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TFr The St. Tammany Farmer
Government Officers Here Will Give You Incorne Tax Blank~
Safest Plan Is To See The
Income Tax Man and
Find Out.
Government Will Deal Se
verely With Those Who
Are Slackers.
It will requirg a sm..ll army of
men to take the income tax returne
of persons subject to the new tax.
Collector of Internal Revenue J. Y.
Fauntleroy today announces that ý0
officers will start from his head
quarters on January 1, and on .Tav -
ary 2 every one of them wil: be cn
the job in the parish a signe1 hirl,
to meet the yeople and help them
make out their income tax return=
The officer assigned to th's parish
due to be at the following pares on
the dates mentioned:
Slidell-At pos:ofice from Jan. 2
to 9, inclusive.
CovLrton-At courthouse from
Jan. 10 "16, incnu ive.
Mandeville--At postoffice from
Jan. 17 to 19, inclusive.
"It will he well for every unmarri
ed person wlhose net income for 1917
is $1.000 or over, and every married
person living with wife or husband
'whose net income for 1917 is $2,000
or over, to call an- the income tax
man and learn whether or not they
hvae any tax to pay," Collector
Pauntleroy said. "The person ':ub
ject to tax who doesn't mak reeturn
In the time prescribed is going to
regret it. The Government will get
after all Income tax slackers.
"There's hardly a business man,
merchant or profe slonal man ho
won't have to pay the tax. The safe
thing to do is for every person who
had a total income of $1.000 or
$2,000, as the case may he. and who
is not sure about what dedluctians
the law allows him, to play it safe
by calling on the income tax man.
"The man in the field will have
forms for everylody, and perdons
who expect to call on him need not
trouble themselves to write to my
,office for forms."
Sunday evening Dec. 30t.1 - p.
m., Student Andrew Scilmals will
4 5conduct the service and preach.
4tudeht Scihmalz, son of Mr. C. T.
kh Scmals, of Abita Sprin., has two
amore years. at the Seminary to come
'-ete his theological coi oe Never
N v r theless his first attempt i- the puplit,
-hidh was made in our midst '- e
eral weeks ago convinctel everyvne
that this speaker will be a for. efa1i
messenger -of the Everia tinl; as
Su14lay morning therm will '.r no
Monday night at eleven o' loci
there wi'l be services, seeniu the old
year out and the new yoar in.
Tuesday morning a1 10 ;t0 New
Year service.
Every one is cordially inv!Led to
OSCARW. LtJf c(-IZ,.
At the regular monthly meetins of
the Board of Directors of tile CoV
-ineton Bank & Trust Compaay, he'd
last Tuesday, a senii-annual oi ii
dend of five per cent was :l3 lar:'d.
payable January 1 "t. The Doard
also ordered that $3000 of the prods
be used *o reduce the "banking honse
account." thereby otacing this ^.
count at even $13.000, just half of
what the lot, bu!'ding and fixtures
actually cost. Incuding the extra
dividend df five per cent paid to
stockholders last July, this make
fifteen pir cent that. "St. Tammany's
-Big Bank" has paid to its stockhold
erg during the year, the best they
have exer done-in the way of actual
dividend payments, though their
profits a ually run vwll above this
Covington Ledge 188. F. & A. M.,
- boerved their usual custom of dis
tributing Christmas baskets amoas
the needy. Two auto truck loads of
these Christmas remembranceq were
distributed Dec. 22, one in charge of
Robt. Badon and A. L. Bear, and
one In charge of J. Monroe S'inomas
*a4 Wallace M. Poole. Judge Ba
01 was Santa Claus. - There were
ty baskets.
Outstanding Features of
Act of August, 1917,
After War Declared.
Matter of Congratulation
That Ships Should Be
Ready Promptly.
Following is the prelim inar: state
ment of Secretary of the Na y i17
lels, Wednesday, before ta.' s-ecom
mittee of the House Committee on
Naval Affairs, appointed by th' tul
committee to investigte the atm'n
istration of naval affair: in t .e
duct of the war.
The European war broe out i'
August, 1914, or in the 1i-,al ;e
1915, at which time the ustimtate
for the ensuing fiscal year of 191C
were :n course of prenar 'ti'. Thi
first preparedness e-timates of rhe
navy, therefore, were those for t1i
fiscal year 1917, contained in th'
act of Auguit 29, 1 91, vi
prepared in the autumn of 1
year following the denlart n
Outstanding Features of Ait.
The following are the outstaoi'V
features of the act of August 29,'
1916, in the order of occurrence:
1. Development in Europe made'
it essential for -us to get poas is+.t
of any information that would be oe
benefit to our Government and til
Navy. Obviously it was essential
to keep such date confidential, wh :
would not have been practicable ha'
it been necessary to account in dt
tail for the funds used in it, coeoe
tion. The act vested the Secretary
of the Navy wiUh discretionary pow
ers as to accounting for the money
so used.
2. Provided that the Chief of
Naval Operations should have not
less than '13 officer assistant', and in
order to give his ocfie proper and
necessary powers. for planning and
preparing for war, provided that any
orders that he might issue in per
forming the duties assigned him
should have full force and effect as if
from the Secretary &himself.
3. Provided for expenses of and
experimental research work by the
civilian naval consulting board, and
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There was quite a rush on at tlhr
clerk's office for the iew days before
Christmas. and dr- . s were cated
on every hour is Lhe day befeh
Christmas to issue licenses, nineteFtn
being tVhe total for that day:
Geo. W. Bethea to Hazel Daws.
Will Newell to. Sarah Miies.
Jesse Williams to Lelabelle Ce '
Robt. Glockner to Ellen Henrici's
Walter Ratliffe to E'lcn M3orro .v
Frank Wiltz, Jr., to Cora Lol"'.
Geo. Samrow to Viola Nun"ez.
Jas. Pulley, Jr., to Alme ta Browa.
Chas. Davis to Alma Baugnt '.
Dan Culbreath to Lilly Pent a.
Henry Hall to Addie Qus'e.
Leo Lossett to Annie Gotts/ '
Wm. Johnoon to Josephine Keles.
Hy. Williams to Louise Washin"
Sdw. Burthon, Jr., to Amy liar:
henry Evans to Lulu Hlatton
Ger. J. Cornibe to Emma t-lan3
Marshal Vaughn to Josie ThltIn:.
David West to Mrs. M. F~o' .rý
Mr. B. '1. 'Miller, of Coving! n.
and MIr. Philip Zollinger, of A
-q 1-- been m-de members
of the Advisory Board to assist drat -
1I `»T out the!r question
nacre bhanks, giving advice, etc.
Tn a sick of feed purchased by
sMiss Nannie Pharris, of Covington.
- if 'Lew's Th mpsc a, Co.
E. 234 Infantry, Syracu e, N. V.'
-ftind w th the request to "please
answer." Here- is another chao c
for some young lady to give good al
vice and comforting words to a l-ne
some soldier boy.
The election of Mr. Jos. Delery a'
Consul Commander of the Woodmen
of the World, at its recent meeting,
made six consecutive terms he has
held this office. Nothing like a good
man in a good place.
Thos. F. Millar, son of Capt G. E.
Millar, of Abita Springs ýhias enl st
ed in the Navy and. e
ed to duty.
With th1 apture of the first United States soldiers h}- the Germans our
government began to arrange through neutral nations for il( it d(itent trtc -
ment and that of future prisoners of war. At once steps were taolen t. let
Germany know how well those of her subjects who arte interned in this
country are treated. The accompanying illustration goes to prove that alien
enemies under restraint in Anierica have no reason to complain. It sho s
interned I7ermnans at the inmigration station at Gloucester, N. J., the receiving
stntion for Immigrants for Philadelphia. They undergo no privations whlt
ever, and anmuiements are provided for them, as well as good fo'i a mid
lodging. The onen are seen playing ten pins. At the left is the one who Is
charged with the care of the poultry raised for their taile.
i II
District Court was in session part
'f la-t week and judgment srender
ed in a number of cases which had
>eon previously heard.
The Grand Jury was empannelel,
as foloows: Steve Abuey. foreman:
Warrea Thomais, Berry W. Tedca. A.
J. Finney, Frank Brown, Robe. P.
Krcntol, Rudolph Galatas, Thos. M2:
Queen, Rudolph Parker, E. F. Fu'r
mann. T. E. Bruhnicg, Nathan wli:t
The. following indictments were
Johnnie Penn, murder.
J. II. Rcyonlds, wife desertion.
W. R. - Fail, carrying conceaiecl
John Henley, carrying concealed
Aaron Brown, carrying concealed
weS pon.
Walter William;. breaking and en
tering at night time.
The following judgments were ren
Annie B. Koepp vs. Samuel S. Dix
on. Judg;ment for plaintiff.
Covington Hank & Trust Co. vs.
E. J. Frederick. Judgment in favor
of plaintiff, but allowing defendant
credit of $100.
Ed. Boyle vs. Twon of Mandeville.
Judgment in favor of plaintiff.
St. Tammany Ire & Manufactor
ing Co. vs. Town of Covington.
Judgment in favor of plaintiffs.
Caz. Talley vs. Widow and lHirs
of Dr. C. Z: Wi~liams. Judgment in
favor of plaintiff. Perfection of
Chas. A. Bauer et als v . C. M.
Liddle. Judgment in favor of de
_9,-e Dousette vs. Chas. Legarde,
Jr. Judgment in favor of plantin .
It wi'l be remembered that two
I soldier ooys of Camp Shelby recent
V re toed letters from young
ladies' and merry widows. Accord
na : the following postal from W.
D. C., the young ladies have come
acrre, oiu there is a wail of dispair
as far as the merry w'dows are con
cerred. i hall it be said that St.
Tammany pariah has no merry w~d
ows? That Covington, the little Ntw
York of C.upid's s-y maneuvering, is
likewise deficient? Something i
wrong, boys. Didn't go over the top
in time or haven't waited lcng I
enough for resuills. They were
here all summer, laughing behind
their fans, and you can see them
now, rubbering every time a uniform
gasses. Something must be wrong
with your postoffice up there.
Here is the postal:
Camp Shelby. Miss., Dec. 20.
Dear Editor:
Many thanks for the write-up. It.
was fine.
Have received 'several letters, but
all from young ladies.. You do not!
seem to- have any merry widows in
Covington. I also received mail
from Slidel and Violin, La.
Wishing you a Merry Xmas and
ppy Naw Year, I remain,
COOK, W. D. C.
Ni Yar rm.n
'S -
Thursday, December 20, the Pres
byterian Church, Rev. Talmage pas
tor, entered into the Christmas spirit
with its teachings that "it is mne
blessed to give than to receive." A
large basket of toys, fruit. gDeeries
and clothing was contributeri by the
Sunday School members and their
friends to be distributed to those
needing Christmas cheer.
The Church has made an effort the
past few years to bring into the
Christmas program the sacred side
of its teachings, and to enmphsize the
spirit of giving which Christ came to
teach, and the happy faces that ill
ed the church was a pleating pi.
ture of-the truthfulness of the teach
Mr. E. G. Davis, superintendent of
the Sunday School, called attention
to the renewal of their Christmas
celebration and its object lesson, tie
duty and pleasure of giving. Mr.
Davis said that all should be than?,
ful for the privilege of living in this
great free country and that we are
not across the water in the n:d1
of the carnage of war.
Mrs. Dan W. Davis was chairman
on distribution -of presents and at
tended to the delivery of pa-cag+
to the various families to whom they
were assigned.
The beautiful decoration '. the
church was the handiwork of Mr.
John Halter. On entering the ves
tibule, in the softly shaded light 'sas
disclosed a wounded soldier lying on
a cot. Near him a Red Cro's nuire
ministered to his needs. Woile il
lustrating the great, work being done
by the Red Cross.. she also Invited
contributions in a sealed box 'trr
ed for this tpurpose. That htr a,
:peal was not in vain was shxn
when the box was opened and it was
found to contain $41.6S. TLi, e
chanting little nurse was little it
Helen Warner. The wounded sol
dier was Melville Worley.
Following is the program:
Song-It Came Unto A Midtsi l:
Prayer-'Mr. Talmage.
Announcements-Mr. Davis.
Recitation-"The Fir-t Chrlrun -a
-Irene Reeder.
Gifts from the Cradle Ro:'.
Bible Verses-Wm. Reeder, F
Planche, Tom Poole.
Gifts from Miss Grace 11:te re's
and Mrs. Dan Davis' classes.
Vocal Duet-"The Guiding Star'
--Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Talmage.
Gifts from Misses E'sa Diel's and
Hazel Quave's classes.
Recitation-"Giving Tie''" -Pit
?ip Pfeiffer, Anthony Baptist, flert
Gifts from -Mics Eastman's and
Mrs. J .C. Burns' classes.
Recitation-"An Unselfish Little
Girl"-Norma Dupriest.
Gifts from Mrs. E. G. hetis' class
f1horus-"Hark, the Notes o! *Ioy"
Gifts from Mrs. Talmage's cals-.
Recitation, 23d Psalm-Theeo.Žre
Gifts from Mrs. J. H. Warner's
"The Christitas Light'--Char-c
ters: The Child, Pauline Planche;
Spirits of Darkness, War, Herber;
(Gseatils Bo age 2)
Arthur L. sear, ch.alriran of 0
local committee on public in 1o.0
tion, has arranged to ha:a 1is fl 1
lowing well known Fong-\;
speak at Parlkview Tiieatre I
new War-a'cing Cel-'iiŽ. l
S. Thrift Cards on the date, s,,+
posite their respective nanm
J. Monroe Simmons--i ...
28. 1917.
E. G. Davis-December 9'
C. S. A. Fuhrmann- -Decenuer
30, 1917.
L. C. Moise--December 31 ,
Results Of The Red
Cross Member-,
ship Drive.
While the cry is baing r inne
other sections that th' Red C.i s
Membership Drive has not cal1
to the allotted number, it is ideasa nt
to note that St. Tammiuany pari V ars
gone "over the top," with nlae v: it
ing in. Slidell lead tihu'; fmr '. 1ii
a memlbership -of 800. '1'aw v'
are the returns for the d viv up
the 25th instant:
Ward 1-300.
V-ard 2 (Folsom)--13.
Ward 3-600.
Ward 4-612.
Ward '--1 ;.
Ward 6 (Talisheek) 1 Ii.
Ward 7-20.
Ward 8-i 4.
Ward 9-R00.
Ward 10-227.
When pop!'ati ýn is ' 1 mi'erl
Abita Springs and Tat~hl'e hce
made an excellent showi'x
Unless every worke' r- reis to
the S. O. S. cal: with the
promptness the Allies,. tI. t -
feet in charging the Rochan each'.
after the barrage fire lIi t he
way through the 'h'sol -a
Man's Land, the Red Cr C'i' t
mas. Drive in the three
Alabama. Louisian's orI 1
will prove a failure.
The Gulf States are on trial as It
were, answering an indaitnwt cha.
ing failure of readiness to re sal
to a great national can., a war
measure in fact needed as at eroai -
uting force to the fin'fI v"-t'rv of
Democracy over despotism. ýnd .,
th"- 5 mnagn faills, the C/ tu
may be held as lacking In patrsoti-'m
According to the unota aen
Alabama wae to produce 200, ") :
members; Louisi ea, 176. .i.
-Mississipp!, 12a,0007. A!Trna,;
to latest rep-arts, laskul 1'J f 'V
the quota; Louisiana, 72,73. ind
Mississippi lacked 75,638.
All the campaign manager; har
been urged to lead their ferces in a
final drive sri determine andv
directed that there will be no tha
of failure, and'ill three of the Gule
States be put over the tog with g o
ing color,s.
Little less than a week remains ao
accomplish the great end seught.
In the Nnth, East ,and the We'.t
they are exceeding their quota an-1
the men hbading ti -movement in
the Gulf Division say that their 'o'c
es cannot afford to meet defeat.
IThe G9US States. have always been
Fourtih Ward Eumolls Mem
beiship of '313 With
More In Sight.
Local News and Social Do
ings of Holiday.
W p.ek.
(ly' Staff Correspondent)
Žjrnle-vill1. ' ), 27.- 'Mr. Eads
P'itt'v 'nti ptirih eliairm 'n of the
tedi (ri 's Chri-smas Drive, announr
'4 that he ren'r'c from the variou'
" . nr:: . , el e dia the memnber
S1 ,_ ": i, iii ` ing most I'V
t'1 ;o 1 D 1) S ealik pass
So%."ii vi0"" of the fct that tth"
ii' ' ,1 . 1 : 0 t o o a t 1 i 0 -
Th1is, ; r Fa :<h ardi, has en
Jo 'd a npinhership e t1 5nIl pr'os
p s al' SuttMonely bright11 to n
t e least £ pac.
eY 111e n T. Ma'i
:+.i'. !o p .r.. .`tilhool Vill. t.' ke place
F~~ , 1 i1ar 4; 19. 'it 7,, tt'.
t. t. of Edu1tcatioin T. H.
Harris, Pa: ish cR :. L~yun, irust As
si -t^'_1 P ace, Vo N.," Bolan i 0.
L. :s L. Mot rn, of Covington, May
or Davis and Soho-Il Dire~ccr H H.
L a a* Will eke h"ort a0dr ses on
,:ifs - arnu ch1- t- to the occasion.
Ti- sc 'oo! "htldren' under dtrnc'ion
ci Prof. i. E .: .c niato., will sing
;!.1100 s u," v and after tiff C`exeriB
es the"!' w -ll -e dancing.
The ludi',s of tlr'1.0 Schuoo Le.g ,As
hat s . f the wca ' ilt LirnSh "r
fr -onr-uta and look after the wel
fatr- o"f tin cias.
Che nH:1 : v,-i i}l L; c'mnlii
te~ntacy, rTe - formal invi'tnIns
or .Tho i6
the ....:Gi bOlo id te ,nil
espec-t :1y I IX and pIjranis and
r hool ch idren are
pert: -cualy '-ged to b rat.
ure a:', c e overyhodi and f a-t
eorreys on the handsomest and
best eqi- :ped .-1hocl huolding in ,ho
Mr. Wado Peters, the popul-ir as
':stant engineer of the St. Tam. &
N. 0. Ry. &I Ferry' C.- won tine ' I
room set given away Cffrir-tma-s ht! 1,
at the shoe. That's a gotd iart,
\,'vt', n,. go and lind the girl.
1<n t --r the H. C. L. scars you:
Mr. Z7ochit a: la Sh rp. Jr.. o i il
Ma'-rgartt May K-li i''r"' <iqt ý'
married la ' "aturd-y ý'-"-t (' "
chluia by R~ev. Fr. Ecr~narnt
.Now Za("k, '.issc Miirearc' ,11d tile.
(110otEd ' itnl-v e t' to l '- "t
the matter secret 'nd as i w-rs
"Flip one over" their ittt itt -,' of
fr Inds, for -' t th 9se * io >-lt
are very ppu' ar and mua't 00l' -d
In this community, brt t'tt'o ir.n
Cr"id was 'a ¾ e'-lhted n his a (- i
f 'aa-r- ; .o'ined togeth"r the"'; two
'inng becrts that he r:-'idi not resist
the temnu'atien of of ini I
broadcast, Mherefotr it it: nw '
''Cout ý-' and tie ars. to very (1'-
ly .give an "at horn'" to rec -' the
conarat at 'a. r aad ;el wi--- -
The Polt ient c Ia-re L' e-j-- : C
r"cembered erch on' of Its rm
p oyees on-. Chriseraas day f'1 (1 0n -
itialed fruit Eish filial with Itru an1
I pocket knife.
The Annoct on of Commerce, at
a meeting lo''1 l)e'mer 22, p bl
ed to have the 1I oa h Chaitlnnoi a
comm to C0 vrton a*'aL. It r\Il
be hey' in Aoril
?T1 a :. :i -m rIn r has' b)ean :l y
this weel: n rn ýt
naires fir frV'fte I, m on Th1k
mebn ers ,re rt ly .yeri. oa
there is no divib d sri. .Al _ " Thi
board has breen a '*ri] by Žrr. I. TI
Wortham, Mi N. 1 Fiftimnns.
Miss Kate Estman aTh(1 M "
Eastman. Jr , wbo hav.e ?enmainrt
cnnsiiantly at 11w rourholua; ;v?
the men arrive to hinche-' and re
pare lheir blank;. WViver ang child
ren .aetcomni:any the married' mon,
where child-nn are dependents. Or's
cer 16 years - and hoys. over 1g
years of age, sign affidaviti. After
those women ha. e fxPd lp the ¶1't:?
they are. taken to a notary pub;i
who makes atten and attaches sca'.
Mr. E. D. Kentzei, c!erk a! th11
draft board, has nfaled thus tar rup
to Friday noon) 1212 questionnaires.
to the oreinevery great movement,
as W. J. Leppert. the dtvision secre
tary remarked Wednesday, and the
'Gulf States with fallure In the great
est -of causes against them, will find
a. blot in their record, which a long
tale of dotories cannot erase.
Second Appear ne of Slim
deli Choral Association
At Baptist' Church
Red Cross Membership S
Slidell 629. ConthnC
tions, $708.00.
(By Staff Correspo en1t. '
Slidell, Dec. 27th.---'The
Church had their Christmas Ce
tion oh Christm8a pv'ning, Whim
len"thy and entjnyablo program
reniered. Th&§:idell ChlI.
'iati'n maidetheir'secbnd pb
pea"rtnce ijd strengthe'44 t
riaiy title impressioz, made on
debut, and we look forwa
'leasuire to many nmutsial V9
which we hope to enjoy wti
Aessociation that 'romrises
A reading by Mr.. Winto, *
solo by Clyde Polk, Miller
and Glenn 'Miles, a. reel
Merle McMahon, entitled e
Spot in 3-600", splos by Misl
Bourgeois and Mr. S. C.' 3
wore features of the musiel*
grant. Mrs. Wingo's dketeh,
mas in the Trimbles," was very
enjoyed, a' was also the r
of little Miss. Merle MdMah .,
offering was for the beneftt ;$
Baptist Orphanage at Lake C
A touch of patriotism eas give
celebration by the siningr `
ea." Pasalor WVina 'Wwit
conducting the entertalqm
delivered himself in hia usuat,_
qaucqt *manner, and every' i
well pleased with t46 even
Miss Ella Baker arid. '
}Tood, of Gennessee,; La., wft
in marcktge by Rev. Sypuog
on Suiday at 2:30 p. W., a
of Lfe pride's sister,l.(' rs.
Ginty. Ville wedding was
ly celebattd. In the:, a
lmmediagt fhirily and Rwa
Wingo. Mr. and Mrs. Montt
same afternoon- for Oenessee,
they-pre to make their hompe,
Mr.'Geo. Cffrnibe and Mist
Hansbrcugh were marriledoQ
mas morning. Rev. Win'go
The bridal couple tleft on e
bridal trip, afterewhthh they ,
to make Slidell their home.
'Mr. Hetfe3 Dunhatt shtdlis
Smith were married at th t b i e e
the 'bride in New Orleans, ozih
day. Mr. and Mrs. Dunh4.
make their home Mere. F
The Red Cross Membership
made. for {Chrilsas inemb
suited in 629 new enrollm48at
total of $708, and Mr.' E..
chairman, desires toathank thoep
assisted in the work, especially
ladies having in charge the.
liooths.,who devoted two
days' tifrte'to the cause, Which
it pos-ible for SU:dell to 'go L~T
top of its quota.
The Christmas high rnass 04
ed at midnight Christmas,
beautiful ceremony, a large
gntion being prcsent. The g
children's voices which has bee
ably trained by Father Bened4
sjsted by Prof. Felix Le~laic'
dered misic composed by
Tenedict, in a most harmonisoMa °
ner, anul their fresh young
were certainty very enjoyable.
LeBlaec and G. Rondeau re'
"Cantique de Noe in a sp 1`x
manner. Father Benedict del
a fine sermon calling particular
tentlon to this being the greater
in the Christmas era.
The large onbrch was nearly
even at the ,nidai ht hour at
the service was helf, and those
terlingi were amply repaid by
wshle service.
We regret to note the death
Mrs. Eloise Gardere Moise, siste r$
Postmaster Paul flardere, who
in New Orleans, Wednesday
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Gardere attetl
ed the funeral, which odcurred& '
.The Christmas tree and-pro
f'r tir,;t and second garde $n
took place last Fritay, and prov
n loyable vtant to'all thise'
lpg. The program consist
musecal selecti9ns, by the
resIAtMt 'is by Geo. Glass uat
Lillian AMrgan. Bitly Sepqpile,
ma Tinder, Felix Adams, Abice
ginton, Eula Wingo, Spiageon
go, Cinrine Lipscomb. atit
impersonated by 4fthizy
called the roll or ir t rrad
each child answeretd and laid
was most wanted by them, en
eplendidly entedi by the tote.
dies and apples were givell
tle one.
oMr. and Mrs. Robtr~ti
YoAk, are w aitng .f
(OManued ea

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