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On Sale Every Saturday at othe S tme. TY ou'!
RUSTIC The St. Tammany Farmer $2
vile. Five dts Per Copy. Oa t mofe tia th -uwe
e becr.b. BMep boELtb eo. R.
D. IH. MASON, Editor COVINGTON, LA., SATURDAY, JANUARY 10, 1920. VOL. 46 No. 8
Committee Appointed to Ihi
vestigate and Report
at Public Meeting.
Other Matters Disct.ssed By
Citizens and the
At the meeting of the town council
Tuesday evening an important mat
ter discussed was the providing of
funds for running the town affaias.
High cost of supplies and decreased
revenues through the discontinuance
of liquor licenses, secured obligations
and open accounts all make it im
perative that something should be
done. A resolution from the Asso
ciation of Commerce recommended a
bond issue for public improvements.
and maintenance, a matter that has
'been under consideration by the Fi
nance Committee but that has not
reached concrete form, 'brought the
matter up for consideration. Mr. E.
G. Davis was present and joined mn
the discussion. It was finally decid
ed that the matter should be brought
before the people at a public meet
ing, and that in the meantime a com
mittee composed of two bankers, two I
lawyers and two business men shod ~Id
be appointed to advise and to formu- t
late plans to be submitted at that I
meeting and generally discussed.
The committee will report within one t
month. Waterworks and sewerage a
will probably 'be entertained as a part '
of the program. 1
The said committee is E. 0. Davis, 1
W. E. Morriss, T. M. Burns, F. J.
Heintz, A. J. Planche and Lawernce ii
M. Bourgeois.
The question of the disposal of C
garbage is another matter that was is
taken up an informally discussed. s
The town has not enough teams t:
handle the situation and( the present
system is expensive and not practical
in its working. Garbage stands tur
some time 'before teams can haul it 0
away, and sometimes the trash is L
placed out af:er the team has just a
passed. Citizens also claim that t
labor can not be had to clean up e
premises and cut away weeds. There ti
was no solution of the problem. It
will be looked into further. t.
A re.;olution from the Association 7
of Commerce calling for a Clean-U p a
Day was also discussed and Mayor u
Badon will issue a proclamation and
the women of Covington will be call- b
ed upon to assist in making the day e:
a success.
Dr. Stevenson presented sever.l
propositions to the council, amon;
them being the purchase of the trast
now being dumped in unsightly
heaps. He also asked the appoint
ment of Dr. Bulloch as a member of
the Health Board, and suggested tha.
a license be required of wood deal
ers in Covington. He saii he would
be willing to pay such a license him
self. He also said that traveling
shows should be made to clean up
their refuse and leave the premises
Dr. Stevenson also said he would
buy tile lumber of the old pavilion
now stacked in 'Bogue Falaya Park
for $10 per thousand and that he
would build two small pavilions in
the park and use the oalance of the
lunmber himself. The matter was r.
ferred to the Park Commission.
Mr. Schonberg asked that the re
port of Lights out be published in The
Farmer, as many people were not
cognizant of the fact that such a re
port is required by the counpil.
It was stated at the meeting that
it might be advisable, according to
a recommendation of the government
inspector, to move the present wharf
further down the river to avoid the
filling in of sand that is constantly
taking place. During the discussioa
it was brought out that this might
not be a good move. There was an
appropriation for dredging and the
money should be used for this pur
The new auto licenses for the town
will be small and green enameled.
Follo'wing is the list of dead let
ters remaining in the Covington post
Mrs. J. C. Carby, Emory Connell,
Mr. Daniels, Mrs. O. E. Denoh, M.ss
Ella Dugas, Lea Jenkins, Mrs. M
Kahn, Paul Levy, Mr. and Mrs. R. P.
Lesser, Luke Mixon, J M McCann,
Mrs. E. G. Madere, E. L. Nevelh,
Charles Parrish, Ruth Plowman,
Miss Anner Pins, D. J. Storey, .Mrs.
Sch!eber, Dr. D. Sanderson, Mrs.
Jennie Williams, Miss Clara Addle
SUM-MO COFFEE for sale at St.
Tammany Hay & Grain Warehouse,
Covington, La. Un3
- Another Canard Is Nailed
and Turned Into a
r Constitutional Amendment
Defeated in the Country
Carried by City Vote.
Stubbs supporters are charging
that higher taxes are being assessed
by the State Board of Affairs and
that Mr. Parker is responsible. Re
member that the State Board of Af
fairs is a child of the City Ring. As
a Constitutional Amendment it was -
voted down by the country, but the v
city gave the Amendment a large
majority and put it into effect. Mr.
Parker is against the Board of Affairs
having power to raise taxes.
The Commercial Bank & Trust
Company came into existence on the
fourth day of October, 1918, with E.
J. Domergue as president and W. E.
Morriss as active vice-president. The
deposits were $178,803.71. Janu- s
ary 10, 1919, a dividend of 2 per f,
cent was declared and one-half of n
one per cent was carried to the sur. C
plus. Two other dividends of 4 per
cent were made in 1913, each time ;
per cent being added to the suiplu.,
the earnings of the year being over re
12 per cent. A
In the meantime the business of a
the bank increased rapidly, state
ments December 31, 1918. showing iI
deposits of $245,322.73; June 30. a;
1919, $272,982.03; December 31, 8s
1919, $40i,876.74.
With a capital of $50,000.00, an
increasing surplus of $6,000.00, ana P
with business rapidly increasing, the 31
Commercial Bank & Trust Company
is headed for a career of remarkable
success. T
The Fire Department is in receipt
of a check for $20 from Mr. Felix
Limongi, and while he did not want
any mention made, we want to hold
this up as an example worthy of
emulation. We also have a doaa
tion from Mr. M. Labat.
The department will have a get
together smoker January 17th, a:
7:30 p. in., for its members, The
arrangement committee is working
up a good program. Some of the
"old heads" of the department will
be called on to relate some of their
experiences occurring when the or
ganization was launched many years
ago. Plans will be discussed for
further securing the safety and pro
tection from the monster of fire for
our people.
There are about fifty active ment
bers, at $1.50 per quarter, and as
many honorary members at $5 per
year. We are ready for checks from
all members now for the first quarter
of 1920, or for the whole year. New
members will be welcomed from men
of good standing and by the payment
of $1 application fee.
For Five Years Pastor of the Slidell
Bapptist Church.
Because of his accepance eof Fiell
Man and Enlistment *ork, in the
territory east of the Mississippi river
in Louisiana, Rev. Spurgeon Winpg
has resigned the pastorate of th3
Slidell Baptist Church, after five
years service with them,
After acceptance of his resignation
the following reoslutions were adopt
ed, to-wit:
Whereas, our brother, Rev. Spur
geon Wingo has resigned pastoral
relations with this Slidell Baptist
Church congregation, effective on
February 1, 1920,'and,
Whereas, his work has, at all I
times, .been in keeping with scrip
tural authority, looking to the ad
vancement of the cause of the Mai
ter, and,
Whereas, relations 'on his part,
within the membership of the com- I
munity, have been replete with kind- I
ly spirit, loyalty and brotherl love; II
to many a comforter, counselor and I
friend, I
Therefore be it resolved, That this I
Church, while regretting severance
of pastoral relations with, Brother
Wingo, feels that he has been called -
to a greater and larger field of Chris
tian usefulness, therefore be it fur
Resolved, That we slialj 't'ember c
with gratitude his pastorSelland ou: t
very pleasant essociafns for five c
years in his work a lociallife n
Be it further resolved,'ThIt these !
resolutions be made a part of this E
day's conference, and- that iecopy ef t
same, be given to Botf...nago, c
and a copy also to bdgg* g e St.,C
Tammeay Farmer for publ1iction.
In Italy.
Arr_ ing at one of the most critical stages of the war, when the Teutons
were forcing the Italian army back' to the Piave, the American Red Cross
rushed emergency relief from Paris and revived the drooping spirits of the
whole country. In addition to furnishing rations and comforts and medical
attention to the fighting men, the American Red Cross instituted 42 soup
kitchens, 36 children's hospitals, 10 children's dispensaries, 14 artificial limb
factories, five homes for refugee children, 10 rest stations for refugees.
This photograph shows a group of Italian refugee children being fed by
the American Red Cross at one of the numerous relief stations.
DEC. 6
Covington, La., Jan. 6, 1920.
The town council met in regular
session on the above date with the
r following present: Robt. W.,Badon.
f mayor, C. H. Sheffield, H. A. Mackie,
C. E. Schonberg, A. R. Smith, Emile
Frederick. Absent: M. P. Planche3.
The minutes of December 4 were
r read and approved on metion of H.
A. Mackie, seconded by A. R. SmitL,
f and carried.
The minutes of the special meet
ing of December 10 were read and
approved on motion of A. R. Smith,
seconded by C. E. Schonberg, and
1 The treasurer submitted his re
T ports for the quarters ending Sept
30th and Dec. 31, 1919, as follows:
Report for quarter ending Sept. 30.
Covington, La., Sept. 30, 1919.
To the Honorable Mayor and Coun
cil of Covington, La.
I herewith submit iny report for
the quarter ending Sept. 30, 1919;
To am't. in Covington
Bk. & T. Co., June 30 157.14
Deposited July 3 ..... 428.00
e Deposited July 19 .... , 321,25
Deposited July 28 .., 208.11
Deposited August 4 .. 626.25
Deposited August 9 .. 262.6.:
Deposited August 26 ,. 119.V0
Deposited Sept. 8 .... 83.3C
Deposited Sept. 13 ... 262.30
Deposited Sept. 20 ... 199.49
Deposited Sept. 22 ... 92.40
Deposited Sept. 27 . . . 241.56
Warrants paid from July
1st to Sept. 30, 1919 2735.48
Bal. in bank Sept. 30.. 266.63
Report for quarter ending Dec. 31:
To the Honorable Mayvr and Coux'
cil of Town of Covington, La.
I herewith submit my report for
the quarter ending Dee. 31, 1919:
Am't. in Cov. Bk. Sept.R 9Cov.Bt
Am't. in Covington Bx.
& Trust Co., Sept. 30 266.C8
Deposited October 11.. 233.86
Deposited October 14.. 39.50
Deposited October 20.. 623.95
Deposited October 25:. 160.43
Deposited Nov. 8 ..... 705.86
Deposited Nov. 28 .... 162.40
Deposited Dec. 6 ... . 495.71
Deposited Dec. 13 . .. 130.69
Deposited Dec. 23 .... 440.37
Warrants paid from Sep.
30th. to Dec. 31 ... 3370.19
Bal. in bank Dec. 31... 58.11
$3428 iC
The secretary submitted his report
for the month of December, as fol
'Receipts ............. 1144.20
On Hand Nov. 30 .... 39.5 1
1$1183.74 1
Deposited Dec. 5 ..... 414.92 4
Deposited Dec. 6 ..... 80.79
Deposited Dec. 13 .... 130.69
Deposited Dec. 20 .... 270.09 1
Deposited Dec. 23 .... 170.28k
Deposited Dec. 31 .... 85.52 1
- i
On hand Dec. 31 ..... 31.20
$1183.49 1
On motion of H. A. Mackie, sec
onded by A. R. Smith, and carried, (
the reports of the treasarer were r,- a
ceived and and referred to the Fi- a
nance Committee. -z
On motion of A. R. Smith, second
ed by C. H. Sheffield, and tarred, I
the report of the secretary was re
ceived and referred to the Finance
fThe secretary 'as instructed to
write for samples and prices on auto
license plates foi the year 1920.
It was moved by H. A. Mackie,
seconded by A. RR, Smith, and carrhid,
that the council advertise for sea.eI
bids for the old lumbar at the Bogue
Falaya Park. Bids to be submitted
at the next regular meeting, Febru
ary 3, 1920.
It was moved by H. A. Mackie se^
onded by C. H. Sheffield, and carried,
that a committee of six citizeps be
appointed by the Mayor to co-for
with the council for the purpose of
considering the feasibility of a bond
issue for the purpose of liquidating
the town's indebtedness and maKing
necessary improvements. Said com
mittee to report. at the next regu!ar
meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 192.
The Mayor appointed the follow
ing gentlemen to serve: E. G. Dam s,
W. E. Morriss, L. M. Bourgeois, A. .1.
Planche, F. J. Heintz, T. M. Burns.
Dr. W. L. Stevenson appeared be
fore the council and spoke upon mat
ters for the consideration of the
council .
The secretary was instructed t,,
write Mr. B. D. Talley in reference
to refund of Jitney License, that re
funds could not be considered in the
cases in question.
There being no further businyss, 1
the council adjourned,
Died, in Covington. La., on Thurs- I
day, January 8, 1920, st 6 o'clock a.
m., Dr. Joseph Guyde Grimmer, aged
25 years, 11 months. A native ofi
Grand Ooteau, La., and a resident )f
Covington for the past fifteen years. 1
The funeral took place from thy
residence of E. M. LeBlanc and St.
Peter's Catholic Church, Rev. Father E
John -Burger officiating. Interment.
in the Covington Cemetery
Dr. Grimmer was a promising
young dentist and numbered his
friends by the score. He is surviv
ed by his wife, father and mother, Dr.
and Mrs. A. H. Grimmer, one sister.
Mrs. Maggie Young, and one ibrothe, t
Mr. Richard Grimmer. The family
has the heartfelt sympathy of the
entire community in their sad loss.
Covington Bank & Trust Company v
vs. J ,T. Davis. s
No. 3188. t
Pursuant to an order of executory ii
process in the above entitled suit, to t
me directed, I will offer for sale, be
:ween legal sale hours, at the court- li
hrouse in Covington, La., St. Tam- e
many parish, on
Saturday, Feb. 14, 1920, h
he following described property, to
wit: o
1. A certain lot of ground, to- fb
,ether with all the buildings and im- l1
>rovements thereon situated, in tne Si
[own of Mandeville, Parish of St.
'ammany, La., and more fully de
icribed as Lot No. 11 of Square No.
2. A certain lot( of ground, with
ll the improvements thereon situat- ci
id in the Town of Mandeville, Par- 01
sh of St. Tammany, La., designated m
is per plan of said town by W. II. fc
:obb, 'U. S. Deputy Surveyor, In II
.834, as Lot No. 14 of Square Nc. vi
.2. Said lot having a front of St re
eet on Gerard street, by a depth of of
90 feet, between parallel lines, and p,
ront on Madison street, and form- ti
ng the corner of Gerard and Madi- tc
on street.s o0
3. Two lots of ground, in Square i
lo. 12 of the Town of Mandeville. A
eing a subdipision of Lots A. 15, g,
.nd having a front of 50. feet on p
lerard street, American measure, by
depth of 190 feet, French measure, cE
.nd bounded as follows: On tho a
lorth by lands of J. T. Davis, easr be
y lands of \Mary Pitzetta, soeuth by E
and of Ernest Prieto, and on taro la
rest by Gerard street. =
Terms of Sale-C.a. I
ls1O-6t Sherit. al
Factory Now In Operatioi
at Ardmore Said Doing
Good Business.
Covington Near Market foi
Supplies and Manufac
tured Product.
The committee appointed to in.
vestigate the matter of establish! ,
the Jno. F. Nolan Paint Company i1
Covington held a meeting Thurida√Ĺ
afternoon. There were present E G
Davis, W. E. Morriss, W. H. Kentze:
and D. H. Mason. Mr. M. L. Hiii
chee, representing the compaf.y, wa:
also in attendance.
The committee will also recom
mend to the Association of Com
merce 'the providing of a site for the
company, if possible, and to encour
age the establishment of the plant.
The company is now doing businesv
at Ardmore and expects to largely in
crease its output when established
here, which is nearer to market 3f
supplies as well as the market for
manufactured goods.
Mr. Auburtin, of the N. O. G. N.,
has promised a very liberal freigant
rate for carload lots.
Dr. H. D. B-ulloch has taken charge
of his newly purchased drug store
(formerly owned by J. L. Watkins)
The advertisement of this drug store
will be found on another page.
3Mr. Fuhrmann announces that the
Parkview Theatre will shortly have
installed a Wurlitzer Player that will
play all the popular airs in stylo
equal to the prominent bands of the
country. This ts a feature that will
be appreciated.
There will be a regular meeting of
the Police Jury on Tuesday, January
13, 1920.
('By Karl Treer)
The first member of the Coving
ton Association of Commerce to send
in a check for his entire 1920 dues
was Dr. W. J. Durel. He did this
i week in advance of the New Year.
WVho's next?
There are 115 members on roll.
Practically all are paid up for 19-19.
Several new members have been add
%d lately.
Start 1920 right, by pooling your
itrength with that of the only or
;anization devoted to the up'build
ng of the community, and thereby
ielp to do big things which only
;roups of men devoted to one :pur
ose can do. It costs $12 a year to
e a member. - Most commercial or
;anizations have dues of $25 per
rear, or more. Sixteen of our mem
)ers are paying $25 or $50 per year.
n addition many of the $12, 25 and
150 members have contributed toc
some special fund. Mr. E. J. Da
nergue subscribed $65 to the Good
toads Bureau, and Poitevent &
'avre Lbr. Co. donated $200 to
vards remodeling the sweet potato
torage house now in operation.
It cannot but be convincing, even
o the most pessimistic, that by har
tessing a community's man-power
nto a singel driving force, directed
hrough unselfish central organiza
ion for a common cause, a com
sunity's accomplishments need be
imited only to the degree of that
ommunity's desires and ambitions.
Just as the rays from the light
ouse assist vessels safely into port
n dark and stormy nights, so should
be desires and efforts and aims cf
ur Association of Commerce be
ecused as to assist all movements
Ldened with community interest t,
ate berths.
The St. Tammany Poultry Asso
lation was organized at the officml
Sthe Covington Association of Com
lerce on New Year's Day, with ths
)llowing officers duly elected: C.
[. Brown, chairman; H. A. Kohnke,
ice-chairman; W. C. Morel, Jr., sec
stary-treasuier. These officers will
rmpose the Executive Committee,
ending the action of the constitu
on and by-laws committee who are
Sreport at the next call meeting
Sthe Association. The chaibiqaz 4
amed for this latter committee II.l
- Kohnke, W. C. Morol, R. H. Per- I
neon, H. P. Roy, K. Treen, L. F. I
echon, C. M. Brown, ex-oficio.
Many applications have been re
ived for membership. Any oneI
ay Join and derive the bene8fits tco
Ssecilred. by this organizatio..
very g!owe-epoualtry should be
ng to it. It is a'operative plan
ir mutual beneflt. A one desir
S 4nfaornmtion or mcanpip e k
md their name to Mr. MoreI or
;r Treonn
Sanders Declares, as An Expert, That He Never Kne'w
City Machine to Show Present Temerity of Mayor's ·
Bold, Plain, Effort to Name Governor of Louisiana.
When the census man calls at your
door and asks for information give
him -what he should have. If you
will do this you will save him an ex
tra trip to see you for you will have
to answer all his questions.
It is expected that Covington will
reach the 5,000 mark this time.
Succession of Daniel and Celestine
Talley Grantham.
No. 104.
Twenty-Sixth Judicial District Court,
Parish of St. Tammany,
:Pursuant to an order of the 26th
Judicial District Court of St. Tatu
many Parish, La., dated December
11, 1919, I will proceed to sell at
public sale, between legal sale hours,
on -
Saturday, Feb. 14, 1920,
the following described property, to
py. debts, to-wit:
Certain piece or parcel of land de
scribed as Headlight No 46, and
the Jonathan Gilmore Headright No.
47, both in tp 5 south, range 13 east,
bounded as follows: Beginnig a:
the northwest corner of the Jona
than Gilmore Headright No. 47,
thence south 14 1-2 degrees weit
3.22 chains, thence west 5.30 chains,
thence north 11 chains, thence east
21.30 chains; thence north 10.20
chains, thence south 58 1-2 degrees
east 10 chains, thence north 71 de
grees east 2.60 chains, thence south
61 1-4 degrees east 6 chains, thence
north 61 1-4 degrees east 6.40 chains
thence south 41 1-2 degrees east 550
chains, thence south 84 degrees east
7 chains, thence south 71 degrees
east 2.60 chains, thence 66 degre,'s
east 6.60 chains, thence scuth 76 1 2
degrees east 3.50 chains, thence east
3.60 chains, thence north 63 3-1
degrees east 6.50 chains, thenca
north 80 degrees east 3 chaiaa,
thence south 60 degrees east 2 chains
thence south 25 1-4 degrees west 3
chains, thence south 36 3-4 degrees
west 5 chains, thence south 9 3-4 de
grees west 7 chains, thence south
22 3-4 degrees west 4 chains, thence
south 4 3-4 degrees east '2.57 chains
to north line of Jonathan Gilmore
Headright No. 47, thence south 8 de
grees west 18.66 chains thence north
78 1-2 degrees west 15.83 chaihs,
thence north 8 degrees east 17.6t
chains, thence north 78 1-2 degrees
east, 67.60 chains, to the place of
Lees ... acres previously sold to
James Grantham.
Terms of Sale-Gash.
jo10-6t Sheriff.
Stanley A .Harvey vs. Louis Gazano.
No. 3131.
Twenty-Sixth Judicial District Coutr,
Parish of St. Tammany,
Notice is hereby given tnat by vir
tue of a writ of fleri faciss, bearing
date the 29th day of December, 1919.
and to me directed, I have seized
and will offer for sale at the eourc
house in Covington, St. Tammany
pariash, La., between legal sale hours
Saturday Jmanuary S24, 1920,
the following described property, to
33 barrels of flour.
1 drum of cooking oil.
1 Ford truck.
Terms of Sale-Cash, with 'beneft
_10-3t Sherif.
(From N O. Item)
Congressman Jarel Y. Sanders,
former governor of .ouis!ana, in A
shattering, withering attack Satur
day night at the Athenaeum (New
Orleans) on the ring he knows so
well, stripped the gilt off that shin
ing ornament and showed the cheap
alloy beneath.
In clear and logical terms, Con
gressman Sanders told the crowd in
the big auditorium how a victory for
Subtbe would mean a state constitu
tion remade to the special measure
ments of ,Martin Behrman. He point
ed that an honest Stubbs meant
patronage for ring and boss control
throughout the state.
"Is Behrman 25,000 times the man :.(I
you are?" was the direct question
hurled at every man in the audience
at the Athenaeum. "That is the
only issue,"' declared Mr. Sanders,
who declared a moment later that
in his long and intimate sequaiSt
anceship with the City Machine he
had never known it to show the pree
ent temerity of Mayor Behrman's
bold effort to name the governor of
Anxicua to hear the man while
fame as an orator has spread e.i
the United States, the crowd began.
r filtering into the Athena4iam at 7 p.
m., an hour before Congressman Stm-+ .'i"i
ders was scheduled to speak. Thirty
minutes later auditors by the ecores
crowded through front and rear ~s
trances to the big auditorium. The
hall was more than two-thirds full
half an hour before the speech be
The " Parish Progressive Lesgan
has raised the money to secure a
high-priced farm demonstrator, and
It is understood that Mr. 'clix Baebe
min has been asked to accept tei.
a wonde.rPful record in the work Tg
has done in Webster parish, and he
made good when he was here. He
would be a good man for the plp .
if we can get him.
The Grapico Bottling Of~lpany .c .
installed a nicely equipped and can)l
tary plant and is placing some e.
cellent goods on the market. Pr*- -
ably Grapico will become one of t&
favorite drinks of Covington, this
summer. As its name ind!cates, t,
grape enters into its composition si.
it is a delightful drink. Mr. FubP
mann says it is a prohibition winns.~.
To Mrs. H. K. Goodwyn (nee Ann.
Frederick) on Friday, Jan. 9, 19t2,
at 2:10 a. m., a boy.
Circulars have been distributed a..-"
nouncing that Col. Stubbs will speak,
in Covington, Saturday (to-night).
and at Slidell Sunday. Speaking here
will be at the Parkview Theatre.
A flivver trip that was quite stre(ra
uous was made by Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
M. McDougall, Winn McDougall and
Miss Georgia McDougall. The -tra- =
elers starter from Portland, Oregon,
48,000 miles being made, including
two months travel in California,
The trip from Santiago to New Or
leans registered 2320 miles. Durinig
their stay in New Orleans the tray`
elers were guests of the Chambers
family, and while in Abita Springs
they were guests of Mr. and Mrs. L
M. Chambers. An average of 1 , JA
miles a day was made during the
trip. Altogether the outing h.a
been much enjoyed. The road"%
were said to be very good, only see
eral halts being made for pull-ourW
The roads in Loualsiana were fuond '
to be as good as any.
Mr. V. Davis, chief engineer aboar4t
ship, will shortly be in Covington.
and will spend a'while here with his
tamily at the Central Hotel. Mr.
Davis ais always traveling and cones
in contact with all kinds of board
ing accommodations, but he always
enjoys his stay at the Central. It is
comfortable and like home to him.
Notice is hereby given that all
parties are hereby forbidden to hent
or otherwise trespass on my land mt
the southwest and southeast quartere
of section 15, township 6, range 1;,1
at Waldhelm, 'under penalty of pros-.
ecution under the laws of the state. +
mar31-20* F. HEMPEL.
There will be a meeting of the
stockholders of the Commercial Bank
& Trust Company, Covington, La.,:,
at their ocfile on Tuesday, .Ju4niar
13, 1920, between 2 and 4 p. m., L, -
the purpose of electing a BoLtrd o$
Direetors for tlp esatag yeae
a . - .l McCORiMACK.

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