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No trapping or hunting allowed on
y'-tay land. Any one found trapping
n limy land will be prosecuted to full
extent of the law, and will be held
responsible for stock killed or hurt
by traps.
mr6 ROBT. H. VOSS.
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solved by unanimous consent, 1h
writing, of all its stockholders, :&nI
E. P. Cous'n and M. J. Cousin,
stockholders, appointed liquidat*.:s
to settle its affairs.
Bonfouca, La., July 1, 1920.
By order of the Board of Dire:
tors. J31-3t
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placed in The S.ruWr.
Be !t ordained by the Police Jury
of St. Tammany Parish, La., That
the ordinance of this. Police Jury
dated the 21st day of April, 19 0,
segregating and setting as'de the
sum of three hundred and thirteen
thousand ($313,000) dollars for t111
purpose of meeting State and Fe I
eral Aid in accordance with agree
ment had with the State Highway
Department, be and the same is
hereby amended and re-enacted s,
as to increase the said amount to
the sum of $338,500.00, in accoIl
13th day of July, 1920, govern u.
ance with an ordinance dated tna
the construction of the Hammond,
Covington, Slidell and Pearl Rive.
roads, $39.89 miles, and the revised
estimates filed by the State Highway
Department on the costs of the said
Be it further ordained, That the
Good Roads Commiss'on be and they
are hereby instructed to take notice
of the foregoing ordinance and to be
governed accordingly.
Be it further ordatned, That the
Hibernia Bank & Trust Company,
the fiscal agent, be also notified of
the passage of this ord:nance and
to be governed thereby.
Adopted July 13, 1920.
An ordinance repealing an ordinance
adopted July 13, 1920, by th3
Police Jury of St. Tammany
Parish, State of Louisiana, on
"tited 'An ordinance dividing
St. Tammany Parish into twen
tv five (25) drainage districts
for the purpose of enabling
owners of land within said
(. ctricts to improve the culti
vation and increase the value
of their lands by drainage ac
c..ding to law," and providing
for due notice of all drainage
See: on 1. Be it ordained by the
Police Jury of the Parish of St.
Tammany, State of Louisiana, That
the urd:nance adopted by the Police
Jury of St. Tammany Parish, State
of Lorisiana, on the 13th day of
July, 1920, entitled "An ordinance
dividing St. Tammany Parish into
twenty five (25) drainage distrilts
for the purpose of enabling owners
of land within said districts to im
prove the cultivation and increase
the value of their lands by drainage
accord,ng to law," be and the same
is he.Eby repealed.
Section 2. Be it further ordain
ed, That all ordinances and resolu
tions of this Police Jury relating in
any way to the drainage of St. Tam
many Parish, Louisiana, shall 'be in
troduced at a regular meeting of
thi bi'clice Jury and shall not be
passed, acted upon, or have any ef
fect unrtll the next regular meeting
of this Police Jury and due not'ce
thereof shall be published in the of
licial journal of St. Tammany Par
ish, I.cuisJana.
It wvis moved and seconded tiat
the above ordinance be adopteil,
whicn being put to a vote, was
carried unanimously.
It ".rat moved by Emile Burkan
stock, reconded by W. H. Davis, that
Mr. Eugene Arnett pay all expenses
ncur.i.d by the police jury in the
matte- of the drainage proposition.
It was moved and seconded that
the p:lice jury adjourn until the next
regular meeting date, September 14,
1920. Carried.
President Pro Tem.
SUM-MO COFFEE for sale at St.
Tammany Hay & Grain Warehouse,
Covington, La. n22
Rab-My-Tim is a great pain klU
er. It relieves pain and soreness
cansed by Rbeumatism, Neuralgia,
Sprains, etc.-Adv.
Prince Casimer Lubomirsktl
who has arrived at Washington.
He comes from one of Poland's
old families and has been connect
ed',with polities in his native
country for many years. ;- He was
educated in Cracow. Vlenna,
Paris and Nancy.
Baton Rouge, La., Aug. 20, 1920.
Notice is hereby given that
Joseph Wilson Todd,
of Lacombe. Louisiana, who, on July
29, 1915, made Homestead Entry,
No. 37599, for east halt of northeast
quarte. (ek of no ,), section 21,
townsh!p 8 south, range 13 east, St.
Helena Meridian, has filed notice of
intent,:on to make three year proof,
to establish claim to the land above
described before Clerk of Court,
at Covington, Louisiana, on the 5th
day of October, 1920.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Waiter Bautaut, John Bautant,
Louis ievere, Berry Todd, all of La
combo Louisiana.
au2S-5t Registrar.
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