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......The St. Tamany Farmer $t .t.
DEAL P.ARMACY, Madm-of you moa. b b
D lme. Fhve .At Pe.tr V NWT. LbAcer Y Eelp bodRthe2., 8
Resolutions Instructing the
Commission to Keep Out
$40,000 for Salt Bayou
Log Hauling In Violation
of Law Ordered to be
Prosecuted, Etc.
Covington, La., Dec. 15, 1920.
The police jury met n regular
session on December 15, 1920, with
the following members present: H.
N. Fend.ason, C. M. Poole, J. M.
Smith, K. C. Cooper, Emile Single
tary, W. H. Davis, M. P. Schneider,
J. B. Howze, Emile Burkenstock.
Absent:' Theo. Dendinger, Jr.
It was moved and seconded that
the reading of the minutes of the
last meeting be d spensed with.
It was moved by J. M. Smith, sec
onded by Emile Singletary, that the
appropriation of $45.00 per month
up to the amount of $500.00, to the
Red Cross, be discontinued after the
first of January, 1921.
It was moved by J. M. Smith, sec
onded by Emile Singletary, that the
assessment roll for the year 192u
be accepted.
It was moved by M. P. Schneider,
seconded by Em'le Burkenstock, that
the police jury borrow from the Cov
ington Bank & Trust Company the
sum of $10,000 to meet current ex
penses, same to be paid back March
1, 1921.
On motion duly seconded the fo:
Jowing resolution was adopted:
Be it resolved by the police jury,
lo legal session convened, That the
Squest pn of adjusting with the St
Tammafn Construction Company a
certain alleged claim for damages
due that Company in connection with
the Salt Bayou road is herelly rele
gated to the Good Roads Commis
sion as this body is wholly un
fam'liar and unacquainted with all
matters pertaining thereto.
On motion duly seconded the fol
.ewing resolution was adopted;
Be it resolved by the Police Jury,
Ti legal session convened, That S. D.
gunl]och, of the town of Covington,
and El:is A. Crawford, of the town
of Pearl Rimer. Louisiana, be and
they are hereby appointed as mem
bers of the Pars a Board of Equali
zation for the Parish of St. Tam
many, Louisiana. in conformity with
Act No. 231 of the Geneial Assembly
of 1920.
Be it resolved by the Polce Jtry,
In legal session convened, That the
State Board of Affairs is hereby re
quested to appoint George Harrison,
of Slidell, Lousiana, as the third
member of the Parish Board of
Equalization for the Parish of St
Tammany, and according to law.
On motion duly seconded the fol
lowing ordinance was adopted:
AN ORDINANCE to provide revenue
for the Parish of St. Tammany,
Louisiana, for the year 1920,
for the purpose of paying the
statutory, usual, necessary and
ordinary charges and bonded :n
deebtedness of said Parish.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the
President and Members of the Poll'e
Jury for the Parish of St. Tammany,
In legal session convened, That six
and one-half (6 ') mills on the dol
lar is hereby levied on all property
taxable under the laws of the State
of Lou siana, situated within the
Parish of St. Tammany.
Section 2. Be it further ordain
Sed, That said taxes to be levied are
as follows, to-wit:
To General Fund, One mill;
To School Fund, Three mills;
'1'o Road Fund, Two mills;
To Criminal Fund, One-half mill.
Sectlon 3. Be it further orda'n
ed, That the Assessor of the Parish
of St. Tammany be and he is hereby
instructed, empowered and authoriz
ed to lcvy and co:lect a tax sufficient
to pay the interest and principal on
Sall bonds becoming due the ensuing
Section 4. Be it further ordain
ed, That th's ordinance shall go into
effect from and after its passage.
Adopted December 15, 1920.
On motion duly seconded, the fol
lowing resolution was adopted:
W hereas, Mr. Dunoan Bule, State
Highway Engineer, stated publi~ely
to this Police Jury at its meeting
November 19th, 1920, that he would
join St. Tammany Parish on a fifty
fifty bass at any time the Parish
would provide its portion of the
funds necessary In construCting and
hardsurfacing a hlghwav from a coS
nection with the Mayfield Road near
Rigo'ets to a connection with the
Salt B.you Road, and further stated
that he would confirm this agree
metn in wr'ting, and.
SVhereas, no such written con
frmation has been received,
Recolverd. That the Secretary of
the Po 'ce Jury be and he is'hereby
instructed to write Mr. Bule at once
calline his attention to his verbal
promise~. and request'ng him to let
us have his wr'tten confirmation as
early as practicable.
Resolved further, That the Secre
tary is hereby instructed to advise
the President of this Police Jury as
soon as he receives reply from Mr.
Buie, and if he does not rece:ve sucui
reply within two weeks from this
date, he shall advise our President
On motion, duly seconded, the fol
:owing resolution was adopted:
Whereas, the contract made by
St. Tammany Parish Good Roads
Commission for construct oi and
hardsurfacing Salt Bayou Road has
been cancelled and $32,000.00 of
the amount involved in that contract
has been withdrawn from that road,
in order to meet the demands of the
State Highway Department in con
nection with contracts for roads des
ignated as Section A, C and D, and,
Whereas, the State Highway En
g'neer promised this Police Jury, at
its meeting November 19th, 1920, to
join this parish on a fifty-fifty basis
in constructing and hardsurfacing
Salt Bayou Road from Slidell to Salt
Bayou, by giving out of the first
funds available in 1921 Federal A d
to the extent of $40,000,00, if nec
essary, as the State's share towarL'
this work, and,
Whereas, in order to establish the
good faith of this Police Jury, an1
a:l others who are parties to the
agreement made for roads A, C and
D at the November 19th, 1920, meet
ing of this .body, and at the same
time to deal fairly and re-assuring
ly towards all parties interested, it
is entirely proper and necessary that
arrangements for construction and
hardsurfacing Salt Bayou road in
1921 be in tangible and definite
form; therefore,
Be it resolved, That the St. Tam
many Parish Good Roads Commis
sion be and it is hereby instructe:l
to set aside and reserve out of pro
ceeds of the $750,000.00 bond is3ue,
now in its keeping, the sum of $40,
000.00 to cover the portion of ex
pense to be paid in 1921 by St. Tam
many parish toward the cgnstruction
and hardsurfacing of this road and
to meet a like amount of Federal Aid
in 1921,
Resolved further, That the Presi
dent of this Police Jury be and he
is hereby authorized and instructe I
to execute and file immediately vith
the State Highway Department form
al application for this Federal Aid,
and properly arrange any and a:!
documents requisite to the construc
tion and surfacing of the Salt Bayou
road at the earliest possible date.
On motion duly seconded, the fol-
lowing resolution was adopted:
Whereas, it has just come to the
knowledge of the Police Jury that
certain individuals and corporations
are hauling and transporting logs
across and along the public road; of
the Parish of St. Tammany, and,
Whereas, Act No. 184 of the
General Assembly of 1920 prohibits
any person, individual or corporat:on:
from hauling, transporting or mov
ing logs over or across any public
road in the State, and prescribes a
serious penalty for 'the 'violationi
thereof, and.
Whereas, certain individuals and
corporations i.. the Parish of St.
Tammany have a b$.utely. disregard
ed all warnings aid notice given to
them in relation to the violatign of
said act, therefore,
Be it resolved, That F. J. Martin
dale, c.erk 'of this body, be and heI
is hereby directed and instructed to
ascertain the names of each and 4
every person hauling logs over and
across the public roads of this paricn 4
without a permit granted in accord- 1
ance with the provisions of Act 154 4
of 1920, and then send the names of
such persons to the District Attorney,
in order that he might forthwith file I
a bill of information in each in
stance, as the law directs.
Be it further resolved, That the I
said F. J. Martinda:e state to the 4
District Attorney that it is the desire
and wish of this body that he pio
ceed as above indigated against all i
violators without delay.
Be it further resolved, That a c6py
of this resolution be immediately i
forwarded to the Honorable J. Vol 4
Brock, Diryrict Attorney for the 26th
Judicial District Court in and for the
Parish of St. Tammaqy, for his in- 1
formatio'n and guidance,
On motion duly seconded, the fol
low'ng resolution was adopted:
Whereas, M. C. Huckaby had the
supervision and location and estab
ishment of the roads of the Parish
of St. Tammany, and,
Whereas, the said M. C. Huckaby
has been trained to the highest point
of education in the building on4'
hardsurfacing of roads, and,
Whereas, he now has under his
nanagement a force of capable .oyal
and trustworthy assistants, and,
Whereas, the construction of :nr
roads under the supervision of rep- i
resentatives of the Highway Depart
inent will impose upon the taxpayers
of the Parish of St. Tammany addi- 4
lional heavy demands, and,
Whereas, the Honorable Duncan I
iule, Chief of the Highway Depart
Inent of Louis'ana, has consistently
manifested a desire to co-operate in
every way possible with the Police
Jury in the building of scleniflically
:oaistructed roads, therefore,
Be it resolved by the Police Jury,
is legal sesnsion convened, That a
:ommittee composed of not less than
two persons, be named by the Presi
dent to eall on the said Honorib'le
Duncan Buie for the purpose of pre-,
vailing upon him to name andl ap
point, as his representative Mr. M.
C. Huckaby, to superintend the roadi
now in the course of car Struction:1
and to be constructed in the Par'sh i
of St. Tammany under Federal sup
The following report was read:
We, the Finance Committee, have
examined bills of the road fund and
b'lls of the parish fund and ordered
same paid.
c. M. 1OLE,
Fgunce Committee.
Following is tire list of bills:
Road Fund.
Dolphus McLain, road work, sec
mond ward, $9.00.
olphtis MaeaiR, overseer, work
Prominent Young Men of
Covington Sponsor
for Its Success.
Funds To Be Used for the
Charity and Soldiers'
Memorial Grove.
The charity ball to be given by the
Knights of Columbus at the Soutn
ern Hotel Wednesday, December 29,
will be the big event of the hol'day
season. Not only the large member
ship and popularity of the Knights,
but the social attraction of an affair
of this kind and the great interest
in the object of the ball has an at
tractiveness that is drres:stable. It
is being much talked about and the
young men of Covington who have
usually made a success of social af
fairs for which they became sponsor
are enthusiastic for it.
Besides the fact that the funds are
to be devoted to charitable purposes
and to the Sold'ers' Memorial Grove
in Covington, two automobiles wil:
be given away during the evening
and every one who buys a ticket to
the ball will have a chance of getting
one. It may be that you believe you
are not lucky, but if you do, just re
member that everybody's luck chang
es solhe time. If you have never
been lucky before, there's a chance
that you will be th's time. How
ever, one thing Is certain, you will
be unlucky if you miss the ball, for
It will be a grand affair.
The following is a comparative
report on the piece of road near Cov
ington that w i1 be referred to as the
C vington-Mandevillo-Abnta Springs
Junction Road. It is that part of
the road from the end of the br:lge,
over Bogue Falaya river, at C.aib
orne where the Mandeville-Lacombe
Slidell road comes in from there on
to the point where the Abita Spritgs
and the Bogalusai roads come 'n to
gether. The first. part is along...were
a correction was made in the allign
ment so as to eliminate a series of
dangerous curves and give a straight
and direct entrance into the bridge
approach to further insure a greater
All of this part of the road in
quest'o. could have been logica:ly
placed in the J, D. O'R.eilley pgntract
and the first part could have prop
er:y been placed in the contract re
cently s'gned with the firm of Peter
man & Loustalot, in fact, the whole
could have been worked that way,
but the work has been done by th3
Good Roads Commission's outfit at
some saving to the parish.
Including the cost of labor, ma
terial, feed, engineering and super
vision and all other cozt§ that could
oe properly charged to the con-truc
tion of the road as well as all extra
expense in the way of building by
passes and keeping men on duty to
assist the traffic, the cost of the road
in question was $6,349.81.
Suppose we compare this with the
other contracts referred to by ap
plylsg the prpit pr'ces as given in
each respective contract. The same
work done by J. D. 'O'Reilley would
have cost the parish $4.,49.65, gnd
by Peterman & Louatalot the cost
would have been $9,795.74, or a dif
ference of 49 per cent in the first
and 54 per cent in the second case.
There has beern much speculation
as to the extra cost of making the
change sin the allignment on this
road. It m'ght be interesting to
know that the change cost only
$793.32 more than it would have
cost to'put the old road to the same
grade and every way as good.
It can be said further that the
weather conditions have been the
most unfavorable and that traffic
pouring in off three roads all the
tme have presented as difficult prob
lems as are ordinarily met in work
of th'a nature. Additional unforseen
expenses amounted to over $550, all
of which is included in the total cost
Postmaster G. H. Wi:cox. of Boga
lusa, died December 16th. Gollop
pg consumption was the cause of
death. He contracted the diseasc
about twelve weeks ago. A short
time previous Mrs. Etta Landry. ac
sistant in the same office, died of the
same disease after an illness of e'ght
weeks. Mrs. Landry was a sister
of Mr. Robt. White, of eovingtqn.
in second ward. $96.75.
M. F. McMahon, work on Bayou
Liberty road, $29.15.
Geo. Smth, work on £Magdeville
road, $68.50.
W. R. Smith, same, $10.00.
Robt. Smith, same, $61.00.
Geo. Froach, work on Abta road,
$F. C. Craddock. work on Hickory
Cre'k road, $98.80.
Bonnibel Construction Co., road
work, eighth ward, $175.00.
Chas. Lagarde, road work, 7th
ward, $39.00.
(Continued on page 2)
Mr. Alphonse Cousin First
To Reach H se After
the Acc dent.
Fence Burning and Pieces
of Flesh and Blood
On Pump.
The most deplorable and shocking
death of Mrs. Dr. Karl, at Lacombe,
Thursday, December 16, about 2 p.
m., Is supposed to have resulted from
her attempt to light a fire in the
stove with coal oil. She was 16
years of age.
She was found in the doorway of
her residence by Mr. Alphonse Cot
sin shortly after the accident. Her
clothing was burned from her body.
her breast, mouth and tongue being
severely burned, and the body sti'l
warm; but she was dead. Mr. Cou
sin found the fence burning and put
it out. The whole house would have
been ablaze in a short t'me. It is
evident that Mrs. Karl had run into
the yard when lier clothing first
caught fire and the fence must hive
caught from pieces of clothing torn
off and thrown down. She had gone
to the pump in the yard and had
tried to extinguish the flames with
water. There was blood on the
pump handle and pieces of flesh were
found clinging to the pump. Bra'ds
of hair burned from her head were
foupd in the yard. Her death must
have followed quickly the breathing
in of the flames.
Mrs. Karl was at one time a teach
er in the public school, during the
time Mr. Evans was superintendent.
Theatre goers of Covington who
have longed for something d'fferent
in the amusement line will have
their wishes gratified beyond thei
expectation on next Monday and
Tuesday, Dec. 27 akd 28, when the
Giersdorf Musical Sbow Deluxe ap
pears at Parkview Theatre for mati
nee and night performances daily.
This company is composed of an
aggregation of skilled musicians ani'
the accountrement includes practi
cally every concievable standard in
Atrument. The program consists of
band and orchestra ensembles, solo
Instrumental numbers, s'nging, danc
ing and high class novelty vaude
ville acts. This attraction will ap
peal to all lovers of music, classical
or jazz. There is an abundance of
both. There will be a special mati
nee performance at 3 p. m. da'ly and
the night performance will start at
8 o'cleck. A complete change of
program will be presenter each day.
The prices for the matinees will
be 35c for children, 75c for adults,
including war tax; prices for the
night performance will be 55c and
$1.10, ip lu~ngg tag.
Watch Sor the street parade at
2:30 p. m. daily.
-- --
Mr. Christ. Schultz, who for the
past several months has been repre
senting the Diamond Match Co., in
Texas, is spending two weeks at his
home here. "Mr. Schultz has been
with th's company only a short while
and has woh rapid promotion. He
is now in line for even better oppor
unities, and we wish him much
The Commercial Bank & Trust
Company has declared a semi-annual
dividend of 5 per cent. The earn
ngs of the bank for the past six
months has been 10 per cent. Bn
sides the dividend of 5 per cent, a
neat sum has been added to the
surplus. At the meeting of the
board of directors it was especially
commented upon that the season has
been one of the most prosperous ones
of the bank.
Mr. Ben Fonsan has been made
assistant cashier. Mr. Fontan has
nany friends in Covington who will
be pleased to learn of h's promotion.
Mr. Camp of Folsom, together with
some employees working in the tim
ber, were sitt:ng around a camp fire
Thursday night when one oi. the men
fell asleep and rollled over until one
leg was thrust into the fire. Mr.
Oam'p sprang quickly to the man's
assistance, but before he could be
:ul:ed out the leg was bad.y burne:l.
The name of the man is not given.
--- -0 -
succession of Walter Anderson Hall.
Pw enty-Sixth Judicial District Court.
Parish of St. Tammany,
State of Louisiana,
Notice is hereby given to all whom
it nmay coneern that Mrs. Juanita
Hall Semple has applied for letters
of administratrix on the estate of
Va:ter Anderson Hall, deceased, and
that unless opposition is made there
to w'thin ten days from the first
publication hereof, said applicatio'i
will be granted.
25-.3t Vlerk of Court.
* I will not criticise or condemn *
* the Covington Association of
* Commerce for failure to do *
* things, unless I, myself, have
* personally given t'me, thought *
* and effort to help get results, *
* and have paid my dues.
This little man, Dr. Charles 8.
Sawyer, Marion, O., is slated to
f11 the place now occupied by Dr.
Carey E. Grayson. He is to be
personal physician to President
elect Harding. Dr. Sawyer has
been a close personal friend and
neighbor to the Hardings for
many years. Dr. Sawyer tade
the recent trip with the president
elect to Texas, Panama Canal ajp
back to Washington.
There was a. meeting at the court
house in Covington Sunday for the
purpose of organiz'ng a St. Tammany
parish charitable association. The
meeting was presided over by F. J.
Heintz, who issued the call, and he
stated the object to be "to colate
all charitable organizations into one
charitable .association of St. Tam
many parish, with a representation
in the executive board of said parish
'associatidAl from eachl church o.r
charitable organization."
Before proceeding with the busl
ness of the meeting Mr. Heintz read
the following letter;
Covington, La., Dec. 17, 1920.
Mr. Fred J. Helntz, City.
My Dear Fred:--Confirming our
conversation of even date, I am ad
dres3ing you the letter I had orig -
nally intended publishing ,n The' St.
Tammany Farmer, with the utindr
standing that you read it at me'eting
next Sunday afternocn:
The Letter.
ThsQ circular letter issued under
various recent dates, bearing the s.g
nature "Fred J. He'ntz, Jr.,"' sent, so
I am informed, to a large iu,nber of
citizens of this parish, invitrti Lhtm
to come to a mass meeting in Coy
ington for the purpose of helping to
start a "Charity Organization" move
ment, :s woefully wrong and mislead
ing in so far as to the following:
"That the local chapter of the Red
Cross has discontinued dealing with
the service man, adjusting his af
fairs, helping him to secure the
money due him by the Governmen*,
helping the families of those that
were killed or died in the service and
securing employment for those out
of work," this kind of work IS and
ALWAYS HAS been done IN the
office, it has NEVER nor will it
EVER be discontinued nor was it
EVER intended by the Execu ivs
Committee that 't should be discon
As to "giving aid to the sick an'l
destitute and looking after delin
quent children" I quote verbatim
from the minutes of the meet'ng of
the Executive Committee held Dec.
7, 1920, and at which you were pres
ent, signed by Mrs. E. S. Wharton,
secretary, who at that time was still
connected with the Red Cross: "By
Bordes and Kelleher-Motign to give
nurse power to RENDER AID when
so reported to committee that is to
meet once a weeks. Carried."
Immed'ately after the holidays,
sooner if it can be arranged, the
chapter Red Cross office will be open
daily and in charge of a yoluntesP
secretary for the transaction of its
usual and regular business, dispen:;
ing aid, advice and assistance conm
mensurate w'th its means.
With expressions of regard and
best wishes for the success of your
commendable undertaking.
0A r MAVT.rf M n
Chairman St. Tammany Chapter
American Red Cross.
A committee was appo'n:ed, com
posed of Rev. F. B. Talmage, of the
Presbyterian Church; Rev. J. Orson
Miller, of Christ's Episcopal Church;
Rev. L. R. Sparks, of the Methodit
Church; Rev. John Burger, of St.
Peter's Catholic Church, and Frel
J. Heintz.
The object is that each unit of th'
committee is to use his best endeavor
in his own field to bring support to
the association and to secure the co
operation and assistance that Is nee
essary to make its work valuable to
the parish. It is intended that each
member of the committee shall write
to such eitizens as they bel eve
Agrees With Great South
ern Lbr. Co. as to Hur't
fulness Forest*Fires.
Drainage Also Important In
Cultivation of Cutover
Lands of Parish.
(By A. E. Briggs )
In a recent issue of The Farmer
the Great Southern Lumber Com
pany called attention to the fact
"that the annual grass fires is the
greatest enemy to the rapid repro
duction in pine trees." Even more
important, I believe, is the injury to
the cattle industry of the parish oc
casioned by these fires in the de
struction of so-called "carpet grass.'"
Carpet grass is not a' natire, but
is a plant from tropical America
which was imported by way of New
Orleans about one hundred years
ago, and I find it everywhere I have
been in the parish. It is a most ex
ceptionally valuable grass. Recent
ly agricultural authorities have given
it some attention, and only last
April the United State Agricultural
Department issued a circular which
should be studied by every one in
terested in cattle raising. The fol
lowing quotations should be suffic
ent to indicate to cattle owners the
very' great profit to them which
would follow the elimination of the
annual fires and increased attention
(Continued on page 6)
As Mr. Huckaby has become Inore
than a mere res'deit' engineer :in
charge of our road construction, hay
ing been active and valuable in our
community work and identified with
our interests,, his achievements are"
of interest to our pepple. The fol)
lowing letter is but further evidence
of he ability and his interest .n Suc
cessful road building, ,ant We' have
persuaded him to allow us to. ublish
it, because we know of no'. 'more
competent and sincere critic than
Governor Parker:
Mr. M. C. Huckaby, Coitligton,.I a.
Dear Sir:-Mr. Inman hands 'me
your letter of December 20th, with
the accompanying document which I
have read with great interest and
regard as one of the finest I have
seen in reference to road work and
road building.
I shall' take the liberty of keeping
this document and having a number
of copies made, and I trust you will
have no objection whatsoever, to my
using it' for that purpose.
With thanks and appreciation and,
season's greetings, I am,
Yours very truly,
' Governor.
There was a xeorganization of the
St. Tammany Poultry Association at
its meeting last Wednesday, and con
siderable interest was manifested in
carrying out plans formed at that
Mr. Mipckler states that the. plans
include a poultry exhibition, which
will take place "n January. The
many fine birds that are now owned
by poultry .raisers in St. Tammany
would make a very interesting denl
onStration of what can be accom
plished in this fline here.
It will be noticed on page two is
an article on early Christmas shop
ping. While it was a left-over article
from last week and was inadvertent
ly slipped in the form, we hope it
w'll be useful for next Christmas,
as it will be thoroughly impressed
upon every one. Errors never fall
to reach the public, and the humor
of tl. critic should help the lesson
along wonderfully.
Ed. Jones, night marshal of Cov
ington, who has been under treat
ment in the hospital for wounds re
cently received from a pistol in the
hands of Trenchard, is out of danger,
but may lose the use of one arm
which the physicians are now trying
to save and have in a plaster cast,
otherwise Mr. Jones is out of dan
ger and rapidly improving.
Order of Court as to survey of
land brings suit aga'nst sheriff, sur
veyor, et al, in Federal Court for
$5000 damages. The case is a very
peculiar one and defendants say It
is Christmas, not April first.
would be willing to aid in the wori
to be carried on and to interest pasr
tors of churches in the various com
munities in which they reside, w'th
a view to having them hold meetings
in each town or locality and secur
ing an organization that will repre
sent every part of the -parish and
brng to every part of the parish the
assistance that can only result from
thorough appreciation of the work
and a knowledge of the needs of
every section.
After this work shall have been
accomplished another meeting will
be held and the organization will be
Drinks Liquor While Uider
Treatment for, igh
Blood Pressure.
Attended by pr. Jones Hof
Folsom, But Efforts to "
Save Him Failed.'
E. L. Campbell, timber inspector,
whose home is at 4421 South J,4bet
ty street, New Orleans, is eoqei oro
added to the long list of victI l c
"write lightnin".' Within thsee
hours after'Mr. Campbell, had`'d apk
the vile stuff he was dead. .We S A
"vdle stuff," because '~t is" 'presumod
he drank "White L ghtning," aiN he
replied, when asked what was the
matter, that 'he had "been strdtck by
Mayor Bfldon said that Mr. Camp
bell came to him at 6 p. In. 'Tuesday'
to engage a car to take him to Plol-'
som, where he wante4 to inp'eebt'
some timber or ties for Mr. ' p:.'
That Mr Campbell then left and Went
to supper. It is 5aid the'he allo
bought some Christmas presents to
take home-scarf pins.
Mr. Campbell afterwards counter
manded his order for a car, stating
that he had made arrangements with
Mr. Camp to meet him at Folsom and
that he was going over on the even
ing train about 7 o'clock.
When Mayor Badon again saw Mr.
Campbell it was about twenty min
utes to 7 o'clock and Mr. Campbell
was so drunk that he did notsremem
ber that he had 'ountermanded his
order for a car and proceeded to re
cite the fact again. When asked
what was the piatter, he replied, "0,
I've been strutk by lightning." p.~p'
was unable to* put on-his overcoat
and Mayor Badon helped him on
with it and took him by the ar a'iadn
assisted him .to the depot and put
him on tle train when it stoppe" at
the depot. Mr. .Campbel e0uld not
hang on to his. grip, an' hthna e
dropped it Mayorf Bqdon p t urp.
and carried it for him. Ml.6I.' X.
Pruden, who was going on the alst
train, said he would take cra of
Mr. Campbell, asa as as the 1s l
place and that he would pacb hipn
in charge of the flagman when he
left the train.'
Mr. Campbell fell asleep ad, soon
as he was seatqd and must have re
mained in a stupor until he'tepChed
Folsom, gs when Mr. Caiifp met he -
tra'n he was unable to wake, him i. .
Mr. Camp called Dr. Jones to his
si.tance and it' was decided tlt It
was belt not to ng qva Mr.' Cam toell,.'
but thtt it would be better tb handlP
the case In the car: So the 0e wasl I
purt on the siding std 1r. amip
bell was givet the ,het'"Of ttaion
up to the time of his ddpth, Wyfeh
ocourred about 9 9n m ·•
Coroner Bullc h ' tht "ri,
JonPe' report.gave the cause* #edot,
as acute alcoho igm. * "
Mr. Campbell ad U'0lI euepa
bottle of medibine jr" . Dr.
Bamnhard , of 'New p M9t.
Campbell's brothqr,, wb eare. opt
or the body, whic hbad been e -,
pared for ,buiral by'the Poole andi
takig establishment is said tp hasb,
stated that his brdther had been,
warned byb the 4bobtor not to, touch
liquor, as it wqs dangel'ons fot him
o do so in rhA pondition pi high
blood pressure, for which ht.Wes be
ing treated.
It is not known where Mr. Ganp
bell got the "White Lightning."
Mr. R. H. Fergeson, nianagey of
th'e Covington Garage Company, re
ports the sale of a Studebaker
Special Six Touring Car to Mr. C. E.
Schonberg, of Covington, who pre
sented it to hiA wife on,Chriatmasr.
morning as a pleasant surprise.
Mr. M. Connolly and wife and son
passed through Covington a few
days ago on their way to 'Porida.
Mr. Connolly is an electrician and
was overhauling his big Cadilac in
the F. G. C. Auto Shop when seen
by a reporter of 'he B'armner, and
seemed in fine spirits, notwithstand
ing the difficulties of motoring over
heavy, rough roads. His car was
ftted with camping neceities and
conveniences for travel. The trip
was started from Los Angeles about
he middle of summer, and all the
eights worth seeing were taken in.
Mrs. Connolly before marriage was
Miss Eula Porter. Some years ago
she was a resident of Clalborne and
consequently well acquainted with
At a meeting of the directors of
he Covington Bank & Trust Com
pany, held last Tuesda , the regu
ar quarterly dividend of three per
cent was declared, payable January
Ist. In addition to the quarterly
dividend an extra dividend of flive
per cent was also declared. The em
ployees were made happy by being
given a bonus amounting to one
month's salary. We understand that
noti'ithstanding the general reaction
in business, this bank Is closing up
the most successful yetar in its his

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