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Statement of the
Madisonville Bank
Located at Madisonville, La.
Parish of St. Tammany.
Report furnished to the Examiner of State Banks
by the above Bank at the close of business on De
cember 31, 1917:
Demand loans .................... 8,250.00
Loans secured by mortgage ......... 30,580.06
Other loans and discounts .......... 28,873.66
Overdrafts unsecured .............. 341.12
United States bonds ................ 29,449.50
Banking house, furniture, fixtures ..... 3,300.00
Cash items ....................... 920.81
Due from banks and abnkers 48,240.92- 48,240.92
Gold certificates .......... 1,570.00
Gold coin ............... 207.50
Silver, nickel, copper coin.. 1,283.98
National Bank Notes and all
issues U. S. Government. 8,448.00- 11,509.48:
Suspense account ................. 14.52
Capital stock paid in ............... 12,000.00,
Surplus ........... .............. 9,000.00
Undivided profits, less expenses and .
taxes paid ......... ........... 183.55
Dividends unpaid .. . 500.00. i
Cashier's cks. outstanding. 782.93
Individual, deposits subject
to check ............. 104,294.91-105,577.84
Individual savings deposits ......... 9,267.00
Time certificates of deposit ......... 25,451.58.
Pa.ith of St. Tamman:v.
1, Theo. Dendinger, President, and I, P. A. Planchard, Ca hiir of
the above named Bank do .o'emnl yswear that the above s~a.er.".nt
is true to tle best of my kntwledge and belief.
Original signed,
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 10th day of January,
A. D., 1917.
Justice of Peace 1st Ward, St. Tarp. tarish, La.
We hvae in stock some ex
cellent quality Hats. They
are of the best make and
material, but while the ordi
nary purchaser might not
notice it, as the difference is
very slight, they are not the
up-to-date new models. We
therefore are selling them at
bargain prices. If you buy
one of these Hats you will
get your money's worth.
Better take a look at them.
They are just as represent
I wish to notify my friends and
patrons that I have moved from cor
ner of Boston and Columbia streets
and am now located in my new quar
ters, 505 Gibson street, opposite
Schoen & Molloy s, where I will be
glad to serve them w'th the same re
liability as to goods as heretofore.
HAULING-See W. N. Patrick for
all kinds of hauling. Good teams
ready at a moment's notice. Reli
able service. Phone 27, Covington,
La. d29-tf
FOR SALE-First-class stove, fire
place or cord wood. Apply to Robt.
II. Dutsch, Covington, La. Phone
S81. ja5-tt
FOR SALE-Metz Runabout. Ap
ply J. A. Domergue, Covington, La.
FOR SALE-Farm of 73 acres,
25; in cultivation; 6 room house and
other outhouses. Place bounded on
north by town of Folsom, fronts on
N. O. G. N. Railroad. Cal and see,
or write I. W. Stevens, Folsom, La.
FOR SALE-Hay and cord wood.
Apply J. J. Foley, Claiborne, phone
149. j5tt
Dodge Bros. Touring Car, in perfect
condition, with extra tire; ear has
only traveled 1700 miles. $700.00
cash, or would exchange for timber
or timber lands, or as part payment
on timber or timber lands. Reply to
A-1000, care of The St. Tammany
Farmer. j12-tf
A leading soprano fto church ser
vice, $5.00 per Sunday. Vocal les
sona, 4 lessons per month, for $5.00.
Apply Mrs. Jes. A. Sinclair, P. O.
Box 47, Covngton, La. J12-4t*
(Continued from page 1)
local Red Cross, and lMmes. S. Win
go, J. K. Griffith, C. Cunningham,
Longscham and F. F. Wigginton,
motored to Covington Wednesday to
attend the monthly meeting of the
St. Tammany Branch Red Cross.
Miss Alice Sebastian entertained
a few friends New Year's Eve to wel
come the arrival of the New Year.
A very enjoyable time was spent in
Mr. Wm. Yates has returned to
Char:eston, S. C., after spending the
holiday season with his wife and
Mrs. Gardere, mother of Postmas
ter Paul Gardere, iD spending sone
time with her son and family.
Miss FIo Dunham and Miss Helc::
Dunham left Wednesday to resume
their duties at Grand Prairie and : .
Mmes. John $emple, H. P. Di
ham, Miss Linette Harper and Cho,
Liddle, Rusae:l Lloyd Duni. ;.i
tored to Hattiesburg. Monda ,.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. L~dld c ret::r
ed Wednesday from Hutt'e:: '.
ter having spent the h :id :s vw
Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Watkins.
Mr. Jas. N. Meak, fo-'merly f
Mariette Hotel!, New York, has ti'
en charge of the d'ning room of th<
New Southern Hbtel and has open'
it to the puwblic..
(Continued from pars 1)
The Red Cros has raised and
equipped 49 base hospital units for
the army and 5 for the navy; 12 of
the army units and 2 of the navy
$100,000.J TO LOAN
St. Tammany Farms
Improved and Ulnimproved.
5 to 20 years to repay loan.
Only 5 per cent interest.
I W. B. Lancaster, Covington, La.
Office with Miller & Burns, Attorneys-at-Law, Covington
Bank Building
are now in service abroad.
The Red Cross has organized 45
ambulance companies, with a total
personnel of 5580 men and women.
There has been enrolled 14,000
Red Cross nurses, 3000 of whom
have already been called into active
nursing service.
The Red Cross is serving through
its hospital supply service 3423 mil
itary hospitals, French as well as
American, and it operates 16 ware
houses and a transport system.
About 15,000 tons of material (hos
pital and general relief supplies) is
distributed monthly from these
About 3,000,000 surgick1 dress
ings are promised and must be sent
to France every month for the next
six months.
Now stop and ponder over the
above and ask yourself what am 1
doing to help this Godly cause" and
let your answer be in the shape of
your presence at the work meeting,
even though it be at the sacrifice of
pleasure or household duties, or send
for work to be done at home-the
need is great, the workers too few.
The St. Tammany Parish Medical
Society held its regular monthly
meeting here 'last Wednesday and
installed the following officers for
1918: President, Dr. W. E. Van
Zandt; Vice President, Dr. R. B.
Paine; Secretary and Treasurer, Dr.
A. G. Maylle; Delegate to the La.
State Medical Society, Dr. A. G.
Maylie; Alternate, Dr. J. F. Polk.
Yes, brother, we met, but the
meeting was so rickety and anaemic
that the society feeds an infusion of
enthusiasm, an inoculation of civic
pride, and a hypo of -professional
pride. A word to the wise is suf
The public school children moved
into the new school building last
Monady, 100 strong, and made the
welkin ring wth their praises and
ecstatic delight.
Be the cause what it may, 'ti
none the less a fact that the ab
sence of the entire teaching corps
from the public school dedication
exercises last week caused very much
unfavorable comment.
With the death of Mrs. Mary E
Loveting Smith, at the age of 57
years, there was removed from our
midst a whole-souled, generous
hearted and lovable woman. Her
many good deeds and quiet, unos
tentatiouns charities brought her the
respect and esteem of both the high
and lowly. She died on the morn
inng of January 4, last, after an ill
ness of six months, the pain and
misery of whch she bore with un
complaining christian fortitude.
She was the widow of the late
Town Marshal Philip C. Smith, and
mother of the present Town Mar
shal Philip Smith, with whom she is
mourned by four other sons, Alonzo,
W. R., Lewis and George, and four
daughters,' Mrs. Clarence Denegre,
Mrs. Henry Rosch, both of Mande
ville; Mrs. G. N. Mayo, of Addis, La.,
and :Mrs. Gus Smnth, of Hou:ton
ville, thirteen .grandchildren 'and
numerous other relatives of promi
nence in the State. May she rest
in peace.
Mr. F. Barelleaux, vice president
and genera Imanager of the St. T.
& N. O. Rys. & F. Co., and Miss Alice
Zataran, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. P. Zataran, of New Orleans, sur
prised their legion of friends by be
ing quietly married in New Orleans
last Monday.
Mr. Norman J. Du'bourg, U. S. N.,
after a ten-day furlough spent with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emile Du
bourg, left last Wednesday, to re
,oin his ship, new in an American
Rev. Robt. I. Bell and wife have
leaesd and are now occupying the
Levy cottage, corner Jefferson 'and
Girod streets. Rev. Mr. Bell is the
pastor in charge of the Mandeville
and Covington Baptist congrega
tions. To both we extend a cordial
.Mr. and Mrs. W. Fazende, of New
Or!eans, are guests of the Audubon
Covington Bank & Trust Co.,
George M. Fendlkson.
No. 2889.
Twenty-Sixth Judici.l District Court,
Parish of St. Tammany,
By virtue of an order of se'ulre
and sale is-.ued out of the honorab.le
fcrcsaid court, and to me directed,
hearing date the 28th d.y of No
vember, 1917, I will proceed to ell
t ubl''c auction, to the last and
highest b'drler, at the nr'nc!n, front
loor of the courthouse in the town
of Covington, St. Tammany parish,
Loutsiana,. during legal sale hours,
Saturday, February 16, 1918,
the'following desoribed property, to- I
-The fo!'owing de-errbed .roperty,
s'.$ated in the parish of St. Tam
maay, State of Loutsiana, together
St. Tammany Bank & t
at the close of business December 31, 1917.
Demand Loans ................... 18,851.19 Capital Stock ................... $50,000.00
Loans Secured by Mortgage ......... 54,073.33 Surplu......... ..............1,500.00
Other Loans and Discounts ..........88,990.46 Undivided profits, less expenses and tax
Overdrafts Secured ................ 161.29 es paid ......................... 524.1
Overdrafts Unsecured .............. 255.74 Certified Checks ........ 566,63 5
Other Bonds, Stocks S,ecurities, etc., 8,850.00 Cashier's Checks Outstanding. 607,67
Banking House, Furniture, Fixtures. 38,347.00 Individual Deposits Subject to
Other Real Estate Owned ............ . 5,000.00 Check ..... .... . . ....137,762.08-138,936.38
Cash Items ..................... 134.88 Individual Savings Deposits ......... 81,522.5
Due from Banks and Bankers44,119.22 Time Certificates of Deposit . . . . . . . . . 3,518.75
Checks on Other Banks ..... 1,368,65--45,487.87
Gold Certificates .................. 355.00
Gold Coin ................. 67.50
Silver, Nickel, Copper Coin... 1,142.19
Natl. Bk. Notes and all issues
U. S. Government ........ 12,329.00--13,538.69
Suspense ......... ............... 1,956.43
$276,001.88 $276,001.88
I, E. J. Domergue, President, and I, Louis M. Bourgeois, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemn
ly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
E. J. DOMERGUE, President.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th day of January, 1918.
Notary Public.
with all the bulldings and improve
ments thereon situated, to-wit:
1. To south half of sw qr of sec
tion 17, tp 5 south, range 10 east.
The north half of nw qr of section
20 tp 5 south, range 10 east, con
taining in all one hundred and sixty
one and seventy hundredths acres,
acquired by the present mortgagor
'by Patent from the United States,
and duly recorded in C. O. B. "A-3,"
folio 539.
2. The se qr of the nw qr of sec
tion 20, tp 5 south, range 10 east,
being the same property acquired by
the present mortgagor from Alex
Bennett, as per deed recorded in
C. O. B. "T", page 209.
3. The western portion of the
n hf of the ne qr of sec 20 tp 5 sa,
range 10 east, lines run as follows:
ommencing at the quarter section
-take on section line between 17 and
20, thence south 20 chains 37 lines,
thence east 26 chains to center of
branch called "Horse Ho ow,"
thence following the center of said
branch as boundary line ,to a stake
15 .hains and 50 links east of point
of commencement, meander , of
branch is as follows: North 43 de
grees 30 minutes west 3 dahins,
north 8 degrees 15 minutes west 51
chains and 50 links, north 00 see-i
onds 45 minutes west 3 chains and
50 links north, 28 degrees and 30
minutes west 3 chains and 50 .links,
north 33 degrees and 15 minutes
west 4 chains north 45 degrees and
45 minutes,. 3 blahins north 63 and
15 west 1 chain, 75 links to stake in
branch on section line, thence afore
yaid 15 chains and 50 links to said
quarter section post, as per survey
of J. M. Yates, P. S., hereto attach
ed, being the same property ncql:ir
ed by the present mortgar.r from
Holiday & Ray, as per deed duly re
corded in C. O. B. "D-3", page 192,
and H. N. Fendaseon, as per deed
duly recorded in C. O. B. 59, folio
4. Two squares of ground situ
ated in the town of New Covington,
parldb of St. Tammany, State of Lou
istuna, and more ful:y described as
being squares Nos. 2806 and 2807,
less lot 1 in square 2807, previously
sold. Being the same property ac
ouired b~y present mortgagor by deed
duly recorded in C. O. B. 40, foiUo
153 ,etc.
5. All thos certain lots sad
squares situated ia the town ot Pol
Vegetable Oil B :
St Tammany Sore Throat
Pine Trees skin e
Recent di*toveries of uses for Pine Oil brought out the fact that it is one
of the greatest of healers in most all eruptions, has wonderful medicinal
properties in the treatment of maq diuass and is unexcelled as a house
hold remedy generally.
som, parish of St. Tammany, State
of Louisiana, in section 10 townshiab
5 south, range 10 east, Greensburg
Distreit, La., together with all the
bui:dings and improvements thereon
situated, more fully described as
follows, to-wit:
Farctional square 1,39, fractional
square 140, fractional square 138,
all of square 137, all of square 1-36,
except rots 9 and 10; fractional sqr.
135; fractional square .134; frao
tional square 133; fractional square
132; all of square 131, except lots 9
and 10; all of square 130; all of sqr.
129; all of square 128; all of square
127; all of square 1126; all square
125; all square 123; .Yl of'square
122; all of square 121; all of square
119; all of square 118; all of sqr.
117, except lot 10; fractional square
5; all of square 116, except lot 3;
all of square 112, except lots 7, 8, 9
and 10; lot 7 square 104; lot 9 sqr.
3; also Idts 5, 6, 7 and 8 In square
3; lots 4, 5, 6 and 7 square 4; also
Iots 2 and 9 square 4; all of square
5, except ,lots 4 and 5; all of square
6 except lots 4 and 5; lots 6, 7, 8, 9.
and 10 square 11; all of square 18,
except lots 1 and 2: all of sauare
21, except loth 5, 7 and 8;.all of
square 22; all of square 23; .1l of
square 25; all of square 26, exceit
lot 5: all of square 27, except lots
4 and 5; all of square 28, except lots
7, 8, and 9; a'l of square 29; lots
1, 2, 6, 7 and 8, square 31; all of
square 32; all of square 33; all of
square 34, except lots 1, 2 and 3; all
of square 35, except lot 5; all ibf
sqr. 36; all of sqr. 37; :.l of sqr.48
all of frl. square 39, 40, 4ZJ 4,
43, 44 and 45; all in accordance wl2
a map and pain of the town of afl
som, as per survey made oby . IM.
Yates, Parish Surveyor, on -dlle gnd
of record in the office of the O¶.rk
of Court of the Parish of St. 'lm
many, La. rt.
Less the following property.
has been released from said mort
gage, to-wit:
Lot 6, cquare 132; lots 1, 2,. 3, 8,
square 117; lot 4, square 21; town
of Folsom; lots 6 and 7 In square
11; lot 10 square 21; lots 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 9 and 10, square 5; lots 1,
2; 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, square 6;
square .No. 25.
Terms, of Salea-Cah, without ap
3.l1t-6t " berlL
Ar. prprd to give you:
1. The best avrage prices in St Tamnany p
2. Sata ounces to the pound.
3. Cemipiete satisfaction or money back.
"We deliver tie goods"
There's no paece and little rest
for the one who suffers from a bad
bask, and kidney and bladder dis
orders. Baton Rouge people dec
ommend Doan's Kidney Pills. Be
guided by their experience.
iMrs. A. W. Hell, 915 St. L.nla st,
Baton Rouge, La., says: "I had
suach a severe backache that, at times
I could hardly endure them. MI
back always felt sore and after be
ing on my feet a great deal, it ached
constantly. I heard Doan's Kidney
Pills so highly recommended for
lame back that I got (box and after
taking them I got great relief. Lat
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recommend anything better for back
ache than Doan's Kidna y Pills."
Price 60e, at al druggists. Don't
l-mply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills-the same
that Mr. Hell had. Poetor-Millburn
Co., Prop., DBufalo, N. Y.
the Jhnekoe Co., by funding eertil
On motion of Alodrnmn Schwarts
it 'was declared that it was the sense
of the esmnil that the offeers Ibe in
strgeted to aseorm the red Ciat ds
uewredo e4 sar tMi at s of car
asa, ¶b .w sltua 'sas tboaemem
and i a, most
efficlent faml
r liver and
ments Sold
by rggists.am 2e a .týibo. R
rasltutesr e CDe, andoGrneg.
acute, and unless it Is
prompgMy and effectively C
will become notorious for its
lessness In this respect.
The s-esemment of Covlngtois
year was increased from $840.0
$1;500,000, giving an increased.
enue out of wrhch to pay i.
ness. 'the bill of the St. Tam
Ice & Manufaeturing Co. had
$81,195.00 and should Abe paid.
Jahnake 1bl1 is $5,937.00, sand{
been due some time, both clal
Ing In the shape of Judgm
The councel proceedi'ngs
aralable this week but w~ri
-isheed sit **e.

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