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e .r The St. Tammany Farmer
Names Drafted and Enlisted flen Not Answering Questionnaires
Contested Election Cases
Have Been Settled
By Agreement.
Mr. Birg Makes Application
For Receiver For
Motor Line.
Among the matters coming before
the Court this week was the settle
ment of the recent conte~ed election
cases. These ca:es had been taken
to the Suprement Court, but the par
ties got together and decided to set
tle it ther selves, the agreement be
ing put in the minutes of the court
by Judge Carter. This ends a bitter
controevetsy in factional :)olitic:; and
leaves the Covington council e-'en
ly divided, iwith the decidirng vote
with the Mayor, as there i Mlittle
doubt that Mr. Schonberg ~till be
commissioned by the Governor, in
eccordance w.ith the agreement.
There also seems to be a general
feeling that there will be more har
mony Ibetween the factions, as it i
realized that t9he greatest benefit to
ihe town will result from an unbias
ed consideration of its affairs;. It is
said that Mr. Anderson never cared
for the po;ition. His health is not
of the best and he has not attended
meetings of the council. Mr. Schon
berg is an energetic businessman and
very much interested in the affairs
of Cbvington, and while he it known
.to bte a strong supporter of this views,
he is open to conviction. A:together
tihe opinion seems to be that the set
tlement (was a wise proceeding and
that its effect ,will be good.
The Court's decision follows:
C. E. Schonberg vs. S. D, Ander
son. In this case the plaintiff be
ing represented lby Messrs. A. S.
Burns and R .R. Reid, and the de
fendant by Messrs. A. D. Sichwartz,
J. M. Simmons and F. J. Heintz. all
being present in open court, agree
and' conLsent as follows:
That the defendant, S. DF Ander
son, shall and wlIl immediately re
ltgn his position as. councllman of
the town of Covington, and that C. E.
Schoeiberg, the plaintiff in the case.
shall be recommended and indorsed
to the Governor for a~pointment to
S11 the vacancy thus caused, and re
queo't made to the Governor to issue
t.he commission at once, and in con
'°{ si deration of the above ag:reement.
eº on the ipart of the defendant, it is
" agreed by the plaintiff in this case,
.4S well as the plaintiff and defend
-,t In the suit of R. L. Apbert vs.
. .. . 'Lacroix, herein represented by
name cnmusel, previously tried, that
all sults now pending shall be dis
missed, including the cases of R. L.
Aubert vs. Wade Burns,. R. l. Aubert
vs Alfred Rhody. and R. L. Autbert
vr. Amadee Guyol, nuw on trial in
the Supereme Court of the State of
Louisiana, and the case of C. E.
Sehonbhrg vs. 3Mayor and Town
Council of Town of Covington, and
that the verdict of the jury render
ed in the case of R. L. Atibert vs.
P. J. Lacroix. shall 'be acquieseed in
and ,become final. and that the mat
ter of costs incurred sha:l he dispos
ed of as follows: That the defend
ant will pay one-half of the taxable
costs with the exception of the wit
ness fees, which witne;s fees are to
be assumed by the respective parties
to the case.
In consideration of the above
agreement the court now orders that
all suit.; now pending in this court
be dismissed according to law.
The following case; were disposed
State vs. Willie Cleland et als.
Court renderel verd!ct of fl t guilty.
Mabel Co:'ins Chaddoek vs Clay
Rilgs et als. Case dismissed.
J. Koenn v:. . Mevers. .ludg
ment In favor of defendant. revers
ulg judgment of lower court.
Jos. Birg vy. St. "lTmmnany & N.
O. Riilwavs & FPerry Co. Court
rendered judgment in favor of plain
tiff. ordering receiver appointed.
Mr. Whit Ri.cs, who has been ap
pointed receiver, has not yet gone
over the boolk and can make no
statement at this time. Mr. Harvey
E. Ellis 'has been appointed attorney.
Mrs. Eugenia Cousin vs, St. Tam
many Bank & Trust Co. Taken un
der advisement.
State vs. D. Booth and Andrew
Thom;son. Verdict of guilty enter
ed as to TIooth, and verdict of not
guilty as to Thompson.
There will be a meeting of the
King's Daughters at the M. (. B.
&ibrary. Monday, January 21, 1918,
at 3:30 D. m.
IMRs. P. J. MiARTw AL ,
N. 0. G. N. WILL
Plans Completed at Office
of Attorney Heintz
Work To Be Commenced As
Soon As Weather
Will Permit.
Vice President Farlis and TrafEc
Manager McMahon, of New Orleans,
and Manager Hanley, of Bogalusa.
and attofney of the road. Mr. B. M.
Miller, met memberq of the Council
at tne office of Attorney Fred ..
Heintz, Wednesday forenoon, and a
final settlement 'was reached re a
tive to the building of the new de
pot of the New Orleans Great North
ern in Covington. After all matters
were ,agreed upon, Mr. Farris, when
asked when the work would Abe start
ed, said it would commence just as
soon as the weather permitted.
The depot will be built of btri-tk
and will be about 200x40 feet with
a 70-foot shed at one end. It will
be situated on New Hampshire street,
between Lockwood and Kirkland
streets, in front of Alexius Brothers.
It will be a freight and passenger
Mr. Heintz, acting as attorney of
the Association of Commerce, and
who has done some excellent work
in this depot proposition, esemed
happy over the outcome, and the
railroad officials themselves seemed
pleased that everything bhas been so
amicaibly settled. While nothing
was said to this effect, indicat'ons
ate that the company expects still
further developments for Covington
and feels that the depot will be need
ed to 'handle the 'business.
The following is taken from the
Property to be Acquired or Vacated.
That patr of triangular block No.
11, Division 'of St. John, town of
Covington, lying east of a line paral
lel to and 60 feet westwardly at
right angles from the westerly line
of Now Hampshire street.
All that par of triangular block
No. 12, Division of St. Jahn, Town
of Covington, not already owned by
he New Orleans Great Northern
Railroad Company.
That portion of blook No. 6 of the
Theard Addition and the division of
Morgan, Commerce and Virtue of the
Town of Covington, lying west of the
property now owned by the New Or
leans Great Northern Railroad Com
pany, and east of a line parallel to
and tw'enty-five feet wcati . rdly at
right angles from the cc' line of
the main track of the '".aore Line
Branch of said Railroad Company as
said main track may be located and
nn ectrurtan e
A portion or new 'namnpail 'kr
.being a strip difteen feet in width,
lying east of and adjoining the west
er:y line of said New Hamp.hire
street, and extending from a line
parallel to and 140 feet south of the
,westerly line of Lockwood street, to
a line parallel with and 40 feet
northwardly at right angles from the
southernly line of Theard avenue.
An unnamed street 'lying between
triangular block eleven and triangu
lar block tVwelve of the Division of
St. John, Town of Covington.
A portion of Theard avenue, be
ing a strip forty feet in width lying
north from the westerly line of tri
angular .blodk eleven ,produced to
the easterly line of triangular block
twelve produced.
Rev. Robt. I. Bell, 'wiho is now in
chairge of the Baptist circuit of this
parish, is much interested in his
work and rbelieves he will ,be able
to accompli'7h mudh for the church.
Mr. Bell's idea is that aside from
the christfan work of the church,
the business end of it should be man
acei on business principles, theredby
opening up opportunitie; for relig
ious work that might not otherwise
the offered.
'Mr. and Mrs. Bell will live in
Mandevi:le, but they will not miss an
opportunity of becoming acquainted
with members in other parts of th:e
parisih, and no doulbt all will be call
ed upon to push the work for the up
building of the church and the cre
ation of that interest tiht.;must be
awakened to be st.ocessful.
According to an oficial Itatement
the Central Powers have turned
down the Russian. teems in
their prseat /sm.
Scenes at one of the American army flying fields Twhlre iianrly 1,000 well-trained aviators are turned out reah month.
Above are the airplanes lined up ready for flights, and belo. are the student aviators ready for inspectlon.
Order Issued By Adminis
trator of Fuel East' of
the Mississippi.
List Given of Industries and
Business Not Includ
ed In Order.
W'ashingtcn, Jan. 17.-The text of
the order of Fuel Administrator Gar
field shutting down industries had
not (been completed at a late hour
last noght. An abstract which was
s3id( to cover all of its provisions,
given out by tha fuel administra
tion, foi:ows:
1. Until futrher order of the
United States fuel administrator, all
persons selling fuel, in whatever ca
pacity shall give preference to or
ders for, necessary requirements.
(a)-Of railroads.
(b)---Of domestic consumers, hos
pitals, chiaritable institutions and
army and navy cantonments.
(c)-Of :ublic utilities, telephone
and telegraph plants.
(d)--Of ship- and vessels for bun
ker purposes.
(e)-Of the United States for
strictly government purposes; not
including orders from or for fac
tories or plants working on contracts
for the United States.
(f)--Of municipal, county or state
governments for necessary public
(g)--Of manufacturers of perish
able food cr of feoodor necessary
immediate consumption.
The orders. further provides that
on Jan. 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22, 1918,
no f'ul shall be delivered to any per
son, firm, association -or corporation
for any u:es or requirements not in
c'uded in the foregoing list until the
roquirements includ.ed in the list
shall have 'been first delivered.
T'hese Escape
-tire-Day Recstriction.
On the following days. namely,
Jan. 18, 19. 20, 21 and 22, 1918, and
also on each and every Monday be
ginning .Ian. 28, 1918, and continu
ing up to and including May 25,
1918, no manufacturing plant shall
'burn fuel or use p.ower derived from
fuel for any purpose except:
A-Such plants as from their na
ture must be continuously operated
:,-won days each week to avoid seri
ous injury to the plant itself or its
B--Manufacturers of perishable
C-Manufacturers of food not per
ieh.blue and not in immediate de
mand who may burn fuel to such an
extent as is authorized by the fuel
administrator of the State in which
sucth plant is located, or by his rep
resentative atuthorized therefor., upon
elpplieation 'by the United State food
(Coggltoed bn Page 5.)
Clerk of the Exemption Board, E.
D. Kentzel, furnishes' the fol.owing
names of registrants wnho "'have not
filed their questionnaires, and whose
questionnaires mailed to them have
been returned through the mail as
not found. These names will hbe put
in Class 1 and made subject to duty,
and if they do not report when the
call is msade will be marked as de
serters and su'bject to the penalties
of war in such cases:
Theie are some names in this list
that are volunteers, among them Lt.
Brytan D. Burns, whose questiohnaire
form was returned through some
mistake in the -proper delivery of
same. It will be reforwarded.
John Holmes, Gideon Watson.
Lowery Peterson, Jules Thomas Per
rin. Jas. Phillips, Henry Pu-gh, Wm.
McNade, J. C. Smith, Myrti Black
we:l, Frank MIcCree, Rush Frederick,
Geo. Dorsey, Aaron Brown, Willie
Jacobs, John Gambel, Louis Hair,
Houston Rhymes, Printess W. Bows
man, Andrew Brown, Milton R. New
man, Leroy MIcKendall, Willie Mays,
Lewis Bryant, Leon Houston, Robt.
Jack, Wm. Clayton, Harold Doxstat
ter, W. Bryant, Odis Russell, Frank
Pennant, S-am Dawson, Jim Johnson,
Andrew Jones, Geo. Schuller, Arthur
Fleming, Frank Andrews, Jim Dun
ha:m, S. Facien, Isiah Lewis, Mo;e
Hughes, Isaac Chagler, Mtlhew Eads,
Islah Peoples, Eug. Williams, Jr.,
Andrew Gorden, Will ,Collins, Philip
T. Easterling. Emile J. Gougiers, Joe
Oliiver, Curtis Allen, Will Beard,
J udge Gale, Ignatius Goblowsky, Jas.
Walker, Jas. I. Burns, Ran-a Stials,
Jasp)er Harrell, Frank A. Sharp, Jack
-Martin, Eugene Booker, Mathew
Swayne, John Brown. Henry Ed
wards, Estus Hendricks, Laurence
Smith, 'Henry Miller, Virgil Adams,
Oscar Rayford, Samuel Ball, Eddie
Rollins. Jim Nixon, Liege Stryah!lin,
--Randolph Thigpen, Wm. Williams,
John Vaughn, Edmond Rodriguez,
Hessie Simpson, Willie Wilchie, Silas
Coolk, Richard Dixon, Jalok Single
tary. Robinson Alexander, Roscoe
Brookter, Manuel Burey, Luther
Alexander, Lee Valentine, Lawrence
E. Bowers, 'Hamp Faire?., Orin Bas
sey, Willie Rholl, Dave Thomac, Will
Ron:ers, Columbus Gilbert, Jos. Hol
lins, M. L. Pleming, Henry Brown,
John L. McAdory, Martin Worthy,
Mather Beauchamp, Ernest Barnes,
Manuel Barker, James Moore, Geo.
Pichon, Fleet Bryant, Mat K. John
son. Garfie:d Bauer, John M. Bynum,
Peter A. Crawford, Edward H. Plow
man, Roscoe Watts, Luther Terrell,
Hennerson Brown, Jessie D. Watts,
Louis P. Davis, Thos. Montgomery.
John Lafayette Barrow, Thomas C.
Leonard. W'm. Shanklin, Wm. Paten,
Elder Sulliman, Thomas Jacob, Louis
J.enkins, Hillery Bratter, Shallory
Moore, Claud Brown. Isaac Lurk,
Boiton Hill, Charles Thiomas, Arthur
Vincent, Silas -McCarthy, Peter Phil
lips, Levy Pit'ts, Daniel Garner. Joe
Stubrbs, Alvin J. Sellers, Eddie Hicks,
Jessie Cla.borne, J. C. Casin, Will
Brown, Ames S. Allen. Win. Everett,
Dan Moore, James Waker, Willie
Dean. Howard Davis, Archie Sticker,
Severin Pechon, Chas. Frazier, Fred
Henderson, Thos. J. Schnielter, Wm.
W. Leehe, Henry Lewis. Vess Davis,
Joe Thorn, Hansel Rowls, John J.
MkbGuire, Bryan D. Burns, Frank
Henderson, Lester Windham, Lester
Lewis, Alexaider Willtams. Robt.
Blasehard, Oliver Westley, Dennis
Buras, Ales Manuel, Wa. Raymond,
Mr. C. . FPrederidk has been ap
pointed Federal agent for lieensing
sale of explosives. d
Under a recent act of Congress the |
manufacture, distributing, store, uoe, v
or possession of powder, explosives,
blasting supplies or ingredients c
thereof is unlawful without a special [
license from the Federal Govern- ,I
ment so to do. r
The purpose of this law is to pre- s
vent disloyal persons from securing ]
explosives, and to keep it out of the a
hands of persons who will not guard d
them carefully enough to prevent |i
them from being stolen. I
Every applicant for a license must ,
appear in person Ibefore the licensor. f,
In the case of Airms, associations,
and corporations desiring a license e
for purchasing or vending explosives, c
the application may be presented by .
a proper qualified officer of the firm, v
association or corporation, ahd the
license will be issued in the name of
such firm, association or eorposa.ton; n
but a foreman's license shall be is
sued to the foreman in person upon
the presenting of his own applica
tion in capacity as foreman of the 4
designated firm, association or cor
poration. r
All applicants for licenses must be b
oftizen, of the United States and
must have attained the age of ma
jority, with one exception, which
would have no application in this
territory. I
A license is not transferable and
may be used only ,by the perosn to
whom it has been issued. If a li
censee dies, or leaves the service of
an employer for whose services the t
license ,was secured, the license
should be returned to the licensor.
In order to secure the proper en
forcement of the Explosives Regula
tion Law, it is important that there
be the heartiest co-operation among
the municipal officers in the (way of
reporting any suspicious aIctions that
,would tend to show the slightest vio
lation of this law. It is to be special
ly noted that the Federal license will
not permit any one to violate a State
law or a local ordinance, nor will it
release 'any person from securing
a state licenes when required by the
State 'laws.
iMr. Frederick cah 'be found in the
Clerk's office at the courthouse, in
Covington, daily, and will be very
glad to answer questions.
Willie Davis, John C. Francis, S. D. I
Bennett, Ulysses Lewis, Ventriss V.
Buckner, James Chambers, Willie
Mayfleld, Henry E. Glookner. Ran
d..ph Bradley, Lee Phillips, Parker
Wallace. Dan Bentley, Fred Ander
son, Warren Newman, Willie Pierce,
Hazard Wright, Pete Ou'trer, Andrew
Wills, Alec Robertson, James Louis
Varnado, Tod Lemzy, John Miles,
Robt. Smith, Dorethia Hendricks,
Applewhite Odo, Dempsil Smith,
tMarion B. Knight, John ,Sumrall,
Ellic Wheeler, Leo Harper, Frank
Anderson, Albert Robertson, B6n An
thony, Paulet Charers, Carl Johnson,
Louis Young, 'Pete Jones, Wiley Ra
pen, Silas Brown, Wm. Hardy, John
Williams, C. Bronds, Herman Pierce,
Elijah O. Chapman, Burke Ankton,
Wilson B. Harvey, General Parker,
Nick Whalem, Harvey Oannon, Jos.
Young, Walter Henderesa, Pink Fl
zie, Jake Emereon, J. W4llis Jones,
Issaa Jadkson, Leon Jola.se, 'un1
mbMwm, W. J. 4111wr.
Press Given Order As To
Tone of News
Strikes and Dissentions In
Germany Must Not Be
Made Public.
Copies of secret regulations issu
ed to the German press by the Ger
man censorship have Ibeen obtainf.d
by the United States Government.
They cover a period of only about
two months last spring, but their
contents are quite sufficient to indi
cate just how carefully the "lid" is
kept on in Germany. Not only do
they definitely prohtbit the pulblica
tion, repetition, and discussion of
certain topics or articles already
printed, but they frequently suggest
subjects ,which they desire to have
discussed and indicate the manner
in which these are to be editorially
dealt with.
Discusesion of Strikes Forbidden
There are repeated Instructions
prohibiting all mention of certaig
strikes and other signs of internal
unrest, such as the following:
'"The publication and discussoln of
the resolutions adopted in a strike
meeting of the leipzig unions and of
a telegram sent to tq the imperial
chancellor are not permissible."
"There is no objectloj to the re
,priting of the manifesto of the In
dependent Socialist Party in case it
is adversely oommented upon, even
without irritating sharpness."
"In the interest of a victorious
carrying through of the war, which
is endangered by every stoppage of
w.'rk, expressions of the press which
recommend a strike or express them
selves otherwise in favor of a strike
are forbidden. Utterances which
are directed against strikes are in
deed not slbject to censorship, but
it is supposed thereby that they are
kept free fr6m immoderate sharp
ness, which could afford material
for irritating 'the p;eople."
'"Reports concerning disturbances
in Koenigdberg in Prussia and con
cerning a warning from the com
mander of the first army corps,
which folkowed in the Koenigsberg
press, are unpermiseible."
"News about excesses and unrest
in Prague may not be published."
Subtle Methods Unveiled.
Evidently 'the minds of the German
people must bte kept away from
strikes and disturbances, but at the
same time the press must avoid ir
ritating them Iby comments of "im
moderate sharpness." The discus
sions in the Austrian Parliament,
which met last spring, ,were to be
carefully concealed:
"The discussions of the Austrian
Lower Chamber may, for the pres
ent, be published only in such light
as they are sent out by the ofl)clal
correspondence bureaux,"
"The printing and discussion of
the speeches in Parliament held yes
terday of the Austrian 'deputies,
(Contanued en page 2)
Whereas Almighty God, in His
wisdom, has seen fit to remove from
our midst Eugene Mugnier, a ,broth
er member, on the 4th day of Janu
ary, 1918; and,
Whereas, while bowing to the will
of our Supreme Creator, and having
faith and confidence in His divine
wisdom and understanding, we can
not but regret the loss of a brother
and member with whom we have
been so happily associated in the
work of the United Friends Benevo
lent Association. We look upon his
life with pride in his unselfish per
formanice of his duties, and in the
shadows of the great beyond iwe are
comforted by the thought that there
is a reward for things well done;
therefore be it
Resolved, That in the death of our
beloved /brother, Eugpne Mugnier,
the United Friends Benevolent As
sociation has sustained a loss to be
regretted by all, and he will be held
in respectful remembrance; and be
it further
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolutons Ibe sent to the family of
the deceased, and that they be in
scribed on the minutes of this Asso
elation, and that same also be pub
lished in The St. Tammany Farmer.
Chairman Committee on Resolu
rFt mt.
OF N. 0. RED
Discusses Red Cross Meth
ods, Motives and Or
Mr. Stier Goes to Slidell and
Then Returns to New
(By Staff Correspoandet)
Mandeville, Jan. 17.-Sixty-nine
members of the Red Cross, fourteen
of whom were public school children,
assembled at the Audubon Hotel last
!Puesday night to meet and extend as
warm welcome to Mr. Emile V. Stlei,
secretary of the New Orleans chap
Mr. Stier was introduced to the
assemblyl by Dr. Maylle who stated
that the visitor was not and laid no
claim to ,silver tongued oratory or
flowery ,burste of eloquence but was
visiting the different Red Cross Aux
iliaries of St. Tammany parish to
meet the members in a friendly talk
relative to Red Cross motives, meth
ods, organization and changes in the
making of surgical dressings and
garments for the Army and Wavy,
and the meeting soon resolved itself
into a real family chat, participated
in by almost every one present. Mr.
Stier opened with detailed accounts
of what has been and What.mast be
accomplished 'by the Red Cross. He
lisrticularly dwelled on the Junior
membership about to be organised
among the school children under the
leadership of Supt. Lyon as chair
man./ He also laid much stress on
the civilian relief to be extended to
the families of enlisted men of which
committee Mr. Fritz Salipen, of 811
dell, is chairman.
Ms.. Stier invited questions and
they came thick and feet, al of which
were answered in a cheerful, concise,
luncid and Intelligent manner.
The meeting was unusually inter
esting and instructive and cleared up
many doubtful points and uncertain
situations and will do a world of
good in boosting the Red Cross
Mr. Stier pleased the audience and
the audience delighted Mr. Stier.
What more can be said?
On Wednesday morning Mr. Stier
motored to Slidell, at the courtesy of
'Mr. Eads Pottevent, where the form
er met the Slidell Red Cross Auxili
ary at 1:30 p. m., from whence he
returned to New Orleans, instead of
going to Bogal'sa, as be originally
intended, owing to his being unea
pectedly reea-led to chapter head
quarters by Mr. Hayne, fts chairman,
w.ho in turn had Just arrived from
Washington, whither he had gone on
Red Cross business.
During Mr. Stier's stay in Man4e
ville he was the guest of the local
Whether it ,was due to Mr. Stier's
visit or an awakening of latent pat
riotism, or both, the work meetings
of the local Red Cross last Wednes
day and Friday were large improve
ments on those of the past feA
weeks. Of course, the Yuletide and
severe weather may be accountable
for the laxity of attendance and
work, but let us hope and pray that
the revival of that spirit of uncom
ilainingly doing, and yet doing
'whic hso splendidly marked the early
days of the auxiliary, has come to
stay, for as was said last week, the
need is great, the rworkers too few.
Fifty senators voted for the reso
lution asking for the postponement
of the fuel restrictions, followfng
heated speedhes denouncing Gar
field's action.
The annual ele, tion of offieers of
the Women's Progressive Union,
,whidh was to have taken place Jan.
114th, was postponed, owing to the in
clemency of the weather. The elee
tion will take place Monday, Janu
ary 16, 1918, at 3:30 p. m., at the
rooms of the Association of Com
merce. All members are urgently
requested to attend.
eollowlag is the list of dead lt
Leon Dreuw, Miss Engenis Ma
honey, Mrs. Emma Miltenberger',
Nellie Pondley, Leonce Perrin, R. J.
Pate, Daniel Robins6n, Mrs. Chlra
Swing, W. T. Wilmuth, Miss Lilli

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