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'h ý 'I ý ..: ^r "t H` ý `i Rý,+ S- ". "j " Y'a, + +" " -" ] M " l.5. ý.,`A ý
Tb."~''. kimmu-Fmw I. S
sm r.y YaMR "
Stock and Poultry Will Not Be Charged For by Railroad on turn Shipme
Ordinances Are Passed. Old
Tax Ordinance Repealed.
Sheriff's Report Rec'd.
President HowzeAuthorized
4o.ceept State Highway
Road Proposition.
Covington, La., Sept. 13,' 1916.
The lice Jury met .on the above
date in regular session pursuant to
adjournment. with the following
members present: James B. Howie,
preident; W. A. Hood, E. J. Do
S ergue, Jos. iM. Smith, Pletcher
Crawford, 8. R. Cowart, W. IL Davis,
Robt. Abaey, H. J. Schneider.
It was move4 by J. M. Smith, and
secoadedý by Robt. Abney, that .he
bills approved by the fnance coar
S.ttee be accepted and warrants is
endB~tor same.
It was moved by E. J. Domerguq,
and seconded by Jos. 'Smith, that the
annual tea mill tax levied on parish
property be rescinded for purpose of
aimendment and re-enactment at the
- ext meeting of this body.
S Mtored by H. J. Schneider, aid
seconded by Jon. M. Smith, that the
S`; pl.powlan resolution relative to the
,~t ° maintpsnace of State Highway be
e . it resolved by the police Juiy
at, St. Tammany parish, iouslana,
that;President J. B. Howse, be and
be is hereby instructed, authorizsed
sad empowered to accept the offer
iadeO by the State of L.ouallans
through the Highway Department,
I,. rd of State Engineers, for the
inm-idtenance of the Covireton"-rnak
.latoha and Covingto 4lidell State
'.githwals, St. Tammany parish, Lou
jlansa, a distance of about forty
three miles, which offer is as ol
. TR-`{ he proportion for -which the
at.-8 e. a Louisiana, and the parish
of St. Ta'mmany, under any contract
. tered into are liable, is one-half
(1-42) and onehalf (1-4) of the total
.eost, respectively, up to forty' (40)
ioilars per mile, per year. It is
utreed and understood that the par
ish of St. 'Tammany shall bear say
. 4.f.k excess in cost, the StMte of 14ou
slana in no way to be liable for
s.are than twenty ($20) dollars'per
Smile per year.
; Be it further resolved, etc., That
Sthe police Jury of St. Tammany par
ish hereby ratifies and approves the
action of the Honorable J. B. Howse,
ptesldelt thereof, in signing the con
tract for the maintenance of this
Highway, dated Sept. 13, 1916.
It was moved by W. A. Hood, and
seconded by Jos. Smith, that the
,police jury accept the offer of the
, .State Highway Department to shell
the clay Alls on the State Highway
kbetween Covington and Sliell and
that the president be authorized to
enter tNfo an agreement with the
State Highway Departmen, .na ac
cordance with their offer.
It was moved by E. J. Domergue,
and seconded by H. J. Schneider, that
the poice faury donate $500 to ahell
, the bad places in the MadibonvRliile
and Colington. This donsation is
: made in connection with $500 raised
,t by the people of the first and third
It was moved by H. J. Schneider,
ad eseconded by E. J. Domergue,
that the police Jury appropriate $500
for the Covington high school and
*$50 for the Slidell high school to
be paid in March, 1917.
. ' It was moved by J . M. Smith, and
, econded by B. J. Domergue, that the
.eeretary write .o the Louisiana .ste .
. :ormal and Lafayette Industrial In
. etitute to find out the :ttouada. fc's
r.eholar.b.p given by the police fjury
Sato the fo!lowing: Earlte hharp, L.
L. Pauntleroy, Jessie Dutsach aDd
SCifton 'Keen.
. .t was mv.ved by W. A. Hood, and
seteded by J. M. Smith, that T.'E j
. .·rewster be authorised to have made
1 rtition~s in the jail and send bill to
* the police .ury. "
I't was moved and seconded th' s
t- t.e ueet!tn adjourn until 1:10 p. m-, I
S Afternoon Sesion,.
it was moved by W. H. Davl, asp 1
-I seended by J. U. Smith, that Ethel ja
ol.;i5.oZ n be given a scholarship to
2 lO. tLouisiana State Normal.
- was moved by W. ,A. Hood, aU d 1
nsea" de4 by J. M. Smith, that each
.ilember.t the poice jfury D outr: (
i-tah-, place foh a dipping ,at in l
~; e tg
Mrs. McLendon and Mrs.
O'Neil and Chauffer
Reiling Injured.
Injured Taken to Bogalusa
Bogalusa Hospital. 'Reil
ing is Brought Home.
Wiluuath Railing engaged to take
Mrs. MeLendon and Mrs. O. P. O'Neil
to Hattiesburg, going by way of Bo
galusa, last Wdanesday, September
13th. The laddes had a young girl
with them and Frank Batlman was
also in the car. Sho-tly after leav
ig Bogalusa, t a bd in the road,
the ear turned over twice.
Everything was said to be running
smoothly before then, and Relling
says he was not going over 12-mles
an hour.
Mrs. MaLendon was bruised but
not seriously injured. Mrs. O'Neil
had her collar bone fractured and
tffgred sealp wounds. Both are in
the Bogalaas hoplital, where they
were taken immediately after the
saeead RellgS was also taken to
t.dhaois , bag .was brought,to his
home im i Claiberie Thursday.
He is affering from a scalp wound
over the eye and .a strained neck.
Mr:. . C. Lewis be retained as farm
demosetrator at the same salary as
It was moved by J. M. Smith, and
seconded by W. H. Davis, that the
pollce Jury donate $15.00 to Ab.
Mitohell sick benefit.
it was moved by H. J. Schneider,
and seconded by W. A. Hood, that
G. C. Lewis' expenses of $75.00 be
paid on his trip with the Farm Ob
servatlon Tour.
The tnance committee was au
thorised to employ an auditor to ren
der semianulal statements of the
accounts and financial condition of
the perish, at a salary of $150.00 a
The following communication was
New Orleans;ILa., May 19, 1916.
Mr. Jas. B. How-e, Member of Police
Jury. St. Tammany Parish, Slidell,
ILoulienas: .
My Dear Sir:-I have been ap
pointed a committee of one to see
you In regard to. having the police
Jury ratify the permission given to
the Lake Shore tiun & Rod Club to
build a club house two hundred feet
off shore and two hundred east of
the center of the track of the N. O.
& N. E. Railroad -at North Shore, Ia.
This club house in question is to be
a very nice one and there are a
great many members of the club of
which you know some, and they are
Mr. Theodore Grunewald, Mr. E. G.
Schleider, Mr. Ernest Jahneke, Mr.
. D. Grant, Mr. W. H. Sullivan, and
the writer.
As we want to proceed with this
work Immediately, I am enclosing a
carbon copy of a letter addressed to
the president of the polic jury and I
would appreciate very much if you
will make a trip up to see him and
have him ratify same with you, this
in turn will greatly aid us, and we
will not be delayed, as we want this
club house for this summer, and it is
going to be a great advantage to the
entire vicinity around North Shore.
I know that you-will do what you can
for us, and I would appreciate your
advising me just asIsoon as you can
relative to same.
With my very kindest regards, I
Yours very truly,
It was moved by W. A. Hood and
seaonded by H. J. Schnedder, that
the Lake Shore Gun and Rod Club
ber given permle-elo to build a club
house as requested..
The following report was read:
Covington,La,, Sept. 1+3, 1916. ,
To the President and Members of the I
Pollce Jury.
Gentlemen :--I beg to report. that I
I have received from .Mr." T. E.I
-reVster, sher1f, the fo llowing
For special road. d. 5.06 1
Regular road fund .. 42.3.
Also one cheek from Baen Rouge
for account of road fund for $491.78,
as per deposit Nlips attached.
,Respectfully yours 1
The following statement of T., M.
Brewster,. sherdi , was then read:
Pa1ish x-r
Reaood fund. .. ..ý.. Leo
S.B-,' t~i4.
Sander's Gets a Good Major
ity, Simmons Wins Over
Grantham by 198.
Returns Given as Reported
at Closing of Polls and
Should Be Correct.
The election went of very quietly
throughout the parish and there was
a comparatively small vote cast in
most wards. While the figures ob
tained are not official, they may be
regarded as very nearly correct, be
ing obtained from the different poll
ing places after the vote was count
Sanders' majority is 295, Ponder 4
having carried but one precinct.
Simmons beat Grantham by 193,
having carried Grantham's home
ward by one vote.
Haints beat Brock by a plurality
of 257 votes and Moise by a plurality
of 72 votes, in St. Tammany parish.
In Washington parish, as far as ob
taliable, the vote was: IBrock 816,
Heintz 536, Moise 173. Heints and 4
Brock will be in the second primary. I
First reports placed Sanders' ma
lority in the district at something (
tike 1000. Later reports reduced i
this majority until it decreased to <
300. At this time it is not certain
just what his majority is, but it is
quite certain that he has been elect- I
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Heintz... 65 35-56 151 89 24 55 '18 13 60 10 - 576
Moise ...`.. 21 24-45 155 87 77 21 8 7 22 37 - 504
Brock .... 18 11- 4 29 29 32 63 4 20 69, 40 - 319
Grantham . 28 28-46 85 62 67 87 23 20 72 69 - 587
Simmons .. 70 38-57 233 132 68 51 6 20 72 .36 - 785
Ponder .... 40 32-33 113 70 94 60 12 19 49 34 - 556
Sanders ... 73 74-37 224 176 42 82 18 21 107 47 - 851
Criminal fund ........ 1.3?
Road fund ........... .67
School fund :.......... 1.00
School tax ward 3..... 1.75
School tax ward 8 .... 1.26
Dist. Attorney's costs .. 5.00
Special road tax ...... 5.0.6
Railroad tax ..... .... 6.25
Parish license . ....... 4.75
Poll tax ............. 3.80
Per capita tax ........ 37.29
Fines ............... 29.74
Grand total ...... .. 119.69
Amounts aaillable to each fund:
Criminal fund ........ 15.0(
Regular road fund .... * 42.3.
School fund .......... 44. 5
General fund ........ 6;94
Railroad fund ........ 6.2:
Special road fund . ... 5.0f
Grand total ........ .-119.6
I certify the above 0to be a true
and correct statement of all amountr
collected by me for above mentioned
funds from the let day of August,
1916, to the a'st day of August,
1916, inclucve.
Tax Collector.
SSworn to and subscribed before me
this 5th day .of September, 1916.
Deputy Clerk of Court.
The following ordinance was read:
Providing for payment of the obliga
tion due under the Henry Keller
contracts, dated September 13,
1916, the issuaice of "Certifiette&
.of - Payment," sad dedietng,
pedgi ettin .aide the Ua ,
Receives Several Buckshot
In Head, But Is Not Se
riously Wounded.
Dutruch Placed Under Bond
and Released Until Case
Case CGuinis -t Trial.
John King, living in the second
ward in the Dutruch Settlement, was
brought to Covington, Wednesday.
suffering from gunshot wounds in the
heed. It is said that the sh.,oting
was done by Alphonse Dutruch. It
was found on examination that King
was not dangerously wounded. He
had been hit by several buckshot
from a shotgun, but the shot had
flattened on the skull instead of pen
etrating it. The distance probably
saved his life. It could not be learn
ed what the cause of the "trouble was.
Both men are said to be quiet and
Affidavits were sworn out againrt
Dutruch and he 'was placed under
bond for appeara1nce..
ed. There are several precincts tCO
hear from. a
Ponder declares that there are Bo- 9
galusa and St. Tammany boxes that t
were crooked, but if there was any '
.rooked work done 'in St. Tammany e
parish there is no report of it here. t
Following is the vote of ttis par- e
build, construct, repair, keep up and
maintain certain public roads and
bridges, in the parish of St. Tam
many, La., aggregating the total sum
of fourteen thousand ($14,000) dol
And whereas, it appeari, after pro
viding for all statutory, necessary
and usual charges, for the year 1916,
there is an excess revenue for said
year, exceeding four thous.p
($4,000) dollars.
Section 1. Therefore, be it
dained by the police jury of the par
ish of St. Tammany, La., in regula.r.
session convened, that the excess rev
enue for the year 1916, and the sub
sequent years of 1917, 1918 and
1919, which, based on the year 1916,
after providing for all statuitory, nec
essary and usual charges, amounts
to four thousand (1$4,000) dollars t
for each year, be dedicated, pledged I
and set aside, in whole or so muc;ha
thereof as may be necessary, unto t
and in favor of Henry Keller, Road
Contractor, for the purpose of satis
tying the obligation of the police
Jury, due and to be due said Henry r
Keller, under his Eontracts. g
Section 2. Be it further ordained, t
that four (4) "Certificates of Pay- 4
melt be issued, bearing the numbers a
1, 2, 3 and 4, which certiicates shall t
be signed by the president and sec- a
retary of the police jury, all four of a
which shall be dated September 13, .
1914, for the sum of thirty-five hun
dred ($3500.00) dollare each, and 4
made payable the first on. March 15, |
1917, the second on March 15, 1918, .v
the third March 15, 1919, and the]
fourth March 15, 1923, each bear
lag Interest at the rate of --5 per' '
cenot per anaum. fromt date until paidhi
waleh ineSrest shat be payable seiiin
t Believing the Great Benefits
That Would Come War
rant Drilling Well.
I Well Is Now 2750 Feet and
Rock Is Being Drilled.
Oil May Be Beneath.
1 At the meeting of the Association
of Commerce last Monday it was de
cided to defer the printing of the
booster book until pictures could be
taken of exhibits .nd stock at the
fair grounds in October. It was con
sidered that these pietures would be
good advertising for the parish. t
Mr. W. H. .Martin, secretary of the
Meridian Oil & Gas Co., now drilling
the oil well at Sulphur Springs Ad
dition to Covtngton, appeared before
the Association and made th' follow
ing appeal with reference to the well
now being drilled:
Covingtonu La., Sept; 12, 1916.
I hereby take this method of ad
vising you of the condition of affairs
relative to the oil- proposition of
which we made every fftort, ilnanci
ally and physesally, to" make an. oil
field of in yout- parish, which, as you
know,, If succesful, every individual
will .reatly t eneft.; We had not an
ticiphted such costly operations, as it
was represented to us that the drill
or of the previous well had encoun
tered oil sand at 1700 feet. Wheth
er we missed the stratum, or the
-driller erred, or misrepresentp4 con
ditions, we cannot say. However, wt
found nothing of value at that depth,
but did get a fine showing of oil at
2525 feet, which is the best indica
tion of more at a lower depth. We
are now at the same depth of the-old
well and in the same rock in which
their pipe was twisted off. We have
already penetrated the rock 64 feet
and still drilling in :t. Our driller,
who has had,25 years experience in
the oil -fields, thinks very- favorably
of the formation and feels confident
when 'the rock is drtde4 -through we
will encounter the oi: sand. Ills
confidence is based on the fact of
having seen the flow of oil from the
old well in 1912.
We can drill only a few feet per
day and our expenses are apprexi
mately $35.00 pa" day. Oar people
have stood firm wath ud fos ive eia
secutive wells, but tqey are begin
ing to be lisca.,tented, especially
at that the Corl'gt,'lui peopve show
siiuh little interest an,. :a. efforts to
Sassist in the enterurise, which w'lj
mean so much ,,~ them If sUCeesftal.
We are very anxioa to dri!l ,WiS
feet if necessary ;o make a. roier3irh
test, but it wil be intpos:b:e to drill
much further, unless so'm inov.e b
made on your part to stir the coni
dence of our people. Hence we here
by appeal to you for your financial
assistance as well as your co-opera
tion towards awakening some inter
est in your community and thereby
reawake the 'enthuslatm which' our
people have allowed to become dor
mant. You' realize that should we
quit, you have lost your last oppor
tunity of ever having your territory
developed for oil and gas. So do not
allow this appeAl to go to the wiste
basket unheeded, but come. up and
subscribe for whatever yoe can pu
sibly aford and we will do our part
towards a suceseafut termination. -
-Geologists say that it will take
deep drilling to get big wleEs in
Southern Louisiana and Texas, which
wans confilrmed last week by a te
-thousand barrel gusher struack nsh
Goose Creek. 'This sise we. ia o"ir
company would pay youar nav4etamit
beck in 4Mviden eva ev to .l·r
The Goos Creek wells ,.395: ft
s : e +bo,,+ .
Has Interests Ii Covington
and Will Use ,Best En
deavors for Town.
Has Been Aetive in Work of
Associatix o omnmerce
and Civie Matters.
It has aLbwasI a 1talt mat-]
ter to ger goot toqo 1#r tad
town counca. ThiTe postien has been
so lull of rphon sblbiu d and the o L
culty of ace.i Mi thpings ider J
emearrassesrtg so very
s9gnt that waen at reiponsibilt
and capability hvei had to get
to aIl the p iOat coaucilman.
The followiSnl~ at nb cement of lr.
Mach.e giveas aLl to all
the vaeacmy eaused. he disapphear
sacs of Ai4er . ~a and the
.oomat a p~ i 'as
a meber w
unalifed tofll4 h . R cs'
apale, e :progressive."
,He has the resoutie
.tles to. mke h .valab ,d
mom to the coueil st as dbt ill
ido a.ch to hedp th.twi ., w.lans
somo amet omew
ea of Coviagia
for membershta to
having giveu the . s " due esi
atlna, I have deele to ceV the
ropoasity of the !e,-it t
plu see t to elect: sh .
,I reehs .the ;i C' enlt9L. I c
Mons, but my ateet are here d a
I eet that eor : . m; too su . that
ay bei bettelc, i ie. etd I shall
do my very bet Ur il~lprovemelnt
of CoringP u; 'Rot b. dbyy.i.
vidu. ehor. u bu that og
operation and a, ' is as ,In
those m. o la ush$ .
tneto and that . aemp
sy untited deft:
With ealy thueabtpe
intetrest wof. twn. tt e ryotaw
Ian support of theo`.b Ii;
stock ber w wuh ~ .~ ~±~50.0e tn tr
$100.0a 0 per ishare. ia sutely well
werort the miite to etn e a raatet.o a
right at home, were pea can ade the a
easagemet. dad e oce Sin the eo
stat .o tiee + ewe fwat ehad
the beneits y • a .. yeo r e t
peraonl bueeiess by the boom yaour
city h.lt have.
Ilraking you foIs tor. favoraible
aermtton, re bee v reymain. ,
Yc us. Veryr
Per W.. IlMartti, Sec. rreas. a
ud Assmodiat..kn ired that the pr
onng I l at I ws an Imprtant of
matter and that the tempt to do so
was entitled to sup prt of the peo- mi
ple. The following maolttion wan of
paused: ch
That wherethe radian Oil and
Ges Compapy 3.. sdrilling for frn
oil in and around (rtb; ;
And wherqas b4 ecome neece- tl
sary to raise alditiohal funds in or- rei
ide for them to continue operations; "I
iad believing, from the opinion of
experis and practicaicm , that the
fitdietions of oil a-sg strongly
Iesttty that the prsr well, which
1a5 nw at a depth at 41760 feet,
.bhoso~ulhe ntnsed to a depth of at
2000 fet in order that t may be
Mully determined wheters or not oil
and gas oist lB pe.ylag quantities In
this section;
IAnd roalisulu that tehe Ending a1
oil orgas in thL territory IR be of
inestimable benefit to eviery man, weo
man and chifd living in Covington, *i
and wHIl greatly incrase the value f
of ar pkoperty;
'Be it resolved, That we earneetly -
urge the co.lpeqatiou and fnancialil
smistmuc snd supporti of the busi- ini
noes lntsetrt of thpe ton of Coines
ton is order ao raise thae sum of two "
LILA RR a y *
W. L. DOW, Prudena . "'it
'4 is·~
;%10-%'H F% AE
of irY' 'x
multi~es aye',i `
Ir Amer
charged is ! tom;' ~U
eh~sar- trP i~i~
PPoultry ,i
free, but by
nt r Iett it:ro
ie contsrat ravel4 it s4 l
~·~'h~~·~~sit,,:, :~
~f~bos 4.~
.drt h~·.L M rsr
mlese amah 34*~ll M
Want rewtt·-ffMfomabi
"Rdetured . 1~i
dtieittr'atl ~~iiB
Tb. uawoe,
of Rmsy hw binq

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