . |y|9
ANM-illlCKHY. .S/t/p Broker, 7 H Poydra* street.
. New Orleui«. __ jalb 1 y
rOHX W. ASDHKWg> CO., Ummi« Ahr
*» tinml. s mul S/t>ii .'liimls, 91 Common ht., N. < I. i ; i ">
pClU, III 111 <b CO. Commission Merchants, No. 83
1 31 Louisetre et, Ne w Orleans. aull ly
CJKIVKIJi T. TA\I.OIt, Importer of Wines an
*/ .tçuo rs. No«. ! ft and 11» R.o val street. nlSJ
JA. Ui'iAlU), And ion ■ ,, i>u. JO
_l^*pl;w\* i New ( >-!rain. ol
i Ü% I IL <JA LK, Commission Merchant and Shipping
i Agent, No. 03 Common street. o4
UH.I.IAM L. < t bHI M., r..mni>si„; awl Fur
mardtng Mir chant, No. «Ml («ravier street. au&l
|01|\ TOOLE, (j>MtUM(AK Mi rehaut, F.migratun
.» ami /•
I >AVNK «fc lii:\l)KHHO t \, /f%y«n/« Qroen*. No
* 30 hih I :|'i OrHvier:.tref.M, New « »rleai:-.. 1.17 \\
MILL, Mcl.KA.'N A- eu. <i't<>n Fmtoi."
mt>•sion Merchant*, 87 C anal street. jy2BJ v'tl&W
Marchant a mi Ski j
r |U HI\Klt iV KOHIA, Storage and Co
• ■ chant,<~*\,\ a r e h o u se , corner of On
|> M.' ff\lllllNO.\ Ac CO. Forwarding and Cv»i*
I v. mission Merchants and Ship Agents, 14 («ravi«-,
•«£>*•1. Agent* tor Hard's Li ne of Philadelphia Packet*, nà
JHKA'hOS, House, Sign and Ornamental Painter
• Imitator of Woods and Marbles, No. 132 Cam:
itreet, onnosite Lafayette Hnuar**. jyl3 ly
j y l 3 ly
KICK A POI ï TKK , Alttrrneys ami ikntnseHu'rs at
[J*™—I I Bxchaiigt- PIhm-, N. ' oihiJH lv
I AH LIS «St H<HH, Attorneys and CvunseUvrs at i.avo,
i .ÎH St. rharle^-rtreet, New Orleans.
j NAHCIWj; TKHllU),'Parish Auctioneer, Gênera
• Agent unit CsfHerUrr- Office, No. 61 Citetiiaatcha
*ir«H-t, Donaliuonville, La. sô
tjgardtng Merchants, No. 70 Prydrax cl ly
.I Bl'TM \!V' «V ("O. Ship ('handlers and (intc&rs .
•1. No. lit Front I^eve»», Heoond Municipality, New
I 'rlrtami.
OH A Ii. U Kill!
Cohier ol Coinmoi
itonpital. ,17 ly
II and Rgtmü ÔmfteUtn
"m* fi**"/ j 0, Baronne street, New Orleana.
N. H. Order« for Werldui« and Fruit Cake, etc., prompt:»
attended to. aâô
L' l .\l)LHlll i'L. tjccUer in ff tnts, l^tquors
I -J. and Cordial»— Ship and Bar Store* put up
on the rnoet reasonable terms— No. 21 Coinmon
* l y ■
I ABOROB de XIItlKt), Commission Merchant
■ A and Importers vf H arasa ( tgars, / mi / Tubaccv, Caf
fee. Sugar, Honey, etc. No. 3 Front Street, between Can«
aui.Crownan sUeetü, opposite the Steamboat Land inc. Ftn
Meniotpauty. mS ly
I>' • ,P' v ^x-1 r 1 x ? nt i r a "^ (Commission Merchant
• Office No. 20 Bank« Arcade, will make liberal Caul
A 1>. lilllKFF À CO. Wholesale Dealers in liuttet
t V. and Cheese, and Agents for TuvlorAlbany Ale am
Porter, and .Vcwark Cider, N«w. 2h, 38 ami -lO Ok'
Le vee, Ne w Orleans. mlfj 1*
A. V
• Texas,
wltf ly
A%'lAlifIHLD, Attorney at Lam, Ilendenon
*L 1 •ni l,, Atlarnsg mt Lmm t dfT'^tiii i i"
^</cr Oe-COkniiiiiiKs, Stewart & Co., Rev. Dr. Scoti
B«ker. Laak k Co., New Oriean* ; Flradfonl it Sander*.
Pion«» i t Ld«un, John L. Blocker. Mobile , A la. nlüdki W
1 I«- 811 AIM . , IO I J,
.HsW»/J,? ntraoU f ? T bcildinc ;, finisiiino or
LPAIR1NL, et^uted with fidelity and dmpatch. JOB
lilNUof allknub, done to order, wtth pmmptnewN Re'
^Commercial Hotel. SASH-DOORS ei
■ fy28 ttmdltW
n-tice, ( ommercuu Molt
B LI N DS made to order.
LKH 18 A : HILL. Attorneys at Law, Henderson, Rusk
County, Texas, will practise in the Supreme and Dietriit
Courts ol the State, and will att«n«i to the purcha* and sa o
I", and the location of Certificates,
C ^ I ^ Importers of Havana Produce, Sugar.
vv lojfee and Tobacco , keep constantly on hand a larre a«.
■ofiin«.nt of CIGARS, con-tstine " r D ——
constantly on hand a larjfe r
tine of imperiale*. Renalis
. Small Reealia«, Millar, Ti
«•elehratw! brandi* of liavan
t-a^8Mioref, CafiomM, Panetelm,
U 'jcon , etc. etc., from the mmt i ....
Also-- A «encrai assortment of WINES. LIQUORS. ■
et c., No. 6 H runt l^evee. New Orlean<. m till ly
|OH\ AR M 8TIÎO .Mi. 217 T
•* St. Mary s Market, is prepared to manufactur*
Steam Hmlcrs, of every description, at axciieap prices an the>
. • I»m ileliverwi lierf from any pan ot the country. jaJ3 lj
COiLilNS, Builder. No. I.'{I Poydras su
. tw «an Carontlehft and St. Charles, New Orleam
fW Cistenw ma<l^. Counting-bou>«es fitted up, and
in general done. Al-o—Sashes, Doom, Blinds, eU
which Planter» and others can be supplied. au
«£ . . nice ana
, New Orleans.
curately ailjusted.
i>:al Apparatus made to order and repaired.
30-hour Chronometers altered t
i 58 hours. «25 Jy
Dorii'i V ^iii' V aÏ'W i » kks a « îp .: 1 "b" a ;"'"ka.
» ^ CITY, C allifo / nia , are Dealer
m Heudv Made Clothing, Provisions, and
?iy 18, IHtü.
um by calling the ...
house. Mobile, January 18 v lWO,
i hi.
l»-i> 3in
NIIH VD.M2R 8MITH, Général' Commission
■ . chant, O uavikr stiikkt , is L'ommishioucd t
AckuowlfldfreinontB of Deed* and Powers of Attorney, I
minister* lath», and to t'eTe^iimoiiy and Proof of Den..
by Rppufaifttnent of the Coventors of the following States, viz
Jt(ll\ K'l'ROI I) A < (>.. 115 I
t'aromlrl« ami llarUlinn *t«., Dealer» ,n MAR-,
dl.ABS, GRAVE STONF.Ä. ami MÀht*
ail its dillj*retit varietiefc : Tiioma^ton LIME
c-ned PLASTER OF PARIS, Roma,.«,,
draulio CEMENT, Plastering HAIR, White band,
r, i.-11'h. Peimacola and PiiNiurg FIRE-BRICK.
J4*. \\ r BBKR, Boot ami Shoe Dialer,
I ORNkR or «liti'l CORKER or
Julia and Cat midelct sts. lU Camp «V Dunlanlier sts.
(Im Old Stand.) fll (New Store.)
K^epi constantly on hand every thing in his line—including a
treat v ariety of Ladies' and tîentlemen's Bootsand Shoos—
and will sell at the lowest Cash Prices. A share of public
patronage is re spect fully solicited. ap7 ly
■ «i iA).. jJealers in all kinds of Limnber—Cyuiem,
White and Yellow Pine, Mahogany, Black Walnut, Oak,
A mi and Poplar; Mahogaiiy Ne wells and Balustern; Lath,
190 M
. . . — 1 and Bah
« lines....SlO M aqaumk stkl . ,x,
.HTE AM 8AW.MIL!,, N atchez ,
rem Lumlier, delivered any
tjp" Orders lor all kinds
where ou the Mississippi River below Natchez, at short
«ottee: ar8 'yd 8mW
P. R. FULL A CO.—K-l C ommon st.. New Orleans,
Importers and Dealer s, Wh olesale and Retail.
CR _ Lampe, Plate« I nud Britannia Castors, Can-Û?l
^EmdlesUcks, fable Cutler y, Ja panned Waiters,etc. WjJ
mtf Goo»U will lie offered at low prices, and when W
1er the Country, packed iu the safest manner. nl Hm
iu safest manner. nl Hm
OMROY, has taken an
street, up stair«, fyft lm
L> KMOV \L—A. C. WILBUR Si CO., have removed
IV tiieirO kkick from No. 11) Bank IMace, to 75 Poudras
• •'«/fyl8
RfCMOl \ L ~ D r . R. M. WYNNK. Physician mud
i Accoucheur, has removed to No. I3tt C arondklkt
BTRSST. ly lti h'm
IÎ K>lü\ VL—THOMAS K. TRiCE, who wm iw»ntly
M.Y burnt out at No. 67 Cainp street, has taken an office at
No. 78 Magazine streut, where he has an extensive assort
TUCK Y . etc. to su it the taste of every customer^ fy 19
RKMOVAL— Inconsequence of the fiirts, the Ôrrii k of
the LEXINGTON " ' "
COMPANY, and of the
''ANY, hasltecn remov-tti to No. 7i Gravier street, North
Side, bei Awn I ' miiiii and Magazine streets.
VV. CHAMBERS,) , Mnt .
J. II . W HEELER, \ AfWrt '
ii (irepared to Store the bulk of I Ö.OOO
suent Warehouse," situated on A*
t Gainntc and Suzette streets.
I \RLLAN^ WAREHOUSES, Magazine street, just
^ r above Julia, and on Foucher street, between Julia and
St. Joseph.-— The subscriber begs leave to inform his friends
aild the public that ha hua kaH^'dnnhU AnA«» " with nil
tha fmnt i . I ^ v
Warehouse. expreMly for the storase of coffee, making' it
equal in point of safety from damage, if not superior, to t .
very best VV arehouse iu tiie city. His price for storage i "
bothesameaslartseaaon vii : So ? bag pertponth Henas
also room for the«tora?e ofevery description of Merchandise,
say the bulk of 30,000 barrels, which will always be taken at
~7oha«Jt» ami
IV1-^ lm
dTOR \liK
p barrels in the
mli'i I
treet, betic
JYew Orleans Agency
or Sagh wlle, Ten nessee.
npHIS fcoÄipany will Luxure on the Mutual Principle.
I. Hous^t. Meioiian'lisft. etc. agaiiut LOSÖ or DAW ACT.
by FlRK. and tlie Cargoes of vessels of every description
•wjaiMnt THE J'ERlbn OF THE riEAtf AND RIV
BRd. All imraon. hi viiia their property insnri-d in tin» lnsti
are entitled to 1» full participation in the profits, with
y liability to low.
N. Hobsoti,
M. S Pilcber,
J. G. Shepherd,
ji. Dim^'la-.-',
Jolin Morrow,
A. W. Putnam,
Sauigel Seey,
J. B. Knowles,
J. B. Juhn.-tou,
A. J. Duncan.
Jas. Morton, Jr.
D. Weaver.
V,. P. Smith,
B. R. McKennie,
P. W. Maxey,
. B. West,
John H. Ewin,
W. T. Berry,
E. S. Hall,
"Jen. Fail,
. F, Bell,
. B Fite,
A. O. F. Nit
M. 8. Pit« u Kit, Vice President.
C. J. F W harton . Secretary.
Thomas K. Price, R. H. Fraser.
Geo. VV. We»t, C, Couner.
f> J3 1 v WM. A. JOHNSON. Agent, 92 Camp at.
ly Picayune will plea«e copy. .
And LII« and Trust Company.
p u ^¥E*R°<S
v^/ JA». W aLI> bK, Bec y . * « JÄH. A. L tv l du, r res.
Tb« operations of this Company f.» 13 yean, bare been
»nhiietl alone and ewslwrtve«r ui UiMlerwnuacr.
' ver. Sen and Fire Risks taken at the lowest rates, ami
» promptly adjusted. W. B. FARTEE, Agent,
i M lr Office, No. 33 (/'amp street, Newt Means.
JoHic M. H ill , I A lkx . A lli .- ion , i J am . B. K nowlcb ,
<3to. VV. Martik ,) Jsroir M 'G avoc *. I m . M. Fooo,
F R F-.««, Wm. E akim , S am ' l S ray .
W.W VVoouroLg.'JoiiM M. Bas«. J
Jam KB J. OlLb. Secretary. J, "' N M •Ill'l'. P"»'
CT This long-estahpshed Company, with the most ample
..«•ans for tlie protection of its Policies, continues to take
RIVER, SEA nudFFRE RISKS on tbe bum liberal terms,
it its A#eucy in New Orieant. at tiie office ot
ofi HC KETT, PERKtNS iL ÇO., tf7 Mag aglngk.
Permanent Fund, by Act of Incorporation, ^WMI.OOO.
Juthbcrt rfulhtt,
Josoph Menard.
C. A. Bolkley,
nameei Jamison, Wm. Hi Pattwon,
C. S. Cutter. Wm. Christy.,
A bin. Vanbibber, Charles Pride,
1g. Saymanftki. John Hall.
W m . I* aioumn , President.
THBRRT B dllitt , Vice Fremden t.
t. Nash, Actuary — BWu. R a
ClIRJViTV. NOIL,.*™™™"
. and A. H. Ca nas, a. n. t Phy*i"iaai
.ÉWu. R awlb , Solicitor....Wl
CiiRlsrv. Notary.
J as . JriMKR, M. D. OtMl A. 11. CSXAS. ..
The Merchants' ami Planters' Insurance Company having
m anionnl subscribed in casli and well «ecured itotes, niuplj
uflicienl for All contingencies, is now prépaie«! to receivn
iPplK-ntioii$ and make Insnraiioes at their Office, South-east
Corner of KA'/'( HE'/ and CAMP Streets >, on FIRE
MARINE,ami RIVER RISKS,and alao upon the LIVES
of White persons and Slave».
VT This Company is established on tlie Muiaal tirincifMe
if Insurance, wliereby erery pensa insnnng witli it ueconie«
mterepted in its succeas : and its profits are divided amnng ito
:usuimers, payable hi (-ash. instead ol Scrip. d7 ly
TltomasÂ. Adam», Mo» Greenwood.
Wm. P. (.'onverae, Glendy Burke,
John D. Bcin, J. W. Stanton.
George Jona'.
C. A. Barriere,
L. Taylor.
1. Riffiard,
Louis de Saillies.
O. L. Dabekteea.
Wm. Barge«,
II. M. Wright,
R. B. Sumuer.
John O. Woodruff,
W. B.McC'utcheou.
F. V. Carlisle.
C. R . VY right.
Motual Insurance
'I^HE only Domestic Insurance Company in this city doing
The Crescent Mutual Insurance Company o Äem
\ OdeatM.
With a subscribed and pieilged Capital of
2 0 0,000 Dollar*.
Is now ready to reoMve application.', and make in
i aranee«. at their office on the north-west corner Sf
Camp and Gravier street.
• t.-- tariff rates of p
_ liHCompanyjSi
tual Principle of Ii
ically a Home Institution.
Every per .on in nunc w itli it t«-» wte9 mÄesled in iu soc
and tlie rRoi-iTi«. instead of beinrf diviilod among a few
<tock holden, belong lo tiioae who uu>urn with tbe Company.
— Tru
^heTru^UÉßa, aware of ti»e vital necessity of a weil secured
and pledged FUND, lehaide in cases of h/>3, aud ample un
derail ordinal y calamity, assure the public that they have
now a fund ot
Subject to all the contingencies of CAPITAL, and liable for
the (ones of the Company. 3
Tbe Truiteee believe this su beenption offen full security to
tbe aasured. and that this Company presents unasual guaran
tee« for prompt and liberal settlements in cases of loss, as the
lands of the institution are retained liera, and its being purely
a Southern and Domestic Institution, its act« ara not con
trolled by lonugn directors, and it will conform to Southern
habit,, in its mode of bu^iue^s.
The portfolio of the Companv is at all times open for the
inspection of parties wishing to make m-uianc* with it
SAMUEL BELL. President.
T uomaa A. A dams , Vice President.
CtiARt.ae J. M ai *:« iini . Secretary. ' jal9 rim
of the Company eonßntdfo l.tfc Insurance Only.
OUI or. No. 38 Camp etreet.
per charter lor the
thereon, and in Slocks of the State, and of the United States
the policy holders and their fafnilies against want and pov
iTty, is in its operations a groat National benevolent iii*t'
tiou, I'oudiiL-ted upon the most secure and solid principles,
affording fora .mall annual sum, paid during lite, a large
and handsome letracy to widows aud children after death.
AH policy holders, whether for life or fehorter terms,
continue the insurance till death, participate in the whole
of the protitssof the company, without any resorvi
Creditor« can insure the lives of debtors, thus
prompt settlement iu cBMof death. A married »
John llagan,
Peter C'onrar, Jr.,
Roliert J. Ward,
JoH>ph Walker,
Maunsel White,
John S. Allison.
_.iuuel Stewart, Eduard Sparrow,
Isaac Johiiion, Geo. Straw bridpf, Hpnry S. Buckner. !
PhrtR Con RR v. Jr. President Board oi Trustees.
Joeeph VV. Stanton, J. Morgan Hall M. M. Cohen,
John L. Lewis, Sydney L Johnston,Preston W. Famtr,
Wm. M. Goodrich, Joshua Baldwin, William H. WhiteJ
John L. Salfarans, (ieo. W. Smith, Theo. H. MoCnleb,
Calvin Tate, R. 11. Tltom, Wm. C. Tompkins,
Coniehus Fellowe«, Joseph Lallande, John B. Leefe.
Edw. Jenner Coxe.
J ohn H aoan , President of the Company.
Jofticpu L allandk , Vice President. _
A. J. VV kddkrbi ^ rn . M. I^- i Medical Board of
T homas H unt ,M. D, } Consultation.
H. G. II kartt , Actuary...,E. L. G oold , Attorney,
R ichard B * in , M. D.. N o . 271 Magazine street, Medical
Examiner. Office hours, for HI auks, 7>. to 8' a a . m .; do for
whites, 2 to 3 P. M., at Ins residence. He will examine v '
applicants at the office of the Company daily, from 12>a
o'clock p. m . He will not examine anyone at hisdwelhng
without a permit, which can be had on application at the office
of the Company. -—
CF* This Company is prepared to etltertaip applications
for Life Insurance, and issue Policies on all sound and healthy
White person* and Negroes, at the Table of Rates e>tablbhed
bv tlie Board, which are less than the rates charged by the
New Yofk and I,ondon offices, aud without their restrictions
as to residence iu the South. Bv the charter, Dividends of
Profits are declared annually, and tlie profits draw interest,
anil can be made available at once lo thf extent ol two-thirds
of their amouut, where the party has paid his premiums in full.
California Permits are issued to Litis Insurance mem
bers at New York and London rates. Prospectus, Table of
Rates, and all information as to Life Insurance, and all papers
necessary to efibet Insurance can be had at the office of the
C ompa ny.
fcy* Extensive Travelling Privileges are allowed.
Vl^OODSON WREN, (late Postmaster at Natcher,)
t» having resided upwards of forty years in theSouilr,
partly at New Orleans, but mostly at Natchez, has removed
'a is e !S'^Üf ana i and offers Iiis services as GENERAL
AC EN T . He will attelid particularly to the purchase,
sales RIM exchange of Wild Lands, Plantations, Houses anu
Lots, or Vacant Lots, in this city or in any part of the United
states ; also to the adjiiNtinent of. claims and accounts from
any part of the world ; the collection of debts ;■ taking depo
sitmns, and autaenticaUng ite«ls and other documents.
I noso wialung his services are re<iuested to lie particular in
gmug Uetinite instructions that will not lie misunderstood :
ami those wishing real estate to be purnhtsed/ aold or ex^
changed, should give acwirate descriptions of the property
luttera addressed to him on buslneM. at Ne^ O '
paid, will be attendetl lo promptly and carefnlU
He isCoMMiasloNKR lor Mississippi nud Alab«,,,,« «, .
clwiiostu.ins and acluiowletlgements of deetls. tjjT O f f
at New Orleans, poet
and Alabama to"!al
Oravier street.
lemg auqnainted with Doctor
re in reoonimeriding him to tlÄ
for Ins industry, accurate busi
Gov. elect of Ml«.
,,S. a, »».UU iwu,c, ß«r. 28, 1849-1 *
recommending Mr. W ren to the pnbllc
I No. 1
Woodson Wren, ttalnfiliai
public as worthy of conndeiic
i less limits and integrity.
ExEfTTive O ftii I, Baton Ronge. t Dre. 28, 1849—1 have
io hesitation in recommending Mr. Wren to the public as a
nan of upright character and altogether worthy of confidence.
fyl3 I saac J ohnson . G ov . I a.
To the Fsuttlex.
fashionable Millinery and Drei« Mäkln«.
X Öl & r Ss t
Klcti New and Cheap FALL GOODS.
M IIS. 0- W. ROPBR, 165 PuyditM aireet, between Cnrondeltt and
Baronne, most recpci tfujly uitoni.i tbr LmIih ifcat che hu re
luciied fruw the North, s »4 I» prepared to atfet (ke pubKe s beautiful
s»eorunent o( Pa»hionable PaliBoniieu, part of which arç direct from
Par's j alao, splendid RibUina, Flower» and Fe*Mn:is, Ladies' ».'aps,
Hftfd-drsasu, Lac« Capes and Collars ; Eiril'ioMfTed Inf<*nU' Ureases,
•it rtoh rtyle and pattern ; Perfumeries, Powder*, and a variety td
Fsnry GOyda ; all "f wblch Mrs. R hat taken gieat c«re io aakciing
for her customers from the Northern cities, and intend« 'o'sdl at very
low piiten. 03- Ladies, pleas« call and examine before purchasing
ÎL>" Old Bonnsts cleaned and altered in good atyle. Oeuut/y Or>
xnciualiy attended to.
Bleaching and Prewing done lor the trade... .Dress-making
JY. Bradner Smith,
General Commission Merchant»
No. 89 O ravier 8 treet ,
aHAWLB—^ Embroidered Canton Crape }
~W Print«.! Caabouerefail wool;
PRINT»—LU.I and dark foisur ;
Brown ttbeeilng», 3-4. 1-», 4-i, 5-4;
Hleached Fbeninas, 6-4,
Shining StrijM brown and blaa-hed,
He»»y 3-4 Strip« laan an'l M. xi-.an Ptari. and Burlpe*)
.. .. Fancy Bontkeni aod Indian Trade fhrtpe* ;
Camlets; (.hantbrxy; bo iye Denim ;
Apron Check; Columbian Plaida;
Menno Ur.'brsfîirts and Drawer*, American ;
Hilk Ilandkercblefa, assorted j
Canton Crape Scarfs- ec'jn
T. MB. .Turkmen jjr Co.
^ . .V». 31 CAKAL, one door from Camp.
riii« Fashionable Clothin« Kutahliehnient.
«iery ; Suspendept; Glpres; Trunks; Valise»; Carpctîla^b,
etc., etc.. forsaie at extremely low prices for cadi. VVe so
licit a call f*rm our Friends and tlie Public to eiamine our
floods and Judge for themselves, We keep also BOYS'
and YOUTHS' CLOTHING. d 7 3m
«V. Bradner Smith,
JHenry 4* Co.
ILate Henry, St'jddart A Co j
57 Canal Street, corner of St. Charlea St.
RE8FfcOTPBI.LV »ntiie*tc. w the La4ie- of New Orte , m» and
ricintty, that their BX'OCK OP GOODS o. very estemdve and
Mtee'., cutm risoif—
Rieb plain and black and colored 8dkt ;
n«*ed Muslin H.i»*» ;
CblldRii'a Robea, Frocks and Prock Bodies, »er y rich ;
see Canes. # «liais, e
in i rfO'J Mgin g Trim
, âud Cainonc Mösl
M 'ill, Uouk, Nitnsook
8 ripMd aud check Mon, in,
O'anrnere t. De LSines, Aloaca.Lnstrrs, ft
FUiuad C'ait otta and (iingbaiut. « great va
Linens and Long Lawns; Car* ""
t Mtta Skirtings, tSbéetiugs ai
Srwwta and l'Uid« ; Blaukeu
.Millinery an«l Fanrr
2 <*ood*i,
UT Partons in waui, of thes- art.clM «rill find
■ a fine Ässur tnent, nf excellent quality
iBby calling
fy and ef the
THE undersigned having received his Spring
Stock, confuting, of various qualities of DR A PS de
i* now prepared to supply his friends and the public with
_ ^ I
prepared to supply his friends and the public
their Spring and Summer Cloth eng, on die most reasonable
' rms—Gentlemen about making purchases are requested
i call and examine hi- Stock before purchasing else w ht
fy28 lm HENRY HAMBURGER. 184 Camp
MIL MEYER. No. 1 OO C amp wiw-l Watch- /-o
. maker and dealer iu JEWELRY, GOLD^Wk
All Jewelry a rticle s repaired at moderat e prices. rnlbSwdS
RA' TYLER, 39 CMw str-€t. offers for sale at the
. mo.-t reasonable prices, tine Hunting and Open r^i
f-iced Levers. Duplex, Anchor and Cylinder
WATCHES, in gold and Sliver Cases; Watchi/j*
Ct.ains ol moist bean til ul pat teruis, Watch aud Belt®*«®
HiMikd Buckles and Puis, etc.; Gold l'eus and Peneils, etc.
A beautiful assortment of piamond Ear Rings, etc. ; Tor
"ed ami a variety of Seta m Boxes;
Ware, tine Cutlery. Fancy Good^
Gold .8«' ver. Steel and Sh»4t bowed SPEC
V —*Glaoses to suit all eyes. Su
receive d fur the America n Ar t U
Young u c o., No. 8 camp street ,
N blson A. Yorno,) will have constantly ou
hand a large assortment of Fine LEVER and DU
PLEX WATCHES (for Ladies aad Gentlemen's
wear,) ot the moat approved maker* of London, Liv-MftdB
erpool and Geneva, consisting of Heavy Hunting and Open
Face Gold and Silver Watches, fine Second or Timing
Watcher, of English manufacture-»-*
Beautifully Chased and Engraved Watches for Ladies, of
the latest fashion.
Ladies' Guard and Belt Chains, an entirely new parti
Gentlemen's Guard, Vest and Fob Chains, Seals ami Kl.
' adies aud Gentlemen's Finger Rings, of Diamonds,
.ubies, etc.. etc.
Ladies and Gentlemen^ Kreastpins, new styles ; Gold Pens
ith Gold and Silver Holden ; Gold Pencils ; Gold and Sil
ver Thimbles : new patterns of Earnings ; Lockets ; fudsi
Sleeve and Collar Buttons.
FINE SILVERWARE- Coii-irting of Table, Ten, Des
sert) Mustard and Salt Spoons; Table and Deaaert Folks;
Ladles; Butter Knives, etc.; also, an assoitment of Silver
SPECTACLES—For Ladies and Gen
«g» T* ^^ tlemen, la Gold, Silver and Steel Sil'
Spectacle Cases ; Spectacle till
every sight.
Gla*s Shade.
d Silver Suspender
new style ; require
turad ,
L«'" ladies and Geutlemen visiting the city are
fully invited to examine tlie stock almve mentioned, i
article is warranted as fine as anv offeretl for sale in t
and at considerable redaction of former prices... .The
attention uiways paid to Repairing fine Clocks, Watches and
Jewelnr, which we guarantee to perform, or no thargt will
be made.
i genteel HOUSE of Ten Rooms, well situated.
»nd ani
i tuuoo
•iiccm, iw n. irum, « itti improv
8 LOTSin location of Che^nnt «
a square with moderate improvements, near suburb Plaisance
line, Lafayette. About Six Acres high and dry LAND,
vacant or improved, city side of Carrollton. Al-o Square» •
LAND in Lafayette, Greenville. Hurätville anil Shrew
bury. TIIOS. D. H A ILES, Broker,
mhl3 . 117 C 'ommon street.
PAIJF'MIMA HOI, : 8H8 -The umlei^i^ned is no
V constructing eleuaut PORTABLE FRAME uj
HOUSES, suitable for California. Any number of
Portable Houses, of such dimensionB as may lie -*q"' ti"'Mi
red, can lie furnished at the shortest notice, on reasonable
terms. A few Houses of 20 by 40 feet, for Stores, two Stories
Iii ^h^to which the attention of California emigrants is called
Third streets, about half
nptly attendetl
, " Ordere from the country
to, when accompanied by cash or _
ot H months will be given lor appro' .
B. HOWARD. Builder. 219 Caroudeletstreet,
and California Building Establishment, corner Benjamin
£_Levee streets, in the immediate vicinity of the shipping.
All orders left at the Workshop, 2iy Caroudelet
t with prompt "—' s — ~ u
uiblB if
A LFRED MASON, Builder of California Portable
il Houses, etc. etc. —Honses of good structure and
material will be furnished by A. M. on reasonable terras. fi|
He yv ill leave for San Francisco about the middle of*"
April next, and will attend to the erection of the same
required. A portion of tlie money can be made payable ii
San Francûco. t3T Order» left with C, W. MURRAY,
No. 91 Magazine streets, (where plans can be seen) will
meet with prompt attention. Premises on St. Charles street
Q>e Commercial Exchange. mhl lm
dispatch. Also. NEGRO QUARTERS, cheap
and neat model, to lie seen at the Shop—where allfi
is done. 211 S t . Ctf ARLica street, near Julia.
ap2K ly WM. A. MILLER.
fcW"" Orders fw>m the Country promptly attendrai to
il intelligent
. g lu a stot
sold. Appl^
is a first rate carriags drivi
this office, or at 19t> Caron.
I.east. Fur nit urr ant
1NG HOUSE, with bath
mences attaehexl ; with a fi
i BOARD- (
all the FlXTlTBS8 aild ÂpjHirtonauces, etc., with a'n excelleut
run of custom, is offered tor sale low. Apply on the premi
ses. tO [ l'y 16 I*] " ' THOMAS LINDON.
No. 191 Tchonpitmilas street, near the comei
of Julia street .known as tlie Mechanics' and
Dravinen'a Retreat," together with the IIotrsK
hold Fi KKsri RK belonging to the same. The _
House i« doing a good Inwiness. is in a good lucatios
Boarding House. ~ "* : "*
For oarUcnlare Hp
iw Ullly fiimwhetl for tbe same.
preiniaes.-ortbB. tJlLLOOLY.
■ml Tcho'ipitoplas street».
conseqaenoe.ef U
dal tf
N. B. Tlie Hoyaw is ÖtTered 1er sain
owner havi nn two c offee-houses.
SIIHLDON fc POTTER, late 72 Cam# strivt, have
removed since the fire to wS Camp street, wliere thfy
are now opening a new assortment of Paper of every deeorip
tion, reoeived by ship St. Charles ami steamship Ohio. Their
old customer^ can now be supplied with Paper free from all
stain or damage by tlie late fire, at their original «heap
Among their apartment can b<» found a superior varmv 01
POST, WRIT! NC and BOOK PAPER, Printing. Enve
lope and Vvrapping Papier of everv description ; Playing
Card*, Twine, etc. etc.... Also, a *nperior assortment of
News' Book and Fancy Colored PRI NTING INK. mh66t
IOüDO!M PORTER—In pints and quarts, for sale lew
.* by fnihPl JOHN TOOLE .25 B«nk PJaoe.
r ttlBW fW bblWJainwV i
H9H aK wnrwnis
»«3~8iiiwn k Bi»ws
FOIt 1SEW YORK—The rteaaadùu FAL
OOIV, leaving here the 15th insC will take pa*
| «engen for New York, connecting mth «he
' PAKAniSB, LAWRASOff 8c OO. A,.n1..
1 I-" (i-avW.uit.
a ^MisiarW Charleston and Havatify vm SavjnnaJt and
Key West—The splendid steamship, ■BABEL. Capt. Rol
lins, 1100 tons bar'h^n, ha< resumed her nttular Ukos from
CHARLESTON tS. C.,) for HA VAN Ä,Jfn* m« Havana
for « 'harh-ston — 9th and 22d of eachjKiutik; tearing
Charleston for Havana on the 1 at and 1 oui.
rai led or pas »; a Sr. •
Ilarana to Charleston or Savannah.. | tO
ilav ana to Key Weht 2Ü
For further particulars apply to
M. C. MORD EC AI, Charieaton, ort«
E. I HART & CO.,79Tfcl»uuWula*st., N. Orleans.
Agents at Havana, DRAKE BRO'S fc CO.
fair Padeengers leaving Havana by this Aid can reach
Baltimore on the Fifth Day by taking the Land Route, and
New York and Philadelphia iu tlie same time by taking the
aPftlA— Commercial Line—
Tlie A 1 fast mailing packet bark \ ARMOl'TH,
J. Teal, master, having part of her "argoengaged,
wilt 'hav^ dispatch.. For balance of freight or passage,
having fine accommodations, apply on board, near the Veg
etable Market. 1- ir-t Municipality, or to
J. W. ANDREWS «r CO., 9! Common «tract.
A fen tè i n Philadelphia— Meurs. E. Linctrin be Co.
IO.\. ft. C.—The fact sailing
O. Cap t. Vjfebee. having two
irgo engaged and g*Hn^ on board at
loaiity, will leave with djauatch. For
lafance of freight, apply on board, or to
BAREL Li te CO. tJ Common utreet.
». JOHN P. CO IXHE TT. 36 Gravierst .
FOR HOK I O.V—The fine faut sailing brig OT
TAWA, Capt. Maloy, will have quick dispatch
for the above jKirt. For freight or paswtge, apply
i board at po«t—, Second Municipality/ or to
niK1 3 JOHN VV. ANDREWS fc CXI, ft! Coann çn st.
FO R Ci l A H LKSTO A - Sumter, /wae-The A
faxt sailing brig M ACHIIJUHMSE, Cfoptsts
Chamberlain, having most of her oargo eitgaged
"* ?ight or pawage. having splendid
board remonte the Beef Market,
I RIBON fc CO. 14 Gravier sr.
FOB UUbTUS-Tfae ï'ast nllin ( bri( META
IR A, Capt. »V otten, hav-.ng nearly all her cargo
igetl, wants aliout 200 bbls. pork. For freight
•assage, apply od board, port 1, Second Mnhi
J. W. AWUREW8 ft CO. 91 Common sl
FOB 8A VA!VA H- With,Dispatch— Tb« fine
fast saihng brig 818 A Ai 80LLL, Capt. Creech,
having tiie greater part of her cargo engaged and
going on board, will nave dispatch. For balance of freight
parage, apply on board, opposite tbe Beef Market, i
mh7 R. M. HARRISON fc CO., 14 Gravier
£X. FOR BALTIMORK— H'ifA Dispatch—Tbu Vart
i SLsailing A 1 brig liKS, TAk MIR, Capt. Jordan,
is now loarluig at post 8, Second Municipality, and
Mua lew days. For freight or passage, apply to
R. M. HARRISON & CO., 14 Gravier sL
irtoO. VV 1 i ;KUAM . No. 35 Common street.
[roha] R. M. HARRIS'
I OH LI V BH1>OOL — The new Bntish I,ark
HELLA DONNA, CApt. Pay«on. will take a fa'
cargo of corn or provi-ions. Apply to
» KL INGENDE R fc. CO., 23 SL Ch a r ha »L
KOK Ul KH IlWIr-fä ilw ARAB. Loru.g
mästet, u now ioai'ing arid will have Siipataih.
For lj.ii.mce of freight, aiuily *
To leave the Lf of April— The well known
™ and favorite Steamship A LA H AM A. (800
tons burthen.) J. J. Wrijrhtr i.?omroander, will leave for San
%3T A limited number of Paa&engers will be taken.
iu oiaerage, twuo m air,— —* * *
t3F No Freight taken
No Passage secured until paid for.
Au experienced Surgeon ii attached to the Alabama.
For Passage, apply to
C. J. MEEKER fc CO., 66 Poydras street.
£3^" Through Tickets for the month of June, can be se
cured on application as above. mh!5
I he well known rub«tantial Steamship TEl^
EGRAPIl.'D. B. Morgan, Commander, will
above, on VVEDNESDAY, the L^kh insL. at Î*
lea v<
HVbi; u OGLESBY. 12 rof.lrai »Ire«.
C. J. MEEKER & CO., Wi Pbydras üreet.
Cabin Parage £85
"leerage—ine«s with the crew IT
N. B.—No passage secured until paid l'or. mhlô
FOR C H AG RES, via Havana-U. i.
Mad Steunuihip Company— Tbe splendid mail
leamnhip FALCON. 1000 toua burthen,
Lieut. H. J. Hartstene. U. S. N., commanding. wiillea>
to> * 'hagres, with the L (ûifornia and Oregon- mails, on FRl
DAY, 15th March, at9o'clock, a . k. punctually, from to*
of St. Mary street, Lafayette.
_ • luTks or pa ^ sask :
ToChagree—In Saloons '. ..$80 OU
In I^i wer Cabin t» 00
In Steerage, and mess with crew 45 00
Passendere tor Havana must procure passports from the
Spanish Consul.
Freight, 50 cents per cubic foot
No passage secured until paid for — All passage tickets
id orders to reoeive freight must be procured from the office
of the Agents.
mbl b7 Gravierst.
N. B. A Surgeon i* attached to the Ealcon, thereby always
securing good medical attendanue to her pasaengera.
awfs A sailing jj
fmni a
cket A >1CHICAN, having ju-t returne«l
. ... trip to Chagres, will positively sail ou
THIS EVENING, the 14th inet. Her riccommodations for
a nougere are unsurpassed and slie will b- supplied with the
est the market ailorcb. I'awent'ers for California are requested
9 look at thin vesôel, and procure tickets on board. Lower
'icayune Tier, ur to
nhV4 A . t. COCHRAN fc CO. 37 T choupitoula- st.
.gres—'To sad 1
H ülLlfUHMt
WEDNESDAY. March » th,
will sail a.*°atiove. For freight
%a fine fast sail
ket schooner HEROINE. Hussey. master,
e. For freight or pars; ige, having splendid
accommodations, apply on board, at Pieay due Tier, Fust
Municipality, or to
JOHN W. ANDREWS fc CO. PI Common st.
tW This vessel will run regularly to Chagres during the
season, and will be fitted up and provided in tlie very best
manner. J mhjl3
MENTO CITY—Loading at Po-t 8, Second »lu
nicipality—The new A 1 fast sailing Baltimore clip
per brig SALVADOR A. John A. Palmer, master, having
a large part of her cargo on board, can take the bulk of 8U>
barrel«, for freight of which, or passage, having splendid and
accommodations for a limited number
ÔËO. VV. HYNSON, 96 Camp street.
l^us vessel,
ted to him.
houn, and will be
. ..... .... -gli. .
the loading of the nrig
taken' *
rV CLOPS, CaTt. "Cü
?u low. Apply to
TlARELLl n CO. 61 Common st.
FOB SAN FRANCISCO, Calllornia—The well
known fast sailing coppmed aud copper-fastened
hark ALABAMA, Capt. Wall, will have early
dispatch for the above port, and can handsomely accommo
date a few cabin passengers. For freight or passage, apply to
JOHN VV. ANDREWS & CO.. 9lCommon «t.
fy2 or to C. J. MEEKER fc CO., 66 Poydrasstreet.
FOR SAN FRANCISCO. California.-Par*«*
oi March— Tlie splendid A 1 cop tiered and very
last sailing ship ONTARIO, hurthen GOD tons,
Capt. Henry A. Cheever, having a great portion of her cargo
new on hoard, will sail about the ÜÜth Mardi. This ship
has a splendid cabin, all in state rooms, excellent accommoda
tions, tor steerage passengers, carries two life boats, and is
well found and furniêhed iu every respect. An experienced
physician will be on board. For freight or passage, apply
ery resp
board. For freight or passage, apply
i ni, opiHisite Post 14. Seuond Munici
Ca bin Passag e $2S0. Steerage S 150 and found.
to the Captain t
sailing A 1 new schocuer LAMARTINE, Cam.
Robb ins. will lie ready to receive cargo to-morrow,
— port in tbe Bay. She draws onlv 6^ feet when
loaded, and carrlei tbe bulk of 700 hbls. under deck. Aprfy
t a Corni
this State, and
WJANTED— By the aiivertiaer,
V v Book-kekpkr , or Oit-poor
sion House. Having resided m&nyvearei
had considerable experience in either of tbe above eapacL
and possessing the best recommendation-, is desirous of obtain
inz immediate employment. For further information address
' ' G. N." at «his office. jnhê 6t
WANTED—BOARD 111 a respectable Private Family,
iu the upper part of tbe city, for a Gentleman. Wile
and Child. Au unfurnished room preferred. Best ot refer
ences given. Addresses, with real name and location, in a
note to " B. H." at this office will receive immediate atten
Uon. .. _ pahll*
YV r ANTED- A SITUATION by a yoang woman tô
v v aoctunpany a lady to California. The liest of references
given. Address " M.' at this ollice. mW 7t*
» vt . 1 — i v» -v—: -srish of Anah, Town of
Mjillalohough. Ireland; when lasthe^rd from was at Har
per*» Ferry, Va.; anv information addressed to tbe, ~
this pajier will be thankfully received. Cj^~ VirgiuL
please copy.... I* rancls Riley left Mullalohotigh alw>ut twenty
five or thirty years ago »ltd cam« to the Umted States. Hi#
brother Johu is at present residing in the city ot New Orleans,
and is most an xious to hear fro m him . fyätt tf
person who
r -SU» of Oc
whorepaivod TWO BOXES
MERCHANDISE friSn f iltert an s Warehouse, on the
14th November, marked k. fc H., Avovsta, Ga .; they
with BOARD
ether boarders <
at this efT
' children. Tw
yUEFORE has the honor to annonnce to the pub- __
v Jic ot New t Orleans that he will open on SATUR- 01
*| ' u * "1 St. Charles-sf. opvtMrti sM ~
Th^ most in mute attention and care w ill lie liestowed upon
the Confectionery of his manufacture ; skilful workmen from
the Im^i houses of Paris are attached to his establishment.
V . Udore will neglect nothing to give satisfaction to all per
s ous who h onor Inni with their patronage. fy2ß "
tn ««mm sniki, coalt -V ROM THE PEV
v TON MINES—The subscribers having been appointed
Agents fer the sale of this beautiful Coal, in forms the citii
that we are tew in receipt of five boat loads, which
offered for sake by the load or injots to suit purchasers. This
coal can be seen at the boats, foot of St. Joseph s très t,
Ëpr.nc'pe! il«>te!«. Mnrobant» Ref»rlinu Room, and 0
C«, nnrt tb«| Omr* nl thf V*r»nmr,t, f furthsr j»sr»t«
ssoi ■
TIUN are sow op«u«d4aUy at theoAoeoftbs Secretary,frosn 10 A.
ths store of £. A. T71JSR, No 39 Camp street, nr.cfcr
the folknvinr Rais and Regulation:
Article 19. Honorary Menhere shall be entitled to oqs Perv-tlal
ticket, i
of LOTS and VA ULTS in the t emetery die 1.
fatty fcitnya.1 » n the Métairie HMge, as follows, *és
NUMBERED LOTS, 7 by 10 feet, at #50;
§30 each,
tar {St. Michael's Benevolent Burial Societr —
At a Meeunr ot ibe above Society, beid at theii HalL eorr« of SL
Jna'jb tori Tcbottpiuiulaa sfreeti, on tbe nigbt of the teth in«'., tbe
Idle Wik« , «raotis wem eleewS ofce* r* to eerre oat yms (rasa Oat* :
PATRICK SHAUQHNfea Y President ;
J18. CIKäftLON ... - - 1
transferable, aral ose Quest ticket, m
fL M. MCALPI8, Pn^Ment
in-resident only."
VAULTS, at £40
Igee, )oiut
DCjP VabfU to he paid f«r lb *4
Vaulu u> be ruade to
mylOtf 1 Q. PIERSON, Treasurer, Maniciptl Hail
prlsu/fs, aud member* iberaof, at
. Applieatlonsr for Cuu or
If AUD SILliOOLt, Seeratary.
ay a. v. v. « .— iiuwisv liuiinc nu.
13— Meeu every 1 HUHSL>AY fi«euu>a h tin
Uraud Lodge Rail, cor. oi TcboapilouUs aud Poy
a. iW.r,..
G 1 £ èAiiPMOW^..: R. 8ec*]r
G. I R. H. KBRR P. S.
:i»ARD8. Treamrer. )a5
Real India Cashnere h bawls.
E5P" Ladies are respectfully invited to call and examine
some beautiful specimens of INDIA S HA WLS, purchased
at the late sales in New York.
ja 18 T HOS. BRA PV. 2 2 Cha rtres st rrrt.
Recollect t
try* The On/» Depot fur liu Soli of DALLE V VÏ ORIGIN A!
to 151 Ctnrlf ts rt'—t. 1.27 tf
A Masonic Noliee.
ajr HKKA1ANM LOOUB No. Preeau'l Accepted
jF Mluvin have p-nioved the r Lodge fruni No, 116 Ub
\ »treet to the son'h t st corner <t Bienville «treet -li»»
it t ace, wbece tbeir KeeoUr Meetings wili be beld every
- KDNfcSDAY, at tbe usual hoar... By ui 1er
ja 13 I y HENK Y SIMONS, W.
Crescent Job Ofürr. —The proprietor" ot tiie
"Daily Cresceu' " » «old respecUuliy •uforui tiieir Iriends and tue
p-ibiic that they beve. conuectad with their estabrtsfammt, an eatea
«OB OFFl E, and aie prepared to 1. o_. -
inort favoral'lt terni*, and in a st]
it :—Book» and PatnphUl -, Ci/c
of Lading, D'ily Reeai'U. Ctzrrft, Potier», Stat
» Pr»
s style not to be «orpassA] in th : i
Jièculaië, Laicueit' Brief», BiUi
■•nomlna» Bill», etc «a,.
Ifl 238 Bienville street .. BEDSTEADS anü C« »TS
of all descriptions; Hair and Mom MATRASSES, whole
sale aud retail. t&~ Ship * and S tkamboat C apt -use
supplied on themost reaxina blc terms . »»hi;? 1v
ment of BOOTS and SHOES, manufactured
solely by himself. Gentlemen desirous of haviag
their Boot* aad Shoes made to riT—of elegant ma
terial, and ut ths «tYLS—would do well by caliina <
undersigned. CORK-SOLE and DOUBLE-SOLE
TER- PROOF BOOTS, made to order.
o» «m E. O'SULLIVA N. TO Sl Charit » sue« .
A NY who h&ve heretofore doubted the importance of
lA p o p piri ng a secure depository
foi their Books Papere, Money and
other articles of small bulk but great
value, will dismiss all doubt on iu.
quiry of Means. B. Elder, Brothers
fc Co.; Gribbla fc Montgomery;
A lexaitderH ilhJ.G Dunlap. Thoa.
K. Prca, and Tlios. Maddock, Jr.;
all of wnom escaped serious loss in
the late Camp street fire, by having
their Books, Paper«, etc. in RICH,
SALAMANDER SAFES, whence they weretalcraUB
HARNkD, af^er the tire. One of theae Salamanders, which
remained 32 hours in the fire, contained notes and accept
ancea, amounting to seven hundred times its cost; and
neither of the other five cost one per cent, on tbe value of its
contents. All the Asbestos and Knob Chests, which Were
exposed on that occasion separated, and proved, as thev had
treq lient ly done before, tobe anything but "safe*." Thwt
tact« conclusively show, that tlie tho'isauds enraged m bu&i
rese of varons kinds, who arejoightly subjneted to the risk of
heavy loa by foe. would practice true economy by nurcha«
ing the above named article The subscriber, hole À «eut
ti.». 0 t the Manufacturers, has for sale, in store 1 —
ships Wabash ahd Oswego, and bark Gov.
abo prepared to
tern that may be desired.
rnliM fiidfcltW ISAAC BRIDGE. 76 Magazine st.
r ]MlE subscribers manufacture from the BEST CAST
A STEEL, Cbcular Saws from two to sixty iucheB iu di
tunc ter ; also, Mill, Pilt, Ciosa-uut and other Saws, all of su
perior quality. They also state that there saws are'ground
by their patent machinery, which enable* them to claiai
cltmvely for their Saw?" the advantages derived from the tire
of these tu'aullineM, whkh ara liighlv important , a- .lie Saw>
are thereby made perfectly trub and regular in thickfieus, or
liii^k or thin at any part, thus Ptrengtheuing Circular J?awr by
gradually mcreaaiiig them m thickness from tlie otittiiur edge
tb their centre. The truth and uniformity of their surface
renders leas set in the saw teeth necessary, and on this account
less power is required to drive the saws; besides, they will not
need so frequent sharpening—be less liable to become heated,
and also produce saving in timber.
These Saws may be hail of the subscribe«, or at the
principal Hani ware Merchants in this city and throughout the
United States. R. HOE fc CO..
[_o29 6mcl&W 29 aud 31 Gold street. New York.
SVVKET OIL—75 baskets superior Sweet Oil, iu store
and for sale by
mh 13 CUAS. STOUGHTON, 94 Camp
. »ale by
COK-l>\ A AHMSTRÖMi hsve takeri an Office «
No. 73 Camp street, up stairs,(onnqnte the Picayune.'
' pleased to see their old frieudsand custom
tiers a« usual. mh8 2m
|\TOTICE TO SLtiAlt FLA NTERS— Wrought and
11 Cast Iron SUGAR PANS, of assorted sizes.
from ab to 82 inches A lso —Two Vertical CATTLE
SUGAR MILLS— Rollers —36x22 and 86*24 inches, with"
Coupling for Wooden Shafts and extra Wheels, for sale by
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Being the
and CAP&, 0! the following deicriptions
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ms w. cbockktt ■ mm . j . w. rsosi — ui L>a cm a. jcjod.
Orr»#. „....No. »3 Sr. tNtAar.au rttfct
TERMS of The crescent .
PKfcflSr* °~ Um •*??; p,y KU *J* »•*** : or
E\fhlXk>lhirBp*t yeor— bau-y-osty a.ri ^airterlrju the a^soe
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Ear urn cop»«, wifl receive ( »ue copy in addnion t.^ 0>a f ktu ;« a
priusitua Payable in ail enmt in odaamce. ÊmgUt papers or
KWfc Hi»-SZcas
AB^RTMBIK f.M «sandtag twelve Uae^io Aguaiy
\ tot U.: £At iciaertiun, aad 5» 0 :14a tor e.>af aehan leant fat
t- Tboaa af greater t«Mtb h. prop<.-nical^ Nod»« oa
are charged R I per aqo-re for i'lfj iataer
dlacnqnr made'tb th-,se who a>lven lae by tbe
Mft.Hiu.tARD.'—The Courrier des Etats-Unis,
the able and influential organ of the French popu
lation ia tbii country, pnbli-shed at New York, no
tice* Mr .-Aijfîard 'e lé«ei to the editors ot" the Ns
tioual Intelligrucer in tile foßowiag term«:
A Repre*en tätige who enjoys a deserved influ
ice at tbe Soath, Mr. Hilliard, ol Alabama, bag,
auiont; other a, jo*t put fortja a note ot warning, to
which no prudent 1114u should be deaf. Pevoted
without exaggeration to the intereati which he
repreeenf«, but al»o profoundly attached to the
Unioil, Mr. Hilliard iw one of thoae cooriliatory
persona whose voice shonM.command attention du
ring the present criais. A letter addresaod by hini
to tbe National Intelligencer depicts the exiftbnjfc
condition of atTairs in traits who^e rruthfalue »8 can
not be questioned. He bring* back tilings to their
just proportions; he states the grievance* of the
South, as well as the aggressions of the North. He
exhibits the aims of the hitter, aad. without ft boast
or a threat, lie pointa out,
pqrt, the perils which the Uniou may run on that
day when the South shall be jlriven to open /esist
ance by a^ infringement of 'her deareSI interests
Mr. Milliard thinks there is patriotism enough in
the majority—that is to say, among his opponents—
to prevent matters from ever reaching this extre
mity ; but he wishes them to atop at once on ft road
where every step taken is a fault, and to the end ©f
which they will not themselves be bold enough to
advance. :
Tbe Representative from Alabama is nobly in
spired when he hold* this language. It was thus
tii£t Washington spoke when he put his politic*]
friends on thêir guard against reports of monarchy
Vhich were in circulation àinong them. M Talte
care," wrote he to John w Jay, "in thinking of a
thing, people tin iah by »peaking ol it, and from
that they proceed to actiou, and then tvery barrier
is overleaped. ' Congress ought tq'have paused at
the first part of this salutary counsel, and jiever per
mitted the word "disunion tobe heard in its hall«.
But now. when it ia too late, sod this fatal word
has been pronounced, we must at least stop on tbe
declivity, lor fear that pliblic opinion may come to
be famiriantjpd with the idea, and may. some day
or other, make the last step which separates the
word from the action
A Y aluasle .D iscovert .— Dr .C. C. Kuowle«,
"of Lowell, (we are informed by the Boston Be«,)
lias discovered a peculiar process of separatisg
gold from sand and other earShy matter with which
it is found 'mixed. The apparatus can be uned by
any one with perfect success; can .be packed ii^a.
bos 11 inches long by 3 wide aiwl 4 deep, aad
weighs but 12 pounds. We thi.ulf it (says the
Bee) the best aud most prdtitable investment that
can be made by those going to the gold regions.
The apparatus comua.at a low price, aud is of iafi
nite mility to every jargon who uuutemplates vta|U
ing the gold rwgi
A For S torv .—»Any bt*if who baa heard Ri «ry
O'M ireV famous story of tlie flu, in Ltiiver'd amu
sing play of that n ■■no*, will cordes! that it is nrt
quite equal lu the fi-l lowing, which we get from the
St. J dinsbury Caledonian, a Vermont paper:
" Last week, in tlie lown of Ne*hnry, a ft»x
hunter, with two hounds, got upon the track of a
poor fox, which wn* pursued until toward* the ch»e
of the day. Fox found matter» t>eijj draw it, g m a
rlesp^nye ûrieis with him—and jus» at this time the
hi*rte. of _jhe railroad train was heard, when he
directi'I*,and sp^iroacbed the track
jiim as the WBscmne tip. and leaped it immediefeiy
preceding, thbi* "
pnrstiit. litA«
Xif ihe efigine—Mjie.
nod thfe'ftVu!
tmd w nu caught by the wheels
foremoet lost about h foot of his
„ nml thfe' m rhe rear was eu» t fT Just brl ind
hiffjiu^—Wfijt ftix 'aUme m Iiis *tt>ry.'
floltrVer fmorohahl« thie rnav appear, we are as
sured by 9 director of thp mad that it is a fact."
S outhern S entimknt .—The Baltimore Ameri
can côntains a well written article reviewing the
late speech of Mr. Calhoun. We extract the fol
lowing " This exposition has been looked for
ith considerable interest—uot with die expec
tation that it would embody the views and purposes
of the South, in relation to the subject involved,
but because it inight be supposed to einbddy the
extreme views and purposes of a part of that sec
tion. With all his great abilities, it is too manifest
for a doubt that Mr. Calhoun is utterly unfit to take
the lead of sensible practical and patriotic men in
the matter now at iskiie. His opinions upon all
matters in which that subject in involved seein to
be tl^e emanations of a peculiar idiosjrocr&y rather
than the conclusions of a comprehensive statesman
like mind.'
The Baltimore Patriot contains ths following
acc ou ut of the proceedings of Congress on Lhe 8th
inst. :
Washington , March 8. —In the Senate, Mr.
Borland made a personal explanation, defending
himself, a the opposition majority/' and the priut
iug committees of the t\fo Houses from the attacks
himself, " the opposition majority/' and the print
ing committees of the tufo Houses from the attacks
of the Republic, sharging 1 tliat they h?td delayed
tbe printing of the response of the President of the
United States to reselhtioiu calling for information
in relation to h\s conduct in the affairs of Caiifbr nia.
Mr. Smith defended the Administration, and said,
in the course, of his remarks, that it was not re
sponsible for everything which was said in the Re
Mr. Foote mooved to take up the compromise
resolutions of the bill, and refer them to a commit
tee of thirteen members.
Mr. Chase objected, and the consideration of the
subject was postponed.
The Senate proceeded to the considerations of
the resolutions of Mr. Clay, when
Mr. Walker resumed his speech, contending
against thé extension of slavery to the territories,
and cited numerous decisions of Sout^eVn courts in
support of his position.
Messrs. Badger, Butler, and Jefferson Davis re
plied, and . *
Mr. Walker briefly rejoined.
Mr. Seward has the floor for Monday on the Cal
ifornia question.
The Senate then adjourned.
Th the House, last Friday, twelve bills were
ported from tlie Committee of the Whole, and they
were passed by ths House.
Mr. Thomas moved that the House go into the
committee on the private calaudaf, but one day
having been devoted to this subject during the
present session.
Mr. Stanton, of Tennessee, insisted to go into a
Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union,
to enable the gentleman from Tenesaee (Mr. Stan
ton) to finish the remarks which he commenced
Mr. Thomas 'declined withdrawing his motion,
and the House went into committee ou tbe private
When the cômmittee rose, the bill whieh was
debated was laid on the table.
And the House adjourned.
(J>~Mr. James, the distinguished novelist* will,
we understand from the best authority, visit the Uai
ited States early the ensuing season, with his family.
i |}ti course will be directed to New York. It is bis
intention to- visit Amènes in the best feeling of a
traveler anxious to trsce, with his own eye, the
working and progress of our institutions, not with
the iutention of writing a book of criticism ; though
should he take pen in hand, he would have to
belie the whole course of his writings, did he not
produce a most genial and liberal work. His arri
val cannot fail to be the signal of mueh quiet and
Ï>nuine hospitality towards an author to whom
merica is certainly indebted for an uncounted,
and we *r§ s«rry, o» «o* «çoounc t<* stWi pee«nls»s
ff »■■JfswiV-'-ïitt'*.
i i'l
TS» WaabSogbm Citjr paper«,
dial îy ctmcârm opinion in regard io
grea t speech tm lf)e shivery question,
which we publish la-àaf. We quote
tram them: r v -
We h«ve newr. we think, on any
tsmrm, the 3» *
hamv u beings an it
of both neses who
eager drsire to hear Mi
usual desire to hear an
was on this occasion greatly
general convictiom of the grcftt
S .on 4 which Mr. Webster
a gitat'og topic of the day. and
it which their solemn annunei
dtiee on public ie«ii»g, hoch North
bad filled the public mind
« grrai pan oat of tbeir •
the »iiAie fcndy of tlie cl,.rut
Of the speech, it can
oqly say that its
that it arteed fr?» h Ii
orator, and gave freth
and patriotic spirit.
us 7 as far as it could be
all sections of the Union«
that of gratification—no opinion bot
bation and of anticipation that its liberal
ciliatory spirit would have the
tranq«ili*ing the present excitement j
ring tbe friends of the Union throughout the
try -luteUigwuer.
We were net. IPI |
Webster commanced, but the ftrst
hè argued after we entered the
some time afterwards, were so deci
slavery end the Scrathern aspect sf
that we despaired ot anything conciT
promising, or aoythmg calculated to
gerou* and agitating question, from hjtt
are bound, however, to state that we *
Webster great iniustice, and that the
speech amply redeemed what we thought
of tbe firrt. Praise from this quarter m$
rarely upon the Senator from Massachoseti
almost hesitate to utter it upon the
caston. We presame that he will set
upon anything which may fall from oc
we feel bound to state frankly otfr impress»**» ef
his speech. We had expected very little from Mr.
Webster. We doubted very much whether tie
Id dare to come out and lay his tribute open
tfie altar of his country. Bot we roust «ay thai Iiis
whule speech was very sble 7 and the last pert sf it
was marked with great intrepidity, frankness aad
l.berahty. We trust in Heaven that he baa not
spoken m vain. We cannot but entertain the fer
vent hope that Mr. Webster will essentially con
tribute to the adjustment of this distraetiag contro
versy. * ♦ # His speech was internaisad
with various suggestions, expressed in simple bug
eloquent language, upon the various topics which
are connected witfc this subject He ' "
frankly and emphatically tbe generosity
the 1
willing, if she
pnia had shown in rehm, _
iorth-western territory. * lie deckled hims e lf
■ the âouth wocid desire it, to itf
propriate ths proceeds of these lands (wbici hs »•
timsted at 180,000,000,) or,
thing else, tb assist in ridding 1
'or. He
h" d Sou,him°3^'
U. 4.
1 dft y adjusted by a oonciiiatory
of' tbe free peenle of color.
tiftil eulogitim on the value of the Usii
nieÜ that there could be a peaceable secession, ami
spoke in no measured terms of his oppositioe to
the Nashville Convention, if it should ass em b le £
the purpose of dissolving tbe Union. # ♦
Our general impression from the whole is, tlbftt
if the Senators and Representatives from k
tions of the country would «et in totheacce
tion of this important question th the spirit <!
Mr. Webster breathes, we shall see it at I
onromièti Iba
and tbe Uaiem
At no rime of hi« public career has Mr. Webster
exer appeared to greater ad van tai^e. Noser M h«
displayed more vigor aad. manliness el iatefcet,
more force of argument, more nationality ef tssa
per and spirit, than on this occasion, it was aa
occasion which called for the display of boldoosa
nod tir inness—for he had prejnd css, and partiali
ties and antipathies tu encounter—but he n
all, and overcame them all, with a _
entitles him tu the commendation of all good 4
patriotic men, and which cannot feil tos
him in the hearts of his countrymen.
, In the course of his remsrks, Mr. Webster al
luded to the Nashville Convention, and to the idea
df " peaceful secession,'' or a peaceful disMoiatioa
of the Union.. This portion of his speech was
marked, we think, with a rhetoric as felicitous as
adorns tbe most elaborate of his speeches, aad it
waâ thrown off apparently as freely as fire from the
flint when s ruck by the steel. Spark after spark,
lias h al ter Rash, it warmed and thrilled the breast
jof every listener, till, when he closed, the pent-up
euthusiasm of the audience manifested itself in a
round of applause that the place and presence could
not suppress.
Mr. Webster has placed himself on high ground
by this speech. He witi be assailed for it by th«
fanatics and free-soilers, but the great heart of the
American people will respond toit with warm pui
sa tiiin^ We are too great a people—our country
too broad and magnificent—to be governed by
any narrow, local and sectional spirit More thaa
this—we shall remain a 4 united people f *
American republic, in spite of ail the {
which thp triple coalition can bring to bear
the Constitution and the Union .— Republic"
; 3'ii.ciiur .
I Te. gTiph
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1 ThorahUl
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SKSHjI.... Ijm»
Clui* -3uo4ara.*Û,W.'
Cttyal Lincolu W^a>3
Cohn ae*
C >roinni. wealth.
Coronet 33,:uv
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t l*rn Wheel«.. 3.m3
Core* -.13 ,1dt
Ch«pion .
I SeCCaBiow
I John G m row... l «»-i Lad» CoMUble.l
LsosWaa J4*
luUt ot Ye— la la Po et Ikai ciuurwu
In th« 9«coad ( mSj, th« N.t, cenoataot *1 o*e te* St— m fr— t ' -M
'1 rig, No. I bsiag rhnboai Landing.. ta tS* Thin) <mj), ta» M m.
«■ituiMiicr »'.là» SaitrMil *im! ran down. *>• •
Alu « Wdaoa... ._Poi
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■ • 8, ml 1
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) Thuruhill L'tulCasad ....... . IS nd
Tmetmom »«jb JI Oyclop« Lt»
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i Tr-nwt Mtjnrnu It'll4
» (Aa) • • s Sil Kmi iy Taylor .. L*ns
• L*ue| Kuwliê* L.*ua
•MMd States .-jv.Hi. iKmily . mm
...Ew ..»ml
Vaudaia 4.M8lk.. «
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i Vurn.t Iftjuv j F 1 tufctia .,
î W. A. Coop« .
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W«llnce «doba . .'... 1M<S
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WUaoii Kaanedya6,uJli ttu.Mgtr M**
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Bmi i9.mS
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Ea-locia « l.Bt»
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ram«» (cteaiaj Algtar
G*o. F. Fat tea. .3U,nd
Geo. Ttiaieher.. I. »tu
Georgs Turtw. • lO.iiJi
UouScU » 5 ml
Bticytn Jl^ni
IfoKuali Eddy . - 12.ua
Helena 8,m3
Herald '.»f
Hops ***
H t;ii. oldi
I itU.i' Jeasy Lind. .... M
1MH Jeune Albwt... M
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Bella Deaaa—t5^o3 L O'Dooaati- fUaS
dridgstovn .... 8jn8 Laihera Mjiat
iiraUh frr.uct«.»,«* '.aeia* tS,sü
Bwam tl^aEt Lucy >**au« .... L>tts
4 ml ; Hacaigamie . • • U^at
Pttiui( Mario. . ....JUiws
10^1*1 Mayfower Ld
Cww ».IO.aBl[M*t«aaocaa 1MU
Daniel L*uâl Moaba» Po Sa
.*» tt'ipnm lg,<nSJ Mouiarey.... .. S.uM
CZS Elba. • %at{VWnr »iSi
Liv ra HarteiHl • M>ij£sUaa
Fauay McUeu.. 10,ml ■ Pun land 11,*«
0« Hiuuklsy. • H.i'^jU. H. hUar.. Fraapon
•U ana bow ....Fw«art
Helena^ , lS.m3 ! Hubt M Carlton tJjaS
11er 1 riett« L'ue Holum Wata... Petal
Henry v-Cees» «al LPT
Isabella Stewart Itja»! VtaSa»»^" 1 .*..*.*.
J.J. Hatkiu... L*U<| ......
Johu Carrai Point w» PW...^->.
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idence.. ■ I5,aiil
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M *8
ai,m'.' , Margaret
Lyuna J jb B Maria Jo*
Manliua i7^IMayFtoi
Maiîa Someuai L*u. ' 8tsra*y •
Micbarl Angela. M Itiadea
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Old F-nalsnd. Octni.
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t,«aj«Pollock .
Mil,Sarah H
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