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D AVOOSC RJU FOR C ;"`':: · E M3,
'$1.00 A YEARj
D: . I- MASON, Editor .OVi GTON LA. SATURDAY DECEMBER 30, 1916 .
_.-",. -1--- _= ,_~ _ ,- , 0 9 6 " " . ...
-lutal Beating of Genovese Arouses General Ind atio
~~T Brtl Beam
,. • ..
.') - --- -. -- - . . ... =-- - -- t'''mmn =I'i m mn nml nto nnnn
Work of the New Ship.Build*
ing Industry of the S1
mens at Slidell.
Other News of Doinigs "at
Slidelland Persona Notes
and Mention. .
(By itauI Corrsespondtnt)
A gala day in Slidell will be Sal
urday, 1)ec. 30 (,today), when 'the,
Irst of the big :hiips being built for
,the' mplkibs Atkreselskebit, Bel
tic, fejreseDted .by Mr. Van fleine-'
.gen, Of thte Coast Steamship Co., 'ill
be ltaiched. This ship is 227 feat
·nng44 feet wide, 1'feet in depth;
has an average draft of ..7 feet; ,isn
." built principl ly) of St. Tammi ny-proi
duets, by St..Tammany people, ended
:,'he direction of ISupt..iA. ' -C.u
Bette, slaoe a St. I'am~any product,
and a.lpaging director H. B.- Saun
ders consulting' eng.ineer. dGreat
credit JsdKiue Pres. F. W. Saluien, .
the Slideil ShipbuildingCo., who in
augurgted, the business, and was
•rlncipally active in securing the bon
trat for work overiang a consider
ableatime ahead and shouldering -the
'--nuguvraion of a great ingustry,
,(: 'A speial excursion will i'tu from
iO irfertns and effort .li be iemade
:Alate the N. O, G. N. make special
fr the occasion.
she aBgptist 'Sunda*y, SBcldkl etc
°'bra ted Christmas on' Thnrsday, OIec.
21 !for the primary childlen anl par
eats at. which :Mrs. F. B: Richard
son .j~iper9nated Kr Krit Kiingle. and
each. il'd received a tokltn of r.
-membtance! from Old $sata. J.mn
bued lwith the3 spirit of tlfe occasion
the children donated over four dozen
pairs of stocki gs to ,be gifett to the
orplpas; and' on the ner.xt even.,lig,
Frlday; Dec. 22, the iegular Cfhrist
mas e'erclses for the .trger teeitlers.
of the IBtnday School was held gand
an enjdyal:ie protgramn'o music, reci
tations and white-giftls fr (he King.
including $25 inn inoiiy, atid al
woolen goods for the orghans. -Pins
were awarded ifor pejrfect.atten ldce
to SpurgeonlS ing.o, J Y-"rgy , 4 .
fWaVahl, I..Mnam and H-elen -)VW son,
iBeatrice IMd.bnty, WVillafd Vr. alo,
Stella and Evelyn Crow. "G4 l4 JBa
don and Miiss Ala Freden1A `
M4idnight, q'assat Our lTl ,of
Lour4ea Catholic Cithurel was , lgel&
ettenled 't"n C.hristmas vel . c' Th
oh.ltaen's, Sihoir, ýaeoconpanied" y
F.ather 'h omle, organist, rithdered
beautiful irn>sic. ' FPthi. .tn Belket
celebmrted mass and delivered a
serm.e on khw "{Birt.h of lihe 'avi on"
I~ts t~tPhse sqpending the holi
day? ite'reVtlf relative4.and fiiends,
ate iw, J.. eoinhanrd lndt" wife, of
O ()rlean i'with Mr. anti lrs. Se
:tte; Cecil Neu'hansea, rof. of
: i ealc Alrt at L. S. U., th Mr.
esidl;.e. TIL4:. Neuhauser: Mi .Salye
ll y Ira from iBelhaven 'Col. , afi
,. ..i: 8slb1 Nelms of Lafayeltte ith'
i l[Mr'. .lt Mrs. E. F. Halley;. .i ing
.of GV° Orlean'.. with Mr. o 11
K4ing; Claudd Schneider, of Nqw r
-leane. with Mr. aild Mrs. ry
iMisIes Manud. Kathefine and
Murdock, of New Orleans. and M
Nelson Debanne, 'Mimes Flo and Hp
- en .Dqtham with Mrs. J. II. ,un
-ham; 'Mr. ,11. R. Huse, Prof. of
French as.Newcomb College, with'Mr.
and M.is 1. U. .aker.
Miss Leah Comfort left Tuesday
to visit friends in ,Meridian.
.Mr. Frank Comfort spent Cbrist
mass in Vicksh'rg''Vsiting .his grand
tather. ' " _ a
Oneida Whia.ari', of . .owat '.
Okla., IMrs. Rtoy B'axter and daught
er, Virginia of Logtown, Miss: Belle
and Viola Whicharl, - of 5Gulf~fort,
.,*iss.; !:iss Jessie VWhichard. from
the Normni, at. Hattlesbuhr, tMiss.:
Mrs. R. 'L. ,lenderson and daughters
of Hammonid, La., are spendjng tit.
holkleys with.Mr. and Mrs. Hover,
Contract has been "let to W I1
Mayfileld to repair Lake Road from
the corporation line to !Liddle Avenue
-a much needed isn;provement.
The NMetbodist Sluinday School
Xmna celetlfraton took place on NSun
day,. December 24. 'Rev.FT. J. Ebm
bre wasnassisted by Rev. J. C: Rous
eseau tnd Supt. Fleo.' A. iCarpenter
`'The ohurch was beautifully decorat
e.d ,for the ocasion, the pulpit bein.'
~ ulade to represent a child's Iplay
room from w.hich Odd Santa. delight
M by Bro. Jno. Peti
`- han p'pre.e.i. to all schol
ins will- be distributed to 2'
'-who have perfect' attend'
1-"eord 4i'trng last year, at'an.
mother and a.uvt of the
ftr amily, visited +them -,lh
4. wl.i.i~ t esburg, where they .are
,Slr. ,
Show Is Pronounced .a.-Big
Success" Artisticaliy and
Pretty 1anicersand Dancing
T aid Exce!rllt Music and
Singinrare Feattuies.
SretgnraI jacpn - n Igiaies
i e are .verlad to report. that
thW Firemeni's entef nment given at
the .Piarkvtew 1:bae. Thuyrsday
night3 wse a te , -succeo "in every
way. It s g iat ng.t think- that
'e etn of- t h.o.e ¶- were pbCl -
d. i1 so- I idflreepsdae.
The Chritsm-as J me
thiug [email protected] iir the wý
tainment id hlappjy comit
m.usl.aind .ancing im a .pleasingg. ttte
play. -MSR ichard 4rmer inadye
a delightfi Bl Satt. keny aii( Mi
MMqrrei. ag t1*.. Spir4t ý afoeO a
very charning hed7'n qe t QAuty
Fdederal .ic S a~le tjchTig 'de
Serted mortal' -.n ~e ,r, wee
voice lent chlarip toz t!r Xiat 'The
dancing -ao the chlrq wwas mohst
pleasing, and Miss Qlga Peters de
served great credit ~or lihving ,ac
comanplishred so .ui fn1 so short a.
time. It . wourd -Q intdssible' to
mention all itiee merrg Jititle da.c
ers as'tleg~des.rve so *- will simply
.a'that thiey delight to .u
a p w~ver.w w. i " ot" ovtrlook
lh.:an Maog~~~Mss Estifer feters,
who gave ius the oharnming Teddy
IBar dlance, wjiicIh called fo,-t1heartiy
ap plsuse. P.-.... "* - "
. 0 urs." 'i1ir a.nd Miss M.xine
.Moiton rendee&. excellent musi:1o
tho iancing and .siigig .and MiS~
Moutons'- violin ablia'o orae s much
apprec }ted'4 y g'll. 1 Miss Anals Ban
dousqaie, Mtiss,,enn'e Piguet, Miss
Anna Morrell. Miss Mo.uton and ,Mrs:
J. M. Sinigions 0us .ttI. spirit voices
Sof .hristltat, salig hioet 4llightfuIlly.
We can not close witkhout bomp'li
; .nring.- Mr. John- Haller *on the
)beautiful lecoration .%- -the fstage.
Mr. JIlaller's gift is one greatly ap-c
pre(%ted by his iry.-friei-ds and
admirers. - -
-Mr. C. S. A. P.ifdrann painted
"ho .J)eutiful -ow s~eai.c especially
for this -ccasion which. alddI great
,y to the -effectiveness of hbe Christ
T- U-----
Cin elia Rimning.
ij'W . Miller, ragea'or Ote la.
Stean'hoat & Ferry. Co.,-nmakes the
fdl.lowing tnn4 mneemint: .
. New Orleans, Dfc. 23, 1,916.
Editor St. Tammagy Faime':-.'
The steamer New C antelia, after
iund.rgoiifg repairs atMobtile Ala.,
-will resume operation on Wednes-l
day, Dec. 27, aed'will..ieave the pteV
7it ,Mandeville, dablyfon the ,arrivS
of the.5; 30 a. '' electric car from
Coving.on, as .ieretofore., Fr.ght
w l 1,e Ar aeivei in New Ori4ans. tr
iitdeaville, Madisonville and .pints
on :lie Electric Rtoad, daily a&t I - &
N. freight depot, foot of Giro(L treet.
The freight rates are very, rea"
and same can be had on applIW
to iMr. Litaudias, -fretiht &agent Of
L4. & N. Railroad. The pasIgr.
fares remain as formary.
ending the holiday season with Mc.
T. Rer o
he Preyterian Xmas oelbirdS
t toolk p·ace Saturday, December
" Rro. John Pete son, thescvial
was on hand wi'ChB e1.h- Fl 4l!
of ely gifts for all the Sand4y
Sch Children, and they were -glad
to e hands with .him Tainr
Twen "Cross and Crown'" Pins
were en for perfect' at.endtree;
two f en years attendance; *ve
for six atftendance; onePr four
years a' ance; five tfo three years
attendia four for twQn yearseat
endance reoe "br one years, at
tendance. • -
'In con n they had a '*vKg
service" ministerial relief, at
whhich quit ice sum ,was realgted.
We are to record the d4ath
Mr. E. Wel d Mrs. M ,( Sad
ler. We oex. oar maere *ympa
thy to their~.
,Pon tchbrt ah- 8 Royal
Arch M Masons, eleett Qfl as
follows ,or 19 Prank B. Rich
ardson, High t; 1hbs. -A. .v
eritt, King; Mi.ler +CO .
Scribe; Hepry is, Cap~ a.l ft -
lTost; A. 1. C PrinotPa 4.-C
iourner;. Levere ley, Roy
Arch Captain: Sh C' an', it er
P. V.; A. M·ilit
Samusel K. Solihe
Lewis. SAntia l;.
Becretary; le6 e I
a rer.
Sees In Newly Eleeted School
Board - Member -H. II
Levy Hope for Cause.
Lack ofl Miterial...auses a
, Temporary Stop in Con-'.
i 'struction of Sea Wall.
(By Utaff Co aspooiildeat
Mr. .H. H. Levyy haa r-.elved. hif
commission, taken the 'oak" of ok14
and is now a 4ull-iledged Raen~berý
of the Parieh School Board - until
1922, having been ele'cted 'for Ax
years, during ~,hich Lime the desti
es.ot th'e local ,pblc.chool system
v.ll beo-n 'his hands and ,very mu.h
un.ler hIls-control and we be1leve to
-a. brlfl4antly saucessful finish,.for 'he
pdosesesses all the necessary attr.butes,
"youth, energy, ambition, persiltency
and above all is a fanatic pi '`tl
school question, and he---but why
loptinue, everybody !knows "lHymnen"
so we raise our hats to the new mem
ber, and in, extending our congratu
i~ations ive couple it with't'he hope~
that before the finish of 1917 we till
se Ibegun a bran new public sahool
afi a igh. school at that. .Mande
ville sh'ould Ibe made (the center of
this eductional district and !by prop
er. carq, grooming and educational
amthods it c'an )e so made. The
,,material is here, it only nee4d ex
0ot4yig. Opr presb'nt sohook is a
dlsgrace to the parish, and a reflec
tion on the .ommnunitiy and a shame
to the inhividual units thereof. It
s.on will be put ui to the , eple td
decide if the present conditi'ons are
to be permanently sand perceptably
improved-or restaih in statu quo; and
If it be the iatter it will g4 lfar to
waids proving that some of the in
.aibitants of .t1s- town are out Van
Winkling pld Rip himself for he slept
but 2. years w'hi'le they are hiding
iM the shine old rut and mi.re for nigh
on to *5 years.
i .e child of today t 0 the man df
d toinrrow, soon to replace us in our
-res tive spheres, and' that he 'may
d do so itelligenly, with credit to
iy himself and honor to 'hidcommunity,
the proper and safe foundation must
be laid and that can ,nl4y be done
in the sobool: The opposition .to a
tax dor a new public schbol and up
improved pulblic school system, is of
-its very nature a prime factor with is
J.Iaven-4gh "appieal for a reorgani
zation of present conditiond, for it is
born of seltisahnes, ignorance, illit
eracy, bigotry.aaa niggardlyness. in
dividuals who imagine themselves
strong enougdh to shoulder the re
sponsibilty of~preventing or even
i impeding the giving of a good sub
. stantial .eduestion to the youth of
the land,: are to the entire soelci
r fabric whJit. thecottony-cusion pest
I is to plapt llfe--a menace to the pub
Sia, a -ciak.roup-sore that should be
excised afnd destroyed, not literally;
STht by such an overw~helmipg defeat
at the polls, as to prove to them in
no uncertain manner that they are
obstrauctonists, impediments to ipro
Sgreasiyenses and` parasites ''who are
-,tolprated because of reasons Chat
may' be, and whose- silence or roon
±'uld ,be prefeerable to theim baseless,
tunnia onable and luntenable state=
It' is understood that lMr. U.
L-7vy, with the assistane; 0of the
;prpeor ,ffieiai, intends to eaforce
the "Cqapulsory 'ldcatiowal 'w."
So . ia ihnt:a as good as ai hit," it
woa1t$nllell forgarents viI guard
ians who have children. a inablh to
thit i6- wsi voluntarily do at one;
whadt-tl e.±J&w wilM cqmpe. ithem to
d ter, viz: ·end their .l to,
TRe anagniffi nt piano ohied as a
prize by the MandevtlMe Coperative
JDrug Co., to that 'pprson ,ho would
produce the ,largest -numibr of sate
cou.p., ?was won,by.Mry i ,( Nicholas
,mith.r reILT o aat ts . een asn
indt Wlassta e very -a i "*hdsed last
.turdag nigt, are theJ .oa, whoi
were IMmeust. James
M. istrtehisoa .na* m dieg e
.died IMrs. N. the. h; yhe
4'avin accunla 580, and
led her nearest eor
5,1-8,807 votee. Mr. ad' Mrs. N.
8tith, iwho are very Dppular in the
youngeri set, are prepating for a good
did rile "at home" for their many
friends, htren the new instrument -ts
installed -n d rteapdy for business.
'Wow t on the sea wrall jis :beqs
amoio aru stoppd l.lCeue thee
pr esent er . ovtagefaiats uted
Whe :testraa +tt ip pf tiec·r ta p11
4 ~ca-ii
Christmas fasses Off: Qniet
ly in Covinton. Services
in All the Churches.
EitertAainments at Various
P!acesin Remembrancs.
,Of Christmas.
Gh'ristmas passed off quietly in
Coyvinigton, the rainy "weather keep
inig most peopl. indoqrs. Services
were held ih all the hhurehes. There
as lets demonstration in the way of
frirworks than usual.
-Two auto. truckl oat. hristmas
pMckages were di.trfbuted previous
to Christmas 'by Mr. ,E. G. ,Davis? hir.
A. L. Bear and Judge 'Robt. Badpo,
a.ctingfor the Masons, and much hap
piness waM brought Onto (many homes
tlfereby o4 Chrifltmas day.
. Thioughoit .the parish there were
quite 'a number of entertainments
just preceding Christmas in celebra
"ion of the day.
It is said that "Mr. Turkey main
tained his 'high price, nOtwithstand
ing peace negotiations in Europe, and
many concluded 'that ch!tken was
just as good.
Once oagalp cometh the glad Christ
mas time t4 Goodbee, the happiest
time of the whole year. The child'
ren, assiUe4 by Rev. M. LeCron;otold
the wonderful story of God's greateSt
gift, the ift of Jesus' to'amnkind.
The lengthy program, successfully
carried through, proved 'that no
other season po sses an occasion
for such rejoicing` , thei, our Christ
mines season, that the message
'brought to the shepel~.rd' so long ago
was for all people now and forever.
The titt.l chapel, prettily d.corat
ed and cr wded to its utimost, was
the scene of much joy, the pretty
tree detlgh ing old and ybung. i
Sentiments on Christmas cheer ex
pressed tby Santa Claus iw'ere a ipleas
ing and- nvel feature of the pro
Hearties thanks are expres.ed to
all who so'.kind4y helped to make
the festival a success.
rA dine ogramn was rindered at
the school Thursday, Dec. 2;1, 'A
la'ge crowd attended.
After thg progiam Mr. E. G. La
fleur, Supt. ,E. E. Lyon and Mr. Dave
Evuis an ad short tals.s. Then Santa
Olaus carn in and distributed : the
presenits th t were on the tree, thus
making ma y hearts glad.
Mr, E. Lafleur is spendling the
holid' ys wi h 'his .parents.
IMf~s cor& Neelis left Friday for
iHtamiond, and Miss L. R. Peterson
for Slidel, here they W.*i spend the
Mr! G. Mrga n and daugh;ters, Ida
and 1ollie, left Tuesday for their
hone l D esle, Miss., after spen4
inig ~bhrst as with his brother.
-Messrs. heo. and 0. Moran were
in SileHl or business Saturdiay after
SMr and Mrs. 4. H. IMoran took
Chlst4mas i ner with, Mr. Moran's
fathei, Mr. hhpo. Moran. i
iMeir. ,foe Moore and Beanie
Caw4or*ldi w re guests of friends llast
Mr. 0. afford i~as an Audubon
visito Oundm y afternoon. 2 {
Mr . G Illotte spent. Khristmnas
with 4 l sister, Mrs. ,E. Singletary.
MPr. Airthus Fogg spent Thursday
1ight with Mr. Albert Modran.
Mr. 'Albert Moran spent Friday
-lgh iat St. Tamnany w.th Mr. Ar
thu. , g -
The compliment at Thanksgiving
was generously respouder to fth the
ntinmbers of the, Senior. Drenhetic
Club, Wednesday -evening, iDecemnber
20th. The program opened wti ai
solemn , tbleaux-of Dfe-:·r th ots
CThrist, (.eringw4iich the hymn."S1-~
lent Night". was softly sung in Cthe
rear. The` Ir3 seypi)ehm. 'punddlu
SContinued , on pSn 6. )
flnlshln. tk% e °Wd as .iws 1#t4a
~fires {
Tba st d4:a M *ii'
rI .
_ Judge W. L. Chambers.
Parkview Theatre.
The picture progt m for Parkview
Theatre bhis saturday nigi will be
a ifive part Paramount featqure en
titled ".Destinys Toy,' fe'turing
ILouise Huff. Doors open-at 7 p.·mn.
Admission 5 and 10 cents.
'"Hell's Hinges" will be presented
Sunday, New Year's lEve, with a
two part comedy, at the usual prices
of 10 and 15 cents. W. S. iHart;
plays thee leading role in "Hell's
Hinges," and is considered at his
,best.' The box office will endeavor
tO repmain open until as near mid
night as possible. -.
On New Year's Day th, .manage
ment will ,present Theda Blara in
- 'Romeo and Juliet." The doors will
be open at 5 p. lin., and the prices
will be 10 and 20 cents.
The program for the remainder of
.the week has not, up to the present
time, been booked, but will be an
nannced in the regular -ceklly pro
The management regrets having
disappointed +atronS on severil oc
easions during the',past week, .but
the trouble seemed` to be caused by a
-congestion of express packages for
the holidays. The filmhns were shipped
in plenty time to reach us, !but In
erch inptance were forwarded some
where else. The picture that was
-substituted in place of "Under Two
Flags" was to have been given us
during the first week in Jaanuary,
and we will endeavor to have "Un
der Two Flags" sent in its place.
Found Dead.
EEmile Lair, 79 years of age, was
found dead near the 3-mile still, by
Dr. Bulloch, last ,Wednesday, Dec.
27. The body had lain out perhaps
a .week or two and was in a state of
decay. Thirty dollars in bills and
sfxtyi.ents in silver was found on the.
lhody. This money was used to de
,fray funeral e penses, the 'body be
ing truned over to the Stanga under
taking' company.
It rill be remembered by some
that iLair wasp without support and
an .P9$eal wa# made Ito the Polloe
Jury to help him. He has also been
assisted by others, and had eked out
a precarious living. He had been
able to do littl1 to help himself.
-0- -
Chick ns StolenI.
SWednesday ~ight thieves entered
thb premises of St. Joeeph's ,Abbey,
at -amsay, and stbie thirty fine
chickens. When an Institution of
thie charaoter Is invaded by chicken
thieves It shows that there is more
in it than- the tpranJs of frreverent
youngsterp. The theft was probably
ommnitted by toieves who .wouI- not
hesitate to rob a house, or a safe, it
t he opportunity afforded and it is to
be .hped that the ,a ity arlies may
be earaht and iPilahed. :t#tier
ibo tPi Pani has offered a reward of
t doll4~~arq for the arreet sad eon
.of tie thet or thieves. .7he
m ao ewere a la breed.
t c ' ý
Came'to Covington Several
Weeks Ago With His.
Young Bride.'
Checks Gwen in New Orleans
CaUse Him .to Be. Ar
re ted" idi Mandeville.
.. _ .
i A mbig, l~ e ooking man and a
petite little woman were pointe; o~:l
oni.the streets of Covington recently
, with thp interest that usually" at
trAt attention to a" newly, married
cuuple, an4S~~iestlioo at to wha.they
were ibrought pout the ,4nf.riation
that the itride . ws from Washinton
parish and the husband" was a son of
the attoraney. o.nera o' the '-ate.
'The lBogalusa.,Ai~g ricn agaer. 'the
follUowing. accit t 41 t4e w4ipgc,
Aequaintancesi p-.cousip..
'.~Areoordfcor a sourteblp ending
ton mnrriagplaft#t ,p.informal Intro
duction -wg aeeblhed latelg when
the af6ndiable A. -V. Coco, Jr., the
assistant " ttorneey- ,general, mnlt,
wcged and won Miss IBell, the charm
iilgg daughter Od Mr. DICt Booty, of
rFarkMint6., the e tlhth use s~bt and
now thle courtship aite Washingto
"i dMr.' C~co incidenta.ly met May
e . yoty. IMatually wra-wi *y, the 'i
t- active force 4J "love t "irt sigh"
g courtship entwtned their nothful
1. hartatrings and 'ut ed a co unpna
tion of their ptight(d troth elimi
I nating obstacles a d securl g the
a necessary weddingl ace ies in
s short order. The Jerk-of th court,
t a ceremonial mini sr and a aa
5 quaintances, wltn ed the r mantic
s ordeal which bound pair joint
r ly share -the joys e .d sorrE of-a
- wedded life. Boad ing _ h train
they came to 'Bogal sa and etred
- the congratulatioine of some t their I
I surprised friends an became thrill
I ed with 'the magic ity, wh6e v'ery,
3 atmosphere eti'mnulat a love."
While the above account gies the
name a4 A. V. Coc , Jr., it s `said
herg an at Fýranklrton that, It was
Walter I)oco w'ho married ,Miss
Booty, and that ithe were ere on
their hopeymoon anJ! were spping
at the NVw Soutther HIQtdl, b rt 4it Is
also statOd that he is a son of the
attorneyZgeperal. .
Mr. Cco xmade ldite a nmpber of
frjends in Covington and seemed tr
tbe a very sociable and liberal rt of
fellow. inn the meantime he gave
several checks to {parties here, among
them 'b~lng Molloy, Gabrielle and
Barrios. After the adjournment of
court, last wedk, Mr. Coco went to
FranklInton, -with others of a party,
it being Pald that a hunting expedi
tion wasl on the program. After he
was gone It Ibegan to be rumored
that some of the checks ha had given
were worthless, and several parties
here 'went to 'P~ankllnton after him
and got their money, Which was said
tIo have been raised by Coco through
passing other bogus' checks on
Franklinton people. Two of the
checks, one held by (Mr. Barrios for
$10 and one by Mr. Gabrielle for $25
were among the amoiunts recovered.
It later developed that quite a
-number of these checks had ibeen
issued. Several were(deposited for
collection at the Govi.gton SBank -&
Trust Co. One by Mr. Pittman -for
seven dollars waq written on a b-lak
of the Mpndeille lBranch of the St.
'lamman *aank & Trust Co. It (was
drawn os a ban of LeW on, I1.,
apparent, hugh -the writing is
not quits u , II as neither 4~ j he
signature, which looks lIke "Walter
Coco," Io t might be Walter Jr. Cco.
PHe regitered at the New Southern
as W. C. oco.
It is asd -that the checkso I`uo
here are 1i1 oun -bk in other states.
Tltursday on Abadie Lareaux
of the Gem on, New Orleans, is
said to h.ave requqestedthe atreat of
Coca on the charge of forgery or the
passing of beog. chedks, .)ept.ty
Sheriff Walter 4Eslaitas phonest tto
Chief of IPolice iReySnoldt of -New Ori
lestss and askedi. Jaf If tie terest
was autiomie4 Ot oilviing an
atiswer that it wa, Raty A;ate
Beaucoudray sad iW%°tpr D, NoyT
went -to- MasandewIe sl t oees at.
tha' tha &e` t 4 iiate 4 Co ato
David Gross Beats U.
vese Till Blood Spattoe
Seats and Floor of Car..A
Women an Childr Go
to New. Orleans '' erri-.
fled by Occurrence. -I
... y ..
a- Publi indignatlfon is genei'sl al
.t the oatrageotus.occurrence at the
v, t and on the morning train to .g
- grleans, last Sunday. Among t
d 1paseangers who were going to the
y eity to pen4 ChristimAs were gy te
n a,nalnber of women and chil4tiu.
i Just etfore- the train started FrEi -
f .enovese., barber vwho had beean .i
a. the emnpLy of Joe Federico, was aes
e saited' at the steps of the coach by
D'avid !Gross. There are ,variOu
tattmentsas to the assanult,, e
sar yi ,hat' Genovqse nas e
g from the steps under tthe coaci
wea assisted to his feet tby I
SSchiltz, and other that Geznoe
e ,was struck several times by (Gh t
t. before the Marshal got to the place
of dlsturbancei s As no arrests Wct
made, ,there is talk -of an av
ti"p' as to. whether due effer
";tade to preserve the peace amy
ebrutal assault that followed
ears might nat have
Ireaes vary, <:i- facts;
known oa l t
and soy
who .w
entered I
the smqke:
-rah s.ou
thl rear e
It i sai
0a¶boere -
ed for lr
loor in oo
ered with b
waist. itis
Ibeating conti an 1
slowjd up fo64A ia $p
vese was ItUken to th
I New Orleans.
The origination of t a toanble
said to have been adeb of $O
by Genovese to Grows, for a.a~
inig debt or, money b oWed r
Gross with which I to gamble;
which' he gave iec . . bev
then withdrew isSo on (,in T
oovkiaon IB~iak r
and rfused to pay r ,
.Ibly funs a pool r on
street, but which has rd rooi
the beck where g*aitbg as
carried on, and where
playing when rr' red
money. , Gross lea that 9
vese was abort to lea ar tova
followed him to the tra , where
brutal assault was eom n d ce .
presence of women and Chilsa
terminated on the cars.
It is understood that the
officials will take the matter unp
will prdbably invoke the tuly
ofthe law. It is iaso statedl
district attorney's attentiWn
called to the case. -
Groses was brought ap tEfoe
Mayor's onurt ,Wednesday ~ h 4
ed suilty. - . as s . ed r4 ..
lightness of the lne was earn
ipon. When interview the
stated tJhat head no.;
over what happenedon* ,6I4rthr
M.Ae the cosporge limtt. but
him for strikfb GenrgiSd .4t
steps of the traln..
When asked What be wax
to do abouAt the gambling . ace
,Mayor said iat It woald be closed.:
The people of Covingbozt have
very patient-d Bhave not been t
'sctng in the enforcement of ts.
-'-w, but the disclosures tiat at
taken place I4 Javestga
3r yamt sayus
cY*tt .1t4 W1 the
V Abeb 4

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