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! 0 Îr <®jpq.
Printing Office, East Hill, Idaho City.
T HE Proprietors bag leave to announce .to the pegple
of Idaho City and vicinity, that they have a varied
and complete assortment of
which make their facilities for executing all kinds of
I*lain and Ornamental Printing
unsurpassed by any office in the upper country. All
orders fur jobs will be oxeuted with neatness and dis
patch. j
The Gambritius mill cleaned up during the
week, with very gratifying results. We learn
that about $-17,000 was o-btained.
Duncan &. Turner have opened a store on
Wall street, an-d are selling good 3 at low
rates. See their price curren t.
Prtoes Current.— Any one desirous of
knowing the ruling prices of every species of
merchandise In Idaho oity, will find them in
eur columns carefully corrected every Friday
Correspondence.— " Once a Week ""arriv
ed from Owyhee yesterday, but too late for
insertion this week. He gives u»s an rater
estiag description of the mining co>untry in.
that district.
Union Ball .on.Monday. —Extensive prepa
rations are being made for the Grand Union
Ball at Pickwick Hall next Mond'ay evening.
The-Committee of Arrangements are gentle
men, of experieuce and taste, and« intend that
the time and place shall be oneon which ''the
light fantastic toe" shall be tripped with in
finite delight.
School. Again. —Mr. D. P. Phelps will open
his school again on Wall street next Monday
morning. Be informs us that he has suc
ceeded in raising several hundred dollars for
the school house, and that only about $15 0
remains due. Mr ..Phelps is entitled, to some
credit for the- industry and perseverence
which he has exerted in freeing the building
from debt.
Lauge Deer. —A black-tailed deer, weigh
ing one hundred and ninety-five pounds, was
killed by Mr. Lackett, a few days ago,, on the
creek about ten miles from this town. Its
size and appearance made it a subject of
much curiosity while hanging in front of the
Peacock Chop House. M>r. Frampton has
several men constantly employed on the hills
in search of game, but very seldom secures
anytbiugof that size.
Masonic - Ball in Idaho. —St. John's Day.
(i,Dec. 27th) will be commemorated here by
grand ball under the management of tb
Masonic fraternity. The managers intend to
make it the finest affair ever gotten up iu the
Territory. As St. John's Day conies in the
the midst ot the holidays, it will afford grat
ification to many seeking Gh ristmas and New
Year amusements, as well as to the members
most " ancient and hononable" ofe
of the
Idahoi Directory.—A. Directory ot all-the
towns in the Boise Basin, and Owyhee,.pub
lis bed by Mr. Geo. Ü^veus, is now ready for
delivery by its author. It is a very interest
ing and valuable work for all. business men
both in this Territory and in adjoining States
The Directory contains a. full list of the names
of the residents of the various to\y.ns, their
occupation, residence, &c., and also a list and
description of the various ledges and mills
in the country, together with an account of
the settlement of several ot the principal
camps, with their churches and benevoient
societies, and other matters of interest. It
has been compiled by Mr. Owens with much
care, and will prove a very valuable auxiliary
to every man engaged in business.. Most of.
the copies which, have been published are
already subscribed, for. Persons who have
not subscribed and who wish, to obtain a
copy should da so. at an early .day.
The Two BALLS.r— Two grand calico balle
came off here last Tuesdays evening fot the
benefit of one churah.. Lucky Church 1 The
opposition became very spirited.for a day or
two previous, and the.various canvassers with
their respective ball tickets were to-be founcL
on all sides eagerly, pressing the sale of the
tickets among,tbeir friends. The politicians
on electioodayweremere " sticks" compared
to the electioneers of last Tuesday. If Henry
Ward Beecher had circulated here duringjlhe
early, portion of the w-eek, he would have
thought the laurels of his ohnrch.popularity
were endangered by the number,and ardor of
the canvassers of the Idaho.-church. Tbe
only cause of the division, as far.as we have
learned it, consisted in the selection, of, a ball
in which the ball, should, he held. Magnolia
and Pickwick contested the palm a la Mozart
and Tammany. Both, parties were very ably,
engineered, contributing to< the happiuees-of.
a large crowd, and passing ofli very ple&sant
—the Magnolia taking the largest crowd,
le Church was probably benefited by tbe op
sition, it being not one of those cases where
rfect " psace and good will among men "—
women, rather, was conducive to tbe in
cits of- Christianity..
Gold aud Silver Q,uartz Leads.
Relating to tile Discovery
of G-old and Silver Quartz Leads,
arm ot tlie Manner of th.eir Loca
Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of
the Territory of Idaho as follows :
Section 1 . That any person or person*
who may hereafter discover any. quartz:lead
or lode, shall be entitled to one claim there
on by right of discovery, and-one daim each
by location.
Sec. 2. That a quartz claim shall consist
of two hundred feet in lengih along the lead
os lode, by one hundred feet, in breadih, cov
ering and including ail dips-, spurs and angles
within the bounds of said claim, as also the
right of drainage, tunneling arid such other
privileges as may be necessary to the work
ing of said claim.
Sec. 3- The locater of any quartz claim*
on any lead or lode shall, at the time of lo
cating such claim, place a substantial stake,
not less than three inches in diameter, at each
end of said claim, on which shall be a written
notice specifying the name of the locater,
the number of feet claimed, together with
the year, month, and day when the same was
Sec. 4. All claims shall be recorded in
the county recorder's office within ten, days
from the. time of posting notice thereon;
Provided, That when the claim located is
more than thirty miles distant from the coun
ty seat, the time shall extend to fifteen, lays
Sec. 5. Quartz claims recorded in accor
dance with the provisions of section, four of
this act, shall entitle the person so recording
to hold the same to the use of himself, his
heirs and assigns : Provided , That within six
months from, and after the date of recording,
he shall perform or cause to be performed
thereon, work amounting in value to the sum
of one hundred dollars.
Sec. 6. Any person or person« holding
quartz claims in pursuance of Ihia act r shall
renew the notice required in section three at
least once in twelve months, unless such
claimant is-ocaupying and working the same.
Sec. T. The conveyance of quartz, claims
heretofore made by bills ot sale or other in
struments of writing, with oi without seals,
shall be construed in accordance with the
lawful local rules,, regulations and customs of
miners, in the several mining districts, and
said bills of 6ale or instruments ot writing
concerning quartz claims, without seals, shall
be prima facie evidence of sale, as if such
conveyance had been made by deed under
Sec. 8. Conveyances of. quartz claims
shall hereafter require the same formalities,
and-shall be subject to the same rules of
construction as the transfer and conveyance
of real estate.
Sec. 9; • The location and pre emption of
quartz daims heretofore made shall be es
tablished and proved, when there is a contest,
before the courts, by the local rules, custom*
and regulations of the miners in each mining
district where such claim, is- located, when not
in conflict with the laws of the United States
*or the laws of this Territory.
Sec. Hk This act to take effect and be in
force from and after its approval by the Gov
Approved, February 4th, 1864.
At a meeting of this District, held on the
17th day of Otÿober, 1864, according, to pre
VÎOU 8 notice, the following laws and resolu
tions were adopted :
Article 1. This District shall be known as
the Payette District. ,
2 . This District shall be bounded as fol
lows : Commçncing at the crossing of tbe
Lewiaton Trail across t*he fnird fork of the
Paye tte , and embracing all the waters of - said
stream to its source.
& Each person shall be entitled, by loca
tiqn, to one creek claim, one bar claim, ou^
gulch claim, one flat claim and one hilbclaim.
4. Creek claims shall be- two-handled feet
In length, and extend each/side of tLe stream
to two feet raise in the-bedrock.;:gulch claims
shall be two hundred feet in length; and one
hundred teet each side- of the- center of the
gul^h ; flat olairns shall be two bundled feet
sqpare ;. bill claims shall be one hundred feet
front, nunning back todhe summit of the bill j
bar-claims shall be two hundred feet front,
running back to the raise of the hill.
5.. All persons shall * e allowed a drain-race
through adjoining claims.
6 .. No person .shall* be allowed to nun tail
ings on claims below.
7. All
7. All claims shall be-represented by one
day's labor ini every seven ; claims may be
Represented by digging a water ditch to con
vey water to said claims—sawing lumber for
sluices for said claim, or building a cabin.
Persons owning two or more claims may rep
resent the whole by perförming labor on
any one of therm
All creeks and gulches shall be allowed
sufficient water to work them.
9. All persons locating a ditch, or water
irigbt shall have the same recorded in the
District, and- perform labon-on it within thirty
days after locating.
IDt All. claims in the District can be laid
over from- the first of October until tbe first
ot June:.
IU All persons clltiming»gfOund shall keep
notices-on the same..
. .
12: All difficulties in regard to claims may.
be settled by miners'.meeting* or by arbitra
13. There shall be a Recorder elected whose
duty it shall be t«-record all okims on ap
plication, for which he shall: be entitled to
the sum of one dollar for each claim re
On motion, B. M. Harley, was elected Re
On motion, The following resolution was
passed :
Resolved, That the Recorder be and is here
by requested to have the above laws publiah
ed'in the Boise World.
On motion, The meeting adjourned.
GEO. LORANE, President.
Wm. R. B*ll, Secretrry.
Bon.E. D. Holbrook passed through Dalles
an the lfitb,,onj3is way to Lewiston.,
The Express arrived last night with late
papers. The Eastern dispatches are few and
mostly unimportant, iîooé is said to be
marching ©n Chattanooga. Banks is spoken
of to fill Welles' place as Secretary of the
Navy. The appropriations of last Congress
exceed seven hundred and thirty mllUoûs of
dollars, not including interest on -'debt.. Tbe
rebels anticipate another battle with Grant
The English are greatly excited over the cap
ture of the Florida ra tbe harborof a friendly
State, denouncing it as piracy. They say if
the Washington Government does not release
her, the mâratime powers will have a right to
interfere. She was captured Oct. 7th by the
Federal steamer Massachusetts in the harbor
of Bahi, Brazil, while under the guns of the
The Oregonian gives the following official
returns in Oregon by majorities :
McClellan. Lincoln.
...................... 450
Linn......... ............
Jackson.............. ..... ..........._ 102
Lane..................................... 14
The following are reported majorities :
McClellan. Lincoln.
Polk ..............................
Benton..;....^............ g
Josephine ........ 35
The Oregonian claims Wasco county by
reported majority for Lincoln of fifty-one
The Dalles Mountaineer;, of later dates, gives
it officially for McClellan by 60: The Moun
taineer foots up the majorities, as far as heard
from, as follows
M'cClellan. Lincoln.
Total ...........-............. 328 I860
Lincoln's majority..................... 1,332
The above table gives only the majorities,
and may be regarded as mainly correct. It
is now reduced to a certainty that Lincoln's
majority will be from 1,000 to 1 , 200 .
To the foregoing, the McClellan majorities
in Union, Baker and Grant counties are to
be added. Grant county includes Canyon
City, which is strongly Democratic. From
all appearances, Lincoln's majority will not
exceed 1 , 000 , if it reaches that figure.
, ,
The Ladies Return Thanks.
We, the undersigned, Committee of Ar
rangement for the "Ladies' Calico Ball,"
finding it impossible to make a full report for
tbis issue ot the Idaho World, beg leave to
tender our thanks to Messrs. Barney, Mabbott
Hartwell, Totrnan, Gibson and Bteidel, for
their kindness iu volunteering their- services
as musicians ; aud also for the music selected
upon that occasion, and cheerfully recom
mend them to the dancing community, not
only as gentlemen, but the best ball-room
musicians in Idaho Territory.
We also thank Mr. John Cassidy, the pro
prietor of tbe Magnolia Hall,, for the use of
the Hall free of charge for his kiudness in
building.and furnishtnga ladies' sitting room',
(the comfort of which we all appreciated})
antTTor his assistmice generally ra. oontribu
ting to the comfort and happiness- of the
guests. Mr. Robbins and Mr. Simpson will
also receive our thanks for taking.charge of
the door..
And the office of the Idaho: World, from
the editor to the " bwmstoae chap," we
heartily thank, and earnestly wish for you
prosperity, in business. And feel.ng elated
upon the success of our enterprise, we thank
.everybody for their, assistance, and more
especially those who honored us with their
presence. And to the ladies who acted as
floor managers—our sincere wish is,, that
your, duty through life may be as well and
faithfully discharged, and your acts be as
well-, appreciatad by the world as they were
by the guests of the Ladies' Calico Ball
Mrk. Kelly,
Mks. Barber,
Mbs. Douglass,
Mrs. Cave,
Mrs. Bucket?*
Mes. Hall,
Committee of Arrangements.
Mrs. White,
Mrs. J. J. Dooley,
Miss Cosgrov e,
Miss Bklknap,
Miss KXrsons,
Ed. World— The Boise City " Statesman "
contains a Letter from one " Jacques," from
Rocky Bar, containing some errors which, as
a public journalist, I hope you will refute. He
says, " It was understood that there was a
4 „ .
maü route esta ^isbed from,Boise city to
Esmeralda direct.,!' and then complaius that
it is carried around by Idaho city. Now Mr.
Editor, please state what is the truthful dis
tance over the two routes
From Boise city to Idaho-thirty.-fiye miles;
from Idaho to Esmeralda, overthe mountains,
forty-eight miles—total from Boise city to
Esmeralda, via Idaho, eighty-three, miles.
From Boise city around by the Camas Prai
rie road, (Newberg's route,) it is at. least.
ninety miles, most people call it a hundred
and ten—I having traveled it thinkàt is the
The Express from Boise city via .Idaho to
Esmeralda has frequently been carried in
thirty-oue hours including stoppages. On
the other route never less than tbrge, days.
I think the shortest route is the direct route,
and so think the people. Trctu.
Idaho City, Nov. 22 , 18G4.
prices Current.
Dealers in General Merchandise, Groceries and
Provisions, {dor. Main and Wall Sts.
Batter, best lath. $1,00
cio Oregon roll $1,00
Gr«en apples lb- 50
Apples,drd, $1537
Peaches, do lb â&<^00
Beef, öd foot, ^ lb
Side Bacon, D 15 45
Shoulders. 37
Tea Imp-Gun. $15 T 50
do Black. $ lb 1}^@$2
Or.Flour, $cwt. $22 00
O'g'n Standard,. $22 00
Self-rising FI. "'$24 00
Onions, $ lb 15
Rice, best, $ 15- 50
Oregouoats $ 15
Barley, :
Potatoes, $ lb
Shovels, each
Sluice forks,
Mining hoes,
Wom's kip botees $30
do calf do $ pair "
do do busk's 6 00
M'ns kp bts,$ pr 9 00
do medi'm, $ pr 8 00
do calf, $ pr [email protected] 00
do brog. kp$ pr 3 50
do quilted, $ pr 3 50
Woolen draw'rs i8 @ 24
Red drawers 30 @ 36
Beans $ B> 25
Chickens, $ doz 36 00
Eggs, $ doz 2 00
Hams, $ lb 50
Soap, $ lb 45
Lard, $ lb 50
Salt, $ lb •* *30
Sugar, er $ lb 55
do S. F. refined$ lb &0
do Island, $ lb 45
Coffee, Rio $ lb 55
Candles, $ lb 75
Nat leaf tobac [email protected] 00
Sweet tobac'o 1 30(y4 50
Dried plums, $ib 05
_ Cheese r best Cal, lb$
& 35 [ Syrnp r $ gal 5 00
12 A I
$3 00 } Nails, ast'd siz's$ fb 374
5,60 J Quick-silver, $ lb $1,50
3J)0 I Axes handled, 4,00
Gum boot», long legs 10
Gum boots,sb'rt le : a 8
Men's ca'lry bts. ] 0
Men's boots, long gr 10
Cab'nia best blankets 14
Salem Wau/cets 12
Oregon soefcs $ doz 8
Best Cal wool slit's [email protected]
Bucfcgloves'^ dz [email protected]
Red undersk'ts 30 (tÿ 36
Best charap'n ^ doz 44
BocA $ case 36
Cal* wine case 20
Claret case 20
Sherry $ gal in wood 6
Port gal in wood 6
Schnaps $ case 18
Bo/cers bitters 20
Keroseneoil$> gaf t4.00
Godard brandy ^ g $10
Juler li A Co. " ]o
Pelivoski & Si't " [email protected]
Hermitage whisfcy ^RgO
Essence, of Old Va. tyg 6
Magnolia w^g 6 00
. Eureka whisfty ^ £ al 5
Cutter whi'y gal 6 00
Me. S. J. Pierce is my Agent and Attorney,
duly authorized to transact all business in my
behalf during my absence from Idaho City.
October 31,1864. n 2 tf
New Millinery and Dry-Goods
T HE Unaersigned takes pleasure-in informing
the Ladies, and the public iu general,.of Ida
ho, that they' have just opened a nice selected
stock of Dry Goods,Farcy Goods, and' Millinery
Goods, allot the latest style and! fashion,—and
having purchased them at San Francisco, we can
sell them as cheap as the cheapest Please call
and examine our NEW STOCK before purchasing
elsewhere. Mrs. BAR BARA ROSENTHAL,
Main street, opposite W., F. & Co.'s, Idaho.
F . B. Hats aud Bonnets made and trimmed Xo
order in the latest fashion. 3 tf
A TTORNEY AT LAW. Office—on the east
side Of Montgomery, near .the northeast
corner ot Wall and Montgomery streets, and one
door south of the Occidental Hotel, Idaho City
. 'S
O N Main street, a few doors above Harris'
Drug Store.
This Saloon has been enlarged, refitted and
furnished with every convenience.
We are receiving direct from San Francisco, a
làrge invoice of choice
and Cigars,.
and I? or ter.
Give us a call and'try them. 4 t|
YTTTJA buy and sell,.on commission, Quartz and Min
T Y, mg claims, real estate, mining stocks, &e.
The immense • extent and extraordinary richness of
this mining region, present undsual facilities and offer
great inducements tq capitalists.
In addition to tlie mines well known, and daily bein"
worked, othe rs of unprecedented richnes s are belnir eon
stantly discovered.
Alt communications will receive prompt attention.
Idalio city, November 1,1864. • U 2ni3
'■fcJ'OTIFIES the public that John E. Brough
IT ton is his authorized Ageutto transact any
business connected with his Drug establishment
during his absence to San Francisco*
He will return in the Spring with a full assort
ment of Goods belonging t o his line of business,all
of winch will be sold at ( the lowest possible rates
Nov. 1,1364 r vln . 2tr
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
T HE Copartnership heretofore- existing between
M. LEA^ and L. LEVY, under tbe style of
"'Bevy & Co., and engaged in a general mer
chandise business, is this-day dissolved by mutual
consent. M Levy will continue the business of
the old stand on Main street, Idaho City, and is
authorized to settle the affairs of the late concern
Idaho City, I. T., Nov. 9th, 1864. 3 w 3
1 UIE undersigned has located in this city to practice
I his profession. Having been in corwitantipractice for
a lieriod of over twelve years, he feel, confident that he
can satisfy all who may require his services.. Has a
large supply of artificial teeth., and other facilities for
doing all kinds of workun his line.
Office on Wall street, second dèwj above Higby & Co.'s
3toro :_2tf EC. NICHOLS.
Seanilter «Si Strellirag,.»
Idaho City, - Boise County, I. Tl.
Office On "W all I street, below ■ Montgomery, next
door (west) to Sweeney's firo-proof building. 2tf
manufactory .
™ _ A, Sr._ H ALLIDIE & CO., San Francisco.
Theffirst cost - ,of,wire and Manilla ropes of equal
strength is about the same per foot. A wire rope, prop
erly applied, will .out wear from three to five Manilla
r °P'' K - • [48-3m.]
No. 10 Alder street,
Portland, Oregon,
At the old place of H. H. Black, near the People's
Transportation Company's office. The patronage
of those cesinng first-class and finished operations
I* particularly requested. v 2 n 5 tf
fc^-Two doors south of.the .Empire Market,
Idaho City. r '
San Francisco, Cal. f
I Idaho City, I. Ti.
Wholesale Dealers in General Merchandise offer
to the Merchants and Dealers purchasing
in this market,
T he largest and. best selected
stock of goods ever brought to the Boise Ba
sin, consisting of
- — ______
' articles suitable for this market. The above stock
recently been purchased in San Francisco and
is effered to the trade at the lowest wholesale
prices at their store, on Montgomery street, three
doors below Wall street. Being provided with
two large fire-proof oellars, it gives in opportuni
ty to keep a large assortment of the above articles
constantly on hand.
Idaho City, I. T., October 26, 1864. • lm 6
Provisions, Paints and Oils,
Haul ware, Blasting Powder
Clothing, and Safety Fuse,
Boots and Shoes, Shovels and Sledges
Liquors and Tobacco, Duck,
Window Glass, and numerous other
Through Time to Atchison
or Nebraska city :
15 DAYS!
Connecting with Railroads to all;
parts of* th.e fcstajtçs I
Fare from Boise City to Salt Lake—$100, Gold.
Fare from Salt Lake City to Atchison or Nebras
ka- City—$300, Greenbacks.
IL M. DURELL & CO., Agts. Boise City.
W. L. HALSEY, Agt. Salt Lake City.
Office at Hblladay & Halsey, Banking and
Exchange House, Salt Lake City. u2m2
. ....Through to....
San Francisco in Seven Days ! !
L EAVES Idaho City every MONDAY /A-»,
NOON, for Star City, N. T., eonnec- •
ting there with W. F. Co. for all parts of Califor
'nia. Letters sent by this route, will reach San
Francisco the-following Monday. We also run a .
Tri-Weelrly Express
leaving Idaho City every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday at 4 o'clock a. m. Letters and other mat»*,,
ters entrusted to our care, will be forwarded witlr
safety and dispatch. Latest dates of California, '
Nevada and Oregon papers, constantly on hand. '
Office, Main street, opposite Wells, Fargo* Co.
Idaho city, Aug. 5, 1864. n46:tf
ed to »lie fact that the undersigned is »pre
pared to furnish the best HYDRAULIC HOSE, '
from.No. 0 to No. 4-0, sewed with three seams, in
lots of 60 yards aud upwards, at $2 25 to 2,50 per
yard ; with nozzle attached, $16 extra. Orders
by W.,F & Co.'s Express promptly attended to.
Address—R. O. ALDRICH, Portland, Ogm '
«^.Refers by permission, to Wm. H. Reed (Agt
W., F. & Co.), E. M. Tracy, W. J. Van Schuyve^-,'
—Portland; A. P. Turner, Judge S. P. Scaniker.
—Idaho City. i m 2
The Overland
Boise City, I. t.
T HE Proprietors take pleasure in announcing ,
to the public that- they have fitted up* the
above-named Saloon in a style unsurpassed by any
lii'the Territory. The Bar is kept supplied with ,
the finest qualities of
Wines, Liquors and. Cigars,
which are warranted to be genuine.
ft * tf L. B. LIN DSEY.
G-reathouse & Co/s
—carrying the—
L EA5 E the International Hôtel, PJaeerville-,
Every Other Day at one o'yloçlî,;f. ai.- 2 ut
Through in 48*Hours! U
Walla Walla and Idaho CitV
Medicines, Paints, Oils,-&c.,
Main Street,
Opposite the Idaho Saloon, Idaho City,
formed a co-partnership under the name and',
firm of CRAIG & MIX, in Walla- Walla, W T
and Idaho City, I. T.. with a full and^comnVt '
assortment of Drugs. Chemicals, Paints, Oils,
Varnishes, Brushes, Perfumery, and everythin '
in their line of business, would respectfully solic"
it the patronage of the public. Prescription,
carefully a?t 44 tocurately prepared.
Dr. BAR 8 TOW; ai the Drug Store-of, Cbaio <*;
Mix, attends to Office practice only.
T da City, . Oct 29.% vlnltl
? c ™ of Shafer, in Idaho City. Boise count
I. I..on Saturday, the 10 th day of December. /
1864, tor the purpose of settling and adjust! n '.'£
the affairs of the Company, aud for the tran- af-.
tion of Rich other business as may lawfully c» L.L
beiore the said meeting. * A '
0 J. M. MORE, President
3w * v / Emmett G. A 8. M,0c.

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