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At the request of Mr. Pelly, we most
cheerfully make room for the following cor
respondence, and , we cannot refrain from
expressing our own high sense of his mag
nanimity in releasing Mr. Charlton from the
sum awarded him by the Jury. In this in
stance the scripture precept, "do good to
them that hate you," is duly honored. We
sincerely trust that the lesson may not be
lost upon the offender, but that he will fully
appreciate the motives which have actuated
Mr. Pelly in this step. While some may
doubt the expediency of not allowing justice
to take its full course, none can withold their
commendation of the generosity from which
it sprung.
Verdict of the Jury in the Case of
Pelly vs. Charlton. The undersigned
Jury, have come to the following verdict:
that the charge brought by Mr. Pelly against
Mr. Charlton, is sustained, and the defend
ant guilty, but in consideration of Mr. Charl
ton's pecuniary circumstances, the Jury have
assessed the damages at three thousand,
four hundred and fifty dollars, with costs.
Robt. W. Wood, (foreman,) William Ladd,
Robert C. Wyllic, Lawrence C. Gray, Jno.
R. von Pfister, Hiram Grimes, 'John xMunn,
Edward H. Russell.
General Miller:
Dear Sir, You are aware that I can
have, at this time, no communication with
Mr. Charlton, but must request you, as our
nation's representative, to communicate to
him, that if he will pay my lawyer, Mr.
Perkins, his bill, amounting to Five Hund
red dollars, and the cost of Court, which Mr.
Ricord will doubtless communicate to him,
and make these payments by, or before 12
o'clock, at noon tomorrow, I will remit the
balance of the verdict which I received
against him.
I know that you, my dear Sir, will appre
ciate my motives, and feel that I was influ
enced by any other than pecuniary motives
in instituting my suit against him.
I have the Honor to be, Dear Sir,
Your Obedient, Humble Serv't,
Geo. Pelly.
Honolulu, June 20, 1S44.
General Miller:
Sir, I am greatly obliged to you for
your kind communication of this date, in
forming me that Mr. Pelly generously re
mitted the whole of the judgment obtained
yesterday by him against me, except the
Permit me to say to you, and through you
to Mr. Pelly, that I very much regret having
ever made those charges against him, which
were so injurious, and which I now no long
er believe to be true. The justice of the
verdict I cannot dispute, and 1 shall do noth
ing to disturb it.
Please communicate to Mr. Pelly my
thanks for this very generous conduct, and
believe me I shall ever entertain sentiments
of high regard to you for your personal kind
ness. I remain Your Obedient Servant,
(Signed) Richard Charlton.
Honolulu, June 20, 1844.
The foregoing is a true copy of the orig
inal, archieved in Her Britannic Majesty's
Consulate General.
(Signed) William' Miller,
Consul General.
Honolulu, June 20, 1844.
George Pelly, Esq.. :
Dear Sir, I have great pleasure in
handing to you the enclosed copy of a letter
from Mr. Charlton, after the full vindication
of your character, by the verdict of the jury
Your spontaneous offer to remit all the pe
cuniary damages, does you great honor, and
fills me with satisfaction, for you well know
that long before the trial was instituted, the
calumnies circulated against you found no
credence with me, and that I gave public
proofs that they did not.
Perhaps it may be said that the verdict of
the jury itself, affords you little triumph, for
it was only what was just, but your generos
ity in remitting the damages, under all the
aggravating circumstances of the Trial, is a
triumph of the highest order, and a trait in
your character, which more than ever rec
ommends you to the respect and esteem of,
Dear Sir, Your Obedient Servant,
k (Signed) William Miller,
Consul General
Received of Richard Charlton, by the
hands of George Pelly, Esquire, Five Hun
dred Dollars, being in full of my proffession
1 services in the case of Pelly v$. Charlton,
an action of slander, and which bill the said
Charlton agreed to pay to me upon con
ditions specified by the said Pelly.
Thomas S. Perkins.
Honolulu, June 21st, 1844.
ICT A full Report of the case of George Pelly
n. Richard Charlton, in an action for slander,
will be published in a pamphlet form, at this olfice,
as soon as our other engagements will permit.
Single copies, 25 cents : a reduction made when any
quantity is ordered. Those who wish copies, will
oblige us by sending in their names early, that we
may ascertain the number that w ill be required.
Latest Dates.
From London, larch 12 Paris, March 10
United States, (New Orloans) April 26, (Boston)
April 10 (New-York) April 11 Mazatlan, May
30 Society Islands (Tahiti) May 18.
June 26 Per William Ackers, from Mazatlan,
252 bales and cases Linen; 353 canes and bales
Cottons; 15 bales Prints; 23 bales Woolens; 1 bale
TicAincs; 3 bales Cinnamon; 2 cases Cutlery; 1
case Silks; 1 case cotton Lace; 1 case linen Tapes;
1 truss Twine; 60 kegs Paints; 10. M. Slates; 10 M.
Bricks; 44 cases and bundles Steel; 100 boxes Tin
PIates;.6S7 barrels and cases Wine; 225 bbls. Beer;
50 boxes Brandy; 60 cases Pickles; 30 cases Oil;
19 cases Preserved Fruits; 40 tons Bar Iron: 20 tons
Coals; 100 cases Liquors; 26 cases brass Bedsteads;
2 cases Files; 4 cases Hats; 54 cases Jlachinery;
to C. Brewer & Co. in bond.
In ship William Ackers, Mr. Talbot.
Per st-h. Hannah, Major Low, of Bengal Army.
Per brig Ontario, Major Perkins.
In this town, on Tuesday the 25th inst., of inflam
mation of the brain, Miss Sophia K. Marshall,
aged 30 years.
Death, amid the crowded circles of our native
lands, snatches his victims, and they pass from be
fore us in quick succession; the young and old, in
fancy and manhood, the high in station and the low
ly and humble ; wealth, intellect, and genius, all
alike sink from our view; and the grave hardly clo
ses over them before their places are fdled, and the
human pulse beats as strong and hopeful as before.
Not so with us. One from our number leaves an
unfilled chasm. And when that one is drawn from
the circle of our lady-rosidents, the void becomes
the more drear. The subject of of this notice had
been but little over two months among us, but in
that time she had endeared herself to a warm circle
of friends. Her character gave assurance to the
bright anticipations of those w ho well knew her, and
it may be permit ted to one who enjoyed an intimate
acquaintance with tho deceased, briefly to allude to
it. To her friends she was the soul of affection.
Of a most self-denying disposition, her constant aim
was to be useful to others. Active in the charitable and
benevolent circles of her own town (Charlcstown)
had her life been spared, she would have been none
the less so here. Her mind was well stored with
knowledge, and her influence over the young pecu
liarly happy. A devotional spirit attended her in
hor daily walks; indeed her thoughts wero early giv
en to religion, and she embraced its truths with a
quiet faith and steady hope, so that when near her
dying hour, she was enabled in earnest eloquence to
exclaim, her eyes lighted up with peculiar brilliancy,
as she contemplated the happy change that awaited
her: 44 1 know that my Redeemer liveth." Her
death-bed was a beautiful illustration of how calmly
a believer dieth.
The following beautiful lines of poetry were ad
dressed to her by a sister, upon her leaving the
United States. Ho w emphatically was the wish
breathed in the concluding versos, answered !
With love, and hope, and pleasures pure,
Dear sister, may thy life be crowned,
And Time, in his unstaid career,
Spread health and joy thy footsteps round.
But yet I would not have thy days
Wholly to ease and pleasure given :
I would not that thy bliss on earth,
Make thee forget thy hopes of heaven.
But I would ask for one I love,
As much of fortune's dazzling gear,
As many of this earth's fleeting joys,
As thou canst well improve, or bear.
And I would ask a spirit firm,
To aid thee in affliction's hour,
To bear thre through ills thou canst not shun,
And shield thee from Temptation's power.
For though the world seems bright and fair
And all is joy and beauty now,
Troubles will come and sorrow shed
Its heavy gloom upon thy brow.
And when that hour shall come to thee,
' As come to all we know it must,
When thy light footstep shall be stay'd,
And thy loved voice in death be hush'd,
May'st thou thy last dread summons hear,
With humble hope, and steadfast eye,
And with a firm unshrinking heart,
Wait thy appointed hour to die,
Juno 26 Br. ship William Ackers, Nichols, 25
days from Mazatlan.
June 23 Am. sell. Hannah, Chccvcr, for Manila.
June 26 Br. brig Clementine, Molteno, Hawaii.
June 28 Am. brig Ontario, Kclley, Valparaiso.
Smpnxo Memorandum. Brig Globe sailed
from Fayal, for Tahiti and Honolulu, Jan. 15.
OR SALE, by E. & H. (HUMES, the following
. goods, viz :
132 doz. Madras Handkerchiefs : G pieces super
fine blue Broadcloth: 80 prs. blue cloth Trousers:
10 do do do : 10 do do Jackets : 20,000 lbs. light
brown Sugar : 3 bales Jeans : 3 do. brown Cotton :
5 nests Camphor Trunks : 5 do. Leather do.: (5 each)
2 bbls. Turtle Oil : 12 do Whalo do.: 30 doz. Cham
pagne : 3 tons Sea-Coal : 100 doz. English Ale :
10 M. .Manila Cigars, No. 3 : 20 M. Havana do:
10 doz. silver steel Scissors : 2 doz. 4 bladed Pen
knives : 2 cases Stationery (ass'd): 4 cases gents.
Brogans : 1 doz. China Rattan Chairs : 240 feet
10x12 Glass : 80 Window Sashes, 8x10 and 10x12 :
10 bales Wicking : 10 bags Black Pepper : 50 cords
Fire-Wood : 6 Pannel Doors : 160 cases Claret (ex
cellent quality): 40 do. Cordials ; !Mi Guayaquil
Hats. tf June 21)
ITU ST RECEIVED per English Brig Laura Ann,
til Thomas, master, from Valparaiso, and for salt
by C. BREWER & CO., the following articles, viz:
13 cases Prints new styles assorted: 3 do. Indi
anas: 1 case Broadcloth: 2 cases blue Drills: 58
boxes Claret Wine: 20 bales 3-4 brown Cottons:
2 hhds. Hams: 34 jars Linseed Oil: 5000 lbs. bar
Iron: 93 bags Flour superfine: 1 bale Bunting
assorted colors: 15 doz. Chest Locks: 10 boxes Loaf
Sugar: 1250 lbs. White Lead: 1100 feet window
Glass: 20 kegs Sherry Wine, first quality: 7 bbls.
do. June 15
Cabinet-Maker and Wheelwright.
CHRISTIAN LAFRENZ, from Germany, begs
leave to inform the inhabitants of this town,
that he has succeeded to the business of Mr. John
Voss, in the CABINET-MAKING business, in
all its branches, on the premises formerly occupied by
the American Consulate Hospital. Work done in
the best manner, and at the shortest notice. Sofas,
Chairs, Bureaus, and all kinds of furniture, made
and repaired at the shortest notice, and on the low
est terms.
TURNING, of all kinds.
Also, within the same premises, the WHEEL
WRI U HTbus'mes, in all its branches, is carried on
The udvertisers respectfully solicit the patronage
of the public, assuring them that nothing shall be
wanting on their part to give satisfaction.
Honolulu, Juno 1. tf
FOR sale at this office, Binkerslioock's Law of
War; Curtis' Admiralty Digest; do Conveyan
cer; do Merchant Seamen; Stevens & Hcuceke on
Insurance; Story on Bailments; do do Constitution,
3 vols; do do Partnership; do do Bills Exchange;
Bancroft's U. S., 3 vols; do do abridged, 2 vols;
Chandler's Trials; Edward's Anatomy; Espy on
Storms; Hceren's Greece; Hillhouse Tragedies, 2
vols; Life in Mexico, 2 vols; Louis on Phthisis; Fer
dinand and Isabella, 3 vols; Spenser's Poetical
Works, 5 vols; Tottcn's Naval Text Look; Towns
head's Fucts; Trial of Jesus.
May 22.
For Sale,
A Boston built four wheeled JiUGGY, lined with
drab-colored cassimere. Also, a harness. In
quire of J. J. JARVES.
May 22. tf
Money Safe.
ITIOR SALE, at this (Mike, an English made iron
; Money SAFE. tf Juno 15
JUST opened, and for sale at this Office 3 in
voices of BOOK'S, comprising the following
valuable works, at home prices :
Encylopedia Americana, 13 vols; Walpolc's Let
ters, 4 vols; Marshall's Life of Washington, 2 vols;
Sparks' Life of Washington; Moore, Scott, and
Goldsmith's Works; Webster's Speeches; Cooper's
Naval History of the United States; Murphy's
Tacitus; Smith's Thucidides; Gillies' History of
Greece; Mitford's Complete Works; Frederick the
Great, his Court and Times, in 4 vols; Madame de
Sovcigne and her Contemporaries; Shelly 's Lives
of Eminent French Writers, 2 vols; Brougham's
Miscellaneous Writings, 2 vols; Romantic Biography
of tho Age of Elizabeth, 2 vols; Wellstcad's City
of the Caliphs, 2 vols; The United Irishmen their
Lives and Times by Madden; Canning's Select
Speeches; Brougham Celebrated Statesmen, 2 vols;
Tucker's Life of Jefl'erson; Gicscler's Ecclesiastical
History, 3 vols; Bulwer's Miscellanies; Cooper's
Novels and Tales; Dickens (Boz) Works; La Fon
taine's Fables; Stories to teach me to Think.
Hawthorne's Tales: Tales of Shipwrecks: Daily
Food (gilt): Rogers' Poems, (cloth extra, with nu
merous plates: The District School: Lives of the
Queens of England: Ferguson's History of Rome:
The Arabian Nights (sheep, gilt): Wheaton's Right
of Search: Kirby's History of Animals: Roget's
Animal and Vegetable Physiology (with over 400
wood cuts): Buckland's Geology (with numerous
maps and plates): The Porcelain Tower, or nine
Stories of China (extra cloth, with plates): Scripture
Geography: Peter Pilgrim: Rob of the Bowl: Fami
ly Records: Sturmer, or Mesmerism: Greyslaer, a
Romance: Robin Day: Lights, Shadows and Reflec
tions, of Whigs and Tories: Lockhart e Life of Scott:
Shakspeare : &c. &c. fee. June 15
OLULU, and desiring a PILOT, will
set their national ensign and oilot
signal, on which he w ill go off immediately." ; -The
great number of ships coming in from La
haina, and intending to lie oil' and on, or to come to
anchor without employing a pilot, renders attention
to the above requirement ot the Harbor Laws ne
cessary. The undersigned will give prompt attendance on
all vessels that require his services, but he wishes it
to be understood that he will not go off without
being signalized as required in the above quoted law,
a compliance with winch will be necessary to justify
any future complaint against him for want of atten
tion to duty. ' JOHN MEEK.
Honolulu, June 15, 1844. 3m
ifH dfll inkpou N 1)8 St erling, in Brit mh Govern
J9 HVHV ment Bills, for which cash will be
Paid, at the rate of 4s. 6d. per dollar, if applied for
soon, by C. BREWER & CO.
May 2.
WE request those who wish to subscribe to tho
Polynesian, to send their names to us,
with the subscription payable in all cases in ad
vance. Some papers have been ordered through
our native carrier, but as he is liablo to make mis
takes in regard to the names of the individuals who
subscribe, we shall in future send papers only to
those who order them through us. If any mistake
are made in tho delivery to subscribersthey shall
immediately be corrected, upon notice beinggiven.
June 15 3w
Copartnership Notice.
HIE undersigned have entered into a Copartner
ship for the purpose of carrying on tho HOUSE
CARPENTER'S business, in its various branches, and
respectfully solicit a share of the public patronage.
N. B. Work done ot the shortest notice, and in
the best and most workmanlike manner.
Honolulu, May 22d, 1844. 9w
Copartnership Notice.
THE undersigned would inform their friends and
the publicthat they have this day entered into
Copartnership ns HOUSE CARPENTERS and
JOINERS, and keep constantly on hand, for sale,
Sash Doors; Panelled do.; Venetian do.; Batten do.;
Sashes, Panelled Shutters, &c. &c. &c.
Jobbing done on the shortest notice.
Wanted, A few Journeymen Carpenters.
Honolulu, May 24, 1844. 2m
IS hereby given to all persons having demands
against the undersigned, that he is ready to pay
all just claims; and all those who are indebted to
him arc requested to call and settle their accounts
on or before the 20th of July next. All accounts
remaining unsettled after that date will bo put in '
train of collection in the courts of this country.
Honolulu, June 15. 6w
Honolulu, Oahu, Sandwich Inlands, )
September 1, 1843. J 1
npHE firm of PIERCE & BREWER was dis
JJ solved on the 31st ultimo, having expired by
limitation; the a flairs of the late concern will be
settled by Mr. Charles Brewer, at these Islands, or
Mr. Henry A. Pierce, in Boston, Mass., United . ...
States of America.
The business will be continued by Messrs. Charles
Brewer, J. F. B. Marshall, and Francis Johnson,
under the firm of C. Brewer & Co., commencing on
this date. HENRY A. PIERCE,
May 22. tf CHARLES BREWER. .
Apartments to be Let.
TWO GOOD ROOMS by the month. Apply
at this Office. tf . June 15
To Printers.
GOOD COMPOSITORS can find employment
by applying at this Office. tf Jne 15
Honolulu, June 15. tf
1710R sale at this office, a valuable lot of books,
. recent publications, &c, comprising Bucking
ham's Travels in the United States, 2 vols.; Milton's
Paradise Lost; Drake's Book of Indians plates;
Drake's Indian Captivities plates; Hist, of Mada
gascar, by Rev. Mr. Ellis, 2 vols. plates London
edition; Tales of the Ocean', Book of Martyrs; Walk
er's Manly Exercises; Walker on Women; Walker on
Beauty; Walker on Intermarriage; Mariner's Tonga
Islunds; Turnbull's Voyage to Sandwich and Society
Islands in 1804; Hist, of St. Domingo, 2 vols.; Rob
ertson's Hist, of Amorica, London edition; &c. &c,
May 22. . .. . tf ..
O contain more matter than the old Polynesian,
and to be devoted to the Interests of the Coun
try, Commerce, Agriculture, and Literary and Scien
tific intelligence. Its columns will be open to the
discussion of all subjects which may interest the
community, avoiding all personality or intemperate
declamation. It will be the steady endeavor of the
Editor to sustain it in an independent and impartial
manner, its general principles being similar to those
maintained in the former Polynesian; and, by the
aid of the Foreign Residents, he hopes to make it
deserving of a liberal share of their patronage.
Terms $6 per annum. ' ki '.
Tho paper will be continued annually, without fail,
provided it secures sufficient subscribers to defray the
cost of publication. .

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