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Ofcial Journal of the Parish !
of St. Tammany. I
. E. SMIT ....... PorLPro.L
W. G. KENTZEL........EDrroR.
And Busimess Manager.
One copy, one year.............$2 00
One opy, six months. ............ 1
One copy, three months........... 50
Rates of Advertising.
Tes li.4es of this (Brevier) type, or its eqpit,
seat ix lraer type, co.stitutes
* square.
One square. $ 3.00S 8.00 $14.00 8.00
Two squares. 5. 00 1.00 .00 30.00
Threesquare 6.5 15.00 95 00 40.00
Q.nar. colunn 8.00 18.00 30.00 50 00
HAlf column 1.00 30.00 0.00 75.00
Wholeol'ran .00 50.00 75.00100.00
Legal Advertismentm--One Dollar pr
square for the drat innertion. and Fifty
Cents for each subsequent insertion.
Saturday, Jauary , 10,1880.
Mr. J. H. Goldsby, the artist, has
arrived in Covington, and estab
lished his art gallery in the Court
house, where be will be happy to
aecommodate all who wish have
their pictures taken. Mr. Goldsby
has already established an enviable
reputation among our eitizens, as
an artist, sand we advise all to
eall on him before it is too late. He
expects to remain here about two
weeks His prices are very reason
able, as will be seen by referring to
his dvertisement, in another col
The Town Coendil of Covington
have made a good commencement
for the new year. Taking advan
tage of the present favorable
weather, they are busily engaged in
having bridges repaired, streets
cleaned, etc.
PaNsions on as Vzw.umi--In
Congress, on Wednesday last, the
House Committee on Invalid Pen
sions unanimously agreed upon a
bill granting a pension of eight dol
lras per month to every surviving
soldier of the Mexican, Florida,
Creek and Black Hawk wars. It
will soon be reported to the House.
We believe there are a number of
"vteb" in St. Tammany who will be
entitled to pensions under this bill.
"Ta DAILY ra&vs."-This is the
title of a new evening paper, which
made its debut in New Orleans
on the 8d inst. It is edited by
Major H. J. Hearsey, late of the
Democrat, and one of the must In
eat, aebs and forcible writers in the
South. We gladly weleome it to
our exehange list "MIy it live
long and prope."
The fSauElal condition of the
corporation of Covington will com
pare favorably with that of any
other town in the State. Coving
is free from debt, and has money in
the treasury !
S 4Ew OR.EA1s, LA., Jan. 3,1880.
After all the compliments of the
season--if the Faarxn is in conditionI
to receive them among the "egg
noggs" and other things it took on
New Year's Day--it seems Ooving
ton had a "huge" time during the
happy week of merriment and peace
and good will.
From the notice in the Faunsa,
I see that Rex himself is to pay you
all a visit. New Orleans folks are
real disappointed at this, becaue
u they have been led to believe that
u his "Royal Highness" intended to
u remain in this city during his visit
u to our country. Well, "so mote it
be." We consent to this visit, pro
vided Covington promises to do the
"needful" by the doughty monarch.
So far as the experience of your
correspondent goes, "calling" was
not so general this year as in former
Y times, although the weather was all
B that could be desired. Receiving
B by gaslight, through the afternoon,
is still the proper thing, as it issup
posed that receiving in this way
gives added brilliancy to the coe
tames of the fair "receivers."
Among the beautiful and grace
o ful costumes of the day, those of
e Miss Brusey, Miss Block and Miss
Y Henning were particularly notice
able for their elegance, and the ease,
Sgraee and cordiality with which the
0 fair "ocpunts"reeived theirmany
friends and aequaintances.
Miss Bumsey wore a dress of white
cashmere, the train, cufs and collar
of which were of white silk, deli
estely and profauely painted to rep
resent every imaginable lower, exe
cuted by the fair wearer herself, and
it is generally conceded that the
young lady's tate and skill, in thus
making her coetume so comely, at
tracted more attention than any of
the numerous and lovely ones re
There were many others perfect
ly splendid. The house of Mis
Ella Thomson seemed to be the
headquarters for the young gentle
men from "aeross the lake," and I
found that Miss Mamie Perkins, of
Madisonville, was assisting at the
reception with Miss Thomson.
Glad to see the PFnam improv
ing so much. Hope it will live to
see many returns of this delightful
season. A. L. R.
Enrron SB. Tammuxa Fanas:
The closing scenes of 1879, and
the weleoming in of 1880, will long
be remembered with pleasure by
the many guests who thronged the
grand halls of the old "Bullet Man
sion," in Madisonville, on that eve.
The doorsof that once gay and
hospitable house have been closed
for many years, as sickness and sor
row have made many changes in
their happy household band, and
they sought solace for their grief in
other climes. The grand old "cas
tle" bears the marks of suffering
from the late war, yet enough of its
beauty still remains to charm the
Oar "gay crowd" from Covington
left here as the "shadows of even
ing were falling," and were borne
rapidly along by the swift and spir
ited steeds belonging to our young
townsman Mr. Davenport, and in a
very abort time we arrived at the
doors of the "old Ballet castle,',
where the courteous gentleman .of
the house, Mr. B., received us, and
we were presented to his amiable
sisters, who uashered us up the broad
staircase into a magnificent dress
ing-room, where every convenience
for the toilet was prepared for our
reception. After sundry peeps into
the mirror all seemed satisfactory,
'and we repaired to the drawing
rooms. I stood at the door en
tranced with the beauteous scene
that met my eyes. The lofty fres
coed walls were draped with lovely
wreaths and graceful festoons of
- moss, brilliant leaves and bright
ascarlet berries of the holly tree,
while scattered through the rooms
r were groups of lovely girls--golden
s haired blondes and sparkling bra
r nettes-with their gay cavaliers.
1 Joy and merriment were pictured
g on every face, and when the en
t, chanting sounds of music burst
forth, the mazy dance began. Ah!
y it was a lovely acene. And as the
clock pealed forth the depart
ing year, each one of that joy
- o assemblage mingled in the
f merry dance; and when the last
a stroke died away on the midnight
ยบ- air, from the lips of our host were
, heard the words: "Welcome in the
e bright new, 1880. To one and all,
Sa happy; happy, glad New Year!"
And soon from guest to guest the
e words went forth, until the rooms
r echoed and re-eehoed the sounde,
i- "Happy New Year," after which
greeting all partook of a delicious
' supper.
We continued our gayeties until
an early hour in the morn, when we
bade our kind friends adieu, all
agreeing that Madisonville had given
us one of the most delightful even
ing parties which we had ever at
tended. M.
Covington, Jan. 8. 1880.
HAvun, Jan. 7, 1880.
To the Duke of Bogue Falls, Coving
ton, I..:
His Royal Highness "REX" arrived a
this port this morning, on the Imperial
yacht "Neptune," and will depart to-day
for Key West All well on board. Will
arrive in Covington on Monday evening,
Feb. 9, without fail
[(igned] WARWICK,
Prime Minister.
So=E RuLA B.AGA.-We received
a fine boqaet of ruts begas this
week, from our friend Mr. D. W.
Richardson. They are, without
exception, the finest we have ever
seen, both as regards sise and fs
vor. They were of uniform size,
an average one measuring nineteen
inches in circumference. This is
but another proof of the fact that
our soil is peculiarly adapted to
agricultural pursuits. All we need
is an army of industrious immi
grants, to settle up our country and
develop its resources. Industry
will surely and abundantly meet its
reward in St. Tammany and Wash
ington parishes, where there is still
a large area of unsettled land, pecu
liarly adapted to the purposes of
farming and gardening.
Covorron, L,., Jan. 5,1880.
The Police Jury of the Parish of
St. Tammany met on the above
date at the Courthouse.
Present-Wm. Badon, President;
Pat. Welch, Jas. W. Smith, ueorge
Kepp, N. Fendleson, J. M. Abney,
J L. Dicks.
Absent-A. Cousin, M. H. Ttlly,
J. Y. Crow.
Quorum present.
'Tne minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
A committee of three was then
appointed to make an estimate of
the probable expenses of the parish
for the ensuing year, eonsisting of
the following members: J. M. Ab
ney, N. Fendleson and J. L. Dicks,
to be assisted by J. M. Thompson.
The following bills were then ap
Isaac Evans, Clerk of Police Jury,
$4 16.
W. G. Kentzel, bill for adver
tising registration notice, $5 00.
The following bills of Commis
sioners of Election were also ap
First Ward--John Haas, $2; F.
Snier, $4; Mathew Morga, $2;
Paul Duillion, clerk, $4
Second Ward-John Stevens, $2;
Vincent Populas, $4; Louis Willie,
$2; A. 1. Core, clerk, $4.
Third Ward-James Tsylor, $3;
St. Ange Boesier, $3; Jules Maille,
$3; F. A. Ouyol, clerk, $3.
Fourth Ward-M. Sharp, $2; M.
L LeBlane, $4; Frank Ribava, $4;
Theoe Verret, clerk, $2.
Fifth Ward- Calvin Bayborn.i
J. M. Abney, $4; J. A. Cooper, $':;
Hc. c ecall, eerk, $a.
Sixth Wad-D. Siagletdry, $4;
Emile Wech, $4; Bennet Bowen,
$2; George Wilaon,mlerk, $2.
Seventh Ward-A. Todd, $4; Joe
Bleok, $4; P. Ducre, $; Jas. Er
nest, $2.
Eighth Ward-WWm. Crockett,
$2; Horace Rouearu. $4 Elijah
Lewis, $4; C. F. MeMahon, $2.
Ninth Ward--Theophile Facione,
$4; Manuel Garcia, Jr., *S Ulysses
Troullier, $4; Louis G al 2.
Tenth Ward Vice , $6;
Jasper Thigpen, $6; C vaert )ikth
ell, $2; R. A. Orr, $2.
W. CO Morgan, Clark of Court,
was authorized to punsease three
books, to record MJhri titles,
wills and judgments, d present
his bill at the next meae t t~ o
Police Jury.
A petition was presented for a
public road in Honey Island. On
motion of Mr. Welch, it was laid
on the table.
A petition for a change in the
Pearl River Road was laid over un
til next meeting.
The following resolutions, for the
establishment of ferries at Homey
Island, were then read:
tesolved, That there be a public
ferry established on West Pearl
River, leading to Honey Island, and
one on East Pearl River, leading
from Honey Island to the Missis
sippi shore; and that there be a
committee of three appointed to
locate said ferries.
Resolved further, That as soon
as said ferries are located, the right
of way be advertised and sold to the
highest bidder, for the term of five
years, the purchaser to furnish his
own floats and lat-boats.
On motion, the resolutions were
adopted, the committee to serve
The President then appointed
the following committee to locate
the ferries:
J.M. Cradoe, L A. Orr and J.
Bill of H. J. Smith, $2, for serv
ing on Coroner's jury, January 8,
1878, was approved.
It was then mpved and doped,
that W. . .ntzel be allowed the
sum of $125, for publishing the acts
of the Police Jury, and to serve as
iSecretary of the Police Jury, for the
year 1880.
ExPnsns yOB 1880.
To the honorable members of the Police
hiry of the Parish of St. Tsmanm v:
GeUtemsea--We the oreigued
committee, appointed by your hon
orable body to make an ptinoate of
the probable expenses for the year
ending December 31, 1880, beg
leave to make the following report:
Grand an 1ti rit.".. $1000
Witnesses in Cririnal cases 800
Clerk of Court, in Criminal
cases..........-.-,;.r:' M. i
Sherif in Criminal cases.... 250
Clerk of Police JTy ........ 100
Printig................... 100
Coroner and Jury.......... 150
Repair, o Courthouse...... 3100
Bepaiis to Jail............ .200
Contingent fund.......... .500
Total ................... 860
J. Di. Dcrs, Chairman.
N. FaDI.Sox,
J. . AsEY.
On motion, the report was re
ceived and committee discharged.
The following bilbe were then ap
a;e, 28 miles.........'.. 90
2N. iydhees, i day act mile
age, 28 miles............. 90
J L. Dicks, 1 day and mile
age, 5O milese... ... ... 21.0
J. W. Smith, 1 day and mile
age, 80 miles............ 5-50
Geo Kepp, 1 day and mileage,
20 miles....... .......... 50
P. Welch, 1 day and mileage,
S40 miles....... . ......... 8 0
'Wm. Badon,.1da.......... 150
The Jury then ljian t`siest
Monday, btabrs 16188 0.a
A trOuee PcoDoo mea indteste..
J.O. PooL SecreaLI 4s tent
Get Your PIatars 'Talsa by
The Old Relaie Atdte.
Splendid P6tires of Any Siae, 6ken
and completed in a few minutes. Hatis
facion glRte or no chage..
prisel --Twsmty s c-en. for Bas
'Without dou. the cheapest in th
Old Pietures copied accurately and at
reasonable rate.
My pallay= is locted at the Coust
where I will remain about two weeks,
sand hope to receive a liberal patronag
fhom the public.
Business Hours, 9 A. . to 4 ,. x.
State of Louisiana, perish of St. Tam
manef ; ,Court.
By virtue of a writ of Geri facias to me
directed by the aforeeaid court, bearing
date January 8, 1880, I will proceed to
esh at pablio anltie. M the door of the
Courthouse, in the town of Covington,
aih and State aforepid, on SA TUR
Ar,'the ithday efs bruary. 1884 be
tween legal rale hours, the following de
ecribed propertv, to-wit:
more o~nless lh 5 Ernt Middle River,
in this rih and State, marked as fol
lows: "XXV."
Seized in the above entitled suit.
Terms of sale-Cash.
W. LB. COOK, Sherio
Covington, Jan. 10, 1880.
Szxamoosa Casa. Jan. 10, 1880.
My wif, bain. Jeft my bed and
boatrd, I hereby notify the public thbat I
will no longer be responsible for any
debts contracted by her, and forbid her
from making ana sale of cattle or goods
belonging to me. D.rss O'ZE . .

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