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Illinois Central Presents Comparative
Costs of Passenger Fares
Americans pay more for nearly everything they buy than do Europeans. Thei
are able to pay more because their wages are relatively higher. There is one not
able exception, however-passenger transportation charges in this country are sub
stantially lower.
Although there has been a recent increase in American passenger fares, Ameri
cans still pay less for traveling accommodations than Europeans. The following
is a comparison between passenger fares charged in the United States, the points be
ing on the Illinois Central System, and fares paid by European traveling similar
pistance Railroad Sleeping Total
SlMiles Fare Car R. R. Fare
FROM TO First Class Fare and Berth
Jackson, Miss. ...... New Orleans, La. 183.1 $ 7.13 $ 3.65 $ 10.78
Iondon, Eng. ........ Manchester, Eng. 183.5 11.07 2.43 13.50
Memphis, Tenn. ...... Vicksburg, Tenn. 221 8.59 4.05 12.64
Paris, France .......... Idege, Belgium 228 14.51 7.53 22.04
St. Louis, Mo............... Chicago 294.2 11.24 4.05 15.20
London, Eng.......... Carlisle, Eng. 299 19.59 3..5 23.24
Chicago ............. Fort Dodge, Iowa 374.0 14.89 4.05 18.94
Paris, France ...... Geneva, Switzerland 375.9 25.68 14.63 40.31
Sioux City, Iowa ............. Chicago 509.6 20.15 4.86 25.01
Paris, France ......... Biarritz, France 507.3 23.60 18.31 50.91
Chicago .............. Memphis, Tenn. 526.7 21.15 6.08 27.23
Paris, France ............. Milan, Italy 525.5 47.59 22.12 69.71
Birmingham, Ala . ............ Chocago 680.2 25.62 8.10 33.72
Paris, France ........... Venice, Italy 687.2 61.39 27.56 88.95
Chicago ................ Jackson, Miss. 77.4 29.34 8.91 38.25
Paris, France .......... Florence, Italy 731.3 54.45 32.00 86.15
Louisville, Ky. ....... New Orleans, La. 787.4 30.11 8.91 39.02
Paris, France ...... Prague, Czecho-Slov 786 93.13 24.96 118.09
All American fares given in the table include a war tax of 8 per cent. The
Americau sleeping-car fares are for lower berths.
'Fhe American custom of handling free of charge, as much baggage as the ordi
nary passenger carries is unknown abroad. In addition, baggage rates in Europa
are much higher than in the United States. This condition should be considered
in comparing passenger fares in the various countries.
In the United States the railroads collect a surcharge on sleeping-car fares,
which is included in the above table. 'his surcharge helps to meet the cost of
hauling the heavier cars required, in which fewer passengers are carried.
During 1919 the Illinois Central hauled 1 % gross tons of weight for each coach
passenger carried, and 4.4 gross tons of weight for each sleeping-car passenger
carried. Not to collect the surcharge, therefore, would obviously be a discrimina
tion against the coach passenger, and an injustice to the railroad.
The costs of facilities for rendering pass-nger service have increased greatly. The
average passenger coach cost $12,400 in 1914; it now costs $30,300, an increase of
144 per cent. The average passenger locomotive cost $20,000 in 1914; it now
costs $65,000, an increase of 225 per cent. There have been heavy increases in
the costs of wages, fuel and other material.
These are some of the reasons why passenger fares are necessarily higher now
than they were in former years.
Constructive criticism and suggestions are invited.
President, Illinois Central Railroad Company.
How the Chevrolet was almost unknown in Covington
less than two years ago and to-day is one of the most pop
ular cars is an interesting story which we will be pleas
ed to relate to you.
How we hesitated about signing the Dealers' Contract
offeredfus feeling that the Chevrolet Model 490 was too
light, or, we might say, too dainty for our rough roads.
How we tried out the first car-passed out the words to
. "treat it rough," and still this car made good, and we
were sold to CHEVROLET. •
Now we have Chevrolet owriers-satisfied owners in all
sections of the parish-Slidell, Folsom, Covington and
The Chevrolet inade good with us and with our owners.
We found:
Quality rather than quantity of material is the reason
S for Chevrolet efficiency.
* Where weight has formerly bean considered essential to
comfort and endutrance, ChevrOlet has substituted sheer
Balance has been secured by an even distribution of right
weight. Riding and driving ease has been added to by
adequate spring suspension.
Each body and chassis has been nicely proportioned to
the power of the valve-in-head motor-famous for de
veloping the utmost power from fuel.
ChevrTolet knows no waste effort--its capacity knows no
strain. Long life is assured all vital parts-and to tires.
" In addition to the saving in first cost, there is the cer
tain economy of operation.
Mechanically and economically, Chevrolet appeals to
sound reason. In addition, there are numberless details
of appearance and equipment that will appeal to your
We can sell you a Model 490 Chevrolet for $925--$325
cash, balance in 12 monthly payments.
5~10-512 Boston Street Covington
Let the children
OF course they can make a picture of grand
ma-the kind of a picture that you'll be glad
to treasure. They can make pictures of their
playground pals, as well, and their pets. There
is nothing confuting about a Kodak-and a
Brownie is even simpler.
If you like pictures, you will find a visit
to our photographic department interest
from Kodak negatives to show you.
Kodaks $9.49 up-2Brownies $2.86 up
Schonberg's Pharmacy
Your Savings Question Solved
Join Our 1 21
Xmas Savings Club
Opens Monday, December 13th
CLASS 1-First week I cent, second week 2 cents. Increase
each weekly payment 1 cent ant receive in 50 weeks ..... $12.75
CLASS 2-First week 2 cents, second week 4 cents. Increase
each weekly payment 2 ents and receive in 50 weeks ..... $25.50
CLASS 5-First week 5 cents, second week 10c. Increase
each weekly payment 5 cents and receive in 50 weeks .... $63.75
CLASS 10-First week 10c, second week 20c. Increase each
weekly payment 10 cents and receive in 50 weeks ........ $127.50
CLASS 2.-Pay 25 cents straight each week for 50 weeks
and receive ....................... ................ $ 12.50
OLASS 50-Pay 50 cents straight each week for 50 weeks
and receive ........................................ $25.00
CLASS 100-Pay $1.00 straight each week for 50 weeks
and receive ....................................... $50.00
Vice-President ,Cashier
S. D. BUiLLOCH , J. EDIW VIX, Ass't. Cashier,
Vice-President Manager Mandeville Branch
It'll soon be in useums
Calomel loses you a day! You know what calomel is. It's
mercury; quicksilver. Calomel is dangerous. It crashes into
sour bile like dynamite, cramping and sickening you. Calomel
attacks the bones and should never be put into your system.
Take "Dodson's Liver Tone" Instead I
When you feel bilious, sluggish,
constipated and all knocked out and
believe you need a dose of dangerous
calomel, Just remember that your
druggist sells for a few cents a large
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone, which
is entirely vegetable and pleasant to
take and is a perfect substitute for
calomel. It is guaranteed to start
your liver without stirring you up
inside, and can not salivate.
Don't take calomell It makes you
sick the next day; it loses you a day's
work. Dodson's Liver Tone straight.
ens you right up and you feel great.
Give it to the children because it is
pedectly harmless and doesn't gripe.
Another Royal Suggestion
Griddle Cakes and Waffles
THERE is an art in
making flapjack pan
cakes, griddle cakes or
wheats, call them what
you will. But it is an
art very easily and
quickly acquired if you
follow the right recipes.
The secret, of course,
is Royal Baking Pow
Griddle Cakes
1% cups flour
% teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons Royal
Baking Powder
2 eggs
l~ cups milk
1 tablespoon shortening
Mix and sift dry ingredi
ents; add beaten eggs,
milk and melted shorten
ing; mix well. Bake im
mediately on hot griddle.
Waffles Absoluty Pure
2 cups flour
4 teaspoons Royal
Baking Powder Made from Cream of Tartar,
% teaspoon salt derived from grapes
1% cups milk
2 eggs
1 tableapoon melted
Sift flour, baking pow
der and salt together; add
milk to yolks of eggs; mix
thoroughly and add to dryFR
ingredients; add melted FREE
shortening and mix in New Royal Cook Bock con
beaten whites of eggs. raining these and ecores aof
Bake in well-greased hot other delightful recipLa. Write
waffle Iron until brown. for it to-day.
Serve hot with ma',. my- ROYALBAKNGO "OWDERCO.
rup. It should take L ut us Fultontret, I.w r orkCity.
Sminutes to .. k Flton tret or
Similar Cases Occur Daily In This
Not only herein Coviington but in
our neighboring towns, the same
good story is heard. An encourag
ing instance from Madisonville is giv
en here, and will be read by us with
great interest. Ask your neighbor!
Mrs. B. Goldate, Mulberry Street,
Madisonville, La., says: "I had a
lot of kidney trouble with my back
and kidneys. My back was weak and
very painful and sharp pains went
. n. .m.
i Keep The Egg
. Basket Full!
The feed elements that
U make whites of eggs are en
* tirely different from those that make yolks. Wheni
* hens aren't fed both the white and yolk makiog >
* elements, they can't keep the egg basket full. Th#
M usual method of feeding mostly grain makes yoli
I but not enough whites to complete the eggs. ,
U Missouri Experiment Station tests prove that 100 lbs.t:i
wheat, corn, oats, barley and kaffir corn make (above bodily I.iI*
* tenance) an average of 224 yolks to 154 whites. Based on dl_1
i from the same experiments, Purina formulas produce, (above bol. i
maintenance) as follows:
   Yolks WMtse.
Purina Hen Chow 247.49 142.11
  Purina Chicken Chowder 182.05 28255
Combined Ration 429.54 424.60
These Purina chows not only make a practically equal lata.
ber of whites and yolks but more of both than ordinary ch/s
Note that Purina Chicken Chowder contains the necessary white-fora
elements to balance up the yolk
g making grain ration. That's why
n m it makes hens lay so heavily. In
stead of the yolks being absorbed
by the hen's system, Purina
Chicken Chowder makes the PURINA PURINA
whites to complete the eggs and
they are laid. Thuis.we can ab
solutely guarantee
more eggs or money back W a ,
on Purina Chicken Chowder if
fed with Purina Hen Chow as
directed. You take no risk.
Sole Distributors
through the small of it. At times'
my limbs ached and my kidneys wera
disordered. My head ached and
caused my sight to blur and I was
sick all over. I began to use Doan's
Kidney Pills, which I got at the City
Drug Store, and they helped me Im
mediately. I only used a little more
than a box of Doan's Kidney Pills
when I was entirely cured qf·thtI
trouble, and since then I have been
well in every respect."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don'~
simply ask for a kidney remedy-get
Doan's Kidney Plills-the same tl a
Mrs. Goldate had. .Foster-Mlburn Co.
Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.-Adv.

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