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The St. Tammany Farmer I' I L I
$1.0 A YEAR 9ai
D. H. MASON, Editor C~NT!,L.
Scenes at the Parish Fair Grounds and the Parade of School Children 1
P o . H
.Photos by W. H. Martin. A Scene at the Race Track. Forming Parade of School Children, . Autos Parked in Front of l Badin.
Exhibits in the Agricultural Departmenr that Were Sent
to the State Fair at Shreveport; Special Exhibits
and Other Matters Pertaining to Fair.
The large amount of space neces
Mary to give a list of the prize .win
ners at the fair, together with the
tact that we are running' the Oonsti
tutional Amendments, makes it im
gosstble for us to mention individual
ly the men and women who 'have
been active in making the fair a
success. There are quite a number
of women who have done much to
war dmaking the fair a success, by,'
rwe can only mention the heads dt
the departments.
The restaurant, in charge of Mrs
'Wm. Bodebender, was a 'big success.
We understand it took in something
over $11100.00.
G. C. Lewis, Sup'.
C. F. Dutsch--Coaw peas, first; 10
ears corn, first; 10 ears (yellow dent,
second; 10 ears corn, second.
M. ,Rodgers-5 stalks Mye cane,
B. F. Jenkins--4Pumpkin, first.
Ludwig Bailey-lO ears corn, Cal
,&oun red cob, third.
M. Fussell-Quart syrup, first.
Nelson Sharip, Boys' Corn Club
10 ears corn, third.
J. Sharp-1 string cotton, -first.
Oscar Irc'h-Pum(pkin, third.
G. Fendlason--Pecane, second.
B. Jones--1: lot turnips, first.
Blinch & Burns--Bale cotton, first.
ILenora O. 'Alextus-H-oney, sec
end; ihoney in cominb, first; !best dis
play canned goods and preserves one
tarm, first.
Jos. Schnyder-Pedk Irish pota
toes, second.
Miss Mary Fauntleroy--Box sweet
:peppers, second.
G. C. Alexiius-Best display sweet
potatoes, first.
Rube Meyers--4String garlic, sec
Frank Brown-Peck Irish pota
toes, frst; cashaw, first.
Mrs. E. S. Strain-Beet display of
glsampkins, first; best single pump
kin, second.
Miss Daisy :Coop9er--fBunlch grarpe
nrnit, first.
A. Lenel-Bunch cmnquats, first;
satsuima oranges, second; five stalks
plant cane, third. ,
Silas Rayne--Bunch Japanese -per
simons, first.
R. Wi.liams, Jr.-10 ears corn
second; 10 ears (Hasting corn, sec
ond; 10 ears prolific corn, third.
R. Williams, Boys' Corn Club, first.
I'H Williams, Boys' Corn Club, sec
A. D. Stanga, Boys' Corn Club---10
ears Calhoun red cob, fourth.
A. D. Stanga---Satsuma oranges,
B. A. Taylor--Best display of rice,
Mrs. M. Planche---Best feed dis
play, one farm, first; best hay crops,
one darm, first; 'best lespedeza hay,
A. A. Staniga-Bodttle pepper sauce,
second; jar ipecans, 'third; string gar=
lie, third.
G. E. Lansing-Box sweet pota
toes, first.
W. H. Kah--Lot velvet beans, sec
ond; can chutus, second; shelled ve!
vet beans, first; watermelon, first
and second; 1 sweet potato, third.
D. I. Addison-1 sweet -potato,
Mrs. W. H. Kahl--Box sweet pep
pers, third; 3 cans corn, first; 3 cans
tomatoes, second; 3 cans snap beans,
first; box butter beans, first.
F. L. Du:tch-10 ears Calhoun red
cob corn, first; 10 ears yellow dent,
first; 10 ears Hastings corn, 'first;
best corn display, frst; best 10 ears
large 'ariety, first; best 10 ears.any
arlety, first.
H. KIahl-1 lot pop corn, third.
John Brown-1 box pears, first;
10 ears corn, white dent, third; best
display sweet spotatos, second; best
display seeds, first.
W. H. Galioway---sweet potatoes,
S. King-1 lot Spanish cpeanuts,
second; 1 jar lard, first.
F. O. Stafford--l1 (bunch Satssuma
oranges, first.
' Aug. Fitzgerald-1 quart syrup,
n. Second; 1 jar becon, first; Jar bacon,
seaoud; ar. 'lard, second.
11. LouIs Smith-Cane dplaw,
third; 5 stalks stubble cane, third;
1 quart syrrup, first.
Julian H. Smith-1 bunch grape
fruit, second; pomegranate, first.
Mrs. Mmndy-Velvet beans, first.
B. B. Holzel--Pecans, first.
A. Dutruch-3 bottles wine, first;
3 bottles wine, second.
J. J. Foley--Best indlividual dis
play canned goods and preserv4s,
special prize, charcoal stove, special
prize vase; best three jars any fruit
or vegetables, first.
Wash Adams-Cane display, sec
W. J. Jenkine--Elome-made sugar,
Miss Emma Sharp---1 gallon chu
fus, third; 1 peck peanuts, first; 1
strbp bacon, third; 1 Jar bacon, first.
Joe Bataill-1 bunch beets, first;
1 lot okra, second.
J. M. Hu.tcbinson-1 sweet pota
ta, first.
Ed. Burns-5 stalks plant cane,
D-74, second.
Mrs. 0. M. Birch--Japanese p .r
simmons, second; 3 ,cans tomatoes,
first; sweet 'potatoes, second.
Rdbt. Albney-Pop corn, first and
second; ~peanuts on vine, first; hot
peppers, first; snap beans, second.
.David Taylor-i bunch sorghum.
Ifirst; Sudan grass, first; 5 bunches
oats, first; 1 bunch Kafir corn, first;
1 can Spanish pgeanets, first; 1 can
cow peas, second; bunch velvet 'beans
third; best display cane, second.
'W. T. Keating--4 lots cane, sec
ond; 1 can cbiutus, first; cane dis
play, first.
M. Nielsen. Supt.
The Stock Department, in charge
of Mr. M. Nielsen, was kept in a
sanitary condition by the use of dis
infectants used daily and furnishea
by the Wisconsin Supply Co.
Some of the stock exhibited at the
fair and sold on the ground was the
prize aged Duroc Jersey boar and
and the junior boar and sow, also
prize winners, sold to Wilmouth Rog
ers of the Boys' Pig Club. Prize
winning sow and seven pigs, Duroc
Jerseys, sold to Wallace M. Poole.
IPrize winning aged boar and sow, be
longing to Mrs. Lansing, sold to J. J.
Foley. Trio of male and two fe
males, prize winners ,belonging to L.
J. HIeintz, sold to Mr. Koepp, and
female to Mr. Poole.
There thas been considerable in
quiry as to stock and probably more
sales 'will result from the fair.
In the swine department first hon
ors went to Hubert Williams, a mem
ber of the boys' pig club. His Duroc
Jersey saw was awarded grand cham
pion in the lard type class, defeating
all other entries of thoroughbred
swine breeders. Other awards in
this and the live sotck department
are as follows:
H. P. Bougere, first aged herd, calf
herd, bull over three years, heiter
'nder one year, heifer under six
tmionths, cow over five years, ouw
under five years, junior yearling heif
er, Junior yearling bull, all of Jersey
breed, and third on mule colt under
three years.
Mrs. O. M. Birch, frst senior boar
pig, senior sow pig, first trio pigs
and second senior sow, all Chester
David Core, first saddle mare and
second colt under one, year.
G. W. Diel, first senior Berkshire
Thomas J. Frederick, first colt un
der one year.
Miss Amy Frederick, first goat
two years.
Harry C. Heintz, first junior boar,
second trio Duroc Jerseys and Brst
senior heifer, H[olstein.
Lawwrence T. Heintz, first ram two
years; first ewe, two years; first ewe
under two years; first ewe under one
year; first rgl under one year, and
best flock of sheen.
James Hertz, flrst colt under two
years; L. J. Heintz, third Duro: ler
sey aged boar; second aged sow, and
third saw wpth largest litter of pigs.
iA. B. sHol4day, first mnle colt un
der two years.
F. B. Kent rt junior yearling
Berkthire prdift-boar pig; first
and secoid -jMIor 6.'pig, and first
e7oulg herd.
SIml King, second J"uner Durcb
Jersey boar.
Adolph Iaborde, first horse under
three years; first Hereford bull un
der one year.
J. A. .Laborde, first Shetland pony.
G. E. Lansing, first aged boar Dh
roc Jersey; third aged sow and sec
ond junior boar pig.
G. E. Millar, second general pur
pose mare, and second mule colt un
der one year.
H. L. Parker, first barrow.
Randolph Parker, second mule
under two years.
VdIetor Planche, first Aberdeen An
gus bull over Ihree years.
F. F. Praniehe, first mule colt un
der 6ne year. /
W. M. Poole, first Jack; first stal
lion; 'first Hereford bull over three
years, and grand championship bu'll,
beef breed.
iA. W. Jones, first Holstein bull un
der three years; second yearling heif
er, and first heifer calf under one
Ben Williams, first and second
mule over three years, and oest mule
;R. 'E. Williams, first brood mare
and first. colt under three years.
(Hubert Williams, first senior Du
roc Jersey boar pig; urst senior sow
pig; grand cham.pion sow and first
premiani for pig club member.
S. ~D. ~ulloch, first 'harness mnare
vper three years old..
J. Hf. Warner, first aged herd;
drat aged boar; lirst and second aged
iWmer Rogers, second junior Du
rOC Jersey saw pig, and third prem
hum pig olub member.
Nelson Shaip, third junior Duroc
Jersey sow pig, third premium pig
olub member.
MDr. G. R. Tolen, first junior yearl
ing Duroc Jersey, and grand cham
pion 'boar lard type.
8. C. Hart, first saddle colt under
one year.
F,. iL. Dutach, first senior yearling
'lamworth boar and best boar bacon
A. R. Cook, first Heretord bull un
der three years.
(Dixie Ranch, first aged Duroc Jer
sey sow; second aged boar, and first
sow rwith largest ltter of pi=s.
Mrs. B. 'B. Holzel, second sow swith
largest litter of pigs.
Mr. and V. 'Planche, junior Tam
worth 'boar pig and first junior Du
roc Jersey. boar Ipig.
R. L. Vamp, Supt.
S. c. Barred Plymouth Rocks.
C. F'. Bol1'wit--First and second
hen; third pullet.
:Mrs. M. Fitsgimons--First cock;
third hen; first pair; first trio.
Mrs. W'. G. Douglas-4irst and sec
ond pullet.
8. C. White Plymouth Rocks.
Mrs. IL ,PechonI--First cockerel;
first pullet; first trio; first ,pair.
YMrs. L. Pechon-First cock; ,first
'hen; second pair; see o.nd trio; 'first
8. C. Rhode Island Reds. g
Mrs. M. Cooper-First cockerel
Mrs. L. Gunsel--First jen; second
Miss L. 0. Aleinus-First cock;
first trio; second cock.
8. C. Black Minores.
S. Sollberger-First cockerel.
8. C. White Leghorns.
M. & V. Planche--First cockerel;
first trio.
St. Tammany Fair Cup, best pair.
8. C. White Orpington.
H. 8. Smith-First cook; first hen;
mrst pair; first trio; first pen.
St. TaImmany Farmer Cup and $10
J. B. Moise-First cock.
EM. Del Corral-First pair.
Med Meyers--First pair.
Mr. . A. Seiler-First pen.
Sam Caserta--Seoond cockerel.
¶Robt. Laborde---rst cock; first
hen; second hen.
Mrs. P. Laborde, Jr.-First cock;
frst hen; second hen.
Indian Banner Ducks.
Mrs. O. M. rBirch-F- irst pair.
8. C. Brown Leghorns.
A. W. ones--First hen.
Albert Lansing-First cock.
Albert° Voss--Frst cock; first
Allen Burns-.First air.
Emnile Frederick, Jr.--6econd pair.
Hebert Frederick-First pair.
Pekin DIcks.
X. Frey---~ rst pair.
Belgian Hares.
Laura Perreand--First !pair.
Aug. J. Planche, Jr.--First pair.
H. Dufour--Tirst pair.
A. Vorhoff-First pen.
'·wa. ?ewa.uIsifiert Pon Ter
Under the New Ten Years
Lease of the Post Office
More Space is Taken.
Kitchen Will Be Moved and
Remodeled and Hotel
Restaurant' Added.
The New Southern Hotel will short
ly make soile changes in the arrange
ment of its building, partly to give
more room to the postoffice, Iwhich
will require more space under its ex
tension of lease for ten years, and
partly to add more rooms to the ho
tel and to make it more convenient
in its arrangement.
The dining room will be moved to
'the New Hampshire street side and
the old ,dining room w'ill be changed
into guest rooms. There will be a
short order restaurant and the kitch
en will be moved to the rooms in
the back of the postofice. Mr. Ryan
4will be moved next to Schon;berg's
Pharmacy and Mr. Ellis will take
offces in the Wehrli concrete build
ing on Boston street. The new ar
rangement is eslpected to be a great
improvement to the hotel.
A. Lansing--First reb4it hounds.
Ornamental Games.
Ivy Champagne-First cock; first
(pullet; second pullet.
Mrs. B. B. Warren, Supt.
Fancy Work.
Jnudged b.y Miss Mary Rostrup, of
the D. H. Holmes Co., New Orleans.
Embroidered Towel-First, Miss
IB. Beaudreaux, Abita; second, Mrs.
F. Norman, Covtinton.
'Embroidered G~wn-i-First, Miss B.
Beaudreaux, Abita; second, Miss A.
Boudousquie, Covington.
Centeriplece--IF rst, Mrs. T. E.
'Brewster, Covington; second, Mrs.
Hoskins, Covington.
Pillow Slips-First, Mrs. H. H.
Smith, Covington; selcond, Mrs. H. H.
Sm.th, Covington.
Childs' Dress-First, Mrs. Florida
G4audet; second, Miss ,Emma Buison.
Silk Em.broidery-First, Mrs. Hos
kins; second, Mrs. Hartwidk.
IBead Work-Mrs. J. Hawley, Cov
ington; Miss E. Coffee, Chinchruba.
Prettiest Hand:kerchief-Mrs. J.
IBest Display-Mrs. N. FitrSimons.
Irish Crochet-Mrs. J. J. IHinkle;
Miss L. Baptist.
Filet Crochet-Mrs. F. Norman;
Mrs. Paul Marchee, Madlisonville.
iBattenburg-Mrs. J. Hawley, first
and second.
iDrawn Work-Mrs. Gorney, Abita;
Mrs. J. Hawley.
Crocheted Yoke-Mrs. Paul Mar
tchee, Madisonville; Mrs. C. E. Schon
berg, Covington.
Tatting-Mrs. 1. S. Strain, Abita,
first and second.
Wool Orochet-Mrs. L. Pit'aud;
Miss E. Galmiohe.
'Hardanger--Mrs. Jno. Smith; Miss
E. Anderson.
Crocheted Baskets-Mrs. W. E.
Boes, dirts and second.
Best displag-Mrs. J. Hawely.
Juvenile Work.
Embroldery-Mjyrtle Hosea; Val
erie Gadatas, Madisonville.
Ribbon and special mention of
cross-stitch and basket work--Jus
ntta Hawley.
Old ladies' Work.
Best !Display---Juanita Hawley.
Crochet-Mrs. A. Blattner; Mrs.
tEmbroidery-Mrs. L. G. Peterson,
dirst and second.
ratting-Mrs. Camobel, first. and
Cross-Stitch-Mrs. Bodousqutie,
dirst and second:
Best displayf f old dies' work
Mrs. S. G0. Peteraog $4, ears..
. f -Pr. !es
:Iui*, MkaAlj'ieksma~um mel
Great Interest Being Taken
In Its Success by People
of St. Tammany.
Other Merchants to be Asked
to Join in Movement to
Send Farmers There.
iRealizing the importance of de;
veloping the agricultural resources
of St. Tammany parish and knowing
that such an exhibition as wil. be
made and the Farm and Stock Showr
in New Orleans will greatly help in
this movement' and be a lesson of
great importance to the farmers, Mr.
J. S. Jones, of Jones & Pickett, of
fers the suggestion that every mer
chant of Covington should Join in a
movement to send the farmers of
this 'parish to the show. He says he
will give ten farmers who are a cus
tomer of his store tickets. If other
merchants follow his example there
will be quite a number from this
parish who will attend. The Farm
er offers its columns to those mer
chants who desire to co-operate in
this matter.
On page six will be iound an ad.
vertisement of the National Parm &
Live Stock Show. 'This is not ordi
nary advertising. It has behind it
the interests of every cItizen of Lou
iigna, because it is a booster of the
great. agricultural and live stock in
terests upon which the prosperity of
'Louisiana depends. It will be a les
son lull of informatiion for the farm
er and stock raiser. Aside from its
educational features, it will be ful1
of a nusement for the pleasure seek
er and wonders for the investigator.
*Iodern dipping vats and the finest
of the popular breeds of'cattle, beef
and dairy; ia~ia& Enoehe fine herd
of Hereforde frdIm Mississippi, and
the 'Blue gibbon Herd of Texas, reg
istered; an acre demonstration farm
and model dairy, with all the re
sources and possibilities of the farm;
'the finet lof swine, including herds
from McKee and Versiles, Kentucky,
a'nd other 'breeders of dfational fame;
fine -kennel show; flowers the finest
ever seen in the South. There will
be $15,000 spent in amnuement
shows, fireworks, etc. There will +be
loop the loop, aviation, -thrilling teads
in the air and on .and, par~dhute
drops if marvelous execution, great
opera singers, a great '[email protected] Way,"
music, fun and laughter. In fact, a
great show in every particular.
Martha Wdlliams.
Straiwberry--Mrs. H. H. Smith;
Mrs. J. J. Foley.
Peach--Mrs. J. J. Foley; Mrs. 1.
Pear-Mrs. J. J. Foley; Mrs. W.
D. Cooper.
Fig-Mrs. H. (H. Smith; Mrs. M.
E. Mundy.
Ri4tbon and special mtenlion of
luckleberry preserves, apple pre
serves, tomato preserves, pineaplple
preserves, crabapple preserve, quince
and orange preservees exhibited by
Mrs. J. J. Foley.
IBest display-Mrs. J. J. Foley.
Crabapple--Mrs. W. D. Oooaper;
Mrs. J. J. Foley.
Mayhaw--Mrs. Robt. Aubert.
iBlackberry-Mrs. J. J. -Foley; Miss
Afgustine 'Blow.
Strawberry-Mrs. J. J. Foley; Mrs.
W .D. Cboaper.
Plum-.a rs. W. D. Cooper; Mrs.
(Ho'ward Burns.
Best display of jellies, Mrs. W. D.
Cucumber-Mrs. J. J. Foley; Mrs.
H. H. Smith.
Onion--Mrs. . J. Foley; Mrs.,IR.
Ofrow-Chw--;Mris. . A.sbest.
Sweet Pear Pckl rs. J. 1.
J. H. Warner N. H. ritamoeunes
a President Secretary-Manager
Delegates From St. Tam
many Parish Go With
Pledges for $360,000.
New Orleans has ,been ,worklng
hard to secure the ?Fed6ui Farm
Loan Bank. A meeting for tlis pur
pose was held in New Orleans last
Monday, October 30, at which there
were 500 delegates, every parish in
the State being , represented, and
some excellent argumnents ,were madt
before the comanittee, the 'brief of
Mr. Wmn. C. Dufour being aekno It
edged to be one of the strongest
arguments that have been made. He
spoke three hours, and ri 'brief cov
ered (100 pages.
It ds pleasing to note that St.
Tammnany parish vas the second in
the state in amount of money, re
quested of the 'Bank in farm loans,
the sum being $350,000. Tangipa
,hoa parish was dirst, with about
The delegates from this parish
twere: Louis M. (Bourgeois, A. F.
EIimer, John Cotton and 0. C. Lewis.
There was a tbig banquet in the
The Farm Loan iBank will be or
ganised in February, with a good
chance that New Orleans will get it.
Mandeville Council.
A At the meeting of the IMandeville
council, next (Wednesday, apeeial
business will come up which will :br
-t speeial interest to the taxpayers
and people interested in the schooles,
and they are speelally ki'ited to ibe
All Varieties . Pota
toes In Demand.
The tL. Tammany Canning Co. an
nounces that hereafter it will pur
chase any variety of sweet potatc.
Heretofore onty rame have been
Many farmers ,have g~atrn mi~ ed
varieties of sweet potatoes~ and it
w'ill be welcomne news to them, to
kno wthat there is a ready market
for all kinds. White and colored po
tatoes shopped to the cannery, how
ever, showld not be mixed, as they
are canned sepmrately. Growers are
also advised that all qises of pota
toes, except the very large and the
very smai, are neceptjl,. As the
grading is not as strict as` in- t.he
open maket the p ee. eiv ' by
the growe, is e :one.
-+ -4+_ _
Distrilt Cqurt convened 9
morning. with Jrdge C7rtez 1rp 4
ing andl District Attbrnya J.3
Brook .proseoutin for the State',:',
The following cases were 4lspose0
of by the Court:
A. Mackle Coeansy vs. W.1 '
'Slaughter, dismissed at l
Old Spring yM;i}ing Co. 2s. W. wI
Blaughter, dismissed, at s
-N. t. U" & Co. sa. W. N l
er, dismissed at plaintiff's eas.
A. iltern & Co. vs. A. D. JmBa
JudtgmInt as prayed for.
H. J. Smith & Sons vs. A.; M.
ham, judgment as ptayed or.
E. W. Jones vr. M ePaie e Pr
ducts Co., juadgnm nt for pitif40 :
$200.00 and ,cOsts. " Thh's' . s f:
under the ImlOlyerA' la! iM lty Ae:
and is covered ty Uturane s.
E. W. Vinyans vsy . i: a. °Pen1d
son: judgment as g'ays0ed or.
eoe. L. Wanters vs. Mb'. W -"
ters ajudgment as prreed for.
On Friday there were a nuallwbr
rcrimniisl suits set Lor trial which wtwR
be repoted next week.
Citizens Present
Young With Dek.
The oiies of fDt. F. r. Yw, $r,,:,
have Ibeen lbri4atene6d m1 & ad
some new tsaie dsk of drRis t
Miake. It will be an addition to .:
dfne turniehlags of the ne,~w. i
tariun, saide from the rie u~
and appreciation that eaused e.
of Oovigton to make the gifth. Elhe
Doctor may not have elech tims, 4
e1t t h new delk in reverle, 'bti hi
those few elesure mgent. s mthis ikI
Eill be a happy remuinder of the
tpem in. whi.hk he is held -'y Lie
Arrested, Charged
With Shooting.
it is said that two ment o Coau
ton ruched from a 'house ian
Covington Banda niolt aid '
tempted to .e-t thr auto, musau
w las waiting for em n front oz1Ao
house, but that theyr q 1 eS et t,
started in tl ae to beat athe n wh
wes following weith a un. The seen
got off, but 4t isosid ,the anto r`o
eeived several atof. the shots *t a
loweL. uabeqentaly John o'
field war arrested, daged. wI.
14W1 ~oW' USA;~iD LUT1?l~t.· 7~
Folloing isf thg· alibt oF 4di*r~
Joap.o. .
w-y~I~w 0aP

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