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St. Tammany farmer. [volume] (Covington, La.) 1874-current, February 15, 1913, Image 2

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4p~lyiv A.S . SI
5e . . eb Adh IaOl sad tid`id st.
N, iDadsle eea' math, a1t : a:p. r.,
,*U~P hail, Coylagtes, iLs
: -*jbmrm3 ,Nobl. Arh.
JOHN L. JEUINS.. Sieretar.
MAN1c ONE '18
MOeetsz*" secoyned siad Mauto Tugs
"tsf Coluus b.
sand third W bT
*sshmaBosth .ikn -
SC. Ci. KOIIN. Reeordor.
Pebr cough. croup, whooping .cough
ieat.prompt. sate. Contains at
4 m~ ates .xpectorsttou easy
good antliseptic prost.~
and heal. the latamed em
Flue for the roie. epft
5 ce·teust('o l onsback it
WAwmT- .mpty mache. Apply
to .loaagtos r :eeryce L ad O s (V
-MMSALE--Dry store -wood had
's Dg ero. .J; J.
S Beank E T*ut
.2"- co~"ji~~ke
4!UmmF, my place on -Aah
m wad, a large Berkehiro barraw
RearE i returnd to me. - 8.`. L
1, ý005 2~L~a ht
~ruai e~, tn-sureaL
Btdagt~antk Mii aub~r
.r maidea up, 3..11.. Willams
` street, Coviagl. Ts.,
1P. 0. DmaStIM f1-1m
s Aa-4abI -ladn ilunat
35 censt each. Egsp 15 for
b1411 26th Arena..
to toel 49 Tr
ýY T Aa4~a Rmydc
~~Ax.e Covbot gt6· si
h S* -- ndlea ennelr de.
raers aaasIwteDbrir
"WP.OeThzaa. Z~U .. 1) ·a
-~e~ "L o
.wa, .roueuqi
sar.. ah ,.or sne
.a active Stateil had broemeht d
on the Stat. capitol' bu idig r e-day
and were clesradtie thihas
eu after A fl-at .l had brought S
been that the malne were
Slie th.se of
eheus a ro Wi . .ad iort
eweralf or as mbera nder arrst,
was in sesson when the reports of
the miners' p.oposed invasion was
•brought in. It ws naot believed, bul
when the men b i ig 4ibng lhto th4
building the flat emil-was sent in.
"Mother" JonesAccused..
L. u i te re eou.te i--n sa
dsturbed by the commot,.n
In the corridors.
Early~nttiht wtarate were sworn
out for "Mother" Jda , well knows
In labor elrmes. of the country; '.
H. Boswell, eitor of a socalist p.
per, and Prank.Bartley and Paul J
aiuson, said to be conseted wtith
thea lternational orgaiation of uino
-.s. They are charged with coUnspr
acy and acoeeortes tbefore the faet ti
the desath of Tred obbett, one of the
victims, of a rcent slot near Muck
low.~ M. Va. Oly Boswell has been
fr r oas 1t ts es.
With the wholesale arrests today
the mtlliary court which convened to
day has upwards of 150 Bases to be
Altbhngh wire service from the
troubl a eps was partialy etab
ised to-day, oily meager detamls of
tbe rlotseveral days ago have-been
reoeved hero. The mittlitia huas take.
possessia' ato the wires for ofcal
buiness -
Whether more thao sliten persons
as rt reported, were k.lled, amnot
be .*ucedned, w,-O. Bobbett, 4
mtne superlate.dent, whose brother
w.n _a y~ctim of the riots, Btd.
today- ;rom his reports at least .$6
pesons had been killed. Pour ad
tailoo compnies- of amllitis were
ordered to the strLke district taighult
by oearor oasooc.
The :tamte bandtn :and the dbe
d..ce of Governor G2licock are be
i_- suarded tantsht. Thresats asanst
the slife of the state! nee.e tive ar
beai - investigated.
"Motler" Jones mwas arrested t
loght as she lighted tfrOm-,rain In
the Charleston doSo. ' 8h chars
as with ictn raot .sd .compcllit
In the kllangof Psed Bobbett.
Tre Tsials aora awareer.
"I am' a travellng aesman." writes
3. E. Young.. . Berkshrlte, Vt., "sad
wi at ften troubled fbwa<eoustlpt
and Itdiestion till I beganto use Dr.
Reg'P New Life plls, whick I have
toond uan e. lsat remeay." For al
steomac, liver or kldea. troubles they
are unequaled. Only 5 -ents at all
druggsts , M-- pox.
Every Suday at _9 ip. a. es
by Very Rev. ColuaIa, 0. 9S.B.
reetor of SLJa
-;_a, 4. Ella. ý
.$. x..-.
S 1 O kakes: adpie
B ".
Sakes*V: W4W0
14*~ ~ C..l
d r Sd" p .;e E' s r rt
'"F' ye ?!r 'C ý ^ýi ý, s 4" ,
t.. . n ý k ",' ryt }ai S.ýý *rt 7ý
m.. -
n r Ir
Y P ý4r v. y T'$' 4' Erbm ,` "
:;ý w . !' ,4 T :. ý lý +'+"..ýs. wJ ý : . ý ,T'' ý,"ý %:a ý zy y;, ý iF .,Jf, ý "
a' 4 rr .` } 'ý ý S:"ry( 'L' ii y Yd - ·ý
t. --> >7 ý q. ! , t / , M , !^ " mayS ý ý
-·-::: e - _:.D d ,j r1"";" rx
.y. rý t ' ý
s ýI. r -·
ý5 tk +4ý C i^rýr a,.pw`ý1rý z g~a 7ý' ý' ' ý a, rr
ý i . .ýý "Y ,-, ýeýý ',,ý ýý3 ý k ý ý ,R r '_' 1 y. " , . ;. Sy,
k:eri I i
erIb thle gol L
it was a hold-up.T ?1 tel
so u -.Thsa as a... o .. .
of :4 Mioria street, M gll t
`. dcPie headquartter " L
ibrja& -ea aser sabot aI t
lade bythe polcle that ha bd ea
held up and robbed.
S"fit wasB1 a jo ..,' wt late
Mame.. of thus revenu 'Davey
who is a good friend :of .ufo we
W a 1 trfonds( .
he was di.cusag Jkes . that he
eould mot tie e to a post as h saeid
heeould. I lesat.
"There were seversl, of us In ths
patty,' he waid. "Thre were "a
ides mymi Ma vapd a ma uul M
John Caprata, proprietor- of a. le
at the head of Morgsan, atw64
aiothgr captal ofotee of the :off
and I told hin that they- conld. no
open my ha tnds after I had Clomid
the..: Capt.ain Masas -s that h.
had ,a good trick, aMe he learned
mR .mmq ago; that he could t
m without rope and I could"
not get sway. 'This da not mm
re.monable, and I offered to bet a
drlna: for the crowd that he coui
not do It.
.The Captain told me to step to
the .i"0 which I did, and before I
reamd anythis I was helpless. Thew
had my less around the post Is sunc
a manner that I was unable to mere
every move I made causea me grm=
pana. They left me and iwet lnto
the saloon. To tease me the.rtook
my wateh and some3 money i batd.
I"didn't mind beng: tied to the
post: so much, but it was raiatin I.
called for help and the poas oat the.
3b th Preclnct, came to my rurt
aca. They could not -f:nloo me
Pnusly, Captain nanson ceo om
Sparatta' saloon and untied-me.
A mesge was sent 8upent t
Renaolds at his home about 2 o'elo.k
Thureday morningt a short while a
ter the Joke had boon played-- H.
istarted a personal Juvestgiatlon, na
soon bad the three men uader- rr-st.
After learning the fat it the-caf
the -uperinted.ent ordered that -
sharse of disturing the peawce be
preferred against the atire party i
the Third Recorder's Comt. -
I ailma Nflsi ed ame
Near Rochelle. Ill., as adIs Weat
to slipp . o a ralroAd track at -Was
killed by the fast exprew. He ,d
for his carelessness with his u
Often it that way whmen poplesaqg
leet coughs and colds. Don't risk
your life whom prompt :se o :Dr.
King's New Discover? will cur," them
ad' so p*tst a Ganisgeus- thurosto
lung treable. "It cemplstel O
me In a short time. of a tribl
casg that follouwed a a
of "ip," writes 1. 8. W at :
dada, Tet.."aad I regaimed 15 pounds
ia weight that I had lost." Quick
safe, reliable and gusrateed. see
and $1. Tialo bottle treeataSi dTrs
Joas Anderson,. ILnoamo )o . del
Bo~ue. Maos. `sAnered 0 . ay
dahd D. 3. UuztlId Otr7. Harry
Duty4, .i Ve Y: tua owre
*h "Greom. Mary , ames. Bchel
ý" h'rank Jo es, orpaM Mc
4Jb~ 'NSlhIL Dora-Null-~i
cw~tlb~ va6r, adl
e h vr * f it...-e , ; '
-.. .::- . .
F-: . . . " . " . ... . . . . .. . --. - . -- .
Bs *
. 3.·
0- o
" is i:·]~' 14"~ c -~
h 'a
1* ~J·~t~;~: -;4 --B:

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