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Mail Routes in Idaho Territory.
Under frank of Hon. W. H. Wallace, we
have received a copy of a document entitled
u Advèrtisement Inviting Proposals for Carry
ing the Mails," including routes in this Ter
ritory ; also enclosing instructions, blank
proposals, &c. They came too late to be of
any present service to the public, as the ad
vertisement calls for proposals to be secured
at the Contract Office up to March 6, 1865, to
be decided by March 13th. The contracts
will be let from July 1st, 1865, to June 30th,
The following is a liât of the routes of the
mails affecting Idaho Territory :
No. 16001» From Boise City, by Idaho City,
Centerville, Pioneerville, and Centerville, to
Lewiston, 290 miles, and back, once a week
Leave Boise City Monday at 6 a. m. ; arrive
at Lewiston eighth-day by 6 p ra ; leave Lew
iston Monday at 6 a in ; arrive at Boise City
eighth day at 6 p m.
16002. From Placerville to Payetteville, 70
miles, and back, once a week. Leave Pl.i
cerville Monday at 6 a m ; arrive at Payette
ville next day by 6 p m ; leave Payetteville
Wednesday at 6 a m ; arrive at Placerville
next day by 6 p m.
16003. From Boise City to Esmeralda, in
Alturas county, 100 miles, and back, once a
week. Leave Boise City Monday at 6 a m ;
Arrive at Esmeralda Wednesday by G p m ;
leave Esmeralda Thursday at 6 a m ; arrive at
Boise Ciiy Saturday by 6 p m. Bids for more
frequent service iuvited.
16004. From Boise City, by Owyhee, to
Humboldt, Nevada Territorv, 250 miles, and
back, once a week. Leave Boise City Mon
day at 6 a m ; arrive at Humboldt seventh
■day by 6 p m ; leave Humboldt Monday at 6
a m ; arrive at Boise City seventh day by 6
p m.
Under the head of Utah Territory we find
the following :
No. 14628. From Fort Bridger, by Boise
City, Idaho Territory, and Grand Ronde Val
ley, Oregon, to Walla-Walla, Washington
Territory" 700 miles, and back, twice a month.
Bids for service once a week invited. Bid
ders to propose a schedule of departures and
In the Oregon list, the following;
No. 15027. From The Dalles, by Cafion
City and Independence, to^Boise City, Idaho,
360 mile?, and back, once a week. Bidders
to propose a schedule of departures and arri
The Popular Vote of the Late Election
Compared with Previous Elections.
Presidential election returns in this coun
try form a subject for curious study. Under
our system it is possible for the candidate to
be chosen by a minority of the popular vote ;
yet such an one is as much the Chief Magis
trate as if he had received the vote of every
elector in the. country. Mr. Lincoln in 1860
was the minority candidate by 946,950 ; there
was a combined majority against him of one
million of votes, lacking 53,550, not counting
the State of South Carolina, which casts her
vote through the Legislature. His majority
at the recent election is something less tha-n
250,000, and 25,000 votes from his side dis
tributed in certain States would have elected
General McClellan. Mr. Lincoln carried New
Yofk in I860 by 50,475 majority ; he carried
it at the recent election by 6,570, on an in
creased vote in the State of 47,819. He car
ried Connecticut in 1860 by a majority ot
10,338 over the combined opposition vote ; be
carried it in 1864 by 2,427 majority. He
carried Maine in 1860 by 27,704 majority; in
J864 by 17,592; Minnesota in I860 by 9,339
majority; in 1864 by less than 5,000 majority.
New Hampshire in 1860 by 9,085 majority; in
1864 by 2,192 ; Pennsylvania iu 1860 by 50,
618 majority ; in 1864 by about 12,000 ma
The recent election of Mr. Lincoln exhibits
in some respects similar results to the elec
tion of General Harrison. The victorious
party then swept the country, so far as the
electoral vote was concerned. Mr. Van Bu
ren carried but seven States, giving sixty
General Harrison carried
electoral votes ;
eighteen States, giving 234 electoral votes ;
yet Harrison's majority on the popular vote
was but 138,472 in a vote of 2,411,094, and a
change of 8,143 votes, distributed in certain
States, would have elected Vaa Buren.
In 1844 Mr. Polk was elected by a majority
of 65 electoral votes overMr. Clay. A change
of ouly 2,558 votes in the State of New York
would have given the State to Mr. Clay, and
he would have been elected.
In 1848 General Taylor beat General Cass
thirty-six on the electoral vote. A change oi
6,727 votes in the single State of Pennsylva
uia would have elected Cass by a majority of
sixteen on the electoral college.
In 1852 General Pierce beat General Scott
312 on the electoral vote and carried all the
States except four. But less than 35,000 votes
distributed among certain States, would have
elected General Scott
The popular vote at the elections Mr. Polk,
Generals Harrison, Taylor and Pierce was as
follows :
Van Buren. Birney. Total
1,128,702 7,609 2,411,094
Clay Birney Total.
1,297,033 62.270 ' 2,695,137
Cass Van Buren Total.
1,222,445 291,678 2,878,164
Scott Hale Total.
L378,689 167,290 3,126,375
Hairson's majority of the popular voie
was 138,472; Pierce's was 55,505. Polk
lacked 24,469 of a clear majority. Taylor
lacked 152,102 of a clear majority
The total vote of the last election was not
far from 3,650,090. The total vote of the
States which voted at the last election was
2,907,666, showing an increase in the vote of
1864 over that of 1860 of abhut 700,000. To
«very one hundred votes given for Mr. Lin
coln in the central, border and Western States,
General McClellan gets* ninety-eight votes.
If all the. States voting he gets ninety-five
vjçrtcs to Mr. Lincoln one hundred votes. Mr.
Lincoln gets 208,electoral Votes, and General
McClellan 21 electoral votes. Mr. Lincoln
gets an electoral vote to every 9,134 votes
polled ; General McClellan gets an electoral
vote to every 80,950 votes polled.—[Detroit
Freé Press. •'
1844, ............1.335,834
. . Taylor
^MpcK TcRTLS.^-ChHing a husband " my
dear," in public, arid " you brute," in private.
New Yoke, Jan. 31.—The World's special dis»
patch says : Notwithstanding the assertions of
lhe Richmoi d p tpers to the contrary, Gen. Sin
gleton did not leave that city until Saturday 1.st,
and arrived here to-day. rids evening he was iu
consultation with the President. He mainly con
firms Blair's story that the rebel leaders are not at
present prepared to negotiate on the basis of sub
mission to the Union. Rumors were iu circula
tion last night in and about the Evening Exchange
room, that rebel Peace Commissioners were on
tbeir way to Washington.
Chicago Jan. 31.—The constitutional amend
ment abolishing slavery passed the House this af
ternoon by a vote of 116 to 97.
Davisville, Jan. 30.—Captain Bridgewater,
with 70 or 80 Union troops, had a tight with a de
tachment of the Fourth Missouri rebel cavalry,
four miles from Harrisburg, jesierdav, and k.1 led
four or five rebels. Several prisoners were taken.
On Saturday Sue Mundy's guerrilla band dashed
into Bloomfield, Ky , surprised a party of one
hundred and seventeen discharged soldiers, cap
tured fourteen and killed them on the spot. The
guerrillas alleged iu justification that the soldiers
bad executed a guerilla named Dudley a few days
The Magnolia, from New Orleans January 24th,
reports all quiet along the river. A steamer had
arrived at New Orleans from Mobile bay, bringing
a rumor of the evacuation of Mobile. The report
was received jrom the flagship January 20th.
A Natchez (Miss.) letter to the Orleans Delta,
has the following news front the Trans Mississip
pi epaftment : The enemy are fortifying Grand
Ecore^aud had an entire division stationed there.
One division of rebel cavalry has been sent to
Texas witn orders to be dismounted for infantry
service. Kirby Smith's headquarters are still at
Shreveport (La.), but there is no considerable
body of troops garrisoned there. The main body
of Price's old army are reported at Fulton, on the
upper Bed river uear the border of the Indian
Territory, suffering all'the horrors of cold and
nakedness, having come back from their recent
campaign very poorly supplied with the necessa
ries they anticipated getting. Fagan's and Par
son's brigades are stationed at Camdem, Arkan
sas. They compose all the troops of Price's army
that have returned to the place froifl where the
Missouri expedition originally set out. Deserters
are very frequent from their demoralized forces.
The Memphis Bulletin says ; The steamers
Chippewa and Annie Jacobs, two of the fleet
which went up the Arkansas river to Fori Smith,
were captured aud burned at White Oak Shoal.
Two others were damaged but escaped.
Philadelphia, Jan. 31.—A special dispatch to
the Evening Telegraph, says : It is known in the
best informed circles that Commissioners from
Jefi' uavis, consisting of Vice President Stephens,
K. M. T. Hunter and General G. B. Smith, have
arrived at Annapolis with lull power to arrange a
settlement of our difficulties. It is believed Irom
the understanding between Blair and Davis, that
the terms will be eutirely satisfactory to the Ad
ministration and Congress, and will chiefly con
sist of an amnesty to all officers aud the with
drawal of the confiscation proclamation.
Baltimore, Jan. 31—The American of this af
ternoon publishes the following dispatch : Up to
noon to-day we have no official confirmation of
the rumor, though the assertion was varied this
morning by the equally positive announcement
that Peace Commissioners, consisting of Stephens,
Hunter and Campbell, had arrived at City Point,
and were expected to reach Annapolis to-day.
They are not spoken of as commissioners îepre
sentmg the rebel Government, but as citizens rep
resenting tue people, ou their way to Washington
to confer with Lincoln on the subject of Peace,
precisely in the same capacity that Blair visited
Washington, J»n. 31.-Nothing can be ob
tained confirming the report that rebel Peace
C ominissioueishave arrived at City Point en route
to Washington.
New Yoke, Jan. 31.— The Times' Paris letter
says : The Secessionist papers are trying to cre
ate an excitement oyer the Mexican resolutions of
Winter Dav is, but the late successes of the Fed
eral arms havq modified their tone, All show
that they desire Seward to remain in office to
carry out his policy of non-intervention and con
The Times' special dispatch says : The Ways
and Mea. s Committee have received a report of
a Sub-Committee ou the Tax Bill. They have
not materially altered the schedule of theold bill.
The momentous question, What is woman'»
mission?—being asked the other evening,—
Spoonley said : " As woman was the—aw—
infewiaw animal, he thought her mission was
to—aw—wait on the supewiaw—to be—aw a
sawt of uppaW servant, and see about one's
dinnaws, and one's—aw—furnichaw, and
"In fact," said Mrs. Snorter, " woman's
mission is siifiply to polish the spoons 1 '
"Mynheer, do yon know what for we call
our boy Hans ?" " I do not, really." " Well,
will tell you. Der reason wç cull our boy
Hans is—it ish his name."
A Romance from Real Life. —Janvier St.
George, gent., married just the prettiest girl
i n c-. Maria, besides being beautiful,
was educated, accomplished, artless, innocent
and decidedly the most blushing bit ot dimi
ty that bridegroom ever captivated.
The years of matrimonial heaven had pass
ed when one evening as St. George came
home from down town, he found beside bis
angel Älaria the sweetest little four year old
darling that ever charmed the ear of a Ben
edict, and Janvier St. George went into un
reasonable raptures over the beautiful little
"Oh, what a darling sweet creature! I
have never seen a child half so beautiful
Whose darling little girl is it love?"
" Mine !" replied the vestal wife, just as
nonchalantly as though they were discussing
a poodle.
" Yours, Madam ! My God, Maria ! why
have you not told me of this ? "
" Why, my dear, you never asked me."
Mr. St. George took a sudden fancy to vis
it Egypt and the Holy Land !
Amusing Scene. —An amusing scene oc
curred in Washington City ,the other day
The son of a leaning embalmer on Pennsyl
vania Avenue, a lad of some six years old
was cheering lustily for McClellan, inspired
by the music of a democratic band. His
father, who was busy with a corpse in a back
shop, hearing this unwonted cry, rushed out,
foaming with rage, seized the urchin by the
coat collar, boxed his ears, and dragged him
into his house, exclaiming, " I'll teach you
to cheer that way, yon brat ! Do you want
to take the bread out of your old father's
Th? Abolitionists, who have Deenelaiming
40,000 and 50,000 for Lincoln in Iowa, have
reduced their figures to 20,000 or 25,000.—
Their aggregate majority for Congressmen is
23,196, and they*run ahead of Lincoln in
nearly every district.
A policeman oh night duty sends us the
observation—" It seems to me that with many
young men, tbe most approved method of
Winding up the night, is reeling it home."
The following interesting (?) letter was lou id
on Moore's Creek, and handed to us for publica
tion by a gentleman living on Buena Vista Par
We will give it verbatim et literatim for the " ei i
fkation"of iniscegenatiouists who " pity the ig
norant white folks of the South : '
Lee county Ioway November the 2th 1864
Dear Brother— it is with plesure I seat
my seif in mas parler chier to rite a few lins
to you which will tell you of our good luck
and health and the increse ol our famley and
first we are all well and doing well you now
General Curtis is a great man and mitty haid
on Rebles he told pa that be made targets of
the toe but the best of it is he takes all ther
property and ibos Dier American citizens of
afferacan Decent Oh Broiher How I love them
General Curtis took 84 young men and 4
young wimen 14 months since and Jacob
for^ilh maried one of the girls and sister
Mary one of the young gentlemen John Dar
ling maried a nolher of the girls and Ben
llimen a Bother aud thomas Dulin tbe^oiher
all in less than 3 months after they came
here to live now * hey all live here and all
bave fchildern sister Sail don Bad she loved
one so hard that thay got to sleeping iu each
others-annas and then lay to gether and she
has a young one also and he sais he wont
marie her unless she will go Back to dixey
with him he says he hats poor white focks
he says he loves a nigger that is an Afferacan
betieru any'wbite women he sais he lives
with General Pillow he is his niger he wont
call himself aney thing but a niger all the
collared peple is nigger and out to Belong
to good masters and misterais he wont call
your Little nece and nefew aney thing but
little wench and little nigar and says that
davis will take them ali back before be is
done with Abe He wont call Mr Lincoln
aney thing but old Abe Abe is all he will
say he sais a democrat told him that thay
would join Master Davis and cleoe the Abits
out and send every American of afferacan
Decent down south to ther former owners
now Brother woundnot this almost kill ns to
see thes dier childern taken from us and put
in Bondge I no more than 100 that is white
that has maried people that was Black aud
50 that has childern by them that once was
slaves the girls dont think it much barme to
lie with a darkey as the democrats call them
they all stick up their noses at us union
foaks for Asosiatiug with tbos ot a dark«
coller but they wont do it long Mr. Lincon
sais he intends to draft every one that refuses
to treat them In aney other way then their
equels and as soon as he is elected he will
put down the democrats or make them marie
in the collered famley and do their shir of
washing ther Blood in ther vains and maken
them white I must close by giving you a
sketch of the childern they have large black
eys with agoodel of white hare vary soft
and curley and inclined to be read ther nose
is some wat flatter than a childs that is all
white their lips is the purtiest of all thay are
theeker or wat you mite call doble lipt and
vary read and as sweet as honey Oh Brother
how I love them and when I marey I will do
my part to wash ther blood I wish you here
there is such a purty one at our bous visiting
I told her of you do Rite to me whether you
would come Back and marie her if she is all
I describe her to be you must send her some
gold rings she sais please Excuse this corse
hand as 1 uo you hate to see a lady Rite so
corse. Louizka Jokpink Hanover.
Gorge Adams Hanover.
Virginia, • * • Nevada.
WM. SHABON, General Agent
receive deposits of Coin or Bullion, either
on open account, or so issue certificates therpfor
payable, at the option of the holder, in v irginia
or in San Francisco ; te make collections ; to
purchase Bullion at the most favorable rates, or
advance coin thereon when forwarded to parent
Bank in Sac. Francisco ; sell Bills of Exchange,
and transact a general banking business.
Exchangb for Salk on
London, Boston,
Bank of Ireland, Dub
New York
* ' WM. SHARON, General Agent.
J. A. RALSTON, Cashier.
Virginia, Nov. 15th, 1864. 5tf
San Francisco,
Portland, Oregon,
ic., «fee.
Walla- Walla and Idaho City.
Medicines, Paints, Oils, &c.
Main Street,
<6^Opposite tbe Idaho Saloon, Idaho City.*®*
formed a co-partnership under the name and
firm of CRAIG & MIX, in Walla Walla, W. T.,
and Idaho City, I. T.. with a full and complete
assortment of Drugs. Chemicals, Paints, Oils,
Varnishes, Brushes, Perfumery, and everything
in tbeir line of business, would respectfully solic
it the patronage of the public. Prescriptions
carefully and accurately prepared.
Dr. BARSTOW, at the Drug Store of Craig &
Mix, attends to Office practice only.
Ida City, Oct 29. vlnltf
1000 lÄÄHiinw«,
' mestic Cigars.
Wholesale at very low figures, at Greenwald's
South Side Main Street, two doors above Wells
Fargo 4* Co.'s j Express Office.
«5" Also keeps constantly on hand, for my Re
tail Trade, the best of Cigars and Tobacco. 8m3
Main Street, Idaho City,
■^yATCHMAKER and Jeweler', Dealer in Jew
made to order. Particular attention paid
Repairing Fine Watches
KgT All work warranted for twelve months.
Idaho City, August, 1864-- 50tf
# chased the iuterest of Wm.
P. Gray in the
California Meat Market, Plaeer
ville. be takes pleasure in letting the public know
th: t the Market will be supplied with the choicest
the country can aff*rd.
February 12. 1865. I"w3*
§ . rnilAT VALUABLE Store mid Ijot,
■ JL with ITire-Proof Cellar, and a
if never-failing well of water, and splendid back
li. premises, situated on Main street, known as
Myers' Restaurant,
now occupied by Judge Shepherd. Possession given first
day of Mav. 1865. For further particulars inquire of F.
F. Marx, Idaho city—or E. Myers. Pioneer city. 13tf
Phelan & Hushes'
mmïkïïMTkm nr
James Graham, at Pioneer City,
H AS been appointed Territorial. Agent for these cele
brated Billiard Tables, and is authorized to receive
and execute all orders for the Tables, or any of the Fix
tures belonging to them. Two of these tables can he
seen at GRAHAM'S BILLIARD SALOON, Pioneer city.
They will be furnjÄed in this Territory, on application
to theUndersiguecTat San Francisco prices, with freight
____, - m 3 .miuamiATiAM.
Having renovated, enlarged and reopened the
corner ok main and wall street,
Return thanks to the public for their past liberal
patronage, ai d announce that they
A RE receiving direct from San Francisco, alarge
invoice of the choicest brands of all kinds of
liquors and cigars, which will embrace, among
other things, a fine lot of
C IONNOISSEURS are invited to give the Ex
y change atrial. 35tf
Territory of Idaho, County of Boise.
James Graham vs. R. A. Puckett.
To R. A. Puckett.
W HEREAS, James Graham ha§ made com
plaint to the undersigned, one of tho Jus
tices ot the Peace, in and for said County, that
you are indebted to him in the sum of one hun
dred dollars, to-wit : upon a promissory note
bearing date of April 1st, A. D. 1864, for the sum
of two hundred dollars, and falling due on the
first day of October, A. . 1864, now it appear
ing to me that one hundred dollars is still due ou
the above described note ; therefore, in the name
of the people ot the United States, in the Terri
tory ot Idaho, you are hereby summoned to be aud
appear before me, at my office, in Pioneer City, in
said county, on the 8th day of March, a\. D. 1865,
at 12 o'clock M. of said day, to answer said cArn
plaiut, or judgment will be taken against you t<»r
the sum of one huudred dollars and costs of suit,
and this notice. Given under my hand and dated
at the County of Boise on the 7th day of February
A. D. 1865. WM. M. VANCE,
]Cw4 Justice of the Peace,
I^ublic Notice.
T HE undersigned give notice rihat it is our intention
to construct a wagon road from Placerville, iu Boise
county, in a northerly direction, to Thomas' Ranch on
the Payette river, the same being about twelve miles iu
length, aud, that it is our iutentiou to apply to the Board
of county commissioners of Boise county, at their next
regular meeting, iu April, tor license to keep a toll road
thereon, and to collect tolls Charles Ostner A Co.
Placerville, February 6,1865.
Dissolution Notice.
N OTICE is hereby given, that the co-partnership here
tofore existing between Wallace brothers and Wm.
Moon, is this day dissolved by mutual consent : and all
partnership debts ou the Sawmill und 1 »ace of W aliaoe
Brothers A Co. w ill be paid by Wallace Brothers, and all
debts due the above named company w ill he paid to W al
lace Brother#, and the business will horeafter be carried
on by them. Dated at Centerville, Boise county, Idaho
Territory, this 1st day of February, 1865.
W E, the undersigned, will apply to the lion. Board of
county commissioners of Alturas county, I. T., at
their next regular session, for a license to construct a Toll
Road between the South and Middle forks of the Boise
river commencing at or near the mouth of Feather river,
thence running about six miles up the South Boise river;
thence turning north over the mountains and going down
to the Middle Boise, at or near the Montgomery gulch;—
distance about thirty miles—claiming a mile on each side
of the proposed road. / Chas, delà Baume,
L. V. Truesdals.
Rocky Bar, February 1,1865. 16w3*
16 w4
Telegraph Notice,
A MEETING of tbe stockholders of tho Idaho Telo
egraph Company, organized under the provisions of
a charter granted to Alfred Mallett and otliçrs, to con
struct an Electric Telegraph Line, from a point on Snake
River opposite the junction of the boundary line between
the State of Oregon and Washington Territory, via Pla
cerville and Idaho city to Salt Lake city, Utah Territory,
approved February 2d, 1864, will be held at the Red Bluff
Bakery in the Plaza, at Placerville, Boise county, Idaho
Territorv. on the 1st day of March. 1865, at 12 o'clock m.
of said day. ALFRED MALLETT.
Dated February 6 , 1865. Ibw3
Administrator's Notice*
Territory of Idaho, County of Boise.
In Probate Court.
The matter of tho estate of John E. McDonald.
deceased. '*
'T appearing to the Court by the petition of J.
B. Friend. Administrator of the estate of John
î£" McDonald, deceased, praying for an order to
ell all the real estate belonging to said estate at
public auction. It is tberefoie ordered by the
Court that ali persons interested in said estate ap
pear before the undersigned Probate Judge, at his
office in Idaho City, Boise county, Idaho Territory,
on tbe first, day ot tbe next regular term of the
Probate Court in and for said county, at 1 o'clock,
P. M., of said day, to show cause why an order
should hot be granted to the said Administrator to
sell said real estate as prayed for, and that a copy
of this order be published at least four successive
weeks in the Idaho World, a weekly newspaper
published in Idaho City, Boise county, Idaho Ter
ritory. J. M. SHEPHERD, Probate Judge.
Territory of Idaho, County of Boise.
I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true
copy of the order of said Court made and entered
on record in the matter of said within named es
tate. 1
Witness my hand and the seal of
said Court hereto this 24th day of Jan
uary, 1865. J. M. SHEPHERD,
Ex-Officio Clerk of Probate Court.
T HERE will be a meeting of.the stockholders
of the Elk Horji Gold and Silver Mining Co.,
at tbeir office in Pioneer City, on the 21st clay of
February, 1865. a lull attendance is requested—
either personally, or by proxy in writing.
By order of C. L. Harrington, PreBidenty\
W. VV. Chapman, Secretary. *15w/
Administrator*» TMötics.
Territory of Idaho, County of Boise.
In the mattet of the Estate of Wm. E. M -Atee. In th»
. Probate court.
I T appearing to the court by the petition of Elias Brown
—Administrator of the estate of M m. L. A cAfe», de
ceased—praving for an order to sell all the interest in
mining claims, real estate and personal property belong
ing to said estate, at public or private sale: it is ther«.
fore ordered by the court, that nil persons mtererted ia
said estate appear before the undersigned Probate Judge,
at liis office in Idaho city, Boise county, Idaho Ferr.h ry.
on Mondav. the thirteenth day of March, A I> 18f *- at j
o'clock P M of said day. to show cause w hy an order should
not be granted to the said Administrator to sell said per
sonal and rea! estate, as prayed fop; and that acopj of
this order be publised at least four successive weeks in
the Idaho World, a weekly newspaper published in Idaho
city, Boise county, Idaho Territory.
J J. M. Shepherd, Probate Judge.
I herebv certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the
a " order of said cour t made and entered of record
J SEAL. I in the matter of said within named estate; wit
1 i ne33 my hand and seal of said court, this 10 th
davof February, 1865. J M. SHEPHERD,
* Ex-Officio Clerk of Probate court.
Territory of Idaho, coant y of Boise—ss.
In the Probate court in and for said county.
II. Martin and J. M. Murphy, doing hu,meas onder tho
firm name and style of Martin & Murphy, Plaintiffs,
vs. P. Patridge, defendant.
To P PrttVidx^ *
N the name of the people of the United States, in the
Territory of Idaho, you are hereby uotified that there
is now on file in the office of the Probate- court of Bois®
countv. Idaho Territory, the complaint of H. Mrfrtin an<l
J. M. Murphv, demanding judgment against you m tho
sum of ($250' 00 ) two hundred and fifty dollars, for ser
vices rendered von by plaintiffs as attorneys at yonr^spe
cial instance and equest during the years 1363 anti
and unless you appear aud make answer to this com
plaint on or before the ICth day of May, I 860 , the said
plaintiffs will take judgment against you for the said
amount together with the costs of suit. .
In testimony whereof I, J. M. Shepherd, l.x-officio
,_ « __^ clerk of said Probate court, have hereunto set
( SEAL ) tuy hand anti affixed the seal ot my court this
' 1st day of February, 1865.
J. M. SHEPHERD, Ex-Officio clerk of r. c.
'EDHolbrook, Att'y for plff nI5-90*lny»
Territory of Idaho, County of Bor-e—ss.
In the District Court, 2d Judicial District.
Frances Sage vs. William Sage.
To William Sage.
the name of the people of the United States
e p<
in the Territory of Idaho, you are hereby noti
fied that there is now on file in the office of the
lerk of the District Court of the Second Judicial
District of said Territory, in Idaho City, Boise
County, the complaint *>f Frances»Sage, praying
that the bonds of matrimony existing between
yon aud said plaintiff be dissolved or. tho ground
of extreme cruelty, willful desertion, and a failure
to furnish the common necessaries of life ; and
that unless you appear aud answer to said com
plaint within forty days after the fifth day of
March, A. D., 1865, (exclusive of said last men
tioned day), the said plaintiff will take judgment
against you by default and apply to said court for
the lelief demauded in her said complaint.
In testimony whereof. I, John C. Henley, Clerk
of said District Court, have hereunto
set my hand, and affixed the seal of
said Court, at Idaho City, this 23d day
of January, A. D., 1865. John C. Hhnlby,
M. Kelly, Attyfor pl'ff. Clerk of D. C.
Jan. 28nl4w5 _________
Dissolution. Notice.
T HE partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned iu the butchering trade, at
Buena Vista Bar, Boise county, Idaho Territory,
under the name and stvle of Husted & Killebrew
is th a day di solved by mutual consent. All debt»
due the firm must be paid to William Killebrew,
who will pay any debt of the firm.
I(;w3* ' W'm. Kili.B3rew,
Idaho City, Feb. 10, 1865. H. L. Hcstbd.
VTfE, the undersigned, hereby give notice, that wo
>Y will apply to the Board of County Commissioner!*,
of Boise county. Idaho Territory, at their next regular
session to be held thirty days after the publication of thi»
notice, for a license to build a Toll Road from Idaho city
to tho Gambrinus Quartz Miil, or Ledge; said road to
commence at or near where Main street, Idaho city,
crosses Bear P.nn,; thence up along said stream, by or
near Kobie A Bush's steam mill, and following up said
stream to its head to the summit or ridge, between Moore
and Ftk creeks, and thence along said ridge on the most
practicable route to the Gamhriuus mill or ledge. We
also claim the right of way one mile on each side of said
l oad. We will also apply for the right to establish a
toll gate, and collect toll at the same.
Idaho city, January 27th, 1865. 15w4
G-uardiap's Hale.
Territory of Idaho, County of Boise
In Probate Court, January 31st, 1865.
In the matter of the petition of D. Wm. Douthitt, Guar
dian of the estate and property of A. G. Lane, insane.
N OW on this day corns*» D. win. Douthitt, guardian of
the estate and property of A. G. Lane, insane, and
tiles his petition asking the Court for a decree and order
to sell certain real estate described in said petition, upon
the ground that said real estate will likely depreciato
in value end that more money could he realize*! at
this time than any other, and farther that tho said
Lane is largely indebted : First, to the proprietors of
the Insane Asvlum at Portland, Oregon, for his support
and medical attention ; second, to one Niel McGlinchy for »
goods bought before he became insane, and further that
the proceeds of Bale of said property are actually ne«ee
sary for his present support.
Now, therefore, it is ordered by the Court that all per
sons interested in said estate appear on Tuesday, th»
second «lay of tho next regular term of the said Probate/
Cou.it in and for Boise county, the term commencing on
the fourth Monday of February, 1865, and show cause
why tbe prayer of the petitioner should not be granted,
and that the notice and order he publjshed in the Idaho
World, a weekly newspaper published in said county,
for four weens successively, prior to the day of the hear
ing of said petition. J. M. SHEPHERD,
Probate Judge,
Territory of Idaho, Boise County.
I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of
the order of said Court, named and entered on record in
the matter of the within named estate.
witness my hand and seal of the said Court
J SEAL k this 31st day of January, A. D., 1865.
1 v—' J. M. SBEPHERD,
n 15w4 Ex-Officio Clerk of Probate Court.
Territory of Idaho, County of Boise—s*.
In the District Court in and for said County.
Anna Newton vs. Isaac Newton.
OTICE is hereby given to said defendant, that plain
_ tiff has filed iu the Clerk's Office of said court, her
complaint for the purpose of obtaining a divorce ; and if
defendant fail to appear and make defense at the first
term of said court, which shall be held after the publica
tion of this notice fir three months in succession, evi
dence will be heard aLÄ said cause will be decided at said
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Idaho City, January 21,1865._ 13rn3
Terrritory of Idaho County of Boise. SS.
In the District Court, Second Judicial District.
Frank Miller vs. Henry ochurig.
To Henry Schung :
N the name of the people of the United State»
_ in the Territory of Idaho, you are hereby noti
fied that there is now on file in the office of tho
Clerk of the District Court of the Second Judicial
District of said Territory, in Idaho city, Boise
county, the complaint of Frank Miller, claiming
of you the sum of $1,200, with interest on $700
thereof at the rate of two and a halt per cent, per
month from the 23d day of March, A. D., 1864,
balance due on a promissory note executed by you
to said plaintiff for $750, and interest on $500 of
said sum of $1200 at the rate of ten per cent, per
annum from July, 1864, due on an express con
tract : and that unless you appear and answer to
said complaint within forty days alter the 15th
day of April, A. D. 1865, (exclusive of the last
mentioned day,) the said plaintiff will take judg
ment against you for the sum hereinbefore speci
fied, with costs of suit.
In testimony whereof, I. John C. Henlv, Clerk
, . of said District Court, have hereunto
I SEAL s set ray hand, and affixed the seal of
1 ——r- y > said Court, at Idaho city, this 28th day
December, A. D,, 1864. " ......
Clerk of District Court.
-Ç\u.nk Miller Att'y for pl'ff nl0-3m

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