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St TaT2h The STammany Farmer _____
List of Seventeen jClen Accepted In the Draft Made This Week
Says Flush of Shame at the
Kaiicr's Deeds Pro
claims Weakness.
Cannot Staryl the Strain and
Abdicates in His
Favor. y
Delta (0010.) Independent:
This little satire, written by Louis
Syberkrop to please his friends and
their friends, has become an elephant
on his hands.
Letters are pouring in from every
state of the Union and Canada in
quiring for more copies. Already
thousands have been forwarded to
France, England and Canada.
Letters are coming In from men
of prominence such as Tumulty,
Roosevelt and Secretary Daniels of
the Navy.
Some of Satan's lgtters have al
ready found their way intq the Ger
man trenches by airship iute.
If it is as good as they all say,
then it is worth pushing along. It
will give pleasure to you and your
The Infernal Region.
June 28, 1917.
To W'l he'm von Hohenzollern, King
of Prussia, Emperor of All Ger
many and Envoy Extraordinary o
Almigh y God.
My Dear Wilhelm:
I can call you by that familiar
name, for I have always been verb
close to you, much clo er than yo'
could know.
From the time that you were ye
an unueve-oped ae-ng I have shap'
your destiny for my own purpose.
in the days of itome i created i
roughneck( known in history as ever.,
he was a vu.gar character and suite.
my purpose at tha- particu.ar t me.
In these modern days a cias Ac dem
on and etecient super-criminal wa
needed and as I know Lhe HohenZji
lern iood . pt.cd y:ou as my spec -
instrument to place on earth an an
next to 1e:1. i gave you aonorm
ambition, likewise an oversupp-y o
egot sm, that you might not discove.
you rown failing;; I twisted you
mind to that of a madman with cer
tain normal tendenc.es to ca:ry yo
by, a most dangerous character
paced in power; I give you the pow
er of a hypnotist and a certain mag
netic force that you m ght sway your
people. I am responsible for the de
formed arm that hangs helpless on
your left, for your cri pplea condi
tion embitters your life and destroys
all nob.e impulses that might other
wise cause me anxiety, but your
strong sword arm is driven by your
ambitions that quelch all sentiment
and pity. 1 placed in your soul a
deep hatred of all things English,
for of all nations on earth I hate
England most; wherever' England
plants her flag she brings order out
of chaos and the hated Cross fol
lows the Union Jack; under her rule
wild tribes become tillers of the soil
and in due time practical citizens;
she is the great civilizer of the globe
and I hate her. I planted in your
soul a cruel hatred of your mother
because she was Engl'sh and left my
good friend Bismarck to tan the
Same I had kindled. Recent history
proves how well our work was done.
It <broke your royal mother's heart,
but I gained my purpose.
The inherited disease of the 110
heuzollerns killed your father, just
as It will kill you, and you became
the ruler of Germany and a tool of
mine sooner than I expected.
To assist you and further hasten
my work I sent you three evil spirits,
Nietzsche, Tdeitschl e and the later
Bernhardl, whose teachings infiamed
tihe youths of Germany. who in good
Stime would be willing to spill their
blood and pull your chestnuts
yours and mine; the spell has been
perfect-you cast your ambitious
eyes toward the Mediterranean,
Egypt, lndia, and the Dardanelles.
and you began your great railway to
Bagdad. but the amaitlous archduke
and hes more ambitious wife stood
in your way. It was then that I
Sowed the seed in your heart that
'blessomed Into the assassination of
t~ duke and his wife, and all hell
smiled when ff saw how c .verly you
saddled Ihe crime onto Serbia. I
saw you set sail for tne fjords of
Norway and I knew you would prove
an alibi. How cleverly done, 'Co
muach like your noble grand father,
Who also secured an assassna to re
move old King Fredercea of Den
leak and later robbed that country
Atf the provinces that gave Germany
an opportunity to necome a naval
power. Murder Is dirty wor k, but
it takes a Hohenrolern to make a
..wa and ge: by with it.
Your opportunity was at hand;
SeJa Set the world on fire and the
IN Y. M. C. A.
Large Number of People I
- Contribute to Sup
port of Fund.
Mr. Haller Thanks all Who I
Helped to Make the
Drive a Success.
The total amount received from
the St. Tammany parish drive for the
Y. IM. C. A. was $2588.68. Mr. C
John Haller, chairman of the Par:sh d
Committee, wishes to thank those a
who contributed to this important
fund and who helped St. Tammany ,
parish to maintain its reputation for c
libeality in contributing to the va- d
rious funds that are to he'p win this v
war and make the boys comfortable, q
and tq thank the committees who v
worked so hard in the drive. i
The allotment for St. Tammanr
parish was $1200. it was more
than doubly subscribed.
Some of the committees failed to
send in the names of the individual e
subscribers, which accounto for the
fact that not all the contributions t
are credited by name. The total r
amount in each district is given,
First Ward.
Amount Subscribed, $140.00. r
Theo. Dendinger, chairman; P. A r
3lanchard. No list sent in. E
Second Ward.
Amount subscribed, $53.10
Hynes Fendlason, chairma i
Subscribers-W. A. Hood, I:5 fi
W. York, $250; Thos. Guarnan, Z2.
.ohn CairoUl, $1; Geo. M. "'en I us a
31; R. M. Reed, $1; H. Bi;,nlov, ,1;
..ou a Jenkins, $.; Sam .arro v, 5 (
J. D. McLain, $1; J. M. Ya < .
i. N. Fendlason, $5; J. D. 1iIb.oud
$1; Mr. James, $2.50; Tay.t t'ay
oa , 25c; Barney Brown, '1 . .
,locum, $1; R. J. Bonn i, iK.
3lackwell, 25c; W. T. Wa lit $1;
G. J. Koepp, $5; Paun Verg', N. D
LDev. D. A. Booth, $1; Fem:.4 s ee.
:L. Joe Cy'pr.a.,, $1; H; t7 ,
V.ergie V.,rger, $1; aon .i ..
n $1; J. M. Wallie, ,:0 ; L. E.
(loves, 50c; Viola Dickey, 50c, N.
hendlason, $2.50.
Third Ward.
Amount s'ascrioed, $831.93.l
John L. Hailer, chairman; i. .1
Domergue, E. G. Davis, Adrian 1).
3chwartz, +Mrs. J. C. Burns, Mrs. R.
N. Leonadr.
. Team 1-Dr. M. R. Fisher, C. E.
Schonberg, A. L. Bear.
Team 2-A. S. Burns, E. E. Lyon,
Jacob Setler. i
Team 3-C. S. A. Fuhrmann, J. E.
Nilson, W. H. Kentzel.
Team 4-P. J. L^**roix, C. L.
Smith, Geo. .Menet:c.
Subscribers-Covington Bank &
Truts Co., $25; E. G. Davis, $25
R. H. Dutsch, $2.60; Philip Burns,
$3; Smith Hardware Co., $10; i-.
Laicroir, $5; AlbertiDavid, $5; J. B.
Christea, $5; X. Frey, $5; A. Henry,
$5; Paul Herbes, $5; Jones & Pick
ett, Ltd., $16; J. C. Burns & Co.,
$10; F. Patecek, $10; James Hans
ley, 25c; Julius Heintz, $o; Segon.
& Fontan, $6; John L. Haller, $100;
Jacob Seller, $5; T. M. Burns, $5;
Clarence Smith, $2.50; E E. Lyon,
$5; Albert Perbos, $5; Alexius Bros.
$5; F. F. Planche, $5; Mackie Pine
Products Co., $10; n. _ . Warner, $5;
Coy. Gro. & Grain, $50; ii. H. White,
$aS; Jos. Delery. $2; J. Ii. &oueille,
$45; C. E. Schonberg, $10; E. 3. Do
mergue, $25; Dr. Gautreaux. $2; St.
Tamany lIce Co., $10; Ed. Sanchez,
$1; A. W. Roy. $1; Oliver Hebert,
$2.50; 3. E. Stanga. $5; J. B. Nil
son, $5; W. 'H. Kentzel, $5; C. S. A.
Fuhrmann, $5; St. Tamnmany Bank
& Trust Co., $15; L. L. Morgan, $5;
J. D. Kerr, $5; P. E. Smith, $5;
B. L. Soniat, $2; li. M ircadel, $1;
T. Gabriel, $42; Judge Robt. Badon,
$2; Hebert Grocery Co., jT2; W. sM.
Champagne, 50c; £1. Pigiuet, $5; L.
li. Bourgeois. $5; FitsSimons Gro.
Co., $10; F. P. Marsolan, $5; Jas.
Connaughton, $5; Kngshts of Co
lumbus, $5; J. L. Watkins, $10; Jack
Lambert $2.50; A. J. Pianehe. $10;
Paul Laiborde, Sr., $5; L. 3. Nicolle,
$5; A. Sawaya, $2.50; M. Saw ye, I
'$2; A. N. Amerson, $1; B. 'I. Le
'Blanc, $1; Lambert's Hotel, $1;I
Mrs. Pre ton Buvns, $5; Peoples'
'Bakery. $5; A. S. Burns. $5; L. F. I
Webril, $5; R. 'L. Aubert, $2.50:
Theobald Bros., $2; B. La~bat, $1:
L. C. Mo se, $; 3. 0. Th'mas, $2 50;
F. 3. Heintz, $5; J. Federico. 5";
Mrs. Garcia, $2;r Harvey B Et'r.
$5; Walter Galatas, L. II. M-'n-re.
$*1; C. S. Fceder*'k, $1; R'ch'rd &
R~ggs, $2.50; W. J. Warren, $5; W.
N Pati ck. $5; Mrs. For, $1; Dr.
Boetouoi, $1; Dr. Bullock, $5; 3. E
Lee. $1; Sietnher's 14&e'. * '7( 1
Webr~i, Jr., $5; Schuieder & Young.
q G Menetr",
L"evs ."0; Adr an D.
1Schwartz. $5 3tt '
Left Mandeville For Return
Trip When Engine
Gave Out.
While Suffering Extremely
All Have Recovered
Without Harm.
Mandeville. Nov. 22- -A splendid
success in a noble cause was the
Comfort Bag party given by the Man
devilile Red Cross last Monday night
at the W. P. U. hall. The people
were asked to bring articles of a kind
required to make up a number of
comfort bege to be sent to the 'ol
dier boys now in camp, and Mande
vyle responded in a printely way.
The crowd was large and overflowing
with enthusiasm. The articles came 4
in parcels, packages, chunks and
pales, enough for about 73 comfort
kits,. Re$ bandana andi kahki ker
chiefs will be used a& containers in- j
stead of bags, which will make the 4
entire outfit serviceable.
The decorations were beautifal in
their very simplicity, consisting 31
red an I white, the Red C *oss coiors, 4
Ame .an '' , pine act: :utsmnln
'eaves ant .." tables w : * cveed
witu 'now a :te cloths with large
red crosses as center pieces. Trio
members ot the auxiliary were dress
ed as Red Cross nurses, lending dig
nity, sincerity and beauty to th
,e eral effect.
The program was short, in eres
ing and effective, as follows:
Star Spangled Banner--y Re,
Cross Girls.
Voc-l Solo-Joan of A::-
Addres -By -M- as Fl. :
e :e, the eve.-there and niefa':g
-ble cha man of the aaxillay, o
led Cross work a :d why you shou
Chors- 0 r F a - C
"e aldine and Master Robt.
'ell, in varo s a n1 7 ' ;
' n e sweeter or rang truer
h a hase twa i'. a e i- .u '
patri. c songs and s y ngs.
Address--BY Mrs. E1s Po ^.v
he cerner-stone of 'he '"-ae
Cross compo te, on Red Cron so
pries and what becomes 'f th-m.
Song-Ameriea--tty Red Cro
Girls and audience. and then the e-'
thus'asm kindled by the Red Creme
uniform, fanned by the patriotic
speeches and music, burt 'forth into
3 raging flame of appreciation, of
realization of the necessi-y and no
bility of the Red Cross movement,
so much so that membership appli
cations were in great demand, prom
ises to do sewing and knitting came
from every angle of the hall and
Mrs Poitevent, M'ss Lavelle and 1M.s
Borey were seen pinching each other
In an endeavor to ascertain if this
was only a dream of heavenly bliss
or a cupful of earthly boy. 'Twas
the latter, and they deserved aye,
every bit of it-and then some.
In serving the refreshments the
Red Cross was not unmindful of the
U. S. Government's conservation ad
vices, just- enough chocolate, cake
and soft drinks had been provided
and served to refresh and satisfy, no
over-indulgence, no waste.
The music for the singing, as also
for -the dancing which closed the en
tertainment, was furnished by s
number of ladies, to whom is extend
ed thanks of the Red Cross Auxili
ary. -
Tuesday of last week, -Mrs. A.
HIopkins, entertained at a bon voyage
500 party, complimentary to Mrs. C.
L. Bartheilemy on the eve of her de
parture ftor Covin-gton.
Thuamday of last -week Mrs. C. W.
Elanshrough entertained at a 500 1"
honor of Mrs. James M. Hutchiuson,
who very recently came to *Manle
yulle as the bride of our own "Jim"
Hutchinson. Those of us who have
been lucky enough to meet the new
-Mrs. Hutch'nsonl have foundlistver r
charming and -bid her a hearty wel
IMr. and <Mrs. John L. and -Mis'
Florence Lavel'e left Iv~t Tlueslsv t
spend Vito winter monhs 'n New Or
leans. Miss Florence. as pres'de"'
of the Progressive Atton, chairman
~of the local Red Crnss- sand as a h"'"
,rlvate and untiring worker in many
other local aetiv'ties will be -orely
missed. but we may ernsnie '-unv'v-
-w'tls the kiiov'edge that the absence
is only tempor'i'y 5Dd 'bat *la w -
'be rs"'s'ng hiher and- thither, to
keep from ge't-in i'rqv. as It w w
for we are filly sl've to the tae' t""
""rsr',as'ire and4 qre"#asive Mand'
ville spirit will not down.
Mi'". L~e W King left a few days
ago for Sheffle'd. Ala.. to "'1" "'
'a --i', of the TT. S. Enq ueer Corps
- v'o !" s'I'erv's'l¶ the -bii!ding of
cantonmenta in that vic'nl'y.
-Mr. 3.5. M. UWbtabiiUes thS .
This new German biplane is equipped for use over eather ase or l nd.
1%e potntons are easily detached.
Wednesday afternoon, the pupils
of the music classes of bt. bcholas
t.ca's celebrated the annual feast of
St. Cecelia, the patroness of music.
~lmost every pup-i added a little se:
section to the program, anu gave evi
dence of her progress and musical
The opening address by Ieiloise
Aoueille, was very creaitably de iv
ered, and formed the keynoto to the
The exercioes were attended by a
number of friends and patrons, who
seemed to enjoy the music and en
couraged the youthful performers oy
or nearty applause.
Fo.:owang is he program:
First Grade.
Opening Chorus-Hymn to St.
000 a-- sus c Class.
_ _... .-- voa.e aurkenstcck.
O.. *ne aw ag C .tAc.e - oa man.
:a 1w ak:.ae tats-Art'hamin
'ie LNoodruft-Marguerite Selle .
L~t .e i et \Va:z-Trma Pechon.
The ooass Ch.is - ear. LrLur: .
Alied % altz-Bartaa Lacro x.
Second Grade.
In Twiligh--Nina uabrlel.
:'s .-Vio a Warner.
Cinde.ella Wa~tz-Katie Seller.
Mooalght . a the Waters-i l
id Waltz-Amelia Badon.
Towsar Ga op--Bertha lese e.
Crad e Eong, Violin Duet-Falan
Aouquo', Henrietta Warner; Lynda.
Ba son.
Third Grade.
National Airs-Clare Guzman.
Little Red R ding Hood-Lillian 1
Wallace. *
Edelweiss Glide-Amanda Lancas
Remember Me-Hazfl Warren.
Phelopena Mazurka-Doris Shef
Message of Peace-Lyndal Bataon.
Dance of the Golden Rod-Clotile
Blissful 'Moments-Elise Galatas.
Fourth Grade.
Silver Nymphs-IMelaine Grune
Beneath Loves Window-Margue
"rite Schwartz.
The Heart of Midnight-Annie
Our Squadron March-Esther La
Starlight Reverte-Carmelite Fo
Violin Solo - Reverie - Mildred
Fifth Grade.
The Bells--HeOse Aoueille. -
Revelry of the Elves, Duet-Floyd
and Zelda Adams.
Seventh Grade.
Alice-IMarie Lou!se Stevenson.
Eighth Grade.
Grand Polka de Concert-Hya
cinthe Richard.
The Star Spangled Banner-+Muslc
There will 'be a meeting of the
Anti-Tuberculos55 Committee for St
Tammany of the Red Cros, in charge
"f the sale of Red Cross hbristmas
Seals for 1917, at- the M. C. B. L
brary Saturday (today) at 3 . r'
'L good attendance is desired as there
is a liml'ed time for the work to
'at -ecretary and treasurer of th '
Board of Aldermen, announces that
henceforth he can be found ever
Thursday from 1 to 3 p. m. at the
town hall, for the transar ion of o'
fic a. business. This Is welcom
news to Mandev'ians, and Jimm
Is to be congratulated cn he mo-4
All indicat'ons pclnt o a mos at
cessful ch'ritaurua meeting on ne
Thursday. Fr'day and Saturday.
Season tickets are se'iing tasV a-A
unless one ge s in the hand wa:e*'
Snice -omebody will surety get left.
-We einderstand that sneclal cars w"'
Sbe run on the Motnr J'ne for lb
[1benefit of Sa'rcns from Covingron
'"o miss th's shnw will oe to miss tbi'
Farmers, attention!
Do you know that your piney I
roods grass is worth from $18.00 to
20.00 a ton!
There is no guess work about this. I
Henry B. Pruden, at the old Theo
ald place near Ramsay, has been t
String thii for hay cut on unculti- E
sated land, with the stumps taken
aut so thht machinery may be used.
le has been send ng it to New Or
eans In car load lots, and at has bean
iasnided as A-i prairie hay. He f
aot $18.00 per ton for an he cote-u
hip. But when the fire swept thrri
a pace recently the hay business i
vas interfered with. On November
.6 the Gtbaons Co. wrote for mor
Lay. They wanted it badly. "We
., taka ý_um hree to are car loans
and w:11 give you $20.00, a ton f.
t," they wrute. But it a no longe
.ney woods grass. It it :s ?roper
ured and cut in the bloom, At ran
Ls A-i prairie hay.
This is one more argumen' fo
oaring the stumps from the land
llear the :and and put in machuiner'
..r .a-id that you do not cultivate
_11 br ng you in every easuo -
A tat you can sell the land for, $2tU
:o $25 per acre, form a ton to a
o and a quarter per acre.
See Mr. Pruden and get him
show you a sample of the hay. Take
advantage of an opportunity to save
noney that is now being thrown in
the trash pile by the average farm
ar of St. Tammany parish.
Mr. Pruden says the cost of cuttin?
tnd hauling averages about $3 an
(By F. Bachemin, Jr.)
Perhaps the least d:ficult, but by.
no means the least important, of the
external organization work Rader
taken is that in connection with or
ganization among boys and girke on
farms. To the promotion of these
activities the department has given
considerable attention, especiagy
through the Seals Relations Service
and Bureau of Animal Industry.
This work was begun by the de
partment in the Southern State,
about eight years ago. The ofijec
of the work Is to instruct boys and
girls in practical agriecuture and
home economics, 'bringing to them
'he latest results of research by the
department. The number of boys
and g rIo enrolled in the club work
has grown rapidly, until it now ap
i.oximates 2.50,000, and the activi
ties of the members, which were at
first confined to the growing of corn
now include the following projects:
Corn, potatoes, home garden and
canning, pouf ry, farm and home
handicraft, home man'rem'nt. qua
ing, etc. The office of extension, work
n the South has a large corps of
workers in the fleld, who give the
in ire time to boys' and girls' club
In the organization of the boys'
and girls' c'irbs the departmen
works In close co-operation with the
State College of Agriculture, who 'n
turn co-operate with the -parish
Tent,, club 'gents, canning demon
strators, parish suier ntende-tt n"
-chools, and local teachesr who di
rect the orgainzaticn of goys' an
girls' clubs in communities whi4
chow suflicient 'nterest in this move
ment, always being ready to ass 'it
he orzaiizatnon obchths within t~heir
territory, and to fo ow up he very
late-t efforts with advice and eassist
In addition to the d'rect advice
and help of the local leader, club
agent, canning demonstrator, and in
terested fa-eners. mem'sers of :he
clu~bs receive complete instructiois
by mail bo~h from he d~'ear mw"
Claimed That Amount Was
Not Sufficient and the
Time Inopportune.
Social and Other Happen
ings of the Past
Slidell, Nov. 22.-There was a well
attended meeting of the town Coun
cil on Tuesday night, when it was
proposed to pass the ordinance au
thorizing the issue of $60,000 bonds
for the purpose of installing a water
works system. There were a num
ber of large taxpayers present as
well au other interested citizens., as
was also Mr. B. M. Miller, of Cov
ington, Mr. X. A. Kramer, engineer
for the Board of Aldermen, and Mr.
J. F. Time, of Hammond. The or
dinance was introduced but was de
feated by a vote of three to two.
The only objection offered being that
the time was inopportune, and that
the amount as contemplated wag not
sufficient to cover the cost of an ade
quate water system. While defeat
ing the waterworks project, cost of
which was estimated to be covered
by the ten mills a~sessment, how
ever, ten mils were assessed any
way, and, apparently we are going
co pay the price without getting the
Another Ba-tic ship w:11 be launch
3d th~s week, No. 2. This will allow
oom for additional work on stee.
sh.ps being done, and another kee.
vill probably be laid immediately.
The Prisecla Cub met with Mrs
F. D. Adams th a week, the ses3ton
eing a s~rictly soc a one, eve.ybodl
.av.ng a good .ime, and enjoying the
leasant hoasitality and deiclous re
reshment; served. All the woo:
which was on hand has now been
.v orked up, and the members are
i..w relaxing and turning teeir at
tention to Chr stmas preparat one.
he regu.ar meeting will, continue,
Mrs: Jacques Aeb i with ..Ars. J. A.
Salmen next week, and as soon as
.he new wool supply b received the
.nAtting will be resumed.
There was an Interesting meeting
A the School League on last Ties
day when the regular program pa ar
aanged in the Year Book was carried
ant. Mrs. Carlo read a very nter
esting paper, entitled "The; First
Thanksgiving Dqj," whieh was en
joyed by all. Mkta Gertrude Brown,
was an added attraction with a piano
solo. Mrs. Kate Abel alo read an
interesting paper on "A Review of
Interesting Events of Nations; Im
portance During the Past Year,'
which was also very muck enjoyed
by all. Following are the papers:
The F..rst Thanamsg!isg Da..
The drst recorded public thanks
giving appointed by authority in
America, was proclaimed in MessaS
husetts Bay in 1631. Owing to the
great scarcity of provisions an4 con
sequent menace of starvat' on, Feb.
22 was appointed to be observd as
a fast day.
Before that time a long expected
vessel arrived, laden with proviplons,
and the fast day was change4 into
one of thanksgiving.
The prac ice was sometimes ob
(Continued on page 2)
List called into service: Logan
Dorsay, Slidell; Chris. IKospp, .Jr.,
'ialisonvulle; Jerome Oulliber, Mad
sonvilJe; Willie Magee, Lacombe; J.
C. Toomer, Mandeville; Julius Craw
tord, Mandeville; Ned Irving, Sli
dell; Webb Coats, Fljrenville; Will
Davis, Covington; Calvin Hansen.
Slidell; S. W. Provensal, $lidel.
£LAt of those exempted for physi
cal disabilty and dependents: Robt.
Wood, Hy. 0a'loway, TiI Pichon,
Frederick Nehis, Oliver J. Hebert.
Arthur L. Mart n, Geo. J. Sharp, L.
Hair, Geo. J. bernibe, R. R. Stocker,
Ete:n Galatas, Oscar L. Scogin, John
Terre:, Geo. Jones, A. W. Roy, Jno.
.de ers, W. R. Watkins, L. Z. (Craw
ford, Leroy Smith, Chas. J. Schinnle
and C. M. Crow.
Failed to appear for examin tion:
Will O'Neal, Wda. Watson, Zebbp
Roddy, Howard Davis, 11011 he a"h
ngton, Darme1 Johnson, John Dawk
ins, Lowery Peterson, Samuel Jones.
Hide Henry.
Transferred to other boards for
examinat on: Anthony Schwartz,
Jr., New Orleans; Webb Winchester.
P he County, Miss.; John W. Hamp
tot. Madison County, Ill.; IratCamp,
ZNewpert, L I.
An Excellent Program Was
Provided and Greatly I
Enjoyed By All.
Chautauqua, Personal and
Other Matters of
Local Interest.
Forty-eight houru without food and
exposed to a cold. drenching rain at
night in an open launch was the fate
of a party of pleasure seekers trying
out a new boat last Sunday. The
party consaisted of L. A. Morphy, a
lawyer and owner of the boat, of
Covington; Clifford Morphy, hit
brother, of New Orleans; A. H.
Clement, of the Gulf Coast Shipping ,
Company of Mad'sonville, who hsaB.
homes both In New Orleans and at
Covington, and J. Lingan Grisyold,.
of New Orleans.
The party left Mandevillee Sunday
afternoon about 3 o'cloca for New
Orleans, and on the return trip,
mlbout wid-way of the lake the boat's
engine gave out, and the wind drove
the boat onto Goose Point. Here the
men got out and attempted to puas
the boat into a good landing from
where they could get into communi
cation with some one who could as
est them. A shift of the wind, how
ever. brew them out into the like
before they could reach iayou La
combe, and telephone for help..
In the meantime friends becam,
alarmed, as the boat failed to come
back. Boats of the Jahncke Com
pany put out after them and he tug'
C arabel. in command of Capt. Chas.
Weaver, found them anti orought
them to comfortable quarters where.
they were fed and cared for. Mr.
Morphy was suffering from a broken
wrist, which added to the cold and
exposure weakened him greatly. In"
Lact all the party suffered acutey.
About the time Mr. oaorphy was
ringing up long distance to commu
nicate with Mrs. Morphy, in Coy
'ng on, to assure her of his safety:
Mrs. Morphy was also trying to get
news of the lost party. The I we
points were connected, but Mrs. Mor
phy was so overcome ghat some one
had to talk to her.' It was the hap
piest news she had receives for some
time, when Mr. Morphy t Id her that
everybody was safe and bound.
The following criminal cases were
Itmpoued of:
State vi. Albert Lbaorde at #lg.
a this case Ernest Cooper and Hollis
ter . Cooper. two of defendants, ap
,eared in open court. The court or=
bared a fine of $1 against Asbert
LEborde for contempt of court, and
a default of payment to serve sll
tours in jail. Upon trial each was
lined $25 and costs, and sentenc
State vs. Sadoc Cowart and Bob.
Brewer. Plead guilty to shooting at,
Swelling. Sentenced to 3 years in
penitentiary and fine of $b sad costs.
Bentence suspended.
State vs. Grant Grout. Plead
guilty to ill treating a minor. Fined
1200 and coats and 16 months on
road, and la default of payt of,
fine 18 igoaths additional.
State Is. 0. E. Whigins. Plead
`silty to carrying concealed _Weapohts
and fined $100 lad costs, and in Adv
fault, of payment to 12 months in
parish jail.
State vs. W. J. Warren. Found
not guilty of violating _.unday law.
State vs. Bessie Wilson. Plead
guilty to retailing. Fined $100 and
costa, and in default to La months in
State vs. Luke Broom. Nolle
prose entered.
State vs. Ulyssus Depr'est. Found
not guilty of violating Sunday law.
State vs. Chas. Skinner. Found
not guilty of violatin Sunday law.
State vs. Willie Miic ell. Found
guilty of larcey. Sentenced to sin
montho in jail.
State vs. Roscoe Watkins. Fouad
not guilty of retailing and keeping
disorderly house.
State vs. Sadie Price. sound not
guilty of retailing.
Jno. Hampton alias John Washing-,;
ton. Found guilty of carrying con.
ceaed weapon. Fined $100 and
costs, and in default of payment to
nine months on reads.
State vs. Jno. Rausch. Found aotd
gan:ty of viola ing Sunday law.
State vs. A. J. Dutruch. Noell
presse entered.
State vs. Harry Yonnw W't4
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