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l The Ste Tammany Farmer T Fa m e w S"
1.00.o YEAR "." '
: Ur. c - --M.&ON E COVIGTON LA., SATURDAY, - - 1 1918- -VOL - XV o 8
pD.' I. n'bIsoN, Editor COVINGTON, LA., SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, 1918 VOL. XLIV No.8
Slust Make Your Income Report to Government Without Notice
The Only Failure to Make
Definite Statement Lies
With Germany.
"People of the United States
Could Act On No
Other Principle.
Washington, Jan. 8th.-President
Wi:son to-day addressing Congress,
-delivered a restatement .of war aims
in agreement with the recent decla
ration by the Briti:h Premier, David
Lloyd George.
The President presented a definite
plrgram for world peace ontaining,
ofi.rteen specific cons'derations.
Coming at a moment when Ger
" many faces the demands of her So
cialista for aband~unment of any pro
gram of annexations and indemnities
and also faces the failure of the
peace negot a 'ion at B1 est-L",:ovsk.
the Pres dent's pronoun.emnen. de
veloped its tre;:.en .:- s i :;,ortance
as he spoke to a crowded chamber of
leg sla,.ors, d'poom ts and ooic:a
Although he address was .:nut a
ed :Iberaliy by applau e, the a war,
one grea -demonstration when the
President dclared France must ha
right for the wrong in A:Ksce-Lor
m aine. Al that. the ent're assembly
arcse. anpl'nuded and cheered loud
ly. Otherwise, the address was de
livered in the s once whch denotes
the rapt attentitun of an audience
which real zed that it wa: passing
thrU.r h a great quarter of an hour
In the life of the world.
To the German people the Presi
&-dent gave a reassurance that there
wa-s no aim to impair their peaceful
- The President made clear at the
outset that the German statesmen,
baying again challenged their adver
saries to a restatement of war aimn,
be undertook to respond to it with
the utmost candor." The British
Premier's declaration the President
teferred to as having :been spoken
with' 'admirable candor and in ad
mirable spirit for the people and
government of Great Britain."
"The only secrecy of counsel," he
-added, "the only lack of fearleus
R~akness, the only failure to make
statement of the objects of the war,
$iie with Germany and her allies."
The voice of the Russian people,
piostrate and all but ihelpless, with
power apparently shattered by no
subservient, called for a statement of
alms, and, the President added, he
responded "with utter simplicity and
The visiting Serbian mission sat
with the cabhinet and joined in the
applause that greeted the ddclara
-raton for restoration of Serbia, and
the freedons of the Balkan people,.
The President spoke as follows:
"Gentlemen of the Congress:
"Once more, as repeatedly before,
the spokesman of the central em
_tres have indicated their desire to
discuss the objects of the war and
the possible bases of a general peace.
"Parleys have ,been in progre-s
"at Brest-I+tovsk between Russian
elpresentatives and representatives
o: f the central powers to whtch the
-ttention of all the be!lligerents has
teen invited for the purpose of as
--4ertaining whether it may be pOs
sible to extend these parleys into al
generalmi conf,'rence with regard to
terms of peace and settlement.
"The Russian repre-entatives pre
aented not only a perfectly definite
statement of the principles upon
which they would be wi'llng to con
Selude pes.ee. ,u.' 'so an equal~ly def
I.'te program of the encrete appP
Oat'on of those pr'nC'p!es.
"The rerc~sntat es af the
ren'ral "o ers .-n their part,
presented an o:lt'in of el t'e
a meat which, if much lo-es de'i
alte, seemd '!sus'e,'ible of lib
eal interpretat'on until the!r
Specflic rorram of practical
terms was adRled.
"Thet prorram oroposed no con
**esions at al! e'ther to the sover
elguty of Rus-ain or to the prefer
45 of the aopultion with whose
'4o-Dtutnee Is dealt, but meant, in a
ard, ithat the central epotires were
to keep every) foto of territory the'r
armed forces had occuped-every
r..,oiffcee, every city, every point of
SiuMtage-as a permanent add'tlon to
theilr territories and their power.
: "It is a reasona.ble conjecture ithat
the general principles of eetrlement
S~.Whleh they a fi1rst. su~ggested orig
IaSteed 'with the more liberal states
'lln of German.y and Austria, the
- he who ihave 'begun to feel the
O I-Oe of their own peop:e's thought
(Ooutinued on page 6)
Some Information As To
Work Accomplished
By The Order.
Teachers Are Absent At
Dedication Of The
Public School.
(By Staff Correspondent.)
Mandeville, Jan. 10.---The pay
ment of your annual dues to the Red
Cross does not end your duty and
obligation to the organization, on the
contrary 'tis only the beginning. It
is your, and by your, is meant all of
the 115 who joined here in Mande
viiyle, then, it .s your bounden duii
to the U. S. Government, the men
who are fighting for you and .,':,
and yourse:f to either at end he
.ew'ng cire'es al or part of the
time or to se.d for -.arn:ents to ae
made at home. PtoIbal:. fw f "
- ay bring st ry- ..v : -
m.re successfu ap;e".e
How mainy know t!h -: of .
-d C-ons? "'0 a :. o
S'h - easu o '1
-o-oper tion w:th the Army o1.
'y. for th- r. tet'on of th,
helIth and v - .. of si -..e
ramps and canl I en's. and of cl -
lians whimc wlfar. e is '-.vol'ed n
wor cond't'ons. Secrnd, to t' r
late and guide the vo'un eer w
of wFomen in the manufac'ure If
supplies and comforts needed by ,he
troops and civ;l'ans abroad and by
men in training- in this country.
Third, to co-operate with the Gov
ernment and with a:l relief agenc'es
in caring for the dependent famil'es
of men in the military and naval
service and to relieve suffering caus.
ed by and disacter. Fourth, to
maintain, at the lowest cost cons!st
ent with efficiency, machinery to as
sure an uninterrupted performance
of these duties of the relief work in
(Continued on page 2)
Mrs. Alfred Celment, Parish Chair
man of the Louisiana Anti-Tubercu
Josis League, reports that Covington
has once again gone "over the top,"
this time in the sale of ited Cross
Christmas Seals. Twc-:' h'lousand
seals were sold throughout the par
Lsh. and of this amount Covington
sold 14,386, or $1143.86 worth.
Unfortunately the campaign thru
the parish was started very late, due
to some delay from headquarters.
The other towns would have un
questionably have met with the same
success Covington did had they start
ed earlier and understood the work
better. The Women's Organizations
of Covington are largely responsible
for the spilendid success.
Fdl:owdng' is a list of the collec
tions made by the various towns and
Abita Springs ............ 12.75
( Miss Bertha Mutti)
Madisonville ...... ..... 10.00
(Mrs. Theo. Dendinger)
Mandeville ...... ...... 4.00
(!Mrs. I. Levy)
Tallsheek ............ 3.35
(Mrs. Welch)
Lacombe ...... . ..... 1.29
(Mrs. Dinkins)
Pearl River ...... ...... 3.00
(Mrs. Wdllls)
Slidell ........ ........ 18.00
(Mia, Cora Aibe')
Fo m ........ ....... 3.00
(Mrs. Guzmon)
Covington ...... ....... 143.F6
The money raise1 'n Covington
"- -c1iected as f.llc:ws:
King's Daughters ........
Eastern Star ........... 10 11
Woodmen C'rcle ........ 14.43
Women's Progress've Union 9 03
Red Cro's ...... ....... 4.14
Daughters of IsabeEa .... 9.64
M. C. B. Lbrary ........ 11.05
Covington High School ... 23.41
St. Paul's College ....... 4.17
Sold by indl.vidurls and eon
trdibutions ......... ..... 48.78
There wi:ll be a meeting of the
Women's Progressive Union, Mon
day, Jan. 14, 1918, at 3:30 p. m., a'
the rooms of the Association of Com
merce. As the annual election of of
fe.rs will take place ft ia urged that
all members attead.
Ms1RS. c. A. eHi PFIELD,
eIlsw ,._
$yýý- .
This photogr aphi shows the rint American sol(Iiers tak -n prisoner in France being questioned by their captorsi i
a German cam'p. It was published In the German propaga ida organ, "Weld lii Bld," and reached America throwg
British official sources.
,1 dell, Jan. 10.-The local branel
cf he tc2 Cro:s . e acempl'sh'n
So-d : sl~l:s, a; wil: be shown by the
?:l!,w 1 = a:tic!is wh:ch have been
forwarded to Cuvinzt-n dur: n t
--a.t rnr. h: 636 assorted surgical
dre-sings, 35 bed shlrts, 10 conva
lescent ronje. R sweaters, 7 pairs of!
socks. 2 helmets.
At a meeting, of all St. Tammany
branches, held at Covington, Jan. 2,
1918, Slidell made a very creditable
showing, leading in some things, and
the officers and membero feel that
if a large number of those Slidell
Cadies who are not working for the
Red Cross would do so Slidell would
lead in every department of this ser
vice for our country, as usually does
all other St. Tammany towns in re
sponding to war calls.
Mrs. Geo. W. Champlain returned
Sunday from a visit to her daughter,
Mrs. Wa'ker, in New Orleans.
Prof. and Mrs. F. L. ,Musbach, of
,Madison, Wis., are spending some
time with Mr. and Mrs. H. U. Baker.
Prof. Musbach is connected with the
Wisconsin University.
Mr. and Mrs. John Newman and
children spent Monday with relatives
in New Orleans.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Leonhard re
turned to their home in New Or
leans Tuesday after spending a week
with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sebastian.
Prof. F. L. Musbach and Prof. H.
U. Baker visited Mandeville Wed
Miss Leah Comfort departed Sun
day to resume her duties at DeRid
der, La.
Prof. Johnson, of North Carolina,
who is to be the assistant principal
of the Slidell high school, is now
here. Prof. Johnson will succeed
Prof. T. K. McKnight, who recently
Mr. and Mrs. Rebt. Halley and
Miss Sibyl Nehls left Wednesday for
New York. 'Mr. and Mrs. Hailey
spent the holidays here with Mr. and
Mrs. E. F. Hailey.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McC. Rous
seaux, returning from their interupt
ed honeymoon, arrived here and
spent the night with their mother,
Mrs. N. Rousseaux, and left Thurs
day morning for Westonia, their fu
tu-e home. Mr. and Mrs. Rous
seaux (nee Bertha Parent) were
marr.ed on January 3d, by the
*rom's brother, the Rev. J. C. Rous
seaux, in Logtc'wn. Miss.., the bride's
home, and were on their honeymoon
trip when recalled that he may
S--,v 'o the ouestionr' re-a. Mr.
Itourseaux is we:l known here thi3
!'to-mer'y be'ng his home.
'- 1-er noeased to note that Mrs.
G. C. Minturn 's steadily imn.ravin':
-and we hope that his recovery wll: be
Mr John Sebast'an left Wednes
day to resume h's studie- at L. S. U.
Mr; Gus Fr'tehie left Wednesday
t. yýit his brother, A1bert, who is
laeyhere in America," having
been recently Iromoted 'and trans
ferred.- Gun will later resume his
ktudles at Washington Lee Univer
The annual election of officers for
the Pr'scetla Club, occurred Monday,
Dec. 31, at the home of Mrs. J. A.
Salmen. Mrs. J. A. Salmen was
made president; Mrs. T. S. Manley,
secertary; Mrs. W. A. Parker, treas
Mrs. J. $alemn, chairman of the
i (_ta.1 ea a pn ops 2)
Chairman Potecvent announces
that Madisonville has gone over Othc
top in ttho -Redt ' 3"ýienuaer hi
Drive with a subscription of $900.
This shows fine work for Mr.
Theo. Dendinger, Sr., and Mr. P. A.
Blanchard, of Madisonville, and the
. triott.m of the peopel of Madison
.I:o and the first ward. Under the
present demands for contributions
for war purposes the people feel the
drain upon their pocketbooks and
the men and women who get out
and hustle to gather in contributions
have to plan and work. Therefore
Mr. Dendinger and Mr. Blanchard
are to be congratulated for their
noble work, as well as are the peo
ple who contributed to make their
district, first in contributing to the
needts of the soldiers at the front
through the Red Cross.
The English - American Playera,
Chautauqua-Vaudeville Players, are
at the Parkview Theatre to-night for
one night only. These people are
highly spoken of 'by both press and
public the country over. A specie
feature, also, will be Master Carl,
the "child wonder." He is truly a
wonder. Also a good picture pro
gram will be run. The admission
will be onl 15 and 25 cents for the
double show.
Covington, La., Jan. 4, 1918
The St. Tammany Parish Scho&.
Board met in regular session on the
above date writh N. H. FitzSimons.
president, in the chair. The mem
bers present in morning sessiot.
were N. H. FitzSimons, third ward:
H. H. Levy, fourth ward; W\. H
Kahl, fifth ward; Dave Evano; sixth
ward; G. E. Mi.lar, tenth ward. Ab
sent: Geo. R. Dutsch, first ward: T.
J. O'Keefe, second ward; Berry W.
Todd, seventh ward; . . '. Rb.brt
eighth waard. Mr. C. M. Liddle.
former member from the ninth 'w rc
and who" res:gned from the board tc
take effect December 1st, was pres
ent, and upon invitation front the
board sat with them and took per
in the discursions but refusal to ac
ept his per diem as he lid not con
3 deP h'msOf as a legal member cf
the board.
On motion of Mr. Levy. seconder'
by Mr. Kahl, the minutes of the
umeeting held on Ocitber 1, 1917,
were approved as pr:ntel in the of
ficial journal, and the minutes of th
opectal meeting hecd on Novembec
30, 1917, were approved as printed
in the oficial journal, with the ex
ception that the resolution offered
by 'Mr. Millar, and seconded by Mr
Dave Evans, to authorize a suit to
reclaim damages on certain 16th
section schooi lands should read as
Whereas it has come to the atten
tion of this board that no action has
ever 'been takqn iby our predecessor:,
Whoreas it has come to the knowl
edge of thi t~hard that titlea to. see
tion- 1, tawnship 9 south, range 13
(Ooaitun d on Page .)
Mandeville, I4., Jan. 2, 1918.
The Board of Aldermen met In
regular session on the above dbty
vi.'h the following members present:
ion. W. G. Davis, Mayor, Dr. A. G.
Maylie, Messrs. E. Dubourg, James.
Band and A. Hartman. Absent: A.
Moved Iby Mr. Band and second
ed by Mr. Hartman, that the minutes
of the meetings of Dec. 4th and 20th
be adopted as read.
Moved by Dr. Maylie and seconded
by Mr. Band, that the .Mayor's re
port be received and fiEed.
Moved by Mr. Dubourg and sec
onded by Mr. Band, that tihe Ceme
tery Committee's report be received
and filed.
iMoved by Dr. Maylle and second
ed by Mr. Hartman, that the Finance
Committee's report (be aocepted and
warrants for all blls approved be
Moved by Mr. Dubourg and sec
onded by Mr. Band, that the Tax
Collector's report be received and
Moved by Mr. Band and second
ed by Mr. Hartman, that the Mar
shall's report !be accepted.
Moved by Mr. Hartman and sec
onded by Mr. Band, that the Treas
urer's report for December be ac
Treasurer's Report for Dec., 1917.
Dec. 1, balance ....... . 2231,65
Dec. 30, fines ..... 7.50
Dec. 30, corporation tax 884.3.1
Dec. 4, to street lights
for Novemnber ...... 142.58
Dec. 22, to sea wall acct
Black & Laird Co., 244.61
Dec. 31, Dec. salaries .. 97.50
Dec. 31, gen. expenses. 67.50
Dec. 31, to streets and
'bridges .......... 36.3b
Dec. 31, balince ..... 2534.92
Special, or Sea Wall Account:
'ec. 1, balance ...... 493.04
Dec. 311, special taxes
for 1917, received .. 456.99
Balance ............ 950.03
No disbursements.
Moved by Dr. Maylie, .econded by
Mr. Hartman, that a 'warrant 'be
irawn in favor .of E. J. Frederick,
C'er!k of the Court, for $1867.72,
same ,being the remainder of 20 per
rent reWainer on account paid by the
Town of Mandov|We to the Black &
Laird Const. Co., as per contract for
building seven (7) 'block of sea wa.l,
said amount $1867.72 to be turned
ovdr to the Court in ........ pro
Roll call: For, Maylie, Dubourg,
Band, Hartman. Albsent: Depre.
Moved by Dr.,. Maylie and seoond
ed boh .Mr. Hartman that ite $2112.33
final payment to Black & Laird Con
struction Co., be made pp as fol
:o0r3: $1-847.72 paid to Olerk Of
Court in conwarus prcgg !s.
'$244.61 paid to Ed. i kM . for
completing the. unaStbe6d 1pi ot
safe -e w . be ,ae *- m . •
pE .
Offers His Services Free of
Charge to Help Fill out
Income Blanks.
SINGLE MEN, $1000;
All Whose Income Reaches
This or Over Must
Make Report.
Income Tax Inspector .L. E. Domi
nique, representing Collector J. Y.
Pauntleroy, is here and will remain
until January 16th. He wil! help
you prepare your income tax returns
without cost. His headquarters is
at the courthouse, room 23. Inas
much as ,Mr. Dominique's stay in the
parish' wi1 be limited, it is of the
utmost importance that all prospec
tive taxpayers take advantage of his
presence. It may be stated as a
matter of general information that
every unmarried person whose in
come for 1917 is $1000, or over, and
for every married person whose net
income for 1917 is $2000, br over,
is required to render income tax re
Net income is the remainder after
subtracting expenses from gross in
come. Personal, family, or living
expenses are not expense within the
meaning of the law. All classes of
persons having the albove otated
amount of .ieome are affected, farm
ers, merchants, tradesmen, profes
sional men, salaried men, wage earn
ers, etc. There is a common and
erroneous impresiion that it is the
Government's duty to call -upon the
taxpayer. On the contrary the tax
payer must call. upon the Govern
ment. The law imposes the obliga
tion on the taxpayer to secure the
necessary blank, and see that it is
duly iled with the Collector of In
ternal Revenue before March 1st,
b9118, or being handed directiy to
the Inspector.
In other words, it is up to the tax
payer to come forward, voluntarily,
failure to do so will result in addi
tional tax, and 'besides (be looked
upon as a serious violation of the
law, which may warrant prosecution
in the United States Courts.
The Woodme. not the. World en
tertained State ofice:s at lunchen at
Gabe's Tavern, Thursday evening,
before the installation of officers of
the Woodmen Ciro'e.' There were
present District Manager RObt. Hen
derson. District Deputy Sov. Rhody,
Mrs. Amelia Smith, State Grand
Guardian of the Circle, Commander
and Mrs. Jos. Delery and Mrs. Lam
bert and Clerk R. H. Dutsch.
Mr. Henderson and ,Mrs. Smith
spoke interestingly.
Full proceedings of the Installa
tion will be given next week.
following eeounts:
$1000.00, as budgeted in the 1918
$600.00, as budgeted In the 1917
Both being reserved sea wall
$71.00 balance in 1915 revetment
$36.30, balance from 1917, budg
eted light account.
$405.03 of balance of 1917 street
and bridge account.
Roll ca'l: For, Mayle, Dzbourg,
Band, Hartman. Absent: Depre.
,Moved by Dr. Miaylie and second
ed by Mr. Du'bourg, that the secre
tary be and is hereby authorized to
write Mr. W. S. Hanley, of the N. O.
G. N., that we are. still waitDng for
those muchly promised plans.
Moved .by Dr. Mayl'e and second
ed by Mr. Band,. that the notes and
4nterest on same to the Waterous
Engine Co., and Eureka Fire Hose
Co., Tbe paid when due.
There (being no further business
the counel adjourned.
S - o-
We sincerely thank all friends for
their kindness, and consideration
during the lliness and death of our
beloved mother Mrs. E. Lovering
Smith, ant we desire to espelal.E_
thankt ·Dr. iY e, Dsl. Pains and Rev.
aWa eastsman.
Jahncke Is Given Contract
To Place Shells on the
Madisonville Road.
Contract for Building Con
crete Vats Transferred
to John Edgar.
Covington, La., Jan. 8, 1918.
The po!ice jury met on the above
date with the following members
present: Geo. Koepp, Jr., E. J. Do
mergue, J. M. Smith, S. R. Cowart,
W. H. Davis, H. 'P. Robert, J. B.
Howze, Ro'bt. Abney. Absent: W.
A. Hood, Fletcher Crawford.
The reading of the minutes of the
last meeting were dispensed with.
It was moved by J. M. Smith, sec
onded by Geo. Koepp, that the prop
osition of the Fritz Jahnoke Co., to
finish shelling the Covington-Madi
sonville road, on a basis of $1.00 per
cubic yard for drayage only, with
the understanding that the police
jury furnish the parish convicts to
load their wagons and also to spread
the shells, and this account to be
paid entire:y separate from the fur
nishing of the chells, be accepted.
It was moved and seconded that
the meeting adjourn until 1:30 p. m.
Afternoon Session.
'VtMs moved by Geo. Koepp, see
onded by E. P. Robert, that the con
tract given to Felder Carter at the
last meeting of the police jury, Dec.
11, 1917, be rescinded, for the rea
son that he wanted to build the vats
out of brick instead of cement, as his
bid was supposed po mean cement
vats, and the contract transferred
to John Edgar, he being the next
lowest bidder, for the price and sum
of $165.00, as per contract printed
in these minutes.
Contract of John Edgar.
This contract entered into thli day
by and between the Police Jury of
St. Tammany Parish, herein repre
sented by J. B. Howze, its presi
dent, duly authorized, and John Ed
gar, a resident of St. Tammany par
ish, -witnesseth:
That for and in consideration of
the sum and price of one hundred
and sixty-five ($)165.00) dollars each
the said Edgar will build and con
struct twenty-five cattle dipping vats
in the parish of St. Tammany at sueeh
places or locations as will be here
after designated 'by the vat commit
tee of the police jury.
It being understood and agreed
that the said vats are all to be of
the same style and materials and
patterned after the one now built on
the property owned by Felix Bache
min, Sr., of this parish, on the Mili
tary Road, near Covington, with the
exception of the following altera
tions, to-wit: The dripping pens
each shall be five and one-half feet
in the clear and thirty feet in length
with a division fence through the
center of said pen, and having a
double swinging gate at the end
nearest the vat.
It is further understood and
agreed that the work on ca'd vats
siraE begin at once and be completed
on or before the 15th day of March,
1918. Payments on the said work
ara to be made as said work is com
oleted, and its accep'tance is author
Ized "by the vat committee of the
police jury.
In witness whereof parties hereto
(Continued on page 6)
A very important meeting of the
Covington town council was held
*:ast Friday. Among other things
an unusua! appropr!ation of $800.00
was made for the fire department.
A committee of three, Jake Seller,
H. J. Ostendorf and W. E. Beoes, ap
peared before the council and pe
titioned for assistance. Mr. Seller
made a good talk, showing the ne
ce-sity of funds if the department.
was to be continued. He said the
department could not be fun by the
dues of the members. That dues
were paid in as a benevolent institu
tion and should not be expected to
finance the operation ctf the depart
ment. It was necessary that some
one 'be kept at the engine house and
that the equipment be kept in condi
tion. The demand was imperative
Arrangements were made for the
settlement of the bill of the St. Tam
many Ice & Manufacturing Co., end
(Cntined 0a page 3t

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